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Total Hysterectomy and Bilateral Salpingo-Oophorectomy

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Sex After Hysterectomy

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What about sex after a hysterectomy? Dr. Melissa Pendergrass

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Sex and Your Hysterectomy: A Primer A hysterectomy affects your sex life, along with other parts of your life, so it’s important to understand all the options before having a hysterectomy. Barb DePree, MD, NCMP,MMM 25 Apr 2018 Menopause & Aging Well. A hysterectomy can also impact your sex life in the weeks following the procedure.

Yet it shouldn’t prevent you from having sex — and enjoying it — once you’re healed. Here’s a. It’s possible that sex may change following a hysterectomy.

However, individual experiences may be different. Studies have found that, for many women, sexual function is. Sex right after surgery is not recommended because you need to heal first.

Don’t rush into things to avoid pain and infection. Wait till you heal completely and only then should you initiate sex. Because hysterectomy is the second-most common surgery for women (second only to caesarean sections), I thought it might be helpful to spend some time talking here about hysterectomy, recovery, and sex after a hysterectomy.

I’ve split this into three posts. Today’s post will give an overview of hysterectomy basics. Although everyone heals at a different rate, it is recommend that people wait at least 6 – 8 weeks before having sex after a hysterectomy. According to the American College of Obstetricians and. The reluctance of women to undergo hysterectomy because of worries about a decrease in their sexual satisfaction isn’t unfounded.

Studies published in the British Medical Journal and Obstetrics and. How does a Hysterectomy affect my sex life? If only the uterus is removed, it often does not affect sexual activity. You just need to refrain from sex for about six weeks after the surgery. Studies conducted by the National Institute of Health of women after having a hysterectomy show no negative affect on sex drive, self-image, or sexual satisfaction with partner.

In fact in many cases, the opposite was true. Oct. 2, 2003 Sex after a hysterectomy is better, one group of researchers reports.

It’s been a worrisome subject for women. And while the.

List of related literature:

On extremely rare occasions, sexual intercourse after total hysterectomy may cause a transvaginal evisceration of the small bowel [31].

“Hysterectomy: A Comprehensive Surgical Approach” by Ibrahim Alkatout, Liselotte Mettler
from Hysterectomy: A Comprehensive Surgical Approach
by Ibrahim Alkatout, Liselotte Mettler
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In most cases, hysterectomy should not affect sexual

“Nursing Care Plans & Documentation: Nursing Diagnoses and Collaborative Problems” by Lynda Juall Carpenito-Moyet
from Nursing Care Plans & Documentation: Nursing Diagnoses and Collaborative Problems
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However, oestrogen replacement therapy may be helpful to ensure vaginal lubrication and so prevent a secondary decline in sexual activity due to pain at intercourse.

“Essential Reproduction” by Martin H. Johnson
from Essential Reproduction
by Martin H. Johnson
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A hysterectomy usually has no physical effect on your ability to experience sexual pleasure or orgasm.

“Consumer Health USA” by Alan M. Rees
from Consumer Health USA
by Alan M. Rees
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A patient’s response to hysterectomy may range from relief that pregnancy is no longer possible (leading to more enjoyable sexual activity) to sexual difficulties such as difficulty achieving orgasm, painful intercourse (dyspareunia), and conflicts regarding sexual identity.

“Nursing Care Plans E-Book: Nursing Diagnosis and Intervention” by Meg Gulanick, Judith L. Myers
from Nursing Care Plans E-Book: Nursing Diagnosis and Intervention
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Many women experience improved libido and sexual satisfaction after hysterectomy; sexual spontaneity may increase with the lack of need for contraception.

“Introduction to Medical-Surgical Nursing” by Adrianne Dill Linton, PhD, RN, FAAN
from Introduction to Medical-Surgical Nursing
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For those women who feel that their ability to enjoy sex after a hysterectomy is diminished, counseling can be helpful (Block, 2008).

“Women's Lives: A Psychological Exploration” by Claire A. Etaugh, Judith S. Bridges
from Women’s Lives: A Psychological Exploration
by Claire A. Etaugh, Judith S. Bridges
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For women, the removal of the tubes and ovaries can lead to vaginal dryness, decreased libido, and discomfort with intercourse (because part of the vagina is removed).

“Cancer Nursing: Principles and Practice” by Connie Henke Yarbro, Yarbro, Debra Wujcik, Barbara Holmes Gobel
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Specific information about sexual functioning after hysterectomy and repair surgery may need to be provided to assist women and their partners in resuming sexual activity, but there is no one best approach to this counseling.

“Women's Health Care in Advanced Practice Nursing” by Catherine Ingram Fogel, PhD, RNC, FAAN, Nancy Fugate Woods, PhD, RN, FAAN
from Women’s Health Care in Advanced Practice Nursing
by Catherine Ingram Fogel, PhD, RNC, FAAN, Nancy Fugate Woods, PhD, RN, FAAN
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Shingleton and Orr (1987) recommended various questions to open up discussion of sexual anxieties following hysterectomy (Box 20.1).

“Nursing the Surgical Patient” by Rosie Pudner
from Nursing the Surgical Patient
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  • It’s a lye!
    The only way you will have good sex after a hysterectomy is have to be on Bio-identical hormones!
    I love them, I never want to live without them!
    I get Bio-identical pellets injected on the side of my hips every three months, then I have progesterone cream and estrogen cream that I use at night.

