Racial Status and also the Pandemic A Combustible Mixture


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Covid-19 and the racial divide in America

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Coronavirus exposes racial disparity in the US

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How COVID-19 is highlighting racial disparities in Americans’ health

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Racial Status and the Pandemic: A Combustible Mixture. Officials and commentators said little about race early in the pandemic, recalled Rucker, now 70 and the executive director of OnTrack, a diversity consulting firm. “Could this have made a difference in some way? no matter what their immigration status is. Racial Status And The Pandemic: A Combustible Mixture. By Anna Almendrala May 12, 2020. Officials and commentators said little about race early in the pandemic, recalled Rucker, now 70 and the executive director of OnTrack, a diversity consulting firm.

Racial Status And The Pandemic: A Combustible Mixture. By Anna Almendrala May 1. Racial Status and The Pandemic: A Combustible Mixture Could public health messages targeting African Americans have helped millions like her better prepare for the disease’s onslaught.

Racial status and the pandemic: A combustible mixture. Download PDF Copy; Officials and commentators said little about race early in the pandemic, recalled Rucker, now 70 and the executive. Racial status and the pandemic: A combustible mixture In early March, Madalynn Rucker, then 69, agonized over whether to close her Sacramento consultancy office. On the 16th, she finally succumbed.

Racial Status And The Pandemic: A Combustible Mixture. By: Anna Almendrala. Officials and commentators said little about race early in the pandemic, recalled Rucker, now 70 and the executive director of OnTrack, a diversity consulting firm. no matter what their immigration status is. Racial status and the pandemic: A combustible mixture. Anna Almendrala, Kaiser Health News on May 13, 2020.

Officials and commentators said little about race early in the pandemic, recalled Rucker, now 70 and the executive director of OnTrack, a diversity consulting firm. meant that specific racial disparities weren’t a foregone conclusion. Racial status and the pandemic: A combustible mixture. By. shalw May 13, 2020. 0. 42. Share.

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Viber. In early March, Madalynn Rucker, then 69, agonized over whether to close her Sacramento consultancy office. On the 16th, she finally.

Racial Status and the Pandemic: A Combustible Mixture. Kaiser Health News. The Mighty. 13 May 2020.

Reblog. Share. Tweet. Officials and commentators said little about race early in the pandemic, recalled Rucker, now 70 and the executive director of OnTrack, a diversity consulting firm. no matter what their immigration status is.

Racial Status and the Pandemic: A Combustible Mixture By Anna Almendrala In early March, Madalynn Rucker, then 69, agonized over whether to close her Sacramento consultancy office.

List of related literature:

For the right, race mixing is a form of ‘‘pollution’’ that requires intermittent processes of ethnic cleansing, which can take the form of genocide, segregation, or simply rural terrorism (the kind practiced by the Ku Klux Klan, the Confederate Knights of America, and the White Aryan Resistance).

“Visible Identities: Race, Gender, and the Self” by Linda Martín Alcoff
from Visible Identities: Race, Gender, and the Self
by Linda Martín Alcoff
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That is, both race and class inequalities and chemical toxins operate and cooperate in ways that cause harm across social, spatial, and temporal boundaries, while also producing opportunities for creative resistance among communities that might normally be quiescent and disconnected.

“Resisting Global Toxics: Transnational Movements for Environmental Justice” by David Naguib Pellow
from Resisting Global Toxics: Transnational Movements for Environmental Justice
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While working-class whites are often affected, the study found that race was the most significant variable associated with the location of hazardous waste sites.

“Dictionary of Latino Civil Rights History” by F. Arturo Rosales
from Dictionary of Latino Civil Rights History
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Questions about the role that environmental hazards play in determining racial/ethnic differences in intelligence can be answered.

“Human Intelligence” by Earl Hunt
from Human Intelligence
by Earl Hunt
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With this last hypothesis, Gordon had in mind the collapse of prejudice and discrimination against the group, a surge of intermarriage involving group members, and the disappearance of salient differences between the immigrant group and the host majority.

“Encyclopedia of Social Problems” by Vincent N. Parrillo
from Encyclopedia of Social Problems
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nant meanings of race and expected racial interactions.

“White Bound: Nationalists, Antiracists, and the Shared Meanings of Race” by Matthew Hughey
from White Bound: Nationalists, Antiracists, and the Shared Meanings of Race
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The workgroup submitted its report in February 1992 and concluded that although there is a lack of data on actual environmental health effects by race, differences in exposure to some environmental pollutants are correlated with race and socioeconomic factors.

