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Choosing the right fitness shoes

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You have a neutral arch if your footprint has a distinct curve along the inside and your shoes wear out uniformly. Look for a “stability” shoe, which has the right mix of cushioning and support. Choosing the right athletic shoe for your foot is key to moving comfortably, efficiently and safely. When looking for an athletic shoe, the first step is to determine what type of foot shape you have.

Foot shape can be divided into three categories based on pronation, or how much the arch of your foot collapses when you wal. Choosing the right shoes can help avoid injury. Learn what can happen when you wear the wrong shoes: The chance of injury can be increased if your shoes are not designed for your activity or the conditions or are not suited to your body mass or foot mechanics. As an example, there are different requirements for beach versus road running.

If you want the right shoe for your fitness needs, it is important to find a fit that is specific for your foot type. The first step in purchasing a new pair of fitness shoes is having an experienced person measure your foot. You’re unlikely to find that person in a department store or box store.

Running shoes tend to work best for jogging, running, and walking. They’re built for heel-to-toe motion, and will last longer than simple walking shoes. If you engage in activities like aerobics or sports, go for cross trainers. Choosing a fitness shoe that maximizes the benefits of exercising is as important as the exercise itself. There are many things to consider when purchasing any shoes for your feet.

Experts agree that choosing the right athletic shoes is as important as the workout itself. The position of your feet while exercising influences alignment of every other part, muscles and joints, of your body; some good feet stretches can help strengthen your foot muscles and ease short-term aches and pains, but they can’t undo real damage from improper footwear. Our fit specialists will help you choose the right type of shoe for the kind of workout you planned. It is important to know that a running shoe is made for running and is different in many ways.

Finding the best-fitting shoe among the numerous choices at your local running store isn’t always easy. To ensure you walk out a happy customer, you. For feet with a low or flat arch, choose rigid shoes that control motion and resist bending. Normal feet, with a medium arch, do well in slightly curved shoes designed for stability. High-arched feet need curved shoes that twist and bend easily.

You can walk in running shoes, but never run in walking shoes (they’re too rigid).

List of related literature:

But if you are a serious runner, cross trainers are best avoided because they weigh more than the standard running shoes and are not as flexible and well­cushioned.

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from experienced marathoners to novices, runners have resisted the kind of marketing flash that has allowed shoe companies to seek higher price points in basketball shoes, where the target is impressionable teen boys wowed by sports stars like LeBron James.

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Most running shoe magazines describe the important characteristics of shoes: rearfoot counters with reinforcement and stability, combination midsoles with EVA and polyurethane for durability, and stronger midfoot shanks for motion control.

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Best option: Go to a specialty running store, where the often underpaid salespeople are the experts; ask the pro there to analyze your stride and match up the best shoe for your feet.

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Lightweight commercial athletic shoes that include hind foot control, a supportive midsole of shockabsorbing materials, a continuous sole, and forefoot flexibility can improve shock attenuation and biomechanics.

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After they assess your gait on the indoor track, you will be helped in choosing from the Asics, Adidas, Saucony, Mizuno, New Balance and Brooks in sizes 5-12 for women and 7-15 for men and widths AA to 4E.

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Personnel in stores selling running shoes can help you select a shoe right for you, but you need to be the final judge.

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By understanding foot types and shoe categories and by working with a knowledgeable employee at a running specialty store, you’ll end up with a pair of shoes that will serve you well during marathon training.

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  • What shoe do you suggest for my workout routine: jump rope, hiit, plyometrics, speed/agility training and occasional 30 minute jogs. Please help me out! Thanks!

  • Thank you Bob and Brad for the demonstration of how to tell your arch type. I never realized I was more on the flat feet side. This has helped with my search for my trouble feet.

  • I’m 367.0 lbs trying to loose weight and flat footed. I have very bad knee arthritis after 28 years in oilfield. I have Brooks that are very heavy soled on the inside causing my foot to roll to outside. So I determined this may be adding to my pain in my knees. Looking for suggestions in weight / flat footed range.

  • I went to buy Asics on Amazon after watching this video, but when you check out the reviews, it seems like with everything else in this country quality-control has gone out the window and they’re garbage now. So I have no idea what brand to buy anymore. If anyone can help please do.:(

  • This was very helpful. Saturday I spent over an hour trying running and walking shoes and could not get comfortable. I think I have plantar fasciitis on the right side and need to see a podiatrist. I have wide feet with very high arches and narrow heals. For hiking I wear Keens and they are fine. Do you have video about orthotics?

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I suffer from chroic compartment syndrome in both lower legs which i had to get a fasciotomy for bc of high pressures.

  • Hello Sir, i was born with bilateral clubfoot (C.T.E.V.) i am overweight so during lockdown i can only do walking and which are the best shoes for me? I generally duffer from knee pain especially in my kneecap and ankles are swollen. I walk for 10 kms a day.

