Progressives Tout ‘Medicare-For-All’ But States Eye ‘Medicaid Buy-In’


Nevada Attempting ‘Medicaid For All’

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Medicaid, explained: why it’s worse to be sick in some states than others

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What Is the Cost of Medicare for All?

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Why these House Democrats think Medicare for All is the best path for U.S. health care

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Progressives Tout ‘Medicare-For-All’ But States Eye ‘Medicaid Buy-In’ all” has become a rallying cry for progressive Democrats, New Mexico is one of several states looking at. Progressives tout ‘Medicare-for-all,’ but states eye ‘Medicaid buy-in’. by Michelle Andrews, Kaiser Health News |. Feb 27, 2019 9:15am. In New. Progressives Tout ‘Medicare-For-All’ But States Eye ‘Medicaid Buy-In’ cry for progressive Democrats, several states are looking at offering consumers a government-sponsored plan to provide a.

As “Medicare-for-all” has become a rallying cry for progressive Democrats, New Mexico is one of several states looking at offering consumers a different government-sponsored plan to provide a more affordable health option. The proposals, often referred to as “Medicaid buy-in” plans, would typically offer benefits similar to what is available in Medicaid, the state-federal health plan for low. Progressives Tout ‘Medicare-For-All’ But States Eye ‘Medicaid Buy-In’ As policy makers seek to find ways to expand access, some Federal officials are touting Medicare-For-All, while some state officials are exploring an option to get more people into state Medicaid programs. Progressives Tout ‘Medicare-For-All’ But States Eye ‘Medicaid Buy-In’.

Laura Lucero Y Ruiz De Gutierrez has a heart condition and fibromyalgia and is in danger of developing diabetes. She has health insurance through her husband’s job. But, between the $800 monthly premium for the couple’s coverage and the $2,100 deductible she has to pay down before insurance starts picking up the tab, she doesn’t feel she. News Forget Medicare for All; more states eye Medicaid buy-in At least 10 states are considering creating a path for uninsured Americans to buy in to Medicaid by paying premiums. archive of created on 2020-01-09 00:01:17+00:00.

All that I want to do is expand Medicare over a four-year period to cover every man, woman and child in this country.” RELATED: Progressives tout ‘Medicare-for-all,’ but states eye. Michelle Andrews Progressives Tout ‘Medicare-For-All’ But States Eye ‘Medicaid Buy-In’ By Michelle Andrews February 26, 2019 KHN Original New Mexico is one of several states looking at offering.

List of related literature:

Medicaid pays one price, Medicare another, HMOs another, and self-pay yet another.

“Financial Management for Nurse Managers and Executives” by Steven A. Finkler, Christine Tassone Kovner, Cheryl Bland Jones
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Medicaid required the states to designate a single agency to administer the program.

“One Nation, Uninsured: Why the U.S. Has No National Health Insurance” by Jill Quadagno
from One Nation, Uninsured: Why the U.S. Has No National Health Insurance
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In sharp contrast, Medicaid lets states decide on eligibility and benefit standards.

“Health Care Politics and Policy in America” by Kant Patel, Mark E. Rushefsky
from Health Care Politics and Policy in America
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cross-purposes with the mainstreaming goal that Medicaid has pursued for more than three de cades because, in many instances, Medicaid beneficiaries are the conduits through which dollars are being funneled to safety net providers to allow them to serve the uninsured.

“Essentials of Managed Health Care” by Peter Reid Kongstvedt
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The Medicare and Medicaid programs work jointly for many beneficiaries, called “dual eligibles.”

“The Economics of Health and Health Care: International Student Edition, 8th Edition” by Sherman Folland, Allen Charles Goodman, Miron Stano
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Or we might let Medicaid recipients opt out of the Medicaid program, give them an equivalent voucher, and allow them to purchase private insurance instead.

“No Apology: The Case for American Greatness” by Mitt Romney
from No Apology: The Case for American Greatness
by Mitt Romney
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Indeed, since its inception, the presence of Medicaid has resulted in a two-tier health care system in the United States, with one branch serving the poor and the other branch reserved for the nonpoor.

“Delivering Health Care in America” by Shi, Douglas A. Singh
from Delivering Health Care in America
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and Medicaid and are called dual eligible.

“Fordney’s Medical Insurance E-Book” by Linda Smith
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And this concern certainly works at cross-purposes with the mainstreaming goal that Medicaid has pursued for more than three decades because, in many instances, Medicaid beneficiaries are the conduits through which dollars are being funneled to safety net providers to allow them to serve the uninsured.

“The Managed Health Care Handbook” by Peter Reid Kongstvedt
from The Managed Health Care Handbook
by Peter Reid Kongstvedt
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The ACA has provisions to provide financial incentives for states that qualify, to provide enhanced services to Medicaid recipients by increasing their federal matching funds.

“Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span E-Book” by Carole Lium Edelman, Carol Lynn Mandle, Elizabeth C. Kudzma
from Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span E-Book
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  • Not exactly. Surgeries happen at normal times, however, you might have to give a little extra money to the surgeon. All the rest is unfortunately true. Take Europe as am example, you don’t have to predict. It is said to be one of the big reasons why Greece has had such a hard time returning to a good economy (the 2009 crash was in proportion a bit worse than the Great depression in America).

  • The problem is the abuse. Kid got a vaccine for school, had a slight side effect or what have you. Tylenol and go to school. Most of us did it. Multi vitamins, healthy lifestyle. Accidents happen. A cough, oh no have to run to the ER.
    American’s pay for people’s healthcare: VA-conscripton will pump more $ into VA and more docs. Medicare and unpaid ER bills.
    *The tax income is missing a few rungs. Warren/ Sanders are close. It stops at $600,000 and more. 1million, 5mill,10mill, 1billion etc. Sports player’s are getting $30 mill guaranteed, endorsements. Musicians, platinum, granted a $1 an album, (don’t know inflation) but record companies. Celebrities, people who can go anywhere anytime in the world and not miss a meal, damn plane is more comfortable and stocked.
    Hussein’s ship had better medical equipment than his hospital. Congress have the best medical.
    They started issuing cards, classes to get over the counter products to cut down on ER visits.
    Off topic, but if you can save on utility bills and gas to and from work grocery store etc. No health insurance. $2, 300+ a month?

  • And thats probably why every developed nation (except the us) has medicare for all and thats why the highest Numbers of bankruptcys are medical

  • You pay for Medicare for all by increasing taxes. However having a Medicare for all system will prevent you from going into crippling debt anytime you have a medical emergency and prevent any crazy deductibles or co payments

  • For decades the democrat election scheme has been been to make utopian promises that they know will never been met.
    Why?  Because they know the average democrat voter will fall for it.   Just like 62% believed in the Trump-Russia collusion story they fabricated and like the 50% who thought Justice Kavanaugh did terrible things to hundreds of women when we now learn he did none of those things; all democrat lies.
    So the one thing the democrats have learned is that their cult followers are extremely gullible and thus any story they tell will be believed… like their latest fabricated story that Medicare for all will work great!

  • I use usps normally because they are the cheapest and my mail arrives just fine. Ups is expensive and not always great service either.

  • Haha, I honestly don’t even believes these idiots believe their own videos. They’re just paid to convince other gullible idiots to continue to prop of systems that make the rich richer and the rest of us poorer.