“Environmental Science: The Way the World Works” by Bernard J. Nebel, Richard T. Wright
from Environmental Science: The Way the World Works
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Instead, racial-ethnic moderation effects involve differential strength of relationship versus direction of relationship between diversity climate and its outcomes.

“Research in Personnel and Human Resources Management” by M. Ronald Buckley, Anthony R. Wheeler, Jonathon R. B. Halbesleben
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This research led to mixed results, and neither of the two developing distinct traditions recognized that team diversity was associated with both positive and negative effects (van Knippenberg et al., 2004).

“The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of the Psychology of Team Working and Collaborative Processes” by Eduardo Salas, Ramon Rico, Jonathan Passmore
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Race: Determination of race will be impossible in cases of major fire and severe decomposition.

“Encyclopedia of Forensic Sciences” by Jay A. Siegel, Pekka J. Saukko
from Encyclopedia of Forensic Sciences
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  • U need race data so that u can divide Ppl on the base of them getting affected more or less by cov 19. So u can politicize whole pandemic based on ur pseudo Liberal but sinister Anti National Agenda.

  • “O you mankind, surely We created you of a male and a female, and We have made you races and tribes that you may get mutually acquainted. Surely the most honorable among you in the Providence of Allah are the most pious; surely Allah is Ever-Knowing, Ever-Cognizant.”

  • FAKE NEWS, this all comes non-peer-reviewed studies and they state a lack of vitamin D, nothing to do with racism and you were sexiest the narrative is women are most affected, overall if you believe this rubbish then you believe Africa will have millions dead from convid but does it?

  • Hmm, if you’ve embraced the belief that everyone is equal no matter income or race then for what reason do you CHOOSE to not live in their neighborhoods? Every college business course has a class on cultural norms both domestic and international. To ignore those norms results in poor relations and failure. Those same norms apply to local interactions yet it cannot overcome or overlook things critical to success and that’s IQ and work ethic. Each race and country of origin has average IQ’s that function in a modern world environment so if we demand all are equal then we have no choice than to lower the standards to the lowest denominator. The end result of that has drastic effects on critical core skills that is equivalent to taking 3 steps backwards.
    As for the Military, the men on the front lines (The Infantry) is entirely conservative since they CHOSE that job in the Army or Marine Corps. Those men fully understand what a domestic threat is and that it must be stomped into dust. We have little concern for misguided and spoiled children that embraced the religion of socialism so you’re nothing more than extremist groups that require action to halt. And once you people experience bloodshed, you’ll be doing some reevaluating of your life choices since it’ll change you forever. As Veterans, we beg you to not take up arms since we don’t want to respond with deadly force but we are well prepared to do so and we probably live near you now. Our decades of training and experience doesn’t disappear as we retire or finish our service and legal weapons and body armor is readily available. We are a sleeping bear and again I beg you to not wake us up!

  • In the First graph you use in this video is very clear that the word that differentiate us is “ethnicity”, and yet you title the video with the word “race”, shame on you.

  • Marxists are basically a group of worthless, lazy idiots that have no marketable skills or ambition so they join together and wreck havoc on innocents because of their own weakness. Dear Marxists, We will defeat you.

  • Climate crusaders need to stop using fossil fuels you flaming
    HYPOCRITES! stop driving stop flying stop heating no phones or luxuries.

  • Cultural differences. Some cultures reject cultural norms such as wearing a mask and not gathering in large groups during a pandemic, such as motorcycle riders. Now, the highest spikes are in ‘White’ states like North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa. It’s likely the statistics will shift again in the next few weeks against this theory of ‘racism’

  • Hi Seekers, thanks for watching! For more coronavirus coverage, check out our playlist here: https://bit.ly/sk-coronavirusplaylist

  • Using the Black community to advance a Marxist agenda??..anything that takes deception to push, is a threat!! And for all the “useful idiots” who actually believe they are supporting Black people, try not to overlook their ungodly worldview agenda, their flash points are just an excuse to keep the chaos moving forward!! Go ask them, what does destroying the nuclear family have to do with Blake? Let me know what they say.

    Using vengeance instead of actual justice has got people killed, so at this point these “peaceful protesters” have blood on their hands, and they are also pro choice if you havent noticed, the murder of children in the womb is now “health care,” if the little guy makes it out of the womb they give him or her “comfort care”?? These people are definitely not walking with God, and a Marxists revolution is the last thing the Black community needs??

