Post traumatic stress disorder and AFib What’s the Connection


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AF and PTSD are two common conditions affecting the veteran population. Recently, The Heart Rhythm Society (HRS) released a study completed in 2018 that demonstrated a connection between PTSD and AF. Atrial Fibrillation itself is a condition that affects more than 2.7 million American adults every year. It’s the first time a connection has been made between post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and “A-fib,” which typically arises with age and is the most common type of heart rhythm problem. A-fib can raise a person’s odds for a stroke, and has previously been linked with high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and sleep apnea.

It’s the first time a connection has been made between post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and “A-fib,” which typically arises with age and is the most common type of heart rhythm problem. A-fib. It’s the first time a connection has been made between post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and “A-fib,” which typically arises with age and is the most common type of heart rhythm problem. A-fib can raise a person’s odds for a stroke, and has previously been linked with high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and sleep apnea. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and sleep apnea have been linked by a number of clinical studies.

Some research even suggests that consistent treatment of sleep apnea with CPAP can help ease PTSD symptoms like nightmares and anxiety among military veterans. 1 For starters, what exactly is PTSD?When he tries to get a service connection for the heart attack or stroke, the VA denies his claim. A related situation is where a veteran who is service-connected for PTSD suffers a heart attack or stroke and dies.

His widow then files a claim for service-connection for the cause of death, but VA denies her claim as well. A new study finds that veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder had a significantly greater risk of developing heart failure when compared with non-PTSD peers.For the research, Department of. PTSD May Provide Secondary Service Connection for Pancreatic Cancer In addition, I have recently seen a number of cases involving pancreatic cancer among Vietnam veterans. Though pancreatic cancer is not associated with Agent Orange exposure, I have won many of these cases for veterans on a direct basis.

In addition, there is VA precedent of granting service connection to atrial fibrillation as secondary to PTSD. See the below link. [font=’MELIOR’,’SERIF’] Entitlement to service-connection for atrial fillibration [/font]. Untreated, AFib can lead to stroke.

Managing PTSD and heart disease. The reasons that PTSD can be so dangerous to those with cardiovascular issues go beyond the obvious physical implications. If.

List of related literature:

The predominant form of AFib determines how it should be categorised.

“Fundamentals of Paramedic Practice: A Systems Approach” by Sam Willis, Roger Dalrymple
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Lone AFib is said to be present when tachyarrhythmia occurs in the absence of underlying structural heart disease or transient precipitating factors.

“Handbook of Cardiac Anatomy, Physiology, and Devices” by Paul A. Iaizzo
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AVRT is much more common in the pediatric age group, whereas AVNRT accounts for 30% of SVT in adolescents and over 50% of SVT in adults.491 In AVRT, an accessory connection exists outside of the AV node, electrically connecting the atrium and ventricle.

“Nursing Care of the Critically Ill Child E-Book” by Mary Fran Hazinski
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When the faster junctional or ventricular escape rhythm is associated with VA block, it results in failure of the atrial impulses to conduct anterogradely secondary to retrograde concealment by the escape rhythm impulses.

“Clinical Arrhythmology and Electrophysiology: A Companion to Braunwald's Heart Disease” by Ziad F. Issa, John Michael Miller, Douglas P. Zipes
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A reentry SVT involving the AV node and an accessory pathway is called AV reentrant tachycardia (AVRT).

“Nancy Caroline’s Emergency Care in the Streets” by American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), Nancy L. Caroline
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When the faster junctional or ventricular escape rhythm is associated with VA block, it results in failure of the atrial impulses to conduct anterogradely secondary to retrograde concealment by the escape rhythm impulses (see Fig. 9-16).

“Clinical Arrhythmology and Electrophysiology: A Companion to Braunwald's Heart Disease E-Book: Expert Consult: Online and Print” by Ziad Issa, John M. Miller, Douglas P. Zipes
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Chronic AFib a.

“Step-up to medicine” by Steven S. Agabegi, Elizabeth D. Agabegi
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Drugs, ischemia, intrinsic conduction system disease, electrolytes, sympathetic and parasympathetic influences, and so on, all influence the AV node in this respect.

“Arrhythmia Recognition: The Art of Interpretation” by Tomas B. Garcia, Daniel J. Garcia
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Children and adolescents also present with re-entrant SVT but can occasionally present with atrial fibrillation (AF) with rapid conduction down the accessory pathway.

“Electrophysiological Disorders of the Heart E-Book” by Sanjeev Saksena, A. John Camm
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Similar to the native AV node-HPS, they are sensitive to autonomic changes, adenosine,16–18 and occasionally to verapamil,7 leading to variations in the amount of preexcitation depending on the degree of their contribution to ventricular activation.

“Catheter Ablation of Cardiac Arrhythmias E-Book” by Shoei K. Stephen Huang, Mark A. Wood
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  • not all of you have this, i have it and almost every time im listening to someone tell there story im like how the f is that even comparable to mine, im not trying to win some pain contest but so many people are acting like they have ptsd and they absolutely are saying it for attention, they havent been driven mad w nightmares and fight or flight etc etc

  • I find it hard to be compliant as such, I notice I try to fight that weakness within me but it wins. He hurts me so much and takes great advantage of how sick I got after the “incident” n I think it will kill me I really hope if I get healthy one day I’d make the greatest councilor

  • Jesus. I’ve always known I’ve had this but hearing her describe it in detail and me recognizing myself in every description is a trip.

  • I write as I sail across life
    1994… because people are normal, we are the ones who tear each other apart, 2020+ is the new dawn, learn to be human… a warning to all… done being the world’s prophet.

  • I’m glad I found this channel but I never even started looking into it or found out about CPTSD until around 5 years ago. And maybe it’s because I was searching a certain type of PTSD that at the time, I came to believe that cptsd was significant childhood trauma followed by a long-term narcissistic relationship. Because even though I check alot of boxes for childhood trauma (verbal,, physical, sexual), I functioned fairly well for years and years. It wasn’t until about 3 years into my second marriage of 15 years (when I was about 36) that my body literally started breaking down.

    I guess the way I looked at it is, I knew what verbal and physical and sexual abuse looked like and so when my first husband started beating me very shortly after we got married, I knew to get out of it (even though we got back together 2 years later and had 2 more children ��). But the mental, emotional and psychological abuse that I took for so long for my 2nd husband was completely alien to me.
    When it finally ended after those 15 years is when I first found out that he’d be considered narcissistic. And then I come to find out that my abusive childhood set me up to be the target of a narcissist. I do want to mention that up until I found that out, I had always understood the word narcissist to mean someone with a huge ego. I now know that in most cases, that’s actually quite the opposite.
    He had such an extremely low ego that he had to put me down in order to feel better about himself.

    Anyway, so yeah by the time I finally got out of the marriage my body was so shocked and my mind was just fried. Actually, my body was fried after the first 10 years and even though it was hard because of pride, I ended up having to go on disability. I ran a state licensed to daycare for a long time but just simply could not do it any longer. By the time the marriage finally ended my brain was so fried, I was just in a tailspin for 5 years. I guess I stayed there for so long because after 2 years I just could not deal with it and picked up the bottle one day and didn’t put it down. It took me 2 years and (5) 1 month inpatient stays to do so.
    I was completely sober for about a year and a half but will admit that I have had several binges over the course of the last two years.

    I was a single mom of three when I married the second time plus he had three children and then we had one together. Keeping up house and raising that many kids, I guess I really didn’t have time to dwell in or even reflect on my childhood. Well that and plus I always worked at least full-time and then some.

    My youngest is now a Junior in college and I now have the time to go back and heal all of that and the damage from my marriage. I guess I just simply don’t have the motivation.
    I’ve been living alone in a studio apartment for 3 years now, I’m just so empty and have absolutely no ambition. I am very blessed in that my older children have given me 9 grandchildren over the years and I used to be an amazing grandmother to the oldest of them but as much as I always really want to, I just don’t reach out to them even a little bit of what you really want to. And then I feel guilty about that and pretty much go in a vicious circle.

    I guess I just feel sorry for myself because along with my home, my ex took everything I ever was as well. I know that I shouldn’t. I know that he doesn’t have the power to take anymore. I guess it’s just that I worked so hard for so long to build a life and have a home. And now I live in 2 rooms with no yard it just doesn’t feel like Grandma’s house anymore.

  • This happened to my loved one but it was situational, or single-incident ptsd she had a horrible t-bone car accident. Took a couple of months but slowly as the physical pain continued, nightmares and flashbacks of the accident began, then she quit sleeping, quit eating, became distant and boom, she broke. She was “gone” for about a week before she came back. Scariest thing I’ve ever witnessed.

  • What’s the percentage of people who have an ace score of 6 how many percent of people with ace score of 6 have a mental health problem or how many percent of people with an ace score of 6 or higher have either a mental health problem or a physical problems or both

  • Madam speaker. You will probably never see this. But thank you for your compassion and willingness to talk on this subject. It is so very much in your heart and that is obvious. I see comments that insinuate you only speak of Vets. However, in the opening you made it clear that there are a million ways to develop PTSD. I am a CPTSD diagnosed woman. I lost my 2 month old to sids. My husband shot himself in front of me. I am a survivor, and to hear you speak so positively on this subject has helped more than you know. I also shared this with family that simply couldn’t grasp why I’m not the same anymore. However, this video worked as a great tool to teach them. I never make long comments lol but on the off chance you see this. I want to thank you. ❤

  • I liked the chemical explanation here. I believe the war experience was personal to her so that’s why it was chosen as her example. It’s somewhat comforting knowing why you don’t want to leave the house, that there is more behind it. It’s hard to walk exercise and do the right things for the body when you suffer with this though. We know it’s needed but so hard to do when you don’t fit in the normal world anymore. The good things we need to do for ourselves now cause anxiety. Hard to push through that I feel. No matter what the cause of the ptsd, these awful physical symptoms are the same. Then when and if you feel better a trigger happens and it feels like the battle starts again. I wonder if the fear of triggers is why it’s easy to want to stay in and feel more protected against anxiety.

