Reversing An Overdose Isn t Complicated, But Obtaining The Antidote Could Be


Overdoses and Antidotes

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“Save Me from O.D.” How to Reverse an Opioid Overdose Naloxone Tutorial

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Reversing an overdose

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Opioid Overdose and Naloxone Reversal

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Teaching Friends & Family How to Reverse a Drug Overdose: Project Hope

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Updated “Save Me from OD How to Reverse an Opioid Overdose” a Naloxone tutorial

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Reversing an overdose isn’t complicated, but getting the antidote can be

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Reversing An Overdose Isn’t Complicated, But Getting The Antidote Can Be 3:19 Public Health Reversing An Overdose Isn’t Complicated, But Getting The Antidote Can Be. The U.S. surgeon general has recommended that naloxone, the opioid overdose reversal drug, be widely available to consumers. But there are several barriers to consumers’ ability to acquire it. Reversing An Overdose Isn’t Complicated, But Getting The Antidote Can Be.

By Jake Harper, Side Effects Public Media May 16, Reversing An Overdose Isn’t Complicated, But Getting The. Reversing An Overdose Isn’t Complicated, But Getting The Antidote Can Be By editor • May 7, 2018 The Surgeon General recommends more Americans carry naloxone, the opioid overdose antidote. Jake.

Reversing An Overdose Isn’t Complicated, But Getting The Antidote Can Be Obtaining the treatment for opioid overdose – and helping to save lives – can be challenging, but it is supposed to be getting. As you may have heard, the United States surgeon general issued an advisory recently. More people, he says, should carry naloxone, the opioid overdose antidote. Every state and the District of Columbia now have laws to increase access to this lifesaving drug.

But it can be hard to get. Reversing An Overdose Isn’t Complicated, But Getting The Antidote Can Be. Jake Harper • May 7, 2018. Share. The Surgeon General recommends more Americans carry naloxone, the opioid overdose antidote.

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Reversing An Overdose Isn’t Complicated, But Getting The Antidote Can Be The Surgeon General recommends more Americans carry naloxone, the opioid overdose antidote. Reversing overdose isn’t complicated, but getting the antidote can be. By News Service Report. referring to a brand-name version of the opioid overdose antidote, naloxone. “Which sounds so. Last month, U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams issued an advisory urging more Americans to learn to use naloxone, and carry it with them in case they encounter someone who has overdosed..

With the increase in overdoses nationwide, the advisory suggests that lay responders — people who may witness an overdose before police or EMS arrive — can play a critical role in saving lives.

List of related literature:

The drug which works by rapidly reversing opioid overdose can be administered legally by anyone and not only saves lives by reversing a potentially fatal overdose but can help avoid the brain and other organ damage caused by the hypoxic effects of overdose.

“Harm Reduction in Substance Use and High-Risk Behaviour” by Richard Pates, Diane Riley
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A geriatric patient may also intentionally overdose in an attempt to commit suicide.

“Emergency: Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured” by American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
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For benzodiazepine overdose, a specific antidote is available to reverse sedation, coma, and respiratory depression.

“Clinical Drug Therapy for Canadian Practice” by Kathleen Marion Brophy, Heather Scarlett-Ferguson, Karen S. Webber, Anne Collins Abrams, Carol Barnett Lammon
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If the patient is overdosed with an anticoagulant, prompt action is needed to reverse the action of the drug.

“Nursing Practice: Knowledge and Care” by Ian Peate, Karen Wild, Muralitharan Nair
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A geriatric patient may also intentionally overdose in a suicide attempt.

“Nancy Caroline's Emergency Care in the Streets” by Nancy L. Caroline, Bob Elling, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Mike Smith
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But the reader should be cautioned that high liver drug concentrations (or high concentrations in any other tissue or fluid) do not necessarily translate into suicidal ‘overdose’.

“Handbook of Forensic Medicine” by Burkhard Madea
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Coma and respiratory failure are rare, despite overdoses of up to 40 times the normal dose, although intubation may be required, particularly if there are co-ingestants.26 Zolpidem overdose in children follows a similarly benign course.