  • neglects to mention that our current system cost $2 trillion more
    According to “Vitals,” the $32.6 trillion that Blahous estimated Sander’s Medicare-for-all proposal would cost the federal government over its first 10 years is about $2 trillion lower than what the United States is projected to spend on health care over the next decade under its current health care system.
    our system is a free market system. while yes it is regulated to decrease prices of premiums but there is still private insurers looking to make a profit so by definition it is a capitalist system.

  • I agree we need to fix it. Medicare for all may not be the right answer but neither is a $70,000 bill for breaking a leg. People shouldn’t be put in a position where they feel it’s cheaper to die and be in pain than to go to the doctor. I don’t think most people want it to be free, just more reasonable!

  • And yet Australia is able to do it cheaper than what the US is spending per person on public health now with pretty much the same level of quality. Funny how the US never seems to be able to implement all these ideas that have worked in other countries.

  • Just ignore that such systems work great all over the developed world and scare US citizens with made-up potential problems. This is pure propaganda!

  • Wow this is poison. Keep it up. This oligarch funded propaganda is getting sloppy. Medicare for all is coming and it will be a good day when it is here. You are on the wrong side of history.

  • in some states, it’s an often losing fight to get on medicaid… i have caebv, meniere’s disease, eds, pots, hospitalizing periods (yes, every time due to anemia), and undiagnosed gi problems. despite having many diagnoses, i make “too much money”… about half of my income is healthcare, sometimes two whole paychecks. and i have it arguably the best at close to 40k a year! and mental/therapeutic treatment not being covered does make a big difference. my flares are significantly worse and more frequent due to overworking, stress, and depression.

  • People wanting the doctor to send a copy of his book to their reps and senators, should at least pay him the $19 per book to do it. Edit: That could be 535 copies to congress, plus maybe thousands of individuals asking for the favor. Very costly for Dr, Geyman.

  • We are also TAXED from EVERY paycheck for Medicare. Medicare for all is wanted by every zero ambition LOSER who thinks they deserve everything FREE.

  • I have only one problem with this video. Social Security IS NOT an “entitlement”!! We are TAXED 7.5% from EACH PAYCHECK, and our employer has to MATCH it, for EVERY EMPLOYEE, totaling 15% from EVERY individual’s paycheck, throughout our working lives!! So PLEASE, STOP referring to Social Security as an “entitlement”!!

  • LOL the United States never had a ‘free market’ for healthcare. It’s not like I can just choose physicians based on price. Don’t be ridiculous.

  • This video was not up to the standards of other PragerU videos I have seen. They truly miss the elephant in the room: people who are covered now would continue to be covered by their employers plan (or their employer would have to pay into “the system.”) It’s not like the cost of this thing would be the cost of something NEW. And the costs are inflated by a factor of 10x. And how to pay for it? How does EVERY OTHER 1st world nation do it? You don’t see DMV-type problems in most other countries. This video is 100% scare tactics with no motivational argument. Made by rich people who believe the poor suffer because they deserve it. “You need to work harder to achieve what I inherited.” I am quite conservative on most issues, but some kind of universal health care must happen in the U.S. and it will. And the rich can always go to the uber-exclusive doctors who charge more and are not part of the system… and pay much more while paying health care taxes (much like private education).

  • I had to have brain surgery as a child to cure epilepsy. The surgery went wrong and my brain started swelling so I had to be monitored 24/7, literally for like 2 weeks. The surgery was resumed and it went well thankfully. There’s no telling how incredibly expensive that surgery was and I don’t want to know.

  • Why can’t conservatives talk about Medicare for All without aknowledging the enormous sums of money that would be saved by not paying insurance companies? They only want you to talk about how taxes will go up. It is dishonest and prevents us from having a constructive dialogue.

    Liberals too have an issue talking about the legitimate concerns of longer wait lines. They are no innocent of diverting people’s attention.

    Neither of these discussions are helpful when both sides are only telling you part of the story.

  • This is BS. Canada has government run healthcare and the majority of people there love it. The healthcare we have now sucks.Insurance companies are a useless middleman. I’d rather pay a little more in taxes and get healthcare without paying a bill rather than not having any as I am right now. We can afford it if we can afford those damned unaffordable wars that our politicians like to spend endless amounts of money on right now.

  • I have older parents so I was 24 when I had to get off my mom’s health insurance plan. I’m still in school and work part-time, so I cannot qualify for medical insurance at the hospital I work for. I’m fortunate to live in NY state where not only do you get a medicaid plan you also get a plan through a health insurance company,l. Sure I’m probably not getting the best health insurance ever but working in a hospital I can be exposed to anything and I can sleep knowing I have that.

  • I support free markets but Healthcare it’s not a free-market issue. For profit health insurance companies are not in the business of providing their customers care they are in the business to make money for themselves and their investors. All of the insured are reduced down into a name and a number when reduced to this status companies who are in the business to make a profit do not make decisions based on the welfare of their customers but rather to make a profit for themselves and their investors furthermore in order to maintain investment they must show an increase in profit every quarter or risk losing investment. In this environment they haven’t made to deny coverage for life-saving procedures and medications to their customers so that they can save money and therefore show profit.

  • Medicare for all is cheaper then our current system. It would get rid of the middle man, saving over 2 trillion. And you could keep your doctor and your hospital, the only difference would be your card would say Medicare instead of Blue Cross. It would save you a lot of paperwork and negotiations for the best price. Instead of paying 300$ a month to your premium, you would pay 200$ in taxes. You would be net saving money. Also it would get rid of premiums and deductibles. You could still get additional healthcare from healthcare companies if you wanted to. These are all benefits to a Medicare for all system, it’s better and we should have it. Every other developed country has a form of single payer healthcare, why not here?

  • Having to pay for your health care is insurance. True Medicaid is not premium or copay based, like health insurance and Medicare.

  • Below is a video showing how the industry functions and why this is not a free market.
    The only individuals defending the current system are people who have a vested financial incentive to keep a system that rips off all of its customers.

  • Healthcare sucks absolute ass in America. Even Rand Paul had to go to Canada to get a procedure done, and they have universal healthcare.

  • Thats the exactly reality in Brazil, we have public medic care “for free” at the cost of stractospheric taxes and a very poor service, u gotta wait almost an year to get a magnetic ressonance exam… most workers like me prefer to spend 10% of our salary to get access to basic private medic companies which are way better than piblicc ones…
    I know there are many unemployed/poor people here who cant pay for private medics and one solution to me is giving free medic for these people only

  • You don’t wait longer for surgery because healthcare is government run. You wait longer because access to surgery and things like MRI/CT/Ultrasound is limited by funding and necessity, NOT resources and personnel.

    For example, operating rooms are in use for elective surgery Monday to Friday, 7:30 to 3:30. Is there a reason that most hospitals have 5-30 ORs sitting idle on weekends? In evenings? At night? The reason is not a lack of patients, as most procedures have a wait list. The reason is a lack of funding to run the ORs longer.

  • In the next 10 years, medicare for all will cost the American people 32 trillion dollars. Which is 2 trillion less then what you are already paying for healthcare. And that is in the report from a CONSERVATIVE think tank. Single payer health care has INCREASED the quality of medical services in pretty much all of the developed world. In most case actually quality increases.
    But hey it’s not like you are watching PragerU to have your confirmation bias taken away.

