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When Your Teen Has an Eating Disorder:

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Eating Disorders: Signs and Symptoms Teenology 101

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Anorexia nervosa causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment & pathology

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Why teens develop eating disorders Eating disorders are serious conditions related to persistent eating behaviors that negatively impact health, emotions and the ability to function in important areas of life. The most common eating disorders are anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge-eating disorder. Jessica Dowling, an eating disorder therapist in St. Louis, Missouri, says that eating disorders develop primarily in the teen years, with the peak age. Kids younger than 12 who develop an eating disorder are especially concerning due to their smaller size and can quickly develop serious health issues if they avoid food.

For parents of teens and young adults, being aware of the risk factors and what to look out for can help. Risk Factors. Watching your teen grapple with an eating disorder can be painful and stressful. Still, you need to take care of yourself.

You may want to confide in a close friend or family member about your. Eating disorders include bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa and binge eating disorder, among others. Bulimianervosa: A teen with bulimia nervosa might have frequent episodes of binge eating followed by self-induced vomiting, excessive laxative use or exercise and other behaviors intended to avoid weight gain.

Symptoms of eating disorders typically arise in the teen years. Some kids will display symptoms earlier, with many who struggle with body image issues as early as puberty. What signs might parents notice if their child has an eating disorder? Some. Eating Disorders And Your Teen.

In this day and age health, body image, and healthy eating are always in the media. The challenge is deciphering what information is accurate and what information is the “latest fad”. Coupled with this, are the media images depicting individuals with unrealistic and unhealthy bodies. Learn how to monitor your teen’s eating and exercise, manage mealtimes, end weight-related power struggles, and partner successfully with health care providers.

When families work together to get the most out of treatment and prevent relapse, eating disorders can be beat. This book is your essential roadmap. Eating disorders in children and teens cause serious changes in eating habits that can lead to major, even life threatening health problems. The three main types of. Eating disorders can cause serious health problems related to inadequate nutrition, overeating, bingeing and other factors.

The type of health problems caused by eating disorders depends on the type and severity of the eating disorder. In many cases, problems caused by an eating disorder require ongoing treatment and monitoring.

List of related literature:

Eating disorders frequently appear during the teen years or young adulthood; however, younger children and older adults also develop these disorders.

“Foundations and Adult Health Nursing E-Book” by Kim Cooper, Kelly Gosnell
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Most eating disorders begin in adolescence or young adulthood, with peak incidences occurring between 14 and 18, and a girl’s genetic makeup, biology, family background, and psychology, as well as ethnicity, play a role in her vulnerability.

“The New Harvard Guide to Women's Health” by Karen J. Carlson, Stephanie A. Eisenstat, Stephanie A. Eisenstat, M.D., Terra Diane Ziporyn, Alvin & Nancy Baird Library Fund, Harvard University. Press
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Eating disorders are an important concern for school social workers and mental health personnel because these disorders often begin in adolescence.A number of schoolbased interventions aimed at prevention are described in the literature.

“The School Services Sourcebook: A Guide for School-Based Professionals” by Cynthia Franklin, Mary Beth Harris, Paula Allen-Meares
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Other challenges typical of adolescence may also contribute to the development of an eating disorder (e.g., teasing by peers, discomfort in discussing problems with parents, maternal preoccupation with dietary restriction).

“Dulcan's Textbook of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry” by Mina K. Dulcan
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These include pica, rumination disorder, avoidant/ restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID), anorexia nervosa (AN), bulimia nervosa (BN), binge-eating disorder (BED), other specified feeding or eating disorder, and unspecified feeding or eating disorder [14].

“The Textbook of Clinical Sexual Medicine” by Waguih William IsHak
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Some eating disorders may arise from the spectrum of developmental trauma, beginning with conflictual family dynamics and proceeding through disordered attachment to more overt emotional and physical neglect, and to overt emotional, physical, and sexual abuse.

“Psychodynamic Diagnostic Manual, Second Edition: PDM-2” by Vittorio Lingiardi, Nancy McWilliams
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• Allied health professionals should refer any adolescent with concern for disordered eating or eating disorders to his or her pediatrician or primary health-care provider for a physical.

“Sports Nutrition for Health Professionals” by Natalie Digate Muth, Michelle Murphy Zive
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Eating disorders now occur fairly commonly in nine-year-olds, and there are clinics throughout the country that devote themselves entirely to treating eating disorders in tweens, ages eight to twelve.

“Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters: The Frightening New Normalcy of Hating Your Body” by Courtney E. Martin
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Adolescents with an eating disorder often avoid effective treatment because of shame and embarrassment concerning the symptoms (e.g., BN), refusal to gain weight (e.g., AN), denial of symptoms, or stigmatization associated with mental disorders.

“Primary Care of the Child With a Chronic Condition E-Book” by Patricia Jackson Allen, Judith A. Vessey, Naomi Schapiro
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Eating behaviors During puberty, adolescents (especially girls) are at increased risk for developing eating problems, which range from body dissatisfaction, through nonpathological dieting, to serious eating disorders.

“Gender Differences at Puberty” by Chris Hayward
from Gender Differences at Puberty
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  • I think I have anorxia
    I am overweight
    I mean my weight is 75 kg
    When I eat more I puke it
    I feel dizzyness
    I always feeling sleepy

  • The majority of this video talks about signs and symptoms and about 10 seconds on treatment! I need help identifying treatment. Where to get it, how, to guide a young adult towards it and how to implement it. We know an anorexic needs to eat, but how????

  • BMI calculators are bullshit, because they dont count the muscle mass, also reducing food intake is often called “caloric deficit” which without it is impossible to lose weight

  • I think i have anorexia because i don’t have my period for 2 months, i also take just 700 calories per day and have a 45min workout. i do it excessive workout and super restrictive diet. What should i do to stop this on my own? pls help me

  • I have been on and off again with anorexia physically, but it’s always been with me mentally. I am 24, and it all started my first day of Kindergarten (had a classmate who was morbidly obese, and I swore I wasn’t going to be like her). I’m pretty sure the “brain damage” and behavioral issues I have gained from these are irreparable.:(

  • I got diagnosed with atypical anorexia. I feel so invalid like because I’m not underweight even though I constantly restrict my intake. I struggle with this every single day but no one takes me serious because of my weight. This makes me feel like I have to lose more weight before I can get help

  • How I got it was my friend suggested a fast we could do for fun and I did it for a week and suddenly got obsessed with it now I practically starve my self like if my mum asks me if I have had anything to eat I Will say yes when I haven’t the longest I have gone is 2 weeks do u think I have it ( I also am dropping weight but I think I’m fat)

  • My BMI is 15.26, but I’m healthy xD My weight is 40kg and my height is 1.62m (2.62m when multiplied by itself). I’m not anorexic, I’m just a picky eater xD.

  • so i’m like really skinny and underweight and i have a lot of the symptoms but i still dont really know if i have it. so can someone help me out. Its the same thing with anxiety like i have everything that someone with anxiety has but Im not technically diagnosed with it.

  • Anorexia is when people do not eat food for many many years even if they still have an obsessed weight and are overweight and cannot loose weight. the anorexic only drink water and cannot loose weight because of anorexic disease and lack of food! for example a lady is 50stones and she does not eat for three years and she did not loose any weight and is just living alone without family or wedding! The lady needs better exercise routines and better fruits less protein!

  • 6 years ago I started to develop bulimia, I gained a lot of weight from that but I couldn’t stop it and nobody would actually care enough to discuss it, last year someone told me I could lose 20kg so I’ll be more pretty and it got so stuck in my head my bulimia switched to anorexia. I started to buy my own food, not eat with my family, at first eat only 600cal a day and now I’m down to 300, even better if I’m under…I lost those 20kg in not even a year and even while I was in high stress I gained only 5kg and now lost them all in two weeks…I’m feeling bad 24/7, fainting, feeling like I’m gonna puke even tho nothing is in my body, I look all day long at my body to make sure I’m not so disgusting but everytime I look I feel worse and feel like I shouldn’t eat anymore. I used to be overweighted and now I’m in a normal weight, which is why people usually compliment me for losing so fast cause they think I’m healthy now. The truth is that my weight doesn’t say anything about it I’m healthy or not, I don’t eat and if I lost 5kg in two weeks in another month I’ll be underweight, and nobody will care again cause for them anorexia is only for skeletons that are dying and not people who just suddenly lose a lot of weight

  • I disagree with this on so many levels. Anorexia is “about” your body, but it’s also ABOUT your relationship with food. Your weight doesn’t define whether or not you have anorexia. Sometimes it’s about control, too.

