Seem Sleep Elusive for a lot of Youngsters With Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder


Sleep: ways to improve sleep for kids with Autism

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How to Get to Sleep When You Have ADHD

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5-Minute Fix: Better Sleep for Kids with ADHD or Autism (and Their Parents)

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The Overlooked Connection Between ADHD and Sleep

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ADHD Lullaby Full Album Help Children with ADHD fall asleep fast!

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Sleepless nights for some kids with ADHD

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How to Get ADHD Kids to Sleep

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Kids with ADHD slept about 45 minutes less a night than those without ADHD. The children with ADHD also took longer than the other children to fall asleep at night. During the day, however, the.

Kids with ADHD slept about 45 minutes less a night than those without ADHD. The children with ADHD also took longer than the other children to fall asleep at night. During the day, however, the children with ADHD fell asleep faster than those in the control group, the investigators found. At first, the researchers thought this was a surprising finding, because of the.

Kids with ADHD slept about 45 minutes less a night than those without ADHD. The children with ADHD also took longer than the other children to fall asleep at night. During the day, however, the children with ADHD fell asleep faster than.

Kids with ADHD slept about 45 minutes less a night than those without ADHD. The children with ADHD also took longer than the other children to fall asleep at night. During the day, however, the children with ADHD fell asleep faster than.

Kids with ADHD slept about 45 minutes less a night than those without ADHD. The children with ADHD also took longer than the other children to fall asleep at night. Sound Sleep Elusive for Many Kids With ADHD.

ADHD and OCD Patients Differ Fundamentally in Brain Abnormalities. Drug treatment of hyperactivity in kids may have levelled off in UK. Are Hispanics less likely to get diagnosed with ADHD in the US?

Sugar and ADHD: A Bad Mix? Individuals diagnosed with ADHD, obesity have reduced ability to delay gratification. By Kathleen Doheny HealthDay Correspondent WEDNESDAY, June 8, 2016 (HealthDay News) — A unused study underpins a claim parents have long made about children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder — kids with ADHD don’t sleep as well as other kids.

Kids with ADHD slept about 45 minutes less a night than those without ADHD. The children with ADHD also took longer than the other children to fall asleep at night. During the day, however, the children with ADHD fell asleep faster than those in the control group, the investigators found. At first, the researchers thought this was a surprising finding, because of the hyperactivity that is. 25 children without ADHD (the “control” group).

Kids with ADHD slept about 45 minutes less a night than those without ADHD. The children with ADHD. Children with ADHD seem to have a higher risk of a variety of sleep disorders such as Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Restless Legs Syndrome and Periodic Limb Movements of Sleep (PMLS).

Obstructive sleep apnoea is when the throat obstructs repeatedly during sleep, disrupting breathing and sleep.

List of related literature:

Sleep problems in these children may be related to a variety of issues including coexisting primary sleep disorders, comorbid psychiatric conditions, or concomitant psychotropic medications; in some children, a more “intrinsic” ADHD-related difficulty with settling may be present.

“A Clinical Guide to Pediatric Sleep: Diagnosis and Management of Sleep Problems” by Jodi A. Mindell, Judith A. Owens
from A Clinical Guide to Pediatric Sleep: Diagnosis and Management of Sleep Problems
by Jodi A. Mindell, Judith A. Owens
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2009

Further compounding the problem, many children diagnosed with ADHD take stimulant medications that can cause insomnia, disrupting sleep duration (Cohen-Zion & Ancoli-Israel, 2004).

“Handbook of Australian School Psychology: Integrating International Research, Practice, and Policy” by Monica Thielking, Mark D. Terjesen
from Handbook of Australian School Psychology: Integrating International Research, Practice, and Policy
by Monica Thielking, Mark D. Terjesen
Springer International Publishing, 2017

Approximately 25% of children suffering with ADHD also experience some form of sleep disorder.