    Asking for the “White mans” possessions will somehow bring about their utopia?? What is hurting the Black community is all this evil socialist propaganda, it is the knowledge of the truth that will set them free!! We would rather blame the “White mans knee” then point out the bigger issues within the Black community?? The 5,000+ Black on Black homicides in 2019,..I wonder how many fathers were taken by the “Black mans finger”!?? Secoriea Turner, where was her gold plated casket my friends, you have to see through all the politics and deception here, we are being influenced by the bought and paid for media and all this evil propaganda!!

  • covid does not know what ethnicity is but human? yeah we do. the higher death toll of some races are how they taking care of in hospitals

  • It maybe to early to investigate or never will there be a time.

    However, could this pandemic have a deep routed link to bio-chemical development?

  • Here’s a quick riddle for you guys in the comments:

    My mother is half Anishinaabe and half Sri Lankan,
    My father is a quarter Scottish, a Quarter Jamaican, and half Japanese.

    What ”race” am I?

  • I am from Soviet Union. Believe me Marxism very very very bad!!! They sounds good from start and make you feel powerful, but after they win YOU loose everything, your freedom, your rights, your future!

  • While I totally disagree with Michael Moore’s socialism vs. capitalism arguments, I heartily agree with him that wind, solar, and biofuels are far worse for the environment than using fossil fuels. Moore proves that point in lawyerly fashion is his film, “Planet of the Humans”, which is now free on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=Zk11vI-7czE&feature=emb_title
    Windmill worshiping can never control the weather any more than burning weather witches or performing rain dances. The so-called “renewables” drive up the cost of food and housing while destroying the environment and our economy at a faster rate.
    Moore makes the obvious point that planet Earth is destructively overpopulated with humans, but he neglects to make the equally obvious point that it is impossible to protect the environment of the USA with open border anarchy.
    See http://renewable.50webs.com/Zeller.Nikolov.html

  • And now from woke she News. More stupidity! Another argument on how white people are racist because our genetics are stronger in some ways. Seems to me black people rejoice in the fact they have more Melanin in there skin. Ok so what how is any of this about race? How do people turn a virus into a race thing? Does that make god racist? Was it all done by design? Pure stupidity.

  • It is a trip how everyone with issues with this vid look like paper. Anything that threatens ones hold on something makes you grip tighter. Don’t grip paper to tight though…

  • Will all politicians live the same as ordinary citizens? How about Hollywood? Will all actors, actresses, etc.. live the same as ordinary citizens? Just curious on how you would make all of them give all their money and material things to all the people equally. If you have no plan on that happening then your agenda will definitely not work for the good of all people

  • Just finished watching the video and GOOD GRIEF! Y’all who are flipping out about it are just a bunch of closet racists! Black Lives Matter! COVID-19 is not a hoax. And racism is an issue even in 2020. Whiny colonizers!

  • I almost lost my son to SC if not for Dr Solution who helped me in curing my son’s sickle cell anemia.
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    After the 2 weeks of using the herbals as instructed by the doctor, I took my son for checkup with no assurance but faith, and behold the results came and showed that he was totally free from sickle cell anemia.
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  • Two truths:
    1) water is wet
    2)on a scientific video that mentions race, the comment section will be a dumpster fire of conspiracy theories, people who would rather not hear the data and hundreds of new scientists degrees from YouTube and public speech.

  • It’s not race, it’s people having house parties, riots, not following the rules and wearing masks. Damn Rainbow top on her.

    Worst video ever. Good going seeker.

  • History: Chicken pocks and biowarfare was used to selectively kill of most of the native Americans. Seeker: No, contagion and death rates of the corona to different virus is purely political and social.

  • It is right to look at whether society in general has issues with racism (it does). But equally, to study the covid issue objectively, which the PC brigade tend not to do, you also have to ask whether there are behaviour differences between different groups. Questions need to be asked like, as there any difference in the way different groups socialise? Is there any difference imbetween groups when it comes to family get together? Is there any difference in terms of attitude towards health? Lots of questions need to be asked, but won’t be, because they are not politically correct. So instead we look at only half the story. Can we just simply blame it all on the middle class priveleged white? If there is blame to be apportioned, then fair enough, let’s move to rectify that as fast as possible. But unless we’ve asked the questions to get the full story, any resulting action will be wrong.