  • Well… you might pay the program with money borrowed from China. But then remember that one day, China will buy your country for a rusty cent.

  • I mean it’s kind of exessive when the cost of basic stuff is super super high…for no reason. Perhaps there needs to be more competition

  • It seems to me people don’t want to identify as poor for the poor people’s campaign or victimized by the system. They stay away from that association

  • More PragerU propaganda. Medicare for all doesn’t mean that we won’t have private healthcare. Use that exact post office example. All the people with money, just use UPS.

  • A couple trillion less than our current system, according to the Koch Brothers and friends. A few trillion less, according to to more liberal sources

  • Having grown up with the NHS in the UK this video made me laugh, it’s so absurd! The UK has lot of horrible things associated with it but free healthcare at the point of service is something that really makes me proud to be British. Using the argument that it infringes on free market competition, as if that would ever trump the basic human right to healthcare, is ridiculous.

  • I live in Poland and we have government-provided healthcare.
    And It’s terrible. You have to wait for months to get your treatment. Taxes are incredible. Don’t do it America.

  • Why not have a government alternative like with schools? Also maybe have a few things not free(not serious things). Not to mention private places would have to compete with the alternative.

  • You pay for it by forcing goods and services, but not necessarily wages, down across the board. When a bandage costs $50, something is wrong. It is things exactly like that (expensive goods) that are driving up the cost of services. Make these things cost a reasonable amount of money with a FAIR profit margin and you can cut the cost of the whole thing down by two-thirds. Stop over-profiting from the medical system. That should be the goal.

  • 1. Give Scholarship To bright students to be a doctor, then recruit them by contract to work for goverment as government employees, and give them decent salary like teacher & police
    2. Rather than spending budget on military, government should build more Public / Gov. Clinic & Hospital
    3. Government Should have state owned pharmacy company, which produce generic medicine with small profit, lets say 10% max

  • As a conservative it annoys me to watch this BS. I calculated that it will cost around 4500$ pr year pr citizen to have public healthcare, based on numbers from Danish healthcare.

  • “In Europe, it works”… In Europe, they pay much higher taxes. For Example, in Denmark and France, taxes make up 45% of their GDP. In America, that number is 26%. America is also much fatter and unhealthy compared to Europe. We would probably have to pay more than them in taxes to cover healthcare costs.

  • Prager U: You are such a shameless R W  propaganda outlet… there is enough money in the system already to have universal health care for everyone. This exists throughout Europe for instance, for a fraction of what America currently spends.  Liars!

  • Republicans argue that they cant afford to expand Medicaid, but then refuse to regulate the healthcare and insurance industries and refuse to raise taxes on the wealthy -the things that would allow them to afford it. Then they enact laws that force poor women to birth babies.

  • Just discovered how to rile my husband off when I want the TV to myself. Switch on to the ghost channel or FOX NEWS. ohhh the sweet sound of snores.

  • The US be like: Universal healthcare that will literally save lives (as well as reduce the overall cost of it because politicians seem to be pretty concerned about that)? Too expensive. Pointless wars in the Middle East that put both American soldiers and Syrians, Afghans, etc. at harm mainly just to benefit for-profit oil companies? Here, have a couple billion more dollars than you already have.
    (I’m American btw but privatized healthcare is and always has been a bad idea)

  • 2:08 Hey, Poland has NFZ! National Healthcare Fund it’s rather bad, and not everything is covered 100%, but no one dies because they can’t afford treatment everyone is covered.

  • I hate it when you say most countries and you show like half of the European Union only. My country is also in the European Union and I haven’t seen you show it once

  • Yea we weren’t ready for covid. The president didn’t care about stopping the spread or the deaths (it is what it is) and the systems we had in place wouldn’t help everyone

  • Medicaid has saved me from financial ruin. I was spending more than my yearly salary trying to treat several chronic genetic conditions. It does have some drawbacks like who you can see and the order that you have to try prescriptions but I haven’t even had a copay in years.

  • The fact that US doctors and health care prefessionals fight against public healthcare while here in Spain they fight for a better more socially responsible and non-privatized healthcare system is incredible. Here doctors refuse any sort or privatization because it lowers their wages, shortages staff and equipment due to opperating based on profit (not necessarily efficiency) and actually jeopardizes their jobs since they can be easily fired, or have exploitative and short-term contracts. Here doctors fight for a completely public system and, even though se already have that and benwfit from one of the best healthcare systems in the world, we still are highly critical and fight for equality and quality in public healthcare.

  • To @bea111 you’re exactly correct! When I call my Drs office to make an appionment and get put on hold………… the pre recorded message says ” Thank you for holding blah blah we value each and EVERY CUSTOMER………CUSTOMER????????? REALLYYYYYYYYYYYY??????

  • Medicare also won’t reimburse you for a typical doctor’s visit (at least not the base plan). Medicare has a $500 deductible with a 20% coinsurance. So if you were to go see a regular doctor for $200, Medicare won’t be paying for that; you will.

  • I still don’t understand why Americans worry about cost over somebody’s life WHEN THEY CAN HELP. Especially when you still spend billions on Policing (PLACE WHERE THEY DON’T EVEN ASK FOR UPGRADES)

  • Republics protecting the millionaire and democrats protect republics. matt looks like he could be in his 40’s, i guess thats what happens when your country is slowly killing you through their inaction

  • The population who’s so against Medicaid and free healthcare are the people who would benefit most from it because they can’t afford healthcare without assistance. The mention of tax raises is just too much for them though.The wealthy republican politicians who they campaign for so loyally (who don’t have the general population’s best interests at heart may I add) are the ones who would be taxed at a higher rate. The people against Medicaid probably wouldn’t be effected by the tax raises, the middle class, working class, and lower class population would likely not have significantly higher taxes. Republican politicians prey upon these people with fear mongering tactics claiming it would significantly raise the average person’s taxes to secure votes. And honestly, I would rather pay slightly higher taxes so people wouldn’t have to choose between medication and being able to put food on the table for their family. And might I add, a lot of the people against free healthcare and/or Medicaid claim to be Christian, and isn’t a fundamental of Christianity helping others and putting them before you? Ignorance and fear mongering at its worst.

  • I think republicans are shooting themselves in the foot with this whole healthcare reduction thing. I mean, if there’s less elderly alive, then who’s gonna vote for them? Surely they can’t wash everyone’s heads, can they?

  • 20 years of GOP healthcare in Texas, Kansas and Nebraska. Waited 2 years after Obamacare and moved to New Mexico where I finally got surgery that I should have gotten earlier. By being just put on a pill mill 25 years ago instead of surgery I had to have 6 more surgeries plus a colonoscopy. Plus with them waiting to long I can no longer work over 25 hours a week for the last 10 years. So now I will have to be on government programs for at least 20 more years of lifespan. I only take 1 medication. Thanks to some overprescribing by GOP Quack docters including 2 stomach infections from steroids that GOP docters wanted me to do a 3rd time thats when I was going either to New Mexico, Colorado, Oregon, Minnesota or Washington. Arizona was too picky on Obamacare and California cost of living too high same with Florida.