  • Chapter 1: An Intact Woman: “You don’t need a hysterectomy. It can do you more harm than good. /// Those are strong words, but the fact is that more than 90 percent of hysterectomies are unnecessary. Worse, the surgery can have long-lasting physical, emotional, and sexual consequences that may undermine your health and well-being…” Fr. “The Hysterectomy Hoax” (1994) by Stanley West, M.D. with Paula Dranov

  • Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I’m currently waiting on my surgery date. My emotions have been running sky high. Thinking that my lover will notice a change in me physically. Your video gave me reassurance and I am so glad I searched. It’s just what I needed. Much blessings to your relationship you guys are a whole vibe!! ������

  • Hi I am Loretta I like you video I also halfe to hysterectomy. I am lill afraid that I will lose my sex drive. So you can ogmaz

  • Thank you so much for this video. I have a hysterectomy in less than two weeks. I’ve really wanting to hear different sista’s perspectives on it. I really appreciate this!

  • I’m gonna watch your recovery vids ect. But just wanted to say thank you for the information.��❤
    I’m 26 and found out I had complex atypical hyperplasia and need a hysterectomy next month and wanted to know (even though I’m still a virgin) how it’d affect my sex life if me and my boyfriend were to have sex afterwards. I understand most women my age opt out of the surgery because they want to birth children of their own but I’m glad there are other options like adoption or surrogates and it wouldn’t make me love the child any less\��/❤.

  • Thank you for this information I’m about to have that same surgery one week and me and my husband are really concerned about that so thank you for talking about it

  • Thank you for this video. God bless you! Hahaha. I love real people that can talk about real life issues. ���� to womanhood and real women! Although I read about everything you talked about. It was better having a woman share her story and the before and after results. You answered many good questions.

  • Thank you for this video. I had a hysterectomy in 2015 and I’m still suffering from it. I had severe hair lost, joint pain and almost no libido. Thank God my husband loves me because he has been on this journey with me. I’m figuring out hair lost and joint pain but laws help me with my libido.��

  • i’m not quite sure, the hospital was aleast $9,000, plus surgeon $5,000, anesth. 2500, lab test $1100. If you have insurance, just use your inn provider’s and hope to have the least patient out of pocket. The procedure is med nec, if your anemic and the fibroids are quite large, and you have heavy bleeding…..

  • The original comment had to do with someone getting the uterus removed because they didn’t want kids (which a simple tube-tie does the same trick and can be easily reversed) cancer is a very legitimate reason and is the reason both my mother and aunt had their uterus removed.

  • I may be stupid, but I always thought a hysterectomy was a simple procedure to prevent pregnancy, like “getting tubes tied”. You learn something every day.

  • @knk63

    When all is healed, sex is normal.
    The uterus organ is for child bearing, the other structures associated with arousal and orgasm remain in tact. The only thing that has changed with a correctly performed procedure is the removal of the child bearing organ.

    In most cases, sex is painful with a fibrous, cancerous, constantly bleeding or diseased uterus and is another reason for the procedure.

    Hope this helped.

  • I’m single and was not active before hysterectomy and after until a year later. It hurt the way you described. Definitely painful with someone big. My next husband needs to be small. ��

  • I’m had a hysterectomy 7 months ago. I was pleasantly surprised and love it…I did experience a little blood after the first time, none after my surgery… Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • @eleanorayoulateagain-LOVE YOUR NAME!! but I am soooo happy i got the REAL procedure, I feel like a million bucks-my sex life is excellent-better then ever!!!
    i recommend everyone to get a hysterectomy or a partial (as long as you don’t want any kids-or no more kids)

  • @mujah209 the surgery? Conditions like fibroids,heavy bleeding and adenomyosis require hysterectomy. However this is a major surgery and should only be done if other treatments are not working.

  • Thanks for sharing Lynette. I have just one fibroid that’s not causing any issues right now, but thanks to this series it’s no longer so daunting and i have a ressource to refer back to if needed. Thanks for putting it all out there and your euphemisms had me ���� and when Stanley got in close to speak to the fellas? That was everything.

  • Thank you so much for sharing your experience after having a hysterectomy, because you have given me hope and motivation to go ahead and get the surgery done…You are very beautiful btw❤️

  • For me:

    Not dryer
    Does feel shorter for me even thought it’s probably not actually shorter
    I did feel pain the first few times after my surgery. That went away though. Definitely take it slow!!
    I didn’t bleed at all.
    Definitely a myth about orgasms!
    Thanks for this video! It’s good to be able to compare to someone else’s recovery. It’s hard to find info about these things!

  • I wish I found this before my surgery. After my cancer and biopsies the hysterectomy was so easy. But I found this video right before 6 weeks.

  • I had my hysterectomy in December 2019, I was just cleared to start having sex. It hurt like hell. I must not be all healed up. I had a vaginal hysterectomy. I’m still in pain from last night. �� I still have my cervix and ovaries.

  • I’m 41 and planning on having a partial hysterectomy sometime early next year. I will have my uterus and cervix taken out but will keep my ovaries. I’m getting it taken out with the robotic/ Da Vinci procedure. I have been nervous about will I gain weight and will it cause my stomach to look bloated permanently? I’m glad to know sex doesn’t change. I was worried about that too as far as still being able to have an orgasm and wetness. Do you experience hot flashes or severe mood swings afterwards? Do you feel less vibrant? I’m still slightly nervous but I know it has to be done due to my fibroids and the pain that comes with it especially during sex..ugh! Thank you for the video. I guess over researching tends to cause more fear and anxiety lol! Watching this video did take the edge off, thank you and much love!❤️��✌️✨��

  • @itsmemaxi My doctor waited six months before putting me on any hormone medication due to my endometriosis. She was concerned that if there were any tiny pieces left behind, they would start to grow since the endometriosis was fed by estrogen. I no longer take the Cenestin, but it really helped with the hot flashes. Some antidepressants like Paxil are known to help with the symptoms too although I don’t know why. Check with your doctor about the Cenestin.