  • I’m amazed at how well you covered such a difficult and important topic. I believe that racism is the most important problem in the US.

  • They’ll say “tsk tsk…” but they will NOT disportionately spend more MONEY helping the black community. Instead they want to cut checks for Chinese businesses, major corporations (that don’t even need loans or grants) and even illegal immigrants i.e white latinos.

  • This is a message to all black people. Come back to your real home Africa.
    I’m an Ethiopian and what we hear and see is a country that was not meant for you

  • I love that this video uses science to show that unbalanced impact of COVID-19 is not down to genetics but social inequality. I live in the UK and our government are wasting money on scientific research when all the need to do is look at the social aspects of those suffering the most.

  • I heard they’re studying about Vitamin D as a factor in COVID-19, and skin color has something to do with how we absorb Vitamin D.

  • The difference between those countries and USA is that USA has armed Patriots, Police, and war veterans that would destroy you guys

  • If a child is born in a particular country he or she automatically becomes a citizen of that country but in US if a black child is born there he/she is called an African America. Such a racial country. They will never add other people to themselves.

  • if some lines are crossed There’s No Going Back there’s no turning it off till one side is dead and the other side is Victorious example consequences of launching a Marxist socialist Revolution

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news but in order for this Marxist socialist Revolution to take place within the United States you can have to figure out a way to disarm a minimum of 70% of tactical assault weapons owners most Americans would give to s*** less if the government tomorrow declared a full gun ban it would be considered an act of War furthermore make over 10 million let me state that again 10 million heavily armed highly-trained active and former law enforcement active Duty US military and National Guard jsoc joint Special Operations Command units former veterans the vest umbrella that is the United Patriot movement just the Patriot movement is estimated it over 3 million by itself… almost every last one is armed and trained to surrender violate their oath to the constitutional republic of the United States to defend the United States Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic millions of these Americans actively train in the use of tactical firearms many are veterans experts in counterinsurgency in fourth generation Warfare and almost all will die keep their oath to defend the United States Constitution…. anybody that knows history should be scared to death of 4th generation warfare example US forces in 2007 were accused of war crimes due to the extreme amount of insurgent Fighters numbering in the tens of thousands found with single gunshot wounds to the front of the head anybody that’s ever seen what that looks like want to vomit….. the last thought that went to the person’s of mind is scattered across the asphalt 6 ft opposite of the incoming round the Pentagon concluded US forces were not executing the enemy an M4 rifle using the 5.56 fitted with an ACOG sight or an EOTech makes headshots quite easy even for National Guard units they don’t train half as much as average Infantry anybody experienced with an AR-15 with this form of Optics will confirm this… launching a Civil War 2 change the government of the United States will be a short war the reason that antifa is still breathing and the Marxist because the Insurrection act has not been declared 5 seconds after that decoration is declared the Marxist communist socialist movements death warrant will have been signed and everybody loyal to the Constitution will start engaging hostile targets and I pray people think long and hard and they do their homework before they think they’re going to force socialism down the American people’s throat because I absolutely believe the American people push comes to shove will not so much is hesitate to exterminate the threat in order to be successful the Socialist Marxist communist will need to kill more people than Adolf Hitler in the continental United States just don’t forget there will be no I’m sorry or I won’t do it again the crime for treason is the death penalty the sad but true fact is field executions 4 the traitors is commonplace in most Civil Wars Yugoslavia Bosnia Syria and that’s been Universal in most Nations for tens of thousands of years

  • Let’s get this straight.
    You cannot guess my biology,
    Or my ancestry,
    Or which genes were or were not dominant,
    or my resistance to infections,
    or whether I have a good or bad metabolism,
    By looking at my face.

  • The coronavirus is coming from the Sun coronal mass ejection everybody go on YouTube you’ll see it they’re talkin about the corona of the Sun going out Mass injection of Corona radiation

  • Hey y’all, i attended this school and frankly I found the open discussion or passing of the mic around to everyone a bit tedious and unnecessary. It felt a lot like reading people’s theoretical twitter threads on my timeline. I ended up leaving the call because i was under the impression it’d be a school and not “let’s hear from the next male, white socialist basically just repeating things i can find on socialistrevolution.com

  • Please don’t do this… we can’t run from what America is. Please don’t go this way. You won’t be able to run. I’m not a Christian at all, I’m actually a Satanist, but I love my country. I love America for who She IS. If you don’t like it here and want to change is to Socialism, go somewhere else please! LEAVE US ALONE!!!!!!!!!