  • Vox just a question…in your videos you seem to always compare the US to other developed countries but usually you say “compared to most countries”.
    Y’all straight up ignore African, Asian and South American countries.
    Yes some ( read many) parts of your system are flawed but as you point out the bad remember that there is some good

  • This american argument of “Well you should find a good job with good healthcare” always baffles me because what if you have cancer and can’t work so you lose your health insurance? Do these people honestly want dying people to “work harder” and get “better jobs” when they are in the hospital dying?

  • California recently passed a bill for medicaid for all and now Nevada seems to be moving in that direction. I hope this domino effect continues and states that desperatly need health care reforms get it approved.

  • Experience and technological advances improve quality and lower prices for everything else. Except for what government screws with. Education and medicine have the fingerprint of bureaucracy all over it. I don’t have the answer but neither does Washington, DC.

  • Healthcare in Greece consists of a universal health care system provided through national health insurance, and private health care!!

  • All I can say is vote blue or you’d be dead with crohn ‘disease if it’s up to trump!! I use a wheelchair I went to the hospital when I was 13 years old here in Vriginia walk I there and woke up 5 days later and i could walk anymore so i i receive ssi and medicaid and I agree I dont know what I would do without it for the prices of wheelchairs medicine etc

  • What a shitty video,
    Medicare for all would SAVE 5 trillion dollars, would make medical bankruptcies a thing of the past, and would move the burden of payment more heavily to the rich. Also, almost every other developed country has a version of a Medicare for all system, so stop acting like it is some sort of pie in the sky idea.

  • I’m literally from a third world/developing country and even we have free health care somehow. USA spends an incredible amount on war and weapon-building. If at least half that money was funneled into health care + if pharmaceutical companies are government-owned, there could be a massive change in the health care system

  • Why have Medicare for all when you can spend outrageous prices on premiums when you apply for private insurance, then you pay another outrageous price on a deductible when you file a claim, and then you pay even a little bit more on co-payments!!! FREEDOM!!!

  • I don’t think anyone thinks being sick is a moral downfall. And I think almost everyone has sympathy for this person. The problem in declaring free healthcare a “right” is saying that everyone is entitled to a rival and scarce resource without having to work for it, and mandating that other people pay for it. It gets dangerous when we start declaring scare resources as “rights”

  • This video contain a lot of informations I would not be able to check everyone of them but I’m sure of two thing, in Europe we all have Medicare and the medicals services are way better than in the us. Now ask yourself if you want that tax cut or give access to medical care to the less fortunate.

  • It’s all a scam by global government, if they really wanted to improve healthcare they would go free market like it was back in the 1950’s, it was cheaper and more effective.

  • I give credit to the Medicaid program for the good life I enjoy today. I’m healthy, have my education, and raise and care for my family without government assistance TODAY because of Medicaid policies in New York, where I grew up with chronic childhood asthma. I missed a lot of school as a kid but can’t imagine how I could have completed K-12 and when on to college without getting medical help.
    To the states who can’t or won’t cover their most vulnerable citizens, especially children, maybe add up the future cost of subsidizing their future “existence” because you’ve failed to invest in helping them to stay healthy and build a better more independent life for themselves. This is one of many reasons why this country is FAILING.
    This is not sustainable.

  • We MUST nationalize the U.S. health care system. I had CVS mail order repeatedly ‘filling & billing’ on items I NEVER received. I called my insurance to find out why they would approve filling the exact same script multiple times in a four week period, and was told they HAVE to do whatever the pharmacy tells them to do. Ridiculous!!! When I tried to report it to the state insurance commissioners, there was no responsibility assigned because I lived in a different state than where the business was located. When I tried to bring this to the state and district attorneys, nobody was interested in taking this FRAUD on. ALSO, I learned somewhere along the way, CVS has wormed their way onto almost EVERY state boards of pharmacy decision-making bodies. OBSCENE!!!!

  • America sometimes thinks everything they do differently is “the American way” and that’s why they get everything up to their head with consequences which are well.. there are many in the rest of the comments but you get me or at least I hope so. Also I saw a comment saying that America sees it as a business and not a must as other countries.

  • why do people think this is free handouts and not you know, the taxes you pay going into systems that help you like there suppose to
    do they also think the police or fire department coming to help you are free hand outs? what about public schools?
    hell the concept of capitalism itself pretty much says hospitals cant be private, because the entire poitn of capitalism is if someone doesent like what a business is doing they will go shop someplace else and the shitty company goes out of buisness, so things like hospitals, prisons, anything you cant say no to shouldent be privately owned by businesses

  • Capitalism in a nutshell. USA is the richest country in the world for reason = greedy rich people taking from the poor/middle class.

  • if doctors make significantly less money, nobody will be able to pay off their $500,000 student loans. That’s one of my concerns in being in the health field. Racking up enormous student debts from going to dental school. This entire system is so messed up

  • Resist #MedicareForAll saboteurs: PAHCF, ALEC, neolibs…

  • “Health insurance premiums, high deductibles, co-pays, medical bankruptcy are a human right”… said no one ever. (:-( #MedicareForAll: free at point of care, will save you money but… “nah, socialism!” (:-( #M4A #UHC #UniversalHealthCoverage

  • I think this video was designed to discourage Medicare For All because of another private plan the makers of this video wants to sell. While this video does explain how Medicare currently works, it’s misleading on what the Medicare for all entails. These people are only trying to protect the business they’ve invested in and cannot be deemed objective on the subject.

  • As our economy collapses the working class gets annihilated and their is no moral consciousness by the millionaires and billionaire class. Public funded elections is great and should be enacted nationwide. That is true democracy. Bernie was promoting this during his campaign. The rich control our national politicians which has been a disaster.

  • We have been on Medicare for more than a decade as our neighbors have been. None of us remember the “Government” making health care decisions for us because that has never happened. As grandparents, we do not mind paying more Federal Income Taxes to see ALL of our grandchildren covered without going to the necessities of MEDICAID coverage. “Medicare for ALL” does not preclude private supplementary insurance despite whatever Bernie says and whatever conservatives are trying to frighten the voters with. There are literally billions of dollars and probably 100,000 jobs lost in the insurance and banking industries which spends thirty cents out of every health care dollar on themselves. If the electric utilities were doing business in the manner of American insurance companies the utility customers would be screaming bloody murder. We have literally been trained to take commercial abuse from insurance companies and not complain. The stakes are very high for the players which is why all the money is being paid for lies on television. Always be reminded that, like the nuclear power issue, there are liars on both sides of the situation.

  • If I were American I would look at what other countries do, compare costs (yours is still the most expensive), see what seems to have the best outcomes, and just pick the bits that seem to have worked elsewhere.

  • What are the candidates plan for PBM’s? Can’t find it anywhere!

    Medicare invented PBM’s to negotiate lower drug prices but have now evolved to be a leading cause of high costs. Shouldn’t we try fixing Medicare before trying it on a larger scale? Medicare for all should not even be an option without a plan for how to manage pharmacy benefits. Does universal plan sponsor come with universal PBM? If yes is the government going to negotiate with pharma or outsource to a private company again?

    Edit: I just read the WisCare plan, couldn’t find any PBM information. How is a plan sponsor change supposed to help patients afford drugs, the biggest cost of healthcare?

  • If you want a model that is tried, proven and WORKS, instead of making it all convoluted like you have, just read and follow this:
    This has worked in Canada for over 50 years.