    Not all anorexics are skinny
    Not all anorexics work out
    Not all anorexics hate their bodies
    All anorexics are valid.

    I’m well aware y’all are gonna roast me, or this comment is just gonna go unseen, but I had to throw my opinion out there. Take it as you will.

  • Remember that not eating for a long time and then you eat a little after few days can cause gas/ air in your stomach which will make your stomach big

    Not sure if it’s true but I heard it somewhere

  • Please never use the term “women” to describe those who menstruate, or females in general. Not all women menstruate (or have the organs to menstruate), and some men menstruate (and have the organs to do so). Using women to describe females is cisnormative and transphobic.

  • The thing a lot of ignorant people get stuck on is that just because you’re diagnosed with Anorexia, doesn’t mean you gotta be thin and bones to be diagnosed with it. You can still have plenty of fat on you but still be Anorexic because of the symptoms.

  • is there anybody else going through what i am going through because i feel i am the only one. i began to starve myself and i developed an underactive thyroid that somehow made me gain weight. i barely even eat anything, just fruit and vegetables if they’re on my plate. i hate everything i literally am cursed this happens to nobody else but me. i weigh more than what i used to when i dont even eat shit anymore. i am so unlucky and i don’t even understand how this is scientifically possible. i don’t even get hungry but i have 100-400 calories every day. what is wrong with my body?

  • I don’t know if I have anorexia because I don’t like my weight and I try to stay under 2000 calories but I try to not eat a lot just mainly drink water everyone says I’m “thin/skinny” but I think I’m so fat but I don’t cut my food into tiny pieces I just don’t know I’m 12 about to be 13 and I weight 106.5 I’m also 5’4 to me I want to lose more weight if anyone can will you give me your thought just don’t be mean��❤️��

  • I’m thinking of switching from bulimia to anorexia. This vid said anorexic ppl lose more weight so its confirmed I’m switching over.

  • A channel with over 1 million subs should not be telling people for 8 minutes that you HAVE to be skinny to have anorexia. It’s disgusting:/

  • Me because kids in my school always made fun of me and my mom just made it worst same thing with my sister and my grandma and mainly my mom’s side

  • when you also restrict food and at the same time purge the food you ate because you think you ate too much and starting to feel guilty of what you had done


  • I starved myself for about 3 months. I haven’t told anyone over the age of 19 and my parents haven’t caught onto me looking in the mirror sideways and seeing what made me look less fat. And i still have this mindset and it’s scary that its all because one of my parents weighed me on a scale. Thats how i ended up refusing to eat. A scale. But the thing that got me off of starving myself was passing out. At the time of making this comment in june i passed out for not eating anything but a hot pocket and a cheese stick all day. Earlier that day i looking in the mirror crying because i wanted to be in control so badly. When my mom called me to the kitchen i helped her cook dinner. My headphones around my neck and i fell over falling onto the dishwasher and slamming my head on the cabinet. My mom screamed snd my dad rushed in looking at me just there lying on the floor my eyes closed. My dad picked me up and rushed me to the emergency room. I felt my heart slow down A LOT like I felt nothing even beating for a few seconds. I never told my parents about my heart but at the time i deeply irl wanted to die and thought “if this is how i die is it painful?” Because i was ACTUALLY LOOKING UP THE LEAST PAINFUL WAYS TO DIE. My mom was crying while nurses yelled at a woman begging for drugs and my dad just looked at his feet. When we were in the car before I didn’t even do anything but stare at my stomach thinking “is this because I didn’t eat? Is this because I didn’t do anything but lay in bed? Am i lazy? Am i useless?” Then apparently this happens with all children around my age which i do not exactly believe because that entire day i just ate one half meal and starved myself the rest. It wasn’t healthy and i was only 11. I still am 11 to this day but sense you said eating disorders are in teens most likely im scared seeing when I didn’t eat for 3 months, I WAS NINE. I can’t tell my therapist this information because im scared she’ll say nothing happened and just laugh like nothing happened. Im scared to tell anyone but random strangers who don’t impact my life this because they can’t affect me. I still want to loose weight in easy ways because as a middle schooler it’s extremely toxic there because its during a pandemic, i see my step brother they’re and i hate him a lot.

  • I disagree and I’m 16. At school they give us unhealthy food and there’s sugar in everything now. I think if it was an eating disorder they would eat very small portions of something or drink a liquid to make them Fuller.