  • This Virus has been all around the world. It’s not worse in Africa. In fact it varies greatly depending on their response. And in countries like Senegal, Ghana, Kenya and Rwanda, they have been taking the lead with their testing programs, going cashless, drone delivery, etc… with great success. The ruling class in the United States don’t care if we die. White or black.

  • If one honestly study American history. It is full of brutality and ruthlessness. They are so-called the contractor of human rights and blames others with the tags of terrorism and violator of human rights but in reality, they are the actual terrorist who seeks their interest and for that, they destroyed almost half of the world. The US supports Israel and India the biggest terrorist nation of the world. US is always against Muslim and Islam and soon we will take the revenge of what they did to Ummah

  • Leftist opresser/opressed propaganda, skewed numbers, speculations, cherry picking… with this poor content you won’t last long. Big dislike for you!

  • every parents want the best for it’s child, and inherently, the worst for other’s children. Is family concept a racist one? stop the perpétual shaming of white people, only because they’re from from “rich” contry, rich lineage… Power is to blame, not white people.

  • The No.1 factor for racial disadvantages in the USA, has come via Liberal policies, which seek to send a clear message by handing people a ‘disadvantaged and oppressed’ card. History plainly shows this is a weight around people’s neck.

  • The scientific method for proving theories is testing them and disproving all wrong theories and proving others right. This video disproves one theory but does not prove the other. This is standard scientific procedure. You are a scientific channel and thats why people like me are subscribed to this channel. Keep your opinion out of the claims you make or make it clear that what you state is your opinion or your view of the world.

  • Yeah the latino thing is a lie…

    I mean just look at me im Salvadorian and my entire neighborhood speaks spanish and only a few actually got the virus and then recovered

  • Stupid people take chances, contract the virus and die. Stupid people are also, generally speaking, poor. COVID—19 has a greater impact on POOR people. Not because they’re poor, but because they’re stupid. There’s a strong correlation when it comes to stupid, poor and COVID-19. You ever know a wealthy stupid person?

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  • False hope. Follow this guy if you want to lose your freedom and want to be part of a mass population controlled by the elite of the Communist party. Marxism has been the social order of every major Communist state, and Communism, ultimately, is totalitarianism run by elites. Let me see.. how many houses full of fine furnishings and classic American cars, did Fidel enjoy? Watch Cuba Feliz and La Buena Vista Social Club. Note the people on the streets. See how they’re dressed and look at their housing. Now note who shows up at the symphony, and remember Fidel’s lifestyle. Remember Putin and other Communist leaders. There always ends up being an elite class.

  • @ 5:16 Looks like Seeker has gulped down the SJW denial Kool-Aid lock, stock, and barrel. Yep, race is a ‘social construct’ just like dog and cat breeds are a ‘social construct’ and have no underlying genetic basis whatsoever. You’re as delusional as the ‘flat-earthers’ and ‘the -earth-is-only-six-thousand-years-in-age’ crowd. UNSUBSCRIBED YOU LIBTARD LEMMINGS!

  • I just love how people are so threatened by the truth and they sent her things so bad that they don’t even let you post comments. You people are f**** pathetic your piece is a f**** trash scumbags. That wasn’t the case then why not just allow the comments to be posted that way it would show people like me to be the ones who were scumbags but since it’s the other way around obviously it’s the other way around and I know it’s more than likely Google are YouTube censoring my comments but the fact is they’re all on the same side as woke useless idiot politically correct blabbermouth like this Broad.

  • I always thought it was because there are groups like BLM gathered who are”peacefully protesting” while not social distancing. Kinda surprised that she doesn’t believe that could have any effect.

  • Disclaimer I agree non white people are treated unfairly and etc, but I personally don’t feel like this information fits on a science outlet. Even if it just saying biology has no real effect on why more non whites are dying pre capita in America.

  • Recession also led to forgery crimes in order survive.

    Like what happened to George Floyd and it’s quite understood why he did that.

  • African Americans make up a majority in many of these major cities city limits to begin with anyways.
    I like how the talk about the state or county to reduce the population size.
    Atlanta, Detroit, and New Orleans have large black populations that out number the white and other communities within those cities limits.