“A Guide to Evidence-based Integrative and Complementary Medicine” by Vicki Kotsirilos, Luis Vitetta, Avni Sali
from A Guide to Evidence-based Integrative and Complementary Medicine
by Vicki Kotsirilos, Luis Vitetta, Avni Sali
Elsevier Health Sciences APAC, 2011

Sleep difficulties among children with ADHD are thought to be related to shared neurobiologic pathways involving areas of the cortex responsible for regulation and arousal, the medication effects of stimulants used, and the presence of comorbid mental health disorders (Tsai et al., 2016).

“Burns' Pediatric Primary Care E-Book” by Dawn Lee Garzon Maaks, Nancy Barber Starr, Margaret A. Brady, Nan M. Gaylord, Martha Driessnack, Karen Duderstadt
from Burns’ Pediatric Primary Care E-Book
by Dawn Lee Garzon Maaks, Nancy Barber Starr, et. al.
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2019

Unravelling sleep problems in treated and untreated children with ADHD.

“Child Psychopathology, Third Edition” by Eric J. Mash, Russell A. Barkley
from Child Psychopathology, Third Edition
by Eric J. Mash, Russell A. Barkley
Guilford Publications, 2014

5 Sleep issues are quite common in children with ADHD.

“Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy: Principles and Practices” by Diana Noland, Jeanne A. Drisko, Leigh Wagner
from Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy: Principles and Practices
by Diana Noland, Jeanne A. Drisko, Leigh Wagner
Springer International Publishing, 2020

Not deficient sleep, but ADHD.

“Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams” by Matthew Walker
from Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams
by Matthew Walker
Scribner, 2017

Interestingly, research finds that children with ADHD fail to get enough high-quality sleep, but it’s unclear whether this is a possible cause or just aside effect and symptom of the disorder (Virring et al., 2016).

“Psychology in Action” by Karen Huffman, Katherine Dowdell, Catherine A. Sanderson
from Psychology in Action
by Karen Huffman, Katherine Dowdell, Catherine A. Sanderson
Wiley, 2017

Sleep problems in children with ADHD are likely to be multifactorial in nature, and potential etiologies range from psychostimulant-mediated sleep-onset delay in some children to bedtime resistance related to a comorbid anxiety in some or oppositional defiant disorder in others.

“Handbook of Infant Mental Health, Fourth Edition” by Charles H. Zeanah
from Handbook of Infant Mental Health, Fourth Edition
by Charles H. Zeanah
Guilford Publications, 2018

The fact that some children with ADHD manifest decreased symptoms in stressful situations (such as in the physician’s or principal’s office) provides additional support for this theory, since stress increases the level of norepinephrine.

“Wong's Nursing Care of Infants and Children Multimedia Enhanced Version” by Marilyn J. Hockenberry, David Wilson, Donna L. Wong, Annette Baker, R.N., Patrick Barrera, Debbie Fraser Askin
from Wong’s Nursing Care of Infants and Children Multimedia Enhanced Version
by Marilyn J. Hockenberry, David Wilson, et. al.
Mosby/Elsevier, 2013

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  • You two should just be looking at each other.
    Looking back and forth is distracting.
    I’m here to watch your conversation.
    You can’t see us so what does it matter that your looking at the camera?
    Just some friendly constructive criticism.

  • If I take my meds in the early afternoon, I sleep better because my brain isn’t going on a 30 minute rant about the universe and why things ate the way they are.

  • I feel like you just revealed my life with this video �� Thank you.
    Sometimes I don’t even realize how late it is until the sun comes up -_-

  • Title: The Overlooked Connection Between ADHD and Sleep
    One of the first lines: The relationship between ADHD and sleep has been a feature of research for years.

    So… that doesn’t sound very overlooked then?

  • I have a son who has ADHD, who sleeps pass 3am cause he is just super hyper and can’t even stay still.. So I have been using this specific video and in less than 5 minutes into the song he passes out.. So every night before bed time, he would ask to play this and turn off the lights.. Oh forgot to mention that he hates the lights off, so this music doesn’t just make him sleep but it also makes him feel safe.. Thank you so much for making this.. I can now sleep early and peacefully.. lol

  • As someone with ADHD, this works most of the time. I also deal with PTSD, which can sometimes keep me up for hours on end. Those two together make it nearly impossible to fall asleep, but this has helped a lot. Thank you ��

