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Better sex In men, regular exercise appears to be a natural Viagra: It’s associated with a lower risk of erectile problems. In one study, sedentary middle-aged men assigned to participate in a. Sex might get your heart rate up, but regular exercise can help your sexual performance by keeping your heart in shape.

Thirty minutes a day of sweat-breaking exercise, such as running and. 10) It improves heart health. Contrary to popular belief that rigorous sex can up your risk of a heart attack or stroke, regular orgasms can actually help protect you against cardiovascular disease. There are few things better than finding a form of exercise that barely feels like exercise at all, which is just another reason why masturbation can be such a blessing. 10.

Masturbating increases. One of the leading reasons you may say you are too tired for sex is that you don’t want to face a problem in your relationship.. “It can be a. A healthy sex life not only is fulfilling, but also is good for other aspects of your life, including your physical health and self-esteem.

The reason seems to be two-fold: psychologically you feel better about yourself and more inclined towards sex, and physically, being fit improves libido, blood circulation and. It might help to start with the Get to know your body exercise first. Don’t be self-conscious. If this exercise makes you feel a bit self-conscious, remind yourself that the better you know yourself, the better your sex life will be. Getting sexually aroused while doing this is not the aim, although it may happen. You’ll find the feelings soon.

Swipe to advance. 1/15. Sharpens Your Mind. Sex has been linked to the making of new brain cells, and that’s a good thing. People over 50 who had more sex were better able to recall numbers and.

Not only is it a workout, but this move makes sex feel better. “Engaging and squeezing the kegel muscles and lower abdominal muscles increases pleasure for.

List of related literature:

Exercise Actively Combats Disease Good health is far more than an active sex life and the absence of disease—it’s the ability to maintain strength, movement, and balance.

“The Life Plan: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex, and a Stronger, Leaner Body” by Jeffry S. Life
from The Life Plan: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex, and a Stronger, Leaner Body
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Regular physical activity makes the body healthier and stronger; it also reduces the risk for disease and other negative health outcomes.

“New Dimensions in Women's Health” by Linda Lewis Alexander, Judith H. LaRosa, Helaine Bader, Susan Garfield
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In addition to improving your physique, maintaining a healthy weight through exercise can reduce the risk of developing certain diseases, like type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, which can cause a plethora of problems ranging from blood clots and kidney disease to heart attacks and strokes.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
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Physical activity also reduces the risk of developing diabetes, hypertension, and colon cancer; enhances mental health; fosters healthy muscles, bones, and joints; and helps maintain function and preserve independence in older adults.

“Encyclopedia of Disability” by Gary L Albrecht, Sharon L. Snyder, Thomson Gale (Firm), Jerome Bickenbach, David T. Mitchell, Sage Publications, Walton O. Schalick, III
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Regular exercise is also related to sexual health.

“Essentials of Psychiatric Nursing” by Mary Ann Boyd, Rebecca Luebbert
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In addition, regular exercise increases cardiovascular endurance and improves blood flow, two important factors that contribute to greater sexual satisfaction.

“Hope in the Age of Anxiety” by Anthony Scioli, Henry Biller
from Hope in the Age of Anxiety
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Exercise and other forms of physical activity are increasingly appreciated as important tools for reducing the risk for common noncommunicable diseases (e.g., cardiovascular diseases, diabetes) and contributing to a longer, healthier life span.

“Introduction to Kinesiology: Studying Physical Activity” by Shirl J. Hoffman, Duane V. Knudson
from Introduction to Kinesiology: Studying Physical Activity
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Exercise is also important for health promotion in patients with HIV/AIDS.

“Palliative Care Nursing: Quality Care to the End of Life” by Marianne Matzo, PhD, APRN-CNP, FPCN, FAAN, Deborah Witt Sherman, PhD, APRN, ANP-BC, ACHPN, FAAN
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The widespread hypertrophy in sexual matters was dangerous because people might say “gentle things” instead of working for the revolution, and this is why Lenin – in his response to Clara Zetkin – insisted that the youth should devote themselves to healthy sport, swimming, walking, and bodily exercise.

“The Radicality of Love” by Srecko Horvat
from The Radicality of Love
by Srecko Horvat
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It also is crucial to not be sedentary, which decreases fitness, promotes weight gain, and negatively impacts overall health and sexual health.

“Integrative Sexual Health” by Barbara Bartlik, Geovanni Espinosa, Janet Mindes, Andrew Weil
from Integrative Sexual Health
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  • While overall a good video planks are actually a really shitty exervise and have been shown in the literature not be that effective that said it might help in your purpose

  • It helps body dysmorphia a lot. Do my thighs look fat? Who cares. I can leg press more than my body weight. Do my arms look okay? Who cares. I’m a boxer. Are my hips too wide? Who cares. I run daily. Seeing what your body can do makes you see it in a whole new light

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    thank you

  • It’s been a week I haven’t been in the gym due to the changes in the work schedule and I always feel sleepless. But I’m so glad I’m able to see this video and now I’m really motivated to go back

  • Felt like it was more than a 5 minute long video lol because of how rich it was in content! Definitely motivated to keep exercising! Now..let me do my evening cardio since I’ve been procrastinating all day. Thanks! Will watch again!

  • If I went to the gym I would just cry in the corner eating pop tarts. I wouldn’t actually but seriously I hate exercising in the gym �� I exercise in my bedroom and wake up early to walk my dog in the mornings as well as in the afternoon.

  • You’re fucking amazing! I just found your 20 minute workout and I stayed up with you and that makes me feel like a bad ass!! Thank you!