  • Just watched this, I’m wondering though, you didn’t say exactly what to do for a super high arch. I have more foot pain with Asics, especially with each model change. Achilles and plantar fasciitis got worse. Please update with 2020 video, if possible. Thanks.

  • I am looking for a (running) shoe for standing all day (work). Are running shoes a good option and which general principles should I follow in making a choice? I liked the New Balance u showed in the video, which model are they? Thank you
    Ps I need a wide shoe accomodating for a slight overpronation

  • Fourth year medical student here! I love your videos and so happy I found you two. You guys share valuable information that I don’t get in medical school! Thank you for sharing!!!!

  • What are your opinions on zero drop minimalist shoes. I’ve been wearing them for some time and my plantar fasciitis is gone and my ankles and feet feel stronger but I injured my knee over a year ago and have noticed if I wear a more cushioned sneaker my knee pain subsides. Any thoughts?

  • There’s something about the decor that makes this vid look like it was shot in the 90s. I’m getting a Seinfeld vibe, lol. You two are awesome, thanks for the info! Been wanting information like this for a looooong time! I will learn, TY!

  • I dont run, i have had several severe ankle sprains and have found out it mostly happens with shoes that have flared and thick chunky rubber on the heals. In The thinner more flexible soled shoes i am able to feel the divots or places on the ground i am stepping. In the chunky bottomed shoes i cant feel the ground, step in a divet, or crack in sidewalk and roll my ankles. However i have flat feet and plantar fasciitis and find the thinner shoes make my feet hurt. But id rather have sore feet than sprained ankles.

  • I have found barefoot running shoes to be immensely helpful for knee pain, because of the gait adjustment and forefoot running style. It’s not for everyone, but if transitioned into slowly, barefoot/minimal shoes I have found to be wonderful. It’s hard going back to chunky running shoes.

  • The sole of my Adidas running shoes separated within 6 months… Slazenger shoes worked for 3 years and still intact!
    Which other brand is reliable for a few years < 50 USD?

  • Thank you! Got exactly what I was looking for. I have wide feet and wondered if there’s any rocket science to it. Glad it only took you 10 seconds to explain. God speed!

  • I m a suppinator,i can’t wear football shoes now because i got metatarsalgia of 1st matatarsal…can u please give some advice on football shoes and ways to heal and further prevent this problem

  • I don’t know about the best PT’s on the Intent; certainly the most entertaining. Great informative video. Keep up the good work; a little less plugging though, please.

  • it looks like i have a normal / medium arch. I am looking for a shoe I can walk in 5 to 6 miles 5 days a week. any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. thank you

  • I’m a forefoot runner with neuroma issues (medium arch, wide foot)…never enough padding in the ball of foot area. Metatarsal pads help, I suppose. Any suggestions for how to buy a good shoe?

  • You didn’t mention the importance of choosing a shoe with a wide toe box to enable your toes to splay out properly as you run or walk. Most athletic shoes we’ve grown up with, unfortunately, are designed like dress shoes and are pointy at the toes, and they tend to have toe spring (toe end of the shoe points upwards, which leads to all sorts of problems with our feet down the road.

  • I have plantar fasciitis I have to wear a lady’s running shoe. I don’t run. I walk around town for hours, I’m a goth girl I hate the ugly rainbow brute clown colors�� is there any other style in black that will work as well? I bought a pair of Brooks they are so ugly I feel embarrassed to wear them out. They don’t go with my clothes or style. They are gray, white, metallic turquoise. Please help.��

  • humans evolved to walk toe-heel. look at babies or folks who have never worn european/western style shoes. it is the hard sole which prompted/forced folks to walk heel-toe and this causes all kinds of problems. my kids are all flat-footed and i tried fir years, spent a ot if money on shoes, inserts, braces, etc till i heard an old man, amazon native, talk about bare feet versus shies and i had an epiphany. i encouraged my kids to walk toe-heel and it did take a few years but the younger ones dont have the same knee problems as the older. if you look at mediaeval art, you will note folks are in leather shoes and walk toe-heel. no soles on their shoes, just a piece of leather

  • Wow, great vid & great info. Hey, guy on right: are you related to any Hadley’s? You are almost identical to my brother-in-law. Haha.

  • how long does it take to train your feet to forefoot run?? i try and unless i concentrate all the time my feet natural fall back to heel strike run thers some say that you shouldnt try to change your natural footfall??

  • I have an average looking foot width, but in my mind if the shoes don’t come in at least a size 2E you can forget about them…that’s the problem with brands like adidas & nike..that is why is always choose New Balance. I once also said to salesperson in a large sports shop that I bet many men especially the heavier & larger guys are jamming their feet into shoes that are too narrow for them, & the salesperson agreed with me & said “no doubt”..the salesperson also said most of the top brands do not come in wider fittings as they sell plenty of shoes in the standard size…I also feel that 2E should be the standard width for men, as not really that wide eh…I rest my case!!

