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WEDNESDAY, Sept. 9, 2015 (HealthDay News) Millions of Americans may wonder what caused them to develop the chronic skin disease rosacea. New research suggests the reason is half environmental.

WEDNESDAY, Sept. 9, 2015 (HealthDay News) Millions of Americans may wonder what caused them to develop the chronic skin disease rosacea. New research suggests the reason is half environmental and half genetic.

On the environmental side, sun exposure is the key contributor. WEDNESDAY, Sept. 9, 2015 (HealthDay News) Millions of Americans may wonder what caused them to develop the chronic skin disease rosacea. New research suggests the reason is half environmental and half genetic.

On the environmental side, sun exposure is the key contributor. Rosacea caused half by nature, half by lifestyle: study by Alan Mozes, Healthday Reporter If you have a family history of the skin condition, limit sun exposure, doctors say. (HealthDay)—Millions. what caused them to develop the chronic skin disease rosacea.

New research suggests the reason is half environmental and half genetic. On the environmental side, sun exposure is. Rosacea caused half by nature, half by lifestyle Health Day: Daniel Popkin, assistant professor of dermatology, discussed his study, which found that rosacea is caused by both genetics and lifestyle choices. “We now have strong evidence for the first time that there is clearly a genetic contribution,” he said. Ease your rosacea symptoms by increasing your water consumption. For a small inactive person, 8 to 10 glasses of water a day may be adequate, if you are over-weight, lead an active lifestyle, are outdoors a lot, or working in as stressful environment, you needs will be greater.

Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory skin condition that causes intermittent redness on the checks, chin, nose, or forehead. There are 4 subtypes. Subtype 1 is most common, but an individual may have more than one subtype at the same time or it may evolve from one subtype to another over time. The cause of rosacea isn’t known.

It’s thought to be a response to ongoing inflammation in the body. Immune system changes and gut bacteria imbalance. Investigators concluded roughly half of the contribution to the rosacea score, as determined by the National Rosacea Society, is owing to genetics.3 Some investigators have speculated that a dysregulated immune response likely makes individuals more at risk of reacting to environmental stimuli like ultraviolet exposure and hot beverages.

List of related literature:

In fact, rosacea is probably 3–5 times more common in women, though solid epidemiologic data are lacking.

“Pathogenesis and Treatment of Acne and Rosacea” by Christos C. Zouboulis, Andreas D. Katsambas, Albert M. Kligman
from Pathogenesis and Treatment of Acne and Rosacea
by Christos C. Zouboulis, Andreas D. Katsambas, Albert M. Kligman
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Although not a lifethreatening disease, rosacea produces conspicuous facial redness and, in some patients, papules, pustules and rhinophyma that can have a deep impact on a patient’s quality of life.

“Therapy of Skin Diseases: A Worldwide Perspective on Therapeutic Approaches and Their Molecular Basis” by Thomas Krieg, David R. Bickers, Yoshiki Miyachi
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The precise causal pathways of rosacea remain unknown and there is much debate in the literature but no consensus.

“Plastic Surgery E-Book: Volume 2: Aesthetic Surgery” by J. Peter Rubin, Peter C. Neligan
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Although women are said to be more frequently affected by rosacea than men, the evidence for this is unclear.

“Dermatology E-Book” by Jean L. Bolognia, Joseph L. Jorizzo, Julie V. Schaffer
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Doctors do not know exactly what causes rosacea, but most suspect that some people inherit a tendency to develop the disorder.

“The Encyclopedia of Skin and Skin Disorders” by Carol Turkington, Jeffrey S. Dover
from The Encyclopedia of Skin and Skin Disorders
by Carol Turkington, Jeffrey S. Dover
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Even more confounding, when rosacea first develops, it may appear, disappear, and then reappear a short time later.

“The Complete Beauty Bible: The Ultimate Guide to Smart Beauty” by Paula Begoun
from The Complete Beauty Bible: The Ultimate Guide to Smart Beauty
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Pietschke K, Schaller M: Long-term management of distinct facial flushing and persistent erythema of rosacea by treatment with carvedilol.

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The etiology of rosacea, a chronic and often cyclic condition, is unknown.

“Essentials of Human Diseases and Conditions” by Margaret Schell Frazier, RN, CMA, BS, Jeanette Drzymkowski, RN, BS
from Essentials of Human Diseases and Conditions
by Margaret Schell Frazier, RN, CMA, BS, Jeanette Drzymkowski, RN, BS
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Research suggests a genetic component to rosacea because it tends to run in families, especially those of Celtic and Northern European decent (like me!).

“Clean Skin from Within: The Spa Doctor's Two-Week Program to Glowing, Naturally Youthful Skin” by Trevor Cates
from Clean Skin from Within: The Spa Doctor’s Two-Week Program to Glowing, Naturally Youthful Skin
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Rosacea prevalence and pathogenesis.

“European Handbook of Dermatological Treatments” by Andreas D. Katsambas, Torello M. Lotti, Clio Dessinioti, Angelo Massimiliano D'Erme
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  • How do you get the toleriane dermo cleanser to remove makeup or sunscreen? I have to do 2 cleanses and use quite a few damp cotton pads to try to wipe off my tinted sunscreen. That rubbing just flares my sensitive rosacea skin. I was thinking about trying the clinique take the day off balm first but you she mentioned NO cleansing balms. Any advice?!

  • i just love Kiko! She’s very pretty and she’s Kwon Ji-young/GD’s one great love:) She’s friend’s with Bella Hadid and she was in The Weekend’s I Feel It Coming MV

  • Yes I was diagnosed with Roasea June of 2018 then ocular Roasea from ga my eye doctor don’t even believe in ocular Roasea,,he gave me steroid for eyes is it normal to have. Puffy eyes under my eyes

  • Hi, Julie! So do you think it can kill demodex mites? I would prefer trying this than using Soolantra or tea tree oil (think it is little bit hard for my skin). Thank you! ��

  • Hi Julie and others, it’s good to see you and watch this video too. I’m so happy with using the yogurt mask which is very easy to wash off and calms my skin very quickly. Also, it gives my skin a younger look and I’m guessing that could be from the lactic acid in it that acts as a mild exfoliant. It’s good to hear about the honey mask as a potential alternative that works!

  • I have this right now I self diagnosed b4 the doctor told me that was it. Yk the times rn and news sources saying if young adults have this it could be early symptoms of corona and it comes with a fever.

  • I’m getting mine removed tomorrow, I’m super nervous. I got it put in January 2019 and it was excruciating going in and for the week following. But now, I can’t lose weight, I have horrible mood swings and cramps that make me nauseous. I’m excited but nervous, hoping for good changes after removal!

  • I’m sorry you had a bad time. I’m trying to figure what to to, get one of not, so thank you as I want it to be one of those people who like it but appreciate a not happy along with the happy women. ❤

  • I removed my Mirena myself a few hours ago. I had it for 5 years. It was hell. Migraines, constant bloating, depression, moodiness, I had a panic attack at work so bad I was placed on stress leave at my job and had to see a therapist for 2 months, weight gain even though I’m the member of a boot camp style gym and workout 5 times a week, cramping all of the time, weird sound in my ear like my heartbeat, palpitations, joint aches and inflammation, tender breasts, vision issues randomly, tired for no reason and heavier period with huge clots, a feeling like Braxton Hicks contractions which started in the last few months. My doctor couldn’t get me in to see her until November. No mam. I sterilized some tweezers by boiling in water and with 90% isopropyl alcohol, washed my hands for 4 minutes and also splashed some alcohol on them and got that demon out of my body! As soon as I pulled it out I felt a strange sense of relief and normalcy. Like my body said “IT’S ABOUT TIME LADY!”��

  • I am 25 and recently noticed my cheeks are getting burning hot and flushed almost daily now. One thing that has helped is not wearing synthetic fabrics. My polyester top made me sweat and hot and my cotton t-shirt didn’t trigger anything. I think the temp change to winter has made it all start, so I am just careful with what I wear! Thanks for all the other tips!!

  • I have been suffering from eye discomfort from last 6 months! I was prescribed some eye drops, and the condition improved a bit but still I have some discomfort! Apart from this,I have redness in the inner side of lower eyelid, though my eyes are not that red!! I ain’t sure if it is ocular rosacea, may be it’s mild! I have so many question to ask! Does it gets worse over a period of time? Do we need to take antibiotics / treatment if we have mild form of ocular rosacea? If we start taking these treatment, will we get used to it? How long does it take to cause vision impairment? This is the only thing that really scares me! I don’t wanna lose my eyes!!