  • It’s more related to education and economy. Low education and economi affecting their logic and level of stubbornness. Stubbornness is the main issue in covid spreading. Of course we need more study about stubbornnesses relation to genes and races.

  • Vitamin d3 Deficiency….
    Faro skin color greatly reduces your capacity to produce it.
    Most covid deaths have vitamin d3 deficiency.

  • Hospitals are incentivised to the tune of 13K dollars to classify admissions as suffering from covid, even if they have been hit by a bus. The hospital receives 39K of the patient is put on a ventilator.
    Why would hospitals be receiving these type of financial incentives?
    What would the motive be?
    How does Big Pharna and the government benefit from maximising covid case numbers??

  • Excellent video. It should have gotten more likes. I have the feeling that the idea of the three major “races” as being biologically true has been entrenched in society for so long that its hard for some people to let go of it.

    Its sad how these biases can keep people stuck in the past and unwilling to look at the recent evidence. Our culture…the way we look at the world and our income level is a major factor on our health since we may not have access to healthcare or be unwilling to go to the doctor and take precautions.

  • A history of failure, enslavement, and death all in the name of compassion and equality repeats itself yet again. 100 million deaths I guess isn’t enough for you brainwashed fools.

  • I’m sure socialism is going to win.No matter that it has failed a 100 percent in the last hundred years in every si glen country…but now,socialism is going to win.

  • In the end you are describing economical differences, not racial differences. Only the US makes race a factor and chooses to ignore that their health system is geared to benefit only people with money. Perhaps the problem is that segregation also has an impact in wealth and thus, people with less money tries to avoid going to the hospital so they don’t go broke. They go to the hospital when their condition becomes serious, so treatment is no longer as effective as it would be sooner. But none of that is a factor right? It’s always color and genetics with you. Keep ignoring the awful truths and you’ll keep getting wrong results.

  • I think it is class that has a bigger determination. black americas have a much higher percentage of essential workers. Sadly because of the US history class and race are highly linked.
    Also dna genetic test(23&me, etc) reinforce the idea that race is a biological thing where its actual a human construct.

  • The CO2 emission reduction during covid-19? Fuckin 4 7% co2 emission reduction only, that’s almost nothing^^ Consider this:

    To stay below +2°C we’d need to reduce co2 emissions by 2030 by 45% and by 2050 by 100% globally according to the IPCC. So if you think the covid-19 shutdown has been tough, think again. What are the chances to bring down co2 emissions that hard that fast, imo?:


  • was intrested in the actual diffrences
    i was thinking it could be an social dirrents
    i see blacks(in EU from suriname) wanting to get together with the family more often(higher risk?)

    kind of a letdown that its about current race issues instead of covid
    i rather be colorblind

  • This Is A Genocide On Generation Of The R, DNA,, They Hate Are Genetics That Comes From Above,, Thanks To Jesus Christ,, We All Bleed One Color By Him**

  • The biggest flaw in this video is that they take only the Americans as representive of race. For better sampling, they should consider other countries as well. For instance, although covid 19 is spreading in India, relatively it’s impact is less. The recovery rate is around 70 % and the deaths per million people are just 15-20 compared to hundreds in Europe and as high as 600 in Britain. By this sample one would say south Asians are better adapted to fight covid.

    But that would be wrong again. So it’s not about race, more about country and collective habits, weather and social distancing policies etc.

  • Coronavirus exposes? There was anything left to expose? I though it was already common knowledge that the US is a racist shithole of inequality

  • Not once did they consider possible reasons why blacks have been affected more than saying “it was our pasts fault”. Every single one of the data points presented could easily be attributed to poverty and not race related. The discussion should be how do we improve the lives of black people and help them out of poverty instead of saying its “systematic racism” which is a blanket statement that holds no real value in modern america.

  • The United States will never bow down to marxism. Democrats have screwed themselves by kissing up to the commies. The division in the world is caused by mockingbird media, which is controlled by corporations.
    Open your eyes and see how you are being manipulated!

  • Your disgusting beliefs are pointless in this great country. We don’t tolerate such garbage here.. Only the lost and directionless ones could ever buy that backwards garbage. Go to a Marxist country instead of trying to infect this one with your sickness.

  • Race might not matter but gene do because if you introduce bacteria to people that have been isolated from world they have higher chance of dying than we do.

  • 28:13 Literally saying not to use common sense, instead have faith in the doctrine of Marxism.

    We desperately need to bring back Mccarthyism.