  • Thanks so much for this Info‼️I an4/12 weeks post op & had Full hysterectomy& removal of cervix.. I have been worried about that‼️….����I Appreciated it��

  • I had an IUD inserted today, and it was the most painful cramping afterwards… I almost fainted. So I ended up watching this cause I was angry at my uterus lmao.

  • Thanks for your honesty! I did a hysterectomy 3 weeks ago, and I’m 37yrs old and was a bit worried about all the things you’ve spoken about. Now I feel so much better. I didnt want to feel like a man! ����‍♀️

  • Hi Nika, thank you very much for this video. Can I ask you a question, are you still having pain during sex. I just had my hysterectomy 5 days ago.

  • I’m scheduled for 9/2 and was freaking out. Your videos have helped me so much in getting myself mentally Prepared for this journey.

  • I had a full hysterectomy June 18, 2010..still in recovery! Can’t wait to experience the no bleeding syndrome next month! The recovery is long & sore but well worth it i’m hoping in the months to come.. GL on your surgery

  • Thanks for this video! My wife is going for the surgery and I was scared until I watched this. Everything you’ve said about sex after was helpful because she told me it was the opposite. The only thing that concerns me is, she says she likes that I pound her cervix for obvious reasons, so hitting where she was stitched up will always be in the back of my head. But you’re strong and I admire that. Maybe your husband can weigh in if he wants to? That would be a great help for me as well.

  • I’ve had all kinds of issues from my hysterectomy in 2014. It’s very slowly getting better after finding the right doctor, but I’m afraid it will never be what it once was.:(

  • At what age are doctors willing to perform a hysterectomy? As of right now I have no known medical issues and have no desire to be pregnant or have periods

  • thank you 4 this I have been looking every where to figure out what they were going to do to me then wouldn’t you know I find the 1 video that is not yucky and that I can understand but it is 4 days AFTER my surgery…at least it didn’t hurt as bad as I thought it would the only prob. is they gave me inlimited morphine (if thats how you spell it) they said anytime U feel pain just push the button” and on my last day they told me I was on my death bed from pushing the button too much

  • Being that I’m just like my mother, I have a feeling that I’ll be needing this surgery in my older years (I’m only 23 now). Thank you so much for sharing everything you guys! You help more than you know ��

  • @nem1908 I had laparascopic surgery! I’m working on my 4th week. The hotflashes are unbearable now. I had 12 episodes in one day! I’m 40 and Have a 22 & 16 yr old so having children anymore doesn’t matter to me. I also had cysts on my ovaries so having a hysterectomy was a great option for me! (Now if I can get the hotflashes under control I would feel better)

  • @karinvandenberg

    i had a partial hysterectomy my ovaries were left:) its the best thing ever!!! i swear i wish i had done this years ago!!!

  • When does the urge for sex come back? Im 5 weeks post. I still have some pain and am not interested in sex anyway, but am curious if having no urge at 5 weeks is normal. Im so scared of the first time girl. Lol

  • I had my hysterectomy on dec 17th 2019. I just got cleared to have sex. After the first time it hurt like hell. We used lube. I don’t have any drive to have sex. I still have my ovaries. I can orgasm. I just don’t even want to have sex. I’m sore two days after having sex. I had the surgery through my vagina. I need more time to heal I guess.

  • i remember when my mom had this done. it was a tough recovery but y mom had a great doctor (who is not my doc) who did the surgery. heh, he even gave my mom a suprise tummy tuck while he did the major surgery. my mom was supposed to be taking hormone replacements but shes doing fine without them. modern medice rocks

  • That the stupidest thing I’ve EVER heard of. I hope her doctor slaps her. You can’t get your uterus replaced. EVER. It’s your womanhood.

  • Hey, thanks for the video.. very informative. Didn’t know anything about an Hysterectomy (I’m a guy), but heard about it in a show.. and came to youtube for some answers.

  • It’s been 8 weeks since i had my hysterectomy and i have read so much about having sex will rip my vaginal cuff. I’m ready to have sex again but scared i will rip it.

  • I had my Surgery on the 27th of August it’s been only two weeks, I got to keep my cervix and ovaries. Only my tubes and uterus that was full of fibroids was taken. We shall see how it goes with hubby after 6 weeks. Actually, it’s been two weeks since surgery I have 4 more weeks to go before we can have sex. Im hoping it will be the same since I got to keep my cervix we shall see. Thank you for the videos it really helped alot

  • I’m scared to get a hysterectomy besides I don’t know if I need to again I’m 46 still having bleeding supposed to re up my depo shot but because of the quarantine I had to cancel but I need to find time to get that because bleeding is not stopping completely. It starts then stops regular then nothing light then nothing and for a while now. So gotta to find out what’s going on.

  • Thank you so much! I have fibroids and am scheduled for my hysterectomy next week. I have heard about the dryness and was kinda worried. You’re beautiful btw.