  • I had my IUD for the whole 5 years, and luckily up until 5 months ago I had no issues with it. These last few months though have been emotionally rough. I kept brushing it under the rug due to the pandemic. “You lost your jobs, you’ll be homeschooling your 5 year old, and don’t let the shit hit the fan”
    But the same day I left my OB office after having it removed, and not having a new one placed, I knew it was linked to my IUD. Like many of you said, it was like a sigh of relief I felt in my body. I didn’t know I needed that “weight” of my shoulders until it was already gone.
    Thank you for sharing this video.

  • Happy to see a group of women questioning the glory of this pregnancy prevention tool as well! Of course the doctors always make us feel like it is a great option with little to no side effects because their job is to prevent pregnancy, if that is your primary wish. I removed my mirena yesterday after 2.5 years. At first I thought it was wonderful but shortly after the insertion I battled infection after infection, which was a new issue for me. I was on about 20 antibiotics in 2 years..countless UTI’s and neverending pH balance issues, BV, staph. I even had a vagina/perineum surgery because we thought that it was an external issue!!! You name it, I had it. I started to lose confidence in myself because I thought something was wrong with me. My partner Even questioned how I could have so many vaginal issues despite constant treatment. Bloating I definitely always had, low back pain, tender breasts. But zero period for the full duration.( The only nice thing) I Had a very hard time losing weight, ate almost nothing and tried diet pills to boot! I’m happy to say it’s out today hoping my body will heal itself in the next coming months. Question for post mirena users, what are the side effects you experienced immediately after removal. Preparing myself for the discomfort, hopefully once and for all!!! Any input is appreciated!

  • My mum suffers and uses Dermalex which is available from Boots, she finds it really helps. I’ve never had a bad flare but I definitely get redness around my cheeks and nose (I’m also fair and prone to blushing) and agree that if it’s looking/feeling particularly bad I go extra simple on my skincare routine. I love Cerave hydrating cleanser and also their moisturiser.

  • I also have pityriasis rosea, to get rid of it stand in the sun before 10 am, I had this for a couple of weeks. If you are seeing this DO NOT scratch them because the WILL spread. They are not contagious, they just comes and goes, the doctor gave me medicine I took it every six hours but I then stopped taking it because I was getting really sleepy. But they appear on your stomach and back and sometimes legs but they did not get on my face.

  • I’ve had the mirena for 5 years got pregnant now I’m on the Kyleena and I’ve never gained so much weight and I’m vegan!!! It’s horrible mines is coming out next month can’t wait to see what’s going on. Your husband is awesome to make that decision with you

  • Rosie / Caroline thank you for this video. Rosie what do you use for anti-aging treatments? Every youtuber is all about the Vit A/ Rentin A/ Rentinol etc, or exfoliants like Lactic/ glycolic acids, and/or Vit C or other antio idants. Presumably, all this stuff is irritating. So, does that mean anti-aging stuff is ‘out’?

  • Telangiectasia, if we reduce inflammation with diet, would ‘existing’ telangiectasia disappear? or still need doxy, ( IPL) etc? Thanks a lot.

  • Rozex is an antibiotic and antiprotozoal. If applied topically does it affect the gut like oral antibiotics? Derms always prescribe oral antibiotics and they have almost no education on the gut, microbiome, etc. info on the microbiome is only really about 5 years old, so everyone has a lot to learn; however, our gut is one cell thick and once we destroy it, it can be difficult or sometimes impossible to repair. Not trying to bash derms. I love them, but they just don’t get any education on the gut, nor do most keep up on new papers because allopathic medicine is so compartmentalized. If a topical antibiotic can save your gut then I would go that route over oral to start with personally. I also think we should save antibiotics for truly life saving circumstances because antibiotic resistance is real in terms on personal health and “herd” health (yes, a real term), ��

  • Did you guys also experience headaches after removal? I had mine removed on the 8th of July, got my period on the 18th of July and I believe I’m now im my ovulation phase and have severe headaches. I had the Mirena IUD for 8,5 months (I did not have my period, apart from light spotting in the beginning, at all during that time. I decided to have it removed because of acne, random cramps, painful breasts (even though bigger breasts ;)) and low mood/anxiety).

  • Hello Drs I think I might have both rosacea and ocular rosacea. I got this bumps on my cheeks and my forehead when I was pregnant with my daughter and it never went away. I also keep getting styes on my eyes. I went to an optometrist once for a stye that lasted 1yr and he said my eye glands were blocked. I need something that will help me keep my eyes and face clean and a moisturizer.

  • I feel like we are twins from another mother. I had cramps with no period FINALLY had lighter period after about 2 years had time losing weight GAINED WEIGHT skin issues etc etc etc I had to get mine surgical removed it wasn’t major. I had whooshing noises n my ear

  • The only one that works for me is clotrimazole. After 3 days i have no spots on my skin, but it’s better to use it like 2 weeks ( for better /longer results). The longest period of time without pityriasis was 2 years. Usually it reappears after 6 m or 1 year(at least in my case). I hope it helps.

  • Very Beneficial acne guide “Vαtαnuz Bdα” (Google it). I never rue getting it and had read the easy procedures on how these acne treatments are done. I`ll try some of the ideas I read from this book on my son. This may seem simple, but I believe that I`ll be pleased with the outcomes of the small changes..

  • My Rosacea comes from a reaction to gluten. Pastry and wheat make my face red. It has taken me until 62 years old to figure this out.

  • Did anyone suffer from loss of sleep and or had migraines with having the mirina iud and have a light period every wk with excessive cramping

  • I suffered with Rosacea for years. Tried every product recommended (even la Roche, however their sunscreen is brilliant and was the only one that didn’t flare me up! ) Everything made it worse! The depression was real! Finally figured out what works and have been in remission (I guess is what you’d call it) for about a year. I avoid any form of face scrub and my skin care is literally SIMPLE™. The sensitive face wash and moisturiser and that’s it. Minocyline got rid of the breakouts within 2 weeks. Now I just keep it on hand incase of a flare up due to stress…Rosacea is horrible and I feel for anyone that suffers from it! Hope my tips help even just one of you looking for relief. Xo

  • Thanks for the great video! I have rosacea and roses works well In general but does t seem to help the particularly bad redness around my nose. I’ve just startled trying azaleic acid (by the ordinary), dr Sam bunting seems to think this is a miracle product for rosacea, have you tried it?

  • I’m getting mine removed soon! I can’t WAIT! I’m always bloated, gained weight and also ph balance is way off ���� only thing i like is that it helped with my horrible cramps and heavy periods

  • the fact that its been so many years since she and gd broke up but yall still bring him up constantly in kiko related videos… its honestly getting kinda tiring. shes successful, beautiful, talented, has a nice personality and is very intelligent and speaks more than 3 languages fluently!! you should really just focus on her instead of her ex

  • Her dad is one of the Commodores…. That’s really cool. Your make up routine is great it’s really cute. Down to earth and class act. I wish my life was her life��. PS I lost track of how many powders

  • I got mine removed today after only 6 months, and my body sighed and I felt my uterus adjusting back to calm. I had the worst cramps and so much weight gain on it that would not budge from working out everyday for 2.5 months! I am soooo happy this ish is gone!!! Im glad I listened to my body and that my Dr. was supportive and always honest.

  • Had mine for 10yrs, I didn’t have any problems outside of bad depression! But I will say I couldn’t lose weight worth poop! I didn’t gain any either and have always been fit, but my muscle wouldn’t grow nothing seem to move. I can’t wait to hit the gym again. It’s only been 2 days since I’ve had it out, but I feel amazing. Low key, can’t wait to see my first period again after 10 yrs!��

  • I’ve literally gained 50lbs on this birth control. I’m bloated and get cramps constantly. The anxiety is horrendous. I’ve had it in for I believe 3 years now. No matter what I do (workout at gym, physical labor, diet, ect) i can not loss any weight what so ever. I’ve been contemplating about getting it removed. This video has solidified my assumptions on where all these symptoms were coming from. I will be making an appointment today with my gyno to have this thing removed. Thank you such a detailed video on your life after Mirena.

  • Ok so I had my iud in for six years (it’s supposed to be out last June)…I’ve loved it but watching this video actually reminded me how sad I was at first because I was constantly bleeding and spotting for probably months? Maybe 2-4 months maybe. I want it out now because obviously it’s over 5 years lol but also me and my husband want kids now

  • I’m getting mine out tomorrow evening. I’m terrified because in insertion hurt so bad! I did pretty good for about a year and a half, but then cystic acne, weight gain, b***h fits, etc. From the jump, I had contractions, not cramps, that felt like my body was trying to birth me! I would cry because I was hurting so badly. I’m worn out! I hope this helps, because the next step is a hysterectomy, but I’m on 36 with no children.