  • Thanks for publishing a concise, but educational video on the basics w/additional insight. Clear, well paced, nice visuals, easy to consume, and w/a purposeful call-to-action. Nice! Now subscribed!!

  • They’re not that stupid to know the repecussions what this will bring about.
    If they want “Medicaire for all” without checking you can bet they also want to go full force them open borders. According to them, the more the merrier.
    Their campaigns are financed by people who want the country destroyed.

  • The root problem is greedy doctors, greedy hospitals, greedy medical device makers, greedy medical schools, greedy drug companies. Medicare should be optional, for those over 65. Another big problem is that private insurance companies are not licensed in all states.

  • Never trust a source that only addresses the (so-called) “pros” to an argument. Their goal isnt to educate you, it’s to sell you on something.

  • Before Obama ACA my medical premiums were $200.00 per month Medical Dental and Vision   AFTER Obama ACA my premiums went to $1200.00 per month JUST MEDICAL  No DENTAL NO Vision  IT WAS NOT AFFORDABLE for me, BUT IF I did NOT pay monthly I would get billed from IRS!  BEWARE if it sounds TOO GOOD, that means you are being setup AGAIN!!!!!!

  • Wake up! Do you actually think for one full minute that these PAMPERED PRIMIDONNAS will give up their high end health care and be subjected to only the Medicare system? I dare you to confront every single one of these people to commit to showing good faith commitment to show they believe in this by giving up their current health care program and living on Medicare for the remainder of their time in office.

  • Medicare for all that want it, NOT Medicare for all.

    I am retired, I pay $500/mo for my wife and I and 4 Kids, my former employer pays $1100/mo, my pension plan $250/mo.

    AGAIN: I am retired, I pay $500/mo for my wife and I and 4 Kids, my former employer pays $1100/mo, my pension plan $250/mo.

    The insurance I had working is the same as retirement, no change.
    Cadillac level Co-Pay plan $20, 40, 50, 150, 200, 300
    the $20, PCP office visit, $300 in hospital stay

  • The greatest “secret” is that of SELF-INSURANCE. You can do this in most states for automobile and healthcare. Basically, you create a bank account and deposit money in it. The account is held in case you have an accident. You cannot borrow, withdraw or use the money. This is basically only for the rich, because the states that have this require at least the state minimum. For example, Arkansas requires 25k/50k car insurance. Therefore, your account will have to have a minimum of 25k in it for you to be self-insured. It sounds bad, but if you are young and pay 300-400 per month for car insurance, that is 3600-4800 per year. In 5 years you will have that money and can then buy a car that is insured by you and not some greedy person raising your rates for every little thing.

  • Eligible sounds like its an option to keep someone alive. I prefer medicare for all so we all get equal benefits from year 1 til 100 years old, and regarding those salaries from doctors nurses and practitioners?? the government will pay them. Private sector should be eliminated.

  • There is only one medicare for all. All that other bullshit is not medicare for all. Theyre just trying to confuse you. Bernie and Tulsi support the real deal. Everything else is a farce

  • Why did the Democratic National Committee”s Platform Committee vote down Medicare For All by a margin of 125 to 36 on July 27, 2020 in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic?
    I was not surprised that it was voted down. I am surprised by the large amount of opposition to Medicare For All even after so many people have lost their insurance.
    Who do the members of the DNC committees represent?

  • With California and Nevada and a few other states like Vermont tried to do it, what they should do is states that want to do it, to unionize themselves to expand the pool of people in the group so that it is cheaper per person and viable; reaches economy of scale.
    Larger pools in a universal coverage system just as insurance, the lower the price per person has to pay for coverage.

  • EV Revolution.. dugh. No more GOP DNC LLC foreign fossil fueled faith based homophobe doctrine for crappy combustion traditional manure…

    Civic motivation?. god guns gays. Vs environment education economic”…

    Remember the 3 geez and eez?

    Seems zvkberg and Bannon had a baby called it digital media crack cocaine..

    No hemp nor CANNABIS jobs..fams.. because that ends war posturing.. and thwarts insomnia and constipation.. who knew!? Ask Holly Bell, (thanks for heads up about toxic lead levels in CBD viles.. tested in” FL?)..

  • My kids are in their late 20-30 and they love reading gothic (comic books) novels. I’ll certainly add this to their collections, after I read it first!

  • Ephemeralization
    Technological species
    Maximum efficiency
    Maximum mental upgrade
    Maximum efficiency in abundance
    And in design
    No system will work in scarcity
    People are starving and they don’t have at least
    At least their basic needs met the system will never work you always have conflicts over resources
    And belief systems and ideologies are another obstacle
    There has to be some Universal understanding
    I can’t just pull a rabbit out of my ass
    If I could
    It probably hurt
    But I bet there’s some people that can do it…
    I’m not saying no names
    But it’s certainly not me
    You may find a few people that can pull out a lot of things out of their buttholes in the porn industry
    Hey I don’t want to knock down sex I don’t want to knock down people’s pleasure
    I’m just saying it be very painful for me to do that and I’m not interested
    Sometimes it’s just difficult enough to take a poop
    That’s when milk of magnesia comes in
    I think I just gave free advertisement…
    I just figure out how to pull the rabbit on my butt
    Milk of magnesia!
    Play I’m a genius
    I just solved the problem of the rabbit out of my ass

    Technological efficiency and Design
    I just gave you a clue ☝️��☝️

    I’ll leave it at that…

  • Thank you Ralph. Another great program. You are one of the last public individuals for whom I hold great respect. Every time you run for office, I’ve voted for you. Since my vote for George McGovern, in 1972, no vote has meant more to me than those I’ve cast for you. You’re a great human being; thank you for all you’ve done.

  • AOC said: ” Just print more money to pay for it”
    Or Trudeau in Canada said: ” the budget will balance itself”
    Need proof? Search their video or article about them.

  • Lets get real socialism always bails out Capitalism. Bring back hoarding laws “the uncompasionate accumulation of money.” sentence hanging.

  • Mr. Nader, there is also the realization of living with less. And since the Americans are most likely going to have the most difficult time with this concept, there are bound to be convulsions.

  • I simply have to say that now that I am approaching my 61st year on Planet Girth, I must apologize for not recognizing this broadcast sooner. So much alternate media, and getting better every year…. But you carried the guidon. You are like a trusted family member. Bless you, sir. Don’t ever stop.

  • I really do love you guys. btw, folks don’t come out because they are scared! Cops get you for 1 ticket and it’s a possibility of Jail for months even years. PEOPLE ARE SCARED I know people before their Bars and Busness closed and they all admitted the numbers of people who can afford a night in the clubs is fewer, but that some have more to spend.:) yeah right.

  • Here’s a question for the union guy. Don’t you sell out the younger guys to keep that healthcare and when you no longer have anyone else or anything else to sell out or give in on don’t you realize that they will take your great healthcare from you?

  • Investing in America’s Two Industries The Drug Cartel & The Prison Industry.
    …. 320 million against 10 million multi-millionaires (who have the cure and never die)

  • EVERY Multi-Millionaire is in the GANG All 10,000,000 Million of them!
    2,000 of them have BILLIONS…. Tell the 10 Million they can keep what they got
    IF they give up the BILLIONAIRES and make them all into 999,000,000 Multi-Millionaires.
    I bet the Thieves would take the deal!