  • When I was little I would just…randomly take a nap when I felt tired lol. It would be playtime and I would be like “I’m done” and lie down. This would be at school. Bored? Sleep. Actual Naptime? I’d sleep so hard when people wake me the bright lights are already on, everyone is gone, and I’m being picked up from school. I have been permanently tired since birth. ��

    (Edit: Also wanted to add that trying to wake up in the morning was like fighting out of a coma. This has been from elementary school and onward. I didn’t have a phone then so y’all tell me what was up ��)

  • I’m add innatentive and im pretty much tired all the time. Have “power napped” once or sometimes twice a day since I was about 12. My night time sleep is pretty bad though apparently. I used some sleep monitoring equipment and it turns up I wake up a lot and don’t get into deep sleep enough.

  • Our brains tone down when the light dims. That’s a natural process. But that doesn’t happen when almost every aspect of modern Life is flooded with artificial light. It messes with us in more ways than people are taking into account.

  • I don’t have ADHD but all this online school has made it even more difficult for me to focus on current tasks. I’ve always been sleepy and restless in class but I don’t really have trouble focusing when I need to. I also never really sleep on time but that’s just me procrastinating during the morning and afternoon and pushing my tasks all the way into midnight… ugh what shall I do with myself:(

  • I’ve always have had a hard time falling asleep and I have Adhd. Recently it got worse. As I got to fall asleep right as I start to drift my body will suddenly jerk and wake me up. I googled it (yes, I know. Best idea ever) and I might be doing so because of stress. Which, could very much so be true.
    I saw this video and was like ‘wait. May this also be a reason why it’s hard for me to fall asleep?’. I do appreciate this video. It’s very informative and has sparked an idea to take to my doctor about it. I thought it was normall for all these things to happen or for it to take so long to fall asleep but this might play a factor into it.

  • I have ADHD and I actually consume a lot of ADHD content online and this is the first time I’ve stumbled upon something connecting ADHD to sleep. The connection has always been there for me but it’s great to see someone talk about it. My ADHD symptoms and my sleep patterns have always been highly correlated and by far my worst ADHD symptoms have come at times in my life where I was barely sleeping (most of high school and the beginning of college)— ever since I figured out how to get 7-8 hours of sleep almost every night my sophomore year of college, I don’t even use Any drugs to manage my ADHD anymore. I am so so dependent on my sleep schedule for normal functioning and I do Lunt feel that people in my life understand or respect this. I love seeing this information made more well known!

  • Well, laying in bed, being bored, no dopamine. Would be nice to look forward to waking up after having a good night’s sleep. ADHD doesn’t work that way.

  • I’m watching this video after I woke up tired but not enough to go back to sleep and instead of making breakfast I’m waiting till I have to run to work

  • I have very severe form of ADHD, diagnosed and treated for it (partial success), I always sleeped like a baby between 01:00 amd 09:00. I have problems of feeling sleepy if I have to wake up early, even if i manage to sleep earlier and get my 8 hour sleep it makes no diffirence. It is the only thing that manages to kill my hyperactivity not boost it. So good news is that sleep wise I am doing great under the codition I stick to my sleep schedule, bad news is that ADHD has to a large extend ruined my life every way possible, although I have managed with professional help to pick up the pieces and fight back. Its a very long process but I slowly get there. Basically I get bored of anything in no time and motivation is close to non existant after getting excited for a shortwhile. But I almost never get tired of learning and studying which is a great bonus. I am also great at multitasking because that is well… less boring for my brain apparently. I also can come up with solutions very fast because hyperactivity works wonder on creative imagination. So it is definetly not all bad. PS: On the other hand watching TV while on bed trying to sleep kills my sleep cycle completely. Strangely the same does not happen with smartphones and tablets. Human brain is so crazy:D

  • My internal clock is great. I cannot sleep while the sun is up. I wake up every morning at sunrise regularly. My problem is that it takes me hours to get to sleep. I can get in bed at 9 but I won’t get to sleep until at least midnight. So it doesn’t matter if I only get four hours of sleep I’ll still wake up at sunrise. I’ll be awake unable to nap but feel sleepy. The only thing that helps me is magnesium oil. Seriously look it up if you aren’t familiar with it!