  • This makes so much sense to me. Could I message you about this? I am struggling with harm ocd, sexual ocd and responsibility ocd and exposures may numb the anxiety but it doesn’t get to the core. And I suspect I know what that core is (religious family, unhappy parents with lots of conflict, some molestation).

    I do think when I strip away the OCD, there is this open ptsd wound that never heals unless I wrap the ocd thoughts around it again.

  • I’m definitely a people pleaser, especialy since I’ve tried to be true to myself but I got bullied and isolated for years, now it’s hard for me to share thoughts, intrests, and feelings especialy with people close to me, I’m afraid I’ll drive them away. I’ve been trying to push myself out of my comfort zone lately though, hopefully it doesn’t backfire…��

  • Edit: as educational as it is, it doesn’t feel like shes educating us on the topic i feel more like shes being compassionate. She’s given off more support than some of the psychologists I’ve seen in person.

    Addictive isn’t even too strong of a word. I used to do crystal meth, and that was easier to give up than cutting myself.
    The first, professional who hasn’t said it’s attention seeking behaviouranother way of asking for help because it really isn’t. I don’t know anyone, who cut thereself so someone would notice and help them.. ya know?
    The best way I could put it was it was a distraction, (i had to think about the cuts on me rather than what was beneath) but the chemical release of pain relief was probably what was helping me and was probably why I felt the need to do it even when I wasn’t even having a bad day.

  • I really try hard to leave my past behind but I have crazy behavior’s such as Noise I can’t stand to have a fan on loud music if its not my choice then it drives me nuts! I have to sleep with my tv on,I have trouble taking a shower I think it’s because my enemy will catch me off guard. My tv let’s ppl know there is someone home do not enter! I can’t hear my enemy with noises such as fan or air conditioner. I Just tell myself to calm down.

  • Somehow this all seems to relate in some ways which went on for long time,i never knew any thing about what to do and didn’t have no help being scared and worried all the time 24/7,Thank You,Love Denny

  • My symptoms of cptsd:
    Hyper vigilanceI am on high awareness for something bad happening especially toward me making mistakes in everyday life b/c the ex used to rage when I’d mess up. HV with noise….if I hear loud noises or someone’s voice gets louder I clench up ready for someone to yell at me or for something to be broken or punched, slammed or thrown.
    Adrenaline Dumps
    In that abusive marriage I was always trying to use sleep to get away from him and his anger, my escape…while I’d be sleeping he’d come home slamming the door, jarring/jolting me awake. Sometimes he’d keep on, knowing I was sleeping, banging cabinets, dishes, punching walls, flinging our bedroom door open so hard the doorknob would go right through the drywall. I think now I stayed laying down, quiet and still, to somehow show him, “see!? You didn’t wake me! I’m still sleeping!!!” But my inner child was terrified. My body was terrified. I never knew which moment he’d switch from breaking/punching things to punching/breaking me.
    I chose to stay still (Freeze) instead or running or fighting. This was so damaging to my body/inner child. I am safe now but my body and IC haven’t gotten the memo yet. They still react.
    My adrenaline dumps into my bloodstream sending my heart racing and DREAD pours through my body.

  • I haven’t been diagnosed with anything although i know i hsve c-ptsd my child hood was horrendous i was being sex ut ally abused by my father and my brother from a baby to my teens, i was rented out for men to live out their fantasies in sexual violence and torture.
    Ive been on do many coursesto learn skills and i cant get to grips with any although the whole course mskes sence and i can see h oi wthe dbt is an incredibly informative course and i highly recommend anyone to take it, however i was slways able to contrribute in the hroup sessions but when i gry jome i found it hard to practice or even just remember what i had to learned.
    Im now awaiting psychology but im concerned about not being allowed to mention my trauma as i have been told for the last 4 year. Its not easy to understand what level of information is considered too much for any profesional in the mental health system.

    I feel like i need to have somebody who i can trust fully to walk through my past and help me to face the trauma and learn to manage it instead of being silenced and allowing flashbacks and brokenmemory to consume me

  • I feel like I should understand why I feel so angry when professionals tell me they are “aware of my pain”. I feel pain almost constantly and it oddly feels frustrating when someone can understand. Maybe it’s just strange to realize others are also in pain. It is painful and confusing.

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  • I’ve been seriously trying to tell the help around me I believe my ocd is trauma related but no one listens and says I’m stuck with ocd forever now. This truly gave me some peace. Thank you.

  • PTSD can take away a person’s will to live because you are re-living a horrific trauma over and over and over again in your sleep. You can’t put it behind you. You can’t heal.

  • I have Post Tramatic Stress so bad. I may quit my job. I am triggered by something that no one undertands, and with Corona Virus, it’s impossible to find help.

  • This explains soo much in my experience because what you’re presenting is exactly what I’m dealing with. I have OCD, but it was never THIS bad. Which lead me to look into Intrusive Thoughts, OCD, and now PTSD. Thank you for this video.

  • Just as a point of reference: cPTSD is not a sub category of Bpd. Research has also highlighted cPTSD is not a comorbid to Bpd (which is not clear from the presentation)

    Also longitude studies highlight a significant long-term relationship between a Bpd and a healthy individual/child is likely to be a significant contributory factor in mental and physical abuse that can lead to harm and/or a dx of cPTSD for the healthy individual/child.

  • Got 9 on my ace score �� Anyone reading this who went through hell just know you’re not alone and we’re strong ������ Find your tribe

  • I remember myself from very small age I had physical abuse and sexual abuse I got ADHD as well I know now that I got CPTSD most of the things that said in the two videos I watched related to what I going through I’m live alone and all my life I was lying to myself that I am ok but I am not soon I will go to psychiatrist what should I say to him or just to tell him my life story?

  • I am a Correctional Officer in Melbourne and I went through PTSD, my claim was accepted by the insurance company after an investigation that lasted 28 days, received professional help that it was just a joke, I then took massive action and I started to research on my own, I dug deep into the human brain how it’s been programmed, I started to understand why we think what we think and how to manage those thoughts and stress and take advantage on them.
    That happened early 2020 before COVID, and today, August 2020, after just a few months not even half year, i am having the time of live, I have allowed myself to learn from that experience with PTSD and also, I have started to help other brothers in blue who are struggling with the same nightmare as I was.
    I have become a coach out of my work hours, to Emergency and Law Enforcement Personnel because when I was dwelling on that dark place I couldn’t find exactly what I needed so I became my counselor, my therapist my coach and I met other coaches around the world, sharing my story, being vulnerable and trying to break the culture of silence that exits among Law Enforcement Officers.
    My first step to get out of that situation was changing the way I was communicating to myself, understanding that we don’t own what we think, we don’t own what we feel, we are not feelings, emotions or thoughts, they come and go, we are above and beyond any emotions, feelings or thoughts. We tend to get attached to labels such as depression, stress, anxiety, etc those labels disempower people and is very easy to fall into those traps and make them mean everything, but that’s the way we’ve been programmed to live in, I am seeing it every day with the Officers I am currently helping. We might be different in many aspects of life but at core…. We all the same, we all have the same basic needs, we all want to be good enough so we can be loved.
    I trust this little story of my life can inspire you or at least can make you see that we can overcome everything in life, sometimes we need someone to guide us, someone who’s been there before.
    Bruce Sanchez

  • I want help from you, I’ve just seen this sort of thing for the first time, and it’s the first time I have had a lightbulb moment….. So that’s what’s up with me. It is actually a thing. ��

  • Thank you so much! I have complex PTSD and I was misdiagnosed with BPD. I knew in my heart and soul I didn’t. I have never heard anyone communicate this information so clearly. It’s incredibly frustrating and in my oppinion, very dangerous to misdiagnose a person. I suspect, the majority of people with my condition don’t find this out until their 40s which makes sense really. Thank you��

  • In 2007 while deployed to Iraq with the Marines, my vehicle took a direct hit from a 300 pound IED that was hidden in a culvert. I was lucky to survive, banged up pretty bad, nasty concussion, but alive (thank God my humvee was up-armored) it blew the entire front end of my vehicle off. Over the next week we were involved in 2 firefights and we lost 2 Marines from a pressure plate blast. It took about 10 years before I could think or talk about it without freaking out in my head. I also journaled the experience and it was just recently that I was able to open the old sand-covered all-weather notebook up and read it. It was almost shocking to read, like I had blocked out so many things. It was almost as if I was reading the journal of a completely different person. I still dream about it sometimes. One thing I still do is avoid anything laying in the road. I was Motor Transport in the Marines and while in Iraq, I got really good at avoiding any obstacles on or near the roadway. Like no joke, it could be a fucking McDonald’s bag and I’ll still swerve way around it to dodge it. Soda can? Dodge. Empty cigarette pack? Dodge. Fragments from a blown tire? Dodge. Homeless guy collecting $change? Dodge. White bongo truck? Definite dodge.

  • i didnt believe i had PTSD really until this week. a silly little argument spiralled out of control, not even an argument just a statement and i flew out, my mind spiralled and i was thinking about the trauma i had and the trauma i inflicted over and over, i starved my self from monday to yesterday and ignored my wife and our new dog in that time i was pushing her away and now ive got through it ive destroyed our bond. i cant believe it had to get to this point for me to see what it has done to me. i have an appt today with my GP and i will start seeing a therapist but ive collapsed an incredible 12 year relationship. this short video is clear and almost soothing in its hope that i can get through this.

  • 3:48 it hurts to see that time and time again I keep doing this people pleasing as if that will keep me safe. A form of security. Also is difficult to stay conscious every day.

  • think i have OCD and PSTD. always begins with remembering how bad it was and can end in rituals. I am always looking for diseases I have, as if I have found diseases that I have and I can cure. absurd when I know I’m not sick, but I’m sick of all the mental illnesses I’m reading about with rememering what į was feeling then. i only once had a real depression from which msn was traumatized. my experience was awful. other times it was the fear of surviving the same thing again because for me it is a danger that my mental illness will deprive me of life. But somtning is wery interesting, my ocd and pstd push my to anaziating Me better, my fear, my compulsions, my obsesios. Its is and Fear and and somthing į want known better. Maybe Fear of somthing always bring you face a Fear? Į think so. Just need be self aware sometimes. Not scaning and just monitoring yourself o somthing all the Time. Į think if first Time, when į was sick someone say that į feel just anxiety, depersonalization iš nothing bad, its not be a the Time, its not shizofrenia o somthing just for you, its treatible, its bicouse is NORMAL, becouse į am a HUMAN with my personaly past, maybe į was feeling then less fearly, maybe i was dount feel so terible. Doctors should talk more about whay you sick o not just how to treat. Doctors should give more įnformation. And all įnformation in Internet must be more about its normal sometimes but not write about ” is cant be cure”. Yes, its maybe pstd its not first trouma, somthing is from early chilhood.when parents everyday talk with childrens not about feelings wich is normal for humans, o about you are not normal, you a mentaly sick, you never be like others kids, you cant change, jūst be normal. Need indentificate that. Its more esay now.

  • while i am so upset i have people to relate to with this in the comments, i also feel kindof maybe belonging. and i never felt that and it is very selfishly relieving because i feel so so fucking alone. i have absolutely nobody but a constant reminder of that and it is fucking hell. i was about to say “u have no idea” bc that the normal script but u do know…i think idk.. i know some of u do. eventhough idk you. you can pretty much understand me and i can pretty much understand u and that is something so exhausting for me to search for as ive never found it n just gave up. anyways, while it is exhausting to stay strong, we will be stronger and smarter than people with no trauma because of our experiences. it is a never ending rollercoaster of hell but don’t give up but i know thats cliche af and ur gonna think how u want bc if someone said that to me id think ya but….., thats bs. haha anyways know i have so much empathy for u eventhough idk you. keep going you will end up stronger and smarter, and you alreadya re still so strong. u are here look after everything youve been through and i truly mean this… this much I know

  • It is so easy to get misdiagnosed. You can get a wrong schizophrenia diagnosis and end up with the completely wrong treatment if they look at the symptoms alone.

  • I’ve had PTSD and chronic pain since a motorcycle accident over two decades ago if it wasn’t for Cannabis I wouldn’t have survived the past 21 years,Please stop punishing Drug Use you are simply punishing victims of accidents or victims of child abuse

  • i think Your videos are very informative,i would appreciate if You bring more on as they might be helpfull in some way Thank You,Love Denny

  • I don’t know if there is a chance to heal from trauma caused by sexual,physical,emotional,verbal abuse,being subjected to fgm I’m 42 years old woman and I still wonder why God has abandoned me!!!!

  • I’m not one to self diagnose but most of what you said about C-PTSD I was able to relate to. I’ve met with psychologists, therapists, and doctors. All had diagnosed me with a problem but nothing they gave or told me to do worked. I only say this because I still feel like I have something not worked out in me. You talked about seeing the victim become the survivor. I am doing well in life yet I still struggle with happiness. I still fall into substances from time to time and it kills me to feel like I need substances to actually smile. For me, I’d dare say this is normal and that everyone has their own vice but a part of me wants to improve, be better. So, any advice or anything at all would be greatly appreciated.

  • I was born one year before the so-called “troubles” in Northern Ireland & was injured in my first I.R.A. bomb aged four, waiting with mother to have lunch with my father in the city. Over 3,000 civilian police were slaughtered (as well as a couple of thousand British soldiers) as well as civilians in almost 30 years. Doctors also say we have lost almost 2 whole generations because we had to learn early that we could never pick up, anything deliberately made to look attractive to a child, as it would mean losing, at least a hand or arm. After studying for years to earn a career that, like yours, would help heal my fellow man. The sad thing is, even if one receives a diagnosis of C-P.T.S.D. in the U.K, as I did & one agrees to “treatment”, one still receives the flag of a “nutcase” here, unlike the U.S.A. where we also have a home. When I was asked to go for treatment in N. Ireland, I brought this fact before my specialists &, sadly, each one had to retreat in both defeat & agreement! So, we are dying, or wish to die but daren’t reach for a life jacket.

  • Is it just me, or does Seahorn’s husband sound abusive? I didn’t finish the video after the ski trip story. PTSD or not, you shouldn’t yell at toddlers.

  • My father was in a very horrible war and came home an alcoholic and a drug addict. He beat me and my family up every single day and locked us in closets for days. Once when he was drunk he loaded his rifle and started shooting at my mother. She was running as fast as she could and the bullets kept missing her because he couldn’t aim that good. This went on every single day for 14 years.

  • I was an innocent autistic boy that was removed from my safe comfortable environment and placed into a drug and gang infested nieghbourhood, I experienced some horrific things and was a victim of a lot of things I. I know have multiple illnesses from that experience including severe PTSD. my innocence was taken from me, my life was robbed from me, the rest of my life is gonna be a huge amount of suffering. PTSD is just one of my many illnesses now. I have illness that aren’t curable tinnitus, OCD, insomnia, PTSD and still very much aspergers. a normal human being that has been what I’ve been through would most certainly would wanna take their lives but although I’m tormented 24/7 I know if I did that my family would suffer. so you have to sacrifice yourself so others dont suffer. all I’m doing is distracting myself as much as possible and helping others where I can. hopefully I will find peace in the afterlife.

  • Thank you for this video. I am a severely traumatised person. I have many problems that I need to address but I do not always know the order of priority.

  • I thought recovering would be a happy experience but it’s just not. I was blind to my behaviour, but now I see the damage that I have done to everyone in my life. I am experiencing so much guilt and shame. I won’t kill myself but I see why people do. It’s very dark. I don’t like it but I’ll look for better days ahead.

  • You are one special person to understand, support, have patience and empathy. War damages so many for lifetimes. We are learning these experiences are violence against your own people. You have such depth to help others. God bless you and you will both one day be at peace with your glorious Creator.

  • Currently dealing with insomnia and hellish night sweats due to PTSD. I haven’t slept in two weeks. Sending healing energy to anyone going through this. I welcome it in return. ����

  • I understand what’s she saying, but we need to normalize PTSD on a smaller scale. Sometimes a bad experience or a major let down can trigger some of the same affects as someone whose served in the military. It doesn’t make you a snowflake or weak minded person. We are all made uniquely and are problems and issues are often manifested as such as well. As a police officer I can honestly say as much as I’ve experienced and seen, most of (if any) of what I consider PTSD in my life doesn’t even from being on duty. Women who’ve experienced a miscarriage, men and women who’ve experienced rejection or being disliked can develop PTSD. It’s not about what qualifies as the disorder, but more so who becomes a victim of it. We grow up and we label some issues as “grown up” issues, but if we look to our children they can teach us that all issues are grown up issues. We see a child stressed over losing a toy a minor issue compared to losing our house or car keys when in all honesty to them the issue is just as stressful as ours. So all I’m saying is normalize PTSD as it is and not what it “qualifies” as.

  • Many commenters don’t get 4 min in where she talks about some non combat causes. The rest of the talk is about the brain and relevant to all.

  • I’m having a hard time figuring out if I have ptsd or cptsd the video helped but I need some else’s opinion. I made friend with this boy when i was four, he was the only boy because slowly more girls started moving in. He has always hurt my sister, I and many other people…but never the girls he knew could beat him up. We were the closest so he hurt me the most, I finally drew the line at him choking me against a fence. I was done with him hurting me and having no voice about it! I was reluctant to tell though, my friend ended up telling after I told her not to. I never had a voice and I wish I would’ve spoken up but it’s too late. I noticed I had a problem when people played with my in the pool or just accidentally touched my neck and I would freak out. If anyone could help me figure out why I have these problems and trust issues please let,e know!

  • Good afternoon, I would like to suggest a therapeutic book I wrote which is also available for free in

    electronic format.

    This book may be read for free in electronic format at:

  • My son had a trauma a few years ago, he was taking vitamins and that afternoon he took an insured to drink and when he read it had too many vitamins he thought he overdose with vitamins, and since then he can’t really eat or drink. Has anyone heard a case like this. Please let me know. Thank you from a very despread mom

  • my trauma allegedly (memory issues) began around age 1 or 2. still trying to figure it out..pretty much all of my psychological help/resources have either done nothing or deemed me unable to be helped. having money is a huge portion of my/the problem and I’ve never been able to hold a job. barely go outside now..

  • C-PTSD from several different experiences over life, starting at childhood. Never known a life without. Resulted in several physical illnesses. Also, some didn’t accept my illnesses and became violent (severe emotional abuse, lies, making me feel guilty for my illnesses, leaving me alone 10 km from my home, no lift, and he never came back, etc). That caused me to withdraw from most of the people, I don’t want be ever hurt like that again. Serious trust issues, since my trust (and heart) broken intentionally several times. First by my parents. Also by friends, not just someone I was with. It feels like I never learn and I can’t see the evilness in people. The worst people know how to hide their dark side until it’s too late (covert narcissists or friends who just turn on you, maybe also some mental issues, because choosing to be really mean to someone isn’t normal. And even more sick is when they enjoy for the pain they have caused you, turning your love for them into suffering.

  • I’ve dealt with constant domestic violence from my sister. Since she’s my sister and a female, the cops have not removed her. I have been cut with a screw driver, almost stabbed with a knife, had glass broken and smeared in front of my room. I don’t know how i’m still standing, but I am hurt. Not all families are made equal, and some people are so toxic to our health that it is better to remove them from your life. My lease ends in 2 months, and hopefully the healing will begin when I am separated.

  • You Ever want help so bad but fight with the issue of not wanting to be a victim
    my whole childhood I was told I’m not a victim just a pussy man up just even writing this is hard for me

  • i’m not sure how i feel about this…how can one get so many things out of a traumatic event? like, all i got was suicidal ideation… wtf this is so unfair

  • I have never been a female soldier.

    An American Veteran of the Iraq war told me he was “still in operational mode”. that upset me.

    Grandfather fought the fascists 1941-1945. one day I saw him sleeping on the floor, not in his bed. I asked Mama why Grandfather is doing this?

    Mama told me that her Papa was suffering of the bombings and the fighting he had to do for freedom. according to him, Grandfather must always be ready for combat, to leave because the sheets of the bed would prevent an immediate departure towards the front line, but war is over since a long, long time ago. I was upset, I still am.

    I understood that war is something that no one can explain because we are all different with our evil and pain inside.

  • I’ve had C-PTSD for almost ten years now, after long term trauma. I have to say, out of everything I ever experienced…out of the assaults, the not knowing, the bleeding, the hopelessness, and even seeing death…this disease is the most exhausting thing I’ve ever dealt with.

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  • Does your own life really have to be at risk to develop ptsd? I didn’t hear her address the fact that someone can have ptsd without being in some kind of violent threat to their life, its literally stress that still has it affects on you even after the traumatic events that happened in the past, post…traumatic…stress.

  • Hi my name is Robert an I am in treatment for trauma my concern is I am slow it is like I have delayed learning and i wont to learn but present pains gets in the way is there something that I can do about this. thanks

  • I scored a 10 on the A.C.E S, so, I got that going for me.
    ComplexPTSD, Im really struggling and just want to be out of this nightmare, Im having HORRIBLE nightmares now and I dont know what to do.��‍♀️

  • Thank you for bringing this all up,i feel like i have someone who really cares about all of what happened and understands all of it and somehow cares about the part of enduring all of it and getting threw all of it,i thank you again,love Denny

  • I usually watch these videos to learn more about my c-ptsd and it somehow always ends up triggering my selfharm and makes it worse in some way. It gets bad enough that I want to claw out of my on skin.
    I want to educate myself but it simultaneously makes its worse. It is hard to understand why this triggers me as much as it does.
    Does someone has a similar prroblem?

  • Is there a way to speak with someone regarding this? I have a hard time talking about anything really, but I know that it seems as though things are gradually getting worse.

  • A very powerful speech…well done Lady!! get that message out there. PTSD aint no trivial matter. I have met quite a few Vets from the 1982 Falklands War (and it was a proper albeit short war) have met vets from both sides..they all suffer the same.

    The fact that PTSD can affect anyone, regardless of age, is very true too.

  • Very interesting. I have had OCD all my life. But it got much much worse after i developed combat PTSD after my second deployment. I developed more symptoms and they’re becoming more difficult to control.

  • I need to see someone very bad. I wish I could have found a great doctor years ago. The fact that I’m alive makes me a survivor but I don’t live a full life. I definitely know My whole life has been 1 traumatic event after another. I’m trapped in my own mind. Without medication I mostly likely would have had life threatening illnesses by know. Im 37. I’m still a prisoner to my mind and body. I have mania, severe panic attacks (when I was younger) and brutal insomnia. I got so much done without meds but I never slept & so I gave into medication because I truly don’t think my body could have held up at that pace. I’m still have severe anxiety and mental anguish. I can easily take physical pain but the mental pain never leaves except occasionally in sleep. I wake up everyday in severe anxiety. I wish I could get correctly diagnosed. Ive only seen my general doctor for years. I don’t have time to tell him everything in our visits. I still function and take care of my children. I’m a leader in the workplace that strives to fight for what’s right. My life is been nothing but a fight for survival. It’s all I know. I just wish I could be better for my family. I’m in the Indianapolis area now so if anyone knows a good open minded female doctor I would appreciate it. My kids and wife deserve a fully functioning father & Husband.

  • My ace score is 4. My cptsd is mostly the horrors of a 20 yr marriage. I often cried at night wishing I could go home…my messed up family was safer than living with my husband.

  • Exactly the ignoreance that it can only be discussed, it can only be talked about and those who can be accomedated having it is only for the Vetrans and the deliberate ignoring of the suffers more than Veterans, real suffers since childhood shut out by society and misdiagnosed with Bipolar in childhood when it was CPTSD or PTSD and not getting same rights of acknowledgement and respect not arrogance from society, buisneesses and those around you who won’t accept your diagnosis because your not a Veteran, you won’t be able to get a Service Dog through a facility you can afford unlike the Vetrans many catter to giving service dogs to Vetrans for free, while suffers since childhood must be ridiculed, degraded and bashed for askig for help through go fund me because they can’t afford the $15,000-50,000 Service dog while your barely living paycheck to paycheck and no one will hire a none-veteran PTSD suffer even if specialists say you do, the ability is out of reach thanks to government funding and choosing who amd who they won’t help qualify for a Service Dog.

  • I feel like im white knuckling through my life. My father beat me from the age of 6. He taunted and teased me and continues to ruin my life. Ive been worse since my mother past. Sadness overwhelms me

  • I hope you know I was in a government’s to tuition for 4 years run by military veterans and they had a woman veteran rate to think that they need to teach a lesson they use a government facility they shut down the whole prison to take advantage of one woman veteran and then when I get back to San Antonio San Antonio Police Department of Bexar County Police Department facility in this to wanting and hoping for a suicide because they don’t care about veterans with PTSD

  • Try gardening,focus yourself to plants and u will overcome this.every minute or every morning u feel excited to wake up to see your garden..try it!!!

  • this video is extremely helpful to me. in that mention is made of how compliance may be a behavior of complex ptsd. others may not have always understood the pain of this. in my experience. what are your views of disassociative identity disorder d.i.d.?

  • A good read is “C-PTSD from Surviving to Thriving” by Pete Walker, can also visit his website One of the best books on the subject I believe. Also look up youtube videos by John Bradshaw very insightful lecturers on Trauna, and Healing the Inner Child. A lot of great contributions on this subject from many others Debbie Mirza, Soul GPS, Dr Les Carter et al.

  • Yes bit short and segmented style but helpful. I got the idea of meaning of it fast but a more conversational style b nicer I feel! I have a lady I watch on YouTube always mentions complex ptsd and I sorta got it but wanted b sure. I suppose poor Oprah Winfrey had this b4she woke up2her power as i heard her mention multiple abusers 1 after other in her family abused her. I was like that also in life. Battered emotionally n verbally at home I went out in world attracted abuser boyfriend’s, friends, bosses and teachers were the last great betrayal as i always felt safe at school! Life is a great lesson! My brother rightly told me the vultures saw me coming smelt my fear saw me with my head down. I started faking it til i made it. I simply acted tough n confident. Still it’s hard4me2assert myself. But until u say no more it will keep happen I g as you do get a stamp on u of abuse. Then the abusers really do seek out the weak! It’s so hard2break this cycle but it must b done!

  • 50 years of Complex PTSD, Major Depressive disorder, and ADD….IM NOT SURE WHY IM ALIVE.
    Chronic abuse as a kid…mother hated me because I was too SENSITIVE AND INTENSE.
    GRAND FATHER MOLESTED ME FOR YEARS,…yet I was the problem.

  • I have chronic illness as well as ptsd only now am I beginning to notice how everything intertwines into a downward spiral but no matter what I do I feel I cannot stop it.

  • You’re VERY clear in your explanations as well as in your mannerisms. Thank you!
    It’s very easy to understand you & your voice is incredibly soothing!

  • My brothers wife tries too trigger his ptsd when they fight. �� she will bring back the past and
    Do things in his story’s he’s told her when he was trying to get help for it.

  • I suffered form ptsd for 7 years now I feel like I’m starting to get better i don’t know how many more panic attacks I can handle the last made me very depressed to the point I wanted to kill my self thank god I didn’t

  • ” You used to be part of that normal world but you don’t now.” Trauma separates you from other people. They can;t understand you any more.

  • I’m not diagnosed but I was molested by my 2 brothers and my brothers friend (but idk if my brothers friend counted as molestation) at age 5 and I’m not sure when it ended probably around age 9 or 10. I’m currently 14. I remember a lot and I never told anyone about this not even my mom or my friends. When my brothers touch me in a playful manner I get very uncomfortable and irritated, I’m literally uncomfortable to be naked in my house hold. And I also had a ex bsf for almost 5 years was toxic and fake towards me and she acted like she never cared for me, she is exposed me which is literately a fear of mine and that ruined me. But that friendship gave me trust issues and she was the reason why I’m “depressed,” I’m not diagnosed with depression but I have done a lot of research and I’m most sure I do. I hide my emotions and I’m the “happy” friend because I’m closed off. And I try to distance myself because I know I well get betrayed and I know people say things but most likely don’t mean it and I like to be alone and just talking exhaustes me, I also get irritated easily but I don’t show and it I try to act calm so I don’t cause any issues and it hurts me to know that someone I called my best friend doesn’t even care about me when I would do all these things for you. My current bsf gets very mad easily so it stops me from being able to tell her things because I don’t want her to be mad at me and when we argue I feel like she doesn’t care either and I come off as if I don’t either but I have trouble saying things because she makes me feel like if I’m not good enough. And i feel like she’s self observed because she acts like I don’t have feeling and thoughts and when I tell her how I feel about this one current situation (that’s been happen for moths) she’ll just go on about it and act like I never felt this way for months. And I have a hard time knowing if people are taking me seriously or not because people always tell me they can’t take me seriously so i don’t know if the things I say come out as a jokingly manner of wr not.

  • Trauma + interference.. Raping mentality is increasing. Getting worse. Not helping. Starting with one that was THAT bad. Only to be exposed to a worser man.. Stupidly set up man whose WORSE. This is Safety trusting.. Eroding. You cant even call out the guilty. So why trusting or care LET.. To.. Threatened by those who hurt… If it was some CRAZY deliverance.. For me?? Really.. Why is FRUITS still so worsening? A WORSE man got in by foolish helping friends?? No.. The roots are Family wishing to never acknowledged there pieces of pie.. RATHER something someone must carry WHAT they refused.. I see THIS.. Softer YOUR gonna play musical chairs. your not helped. Dumped killed so Only strong in LIFE.. Steal &murder the weak. Its serious. Y could I.. Cant.. Gain again. Against arsonals of animals intentions to hunt NOT but PEOPLE. The family.. Is noahs family.. My father and his father set a date up my sisters also.. If im to die as my 4 family members have ALREADY.. And no one else cares about i DO.. Death isnt my pain. This shit is killing me… His home is new by his own transaction mommy. 100 Solomon’s cant have wisdom enough but GOD in HEAVEN whos sees the hearts of every man woman and child. SOUL of each matter. Building on lies belongs to kingdom of evil. Devil hates humanity he lost so to hurt humanity.. Is his WAY to hurt GOD WHO’S LOVES US.. IF WE COULD EXPERIENCE HERE WE’D EVAPORATE PHYSICALLY.LOVE IS THE WHY. ALSO OUR FLESH CANT. HE noah belongs in jail. He wont be a physical jail. No no.. Hopefully pangs of guilt.. With KNOW LOVE OBEYING GOD WHO’S ONLY GOOD.. THE JESUS IS FOOD FOR GOOD.. NOT BAD OR HOOD. ASSHOLES.. GOODBYE.. BOTHERING.

  • Thanks for posting this. I interviewed one of your veterans pictured here as well, and he provided some good detail on how we don’t just “move on” from PTSD, but we continue to move forward by intentionally taking advantage of the many resources, tools, and skills that are out there. We don’t choose trauma, but we can choose how we respond to it. It can break you, or you can be broken open and use it to become a more intentional, compassionate, focused individual. @warriorsroundtable

  • Thank you. I was just diagnosed with this and disassociation, major depressive disorder and anxiety and while I have had the anxiety and depression and PTSD diagnosis for a long time, I am finally seeking treatment from a real therapist and underwent the testing to receive my “real” diagnosis. I am trying to better understand it. This helps. Could you do something on dissociation do to C-PTSD?

  • PTSD is also for women in domestic violence situations; for children, spouses, families who have lost loved ones to suicide, murder, excruciating terminal illness; for people who have taken extremely bad falls & fear going out; for those who have lost jobs and their homes to foreclosure and faced eviction…..and much more..Please don’t confine it to just Vets.

  • At 9:33 I almost cried when she said, “When you’re late, people died”. I learned that while I was in Iraq. And now I know why I have a problem being late.

  • The only thing I do is smoke cigarettes and every time a doctor tells me to stop I tell them if they survived 1/10 of what I have had to since a small child and ALL they did was smoke cigarettes I would congratulate them.

  • Recently diagnosed with this, I also have some traits of BPD. Was physically beat up occasionally by my dad, he’d slap me if I answered questions incorrectly when forced to solve Math problems or do homework in front of him. He’d beat my mum constantly, often in front of us which went on for years. Bullied at school almost everyday. I used to walk home as slow as I could because I would never be sure the mood dad was in, if he lost on the horses then I’d better watch out. Such a shitty childhood.

  • Wow I am one of those misdiagnosed people who were told it’s bpd just to find out way later oh ooops it’s really C-ptsd. As if life didn’t suck enough without thinking I had mental health instability and felt like I was crazy because I didn’t understand why I felt the way I did and I expected schizophrenia or bipolar disorder to come next. I was always feeling lowly and negative because I knew nothing else my whole life. Life is like waiting on the next ball to drop whenever things are okay. Things are never okay for long.

  • I have this severely. I am 29 and have dealt with this for the last decade. I think I have noticed over this time is that there are 2-3 consecutive days each month where it reaches its peak. This is the reason I cannot work at a traditional job and why I have not made a single friend since I was maybe 18.

  • Lmfao…..������….. No Such thing as PTSD……I have Never in the past 7 years See Everyone All of a Sudden Come down with a case of PTSD Or Anxiety….As a Everyday Excuses to get by in life….All aboard The PTSD & anxiety train..��������

  • Something that was really helpful was hearing a narrated story version of a certain shorter term ‘therapy’, the mechanisms. Google “ten sessions” “this american life”.
    Just listening to how it is effective actually helped but then if you like it you can seek out those sources of short term therapy. Really helpful, give it a shot in case it resonates.

  • I don’t do self harming behavior but I do have something very similar to Aspergers. I have sensory processing problems. I don’t get social cues etc. I am 59 so when I was growing up they didn’t understand autism. I was punished and gaslighted even bullied at school because of these problems with posssible autism. I also have allergies and asthma which feed into the sensory problems and cause extreme social anxiety and avoidance. I have panic attacks and meltdowns which leave me at my age wanting to avoid everything. There are some PTSD triggers like the startle reflex, people yelling and being touched. My sense of being touched is odd. I thought I just had claustrophobia but it’s not. I just don’t like being in a crowded room where I cannot control touching others. It’s too overwhelming. I do stimming but have learned to control it because I was severely disciplined for it so it’s embarrassing. I either wait until I’m alone or I pick something to self soothe that’s not obvious stimming (count floor tiles). Grocery shopping, going to church and sitting in team meetings at work all cause issues. I remember almost failing an advanced biology class in high school until I explained to a teacher why doing practice cpr on a rubber dummy caused problems because the texture of rubber or pop sickle sticks on my mouth was severely unpleasant. I’ve had therapists tell me I’m not autistic because I don’t focus on just one activity. They have never seen me outside of therapy. I do have certain things I obsess about like music theory, gardening and interior design. I don’t tend to go outside of those subjects. Ordinary social talking I don’t do especially if I do not know people.

  • When you have cptsd and people around you,tell you to go for a walk… like that will help… I tried looking for help in group events and stuff but I got I gave up on it… now im dealing with it alone… im to sceptical to ask for help from anyone else…

  • Her husband has PTSD from war. This is what she is speaking about and going into personal experience. She did say PTSD comes from all kinds of things, just open a newspaper or go on the internet, she said.

  • What if you always had food and most was not abused physically for the most part, but were constantly psychologically tortured mentally? I am aspie and my family just fucking made feel like garbage constantly. They are embarrassed they tell me they are. They seem to think I’m just weak and making up excuses. Or I’m just hopeless. I don’t want to go any further here. But I will say I now am resentful towards neurotypical people and do not like being around them at all anymore. This is beyond the normal stress aspies usually feel. It’s become a hatred emotive ideology. I’m started to feel they are wilfully stupid, ignorant, incapable of introspection, rude, unwilling to be sympathetic, and destructive. I’m started to believe they are the ones with social skill deformations. If we ran the world we wouldn’t just be at the moon we would be in another dimension. We love and respect each other therefore there would no war. The greatest works of all forms of art, music, film so on would be all over the land. We are the most talented, creative, intelligent, focussed, and multifaceted humans on earth. Unless you are a professor or have proven capabilities, you most likely are the one’s who seem weak in our eyes. I’m not sure if I want to have these supremacist ideologies.

  • I remember when I realized that I had had ptss. I thought I had a nervous break down. My reaction to certain people in public was embarrassing.

  • The brain, body and soul never forget childhood abuse.

    Healing is possible for some but for most it is not possible.

    Just do your best and cut out the Narcs who abused you from your life.

  • I do not have substance abuse issues.

    I do self harm or try really hard not to following a rage attack out of guilt. Those rage attacks usually happen because of deep insecurity related to being stupid.

    I have cptsd because my mom was a borderline and frequently abusive. But her involving me in her suicide really cemented my issues.

    As for pleasing others, I’d say I have a fear of not being good enough so I tend to do that. Except when I have those frustration rage attacks then I’m having a fight type response.

  • A tornado pass by our house on september 2015 ever since then whenever i see a dark cloud i would panic coz I’m afraid it would happen again I’m also afraid of lightning and loud thunders because when that tornado happen it was so loud the wind was so strong our roof was almost torn and a tree fell down because it was struck by lightning it was truly horrific until now I’m still horrified by thunders and lightning i know it isn’t normal but is it also considered ptsd?

  • There are many components to giving up drinking including eg motivation and help from family.
    One plan I found that succeeds in merging these is the Adoette drink plan (see the website without a doubt the no.1 idea i’ve seen.
    look at all the website and extraordinary testimonials.

  • i wish someone would someone would talk about/do research on undiagnosed and untreated ptsd and the effects they have on your brain. especially when they are repressed traumas

  • My fiancé has complex PTSD and PTSD. I wanted to learn more about it so I can understand how her brain works and help her. I love her so much. She understands my Aspergers so I want to understand her issues too.

  • Started a new podcast “The Tango 1 Podcast” I am a former Swat team leader and were focusing on Doing More And Being more, interviewing high impact individuals in our community. In an early episode our co-host shares his childhood story of being attacked by a WOLF!!!!, We talk about normalizing the stigma around PTSD and how to help yourself and the people around you. (if this sounds interesting check it out!)

  • I have CPTSD and my boyfriend has been scouring the Internet for advice and understanding. There isnt much info (apparently) on how to support, love and be in a relationship with someone that has CPTSD. Perhaps you could make a video on this!