“Rosen's Emergency Medicine Concepts and Clinical Practice, 2-Volume Set,Expert Consult Premium Edition Enhanced Online Features and Print,7: Rosen's Emergency Medicine Concepts and Clinical Practice, 2-Volume Set” by John A. Marx, Robert S. Hockberger, Ron M. Walls, James Adams
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A patient who becomes enzyme induced by taking rifampicin is more likely to develop liver toxicity after paracetamol overdose by increased production of a hepatotoxic metabolite.

“Clinical Pharmacology” by Morris J. Brown, Pankaj Sharma, Peter N. Bennett
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The patient may not have adhered to the recommended regimen, resulting in overdosing, underdosing, or (most commonly) episodic dosing, the latter two resulting in the adverse outcome of unexpected or periodic treatment failure.

“Drug-induced Diseases: Prevention, Detection, and Management” by James E. Tisdale, Douglas A. Miller, American Society of Health-System Pharmacists
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With intensive medical support, survival rates of 50-60% occur with hepatic failure, complicating acetaminophen overdose (may be as high as 90%) and with fulminant HAV or HBV infection.

“Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics E-Book” by Robert M. Kliegman, Bonita F. Stanton, Joseph St. Geme, Nina F Schor, Richard E. Behrman
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  • Bad dramatization. When EMTs show up they have everything but the kitchen sink hiked over their back and you will never see a crowd clear so fast. When they arrive, they want you the heck out of the way so they can get right to work ripping stuff out of their arsenal of goodies!

  • If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, please call for some help. We are losing a whole generation. Please call before it is to late. 1 800 411 2600. A Road to Recovery is here for you!

  • my friend died 3 nights ago from canisters or ‘hippy crack’. the fact he barely ever done any of shit whereas his friends do it all time proves it only takes one bad pill or one wrong inhalation. please please be careful. i believe his purpose was to make our area a better place as it’s really bad for drugs. he was always so different from his friends he was the most respectful person i’ve ever met. i’m never gonna forget him.

  • My mom is a quadriplegic… and has had many spine surgeries and has lived with chronic pain for decades.
    She’s now in the ICU from a accidental overdose of Norco. She is in a coma. She’s 65 not 20.. not 30.. Addiction or accidental overdose can happen to anyone. Not just what we think of as the picture of what a addict is

  • It’s really unwise to do drugs. I have little sympathy for people who know they’re doing something bad, but keep doing it anyway. If you don’t want to get addicted, don’t try it in the first place.

  • My brother died of a overdose and since then I do t see happiness I want him back I wish I could of been the one to die instead of him I only see aloneness no happiness I hope he comes back one day for I can feel his hug once again �� watching this video and typing this made me cry so hard like I did when he died ������ words can’t express how I feel with out him ����

  • I’m asking for a friend. Her son apparently took herion with fentanyl. He was with some family and friends this night. Story I got nobody even tried to help my child and they never picked up a phone to dial 3 numbers 911. Is it such a law if nobody tries to help just stand by watch someone die.

  • There is a reason for not making naloxone extremely available.
    A competent chemist could convert naloxone to oxycotin in 2 steps, noloxone to morphine in 3 steps and naloxone to heroin in 4 steps. The hardest part is dealkylation of the amine, most routes call for the use of paladium triphenylphosphine which is not easily prepared but acts catalytically so could be recycled.

  • Instead of spending so much money on more medicine why not just legalize or at least decriminalize and give the dosage information needed because that would save much more money and lives or just put up a website for dosages and stuff people wouldn’t give up on drugs anytime soon so why not take the time to post up a drug calculator online and finally stop putting people who own drugs on jail and help them for f sake they are patients not criminals it’s ridiculous to close them up find out the reason they do it maybe it’s addiction and drugs are addictive but even the most non addictive drug can be addicted to it depends on life situation and give them support finally not jail time don’t threat them like they murdered someone give them to doctors not police

  • Gonna drop this here for someone who needs to see this.