  • I worked with over 750 Different Assisted Living and Nursing Residential of all Kinds.
    I learned a lot about the system and how it acted. *Finally I Discovered that I could influence non-payment by calling the LAW and getting the Local Judge to call and get me paid.
    …. I found that if I called my problem a THEFT of SERVICE the Judgement was WOW compared to my lousy $125 buck 1 hour performance.
    I can’t work now…. they are at risk and I was doing 3 shows a day & avg 100s of miles.

  • . G O O D W I L L < America's Favorite Dumpster Divers.* & riches families luv ya!..The Rich are so Ruthless they haul off anything that isn’t TOXIC!

  • it’s so easy to be cynical…but I can only hope there are enough caring intelligent and compassionate of us left to make these needed changes.

  • The reason this channel doesn’t get thousands of viewers, it’s because most of the time it’s over an hour long. It should be divided into around half hour sessions.

  • Most Congress members will not care to read nor take any steps to improve conditions in the U.S. Good luck with that. Most of the U.S government has been bribed and are manipulated by the puppet masters.

  • can we get a count on how many times john says “theoretically” in this one segment alone? He needs to stop steamrolling with commentary that doesn’t make sense.

  • Medicare over 65 (relies 20% on private insurance) and Medicare for all single payer isn’t the same concept. Medicare for all is 100% public health insurance, no out of pocket costs after tax levy which is cheaper than private health insurance premiums.

    The reason medicare over 65 seems expensive to old people is because of that 20% supplemental private insurance they have to pay for.

  • Dont trust an incompetent govt that can’t negotiate the cost of a toilet seat to negotiate a medical plan for all. Nothing could be worse that “have a plan” that really doesnt cover much when you need to use it.

  • Every time I see any health care professional, I tell them how much the drugs cost, the number of bills I receive for the same visit, procedure, etc… In short I nag the MDs et al. just to get on their nerves. I figure evwetually they’ll get sick of listening to me and join the M4A and PNHCP

  • An excellent (essential) first step in truly fixing the broken American democracy would feature Ralph Nader and many other public affairs media groups conducting extensive interviews/discussions with American heroes Christopher Gioia and David Meiswinkle.. A minimum of research will provide incontrovertible confirmation which is embarrassingly obvious..


  • Code level… Change. Linux kernel coders propose inclusive terminology coding guidelines, note: ‘Arguments about why people should not be offended do not scale’.

  • All of the corruption and degradation in America is caused by the sub slave representation ratios, 200 years ago slaves were counted at 50,000 slaves per congressmen, there are over 720,000 subslave Americans per congressmen today thus Americans have 14 times less representation than slaves had 200 years ago. Another way of looking at the core issue is there were about 10,000 voters originally per congressmen, today there are over 500,000 voters per congressmen that means each voter has less than 2% of the voting power that they would have enjoyed had they been born 200 years ago.

    Ratification of the 1789 Congressional apportionment amendment will mean that there are about 35,000 voters per congressmen verses todays over 500,000 voters per congressmen, the founders of American never imagined the representation ratio in America being worse than about 17000 voters per congressmen but now that women can vote ratification of the 1789 congressional apportionment amendment will mean that there are about 35,000 voters per congressmen.

    Anyway its much less expensive to reach 35,000 people than it is to reach 500,000 voters. It will once again be possible for anyone in America willing to do so to run for congress if they have enough time they could go door to door for a year and meet 35,000 voters personally.

  • ralph you have been an activist for decades and the problems have gotten worse and worse to obscene conditions in every area. I don’t think anything is going to change or get better.

  • I believe this is Mr Nader’s time. Bernie led and unwillingly left the void for Ralph to take the role. A role that Bernie wouldnt do for the country.

  • Thank you for the poem, Lakefield Journal.
    The Smith-Mundt law used to allow for propaganda/fake news to be spread abroad, but not in the US. Obama amended that in 2012. It is now legal for the “government” to spread propaganda ie fake news in the US as well, while remaining anonymous as the source. Obama ramped up prosecution of journalists under espionage laws, and stalled responses to FOIA requests. Obama turned the spigot of legal hassles on investigative journalists by threatening them with jail if they don’t reveal their sources (effectively hobbling 1st Amendment). Obama brought the Broadcasting Board of Governors under the political control of a CEO directly appointed by the President. Thanks Obamanation. We all have to question absolutely everything. This really is 1984.

  • A contrary point about employers gaining from Single Payer. It seems to me that employer health care is a part of salary. So if Single Payer comes it seems reasonable to expect the employee to get the former health benefit as a raise!

  • The ‘capitalization’ of the word Democracy changes it’s meaning from small ‘d’ democracy. This means that Ralph’s show today is about a corporation, not a political ideology/structure. Small ‘d’ democracy cannot be “broken”. It is simply no longer “democracy” and an accurate description is not to simply capitalize the word and put “Broken” in front of it.
    A different political ideology needs a different word to describe it, that Ralph and guest inaccurately describes as “Broken”.
    It is a FUNCTIONING something else. (kakistocracy, oligarchy, plutocracy. fascism? inverted-totalitarianism? bullshit?)
    Like the current Democratic Party, it is appropriate that “capitalization” (like capitalism, in effect, money-worship) discards democratic-function which transforms the political structure so drastically as to make the use of the term “Democracy” a gas-lighting LIE, to deceive the populous and hide the severity of the transition rather than address that transition.
    Word language today is nearly useless because the definitions being applied by the reader/listener are not the definitions used by the writer/speaker.

  • There was one word missing from the health care discussion. Why aren’t doctors fighting for single payer? Why are there so many administrators? Why is there so much fraud? Why won’t Congress pass single payer, and on and on. Anyone care to take a guess what that word is?

  • I know how to fix this. But some of you won’t like it, but I don’t really care. It NEEDS to be fixed and done soon because the current system cannot sustain it self for much longer. Here is how we fix it…….

    Our supposed “Free Market” system is not working the way it should.

    We also know that a “Medicare for all” system won’t work either.

    But a combination of the two WOULD WORK. How you ask? By making ALL entities involved in Healthcare something similar to 501(c)(3) corps.

    That’s right, non-profit corporations. There would be several mandates on them which actually wouldn’t make them exactly the same so they would need their own different Govt. number (name).

    These mandates would assure that employees and management of these Corps would be allowed to make large personal profits based on MERIT. Thus, the creative, experimental, and research parts would not suffer but in fact, would be singled out and awarded for those Corps and the employees that continue to push the technological boundaries and High Service for Medicine to continue to evolve.

    These Corps would need to be heavily regulated by a Panel of People, some Govt, some Medical experts and some regular people. If you remove the Corporate Profit Scheme from Healthcare but still allow for massive profits of those willing to work in the field, you will have serious competition for these types of jobs/careers.

    Without the Corporate Profit Scheme, prices on Healthcare Products and Services would drop dramatically. This means we no longer would have “For Profit” Big Pharma, Medical Device Manufacturers, Insurance companies, Hospitals, Clinics, etc. But the individuals that work and manage all of them would still have the ability to make ungodly amounts of money based on how well and good they and their Corps do.

    In turn, the cost to the people for Healthcare would drop to levels that are affordable. The normal Corporate Profits would enter a large pool for those that are struggling to cover their medical costs and would be used instead of Welfare. Granted, these “Profits” that would enter this pool wouldn’t be anything near what they would be today, so, Welfare might still be needed to be used, but at least that amount would be reduced by the “Pool Money” and thus another savings for us the Taxpayers.