  • Love this video, there needs to be more of these. Had a vaginal hysterectomy 6 weeks ago. We had sex 3 weeks in. ( not recommending for anybody else, I know my body). I was wetter than ever, everything was amplified for me. My husband said it didn’t feel any different, which was good.Im very pleased I had it done. Truth be told we been “on it “for weeks, every night. He said” what that surgery do to you??!!���� I feel better. No pain during sex, I can fully relax.

  • I will have to have a hysterectomy at some point and this helped ease some of my fears. Thank you so much for sharing this with everyone. ❤️������

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  • I honestly think it depends on how the woman is made up and if her partner is large or not. I also think your doctor can play a role bc all doctors don’t do surgery the same some are better than other. Important to do research on review page fornthe doctor and also ask how many they have done. I wouldn’t want someone that only did few of these.

  • I’m about to have mines, and I’m terrified. Worries is getting the best of me. I’m told that I’m gonna have my cervix removed also. Should I be concern about having my cervix removed?

  • Thank you guys so much for doing this video it helped a lot and it’s refreshing to get a man input i am 4 weeks post op i got 2 weeks to go me and my husband have watched this video 4 times

  • omg.thank you guys so much for this ���� I will be having a hysterectomy after the holidays this year and I was so concerned about this…however I’m not sure of they are going to remove my cervix as well I know they arent taking my ovaries…I guess that’s a question for my surgeon.

  • Thank you and your husband so, so much for the real!! You all are so very diplomatically open, which was very helpful to me. I wasn’t even thinking about what I would need at bedsidethe grabber!! ��I just found that so funny! But your daily updates are so helpful. My surgery is in a few weeks. Now I realistically know what to expect. You are so blessed to have had your husband with you. God bless him for his love for you. You all’s openness in the ‘sex’ update gave me a lot of relief. I, too, was thinking is it just a bottomless pit now? So thank you Lynnette, for the videos. Stay blessed! ❤️

  • Hi Jester
    you leave the ovaries so that you still have female hormones
    then no premarin is needed and LOL you won’t grow a mustache

    I am 7 days post-op and had mine left in-feelin OK today

  • After 100 videos preparing myself for the news of having to have a hysterectomy, yours has helped me the most. Thank you so much for being so great at the details and preparation too. Props to you girl!!!

  • Oh I know how you feel I’m the same way. I’ve never wanted children, I’ll be 29 tomarrow, and still feel the same. I’d like too be spayed for other reasons like cancer, there’s alot of it in my family. However I want a full hysterectomy, everything OUT!!!! Hopefully when I get in my fourties I’ll be able to have it done, before something deadly happens to it!

  • Im 39 and i had my hysterectomy almost 8 weeks ago due to Super heavy 4-week-long extremely painful periods for 30 years (endo), fibroids, cysts, infertility, and then had a pre-cervical cancer scare. Which was enough. Everything was removed except my ovaries. Today was the first time hubby and i had sex after my surgery. To be honest i was a bit scared that it would hurt bcus of everything u read online. During it, i i felt a bit sore and a little pressure but nevertheless felt good and we both enjoyed it. Aterwards I had to pee and felt a bit sore, and then a bit sore for about 30 minutes. It feels normal though, being that we hadnt done anything for about 9 weeks and im probably still healing. I wasnt dry though, which I was happy for. And my sex drive hasnt gone away, we were just waiting as per doctor’s orders. My husband and I did take it slow though, nothing crazy, dont want to mess up my healing. I read other comments here that the first time u feel a bit sore but it goes away wit time, so im glad. I think it was nothing to be afraid of. Seems like it will feel normal again soon. As for my cramps, since surgery i have had no more periods and not one tiny single cramp thank u Jesus God Almighty! I think this has finally been the start of a beautiful friendship between my body and I ��

  • Hey y’all! I wanted y’all to watch my laparoscopic hysterectomy videos that led up to me getting my laparoscopic hysterectomy and how I felt right after I had my surgery. I appreciate y’all so much! All of you who are getting this surgery you are in my prayers,, and all of you who have had this surgery I hope y’all are still doing great! I have included the links below click and watch! Thank you all soooooo much! xoxo

    How I’m Feeling The Day Before My Da Vinci Laparoscopic Hysterectomy (LAVH) Vlog #4

    How I’m Feeling Three Days After My Da Vinci Laparoscopic Hysterectomy (LAVH) Vlog #5

    My Hysterectomy Recovery 3 weeks later!!

    How I Recovered From Surgery So Fast!!

    Where Have I Been?! Bleeding 3 mos after Hysterectomy

  • Thank you for this <3 I had a radical hysterectomy 10 weeks ago, thank goodness all still works down there. My partner and I won't see each other for a couple of months and I'll be fully healed by then. Can't wait!!

  • You explained this so well…I had mine 1 yr ago on this very day and i was afraid going into it I definitely wont lie��i knew nothing about this surgery or what to expect well im a witness that its a mind thing when it comes to sex and as you said you have to block out the negative things you hear because if not it will keep you from having a healthy Love life…Ladies as she stays just know you’ll be ok and don’t over think it..It’s ok to get advice but remember everyone’s body is different��

  • I absolutely love you guys! The honesty, and you were funny. You really calmed my nerves. I have terrible endometriosis and need one but I’m absolutely terrified it won’t be the same afterwards. I won’t be a proper woman. But watching this has calmed me down a little. Thank you so much and I’ve shared this with my husband so he can have that reassurance too. We’ve been together 18 years since we were teenagers so it’s a huge thing for us to be going through. We’re both very sexual people. Anyway thank you and much love from England xx.