  • Really wonderful explanation of this disorder. Now there is a ‘diagnosis/reocognition” it does help put pieces together and allow self-understanding.

    With a daily session of a few minutes, you will be able to erase the traumatic episodes, one by one…

  • Talk therapy is they only thing that really worked I turned my emdr dr into one lol she was so helpful my allowing to lay it all out and helped guide me through it to see another side. I’m always going to effected by these things but I’m able to at least not get extremely anger and have an outburst or withdraw entirely. But the thing I still struggle with is my outward appearance that gives off a “he perfectly fine capable of absolutely anything I believe I’m him and think he can so there fore it’s his personal failure when he doesn’t do what I think he is able” even though I basically need to be hang held for important things

  • We need people less animated and fluid talking about PTSD. She was to choppy in her delivery. Also to echo others. So tiered of it being about “war” vets only.

  • I want to brain wash myself. I am tired of fighting, frustrated every solution just fails. Constant flashbacks and dreams that haunt me thrice a week. I am tired, its a living hell. I can’t trust anyone. Can’t do anything.

  • THIS MAKES A LOT OF SENSE to me: OCD comes as a way to regulate the PTSD anxiety symptoms. Is how your brain tries to create control over trauma-related anxiety.
    I was first diagnosed with anxiety during my Ph.D., three years ago when living abroad. Then I was diagnosed with PTSD back at home and I involved myself in EMDR which was fantastic. I am currently a postdoctoral researcher and I keep fighting with the anxiety trying to re-educate my brain offering him new experiences.
    I never ever had psychological problems before. I had a normal childhood, and I was a normal adolescent and during my 20s I did not present any issue. I was always very social, trustful, smart, competitive, resilient and with a strong personality. The onset of the anxiety came to me from one day to the other while on grad school (I was 29, now I am 31) and it was really shocking. Since then I have tried everything on my hands to recover and I am still fighting. Nowadays the acute PTSD symptoms are considerably less, and I have already moved through different stages: some depressive episodes, and now I am struggling with OCD like symptoms (I have the obsession of me getting crazy or developing a debilitating psychosis). These obsessions get worse when I am stressed at work.
    I also present momentary social anxiety at the workplace when I have to interact with my colleagues (difficult for me to be myself): symptoms that I feel quite weird as they don’t fit with my personality. The symptoms nurture the idea of me getting crazy and even though I expose myself and keep exposing myself to rewire my brain by experiences, the obsession comes to me from time to time.

    Thanks a million!

  • Drug Abuse and Addiction Do you or someone you know have a drug problem? Explore the warning signs and symptoms and learn how substance abuse problems develop.

  • After about ten years of ptsd I learned by myself that trauma was an emotion just as much as anger, grief, joy, fear etc and I could process it in the same way,it was only then did my ptsd fade away

    The therapists all made me worse and told me trauma isn’t an emotion, it was only when I ignored them an followed by own path and wisdom did I get the cure

    Fk namaste and all that love and light rubbish but god bless everyone fighting a battle with ptsd

    Im living proof you can win and this time last year I was walking around picking cigarettes up off the floor and eating out of bins

  • I am late to this, but there have been a situation in my life, 2020, where I have been feeling very down, sad, anxious to the point I feel like it is something wrong. It is august now, but in march, my family took down our dog. I cant tell everything but he was the best thing ever happened to me, for my anxiety and mental health. He got put down for biting a neighbour and supposely attacked another neighbour resulting the neighbour giving a police report. I have not been feeling myself since march when it happen, and feels like I am rewatching it happening every week. It happened thursday 26/03. Every thursday I think about what happened, I can’t go one day without crying about it and I get mixed emotions when my family talks to me, and I feel like I have a heavy dark cloud over me giving me a guilt feeling. I know many people grieve, but Idk if it is normal to grieve for almost 5 months. I feel like I can never get over it all though I try to do normal things. I also get anxious being home alone and those places we used to take the dog with us. I alos get triggered seeing other dogs.

  • You are so correct! I’ve had many therapists and I’m the one who always tells them I feel like I have PTSD. Many think they are two different things. I feel that my ocd is 80% based on past “bad” experiences based on ocd! It’s a loop that won’t stop and just a thought of remembrance from the past often puts me back to square one. I’ve had zero success with ERP and therapy or meds. Your statements give me some hope I’m just wondering where to start? Thank you.

  • I made the decision to stop smoking weed last week. In the moment it seemed like a good idea (still does) but it was my coping mechanism. So now that i have no outlet, i have been a complete wreck, felt the urge to start cutting again (didnt do it) and watching this has kind of made me feel better. It has helped me not be so harsh on myself, it has made me a little proud of myself as well because i didnt know there was such a think as C-PTSD, not wanting to self-diagnose because i do not want to give it power, but she literally told my entire life in 7 mins, lol. But it has just been a confirmation of firstly how strong i am and how much i have actually overcome (even though i have a long way to go) but also its a testiment to how good God is and how faithful he has been in my life. I battled suicidal thoughts and some attempts but he has kept me and even though i may have a case of C-PTSD, i have good days, i find comfort in his word and presence. Definately cannot imagine where i would be without him.

  • i clicked on this vid for help but all i got was some lady reading a cue card and not giving a shit about who she was reading it to. do better.

  • i am just very curious about a lot of things here i was the cause of a very serious accident as child, my parents neglectful at best and my father was a dry drunk. i have a year and half sober now but i still have many other additions, they seem to come to me like the game “whack a mole” my last divorce was 20 years ago but i am still a mess. i see a lot of information about people who servived sexual assult as children as horrible as im sure that is, it doesn’t relate to my experience. im really not sure i hope not to offend anyone but can you just put all childhood trauma in 1 basket?

  • I suffer from both BPD and CPTSD, theres no way to be vulnerable around people, I cant speak out or speak my mind at all without feeling like I will be criticized or put down for. I’ve dealt with substance abuse since I was age 13 and lots of thoughts of suicide since a very young age. I completely agree with being so compliant with people to the point of pleasing others before I can please myself and even if I do feel please my self which is rare by doing things I enjoy etc I feel very guilty like it doesnt make sense for me to even be happy or enjoy anything because of things I have been told. Anybody suffering from this along with me, I feel for you in full capacity. Our empathetic tendencies will not go unnoticed as we care so much about everything.

  • so what youre really saying is… OCD is just a symptom of trauma.
    When working with clients, did you discover a pattern in the type/kind of trauma, that once healed, made the ocd go away? what techniques did you do outside of exposure therapy.

  • I was just granted this video. I didnt know, but apparently I Have been subscribed.
    So, my CPTSD after 45 years has blossomed into a diagnosis of DDD. However, that is after several misdiagnoses over 20 years. My mother had her first psychotic break when I was 6 yrs old. She was in the hospital for just over a YEAR. My daddy, was a spy. And special agent with the FBI, expert behavioral scientist. He hunted serial monsters, and terrorists. When mother came home, she was HEAVY on haldol and cogentin.a zombie, and had absolutely NO desire to acknowledge me at all. She went from the fun, gourmet cook and typical 1950s homemaker, who taught me to read at 3, and piano, etc.. and I was so sure of my self and my safety, playing makebelieve and loved me so so much, to I was the child of the devil, and she hated me, and wouldn’t play ANY MORE GAMES, or read ANYMORE books, etc, watched me nearly drown 4 times, and my daddy was not with me every day I was all alone, he was catching monsters. Then ffd. To 27 yrs of narcissic abuse, here I am. I d like more info on that!


  • i reallly absolutley loved you video talk and yes i agree with you Ptsd is a variety of many types of trauma if people would listen to the video they would of heard you state there was many types

  • When will they stop classifying addiction based on which drug you use? Addiction is a behavior the provides a simulation. Seriously this needs to be changed it’s so frustrating. You can be addicted to literally anything because your brain gives you neurochemicals.

    No one wants to have a serious conversation about addiction because it opens the door to the horrific practices in business models specifically around addictive behaviors. Connsumerism is pretty much based on neurochemical addiction.

    I also love that she ignored the very real interplay between 1 and 3 when it comes to sexual addictions…….She just kind of stated right over sexual addiction as a possible symptom. Because you know neurochemicals are the primary means of addiction.

  • This hits home. Even more so because at my time of watching I was indeed engaged in what can only be described as substance abuse of the highest order. It truly tastes so bad that you can’t possibly imagine but if I’m lucky my consumption of this extra strong relaxation-inducing grossness will finally result in a night of pure, unadulterated and undisturbed sleep. Preferably WITHOUT the oh so familiar nightmares where after each ride through hell I am forced back into consiousness by a jolt of adrenaline. Not to mention the discomfort of waking up, drenched in sweat, which is what usually concludes the experience. If I’m really unlucky, and it was an exceptionally long and wild ride with plenty of rotting corpses, flying bowels and chopped off heads, I’ll be the proud owner of some deliciously moist see-through bedsheets. (Which will most likely have become transparent from absorbing the bulk of my sweat. Or, if shit really hit the fan, there is a remote possibility at least some of the transparency was achieved with pee instead of sweat, but that harrowing story is for another time. ��)

  • I don’t do drugs smoke or drink alcohol I do often use food to help cope eat alot of junk I am ussually a people pleaser I have self harmed before I don’t smoke drink or use drugs basically because of my trauma my abusive stepdad was an alcoholic and a drug addict so I avoid that stuff so I won’t become him and smoking is horrible my mom does it and it causes health problems for her and for others around her but my cptsd has caused me to use alot of nagative coping skills that had nagative effects

  • i am a mess.
    so many years of ugh and blah.
    i have an addiction gene and all kinds of crapola.
    i have no self healing mechanisms that….i have to stop watching. too many triggers.
    tha ks for publishing.
    i have tbis also. i woke up scared and mad after havibg a good day yesterday.
    i cannot find a competent therapist in michiana

  • I recognize myself in this excellent video. I have been in lots of therapy. It has kept me alive and helped enormously. AA and Al-anon, have helped to
    manage my feelings and to trust my perceptions. I can still be thrown for a loop but the problem is pale now compared to what it was, and life is now worth living. Keep going. If I could do it, anyone can.