    This system would still allow employers to keep and use Healthcare coverage plans as a “Benefit” to lure in the best employees but the costs for all would drop substantially. Tax benefits could also be used and given to those who go to work for one of the Non-Profit Healthcare Companies as well to make sure we continue to move forward as a leader in Medical Technology.

  • Sadly, the classic novel of Joseph Heller`s, Catch 22, has the character, Milo Mindbender, selling vital supplies for profit. This is NOT fiction, huh…

  • Hemp cellulose instead of crappy Savdi plastics.. petrol death…
    Revolution in pharma w cannabis less synth.
    Amend the Constitution no nzi symbols..
    And punk shows..

  • 3:50 How the wealth hoarders are depleting government, rendering them useless to the general public. Well, there is an end game to this, with millions of people affected by these wealthy elites and turning on them, there’s nothing they can do about it.

  • We do NOT have a Democracy, we have a REPUBLIC. We are already 5 decades deep in Marxist Indoctrination from the cold war days, and even thought the USSR fell, the propaganda is self perpetuating. Marxist Schools and colleges, marxist mainstream media and Hollywood.

  • Just a thought…..fix which democracy? What about the Republic? Types of democracy refers to pluralism of governing structures such as governments (local through to global) and other constructs like workplaces, families, community associations, and so forth. Types of democracy can cluster around values. For example, some like direct democracy, electronic democracy, participatory democracy, real democracy, deliberative democracy, and pure democracy strive to allow people to participate equally and directly in protest, discussion, decision-making, or other acts of politics. Different types of democracy like representative democracy strive for indirect participation as this procedural approach to collective self-governance is still widely considered the only means for the more or less stable democratic functioning of mass societies.[1] Types of democracy can be found across time, space, and language.[2] In the English language the noun “democracy” has been modified by 2,234 adjectives.[3] These adjectival pairings, like atomic democracy or Zulu democracy, act as signal words that point not only to specific meanings of democracy but to groups, or families, of meaning as well.
    We are not represented in DC since The ACT of 1871 which put the United States back under British rule (which is under Vatican rule). The United States people lost their independence in 1871. THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is the constitution of the incorporated UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

  • Ralph, I’m very concerned about this “Warp Speed” rush to produce a widely distributed vaccine. Already manufacturers will be immune from liability, giving them no incentive to ensure their product is safe. The current top two contenders using new experimental technologies that have never been approved for use. We are being told that this is the public heath strategy: social distance and wear masks until this vaccine comes BUT every other corona virus vaccine attempt in history hasn’t ever come to market due to serious safety and efficacy concerns. Now public health experts and Billionaire funders speaking out of the area of expertise are stating that the goal is the vaccinate everyone on the planet with this rushed, liability free vaccine that uses experimental technologies.
    I’d really like to hear you take on all this. Perhaps speak with Robert F Kennedy Jr?

  • As a condition for accepting the Constitution, the American Public demanded the enactment of the Bill of Rights immediately after ratification of the Constitution. They’d been assured that the Constitution was calling into existence a National Government whose Powers were limited to those enumerated in the Constitution. But that did not satisfy them. They wanted a Bill of Rights to make it clear that the Federal Government was prohibited from doing the things that are listed in the Bill of Rights. There are several important things to notice about the Bill of Rights:

    First, the Bill of Rights, does not give the Rights. Our ancestors understood that Rights come from nature, humanity, and God, not from Government. People’s Rights have always preexist Government.

    Second, the Bill of Rights consists of prohibitions and restrictions on the Federal Government. Why is that important? Because our ancestors knew that Power would inevitably attract those to Public Office who’d do the types of things that were being restricted. They would criminalize speech, especially speech that was critical of Officials. They’d ban protests against Government. They’d force people to subscribe to a certain Religion. They would seize Weapons. They’d punish any malefactor by simply having Civil or US Military take people into Custody, Incarcerate them, Torture them, or Execute them, all without Trial by Jury and Due Process of Law. The Bill of Rights was to serve as a reminder that Officials had no legitimate power to do any of these things.

    Third, the Bill of Rights contains no emergency or crisis exception. That’s because our ancestors knew that historically crises and emergencies were the time-honored way by which people lost their Liberties at the hands of their own Government. During such times, the Public become afraid and their natural tendency is looking to the Government to keep them safe and secure. They forget that the biggest threat to their Liberty is their very own Government, as reflected in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Thus, they eagerly trade away their Liberty for “Security.” Later, when the Crisis or Emergency has passed, they discover that the Government is unwilling to give up the Power it has acquired over them…

  • The thing about Medicaid is that they work with doctors to negotiate prices down rather than passing the cost onto policyholders through higher premiums. Private insurance companies should adapt this business model to. Excessive doctor costs are the problem, not the upfront premium costs.

  • To be clear, the states can legally probably expand Medicaid since it’s a joint program funded by both the state and the Federal government. However, a state probably can’t expand Medicare since Medicare is solely a Federal program. I wish the news and commentators would get this right since most Americans are confused about the difference between Medicaid and Medicare.

  • medicare is a federal program while Medicaid is a program jointly funded and controlled by the Federal and state governments Nevada can’t expand Medicare only Congress can do that

  • Nobody speaks for poor people in USA.
    Trying to get 50 states to agree is impossible especially if certain states have to subsidise poorer states.

  • There is a significant difference between Medicaid and Medicare. That is that Medicaid cover 100% of charges with no deductibles while Medicare covers only 80% and has a $183 annual deductible for medical benefits and a $1,316 deductible for hospital care that resets 60 days after a hospital stay. So in theory you could have as many as five hospital deductibles in a year (i.e., $6,580/yr).

  • I agree I think the best way to keep money back in the market place is to wait till you get really sick and then the care can break a family so the money goes back in to trickle down instead a family keeping it in a nest egg and leave it to just the family that stops the market from growing we need to make America greatest again

  • what needs to be done here is subsidiary mass medical training and certification of civilians and security police and military in medical fields as doctors and high end nurse and flood the global market with them as Cuba does, that will bring down cost and granted health care for most doctors will have to compete to service the needy in the best institutions so better lower cost care, do it now.!!!!

  • Is there an option for gap payments for doctor’s fees? Australia has this. Different system, because there’s no cost/need to “buy in” to medicare, but it’s commonplace for GP’s to “bulk bill” (accept government payment only) for unemployed/pensioners etc but ask for a co-payment from other patients of around $10-$20. Presumably a system like that would resolve the lower doctor payments/refusal to accept patients for whom they get less money to treat

  • Of course, red state leaders would wait until the black guy was no longer in office to FINALLY expand Medicaid, even though he asked for it for years. They just couldn’t bring themselves to support something a Negro wanted, even if it was the right thing to do.

  • Medicaid has also a much lower cost for the patient. Medicare has some large deductibles that can be very high depending on what meds you need. Although, either way, its a step in the right direction and I hope this these work out.

  • If both parties could come together on this one issue then it can pave the way for other issues. Healthcare transgresses parties so this really ought to be pretty easy to come together over.

  • If the debate was single payer vs public option then I’d actually have some hope in politics, that’s what the debate between republicans and democrats should be. We’ve shifted so far to the right.