  • Hi Geoff, you mention that you’ll be interested in hearing
    responses about how the COVID situation has analogous factors for us to

    I agree that a claim for climate action that focusses on the
    hardships people have experienced in shutdowns might be less than effective,
    but how about if in trying to use COVID as an illustrative model, we frame the
    argument on the avoidable deaths from inaction that are currently on display in
    the US and Brazil? Clear connections are there for [most] people to see what
    happens when we deny the science.

    On another note, have you covered the possibility of climate
    change related litigation becoming a change catalyst? I ask because I see it as
    a likely development, provided that a critical number of judges can be depended
    upon to be sensible in helping to develop precedents for a collective kind of ‘people
    pressure’ to be applied by say… criminal negligence claims?

  • Too bad ANTIFA & BLM attacked the White House… an ACT of WAR. Making their little Marxist insurgence, OPEN WAR Against America. The DNCommies started this war… We have already begun, as the leftist MSM said, “Scooping up” you insurrectionist treasonous POS! We’ve been tracking all comments on social media all along. Way wrong time to get caught, by U.S., on the wrong side of history. This is WAR… there are no courts or tribunals in war… just firing squads and GITMO gallows. Too bad for you USEFUL IDIOTS.

  • Conspiracy of the world is simple they enslaved black people Cuz they know Black people have an absolute talent of everything that’s they’ve not allowed any black people to work for their own country

  • They always toss around the false numbers when it comes to demo the non existant corelation of temperature and CO2. Here is a graph that shows the past 600 million years. Where is the corelation?

  • The US aggression that carried out the largest number of foreign interventions.

    Let’s go directly to the list of military operations. Due to the large volume of data, the description of each aggression is made in an extremely brief form.

    End of the XIX century

    1890 (?) – South Dakota, U.S. government troops kill and shoot 300 Lakota Indians taken prisoner.

    1890-Argentina, us army intervention in Buenos Aires.

    1891 – Chile, U.S. Marines suppress an uprising of the local population.

    1891-Haiti, the U.S. Army suppresses a black uprising in Navassa.

    1892-Idaho, the U.S. army suppresses a rebellion in the silver mines.

    1893 (?) – Hawaii, the United States Navy overthrew the government of an Independent Kingdom and annexed the state.

    1894-Chicago, the U.S. army violently suppressed a railroad strike, resulting in 34 dead.

    1894-Nicaragua, the U.S. army occupied Bluefields for a month.

    1894-1895-China, the United States Navy, and the marine corps participate in the Sino-Japanese war.

    1894-1896-Korea, occupation of Seoul.

    1895-Panama, United States marine corps to Columbia province.

    1896-Nicaragua, US Marines disembark at the port of Corinto.

    1898-1900-China, participation of the US army in the Boxer rebellion.

    1898-1910 (?) – the Philippines, the U.S. Navy, overthrew the government and killed 600,000 Filipinos.

    1898-1902 (?) – Cuba, the United States Navy during the Spanish-American war fought on a naval base.

    1898 (?) – Puerto Rico, occupied during the Spanish-American war.

    1898 (?) – GUAM, the United States Navy captured and built a military base.

    1898 (?) – Minnesota, the U.S. army destroys the Chippewa (Ojibwe) tribe near Leach lake.

    1898-Nicaragua, US Marines land at the port of San Juan del sur.

    1899 (?) – Samoa, the US army participates in the war for the throne.

    1899-Nicaragua, US Marines disembark at the port of Bluefields.

    1899-1901-Idaho, the U.S. army occupies and violently suppresses the miners ‘ revolt in Coeur d’alene.

    The first quarter of the XX century

    1901 – Oklahoma, United States army suppresses the rebellion at Indian Creek.

    1901 to 1914 the city of Panama, the naval forces of the United States occupied and annexed the canal zone.

    1903-Honduras, us Marines suppress the revolution.

    1903-1904-Dominican Republic, the US army suppresses the revolution.

    1904-1905-Korea, US Marines participate in the Russian-Japanese war.

    1906-1909-Cuba, the United States marine corps suppresses democratic elections.

    1907-Nicaragua, as a result of the occupation, created a protectorate within the so-called “Dollar diplomacy”.

    1907-Honduras, occupied by the United States marine corps during the war with Nicaragua.

    1908-Panama, us Marines interfere in the election process.

    1910-Nicaragua, U.S. Marines occupy Bluefield and Corinto.