  • I have high functioning autism and C-PTSD; and I believe that the C-PTSD that I have could be a result of the autism. I had been mistreated since my childhood because I am very straightforward person, and I cannot maneuver or cheat (ridiculously they called it socialize)…

  • So I know someone who claims she has PTSD. She talk about the things that could have caused it. But she shows no emotion nor stress when she talks about them. Sometimes it is same story but different people.

    I have not ever talked to anyone with PTSD really discuss their experiences and if they do it is really hard for them emotionally break down.

  • While on my path to recovery from CPTSD due to 10 years of narcissistic abuse has now opened up my eyes to see the true inner characteristics of some friends and family that clearly cannot be bothered to be understanding from my point of view that I’m recovering from trigger trauma. The most devastating aspect is that they almost seem curious to see what will tick me off? They seem to be gaslighting me to make me explain myself and then say I’m being too sensitive and I really need to move forward with life… What an eye opening journey that I’m enduring on this road to recovery. I’m disappointed to discover that some people are simply so obnoxious and judgemental. Disappointed…

  • I have been wanting to reach out and talk to someone but not going to lie it is not easy at all. Especially, when you have learned to hide things and never address the issues. I think I hit a point where there is no hiding from it anymore and it has taken a large toll on me and seems the more I deny or hide the worse things are spiraling. I have been trying to heal on my own and a good portion of my adult life, I have just managed to get by. Yet, nothing has ever remained healthy or even completely sober if I am being fully transparent. At times I feel ready to address my issues but then I go right back to denial and shrugging it off bc some days I’m in a funk for a few hours, or days, even months but always seem to find some type of passion or new creative spark to keep my mind focused on other things. The past year has been not good though and seem to stay in a funk longer, the symptoms during this funk (as I call it) seem to be getting worse and I am quite frankly at a point I feel completely lost. I’m trying to stay positive and know I’ll get through it, I just wish I felt safe enough and could trust someone enough to allow them to help me and to take the steps to get my life back.

  • Self medicating comes in many forms. For me it was alcohol and cigarettes at one point. Then came back to food. Also watching lots of mind numbing TV. I am determined to end this. I have been able to at least get half control of it, I can surely do it again and better this time. I just have to finish this ordeal severing ties with the narcissists who are extremely toxic to me. Need to finally start the real healing process instead of pretending that everything is OK.

  • When you have a spouse who isn’t supporting makes PTSD even worse.
    I was with a narcissist and PTSD that I suffered from was just in the way from what she wanted.
    She could have cared less about how sick I was. I finally left because It was only getting worse.
    But it’s hard to leave when your debilitated. The whole process is very difficult. You have to try to go set up a new life alone when you are being paralyzed by PTSD. It’s nealy impossible.

  • I suffer from cptsd and I have had a great deal of trouble over the years but I’m finally going along with my treatment plan and I feel a little better with meds and therapy because if I didn’t get help I was at the end of the road I still hurt every day but my treatment is making life livable day by day

  • I was physically and mentally/emotionally abused as a child from as far back as I can remember to 19yrs old. 19 yrs give or take of trauma combined with sexual assault from a sibling for 6 years. I couldn’t imagine the diagnoses I’d be given. I’m calling a psychiatrist today finally for the first time at 22yrs old. I know I’ve been affected my entire life with just way I react, the way I fear, the way I have relationships, the way I feel about myself, about other people even strangers etc etc. I will be glad to get real insight

  • I’m so happy there are so many of us that can talk about this and share our struggles. Being told it’s all excuses and hating yourself more, feeling alone to the point you want to be alone from even yourself, trying to be the nice one too afraid to speak out and be shot down. It sucks

  • Can you cover sexual abuse that coincides with a civilian combat stress? My brother was a monster and he abused me and many other people. Along with sexual abuse he had a fondness for trying to teach me how to survive in combat as he was a veteran. He expected me to join the military and tried to train me to survive combat along with sexual abuse

  • Hi Janet, i agree with you, you do not know what a person is experiencing suffering from PTSD. If i may be so bold and brave as to ask you to bear with me. I am named Eugene de Lange, 63 years young, a South African. In 1975 i was called up for National Service, i just turned 16. My father drove me and my brother to the drill hall in Johannesburg. An assembly point where we would be taken to our military base by rail for the next year Goodbyes were said and we were on our way. After basic training of three months, Special forces fell out of the sky and landed on the parade ground. We were all put through a pre selection course. I was the only one who passed. I was interviewed, did some test and were put on a train to Bloemfontein, 1 Parachute Batalion. I went through a three week PT course to qualify for the course. After obtaining my wings, i did some other courses until the end of 1975. At that time trouble was brewing between South West Africa and Angola. I was railed to S.W.A and upon arriving i was trucked to a venue called Pique a Pau, under command of Col Jan Carpenter Brownie Breytenbach. Upon arriving, i was welcomed by 2 Special Forces Luitenants, who showed me where was the mess, the toilets, etc. Afterwards i was introduced to 25 Unita and FNLA soldiers and told i will command them. I was given orders and the next moment a soldier threw down his kit and weapon and was shouting at the same time running, everybody was running, i did not know what was going on, but i also started running, the next moment i heard this loud noise, something i have never heard before, which was followed by the loudest sound i have ever experienced…i was taking cover with the other soldiers, i could see one of them was talking or shouting, but i could not hear nothing, much later when the sound was restored, i learned it was a strike by a Mig 17…and i realised i wet my camoe pants….that was my introduction into war. A young man of 17, i have never witnessed another human being killed. After that, there were many contacts, some were lost and some were won, but no one ever got used to it, everyone was a new experience. And every time i was scared. On one such contact,it was so intense, i got seperated from the main force, there was significant loss. I got captured by a combined force of SWAPO/MPLA/FAPLA/RUSSIAN and EAST GERMAN soldiers. After i was secured i was transported to Luanda in Angola. After many hours of interrogation i was locked up in cell no 13 in Sao Paulo Prison in Luanda. I was in solitary for 6 months. During the solitary i was visited everyday. They started of at cell no.1, the cell doors would open, I could hear the blows as they fell, the screaming, crying and then silence. The cell door would open and close and cell no. 2 was opened, and the same happened, until silence again, and they would come closer and closer to no. 13. Eventually my cell door opened and i saw these two big men, all sweaty, i was so afraid and shaking, i did not realise that i wetted my pants and the floor. I felt the first three blows, there after i passed out. Much later when i regained consience, i was still on the floor and i found my self praying out loud, asking God why does he allow this to happen. I was never disobedient to my mother and father. I never committed a crime, i never bunked school. I asked him, why does he not stop this, he can hear me praying and asking for help. And then i thought to my self, maybe God can not hear me. I found a rusted nail in one wall, and i thought, if God can not hear me, maybe he can see what i am writing. And i wrote big on the floor “God if you can see this, please help me”. What i am trying to say is, no one else will be able to help you, there is no medication, the only way is how you process it yourself, i have tried all others avenues, but in vain. there were many other incidents during the three years. It is a wound that will never heal. I thank you for the opportunity. I greet you well. Eugene.

  • i have c-ptsd and when you said its commonly misdiagnosed as bpd i had to laugh. i was diagnosed with bpd at a psych unit, and when i started seeing my current therapist several years ago told her about that and my other diagnoses. as we dove into all the trauma in my life (at least the trauma i remember, which is frankly Enough for my tastes), she went yeah no. very oddly though, i was also misdiagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, because the psychiatrist and psychologist i was seeing didnt quite know the full extent of the dv i was living through, and constantly being triggered day in and day out on top of the new abuse and the stress of that and university made me delusional. my therapist thinks its sort of the same as ptsd when say, a vet is triggered and believes they’re back in the war. thankfully, ive done a lot of hard work with her and have gotten to the point where my stress levels have to be SUPER high before i start to get the paranoid intrusive thoughts, but im able to combat them with tools that I’ve learned. every day is still a lot of work, but I’m finally safe and moderately happy.

  • Why in the ACES questionnaire does the sexual abuser need to be more than 5 years older than you. It makes it sound like my abuse shouldn’t count

  • Cannot afford treatment completely isolated and still live in fear from father and brothers. Paralysis from level of abuse I’m 36 and yet to receive any help
    Complex PTSD is so acute I don’t sleep 5-6 days at a time eat or even feel safe to go downstairs so just in room

  • I have PTSD from several long term and severe occurrences in my life, unrelated to military. I just like to watch these videos because its sort of comforting to hear other people talk about it. I don’t have anybody in my life and sometimes it feels like I’m stuck in my head…very lonely feeling.

  • I ve SURVIVED horrible events in my life of narc ABUSE in my childhood,grown up in a ABUSING home as a scaprgoatdaughter..
    PROGRAMMED to attract ABUSING narc men in most of my life,I go NO CONTACT with all ABUSERS,started to do guided MEDITATIONS and MINDFULNESS..❤️��❤️

  • Again plagiarism. Your name should be in the write up so that people don’t have to search for it and the little blurp that gives your name at the beginning of your talk is forgettable.

  • I used to self-harm for several years. Non of those two reasons mentioned above caused it. I punished my self, when I did not reach the standard of the behavior I set towards me.