  • there is something incorrect about this video that i would like to talk about.
    while TYPICALLY anorexia is found in normal to underweight people, it’s doesn’t mean there aren’t overweight or obese people with it.
    i’m overweight myself (i’m slowly losing weight though) and i have anorexia (the 1st type, i don’t eat a lot and purge. instead i limit my food intake) also i saw a few people that are overweight as well and are diagnosed with anorexia just like me.

  • Am I the only person that hates when I feel a little bit better (I mean when I don’t cry for one day or when I’m in better mood..) and than I think I’m healthy and dont have eating disorder anymore…I know that there is a problem when I don’t feel sick enought but this is not the same?
    Does someone has this problem except me????

  • wow i’m super late to this but a reminder that you do not need to be underweight to be anorexic!! i’m in the perfect weight range for my age and height and i still have anorexia, as well as i still had anorexia when i was 20 pounds heavier. it’s such a horrible mindset that you need to be a certain weight to be considered anorexic because it feels like it almost reinforces the focus on weightlike saying “oh you’re not skinny enough to be anorexic” often causes people to delve further into the eating disorder because they don’t think it’s a real problem. if you’re reading this and you fit every criteria for anorexia but aren’t underweight (like me), you are still anorexic, and i cannot express enough that you aren’t alone and that you need to seek help and support. even if it’s hard to believe, please know that you’re worth so much more than this disorder and that you matter. i love you, please stay safe <3

  • i stopped eating because it feels so wrong to me I only eat little portions and when I have to much calories I purge I try to throw it up and usually do or throw up a bunch of water, it doesn’t make me feel good until it’s over with and i excessively exercise but even then I don’t feel skinny I am scared I will never feel skinny and just keep doing this

  • my parents keep complaining about me not eating enough, but I do eat a lot of junk food at this point I dont have hunger and everytime I eat I feel gross, I enjoy the food but knowing my dad is watching me eat sucks and makes me feel insecure..

  • Anorexia is a symbolism for restricting…anorexia is symbolism for inner hate…anorexia is symbolism for skull and bones. Anorexia is symbolism for sunken like a ship?..anorecia is cult related…Depopulate

  • I had anorexia and I was in the moderate zone. I literally was given a deadline to recover now I’m in a healthy weight but mentally i’m dying.
    I traded an ED for another ED shame

    If I had gotten the help I needed i’d probably have a healthy relationship with food plus I still fast, I purge now I drink lots of water so it doesn’t burn my throat and exercise a lot.

  • Anorexia is genetic or hormone function problem is one famous popular myth. If it is genetic or hormone function problem then can anybody give me the answer why out 70 milion people across the globe suffered from Eating disorder, 30 million means 43% are from USA alone. If Anorexia was genetic or hormone function problem then most number of anorexic person should be in either China or India because population of both these country are 4 to 5 higher times than USA but in these country you will not find any single anorexic treatment centre. Why it is so? If Anorexia is genetic or hormone function problem then why USA people’s are suffering from it most? How genes and hormone of USA people are different from rest of the world. Please think on it and if you want answer of these questions please read book which is available on Amazon Kindle Anorexia: Myths Vs Reality Hidden and Unbelievable Truth about Anorexia.

  • I eat and don’t work out but I keep getting more and more thin. 6 months ago I couldn’t see my ribs and now I can very clearly ( my diet has not changed) is that ok?

  • i eat less tahn 300 calories on a day,obsessed with my weight and ususally do hard exersizes and i am fasting about 23. 30:30..
    so,i think i need help

  • im super skinny,i want to gaij weight but i can’t eat a a lot,my friends tell me i only not gain weight because i have a faster metabolism but actually no,i po*p irregularly
    I really dont know,i cant gain weight.I I only lose weight.

  • I’m 11 and I’m 5’5 I’m 108 and I starve myself I’m also scared of eating like I skip half of my meals and I sneak and throw away food when I’m supposed to eat it so idk I lost like 20 pounds in two months btw ik I’m tall lmao

  • I hate food but I don’t hate my body. Of course I want to be skinnier but I don’t actively hate my body for it. My BMI is 15 and I have every single symptom. I am scared of gaining weight. I barely eat. I get maybe 500 calories a day. I have incredibly low blood pressure and a lot of physical symptoms. Is this anorexia or something else?