    1911-Honduras, the US army participates in the civil war.

    1911-1941-China, the us Navy and land forces participate in the suppression of numerous uprisings as part of the occupation.

    1912-Cuba, the US army participates in the civil war.

    1912-Panama, the U.S. army and marine corps quell uprisings during elections.

    1912-Honduras, participation of the marine corps in the protection of US economic interests.

    1912-1933-Nicaragua, the US army carries out a 10-year occupation and participates in the war with the guerrillas.

    1913-Mexico, during the revolution, the US army flees and is evacuated.

    1914-the Dominican Republic, the United States Navy fights the rebels at Santo Domingo.

    1914-Colorado, the U.S. army violently suppresses a miners ‘ strike.

    1914-1918-Mexico, the U.S. Navy, and the U.S. army participate in military operations against the nationalists.

    1914-1934-Haiti, the US army carries out a 19-year occupation after the suppression of uprisings.

    1915-Texas, Federal troops violently suppress the Mexican-American uprising, the “San Diego Plan”.

    1916-1924-Dominican Republic, US army carries out 8-year occupation.

    1917-1933-Cuba, the US army invades and creates an economic protectorate.

    1917-18 World War I, the United States Navy fought Germany for a year and a half.

    1918-1922 Russia, the US Navy made 5 landings of troops to fight the Bolsheviks.

    1918-1920-Panama, the US army suppressed post-election riots as part of operation Police duty.

    1919-Honduras, the us army, and the Marines suppressed riots during the election campaign.

    1919-Yugoslavia, the us army and Marines fight against the Serbs in Dalmatia.

    1920-Guatemala, 2-week intervention against trade unionists.

    1920-1921-Eastern Virginia, the army suppresses the miners ‘ revolt by force.

    1922-Turkey, the US army is at war with the nationalists in Smyrna.

    1922-1927-China, the U.S. Navy, and the U.S. army participate in the suppression of a nationalist uprising.

    1923-Mexico, bombed by US military aircraft

    1924-1925-Honduras, military intervention of the US army twice in the election campaign.

    1925-Panama, the U.S. army and marine corps suppress a General strike.

    Mid-twentieth century

    1927-1934-China, the us army and Marines occupy the entire country.

    1932 – Salvador the naval forces of the United States to suppress the rebellion Marty.

    1932-Washington DC, the US army suppresses the WWI vet bonus protest.

    1941-1945 World war II, the us Navy and army are at war with Japan, Italy and Germany for 3 years and carry out the first nuclear bombing of two Japanese cities.

    1943-Detroit, the U.S. army suppressed the black uprising.

    1946-Iran, before the us nuclear threat, Soviet troops left the North of the country.

    1946-Yugoslavia, a nuclear threat, in response to the shooting down of an American plane.

    1947-Uruguay, deployment of nuclear-armed bombers as a threat.

    1947-49-Greece, us army operation to support the extreme right in the civil war.

    1948-Germany, as a nuclear threat to the USSR, strategic bombers with nuclear weapons arrive at the Berlin Airlift base.

    1948-1949-China, the US army, and the Marines evacuate Americans before the Communist victory.

    1948-1954-Philippines, the CIA conducts a military operation during the hook rebellion.

    1950-Puerto Rico, operation to suppress the independence uprising in Ponce.

    1951-1953 (?) – Korea, army and Navy, threats of nuclear bombing against North Korea and China.

    1953-Iran, as a result of a CIA operation, overthrows democracy and establishes the Shah’s regime.

    1954-Vietnam, a joint nuclear threat with France against the rebels.

    1954-Guatemala, CIA command operation, bombing from airfields in Nicaragua, nuclear threat, after the nationalization of US companies.

    1956-Egypt, a nuclear threat to the USSR demanding non-intervention in the Suez crisis, Marines evacuate foreigners.

    1958-Lebanon, the us army and Navy occupy the country and suppress the rebels.

    1958-Iraq, the nuclear threat to Iraq and a warning against invading Kuwait.

    1958-China, nuclear threat to China for possible reunification with Taiwan.

    1958-Panama, the US army suppresses protests.

  • There most likely isn’t going to be a “post COVID-19”. Even if there’s an effective vaccine, COVID-19 will become like the yearly influenza virus. Yearly strains, yearly vaccinations. So, I’m not sure why you all insist on framing every video title in terms of a supposed post COVID-19 period.