    RITE AIDE PHARMACY is giving out FREE Naloxone kits for families of addicts or parents who want them etc to have in their emergency kits! Check out RITE AIDE pharmacy in the states to get one of these kits! Be safe friends & family & parents.
    A sister & daughter of a family of heroin and meth users❤️

  • Please if you someone you know or are you may be concerned you’ll come across an overdose, most insurance cover narcan and it’s easy to obtain

  • I m stucked in the addiction of avil.
    I started about 7 to 8 years ago..
    Not Even Avil.
    My dosage of taking pills was 5 Avil 25 tabs.. along with every kind of sleeping pills.
    Approximately 60 tabs in a day.
    Got addicted and took steps upward in intoxications.
    Alcohol٫ Weed, Marijuana, in short i diid every kind of intoxications…
    Now i m recovered after 2 years from Everykind of drugs except avil 25 tab injtecting in iv my veins are gettin disappeared.
    I tried once to never inject or using 25 mg powder tablet..
    But the result was so fuckin hard and it goes like the way i cant describe.
    unable to breath, indigestion, anxiety and much more..
    I m very upset i want to quit i want my life back. But how??
    I m medical student sometimes i use to inject vetereny avil injections with 5ml 1ml contains 25 mg…
    If i quit or try to get off and get rid from this this makes me unable to pee disable every kind of my body parts.
    I m a muslim.
    Islam doesnt allow to hurt yourself.
    Dear brothers and sisters give me some steps guidelines to avoid these shit.
    My life is ruined any My Lord Will Never Forgive me..

  • i’m sorry but i say fuck them. Its basically a get out of jail free card so it lets them keep using and getting high. let them die because they will never learn.

  • I feel like my parents overdose on alcohol basically every day and yesterday they drank half a gallon of Captain Morgan from 2-10 pm and I’m really scared for them and my mom woke up today feeling sick from it and they didn’t even realize they drank so much.:(

  • These people knowingly engage in a high risk life style. Now they’ve invented a drug that will help them to continue their addiction. Can’t invent a cure for cancer, vitiligo, diabetes but people who were born perfectly fine get 2nd chances x’s 10,000. Cancer meds aren’t free but this “cure” is…

  • I really need one of these kits.. Myself, my dad & mother are recovering Heroin addicts & I actually will be clean 2 yrs in April. My mom had a massive heart attack because of the methadone she was taking trying to get off heroin caused a prolonged QT in her heart & she had the massive heart attack. She was dead for 4½ minutes. (taking 120 milligrams a day at 70 years old) I did CPR & called 911.
    I’m so grateful I came home when I did. I myself was at the hospital for chest pains & was told I need to stay because they needed to do a MRI. I said no. I need to go home something isn’t right… I made it home on the last bus that night & it was barely 10-15 mins later my mom went into cardiac arrest. Had I stayed at the hospital for my test & came home next day I would of found my mom dead.
    Thank You Jesus I made it home in time. But I do really need one of these kits and I know my doctor won’t give it to me just in case my mom needs it because they did put her on morphine I really need this kit…

  • Sorry for my lack of sympathy but the hazards of taking basement made opioids is such common knowledge there’s no excuse. It’s like pointing a six shooter with only one bullet loaded at your head for the chance of five thrills. Listen to a police scanner from any city and the 24/7 non stop calls for od’s and average $10,000 for each call. Just the ambulance ride is over $2,000 then the police investigation, the hospital stay and evaluation and then the programs. Your right, your body, somebody else’s money…

  • never feel sorry for people that chose to live this way. They are a waste of tax payers money to be taking them to ER when others need it more for more important reasons.

    Edit: CNN is FAKE NEWS

  • This just happened to me last night paramedics saved my life with narcan I didn’t vomit when I woke up I just felt I was in a dream then it all came clear

  • My only question is who would tape that and be so calm while tapeing it. This video is giving me pts and making me think about all the ones I seen die.

  • …it IS a challenge for us to live a normal life. You took the easy way.

    Clearly she has enough money for a well landscaped apartment and a car and rehab treatment. What the fuck does she know about struggling?