  • Thank you Soooo much! Both of you. No one is real about this subject. This was one of my main concerns. Hopefully moisture, feeling, and desire won’t affect me. I’m 36.

  • Thank you for the video. However, everyone is different. After the first couple times checking things out all I could say is “That’s it? Where’s the rest of it?” Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, NO uterus. I also have low libido and it’s frustrating. Had a great sex life before. Sometimes nothing happens at all. Makes me sad and I still cry. I’ve also noticed not feeling sexy, low libido, also destroyed my self esteem. All I had was a benign cyst but was told I’d get cancer if I didn’t have everything out. Now I’m learning that taking Iodine can help reduce cysts. I’m glad that some of you came through it just fine. I’ll be starting to take iodine soon so maybe that’ll help me feel better than I have since surgery.

  • hey, i’m 20 and i’ve had pelvic pain for four days now. i had two ultrasounds friday. my mom thinks it’s my ovaries. i should know something tomorrow. what could be wrong?

  • Thank you for the video. I’m about to have a partial hysterectomy with removal of my cervix but leaving my ovaries. Honestly I felt quite emotional �� until I saw your video. I’m having surgery on July 9 and quite nervous of the unknown. I’m concern about sex changing in the sense of declining, my moods and weight gain. Did your body change? Do you still feel Vibrant? I’m glad to hear I can still feel sensation inside of my vagina. I read articles online that concerned me. It stated once cervix is removed you could only have sensation from your Clitoris?!?? Wtf? Ugh! I hate that I even have to go through this procedure. My body continues to produce fibroids as it did with my mother. My mom had her partial hysterectomy at 38 and I’m getting mine done at 42. So, thank you for sharing your positive message and sparking hope back into my mind again!

  • Thanks for sharing. I have my hysterectomy in the morning. You two appear to be very loving and supportive of each other. That’s a beautiful thing.

  • Just think having vaginal hysterectomy, when done putting extra stiches in side of female patient vaginal area, going have tigher vaginal area to please partner with sex, female going have libibo, orgram function, sexual function, sex drive and sex life back together again. And there is no scar marks on tummy area looking like zipper.

  • Thank you for posting this. This is a topic that I don’t think a lot of people would want to talk about. I’m so happy for you both that you have such a strong marriage that you can be open and honest about this stuff. You guys are beautiful. <3

  • @kricketbx I had a total hysterectomy in 1997 due to endometriosis. My doctor said it was the worst case she’d ever seen. Before my surgery, I told the doctor to take out the whole kit and kaboodle while she was in there so I wouldn’t have to go through any more female surgery. No more pain! YAY!

  • Thank you that was very helpful, however, did you have a problem with weight after the surgery I’m more interested in whether or not you lose weight? I’ve heard that weight loss and getting your stomach flat may be a problem.

  • Oh my God! Thank you so much to you and your husband for sharing your journey together. It’s almost 2 a.m. in my city, and yes I have to get up to work remotely. But, you’ve shed a lot of lot on a difficult decision that I must make. I couldn’t stop watching. I truly appreciate all of the details and tidbits. Thank you again and God Bless you and your family. Oh, by the way. I loved your natural high bun, too cute!! Be Blessed!

  • Your ovaries generate your hormones, by leaving the ovaries it won’t throw your body into menopause which would occur if they were removed. It eliminates the need for extraneous hormone therapy which is why it’s preferred.

  • I’m going to have an abdominal hysterectomy soon, because a Novasure ablation damaged my uterus and cervix beyond repair. Now I have cervical stenosis and fluid keeps getting trapped in the uterus, causing severe pain. I’m upset that I need a hysterectomy. It’s supposedly no picnic, there’s a long, recovery, 6 to 8 weels, and there can be complications like prolapse-not to mention the symptoms of instant menopause.. I regret letting that doctor talk me into having an ablation.

  • omg my mom has to get this im soo scared she has fibro and lupis =( so it will be 10 times worse ugh i love u mom wish u the best will be there for u no matter what

  • Same here, it was different in the beginning and then it got better. Just needed to heal totally. 6 weeks is the standard for “healing.”
    Great video.
    Stanley is a mess LOL!!

  • I’m so glad I found your channel…My surgery is the day after Christmas I’ve been super nervous this has been informative.. Thank you ��

  • Yall are hilarious! Everything yall said was true. My husband and I experienced the same thing and I wish he would tell his point of view but he don’t like being on camera. I’m so happy your surgery went well. I’m 2 yrs in and everything is still going good for me. Yall continue to enjoy each other. Thank God for no more fibroid pain or periods! Hallelew!!!! ����������‍♀️

  • There’s a new book, “The H Word”, that tells you everything you want to know about the alternatives to hysterectomy and the consequences of the surgery.

  • Never use words like most cases….hygiene has nothing to do with a family history of uterine cancer. So this must be the exception, right? Fibroid tumors another, abnormal uterine bleeding another. The PAP smear does not avoid this procedure.

  • Actually my wife had pregnency but the baby was conceived in the tube the dr thought that it is some kind of pimple but later on it was discovered as pregenency. an operation was caried out to remove the baby. now she is having her normal menstruation periods. dr has told her leff ovary is lose and her right ovary is working fine. now Please guide me is possible that she would be able to have a baby while having only one ovary functional.????