  • #notestoself #2020improvingsleep

    new term: delayed sleep phase syndrom…
    might be natural on ahdh people to get variations on cyrcadian rhythm (?)

    betterish studied approach to rest circadian cycle: morning sunlight
    alarm clocks with sunrise simulating light

    nice lighthearted video to watch btw… the pretty face helps of course

  • Can you do a show about how to ADHD without medication because doctors say we are drug seekers. No access to meds got any ideas? ♡♡

  • I now this video is tooo old but its 2:47am and i was in bed with out phone or anything from 1 am till now and i still cant sleeep so i decided to watch this video i said it may help me but it didn’t

  • I sleep a lot. I love dreaming, so if I wake up at 7a,m and I don’t have to do anything, I try to gp back to sleep. The problem is that I can’t fall asleep. I just lay down wide awake

  • My trouble is I do want to go to sleep and am sleepy, I just have trouble transitioning into ‘going to sleep’. Sleep procrastination, if you will. I can procrastinate through the whole night!

  • Wow, that’s so crazy. I was diagnosed at 25 years old. I’m still learning of all the things I experienced are associated with ADHD. I suspected I had ADHD, but I’m like the laziest person I know plus I suffered from depression, so my psychiatrist thought I was just depressed and never tested me. Well, until I got depressed because I was falling behind on my job.

  • Hi there, new friend here sent by your friend Miriam �� I love your channel content as I hold kids with autism near and dear to my heart. I learned something new everyday from my students in the 4 years of running a classroom servicing these unique, honest, and loving children! I hope we can stay connected ❤

  • I was thrilled to hear you mentioned Delayed Sleep Phase as somebody diagnosed with it. It’s such an uncommon (rare?) sleep disorder and my whole life has to be adjusted for it. Any possibility to spread awareness is awesome! I can’t conform to a 9am-5pm society, those are my hours to sleep!

  • Omg this is so relatable!! I thought I just had bad sleeping habits or Restless Leg Syndrome, I was actually diagnosed with ADD but I’m just now realizing I also have trouble just sitting still, which makes me think I’m also a bit hiperactive.

    Also, what the heck is a brain dump? ��

  • My body: “ok, so your natural wake-up time is roughly 6 or 7 AM”
    Me: “Cool”
    “Also your natural bedtime is about 2 AM”
    “Also you have sleep apnea, so any sleep you do get doesn’t really do anything”
    “Sucks to suck, byeeeee”

  • I happen to have started watching this video at 3:01am, and as a diagnosed individual, I feel appropriately and educationally called out.

  • Flashbacks to 4 year old me staring at the ceiling wondering if I’m going to die earlier since I’m spending more of my awake time at night oof

  • As an adult with ADHD I would recommend parents expose their kids to gymnastics, dance or any other physical activity that uses the entire body, does not require a partner or a team, and that has a major mental/creative component at the top for discipline and expression. Skateboarding, parkour, martial arts… Avoid competitive sports like the plague. Your kid will become more aggressive, not less. They are better off playing video games than joining the football team, and so will be society. Trust me on that one.

  • So true on the “3am…”
    also, I have a strange symptom of adhd, where if i don’t move around enough, my brain literally shuts down into sleep mode. Only works after about 8 hours of no meds, so no help with normal sleep patterns

  • Hi, I have ADHD and autism which has made me have a really bad internal sleep clock. This really helped me very much thank you so much

  • My suspected ADHD ( getting tested in a month ) has ruined my body clock and I do spend way too much time on my laptop. for periods of time such as I’m going through lately my body clock refuses to allow me to get to sleep before sunrise for some reason. I can take a sleeping pill even a strong one and it doesn’t help. I can feel tired and wide awake at the same time. I have to wait until I see the sky being lit up in the morning and then I can go off to sleep.