  • I know i am extremely late and im not sure if your are going to answer but i have a flat shoes but I can’t tolerate it which one should i go for now?

  • Dear Bob and Brad,

    I really enjoy your videos. I have flat feet and have started getting serious about changing the way I choose my shoes and just overall general wellness of my health from proper footing to fitness.

    I have a co-worker friend of mine who was a HS track and field star. I told him how I excited I was about doing gait analysis and finding the right shoes for my flat feet.

    He basically told me, “Oh that’s BS, they’ll get you in and then try to sell you ASICS.” And then said it was a gimmick or a pitch sale. It was so pessimistic and negative/toxic. But, he was the star athlete. So he’s using his authority to persuade me not to go through with it.

    Will I look dumb for getting gait analysis anyway?

  • Great information here in this video for fitting different types of feet in various categories of supportive footwear. I’ve been in the comfort shoe business for about 6 years and this is exactly what I educate people on.

  • This is a great session,  but maybe it would be helpful to have other people with you on this one to show exactly what a low arch and a high arch look like compared to the average or normal arch.

  • I wear the Brooks shoe with the gray insole because I have totally flat feet and bad knee pain. I put a $20 arch support in it and it is the only shoe I can wear if I do. Up here walking. Just sayin!

  • My husband is a High School track and cross country coach. And has 2 level 2 certificates from USA Track & Field. Several years ago the coaches and many runners switched to “Altra” shoes. Be sure to track your mileage as they definitely are no longer good after 300-400 miles depending on their model characteristics. Don’t use them past their mileage rating. This is actually true for all shoes. But shoes seem to have more wear in the uppers so we keep using them. The soles are done around 300-400 miles.

    Altras look like slippers and feel just as comfortable. They are zero drop and wide toe boxes allowing your toes to spread out. He can’t wear his former shoes anymore. They are too tight in the toe box. Anyway, I use them for walking and love them too. They come in a variety of colors, with a variety of different stabilization/mobility options for support on streets to cross country terrain. Look into them. Here we have “Scheel’s” so we can try them on. But we buy all of ours on Amazon now. I like the “One” so does my husband, but he has several models with different characteristics.
    I agree with Bob & Brad, try on at least 8 pairs of shoes and run around the store. Get the ones that feel best. And it does take a while to develop the calf muscles to run in zerodrop shoes, but it’s worth it. Get shoes that make your feet happy! Happy running and walking everyone.

  • Thank you for your videos. They have been extremely informative and appreciated! Based off of this video and your other videos related to this topic, I have medium arches. I just started running long distance and thought I was an underpronator, but it seems that my left foot pronates much more than my right. Is this possible that the two sides don’t match in biomechanics? If so, hypothetically what would you recommend? Neutral shoes with arch support insoles or just get stability shoes? or arch exercises? Thank you for your help.

  • I never heard this before the first time I watched this video. I have been to a podiatrist as well as a shoe specialty store. Thank you for educating me. I have motion control shoes now and the completely stabilize me feet and ankles. Doctors, physical therapists and nurse practitioners told me NOTHING.

  • This basic information is not basic/ common sense to lots of people at all. You guys have cleared up so much confusion. Thanks so much.

  • Dappy: Yeah it’s D A P’s To The Y and its time for some, look its time for some excercise i mean sexercise!

    I aint On Buying you flowers im on getting you in the showers and sexercising you for hours
    Why use a bench press to work on my chest when i can work my hole body out just by having sex
    Look i heard you love…girl well i love your splits if we put both together we could do some shit i’ll leave looking like Arnold and you like Angelina

  • Hello
    I am looking shoes for daily wear and I also want to use them to play badminton on the wooden floor twice a week (one pair of shoes for both the uses) please suggest NIKE shoe types, which I should select and I shortlist 4 (four) Nike Training shoes of my choice, You please give your choice and suggesting in the order.

    1) Nike Free Trainer V7
    2) Nike CK Racer
    4) Nike Lunar Prime Iron II

  • That was a very useful piece of information. I was wondering if a good basketball shoes would be a good training shoes? Ample lockdown, lateral traction, court feel and ankle support.

  • Hello o am khushboo,
    Thank you for this wonderful information please let me know which running shoes you use I will buy that because I have a heel pain so I am finding best shoes for me

  • Hie… V nice information.. Thank u so much… Plz tell me which brand will suit a broad fit and obese person?.. Actually i purchased a runner shoe last year. But my toe aches after walking… I think itz a narrow fir…. Plz mention some brands and a specific name of that shoe in that brand…
    Thank u in advance