  • I ABSOLUTELY miss watching y’alls videos❤ Lynette, sending lots of love to you as you continue to recover! Tomorrow, is my virtual graduation day from ULM with my Master of Science in Forensic Psychology������ YAY������ Thank God for your healing & the next phase of my life!

  • Hi im so scared i cant even sleep and eat after my doctor told me that i have to under go to colcoscopy. Im scared that i migth be positive in cervical cancer. Please help me im totaly devastated rigth now. I have 3 kids and they are to young.. I only got streangth to God.

  • Just about every comment that I have read everyone is talking about they had a partial hysterectomy and still have a cervix they still having ovary that’s why the sex is okay and you don’t have vaginal dryness when you have a total hysterectomy everything is totally different. Unless it’s a life-or-death situation I wouldn’t advise no one to have a hysterectomy. But I’m glad everything worked out for you

  • Thanks for this cause I’m 38 and I was scheduled today for a total hysterectomy for August 31st and this is what my main concern. This definitely puts me at ease! Thanks!

  • There were no shifting or relapsed on the organs (bladder etc) because of the hysterectomy? When did you start exercise and what were your exercises?

  • I’m ao glad Lynette that you are healing and feeling so much better. This is so helpful to many women and couples that you have shared your journey. I really respect you and Stanley. I wish you both great health, peace and God’s love….xoxo

  • Thanks for sharing! I had a complete hysterectomy 9 years ago. I can recall that my main concern was my “sprinkler system” ( not the fact that I survived a major surgery, lol). The only caution I have for you is to make sure you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles when ready with exercise ( very important).

  • Thanks for such a informative video. I have gone through hysterectomy 2 weeks ago and you have inspired me to share my hysterectomy surgery story. I also have created a youtube video:

  • Im a 38yo married mother of 3 and just had my partial hysterectomy 3 days ago. I still have my ovaries but everything else was removed due to fibroids (1 of which was the size of a 5month old baby in utero) that were causing painful and very messy periods! Glad I won’t have to deal with that anymore. Prior to my procedure one of my concerns was early menopause & a disturbed sex life. My doctor said that keeping my ovaries will not affect either. I still have several weeks to go before I’ll be able to be intimate with my hubby again but your video has definitely helped to calm my nerves some. Thank you for sharing! ��

  • The sensation comes all the way back eventually! In some ways it’s better! However, it does take time and the faucet can be turned back on even if a little assistance is needed. I had the same surgery in 2012 and I love where I am now. Just give it a few months. When our cervix is removed they replace it with what they call a cuff. Glad you are doing better.

  • Stanley happy as hell! Oh, ok! It’s like learning how to ride a bike again. I always thought with a hysterectomy, there’s a bottomless pit but, the missle can’t go no further. �� Thank you for the clarification, Lynette! ������

  • More beings are dying STAY OUT OF THE WATER AND STAY OUT OF FEMALE POWERS……THE ALIENS WILL REMOVE MANY PHALLACES SOON ��‍♀️������������������☠��☠����������������������������‍♂️��‍♀️��‍♂️��‍♀️

  • Thank you for the info. I have endometriosis and I am a little nervous about going through with this. My family is complete and one of my main concerns were “Will sex be the same” I mean, that’s a huge deal for me. So thank you so much. You were very informative. Peace:)

  • I had a hysterectomy 3 weeks ago today. It was done by laparoscopic, vaginally assisted. My dr only made 2 incisions. One where I had my c-sections & the other in my bellybutton.

    I’m still sore, but I’m taking it easy. I stopped all painkillers after 2 weeks. They caused horrible constipation. My advise would be to drink lots of water!!! And no soda if you can help it. They fill your belly with all that gas & soda makes it worse. I had some bad shoulder pain for a few days because of the gas. (Gas pockets can travel throughout your body & cause pain.)

    Having said that, I truly believe I made a great decision to have it done. I had 3 fibroids on my uterus. One was huge!! I also have severe endometriosis!! My cycles lasted for 8-10 days & I could barely leave the house.

    If you have any questions let me know. God bless!!������

  • In MY opinion neither are very good reasons for wanting a hysterectomy. She needs to look into other forms of birth control. She may not want kids NOW but, what about later on?
    If she has insurance, I don’t think it will be covered. Something like this will only be paid for if it’s medically necessary.

  • I also had a partial Hysterectomy years ago my recovery time took about 3 months and its true the sensations are different but are also will become more intense during intercourse..and you will eventually start get pre menapausal hot flashes early..oh yeahh get ready for that.

  • why are all of the comments people warning not to get this surgery if you don’t need it? this is not a cosmetic surgery? you don’t just go to a doctor and say, “hey, i felt like getting my uterus removed, how about it?” obviously if someone is getting a hysterectomy/oophorectomy they will know all about the procedure and why they are getting it.

  • Hi. Thanks so much for sharing. I am 3 months post OP, and I was developing anxiety regarding this problem. The doctor removed uterus and cervix and I was able to keep one ovary You have no idea how much this means to me. God bless you.

  • This is SO bad. You will lose your hair and lose all your needed hormones.  Don’t get if you don’t need it..It’s not healthy.. You need you uterus and ovaries for your whole life.. trust me

  • PSA: Hysterectomies are great but only 20% of women actually need them. Check out your options first…do your research! A great book to inform you about alternatives that work is The Unhysterectomy.

  • my aunt just had a very invasive surgery because of ovarian cancer. They had to remove all female organs, the appendix, the spleen and i’m not sure what else. Please, prayers would be greatly appreciated.

  • I’m 3 weeks post-op from my complete hysterectomy. I can NOT thank you enough for discussing my biggest fears!!! I actually have a son who is a surgical tech in the US Navy that has specialty training in GYN robotics and he and I have crossed the lines of mother/son conversation about my fears and he’s been a tremendous help in getting me to understand what’s happening inside my body & with my out of control emotions but…these topics!? Yeah, not discussing That with my son �� so bless you. Thank you for sharing something that so many of us women face and being so honest about your own feelings, fears, & experience! Thank You, Thank You ❤️

  • ovaries help with the female hormone, estrogen, i am getting my uterus removed but not my ovaries, this will keep me off the pill HRT which has side effects.

  • Did you have to have a total hysterectomy? I had a total hysterectomy and I experience vaginal dryness and now it made me regret ever having it done I would rather stick with the pain then to go to this dryness

  • Alright y’all don’t make me bust out sanging Madonna’s “Like A Virgin”…..LOL ������….”touched for the very first TIME”..��������
    That’s mostly what I’m concerned about, if I decide to have this surgery, will my body react differently in having relations? Well we’ll cross that bridge when we get there..��. Happy y’all getting your groove on! LOL��….yall be good ��…over & out!

  • @DBCrowns shes doing great. better than she was before the surgery. she had fibroids that was causeing problems and one of her overies was basically dead. shes a lot better now. the surgery was done like 10 years ago but still.

  • Thank you SOOOO much for posting this video. I am going to need a hysterectomy for fibroids. I am so concerned about this aspect of life after. You really helped put my mind at ease. Thanks so much. Btw, your lip color is stunning, love your hair too. So beautiful.

  • Thank you so much for posting this video for I have a case of severe uterine fibroids never had kids and already have done a myomectomy where the doctor removed 52 fibroids… they are back with a vengeance and I have been contemplating a partial hysterectomy where my uterus and cervix would be removed ( keeping the ovaries) and I have been terrified with all the myths out there!!!! Most of the information out there talks about not being able to have deep orgasmic contractions which means not being able to to complete an orgasm. Did you experience the lack off by any chance? I’ve been worried sick for days with all the myths out there and you video put a smile in my face again! Thank you so much! I had given up on this surgery and had decited to continue to suffer rather than go through with it until today that I saw you video!! God bless you����

  • my mom JUST HAD this surgery, shes awake and in hella pain, she went into immediate menopause……god give me strength cuz her menopause is gunna suck

  • Thanks girl!! I’m going for a full hysterectomy in 2 months. You answered the main questions I’ve been worried about! Hope all is well now.

  • @tsr4l I’m the furtherest thing from a feminist. And I have had sex with men with uncircumcized penises. Anger and aggression will only mask your intelligence. There’s no reason for you to point your finger at me. I am just saying I have seen logic in it before. I didn’t say I want all little boys to conform and have the skin on their dicks chopped off. You made a comment and I made mine. I didn’t call you anything, and you don’t need to act like a toddler calling names and being rude.

  • Well your body is different now. I’ve never had a hysterectomy but I know that a change and its going to take some time. You all are a good couple. Y’all gone be good..Take your time. Glad you are doing well.

  • @MMBNM There’s no real risk to leaving a penis uncircumcised. A lot of parents leave their children uncircumcised. The real only reason is for cleanliness and maintenance. There’s no foreskin to clean, and it’s just easier to maintain. Less showers have to be taken with parents in order to educate them on how to clean their foreskin, and all that. It’s just for convenience. There’s no real risk. They can choose to get themselves circumcised later, if they choose, too.

  • I’m now 11 days post op.. still swollen of course. I’ve noticed how thin your face is now. You are absolutely beautiful. How much weight have you lost so far?

  • @tsr4l By the way. Since you’re going to take your time and come looking all over my page for something to call me… you found your word “feminist”.. maybe you should have also taken the time to look at the videos I’m liked, watched, and favorited recently. I’m a big fan of “The Amazing Atheist” and have recently liked his “Feminist Hate Week” video. The entire video bashes feminism and I liked it. Investigate further before being an ass.

  • Ok. Y’all have helped me soooo much. Through these videos you have answered all the questions I’ve had and lessened my worries. My doctor has told me all of this, but it like hearing from your “virtual cousin” hits so different. Tfs yall.

  • Hi Sarah, thanks for the video and hopefully you recovered well after your surgery.I just had my hysterectomy and 3 months ago after my doctor recommended me to wait with 12 weeks to have sex. Thanks for your video!

  • well..thats tha reason I want it done..I mean..I dnt want another kid..sooo I don’t need a menstrual cycle…soooo!! I thought about gettin my tubes tied..but I would still have a period..and I dn’t want that..

  • @ptmc0202 A woman’s sex life can be even better since there’s no worry about getting pregnant. The spontaneity is totally awesome!

  • Hi Lynette and Stanley, I’m post op 6 years full hysterectomy, and my intensity returned full blast and it has gotten better! My hubby has been very happy too and we are going on 24 years strong in the marriage. My hubby enjoys the fact he can “run through the woods” 24/7. �� I pray the same for both of you too!☺��

  • @aftonmielke It really depends. My cousin had problems with infections quite often as a young boy and he was cleaned quite often. They did get worse when it started to become inappropriate for his parents to be thoroughly cleaning his penis, and telling a 5 year old to do it is difficult. She got him circumcised at 5 and it was painful and he remembers it. My husband is really grateful his parents did it for him at birth and more men who are uncircumcised have pre-ejaculation problems.