  • Watching it at 4 am* over here.
    I finally got my diagnosis whilst in my late 20s regarding ADHD, but not one mental health professional was able to answer why I had so many issues with sleep nor my excessive daytime sleepiness that I’ve had my entire life.
    Wasn’t till I went to 2 sleep specialists that I learned it was solely delayed sleep wake phase at work and how I needed to understand I have a 7 9 hr delay, leading to why I start to perk up starting after 5 pm. After my own research I found out about the incredibly high comorbidity rate between delayed sleep wake and ADHD… And also how the majority of people don’t believe it to exist… Just like with ADHD lol.
    Thank you for making this video!

  • Yeah this doesn’t help. I can easily stay awake until the sun comes up and be fine. But after I fall asleep and wake up in daylight, super easy to go back to sleep. Sometimes its easy to fall asleep at 9pm but I wake up easy, can’t stay asleep long. So every time I wake up I attempt to move less to try to go back to sleep. Some times it works, some times it causes me to stay awake, even if its 2am and cause problems during day,

  • I’ve tried to fall asleep before atleast 11pm for the past 16 years. I function best after 7pm. Focus and creativity. ADHD medication keeps me up late even more ������

  • I’m surprised that the dopamine connection between sleep and ADHD wasn’t brought up. We know that at least some part of ADHD is related to low levels of dopamine in the brain. Narcolepsy is also a dopamine related disorder caused by sudden intense drops in dopamine lvls in the brain. My partner and his mother both have ADHD and narcolepsy and my partner’s ADHD is significantly more severe than most. The few times in his adult life when he hasn’t been taking his meds (due to health insurance lapses, which should tell everyone what country we live in. ��) he consistently has more trouble falling and staying asleep. It may sound counter-intuitive but both of us sleep better with a small amount of stimulant medication or caffeine in our system.

  • I bought a weighted blanket a while ago and I slept longer than I had EVER. I’d definitely recommend getting one, and Wal-Mart has them cheap

  • ADHD inattentive type here. I have the opposite. I can’t stay awake during the day if I don’t take my meds. I am a heavy sleeper and can sleep up to 10 hours.

  • I definitely got distracted a few times and had to go back because I stopped listening:) I also should be sleeping rn and I’m watching this to help me understand why I’m not sleeping:)

  • I’m a 16 year old with ADHD and I am on the hyperactive side (when I don’t take ADHD medication.) I think this is because my mind just keeps thinking about stuff non-stop. It’s hard to concentrate but eventually I manage to concentrate on 1 thought (a sentence) repeated in my head or concentrate on my breath enough to fall asleep.

  • I feel more tired in the morning trying to sleep in bed all night than not sleeping at all it’s like it actually takes more effort to sleep than not to sleep

  • exactly 03:40 AM
    I have Delayed sleep phase disorder
    Every Day i sleep about 48 minutes Later For The Entire Year

    Amy the only One Like This?

  • I feel like ADHD is the result of humans suffering war since ancient times.

    For example, restless nights could be an instinct of sorts to anticipate midnight ambushes. Hyperactivity could be a result of fighting a lot, or marching a lot. Attention deficits happen because soldiers are constantly on high alert. Fidgeting and impulsiveness could be survival instincts on full blast during a battle. The list goes on.

  • Melatonin improved my sleep by so much. Before I got the medicine I just couldn’t sleep. I could lay in a dark room all night wide awake. Now I just take my melatonin and I sleep well all night. It has changed my everyday life dramatically. And this video has now explained why:)

  • Adult diagnosed with ADHD here! Stimulant medication also makes it difficult to sleep. Personally I take sleep medication as well as anxiety medication to alleviate other symptoms of my ADHD and GAD

  • I think I might have undiagnosed ADHD but I always manage to go to bed at 11pm. However, I’ll rock back and forth for 30minutes to two hours just trying to get my mind to shut off and get some sleep. It does seem to be working though since I usually get a pretty good nights sleep.

  • I’m sorry, cutest videos ��!!! My brain �� is very exhausted after work, (night shift & commute.) But still watch videos as reward before bed. My bad. I’ll try hiding the phone, thank you��!

  • Falling asleep accidentally means I will wake up early and then I can’t sleep again. So not using electronic devices for 2-3 hours before bed is just going to see me fall asleep by accident from boredom.

    When I had enough concentration to read books when I was younger, I would hyperfocus and wouldn’t stop reading until I finished the book…. Which was usually 5am… Now reading a book is a surefire way to find me knocked out with the book or my phone (kindle) wedged under my body.

  • I was diagnosed with add when I was in kindergarten. I’ve always snored badly and had problems staying awake at school. Later in life I got tested for sleep apnea and after I’ve been treated with my cpap machine it’s changed my life. I wish I was tested for apnea when I was younger because I was thrown in some pretty bad classes because of my add label and my education was severely limited and held back

  • Hi.. thanks for sharing so much information. We are trying to get a weighted blanket to help my kid fall sleep without getting too active. Usually we hold him and that restricts him from moving and the compression makes him calm and he falls asleep. Weighted blanket would help him.
    I have few questions… the link you provided is deleted. How much weight are we supposed to look for? Do we get a blanket depending on how much the kid weighs? And the natural calm you mentioned, does your son still take it? If we take that for a while and after sometime if we stop it, will there be any adverse effects, like having trouble sleeping or any behaviors? Did you see any changes in your son when he stopped taking natural calm?
    I know it’s old video but I hope you see this… it will help us a lot. Thank you!!

  • this was great info, i found daily exercising really helps, if the body is really tired and the mind likes to follow. A tired body tends to add to lower racing thoughts before bed, I tried 2mg melatonin and that was life changing. I read that the exercise has to be strength based. the muscles need to be exhausted. A run, light cardio, stretches etc isn’t enough. thanks for the vid.

  • I just want to thank to who ever make this album. You have change my life! I have 3 boys my oldest has Adhd, I don’t really have a hard time with him to go to sleep, but my 2 other boys are my problem specially the middle one, he is always so energetic, he fights me to go to sleep. And thanks to this album he goes to sleep, it does take almoast 20 min. He really fights but at the end he goes to sleep.

  • Usually I watch youtube videos in 2x speed. I finally found a channel that I don’t need to….and if I do looks like 10x. She talks sooo fast, love it.

  • I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy a few years ago after having a childhood riddled with adhd symptoms and daytime sleepiness… also happen to be watching this at 3 am lol

  • Irwin Naturals ” CBD+Power to Sleep”, unlike sleeping pills, this product allows you to get the DEEP Rem sleep your body and mind needs for good health.

  • I didn’t even know internal clocks where a thing until just now…I thought they were just in books. If this is real mine doesn’t work, can someone please come fix this clock?

  • Its almost like ADHD is a sociological label for spaztic maladjusted normal children. Not their fault, but adding methamphetamine into the mix is sure to… PPPPFFFFFFF… HELP XD

  • I watched the Video Like 3 Times and know i have to watch that again, cause i wasn’t focused and doing something Else instead.

    Edit: okay this time i focused��

  • For you to ponder: Waking when you are “supposed to”, in time to get stuck in rush hour along with everyone else, is a societal construct. Having a different rhythm is not a defect. I have had great results starting my work day around 10-11. I know people in their 50s who never managed to adapt to a so-called “normal” rhythm. They just suffer on, tired. Can we change society? Perhaps not directly, but you can help your workplace by supporting flexible work hours in any way possible. ADHD people are not alone in needing that.

  • I just got diagnosed last week with combined type and I do struggle to fall asleep but I’ll have some nights I sleep well for 7 hours and others I’ll sleep well for 2 hours wake up and fall back asleep after 3 hours…unfortunately when I fall back asleep I only get one hour. ������‍♀️ Total hours: 3. So annoying.

  • That explains a lot, I slept extremely poorly as a child. I knew about the ADHD but I had no idea about the sleep.

    I also have indigestion so that would also mess up my sleep. I have the indigestion under the control, but I wake up at the sound of a pin drop.

  • Nail on head! My rhythm of turning in between 2 am 4 am and waking 10 am to 12 noon. I came across this channel maybe a two weeks ago and I’m enjoying everything that I’ve watched so far. Really need to get tested for ADHD. I’ve been thinking of having it childhood.