  • Got mine 3 months ago and gained 10lbs quick. I workout almost everyday and i cant lose it. Cramping almost every week, spotting for weeks. I cant!

  • hi my name is ashley i just had mine takeing out i was have all the same things you was. it was takeing out on about 4 days ago. and now im haveing really bad pain and lost of blood and im really sick.

  • I literally have it on my face! I had no idea it was this! Thankyou so much, I’ve had it for over a year now and my self esteem just went down the drain! Thankyou so much!
    Edit: I also have it on my back

  • I feel better after watching this video. Thanks for all the comments. I really appreciate it all. Now finall decision made. I Am removing mine soon. Thanks to COVID-19 it would have been done by now.

  • I’ve had mine for about a year and I’ve already gained about 30 pounds. I calorie count and so I can say I maintain about 1300 calories daily and work out 3-4 times a week. Yet I’m constantly reassured by doctors it’s not the iud. I’m also getting horrendous cramps that make my leg burn and make me nauseous. I’ve started to get rly depressed aswell. I’m so tired of it, I think I’m gonna get rid of this bitch.

  • Going through this now. I’m using corn starch to help dry it out. I used corn starch on my son when he would get a diaper rash, because baby powder had too many chemicals. It’s actually helping some, but I also plan on going on a juice detox. I need this gone now! I’m in my 2nd week. It’s spreading now to my legs, but like I said the starch is helping dry out the torso area.

  • I got it removed a week ago, and I was surprised to feel “light” a day after.. I had it in for 4 years and I was constantly cramping, had no period for months (which can’t be healthy) I had a lot of fatigue, amongst other things.. Ladies, I had no idea how it was affecting my body until a couple of days after getting it removed! Totally worth it ❤️

  • Hi, Friends! (NOTE* Post is long but worth reading)
    I had this kind of skin condition twice in a span of 3 years and I would like to share my personal experience in handing this and being cured completely.
    1. This is a very normal skin condition just like any other viral fever so 1st and foremost there is nothing to worry about.
    2. You would find red patches spreading on your chest, Abdomen, back, Hands & Thigh areas (It never spreads to Face *especially in my case).
    3. Sometimes these are itchy, but ensure you don’t scratch your skin which may worsen the impact.
    4. According to my research this may last generally for 4 weeks and even years in some cases, but in my case twice it didn’t last for more than 5 weeks to completely recover.
    5. This may or may not be accompanied with a Fever, cold, cough, headache etc.

    Quick Home remedies:
    1. You need not visit a doctor cause there is no defined treatment for this condition. I have visited many doctors used various medicines got done blood tests, urine tests even chest X-ray but it was of no use, No one could diagnose the exact reason of this skin condition.
    2. wear lite cotton clothes which do not irritate your skin.
    3. There is no restriction on food, however I voluntarily tried avoiding Meat & Alcohol for 1 Month. (I would suggest you to do this also).
    4. Get yourself exposed to Morning Sunlight for at least Half-an-hour. (I went for Morning walks to get exposed to sunlight which will help to recover early)
    5. Have shower with Luke warm water and use only a mild soap like “Dove”, avoid Hot showers, cold showers, soaps, perfumes which can irritate your skin.
    6. Do not apply any moisturizer or creams it won’t help instead may worsen the itching, you may gently rub with your palm when you feel itchy this gives a relief. Taken plenty of water and ensure you get good rest.
    7. A sign of recovery is you see these patches getting brownish and then shady black with itching until they gradually disappear, One Good thing I observed is no matter how worse the patches you developed It leaves no permanent scars/marks on your body, you will get back your normal skin once your recovered.

    Thank you friends, in case you have any further queries you may reach out to me expect reply in 12 to 24 hours
    Get well Soon, I wish for your speedy recovery.

  • So I got my iud when I was 10 years old (I had 24/7 period and it was heavy I had to change a large diva cup every 30 min) and I have body image issues and depression and I think I’m getting an eating disorder. It’s so bad and idk if it’s the iuds fault because I’ve had it for so long.

  • I’m experiencing the same thing. �� I’m going on a year with it now in May and I was searching the same thing is this normal?? I have had thoughts of taking it off but I’m scared of getting pregnant. But after seeing this video it’s coming out!! Thank you for proving me that I’m not crazy. ��

  • Red wine makes my whole body hot. It’s the sulfites & tannin I believe. Great tips. I too have rosecea and I keep my products very simple on my face.

  • I didn’t have Mirena, but I had it’s sister Liletta. I had it for 1 year and 5 months. I never had a yeast infection before I had an IUD. I sware I would get one every 3-4 months. It sucked! The IUD did a great job at preventing pregnancy. I actually found out yesterday that it gave me an ovarian cyst and I’ve gained like 30 lbs with it.

  • It feels good to know that I’m not the only one experiencing so many terrible side effects. I’ve had the Liletta IUD for a little over a year now and I’ve gained at least 35-40lbs while exercising and maintaining a healthy diet☹️ The hormonal acne is awful, I’m border line depressed during my cycle, and my cramps are excruciating! I’m glad say that it will be removed one week from today��

  • I am a 63 yo rosacea sufferer under control. Isn’t it funny that it seems to start in our twenties when we are “grown” and start making our own choices like alcohol, diet, lifestyle in general? I first discovered hands only (no cloth) cleansing with Ivory (I now cringe but no fragrance). Then I would suffer off and on with the little red pustules (��sorry) or cysts that just hurt and of course I would “work” on them which only made them worse. Bare minerals became my friend (dry) for quite awhile. Got better when I gave up alcohol for my migraines. Then gluten and soy for my gut. Tested for contact allergies so no fragrance, bht, propylene glycol, composite mix(aster family, ie sunflowers, chrysanthemums, etc) or beeswax. Now the only time I get a problem is when I eat something I shouldn’t or try a physical exfoliant. Thank you for sharing so people (my grown son has it, loves spicy food and alcohol makes it worse) can start making lifestyle changes earlier in life so they don’t look like a raspberry in every photo or walk around looking that way. What you put on and in your body makes a HUGE difference! Sorry this was so long. Thank you both.��

  • Just came across this video today. I just bought the products and can’t wait to use them. Thanks so much for the information —will check out your other videos next.

  • bro I will legit cry if this goes away and comes back in the future.

    UPDATE: okay I know I left this comment 3 days ago, but my pityriasis is a lot better. I’ve had this for about 3.5 weeks, and yesterday and today it hasn’t been as itchy or painful (lmk if you feel pain with this rash ’cause apparently not a lot of people do:/). Other than just waiting it out, some stuff that really helped me was
    -aloe vera (for dryness/burning. It’s amazing highly recommend)
    -coconut oil (after showers. Helps keep moisture in. Haven’t tried baby oil yet)
    -gold bond eczema relief lotion (mostly for itch. It really helps)
    -possibly spring valley Hair, Skin, and Nails vitamins (recently started taking. Idk how much it helps)
    -possibly acetaminophen (if not, the pm version at least has a sleeping aid)
    -taking mid-day showers (washes off sweat, dead skin, and any of the products that build up on your skin)
    -a steroid shot and steroid pills (but you can’t rely on it. They’re very strong and you can only take the pills for like 5 days, then it all goes back to how it was before.)

    I noticed that a day after I started using the coconut oil and taking the vitamins, my skin was less itchy and painful, although that may just be it healing.

    I’ve also tried several things that didn’t help me. This includes
    -Honey Patches
    -Steroid Ointment (triamcinolone is the one I used)
    -the sun (it didn’t help me, but it seems to help a lot of people, so give it a try if you haven’t)
    -I’ll let you know if I can think of anything else lol

  • Getting mine out tomorrow! I’ve had countless horrible side effects for 2 years. I was in denial about how bad it was making me feel. I’m so excited to have this thing out of my life!

  • I had mine for 3 and a half weeks.
    Honestly after reading so many comments of people saying they had theirs for over 3 months I was literally stressing myself more thinking I cannot go through this torment for that long!
    So I stopped reading comments, stopped researching, and I just dealt with it.
    I used Hydrocortisone Cream twice a day which is a steroid cream that helps with the itching and the inflammation.
    I dosed up on Ibuprofen for the inflammation.
    I used Cetraben cream for eczema & psoriasis sufferers.
    Wore loose clothing.
    Upped my vitamin C intake.
    The doctors told me the only research they could find on Pityriasis Rosea was A suspected Viral Infection that your immune system cannot fight on its own so the immune system goes into over drive causing a Autoimmune Reaction which causes this Insane rash.
    I too don’t eat a lot of meat and I chose to cut out sugar and carbs completely from my diet, that was the worst thing I could have done as this is what caused my Pityriasis,
    I had sent my body into Shock.
    Carbs and sugars provide Energy for our bodies. And cutting down on them made my body use it’s own body Fat as a source of energy which made my immune system work harder to fight this viral infection I had contracted.
    I know that not every body’s bodies are the same but based on my own experience, My advice would be to just carry on doing what you’re doing, don’t make a fuss and just chill…treat the inflammation as this is what causes the uncomfortableness and try to forget that it is there, and your body will relax and will fight this pesky rash.
    Good luck and be well. xx

  • Thanks so much for your super helpful tips! I’ve had rosacea for 13 years and after trying everything and having spent a fortune agree less is more. I had to abandon exfoliants a long time ago but now I’m in my 40s I find my skin is very dull and quite congested. Can you recommend anything to help with this? Are there gentle acids that you can use with rosacea or anything else that might help?

  • I gained 30kg in 8 months from mirena:(
    I wish I had a weight loss story. But 3 yrs later and I’m 25 kg up and my autoimmune symptoms are effecting my joints which makes weight loss near impossible. It has ruined my ability to work and the fun relationship I used to have with my children.

  • I’m getting mine out in like half an hour. I’ve had my copper iud sense September 2018 and its been a terrible rollercoaster sense then. I’ve had BV more then I can count and I had a uti once. The cramps happen all the time and are painful, I’m bloated, and I don’t know if this has to do with the iud but I feel nauseous randomly for no reason for the last 3 months and I’m not pregnant. I’m ready to just have my normal body back.

  • I was diagnosed as having rosacea a while back by my derm. I asked some questions about it because I did not know anything about it. I don’t have that butterfly look as much as I did when I was younger, however what I am going through now is, what you explained in this video, but more. I have like skin flakes inside my eyes, some are so big that they are seen on top of my iriss, or in the middle. I know this, because of the photos that are taken and the way it’s hard to see when in my vision. When I blink the skin flakes move around inside my eyes.
    My question is, have you seen patients that are going through what I am going through? And the next Q. is, how do I get rid of these skin flakes? This really bothers me.
    Another important question is, why would my Derm, give me steroid cream to put on my face if it was bad for patients like myself?

  • I removed mine today after 2 and a half years. I haven’t felt like myself while on it. I cried happy tears. Did it at home. I’ve been wanting this out ever since I got it. I’m so glad to come across this video and see other people who relate in the comments.

  • Thank you for the recommendation. I am not so easily convinced about video recommendations, but with my desperate situation, I have gone and bought cream. I’ll give you an update once I have tried it for 3 days. God bless.

  • I’ve had mine for 4 years and my periods have disappeared, but I have endometriosis and am worried that those symptoms will come back strong once I get it removed. I just know that I can’t handle the hormones anymore and my anxiety and migraines have been so intense since I’ve gotten it. I’m getting it out next Wednesday.

  • Everyone’s body reacts differently on the mirena. I’ve had it for 5 years and I love it. I never had a problem with it.I had no periods or cramping.

  • Great video, thank you for hitting on this topic that affects so many people, Doctors here in Ireland are pretty much completely dismissive of it. The ordinary has been a revelation for me, I can pick and choose different active ingredients without any of the frou-frous which might be great on someone else but make me red and itchy. My skin has improved dramatically. The Cerave cleanser for dry skin is great, I’m still looking for something for that first cleanse to get the makeup off that doesn’t make me flush. The sunscreen that’s worked well for me is La Roche-Posay Anthelios Shaka Ultra Light Facial Sun Cream SPF50, doesn’t sting in the eyes and doesn’t make me itch, a double win. For me, the worst part is the ocular rosacea which 30% of rosacea sufferers have that makes me cry all the damn time which is incredibly inconvenient for any kind of makeup application.

  • Yes I have had Mirena for 3.5 years now and have gained 40 pounds since I got it! I can’t believe it but I just put it together and realized that the Mirena is why! I am an overall healthy active person and I have noticed my energy level is a struggle every day and that I have had no emotions about things like I used to! No sex drive what so ever! Now that I started researching other people’s experiences I now know why! I am gonna schedule to have it removed!

  • Check out the Bestselling Skin Care Proudcts on Amazon ->

  • Great video!..I’ve developed Rosacea in the last year….my dermatologist prescribed a topical antibiotic and works great…no more oils (which I loved) and very simple skin care and clean minimal make-up.

  • I had my first IUD after my first child and I loved it. After my 2nd child I got it again and this time is been horrible, gain weight, joint pains, hair loss, i feel tired all the time and mood swings. I go to the gym 3-5 days a week and instead of losing weight, Ive gain 30 lbs. I just want it out. I dont know what BC to try to be honest.

  • i really dont understand why ppl look at her and think about gdragon. lolol. shes gorgeous and unique on her own. in fact the fact that she dated gdragon is like… some weird random thing that happened in the past.

  • Currently reliving mine today. I have no problems other than headaches. I actually like Mirena but if it is the reason for my headaches I might need to change to something else

  • I got mine removed 3 weeks ago and instantly my mind feels clearer and my emotions feel soooooo much more stable! Although I am having lots of cramping… ��

  • I had it nearly 3 years ago. I tried everything I could find as it was the summer and I was going on vacation. I tried anti dandruff shampoo, tea tree oil and basically everything. Someone recommended just tanning but as I live in the UK I didn’t think it would work as the weather wasn’t great for tanning. I ended up going on vacation and just dealt with it, it literally started to fade dramatically by the second day as I had been in the sun for the whole day. It’s worth a try if it’s summer for anyone:) I’m starting to get it again I think so I’m planning on tanning. It’s horrible.

  • I have those little blood vessels on the eye. And dry eyes. And rosacea on cheeks but no redness in eye. Is it possible its ocular rosacea?

  • massive oily skin/ hormonal acne, 15+lb weight gain, migraines, hypothyroid… decided to get out today. doctor cannot find it! despite dilation of cervix.

  • Hi I have face rashes and I treated it after the treatment my face started burning after I finished washing it and it becomes redish also and it’s like wrinkled like it burns, what can I do

  • I have had the copper iud for alittle over a year i eat healthy and workout as a lifestyle ive gain about 20 llbs and im always tired and bloated and lets not get into the cystic acne Im walking into the clinic tomm am. I now have cysts and possible pcos. I want it out asap!!! Anyone else feel the same. copper iud supp has no side effects but i have the same ones as all these ladies with the mirana..

  • You guys have to read about kiko, she’s such a successful figure that referring to her as “ gdragons ex” is irrelevant. They’re both successful figures.

  • So useful thank you! After 18 months of hideous spotty skin I have been diagnosed with rosacea. I have no idea where to start with my skincare are it seems everything o used to do is now not good for me. I’m hoping to get on top of my spots with the gel that’s been prescribed and then get back to wearing far less make up like unused to! Thank you so much xx

  • Can you please do one on floppy eyelid syndrome. I’m curious your take on it and treatment options. It’s hard to find anyone that understands the disease state.

  • I’ve suffered from Rosacea for 2 years now. I tried so many different creams and spent loads of money. I now stick to la roche posay anti redness cream and concentrate on my diet. Avoid gluten and dairy! Avoiding these has helped me more than any cream.

  • I still have my IUD, am getting it removed soon. But, have same experience. Moody, bloated, can’t lose weight, lots of cramping without regard to time of month.

  • Sofia N her sister Nicole had a show on VH1 it was Nicole’s show n it was so good. These two are so funny. Even Nicole on a simple life with Paris was amazing! Nicole is everything! At 15 I remember Nicole being on herione n being caught with it while driving she went n got help n kicked her habit. I am a big Nicole Richie fan.

  • You know you’re rich when you don’t even think twice about wiping black waterproof mascara on a fluffy white towel, like it’s kleenex

  • this madness should be a crime women look fine without all that madness to think it only took 20 min and 200 bucks to go grab a 5 buck coffee

  • Hi you guys, just found your channel thanks for the videos. I recently had eye surgery (Lasik) about a month ago and I have been struggling with dryness (not too much right now. Visited my ofthalmologist last week for a check up and he told me I was having a mild queratitis due to the surgery but I also suffer from rosacea. Right now Im going through a bad lasting flare up (ever since the surgery due to emotional stress) and my eyelids turned red, inflamed and they both sting which had never happened before. Could I have developed occular rosacea since the surgery? Thank you!

  • I’m so pissed! I was told this is best for Menorrhagia and migraines relief. Well I still have cramps and migraines just not the bleeding. I specifically asked will I gain weight? Of course was told no… well that was a damn lie! I gained 35lbs in the past year! I would have never gotten this and want this removed ASAP for I feel disgusting on a constant!

  • Sorry but her daddy bought her career. She didnt even earn her money. There is only a matter of time before people start coming after millionaires.

  • Hi doctors, I think I have ocular rosacea. My doctor prescribed 1 pill of antibiotic 20mg per day. So that is what I am doing for now. I would like to know more about how to clean my eyes. I am also beginning to put more attention to what I eat. Please let me know how I can alleviate the itchiness. Here Gladys from Indiana. My doctor also recommended “Sylantra” which cost is about &800; I did not buy it but, am I missing a good product?

  • I got it like a week ago and it’s now all over my body, even on my arms and hands. Thank god I’m already quarantined so I don’t need to go outside. Because I can’t cover it up since I live in a tropical hot climate so a long sleeve is a no go.

  • Your skin is made of what you eat. Your skin is inflamed by what you eat. Eating the Proper Human Diet will reverse your Rosacea like no cream/gel/lotion/pill ever will!

  • Hello Ladies, I’m curious about one thing…I had the Jaydess IUD for 6 years and I LOVED IT, had no side effects whatsoever, then switched to Kayleena about a month ago and I immediately started blowing up, I gained so much weight in just 3 weeks! I felt so awful in my body so I got it removed a week ago and as much as I feel overall happy with my decision I haven’t experienced any of the effects of the removal yet. I’d like to know from those of you who gained weight while on the IUD and lost it when came off it, how long after the removal did you start losing the excessive weight? As I see it, it isn’t fat but rather water weight, still very annoying. Thanks for your response!:)

  • So are caucasian men more prone to this or is it all across the board? On hot days while exercising my face turning red and on fire and my eyes feeling dry and looking a tad pink is exactly how I would describe my ocular rosacea symptoms.

  • Hi, ive had kinda redish cheeks growing up, but it was when i was embarrassed, now im 20 i have blepharitis, im trying to heal it for a year, ive tried the scrubs, didnt help, ive tried diets and omega3, healthy stuff like that, nothing helps. I get red face everyday, i dont know why, im not embarresses or nothing, just while working, biking, doing normal stuff it flares up+my eyelids and eyes are red from blepharitis, just a disguisting combo lol, is there something that will help, cause i dont like looking like this and its ruining my life. Aaand i have bad dark circles and my right eyelid is darker than the other one

  • Not certain about the points made but,if anyone else is searching for
    rosacea caused by stress
    try Mackorny Facial Miracle Blueprint (do a google search )? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my mate got great success with it.

  • My husband started with it 3 weeks ago. He’s absolutely covered in spots and welts. It really is a horrendous condition. No obvious cause. Thank you for the tips, sending you good wishes xx

  • Hi! I was diagnosed with rosacea last May after having almost a perfect complexion my entire life. It has been a very humbling experience! I developed ocular rosacea about a month ago and it has been really hard. I have only been offered antibiotics and steroids and I refused both. I appreciate this info and hope to save up to purchase your items soon. ��

  • I got this right now & its spread all over my back, chest, upper arms & legs.. the scars it leaves are so depressing..I feel like the stuff my dermatologist prescribed are not working��..Want this to go away asap

  • I was diagnosed this year with rosacea and pustules around my nose and mouth…. I am 55. The doctors have prescribed Finacea ointment and diprobase to cleanse and moisturise. EVERYTHING upsets it. I purchased lots of products which I simply cannot use. It has affected my mental health in a massive way and I have just given up wearing makeup and I don’t bother with myself anymore. Thank you for this video…..

  • I was diagnosed with ocular rosacea a month ago by my eye Dr. I’m from Phoenix, AZ and the heat during the summer months doesn’t help! ��

  • I developed bumpy red skin on my cheeks in my forties. The best thing I did was to go to my GP. After a diagnosis of rosacea I was prescribed metronidazole, then azelaic acid, and now soolantra topical cream. With just a tiny smear on each cheek once per day I can drink as much red wine as I like without any probs. I also use 0.05% retinol every night and micro needle once every three weeks. I always moisturise and use SPF and avoid anything with fragrance. Dr Sam has fantastic advice on rosacea for anyone who needs more support.

  • You deserve to be happy… You don’t deserve to be sad because of them… because you are valuable to your family and your best friends and even your fans
    if you are sad because junk people ‘s comments mean you do not appreciate people who support you okeyyy… so be happy

  • Is it possible that I will never get relief from the ocular rosacea? I have tried tea tree oil restasis high quality flaxseed and omegas seabucktorn all lipiflow and 3 types of rosacea creams and the rosiver burned my skin…. Could it be something else? I have itchy scalp too seems like an allergic reaction…. I have inflammation all over my body….

  • Omg I just had it removed like yesterday and I feel so much better I don’t feel weird and insecure, maybe my sex mojo will come back soon lol

  • Your eyes are so gorgeous!! I’m so excited to get my IUD out I can’t stop gaining weight, I’m so fatigued, and my mood swings are insane.

  • No wonder cancer rates are constantly on the rise. We are surrounded by chemicals in the air, water and food and surely this is something we have little influence on, but we all can decide what we apply on our bodies. When I was her age I didn’t know what foundation was maybe that’s why I look 28 tops at 45.

  • I am probably stage 2 rosacea. I mainly have the persistent redness. I totally agree with you about cleansing morning and night. For a long time my routine was cleansing with Cera Ve, using Mrs. Thayer’s rose witch hazel, and Kate Somervilles goat milk cream. My skin looked great. I have since fallen off that routine but I think I’ll get back to it. I had no idea that skin oils or oily products make it worse.

  • hi there, i just found you, this is exactly what i have, i’ve had it for like 20 years without knowing what it was. at that time i had the red eye thing, the doctor told me it was a condition related to rheumatoid arthritis but did not know what to do to manage the condition or what it was. I’ve had irritated eyes very frequently and hope the your free bottle of cleanser will help on my lids and on my cheeks!! thank you.

  • Remember not to wear makeup for your eye exam! After 3 years of being misdiagnosed with dry eye symptoms, I went to the Optomistrist without makeup…he immediately reviewed all my symptoms and made the diagnosis of ocular rosacea. It took a full year to get my symptoms under control, best advice I learned is to take flax seed every day and use a warm compress on my eyes in the morning and at night! I live in Florida, dealing with heat, humidity and pollen. I wear contacts and glasses too!

  • Thankyou. I have rosacea on my nose and cheeks ( fortunately a light case ) but have dry skin. I’m 60 and it is hereditary. My eyes are so dry and gritty feeling. I have had three broken blood vessels recently several weeks apart. I’m wondering if this is related. It’s not from rubbing my eyes.

  • Wow!

    I’ve had no periods, cramps, etc..

    But I have gained so much weight and it’s so relieving that so many others have experienced this. I have felt like mirena has been such a heavy weight on my body and I had it removed yesterday and I feel so free! So excited to lose this weight!!

  • So glad I didn’t go with it. I read it has synthetic progesterone. My dr said side effects are rare, but I’ve heard that before! I’m still not convinced on the copper IUD, but at least there’s no hormonal side effects.

  • How about swollen eyelids aswell as other symptoms.
    Most opticians in the Uk including hospital don’t even recognise
    Demodex as a cause.

  • So about 7 years ago I got my first IUD, after birth of my 3 rd child. I got to control my periods. I had been on the pill for 15 yrs on & off between kids. After birth of 3 child my periods were crazy heavy & irregular & I was just tired of always having to take something. I also had fibroids burned off & Tubes tied with the birth of my 3 child ( csection). I didn’t think getting first IUD in was to badalittle cramping, etc. spotting on & off first few monthsthen No periods for next 5 years. Amazing! But looking back I did gain weight( possibly from this?) also went on ache meds, had breast tenderness, cramps onocassion, but only thing that stands out is I was bloated a lot & having a lot of headaches. My dodtor put me on gluten free diet & I was taking some supplementswhich has been helping me all along. So I decided we’ll it’s been over 5 should get replaced so went in last summer for replacementugggg! That was awful!!!! Couldn’t find it, when they did they dug it out & then our new one in! Was the worst pain I’ve ever experienced in my lifeI felt like my uterus was falling out for 2 dayssuper crampy… horrific almost went back to remove. It’s now been almost a year since replaced & everything is been normal still no periodsalittle ache, still weight problem, bloated on occasion. But I been thinking more & more all my problems are from this thingI’m not sure? If take it out will they go away? Or not?
    Not sure if leave it in longer & see what happens or take it out and chance it & then start all over!

  • I just had my iud removed two days ago. And let me tell you my removal took 2 appointments and then 30+ mins to actually get it out. I will never ever do it again it was so painful.

  • I have always had terrible periods: severe cramping, fatigue, back pain, bloating but when I was on my 90 birth control pill (4 periods a year) it was nice to be able to reduce the time spent with a heating pad and Mydol. When I couldn’t find that birth control anymore I tried a different kind and broke out with hives so I decided to try the IUD. While my bleeding stopped I still experienced a ‘period’ every month. PMS progressively got worse over the 2 years I had my IUD. Mood swings, loss of excitement, bloating, fatigue was awful and then I started spotting almost daily and experiencing PMS for 10-15 days each month. I decided to have my IUD removed but the strings had curled inside my cervix which required an ultrasound guided removal and it was CHALLENGING to find a doctor who would do this asap. I was told this could be scheduled 4-6 weeks out. But I couldn’t stand being miserable, sad, bloating and throwing up (oh yea I started throwing up too). I finally find a clinic who could get me in. I waited at the office over an hour but the removal itself took about 1 minute. It was PAINFUL. I started to sit up on the table because it hurt so bad. Since the strings weren’t visible they had to use tools inside my cervix to remove. It was awful but thank God it was over before it began. I started cramping immediately but the next day had this overwhelming sense of happiness. My pelvic region felt lighter and not so knotted up. But I am still experiencing severe bloating 2 days later. I am going to stay off all hormones for now and allow my body a chance to purge the IUD hormones. I hope I can level out like you have. Thank you for sharing your story.

  • Thank you Rosie,you have the most beautiful smile! My husband (62) has the most dreadful rosacea but only on his nose.He gets awful, huge spots, almost like boils on his nose when his flare-ups occur. His prescription cream stopped being effective,so he was recently prescribed antibiotics. Difficult for men cos they recoil in horror at the thought of trying to conceal it for special occasions. It’s a dreadful condition. X

  • I’m lurking at all your videos because I’m trying to lose my quarantine weight using smart bites and just wanna say: man! I dodged a bullet! My doctor really tried talking me into mirena to reduce my periods and I am so glad I didn’t get one after looking at all the comments ��

  • Love your channel! Thank you for the open and honest causes and treatments. I am in Chicago. I have had Rosacea for 10 years but only having recently getting flare ups. Also experiencing ocular rosacea recently as well. UGH! I have RA and am on a PB diet for treatment without meds. I use your soap daily and love it. I am going to order the spray. Keep up the great work!!

  • My Mirena has been hurting me for months. I haven’t gone to a dr because of Covid. But ended up having to go to the ER because I was in such excruciating pain. Turns out I have clusters of cysts (3 burst and one is still leaking) on my ovaries caused by the IUD. When it gets close to expiration it starts to mess with your hormones. I’m getting mine removed in a month. Even the ER dr wouldn’t remove it. I find that drs are very reluctant to remove IUDs and I find it strange. I’ll never be talked into it again!

  • I gained 64 lbs I just got mine out today it blew my mind how simple the procedure was but getting a doctor to do it was a pain. I hope I can lose most of this weight.

  • Wow! Great info. I’m in my 50’s and have rosacea round my nose. Looks like I drink all day or have been crying. I will work on my skincare but can’t wait to hear about how to cover. Seems whatever I use just looks caked and flakey. Tnx for sharing!

  • Some solid advice here. Just wanted to note that some of us rosaceans really do have dry skin and need heavier creams. That is, rosacea is a skin condition, on top of whatever your skin type might be. Otherwise, great tips. I do find that if I want to enjoy an alcoholic drink on occasion, i can keep a cool compress near by and hold to my neck, which prevents flushing. Not the kind of thing one wants to do at parties, mind you, merely for day drinking alone 😉 just kidding, else we’d be discussing a whole ‘nother problem.

  • I’ve been waiting for this week’s video with my coffee in hand xx I’m not a sufferer of rosacea but I bet this is so helpful for others who do, thank you Rosie xx

  • I hate mine. Calling my doctor tomorrow. I’ve had sore boobs for 8 months, horrible permanent low mood, cramps daily, weight gain (all on my legs) and no interest in my partner. At all. It’s also causing cysts on my face and in my armpits! Dreading it because my insertion was so painful I fainted.

  • I had my mirena for 5 years and i didn’t have any issues. My weight didn’t go up or drop honestly. But I don’t have any cramping honestly everything is the same as it was before I got it

  • I have had rosacea since I was 17! it‘s very frustrating, but I have learned so much about how to take care of my skin and to wear sunscreen everyday

  • Rosey isn’t it Manuka honey. I have a high number 25+ on my breakfast cereal it is anti microbial anti and a great medicine never get sick if you have teaspoon of Manuka honey everyday

  • My cheeks turned red, nose turned red and big. Their are a lot of flare up’s. I feel itching. Feeling like burning. Please help me. I am feared to face others.

  • Thank you so much for this video. I’m currently in the most awful rosacea flare I’ve ever had and have been told to use rosehip seed oil and moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!!!! I am going to use your tips and hopefully get some relief soon.

  • I had this 3 weeks ago with the “herald patch” as they call it. The rashes came out my body 2 weeks after that. I went to see a dermatologist and gave me an antifungal cream+corticosteroids x 1 week. Im on my 3rd day applying it and the rashes start disappearing as well as the itchiness. Since its not clear if it’s caused by viral infection, i think the most important thing is to boost your immune system. So i took redoxon (vit c) 1g a day and drink a lot of fluids and eat healthy foods. Luckily, its my 4th day after consultation and i think im recovering fast unexpectedly ��

  • Hey I just found your channel because I just started using this today. I have really bad rosacea and have for as long as I can remember but I hope it works! Thanks for the review! Ps… I’m from New Zealand which is why I wanted to try it! I’m going to have to watch more of your videos!!! Yay!

  • there have been a lot of people looking into mario bodescu and found out it’s horrible for your skin and it has alcohol in it or something so i wouldn’t use it

  • I would recommend trying sulfate free shampoos etc. My husband has suffered for years, particularly across his forehead. It was an accidental discovery from using my shampoo that we realised the trigger. It may be the sulfates in red wine that cause it to be such a demon too!

  • I don’t care eh eh eh������✌
    I know someone who has a most flawless skin and have the most beautiful eyes w/orw/out make up “D”…
    Natural Beauty is The Best!��

  • My rosacea is at the papule stage; if I keep using a prescribed cream, and continue my laser treatment, as well as care with an anti-inflammatory diet, I may be able to slow down the progress of the disease. I think a lot of people don’t appreciate that this is (so far) an incurable and progressive disease though.

  • I have never had the rosacea pimples but I definitely get ruddy and still blush easily.
    As if… I find I flush late afternoon and I am trying to drink water in the late afternoon
    to see if that helps. The thought of a French water spray, though, to me, is terrifying.
    I think Avene has one. Rosie, definitely, less is more. But complexion rescue is
    the best. I like the yellow tones of it too. I use buttercream shade.

  • Please ladies, if you are struggling with weight and any symptoms that may look like hypothyroidism symptoms on the IUD. Get your thyroid levels checked (TSH, Free T4, Free T3, thyroglobulin, thyroid peroxidase, and vitamin D-25 hydroxyl). I was miss diagnosed with hypothyroidism, but I really had Hashimoto’s with the IUD. I stopped having a cycle and ended up with cystic acne when I was put on thyroid medicine. Got rid of the IUD, got my cycle back (was never regular) and acne decreased significantly. I’m three years out from having my IUD removed and I still have Hashimoto’s, but my antibodies are lowering every year and crossing my fingers I will be completely healed in a year (TPO went from 400 to 107 and thyroglobulin went from 3 to normal, TSH is still high due to antibodies). I do an iodine protocol from Dr. David Brownstein and I’m feeling so much better 14 months on the program, than I was on thyroid medicine. My Hashimoto symptoms are reversing on iodine and supplementing vitamins.

  • Great video, Thank you. Im very greatful for that and I will look at the video where you show you beautybag. Im using Soolantra, it feels so irritating on the skin and I feel very dry. Greetings from Copenhagen/Bibi

  • Hi, can I ask? Has Rosie ever used any type of laser treatment. I’m very interested to try. I have mild rosasea which I have under control but I have several fine broken capillaries that I would love to get rid of. Thank you x

  • I lost 65 lbs after I got the mirena and have successfully kept it off by working out regularly so I hope getting it out doesn’t make me gain weight. my skin is HORRIBLE. I have a lot of pigmentation and acne that I never struggled with in my life. Plus my mood swings anxiety / depression is too much to handle. My periods are very light and short plus no cramping but I’m ready to get mine removed after 3 years!

  • Hi Docors, Red lid margin upon awakening in the morning
    =1)demodex (=inflammation?), 2)eyes are too dry, if redness fades, or both. Solutions: doxy, z-pack for 1), ointment for 2)? or more? I’ve tried ointment, doesn’t help. Just curious if restasis helps it? Thanks a lot.

  • I’m debating on getting the iud taken out next week. I’ve had it in for two years. I have endometriosis so I’m also on the depo shot as well (been on depo for 8 months). I’ve gained 45-50 pounds from it. It is so hard for me to lose weight and I eat like a bird. Plus I workout. I just want to lose weight. Hopefully the depo shot works better alone without the iud.

  • Hi doctors can you have ocular rosacea without having the facial type? Also can just having dry red eyes with inflammation not be ocular rosacea or is it ocular rosacea? I was put on corticosteroids but turns out was allergic now my eyes are red does this automatically mean I have ocular rosacea now? Can eye medications cause inflammation even if they are anti-inflammatory?

  • I took my Mirena out myself within 48hrs of having it inserted which is not medically recommended but I trust myself to remove it so I did. I didn’t like the cramping, bloating, back pain, discomfort while sitting and walking and the main reason would be a foreign object inside of me and the fear of not having control of my body and most certainly was not looking forward to have period break through.. Having it inserted was more uncomfortable than removing it. Removing it was like pulling a plug from a sink full of water.. immediate cramp and back pain for about 20-30 mins but 1 % discomfort but bearable I wouldn’t say it hurt because it didn’t and it was totally worth it. Been off it for 2 days now and no regrets. Thank god I made the choice to quickly remove it before having any type of other side effects. Thank you for the information.

  • Rozex didn’t do it for me I’m afraid. My skin sometimes flares up but generally it has improved with age. I will try the skin ceuticals SPF though and see if that helps. Thanks for the tips.

  • i love this girl,you have such a beautiful personality and you don’t even need it…I actually thought the mirror in the background was your mom cutting veggies in the kitchen sorry

  • I got mine removed today my doctor didn’t want to remove it she claimed that it was no supposed to make me gain weight now she talked to me into using birth control pills I gained 20 pounds in a year ���� hopefully I have a better experience with the pills

  • hey you’re beautiful and perfect don’t listen to what people say
    they are just jealous you can be with their idol
    they are stupid for insulting someone they never met

  • I have just got this around 2 weeks ago on my belly and back�� it’s not really that itchy and I’m using aveeno no fragrance for sensitive skin x

  • I have suffered for 3 1/2 yrs. and after 2 doctors, 3 eye doctors and an immunologist, not ONE mentioned this and I believe this is exactly what I have!!! They ruled a lot of stuff ‘out’, but this was never mentioned. I came to research rosacea because my skin started feeling dry and itchy at times… and I just got a bad flare up… ran across the ocular part and it fits to a ‘tee’. Glad I found this video ��

  • Anything from the grape really triggers it. It’s the acidity setting it off. Beta blockers do help when you want to have a drink, I find my skins bad for days after I go out.

  • My mirena was removed 2 months ago! I was super sick when I had it & now it’s better but I’m still having a lot of side effects… I’m very nauseous & cant eat! I’ve lost a total of 19lbs after removal & my OB said this will last 3 months to a year ��

  • This was really helpful! A few questions for next time!
    1) Any serums or toners that can be used with rosacea? Should we just cleanse, put on prescription cream, and moisturise?
    2) Any adivce on the makeup, e.g. should we get water based foundations, any ingredients to avoid?
    3) I use a cleansing oil to break the makeup off and then use the CeraVe mild cleanser (like a double cleanse). Ιs this a bad idea? Should I skip the cleansing oil and use miccelar water for the first step to take makeup off?

    Thanks in advance, looking forward to the next video!

  • Hi Julie, I am trying to order it but it doesn’t ship to Canada. Is there another link to use you think? I really want to try this….

  • Hello… can you please give me the details of the probiotic…I am suffering PR from last 2minths(8weeks). Today I have received my preeze…hope I’ll be fine soon…

  • Thank you for sharing this, Julie! I’m going to try it out! Btw, I’m happy to tell you that my Rosacea has calmed down significantly due to a combination of diet changes, gut healing, natural skincare, and sea buckthorn oil. Thank you for sharing so many interesting products with us, I’m definitely going to try this!

  • I just got back from the doctor I just got it removed it i was always nauseous and gained 33 lbs headaches Day 2 today I feel like a brand new woman unbelievable!!!!!!! And the doctor kept saying not to take it out until I had it AND TOLD HER ITS MY BODY LADY TAKE IT OUT!!!!

  • I avoid steam rooms and sauna like the plague. Also exercise is not good. I can drink wine though. Extreme weather is also a trigger.

  • Thanks Caroline and Rosie, I didn’t know about the no red wine but I hardly drink alcohol anyway.What about retinol on the skin I have tried The inky list one and it seemed ok on my nose where I am permanently red?? X

  • BINGO! Thank you! Now I know why my eyes are so bloodshot and constantly tearing so much it looks like I’m crying. (I sure feel like it.) Angry red on my cheeks and chin and nose and forehead. Eye doc never mentioned this even after my describing the flare and showing him a pic. I’m having the worst flare ever right now. Interstitial cystitis is flaring too, right now, but not very bad, thank goodness. But this rosacea flare is sooooo painful! Feels like sunburn and acid burn at the same time. Winter is the worst for me. Cold, dry outside, dry heated air inside.

  • The only thing that works for me is thoroughly wetting my face, wetting a scoop of Vaniply and smushing it all over my face, then wetting my face again. It’s basically a water mask that I go to bed with and it’s really helped my redness.

  • im in japan, the air is cold and dry here, sadly the also get china factor air drafts,
    I`ve tried to purchase Rozex from online however they dont deliver, im frustrated as I’ve been to countless stores in Osaka, but have not found it, ive been going to the local dermatologist here, but they just recommend the same procedure as they would with Japanese, however im not Japanese so my skin rejects the treatment, as well as the medication has side effects,

    can someone help me with a link where i can buy, that sents to Japan, or aid in this situation??

    thank you

  • Will retinol aggravate rosacea? Maybe it depends on the formulation but if you have recommendations?

    Also, thanks for the tip about cleansing oils! I had never heard this and I love them and am always trying a new one. I’ll take it out of my routine to see if it helps.

  • I live in New Jersey. You have just described me to a tee. Rosacea, very red skin around the eyes, vertical veins, and very red eyes at all times. I also have an inflammatory autoimmune skin condition called DSAP and I have lived with this for more than twenty years. HELP!

  • here you go people: 1. don’t stress yourself out 2. eat really healthy(no sugar or yeast and gluten-free) 3. use special pityriasis cream 4. lots of rest 5. (one of mine) if it’s not terribly itchy but only itchy sometimes, use a moisturizer, I use Aloe Vera Gel

  • I figured the ocular rosacea has resulted after an acute attack of blepharitus in September that has plagued me sincewarm compresses in the a.m. To reduce the swelling but it takes hoursgiven up makeup and am very dissatisfied with the ophthalmologist’s examyour information is mote helpful thank you! I am interested in how to use tea tree oil, I make my own shampoo with Castile soap, eucalyptus and peppermint. How to dilute the tea tree oil? I hate this I have never been this ugly in my whole life! ��

  • I suffer from rosacea and adult acne have done since my mid 30s. Mines is genetic as I’m a Celt, Celts are more predisposed to it. In Ireland/Scotland they refer to it as the curse of the Celts.

    I too was prescribed antibiotics and steroid cream from the dermatologist at the hospital. The dermatologist wrote to my doctor and said I need antibiotics on standby in case I have a flare up. I find taking aloe Vera capsules and probiotics, things which are good for your gut health and has inflammatory properties is good for redness and the inflamed skin.

    I don’t wear heavy foundation and lots of powders, I prefer glowy skin and using concealer where I need it, if I need it x

  • I found this so relatable. I suffered on the run up to my wedding and it was so dreadful that people would constantly stare at my face when talking to me. I eventually saw a dermatologist and had months of antibiotics to get on top of it. Like you I am now very careful with my skincare, I don’t use face masks or highly scented products, Cetaphil was amazing when things were bad. No 7 Hydra Luminous water concentrate has been incredible. I avoid foundation at all costs as that causes my skin to flair up so interesting that you use the complexion rescue. Thankyou for your tips, really helpful information. Less is more. ��

  • Hello Ladies…just came across this wonderful video on rosacea…I can so relate to Rosie…Which by the way my name is Roseanne and people call me Rose or Rosie…I have had rosacea since I was very young also…I am from the US so I use the CeraVe gentle cleanser recommended from a dermatologist (which is on YouTube Dr. Dray) she is fantastic…Works great…I also use a beautiful serum or moisturizer called ProCure Rosacea…Its green. It has licorice root which has really helped my flushing and redness. Also never never use any products with any fragrance. I also use tinted sunscreens that were recommended by the dermatologist.. I really liked all the products you showed on the video..Thanks for sharing.