  • I just wanted to say that your video here gave me hope. My anxiety lessened significantly, as my wife went through the surgery last year. So we are now learning one another after the fact. God bless. And for those who need to know, there is some dryness, but we have found that cold press virgin coconut oil works better than KY jelly, by far!!!

    Hope you are now having your best life,

  • I gotta question???? I have cysts on my ovaries,they say I have endometroasis well if I get a hysterectomy can I keep my uterus being its ok,the ovaries r my problem?

  • Good Morning Lynnette and Stanley, I enjoy you two immensely. However, I am concerned about you all safety. The weather is changing please be safe!!!

  • The coded language on this one got me ROFL�������� Great video! Glad y’all are going great❤
    New here and loving your content! Just subbed. Let’s stay connected��

  • omg what an awful awful procedure, especially for young women who still want kids. i guess it wouldn’t be so bad if you are older and already have children.

  • I did enjoy this video, thanks for sharing and all that you have said are things that I have heard too and found to be untrue..oh I have been enjoying the ‘no periods’ ��

  • Sis when you were talking about the more you have sex the better the sensation gets…whole time Stanley over there nodding his head like yea I have NO problems doing this as many times as you need ��

  • Damn my mom got a hysterectomy die to firbroids like lots of them they didn’t remove the vagina or cervix.
    It was so odd thankfully she was okay after a week.

  • Thank you for this video! After years of pain I finally have a Dr willing to do the surgery. I’m scheduled for next month. I’m terrified but I’m looking forward to it so much. I get to keep my ovaries (for future IVF) but everything else is going.

  • Im scared but this my only option im looking for my information video’s. Yes im concerned abt my husband & I love life after surgery. Im worried n fearful but it has to be done

  • @itsmemaxi i cant underdstand something.. if you do this as i imagine you cant have kids do you? that’s very sad in my point of view.. dont you think so?

  • Thank you so much for the encouragement. I am rescheduled for July 20th. You truly gave me a lot of reassurance. Your hair looks amazing. Beautiful couple!!

  • My mom had this done a few years after I was born. Apparently her uterus was absolutely covered in uterine fibroids.
    My aunt got hers out a few months ago as well, and she had two baseball sized fibroids. Ugh…it runs in my family! Nooo!!

  • Thank you so much for doing this video. I’m 6 weeks post surgery and I’m so nervous about down there… especially the idea of dtd. Your video had helped settle some concerns. x

    Also… that lipstick is gorgeous on you! ☺️

  • Thank you, I had part of my cervix removed just thee other day and I am terrified because everything I’ve read online suggests all kind of issues to do with sex and I really do love sex and I cant imagine living without it would completely destroy me so this is so good to hear.

  • Hey family. Why is Stanley is freakin funny ��������. I love the words you used to describe everything ��������. Glad everything is good.

  • Again, one woman’s experience. TOTALLY different from what i experienced…as far as orgasm, it will be less and more difficult to achieve. I also had my ovaries removed, but i was post menopausal, so not sure that it had anything to do with the sexual loss.

    It also depends on whether you have experienced a uterine orgasm. If you haven’t then of course you wont know what you are missing. Also, there is a thing called cervical tapping. For women who have experienced this (I had), this can be a trigger point for orgasm AND the orgasm is quite intense…This is gone since i no longer have a cervix. I regret that i took the doctors advise… Doctor still give you the sales pitch when they recommend hyst.

    Also, removing the uterus can impact nipple sensation (this is not a myth). SO if your nipples are part of your sexual response, that can be less or gone altogether. Remember when you had a baby and the nurse told you to breast feed as this would help your uterus regain its tone???? This was not as much of a loss for me as my cervix because i did not experience that much nipple sensation….My sister lost 75% of her sexual response because she had very excitable nipples, she was 67 at the time of her hyst AND very sexually active. SO, i would try any nonsurgical treatments, stress reduction, diet changes, exercise regimen BEFORE having a hysterectomy. Especially beware of doctors who are trying to learn how to work the robots, they need the experience…Remember, once it is gone, its gone and you will have to live with any changes it may have on your body.

  • I had a hysterectomy 11 weeks ago and I had sex… it wasn’t painful at all but I was soooo scare…after that I bleed out…now I am on bed rest.
    I feel like my sex life is over

  • Stanley is one happy camper; literally and figuratively!!������ I so agree with you Lynette. I had everything removed except for my right ovary ( this was so that I would not go into menopause early) I told my doctor, “yes, drop the transmission “. Needless to say, he laughed at my comment. I always make that reference about the surgery. “I dropped the transmission!”������

  • I did enjoy this video, thanks for sharing and all that you have said are things that I have heard too and found to be untrue..oh I have been enjoying the ‘no periods’ ��

  • Thank you for this video I was just told a need to get this surgery done and I have been really scared about everything but your videos are helping me a lot

  • I put off having my surgery for months because I was concerned about the difference. It was awkward for me and my husband too but it will get better with time. Enjoy exploring!

  • My vaginal hysterectomy was so great for husband and myself. When they did vaginal hysterectomy, doctors put extra stiches in side of vaginal area, so I have tigher vaginal area to please my husband with sex. Myself had libibo, orgram function, sexual function, so great now.