  • I have an alarm clock with light for years. But is does not help me a lot. Still problems to get up in time and I usually have to rush. The only reason why I still use it is I don’t have to use my shins to find the edge off my bed.

  • I took 1 melatonin pill, they said it takes 1-2h… I feel over and slept till noon… waking up with a headsplitting migraine… I am now afraid of the pills…

  • When I was a teenager having to get up by 5:30 am, I thought I might be an insomniac or something because, try as I might, I could rarely get to sleep b4 at least 2am… 3 hours of sleep a night is bad for people… Especially if it’s poor sleep, although I really liked remembering lots of vivid dreams… Years later, I’m still up till after 2 am… I just luckily don’t have to be up so early… I never thought my nocturnal nature could be related to my ADHD… Wild the things u can learn on YouTube…

  • Wow, my boyfriend with ADHD does a lot of this, and now I will be much more understanding when I stumble to the bed because I have bad night vision and he is a stickler about keeping the bedroom lights off.:)

  • Having the same bed and wake times seriously helped a lot. Actually developing the discipline to stick to that schedule is another thing entierly.

  • So… Im not employed at the moment and my sleep schedule is: go to bed between 4 to 5 AM and sleep till 12. I tired so hard to force my self to a “normal” sleep schedule like you should normally have, but I fell back to this twice! I don’t know why but I’m feeling good sleeping that way and getting up is much more easier eventhough I don’t sleep more.

  • my daughter is 7 and she is so aggressive stubborn she don’t like to play games she loves to use mobile and watching TV it is so difficult to make her sleep ۔۔I live in a joint family and not able to play with her just because of work and other children ۔۔۔۔ I don’t know what to do

  • Fun fact about being a “borderline narcoleptic night owl with restless leg syndrome”… Narcolepsy and ADHD share a lot in common! They’re even considered to be comorbid! There’s also some evidence that narcolepsy may present as ADHD, or actually be ADHD, in young children but transition into the more fatigued, lethargic narcolepsy we know as the person ages.

    In both cases, the brain lacks essential neurotransmitters. In narcolepsy, the actual neuron that produces the neurotransmitters have died off leaving very few left to produce norepinephrine. Whereas an ADHD brain, underproduces it. Both are treated with stimulant drugs. And both disorders can cause sleep dysregulation and nervous system dysfunction like RLS or Periodic Limb Movement Disorder.

  • I’m seriously going to cry. I thought I couldn’t have adhd because I have no issues going to sleep or staying asleep. I just can’t get up

  • Does anyone else here feel the need to watch all YouTube videos at 1.75 playback speed and when you attempt to watch a video at the normal speed setting that it feels abnormally s l o w?

  • Yeah I still have issues with sleep I have to force myself to sleep so I usually get about 4 hours of sleep a night and that goes on for weeks. So I go to sleep around 11:30ish pm and have to be up by 4:15am. And then every blue moon I crash hard for one day because my body is so tired from work and no I don’t work behind a desk I build tools valves connectors and other stuff for oil and gas companies

  • Omg. Not a piece criticizing ADHD medications? Shocking.
    Also, thank you. I suffered from sleep issues, mainly insomnia, my entire life until I was diagnosed and medicated when I was 29.
    Wonderful to see something that isn’t just comparing vital medication to meth or coke for once.
    As an aside, just because you took Adderall recreationally and felt it was like coke doesn’t mean that the people legitimately prescribed this medication can relate.

  • You obviously don’t understand the would be ADHD. It’s a hyper focus issue, not a deficit of attention. Plus most of those diagnosed with it are boys due to the fact that the classroom setting was never developed based around how men/boys learn. As most workplace settings not involving manual labour are based around the classroom setting. Those with ADHD do not function well in the work place either. So men/boys are forced into a situation which does not, can not work.

    Thus the issues with sleep, etc outside of work.

  • Can you make one about getting someone with ADHD to listen to you? Or maybe you already have? My husband constantly doesn’t listen or will interrupt me I’m also pregnant with our first child so I’m concerned our son will have it any ideas on dealing with children with ADD and helping them?

