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Prenatal Class Part 1: Prenatal

Video taken from the channel: Maternity Care Midwives


Weird Advice Pregnant Couples Get

Video taken from the channel: As/Is


Childbirth Class Video 01

Video taken from the channel: TMC HealthCare


Baby Brain Development Tips During Pregnancy

Video taken from the channel: Momspresso


Sadhguru on Pregnancy & Motherhood

Video taken from the channel: Sadhguru


Prenatal Development: What We Learn Inside the Womb

Video taken from the channel: Sprouts


What to expect in your Second Trimester of pregnancy | Pregnancy Week-by-Week

Video taken from the channel: Today’s Parent

A gallery of videos and film clips in which new parents and experts share experiences and information about pregnancy and birth. Watch our exclusive collection of videos to get the information about pregnancy, delivery, newborn care, baby development, breastfeeding, parenting and more. Pregnancy & Parenting the ModernMom way.

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The Pregnancy Show is dedicated to providing parents with the most relevant and up-to-date information on the issues that matter most. You’ll also find fun and entertaining videos about all aspects of family life from the first positive pregnancy test to potty training and beyond!Here you’ll find videos of the positive parenting skills. For each topic, there are two types of videos: Feature Video of Real-life Parenting Challenges Have you ever been frustrated that your child doesn’t listen or struggled with how to handle specific behaviors?

See how parents like you address every day challenges and find real world. About Youtuber I’m passionate about Peaceful Parenting: a mindful, respectful, simple and gentle approach to raising children. On The Parenting Junkie I will try to break it down to bite size pieces for you, so you don’t need to wade through a whole library to figure it out. Frequency 1 video / week Since Sep 2014. InJoy Birth & Parenting Education.

Empowering educators and health professionals with educational solutions for prenatal, labor, childbirth, breastfeeding, postpartum discharge, and early childhood development and parenting. BrightCourse has the lessons your clients need. This includes lessons on pregnancy, infancy, toddlers, parenting, life skills, and more; and we are adding to this list with brand new lessons every month!

The new and updated lessons are included with your subscription; there is no need to upgrade or re-invest.

List of related literature:

Numerous well-made videos are available that deal with all aspects of prenatal and infant care.

“Foundations of Maternal-Newborn and Women's Health Nursing E-Book” by Sharon Smith Murray, Emily Slone McKinney
from Foundations of Maternal-Newborn and Women’s Health Nursing E-Book
by Sharon Smith Murray, Emily Slone McKinney
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2017

By the end of my first trimester, we’d started documenting our pregnancy via weekly videos uploaded to YouTube.

“The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth” by Genevieve Howland
from The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth
by Genevieve Howland
Gallery Books, 2017

When I was pregnant with my first child, a nurse at my obstetrician’s office dutifully sat me down and played me a video that I since have referred to as the “propaganda video” for new moms.

“How Fantasy Becomes Reality: Information and Entertainment Media in Everyday Life” by Karen E. Dill-Shackleford, Karen Dill-Shackleford
from How Fantasy Becomes Reality: Information and Entertainment Media in Everyday Life
by Karen E. Dill-Shackleford, Karen Dill-Shackleford
Oxford University Press, 2016

Or go to and look under the video or baby section.

“Potty Train Your Child in Just One Day: Proven Secrets of the Potty Pro” by Teri Crane, Philip Caravella
from Potty Train Your Child in Just One Day: Proven Secrets of the Potty Pro
by Teri Crane, Philip Caravella
Touchstone, 2006

Videos provide tired mothers time to cook dinner, feed the baby, or clean the house.

“The Children's Culture Reader” by Henry Jenkins, New York University Press
from The Children’s Culture Reader
by Henry Jenkins, New York University Press
NYU Press, 1998

Baby videos really are addictive.

“Little Kids, Big City: Tales from a Real House in New York City (with Lessons on Life and Love for Your Own Concrete Jungle)” by Alex McCord, Simon Van Kempen
from Little Kids, Big City: Tales from a Real House in New York City (with Lessons on Life and Love for Your Own Concrete Jungle)
by Alex McCord, Simon Van Kempen
Sterling & Ross Publishers, 2010

• Health videos: seven half-hour programmes for pregnant women and new mothers are all screened daily.

“A Textbook of Children's and Young People's Nursing E-Book” by Edward Alan Glasper, Dr Jim Richardson, James Richardson
from A Textbook of Children’s and Young People’s Nursing E-Book
by Edward Alan Glasper, Dr Jim Richardson, James Richardson
Elsevier Health Sciences UK, 2010

I personally vieweda “natural childbirth” video, developed for prenatal education classes, in whicha mother gave birth toher infant inan unmedicated “natural” delivery with her husband in attendance.

“The Body Bears the Burden: Trauma, Dissociation, and Disease” by Robert Scaer
from The Body Bears the Burden: Trauma, Dissociation, and Disease
by Robert Scaer
Taylor & Francis, 2014

I remember when my kids were babies, I had never really heard of the Baby Whatever videos.