  • There’s also a bad thing to handing this stuff out to whomever may want to “help” someone. I was misdiagnosed and in the ER for a migraine and they gave me IV benedryl to help with the headache and a few other IV meds and I was heavily sedated. They started freaking the hell out and I didn’t know why because I was answering their questions and I was responsive. My O2 sat was a bit low, but when you’re in incredible pain from a migraine it’s typical to skip breaths and it’s not uncommon for someone to be low o2 with a migraine. I am on methadone treatment and I did not take my dose at that particular day and I knew it was in my chart, so I didn’t bother to include it in the list of “illegal drugs” this idiot respitory therapist was asking me that I was on. He was rifiling through my stuff and found an empty bottle of xanax that I gave to my clinic to show my perscription and he was accusitory like “How many of these did you take?” and he kept baggering me and then he tricked me and said “I’m going to give you something to help wake you up” and he administered narcan to me under false pretexts HIGHLY UNETHICAL BTW and I all this sudden felt like I was dying. I told him “I take methadone you idiot, you can’t give me that.” and for 15 minutes I had to fight for my life as I went into precipitated acute withdrawl syndrome and I went under cardiac arrest and stopped breathing entirely for a whole minute. I was blue in the face and that didn’t happen till AFTER the narcan was administered. I remember the stupid guy was standing in the back still trying to justify his actions as he was being scolded by the nurses and doctors around him for his complete and utter lack of judgment and failure of asking a simple question and HE DIDN’T EVEN LOOK AT MY CHART!! Had he done that, he would have easily known what medications I take, it’s right there in the chart. He assumed I was some junkie oding in the ER and started to try and play mr hero and he nearly killed me.

    Life is not always so black and white. People rush to judgment over the slightest things and I am pissed about it and the only thing that gives me solace is knowing that there is an investigation goign on in this matter so I just want people like him who are accusitory and rush to judging others… you could be killing them by trying to “save them”. MAKE SURE TO ASK ABOUT METHADONE AND OTHER TREATMENTS. The question he SHOULD have asked is “have you taken any opiates within the past 24 hours” I would have responded accordingly. He asked me about “illegal drugs” and just to prove that the methadone was NOT the cause of my respitory depression, I took the dose 20 hours prior, and the doctor was forced to push 2mg of morphine into my IV to reverse the affect of the narcan. So good job mr RT you almost killed me.

  • “I felt like I wasn’t good enough to take care of her”

    Well seeing as you’re overdosing on heroine while you have a 19 month old daughter… you’re right, you’re not good enough to take care of her.

  • I overdosed last year on about 90 pils because i tried to kill myself. All i can say is do not do drugs or try to overdose. My grandma found me the next morning and if it wasnt for her finding me I probably wouldnt be alive.

  • Once my doctor gave my mecdidce he made me take to much and I was spting up blood and my inside of my body was leaking blood I was dying but then I was taken to an abumble and got treated if that did not Happen I would not be here right now

  • Death by Drug overdosine surpassed auto accident death 5 years ago and now STILL in 2020 he have artists who promote drugs that can kill you. Why? Worse yet most of these “Artists” are the new younger rappers who young people feel they can relate to. It’s quite sick what what the ”music” industry puts out without caring who it will affect the most. You want to see the end of accidental overdoing? Then stop buying and listening to CRAP MUSIC! I don’t care how cool or sick it is. If it could influence someone you know to KILL themselves accidentally or not, do you really want to help that artist to thrive so he can encourage more and more youths to use and use and use until they die? Only WE can end this. And don’t think to yourself “well I only listen through YouTube. I’m not promoting them” YES YOU ARE! EVERYTIME you listen to a song the artist receives a royalty for you listening. Also the more popular a song becomes, the more endorsements that it can receive via YouTube commericals.

  • It’s called personal responsibility, hell I take morphine everyday after 3 failed back surgeries, I will be injured the rest of my life, i still raise my kids, run a company I own thats profitable and you would never know I take it, some people are just weak

  • Peopleis jot necessary for you to go teough this we have to fight life in many ways i strughle too but i fight my life diferent way you have to be strong and stop it and know that the devil will tempt you but you must remember your owm promise everyday

  • 60units? What units is he using exactly? Lol

    By the way: this isn’t fake, That’s literally exactly what Narcan does, it’s pretty simple. But it is NOT an antidote, it temporarily blocks the effect of the drug.

  • The only way to stop the drug crisis, is to stop the availability of drugs, I propose the to stop the trafficking of drugs by proscription or other wise is to execute the traffickers, no mercy.

  • But then they wouldn’t be able to keep track of druggies. Not in a condescending term but in an ironic term. That’s how the govt thinks.

  • I feel like it’s not about loving someone enough but if you have a friend or even someone your with that has overdosed and you have narcan it’s a lot easier to try to bring someone back than to deal with a dead body lol. I’ve had to narcan a few people and most weren’t even people I particularly liked

  • its crazy cuz doctors and researchers are worried because they have found an antidote for this overdose that people will not think about the risk of dying because they can just get a shot.