  • Prozac helped me to normalize sleeping ☝️
    I was afraid that it will make the things worse, but it helped ✊
    (Before I began to sleep less, and less, and less… To 15 hours a week)(now it’s very good)

  • Usually when I try to go to sleep I always put my phone down and then end up picking it up again, over and over. If I do leave my phone alone I start shaking my foot and then it takes a while till I can go to sleep. Especially now because of covid��

  • I have the opposite effect with sleep. I have trouble falling asleep and then if a moth farts at 3AM I will wake up. For the next 4 weeks I will wake at 3AM. My internal clock is on overdrive and specific. I wake early and go to bed late.:(

  • I think that in this case, the problem is the modern, industrialized world and its insistence that everything run on the same schedule. The delayed circadian rhythm associated with ADHD would have been an incredibly useful tool for the tens of thousands of years of human evolution where we needed people who could stay up longer during the night to protect the camp until the early risers awoke for their shift. But, there’s no studies about advanced circadian rhythm in early-risers because they’re seen as the norm, while delayed circadian rhythm is seen as a problem.

    I’ve always found that when I do not have to work and am therefore not beholden to the capitalist ideal of “proper working hours,” I naturally get tired around 2-4 am and awaken 8 hours later. That means that even during the winter in the PNW when daylight is scarce, I’m only asleep for a small portion of the night. When allowed to function on this schedule, my sleep patterns improve as does my mental health in general. It’s only when I’m forced to adhere to the “proper working hours” that I have issues.

    I understand that my singular experience is anecdotal, but to me, it feels as though the world is not built for me and I have to change myself in order to fit within the rigid boundaries that the world has created. Maybe if the world was less rigid and allowed for more variety in schedule, the issues ADHDers face wouldn’t be issues in the first place.

  • I was diagnosed with ADHD almost 25 years ago and never received any official treatment. The odd thing about my circadian rhythm is that when puberty hit, it completely flipped my natural sleep cycle. Now I my brain routinely gets sleepy between 7am & 10am which caused alot of hardship during my adolescence.

  • People commenting about them watching this at x A.M. as if it means something lol. Try not sleeping for days instead of just not sleeping at the right time.

  • That startled me when he mentioned me watching this at 3am. I had to wrap my head around how he knew I was watching it at that time for a second there.

  • My son keeps everyone from sleeping. I’ve tried turning him out and I end up asleep while he’s awake. He doesn’t want to do sports and I don’t have the money to put him in extra sports. I don’t know what to do with him.

  • I have ADHD. A few years ago my mom got the family Fitbits to help with fitness tracking. They also track sleep, not just amounts, but time in different stages as well based on your heartbeat. I know there’s evidence that these aren’t the best instruments to track movement, heart rate, and other measures, but holy crap my sleep data was way different from others in my family. I would wake up anywhere from 20-30 times a night, where my parents would maybe wake up 3-5 times a night. Most of these were micro-awakenings, where I wouldn’t even remember waking up. I always knew my ADHD affected my sleep somehow, but it’s nice to see videos like this that further explain what’s going on in my head.

  • Trouble feeling exhausted after sleep,. Or even a nap. Oh woe depression. More research is needed. Electronics are the cause? 3 or 4 hrs. NO CELL PHONE before bed? A blue light filter?? Really? Why do we NEED the dopamine brain hormone chemical SO MUCH?? To feel alive & able?? Help!

  • I have recently gotten one of the sunrise alarm clocks, and let me tell you I do get up on time, and I stay awake as well. The biggest challenge is now getting to bed before 2am

  • This sum bull ������

    I finally fished work for the day…at 6 in the morning…the next day…which is today…
    Was just thinking how I love coasting on the high of uninterrupted work, but hate literally killing myself with no sleep…then go on youtube to wind down and this is the literally the first thing I see!!! ������

  • Don’t forget about having CRAZY light sleep so if anything happens it would most likely wake you up. Then you can’t sleep afterwards

  • I have trouble sleeping and I take medication which makes me have nightmares, but at least having nightmares is better than living in the post apocalyptic modern world we live in now…

  • We tuned in and we are having sleep problems with our 9 year old son that has Autism he wakes up at 3 or 4 in the morning almost every night thanks for sharing