Scientists Pick U.S. Metropolitan areas Where Zika Might Hit This Summer time


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THURSDAY, March 17, 2016 (HealthDay News) Some major U.S. cities, including New York City and Los Angeles, could face outbreaks of the Zika virus this summer, scientists say. Computer simulations for 50 cities suggest that warmer-than-normal temperatures this summer could result in significant numbers of Zika-carrying mosquitoes along the East Coast as far north as New York City, and as far west as Phoenix and Los Angeles, the scientists reported. THURSDAY, March 17, 2016 (HealthDay News) Some major U.S. cities, including New York City and Los Angeles, could face outbreaks of the Zika virus this summer, scientists say. U pcoming summer temperatures could make several U.S. cities favorable to the Zika-spreading Aedes aegypti mosquito, putting Americans at a higher risk for the disease, according to a.

Upcoming summer temperatures could make several U.S. cities favorable to the Zika-spreading Aedes aegypti mosquito, putting Americans at a higher risk for the disease, according to a. U.S. Cities at Risk from Zika Virus This Summer. “This research can help us anticipate the timing and location of possible Zika virus outbreaks in certain U.S. cities,” said NCAR scientist. A new study shows where in the U.S. it’s most likely to spread, too, and some of the vulnerable cities may be surprising.

New York, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. have a. Scientists Pick U.S. Cities Where Zika Might Hit This Summer HealthDay; Gene Analysis Pinpoints Zika’s Arrival in the Americas HealthDay; Clues to Zika Virus’ Structure May Point to Weaknesses HealthDay; Officials Report First Zika Death in Puerto Rico HealthDay; Scientists Assess Risk to Pregnant Women Infected with Zika HealthDay. The decline in reported Zika cases is due in part to seasonal drops in populations of mosquitoes, Zika’s main vector. (Researchers have also learned that it can hide in semen for months and be transmitted during sex.) Cases could pick up again soon, as the South American summer gets underway.

Monaghan says that the places where Zika will most likely start spreading in the United States are those where dengue and chikungunya have done so as well. Those areas, colored dark brown on the.

List of related literature:

By 2016, Zika had spread to many more nations in Central and South America, and some cases appeared in Florida and Texas (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2019c; Sifferlin 2016).

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Travel associated cases account for the majority of cases in the continental United States, but isolated outbreaks of locally acquired Zika have been reported, and Puerto Rico experienced rapid, extensive spread of the virus.

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New York has recorded the largest number of travel-associated Zika virus disease cases† in the continental United States; the majority of these have occurred in New York City.

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Travel-associated Zika virus disease cases among U.S. Residents United States, January 2015-February 2016.

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Imported cases as a result of travelers returning from Zika-endemic areas are expected to lead to local spread of the virus in many currently unaffected countries including the United States.

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Health experts expect mosquitos to migrate to new areas as temperatures rise, further spreading not only the Zika virus, but also viruses such as Dengue, West Nile, and Chikungunya.”

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Each year, nearly 10 million international travelers depart from Brazilian airports favorable to year-round transmission of the Zika virus, and over one-quarter of these travelers are headed to the United States.

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The pandemic of Zika virus infection throughout South America, Central America and the Caribbean and threatening the US is the most recent of four unexpected arrivals of important arthropod-borne viral diseases in the Western Hemisphere over the past 20 years.

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In 2015-16 Zika virus caused large epidemics of Zika fever in Brazil and other South American and Caribbean countries with millions of infections (Figure 12).

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This Zika virus outbreak spread to at least 33 countries and territories in the Americas, with one of the largest outbreaks occurring in Colombia, which had over 50,000 suspected cases.

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  • USA has the vector already all we need are infected hosts. Without a physical control on our borders the our hosts (us) will be infected.

  • Oissssh I’m way too close to Plummy…but great to have a specific research center like this for livestock health and safety prevention is always better than cure.
    Not just for the U.S but benefitting the world too��

  • That funny and unerving moment that I was watching this documentary and The 2nd Law by Muse started playing on my Mac because my cat ran accross the keyboard on the part about mosquitoes being called “bio-terror” at 5:39. OMG

  • The CDC and Health Canada need to enact Level 3 travel alerts now. By not doing so, they are endangering the lives of the most vulnerable people in society. My petition to help (you don’t have to donate):

  • If you have a broken baby, you should be able to return it for a new one. That’s why I’m voting for Hillary, she’s pro planned parenthood. Just remember, it’s your right as a woman to return your baby for a new one that isn’t broken.

  • As you’ve probably already heard, the World Health Organization (WHO) recently made an announcement declaring the Zika virus to be a global health emergency. They did so without providing much detail about the disease, however, so here is some more information and answers to questions many people are asking, such as: Where did it come from? And do the millions of genetically modified mosquitoes that have been released in these areas have anything to do with it?

    First of all, this sexually-transmitted virus has been around for approximately 70 years, and is actually marketed by two companies, but before we get to that, let’s find out who owns the patent on the virus. It’s the Rockefeller Foundation.

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  • An excellent documentary for sure, but it fails to acknowledge that the number of children afflicted with microcephaly in South and Central America has remained the same since the discovery of Zika in the area. There has only been one official medical report published to date (The New England Journal of Medicine, April 13, 2016) that positively identify microcephaly as a symptom of Zika, but that study acknowledges the fact that there are countless other causes for microcephaly other than Zika. The massive use of pesticides in the areas affected in South and Central America are the most prominent alternative theories that come to mind.

  • When you think about it, I’m truly surprised we haven’t been hit with some sort of mosquito born plague/virus sooner. All the shitholes in the world, combined with mosquitoes and airports and I don’t know how we’re even still around. Hasn’t Malaria killed like 50% of all people that have died, EVER?? Kudos to the people that do this kind of work for humanity.

    Sidenote: I grew up in Houston, and mosquitos there are legendary in size. Texas mosquitos are nothing like your mosquitos and I don’t care where you’re from.

  • This is so interesting. I wished i did something to do with genetics or anything related to biochemistry. I’m doing Engineering right now haha

  • Is this part of Symptomatic or a standalone documentary? Because if it is I would rather wait and watch the whole thing than spoil it.

  • There are over 1000 different species of mosquito, but only 3 spread disease to humans, removing them will do no harm to the eco system and will save millions of lives in the future

  • Thank you for this helpful video. There are so many alarmist conspiracy videos online, I was afraid I wouldn’t find anything more scientific. I used your video as a reference in my online article.

  • The spreading of the virus, shown in the MAP, went all the way and covered the whole of mexico STOPPED at the borders of the USA. Hmm…

  • new rule in the world should be: take the theatre all major news/documentary channels play and then look up and figure out every way they lie to you, and maybe one day will all come together. Mosquitoes dangerous but kids being born with shrunken heads sounds more like radiation

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  • They said that what they’re doing has killed 90% of their tested populations. If we were to kill 90% of the global population what affect would that have on say birds and fish who feed on mosquitoes and mosquito larvae?

  • Too bad a bunch of scientifically illiterate fuckwits are going to reject the GMO mosquitos. Hopefully they don’t gain substantial traction.

  • Thanks for sharing.  In warm regions, Asian tiger mosquitoes are active year-round. However, they are known to overwinter in temperate climates. The females lay their eggs inside items that can hold stagnant water, such as tires, flowerpots, birdbaths and clogged drains.

  • Don’t take the vaccine that they will start pushing through fear-mongering so that they can make billions of dollars. And remember the swine flue vaccine that only made people sick.

  • Im sorry. So you want to inject the male with a gene that kills their new born. Thats stupid. If there was no male to begin with there is no new born. Does it kill the female in the process??? Thats the best they can come up with???

  • Obvious question, what about the mosquitos that are immune to this “kill gene?” Aren’t we just eventually creating a race of super mosquitoes? The same thing happened with anti-bacterial and anti-viral meds, no? Am I wrong?

  • This is an issue I personally think we should let run its course. Natural selection and our ability to adapt will render the virus inert within one generation. Mankind could also survive slowing down it’s booming population increase, too.

  • Is zika in Texas mosquitos yet like are they infected or is it only from people who’ve traveled or had sexual intercose with someone infected

  • Nobody finds it strange that Zitka virus exploded in the same regions Bill gates GMO mosquitoes were released and that the Rockefeller Foundation (who worked with the Gates foundation on the mosquito program) owns the patent for Zitka virus?

    2+2 always = 4.

  • Why is it always the pests and disease vectors that tend to thrive from what we are doing to our planet:( mother natures comeuppance against us

  • they want to stop the virus spreding to the U.S but the true its that zika virus i man made and even the mosqito its man made. and the zika virus is patent the rockafella family owns the virus. look it up your self this is one of the many plans the elite have to reduce the the zika virus is to spreed fear and no women want to have children beacause of the fear that their babys will born with small head and so on

  • I don’t wanna sound mean or evil but some poor people need to stop pumping babies like there’s no tomorrow. Maybe if you focus on building up a child or two you won’t be in the same state. Don’t get me wrong though, this shit is dangerous. Mosquitoes suck, literally.

  • Seriously, why are those babies still alive? That isn’t a life worth living, mine isn’t and I’m relatively normal. Have some fucking mercy. People are such selfish pussies. So afraid of death, they won’t give that gift to those that need it. I get that mothers love their babies…but that is why they should be making sure they are put out of their misery. It’s not like there is a shortage of humans, especially in places like where this is happening.

  • Sad thing is after this no politician is going to give a fuck they’re going to say pray to and wait for hope while we use your tax money for corporations

  • A mosquito bit me when I was little and almost die if my parents didn’t rush me into the hospital. I had to get a blood transfusion to save my life. I’m still blessed to this day to still be alive.

  • It’s amazing how many levels Zika hits in everyone. Hopefully it can be controlled. like any other viruses. Keep up with more news updates with it.

  • I already got Zika. I got mild flu symptoms along with the rash and joint pain. It lasted for only a few days. Frankly, its not as bad as its made out to be. Unless you are pregnant.