  • I just had my mirena removed today and I had that same weird feeling. It was like my body took one huge sigh of relief. It’s only been a few hours, but I already feel so much better. I had the IUD for 5 years and noticed such a significant change in my overall personality. My hormones were so out of whack. I gained so much weight and I haven’t been able to lose it. The only thing I liked about the iud is that I had relatively no periods. I cant even remember the last time I had one. It’s not for everyone honestly. I’m just happy that my body can now do what it’s supposed to do on it’s own without all the extra hormones.

  • does occular rosacea cause the eye efficiency to decrease?are occular and facial rossacea same?i have facial rossacea. what can i do now…it has been since 8months…but it is not cured….till.


    I’d love to recommend my dermatologist to anyone who needs one, just because I KNOW personally how horrible it is to have bad skin and how relieving it is when you find an empathic and amazing dermatologist.

    Dr Sunil Chopra has been the specialist on ‘Ch4 Embarrassing Bodies’ and on ‘ITV’s 100 years younger‘, he’s won loads of awards and is literally the nicest guy! (I promise I’m not getting sponsored for this, just being honest)

    He’s sorted my acne, hyperpigmentation and anti aging and deals with all skin problems.
    He specialises in all races of skin. So I thoroughly recommend.

    Look up his credentials for yourself!
    Dr Sunil Chopra
    London Dermatology Centre
    Wimpole Street

  • Rosie may like to try Hado Labo sun cream from Japan. The Koi-Gokujyun sun gel has no fragrance, is spf 50, pa ++++, and is £12 for 90 grams. It was very helpful to hear Rosie’s story and I am very much looking forward to the makeup!

    It’s very difficult to know what makeup to use if your natural flush is cool toned and reddish, but you have too much redness. Warm colours can look muddy, but any pinks you add immediately draw attention to the blob of bright red on your nose where you have accidentally wiped your foundation away. It looks ridiculous to put a pink hand up to a yellow face; I’m very tired of the cover the entire face in a thick coating of yellow solution that is always trotted out. Pleased to hear that Rosie likes light makeup and am hopeful that there might be a fragrance free option.

  • I don’t have rosacea but I just have to watch my weekly dose of Caroline Barnes ❤️
    You are both su h sweet hearts ����and I am already looking forward to next week ��

  • How long did it take to go away?

    Mine has been almost 3 months and started with like heartache chest pain and I couldn’t speak loud I think it was laced marijuana! And I was tripping like I’m gona die or something n sometime I still trip thinkin I have that chest pain heart pain or wtv!!!!! ��������✅all the best

  • Hi doctors
    steriod can cause rosacea (video 2:15), did I understand it correctly?
    Would restasis help with rosacea?
    OK to perform lid hygiene 4 times a day when inflammation occurs? Many thanks.

  • i have been dealing with rosacea since i was a teen. it’s horrible. i remember everyone always commenting on my ability to have a full face flush at the drop of a hat, and you can just feel that heat and it can stay forever!!! thankfully i never got to the break-out bumpy stage (currently 38y/o) but i have broken vessels on my cheeks and my face i just always red all the time now.

    but my issue is i have extremely oil skin, and cetaphil and cerva are so gentle my skin never gets clean, and then i break out because i’m too greasy:(

  • Thank you for the recommendations. Ive had it since May 8. I went to the derm and she told me the same thing no treatment, except she told me to buy an otc Sarna Lotion from the pharmacy and soak in an oatmeal bath. Thats it. I havent taken anything except Claritin, bc I do suffer from allergies. It has gotten itchier, but It has also spread across my entire torso and some on my back. Minimally on my forearms, but there. Unfortunately, I cannot go to a tanning bed ( due to corona virus health precautions ), but I am trying to get real sunlight if at all possible. Thanks for sharing the etsy cream. My derm also told me to lay off Biotin, which I initially used and supplements. I am a bit scared to try probiotics, bc she did not specify on whether to stop taking them or not, but she did say to lay off the supplements.

  • In Finland, where I live is really cold and windy.

    My cheeks are red and sore and makeup is not always

    a good idea, because many makeup burns.

    Thanks for the good tips

  • I had it this is my second time. What I did was take anti viral
    Its in the herpes family. So a anti viral worked fast I also took a chinese remedy called vs-c and L-Lysine 1000mg. Got rid of it immediately. Hope tr his helps. Also idk if the fact that Im melinated has anything to do with it. But yaay I’m clear

  • i have kyleena and i think the side effects are a lot more subdued than mirena, but i have had AWFUL cramping and bloating, which i almost never suffered from before. my lower stomach is a lot more protruding now than it was before. i get cramps on random days, and i didn’t used to get cramps. my periods are lighter, but they now last for nearly two weeks, although it is more like spotting. when i first got it put in, i bled for at least 2 months straight. but yeah i still get a lot of random pains which is so frustrating

  • Estou com preguiça de digitar em inglês, mas queria muito comentar que eu AMEI esse vídeo!! É um pouco estranho ver tantos falando sobre o ex dela que eu nem sei quem é (mas aparentemente é mega famoso… sinto que vão brigar comigo por não saber x.x’). Eu achei ela muito linda e carismática, não é aquela beleza inalcançável, ela pareceu “gente como a gente”, fofa sem forçar. O melhor pra mim foi poder ouvir ela falando as duas línguas!!! s2s2s2<3<3<3

  • I loved Mirena. I had it 5 years. My periods stopped,even thou my ovulation symptoms came stronger. Now i’ve been 5 months without because we are trying to have a child and my periods came back but not that heavy flow I had before IUD. I’m gonna take Mirena again after possible pregnancy ��

  • If i already have eyelid foam cleanser, do i still need to have the spray one? If i need both of them then which one should i apply first

  • hey,if anyone else wants to discover

    best makeup for rosacea

    try Mackorny Facial Miracle Blueprint ( search on google )? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my brother in law got excellent success with it.

  • I start having it 3 weeks ago and I still notice some new appearing �� the one thing I can swear that it’s making it worse is sugar! Every time I eat something sweet I feel like I’m going to die from itching. I’ve stopped eating sugar for 2 days and it’s such a relief guys.

    I’ll stop eating bread, sweets and dairy.
    Then I’ll see if anything change ��

  • My experience was opposite. I had the IUD for 3 years and the beginning was rough as the insertion caused inflammation to my cervix, I experienced some pretty intense pain periodically during the first 7-8 months. After that adjustment period it was wonderful. I had light to no periods, my metabolism seemed higher (I ate a bunch and my weight never fluctuated) and I had tons of energy. I didn’t struggle with any acne or skin issues or even cramps. I had it removed and since then it has royally sucked, hormones and mood swings. Huge flowing periods, weight gain, and fatigue. I’m now pregnant (experienced these things well before pregnancy) and cannot wait to get my IUD back in after having this baby. I miss it, so!

  • I been having it for a week now it itches so bad especially my scalp I got it in my neck my stomach and arms is getting more dots as day goes by I just stared a new job at the clinic I been wearing a long shirt �� I try not to scratch I can’t help it I finally went to the er The dr diagnosed me with this the dr just prescribe me a cream if don’t go away he recommended me a dermatologist I hope it goes away i have so much stress and anxiety I’m gonna try to relax and not stress my self I pray it go away soon

  • Ive got no questions and dont suffer from this condition but know u will have helped so many people with this. Wonderful work, lovely ladies ��

  • I got told it as ringworm and was given soap and antifungal which did nothing. Second Dr. Said Nope that’s not ringworm that’s Pityriasis Rosesia. Send me to the dermatologist who confirmed it was PR.

  • I got mine removed two weeks ago. I did notice I am able to control my appetite but I am having headaches every day but I believe is because my body adjusting. I will post my weight loss progress.

  • I’ve had it for 3 months now �� I just want it to go away already. I thought it had gone away but it just came back stronger. Now I have it everywhere, and nothing seems to help.

  • I am prone to rosacea too. I agree with everything you say. I use avocado oil to remove my makeup.
    Then a mild cleanser to clean my skin. Yes, less is more. Absolutely no perfume in skincare and no
    red wine.

  • i have this now (i think) i have so much like its all over my body and my self esteem just went down the drain. i have so much marks because i have brown skin. i was wondering if bio oil helps to remove the marks?

  • I am suffering from p. Rosea from past 10 years and my age is 27
    Can you please tell me how to heal my p. rosea and the diet, what to eat and not.