  • I’m not allowed anything my PARENTS took away my HUMANITY, they punish me for EVERYTHING I have NOTHING in my LIFE and NO friends of mine CARE

  • I tried to commit suicide when I was 15 from an abusive father. For years after finally leaving the home I couldn’t even watch a movie where someone screamed or I would literally lose it.

  • Joking that her nervousness about speaking makes her think she has PTSD “today” invalidates her whole talk. Just like you can’t be a little bit pregnant, you don’t have a little PTSD. PTSD is not fear and nervousness in situations in which virtually everyone is a bit afraid public speaking being scarier for some people than dying. And her inadvertently playing into the popular notion that PTSD is common, or normal, or is the same as being a bit nervous, is harmful to people who actually suffer from PTSD. So nothing she has to say interests me. Looking elsewhere…

  • As a very small child I got domestically abused by my mum and I now suffer from PTSD this video really helped me understand what I’m going through thank you

  • Wow she has an amazing way of explaining the array of feelings that come from PTSD and how it feels when we’re able to find relief. That was a lot! Not to take away from her lecture or experience at all (I learned a lot here), but I too would like to hear more about PTSD with childhood trauma.

  • I have been diagnosed with C ptsd. I come from a violent alcoholic childhood where I was in fear of not only myself but feared that he would kill my mother of brother sister. Hate to say it but I’m 66 and never got over it

  • Ah fuck. I just learned I have this… Makes so much sense now. I am glad parts of my “personality” can actually be cured and I can have healthy relationships and not live in a state of paranoia…

  • I was diagnosed with C-PTSD a few years ago due to 15 years of emotional abuse and manipulation at the hands of my narcissistic bother and the thing I think I struggle with most is even knowing what happened. Because he never actually physically hurt me (I think, my memories are very blurry), i feel as though nothing ever truly happened. People around me are constantly telling me that i am overreacting because i dont want to see him or repair our relationship and I am beginning to question it myself. I wish I could remember everything and know why sometimes someone will say something utterly random and I will feel like my whole entire body is filling with grief, pain and anger and I cant even figure out what upset me. I am hypervigilant, have general anxiety, extremely low self esteem, binge eat, have many food aversions, frequently have nightmares related to him, and am terrified of ever being in a relationship despite the fact that I want one really badly. Yet I cant pinpoint even a moment that caused even a tiny bit of this pain. I feel as though I am somehow making everything up and that I should go and apologize to him for cutting him out of my life.

  • The only other therapist I know of that talks about OCD being part of Complex PTSD was Pete Walker in his, for the lack of better word, revolutionary book on the subject. However, he mostly focuses on Narcissism, so I was glad to hear someone talk about OCD specifically.

  • The 4 of July in the in Tx is so diff it was “funny” the first time It happen the whistling of the Firework I for a split second my body start to run for the Bunker!

  • The reason one mite hurt themselves is because of the many pains one might be experiencing at one time. And putting your system into shock allows your system to restart. They deemed my childhood a traumatic event.
    They tell me that my
    Nerviest system has taken a picture of trauma that is controlled by the reptilian brain �� that has no way of ever being discovered because the reptilian brain has no logic
    Its job is to react to stimulus only. Your reptilian brain �� is what keeps your involuntary internal organs working like your hart. it’s your fight or flight response.
    The trauma that I experience I am trained in a self regulating therapy to just let it do what it needs to do and dissipate. I stay in my warm and wonderful place until the storm ⛈ passes.

  • This answered a lot of my questions but I couldn’t help but well up. I think its your ability to empathise, your tone and your facial expression that just makes me think. Even though I wouldn’t describe them as “Traumas” because its just a part of my upbringing, a lot of what you said resonates with me and the closer I can get to understanding why I can’t let things go, is the first step to getting ME back. Still got an apple in my throat!

  • Being an adult that had this caused as a child, has ruined everything for me in life thus far. No way to get help for it. 10+ years I had in therapy were wasted on issues unrelated to me due to wrong diagnosises and biases where some of my therapy team were connected to my mom who went through similar programs in similar places. About to be homeless and whatever. I have never felt safe in 29 years of living. Nobody to care. Nobody even makes eye contact with me. I just creep everybody out with my emotionless face. I can never be what I’m needed to be. Have been morphed and molded away from my true self since birth. Okay I’m done venting until tomorrow morning when it feels this shitty again.

  • I have CPTSD and would like to talk to someone that has it too. Can someone please give me their contact information? I feel so alone.. it feels like i’m slowly dying, my traumas is going on loop and my body is sick, I just wanna end this nightmare

  • Most people who have been raised in the ghettos of America have serious ptsd like you can’t imagine, people in war typically loose friends and co workers, but in the hood your loosing your family, loosing your opportunity, loosing your innocence, and sometimes your loosing your mind! And that’s if you make it out alive!

  • Thanks to Janet for the long suffering and caring nurturing you have put in with your husband, as a sufferer and a carer I know how draining it can be so well done for hanging on.

  • PTSD is my middle name since childhood.Insane dad,violent mother,non stop racism as I am the son of European immigrants,murdered childhood friend,suicided brother,one year of homelessness,3 job accidents that resulted in 2 fractures and a crushed index………….

  • Anticipation of abuse keeps you constantly in fight/flight mode. It’s literally my life. A lifelong habit formed from a baby extremely abused to adulthood. Then subconsciously and ignorantly and innocently choosing narcissistic partners and it goes on and on. Finally I just gave up and isolated. It’s dangerous out there. You can’t trust anybody but yourself.
    Abusers are tricky, they can get you totally trusting them and then strike. it’s all very exhausting

  • I sometimes regret holding back and not being in as much schoolyard fights as I really wanted to be in. Primary school was a shark tank. High school, surprisingly not so much, but there were skirmishes ever now and then. I was even tempted to rock up to the class room with razor blades. In my home country (Australia) we have super strict gun laws so gaining access to a firearm was out of reach.

    Even as an adult, I fantasize about encountering past enemies and having at them in a straight up punch on. In a combat scenario, I’d engage any threat. Regardless of age, ethnicity, religion, social class, creed of gender. I’ve even wanted to have violent altercations with people who smoke cigarettes or who are intoxicated. I frown at alcohol an tobacco so yeah. Glad I found interests to vent on such as doom, heavy metal, anime, and south park ( Cartman is my favourite character ). Fuck I’m venting alot lol. But this actually feels good to write this. Thanks for listening.��

  • ► Hi friends. If you or а loved one nееds hеlp with drugs or аlсohol аddictiоn CALL ►►► 1-888-966-2616 (Toll-Free)
    Don’t wait until its too late wherе thеree is lifе there is hоре peасе and blеssings!

  • ARE YOU a military veteran that suffers from mental health symptoms or PTSD? Maybe, you’re a carer or loved-one of those that suffer every day? If so, you NEED to listen to this ➡ Because PTSD is not the only cause of #VeteranSuicide�� #ABI #InThisTogether

  • Ok, so I looked up that aces survey, and got an 8 on the protection part and then a 4 on the resilience part…I’ve often thought therapy might be useful….but how do you even get to a place where you can just sit down and trust someone to even like you as a person much less actually want to help you for any other reason then you’re paying them to tolerate you for an hour a week. I can’t trust someone thats secretly judging me or someone that just sits there and writes stuff without letting you see what they’re thinking about you for real…. so how do you bring yourself to get help in this case? Seriously asking…really wanna know.

  • Thanks for this video. What I would like to ask is that you go over some of the was we help treat CPTSD. We the spouses, friends co-workers. How do we help them recover. Besides encouraging them to get treatment.

  • You’re right. I’ve seen very few people talking about the association with OCD and PTSD. I’ve been doing exposures which has helped tremendously, but it has just seemed like there is a missing component. Some will have OCD without PTSD, and vice versa, but I think it can also be coupled together. My sister and I both have OCD and grew up in a fairly traumatic situation, but we are very different people so it manifests quite differently. Thank you so much for this video.

  • Hello I’m 40 years old and I was physically abused by my Mother when I was 5 years old and that was the last time I saw her,and spoke to her but about 9 years ago I found out she had a brain aneurysm and she was in the hospital for a few days she wasn’t responsive then the last day at the hospital I watched her take her last breath,I have never seen that before and it Crushed me,but then my sister asked me to close her eyes and take her rings off and some of my moms skin came off with the rings I haven’t been the same since,that’s when I was diagnosed with ptsd.

  • If only healthcare professionals would understand the complexity of this C-PTSD.

    I do not know anything worse than lack of safety, it is paralyzing. The pleasing others when you would not intellectually want to do it is so conflicting. Such a lonely destiny this has been.

    Educating myself has been the way I have made any progress in my own recovery.

  • Ultimately, we are responsible for ourselves. We have to heal ourselves because no one else can do it for us. Do your own research, eat good clean food, stay hydrated, meditate and/or pray, breathe conscientiously slowly through the nose for the count of five hold for the count at 5 and slowly out through the mouth for the count of at least five, practice easy yoga and deep breathing stretches, go for long intentional walks or hikes. Do SOMETHING to help yourself.

  • Cognitive therapy is a load of bollocks I cured my PTSD through hypnosis. The subconscious rules the conscious mind cvs doesn’t do that, forget it do hypnosis.

  • Idk what’s wrong with me, but I’ve definitely had a lot of bad things happen to me in my life, and in my mairrage, and it results in a lot of hard core depression. I struggle to want to do anything, afraid to make friends, afraid to let people in, and it interferes with my work life, and studying. Sometimes I just get stuck in reliving stuff, and can’t get it out of my head. I don’t drink or do drugs, but because I’m very vigilant to prevent myself from becoming addicted, because I know my life would be over at that point. Everytime I feel normal, my husband always does something to set me off again. He thinks he’s progressive but I’m just a sex rag to him. I know I’m on the path to get free eventually, but I have to go through so much while I wait ������