  • WE ARE LEAVING AMERICA’S Injured Workers/Patients BEHIND!
    THE MEDICARE FOR ALL BILL Sections 801 & 522 EXCLUDES Americas
    Injured Workers just as Canada left their inured workers behind with
    their universal care health care plan. “Prohibition of employee
    benefits duplicative of Universal Medicare Program benefits;
    coordination in case of workers’ compensation.”

    The Medicare for all bill Sec. 801. Prohibition of employee
    benefits duplicative of benefits under the Universal Medicare
    Program; coordination in case of workers’ compensation.

    subtitle B of title I of 12the Employee Retirement Income
    Security Act of 1974 13(29 U.S.C. 1131 et seq.) is amended by adding
    at the end 14the following new section: 15‘‘SEC. 522. PROHIBITION OF
    COMPENSATION. 19‘‘(a) INGENERAL.—Subject to subsection (b), no
    em-20ployee benefit plan may provide benefits that duplicate
    21payment for any items or services for which payment may 22be made
    under the Medicare for All Act of 2017. 23‘‘(b) REIMBURSEMENT.—Each
    workers compensation 24carrier that is liable for payment for
    workers compensa-25
    59 TAM17H14

    tion services furnished in a State shall reimburse
    the Uni-1versal Medicare Program for the cost of such services. 2‘‘(c)
    DEFINITIONS.—In this subsection— 3‘‘(1) the term ‘workers
    compensation carrier’ 4means an insurance company that underwrite
    work-5ers compensation medical benefits with respect to 1 6or
    more employers and includes an employer or fund 7that is
    financially at risk for the provision of work-8ers compensation
    medical benefits; 9‘‘(2) the term ‘workers compensation medical
    10benefits’ means, with respect to an enrollee who is 11an
    employee subject to the workers compensation 12laws of a State,
    the comprehensive medical benefits 13for work-related injuries
    and illnesses provided for 14under such laws with respect to
    such an employee; 15and 16‘‘(3) the term ‘workers compensation
    services’ 17means items and services included in workers
    com-18pensation medical benefits and includes items and
    19services (including rehabilitation services and long
    20term-care services) commonly used for treatment of
    21work-related injuries and illnesses.’’. 22(b)
    CONFORMINGAMENDMENT.—Section 4(b) of the 23Employee Retirement
    Income Security Act of 1974 (29 24U.S.C. 1003(b)) is amended
    by adding at the end the fol-25
    60 TAM17H14

    lowing: ‘‘Paragraph (3) shall apply subject to
    section 1522(b) (relating to reimbursement of the Universal
    Medi-2care Program by workers compensation carriers).’’. 3(c)
    CLERICALAMENDMENT.—The table of contents 4in section 1 of such
    Act is amended by inserting after the 5item relating to section
    521 the following new item: 6‘‘Sec 522. Prohibition of employee
    benefits duplicative of Universal Medicare Program benefits;
    coordination in case of workers’ compensa-tion.’
    FYI* #MedicareForAll? **DOES NOT COVER On The Job Injuries!**

  • Sounds ok as long as people pay the FULL PRICE.. Other wise it is just another welfare program where some people get robbed….so a non-contributor can get something for a lower cost or free.. Stealing from one to give to another is ALWAYS wrong. – via @haystacktv

  • States can’t expand Medicare. It is a federal program. Medicaid is a state-federal joint program that is administered by the states.

  • Governor Sandovol is one of the very very few sane Republicans in America. There is an old saying here…NEVADA IS SO CONSERVATIVE THAT IT IS LIBERAL.

  • Dr. Geyman writes about important issues in his books. Profiteering, Corruption and Fraud in U.S. Health Care
    Most people ignore the health care system until they need it. Then it is a shock.
    Dr. Geyman also has a book about the sad state of long term health care for the elderly.
    Long-Term Care in America: The Crisis All of Us Will Face in Our Lifetimes

  • I’m puzzled! I don’t even know why the state senate would even create this bill since Nevada’s GOP Governor will veto it on sight. It’s pathetically ironic that in a state where Las Vegas is located that the state senators should know better than most about the risks of gambling when the odds are overwhelmingly stacked against them! Then again, it is the governor’s political reputation that is being wagered!

  • In Nevada I can buy universal health care… sex with random woman..and gamble.. and they bout to get the raiders in a couple years…I might have to book a flight soon… sounds like Disneyland for adults….

  • lets make it happen lets be the greatest nation on earth and stop moving backwards towards 1970. health insurance and health care for all

  • yaaaa medical for everyone we can do it all these other country’s have i know were as smart or smarter come on America let’s not just be great again but be the greatest once and for all

  • I’m sure Ana is not firmiliar with Nevada politics, but she’s wrong about it leaning right. In 2016 the state went to Hillary Clinton by 2.5 points, elected Cortez Masto (D) to the Senate. Both houses of the Nevada State Legislature are controlled by Democrats.


    All this is, is using your taxes to create more profit for medical companies.

    All you have to do is look at the investments of the politicians putting this forward… you’re getting an NHS by the back door but at insanely high costs.

  • Medicaid= Almost no doctors take it and if they do, you wait until those with real insurance get appointments. Also no dental, no vision.

  • I can’t afford my $6000+ deductible. I don’t go to the doctor unless I’m splattered on the side of the road and can’t consent. Thought about just making myself a DNR.

  • White people systems built on greed.

    America is the type of nation where Americans hate other Americans. And will create policies just to hurt others in the country. Only problem with that is it always backfires.

  • We also need to get rid of the artificial scarcity of medical providers. Open up the training process and offer incentives to get into the health fields.

  • great program! I am a disillusioned berniecrat after the obama/clinton/dnc coup & feel energized. Dr.Geyman reminds me that our healthcare workers are fodder to the foolish right now, completely unequipped and dispensable to our government!!!

  • this is BS, Every developed country in the world has universal health care of some kind but the supposed richest country in the world can’t afford it, jog on mate,
    Do you think its acceptable that in america 40 000 people die every year because they cant afford health care or life saving drugs?
    Do you think it’s acceptable that millions go bankrupt every year because they can’t afford there medical bills?
    Do you think it’s acceptable that the rich should be able to get the best possible health care whilst the poor literally die?
    Medicare for all is not only affordable it’s essential, Studies have shown that Bernie sanders medicare for all would actually be cheaper than Americas current health care system because middlemen such as pharmaceutical companies wouldn’t be able to falsely inflate the price of drugs!!!

  • I don’t want anything for free either I just want what my taxes pays for like food stamps, Medicaid,housing subsidies,homes a d health care for our vets.not to fill up some wall st rich pockets or finance another un necessary war.or giving our sworn enemies Billions of dollars so they can by arms from Trumps
    s company. bet you didn’t think about that,.

  • Doesn’t surprise me that Hawaii has the best medical outcomes. My dad’s a native californian, but he worked in Hawaii as a contractor. The company that hired him paid for his AirBNB, gave him monthly flights home, AND paid for his and our (his family’s) health insurance.

  • Am I wrong, but isn’t the reason this is Medicaid for all is because Medicaid is controlled by the states while Medicare is federally ran??

  • If it got to a point where there was so many people using it that the doctors who didn’t take it started to loose out financially due to lack of patients… I think they might begin to change the way they run things.