  • Only reason I do exercise is to look good and finally wear those cute bathing suits… the motivation that keeps me going is the thought of me being skinny. All of my friends are skinny so I feel really bad

  • Calisthenics help alot because if you lift your own body weight fairly easily you can pick her up with her legs wrapped around your back and pin her against the wall!

  • A motivation I give myself to exercise:  Treat it as a daily bodily requirement.  Skipping eating is not an option.  For me, skipping baths and grooming is not an option.  Ignoring sleep is not an option.  Exercise in some form should be considered a requirement for self-maintenance, whether it’s a vigorous daily walk or a high-powered cardio workout. 

    Never, ever push yourself beyond what you can reasonably do.  So many people start out at full tilt when they first try to exercise, torture themselves to the point of exhaustion, and wonder how anyone ever does it regularly  Attempting an intense kickboxing workout the first day you start a regimen is setting yourself up for failure.  Many people seem to believe exercise should be agonizing and painful.  No, no, no. 

    Start gradually and build your endurance.  If you feel pain, back off.  Exercise should be an exertion, but exercise that’s hurting you is just asking for injury (slight muscle soreness after the fact is a different matter, especially if you’re working on strength training).  If you are performing some kind of martial art, focus on getting your forms right.  Doing them improperly will lead to injury down the road.

    Allow yourself some rare exceptions to skip when you’re absolutely exhausted or sick, and rest from all exercise at least one scheduled day a week if you’ve gotten in the other days.

    Also, I joined a gym class.  We meet six days a week.  I feel far more motivated to go if I know a class is going on.  Interacting with fellow class members is good camaraderie, and we can help keep each other on track.

    Get to it!!

  • I’ve endurance problems. I’ve tried my best to cure that problem but it still doesn’t work and it takes the motivation away. I am pretty good at Taekwondo, I practice 3 times a week. Do you have any advice? Also I’d tell you that you do amazing videos and that push me to keep trying! Thanks from France! Hope you get it, still working on my english:-)

  • VERY HELPFUL. I am 70, been doing Qigong 15 minutes a day for years, but occasional have hip problem. this was excellent. thanks so much.

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  • Hey Matt, thank you so much for explaining things SO clearly my PT here has me doing the abduction and adduction and it’s aggravating my miniscus on the inside of both knees is there a better way to use the ball and belt or should I just do what you’re doing? I do have shoulder issues thank you!

  • Thank you so much! I tried these last night and was able to sleep better. I now do them a few times a day and right before bedtime.

  • Do you have any suggestions about how to relieve tailbone pain. They don’t see anything wrong with it they say it’s not broken or fractured. I very much so beg to differ. I know it moves freely. Every once in a while it’ll stay in place like it’s supposed to… I’m guessing by some of the exercises I do… other times it hurts like hell.

  • OMG, I have been looking for something forever to relieve the pain from sitting so long, and YOU have nailed it, this helps SO much! Thank you!

  • Great exercises. Wondering if doing these exercises while laying on my back are just as effective. My hip is all out of balance but I haven’t given up.

  • You can use this practical, easy-to-follow program to release your hip flexors for more strength dan health

  • Just to clarify, when i do the first part of the exercise where i try to lift my thigh up towards my chest, should my foot sit flat on the floor at all times or is it okay if it lifts off the ground ever so slightly? Does it have an impact on the effectiveness of the exercise or is it all good so long as i’m trying to lift my leg and bracing against it with my arm?

  • I have permanent pain, sitting or standing, under my butt cheek, right near the ischial tuberosity. Only thing that relieves it (temporarily) is lying flat on my face, or cross fibre massage. Had it for 3 years and I don’t know how to cure it. My face has changed as I’m grimacing from 3 years of permanent pain. My doctors are useless.

  • The music is pretty intense but it suits the video.
    And I like that it shows people of all ages and all types working out…
    You don’t have to be good at working out, you just need to start and maintain the determination to continue and get those awesome advantages
    There’s an article that reminds me of the things that you mentioned here,
    I’ll leave it here for those who want a worded reminder of some of it’s benefits:)

  • Yes! Exercise is good for health.

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  • I have horrible iliopsoas pain when I sit and I absolutely hate it. I also get pain in my lower back on one side.

    Naproxen is the only thing I can take to relieve the pain but I don’t want an ulcer or GI bleeding ��…. glucosamine with Boswella has helped a little and I stopped taking naproxen but I still have pain when sitting. I can’t stand it.

    I also want to constantly stretch into ER and Abduction of the R hip and tighten my R glutes. Is this normal??? I don’t have any disc bulges or herniations. No SI joint issues from what my X-ray shows. Just a small little curve in my lumbar spine but don’t really see how it can be this debilitating it’s mild:( any help or suggestions???

  • Sir jese gym me muscles pe workout krte he to usme pump aata he or gym chhodne ke bad wo muscle loose ho jati he….
    Usi trh kegels ka side effect rhta he ki unko ek bar krna start krne ke bad hmesha krte rhna pdta he wrna wo phle se bhut loose ho jayegi.

    Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Will you guys do a video that 1) show how to relieve knee pain when sitting (medial area when knee is bent 90 degrees)
    2) stretches (lengthens) your SCM muscle
    Thanks for all the great videos

  • Thank you im definately feeling in different, are they on to help with mucsle spasms? or will this exercises help too? Btw say prayer i go on monday to find out if im my bones strong enough. for that hip replacement. Thank you god bless you

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