  • I’m 5.9feet walk loads or try work put even though I don’t have energy, I only eat once a day and bing eat 2rines a week and vomit till I have nothing of not doing that I hurt myself, do t eat on front of anyone for 14years I cook all the time and a feeder and love feeding people but after -16 years like this u get fat u bloat and ya face bloat, and ya belly all the places u don’t want gutted wish I could get out of this shit

  • I am 19 almost 20 and I disagree. I went pescatarian at 15, then lacto ovo vegetarian at 16, then vegan at 17 for almost 3 years then back to lacto vegetarian (I eat strictly organic dairy but no eggs, only did this bc coronavirus impacted my income) I never did this as a way to lose weight.

    I did this because I have PCOS and endometriosis. I found that red meat and/or factory farmed meat causes my endometriosis and PCOS to get more inflammatory and I would get extremely bad flare ups if I ate either. So instead of constantly having to worry about whether or not a type of meat or fish being served will cause a flare up, I just cut every meat out at once and switched to plant protein sources. I also have to take birth control every day until I hit menopause because of my conditions.

    Another thing, not only would I get awful flare ups from eating certain types of meat, but it would also cause atrocious body odour problems because of the hormones in the meat. This specifically has affected how I feel about myself significantly and I’m super self conscious and too embarrassed to date anyone because of it.

    My mom’s side of the family likes to pressure me into eating meat and make fun of me for not eating meat but my dad’s side is a lot more respectful of it. I refuse to tell my mom anything anymore because I worry she will just tell the whole family and make fun of me or talk bad about me over whatever it is. But the twisted part is the fact that PCOS and uterine fibroids run in my mom’s side of the family so I don’t understand why my mom makes fun of me for it if she has the same thing.

    Not every single teenager or young adult who changes their diet has an eating disorder. Maybe it’s because of ethics in the meat industry (which are extremely sketchy in America) or maybe a health issue or they just want to better themselves and not eat so much junk food. Ffs at my high school, we were served ice cream every single day for lunch on top of the other super processed junk called “food” (fruit was only served at breakfast and the veggies were less than edible) and people wondered why they always felt ill or couldn’t lose weight if they kept eating what the school served. Teachers would shame us for eating what we were served too so maybe we need to start at the education system in America and put an end to this “serve you processed junk food then shame you for it” mentality. Maybe we can offer alternatives to serve and add more fruit and veggies to the lunch menus served at schools. Maybe we can stop getting students addicted to red bull and monster energy drinks at 12 years old by not putting them in vending machines anymore and serve seltzer waters with small amounts of NATURAL caffeine. And healthy snacks instead of junk snacks. (Mind you, I have an ungodly awful addiction to energy drinks and I hate that I have it and don’t know why I drink them in the first place. I know it started when my middle school served them with lunch and had them abundantly in vending machines as well as stupid amounts of sodas.) If kids aren’t allowed energy drinks at home but somehow got addicted to the stuff, it likely is because the school is offering and serving it. Same thing with junk food; American schools are not serving healthy foods by any means with Trump as the dictator. And when they were under both terms of Obama’s presidency, the portions were far too small and kids weren’t getting enough to eat. Michelle Obama has the right idea, but the portions were way too small.

    If we start at education levels, then move into home scenarios, maybe just MAYBE we can chuck diet culture out the window and most people can adopt intuitive eating instead of shaming each other for eating something that was the only or one of very limited things served. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

  • I used to think that I wasn’t anorexic, just ate slightly less than average and restricted and counted my calories. Then I realized that 900 per day wasn’t healthy and that I actually developed an intense anxious fear of gaining weight.

  • I only ate salads as a teen. I always loved vegetables as a kid, but in my teen years something switched in my brain and I became obsessed with my weight. My mom took me to several doctors because she thought I was too skinny so I made sure to never be underweight so doctors wouldn’t intervene. Still, I ate only what I thought was healthy and only small amounts. The worst of it came in my early 20s though, so no one mentioned it.

  • Bruh I could never stop eating. I’m just trying to eat the healthy things I already like and maybe try more. Never have I liked sweets since seven so I’ve decided to try and cut them out even tho I may only eat chocolate every blue moon. My problem is sugar. But im going to just drink water and juices instead of sweet tea(literally the only other thing I drink) and cut out hot cheetos(the only chip I like)