“Free-Range Kids, How to Raise Safe, Self-Reliant Children (Without Going Nuts with Worry)” by Lenore Skenazy
from Free-Range Kids, How to Raise Safe, Self-Reliant Children (Without Going Nuts with Worry)
by Lenore Skenazy
Wiley, 2009

What research exists suggests that baby videos as currently constructed are less efficient mechanisms for teaching babies words, for instance, than is adult child interaction (Wartella, Richert, & Robb, 2010).

“The Routledge Handbook of Family Communication” by Anita L. Vangelisti
from The Routledge Handbook of Family Communication
by Anita L. Vangelisti
Taylor & Francis, 2012

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  • I’m a first time mommy and I’m due in December ���� I’m a single mom looking for all the resources and support I can ��❤️ this is so helpful

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  • Holliday. How I wish I could hug you and thank you for helping me through modern technology. This video was a true find for me. Thank you.

  • the lady in the white shirt and scarf is like that one girl in class that always had to have attention and thought she was so amazing and right about eeeverything i gotta stop the video lmao

  • Ugh this “you’re having a boy because… or you’re having a girl because…” Is so annoying
    Or this unspoken thing where strangers think they got permission to ask anything or stare at you

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  • The flu shot has NEVER been tested for safety during pregnancy. It says so on the package insert. It is believed to actually increase your chance of miscarriage. Please do you research into vaxx more than just this video.

  • I actually love asking other parents for baby advice while I’m pregnant, and I’ve learned a lot, but girl the unsolicited advice from some people is so annoying and it just makes you feel paranoid not prepared. I’ve come to realize the unsolicited advice is just old wives tale crap than real advice. I think what makes it stressful is when people openly question your choices so now you feel like a bad parent.

  • Currently 14 weeks with with my second baby(hoping for a girl this time), being pregnant during a global pandemic is taking quite the adjustment. Due in Feb 2021! Wooo

  • I’m not pregnant, (nor will I be anytime soon) I just like collecting knowledge. Thank you sharing your knowledge with everyone on the internet instead of keeping it behind a paywall.

  • During this pandemic we had tough time educating ourselves on child birth. These videos are really life savers. We just had a baby today and everything went really well. I cannot thank enough TMC healthcare and Marjorie for these amazing videos. We had complete child birth education at home with these videos and we knew everything and aware of each stage of labor till birth. You guys are simply amazing! Thank you a ton! ��

  • Due in February 2021 with my first baby..sending love to all the first time mommies,may we all have healthy pregnancies and babies❤️

  • I appreciate these free videos as im 34 weeks pregnant and trying to get as much info as I can online due to this virus canceling all my birth classes. im also on a low budget so cant afford most online classes that require payments in order to download stuff

  • I’m 20 and pregnant with my first, I thought I was infertile until I did a pregnancy test and it said I’m 2-3 weeks pregnant, I’m now around 7 weeks with bad sickness and it’s horrible, but I’m due march and me and my partner are so excited! I hope that all you mummies to be has a great pregnancy and delivery. And that it’s okay to be scared! ❤️❤️

  • I know I’m a echo but THANK YOU FOR THIS!! �� All of the classes at my hospital were cancelled and I was feeling so lost. Appreciate you having this for us new mamas!

  • I’m here because of the pandemic too. I’m a first time mom due May 10th and my class was canceled… I feel very nervous and lost and uninformed. Glad to have found this.

  • So grateful for this! I’m 25 weeks pregnant. I worknight shift. I have a 4, 3 and 2 year old. I lost my 2 month old last year along with a miscarriage. I’m in counseling for losses… this is perfect for me and my husband! We are going to learn this material and take control of our homebirth!!

  • Magnesium supplements spared me from the nocturnal Charlie horses during this third pregnancy. I used to get them every night with my past two.

  • I called my doctor’s office when I had pelvic pain for over an hour and liquid discharge, they told me to just drink water and take a Tylenol, but it turned I was going through premature labor at 20 weeks and my baby died:( my mom who is not a nurse was the one who told me had to go to the hospital right away

  • Whenever I watch these videos I get shocked when I see “Allison B.” in the contacts. My name is Allison and my maiden initial was B (I was married nearly a year ago, so it’s still really fresh that my name changed!). I feel like that mom to be is my friend I hope she calls me to talk about this pregnancy… haha! Thanks for the helpful videos and the fun visuals.

  • Thank you! Best video I have seen! I am now waiting for my second child, but just now I heard things first time that I didn’t know, although I listened to many educations!

  • When the video begins with mother=egg /father =sperm… It’s the borring and sad end. Parenthood Is not eather a gametes matter nor a staight-binary desition

  • I’m so glad that this exists. I was terrified that I was going to have to go through labor with only what I read in books since all my classes were canceled.

  • When my mother discoverd that she was pregnant of me, she started to cry, and the nurse asked her if she could hug her. I, a 18 years old, have a love to hug people, and when we were able to go to places and “touch” people, I always say goodbye with a hug. <3

  • When I was about 30 weeks pregnant with my second baby I had my husband really push on my lower back. He kept on getting nervous thinking it was too hard but I told him to keep on going. It felt so good! There was a crack and he was horrified but I felt so much relief ��

  • The mum: Aw my baby is so cute!
    The ultrasound: