Plane Seat-Back Pockets Germier Than Toilet Handles


Bacteria can linger for days on airplane surfaces, study shows

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It turns out that your seat-back pocket might actually be germier than the toilet handle, according to a new study, which also suggests that certain bacteria can linger on surfaces within airplanes. It turns out that your seat-back pocket might actually be germier than the toilet handle, according to a new study, which also suggests that certain bacteria can linger on surfaces within airplanes. Airplane Seat-Back Pockets Germier Than Toilet Handles HealthyWomen Editors. 20 May 2014 TUESDAY, May 20, 2014 (HealthDay News) Illness-causing bacteria can survive on surfaces inside airplanes for days or even up to a week, a new study shows. (MRSA) and E. coli O157:H7 could linger on common types of surfaces in airplane cabins.

The. Experts: Backseats of ride-share vehicles are germier than toilet seats According to a study by insurance company Netquote, the average rideshare vehicle has about 219 times as many germs as the average taxi, which is cleaned regularly. From seat-back pockets to toilet handles, germs thrive on airplanes Research from Auburn University shows that pathogens can live for days on airplane surfaces. Travelers should try to.

Airplane Seat-Back Pockets Germier Than Toilet Handles Concerned about germs while traveling by plane? It turns out that your seat-back pocket might actually be germier than the toilet handle, according to a new study, which also suggests that certain bacteria can linger on surfaces within airplanes for longer than a week. (That’s twice the contamination rate of your toilet.) And it could be harboring 10 million bacteria per square inch-that’s 200,000 times dirtier than your toilet, according to studies from the. Airplane Pockets is a green solution for a germ-free, forget-me-not travel accessory which fits over airplane tray tables and acts as both a pocket for travelers’ items and as. Plane seat back pockets germier than toilet handles Daily Dose: “The seat back pocket on a plane may be germier than the toilet handle, according to a new study, and certain bacteria may linger there for more than a week.” ‘via Blog this’ Return Home: The Health, Drug, Prescription, and GMP Supersite Blog SkillsPlus Intl Inc.

Germs seem to hang in the recycled air on a plane and everyone has a story about sitting near a person with frightening flu symptoms. But are airplanes and airports really any germier than other.

List of related literature:

In smaller planes, toilet compartments can be designed to allow assisted transfers from the aisle to the toilet before the door is closed.

“Universal Design: Creating Inclusive Environments” by Edward Steinfeld, Jordana Maisel
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In some cases closets and washrooms are removed in order to squeeze more passengers onto the flight.

“Introduction to Air Transport Economics: From Theory to Applications” by Bijan Vasigh, Ken Fleming
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In this case, selection of the cushion material becomes quite important, unless the airline is prepared to receive complaints from passengers who slide down a slippery surface and end up in a heap on the floor.

“Buying the Big Jets: Fleet Planning for Airlines” by Paul Clark
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They need to be part of the permanent architecture of the seat, to prevent any and all passenger “spillage.”

“Of Thee I Zing: America's Cultural Decline from Muffin Tops to Body Shots” by Laura Ingraham, Raymond Arroyo
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So the contouring of the lavatory seat itself becomes much more critical for comfort.

“Bodyspace: Anthropometry, Ergonomics And The Design Of Work: Anthropometry, Ergonomics And The Design Of Work” by Stephen Pheasant
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Both are hugely popular today, although recently, Ryanair came under investigations for flying across some passengers seated on toilet seats in the aircraft!

“Strategic Mgmt & Bus Policy 3E” by Kazmi
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President Michael O’Leary has suggested getting rid of two toilets to make room for six more seats; redesigning the planes so passengers can fly standing up; charging extra for overweight passengers; and asking passengers to carry their checked­in bags to the plane themselves.

“Metaskills: Five Talents for the Robotic Age” by Marty Neumeier
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The designer has no direct say in the in-flight services provided for the pasgengers, although he should allow for the weight and locations of toilet facilities, pantries and cloakrooms.

“Synthesis of Subsonic Airplane Design: An introduction to the preliminary design of subsonic general aviation and transport aircraft, with emphasis on layout, aerodynamic design, propulsion and performance” by Egbert Torenbeek
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Before the plane takes off, flight attendants instruct all passengers in the use of emergency equipment and check to see that seat belts are fastened, seat backs are in upright positions, and all carry-on items are properly stowed.

“Occupational Outlook Handbook” by United States. Bureau of Labor Statistics
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Both handles are backed with Velcro, so that when they are not in use they hug the bag and do not get abused by the luggage of other passengers or by baggage handlers when I check my luggage.

“Success Through Failure: The Paradox of Design” by Henry Petroski
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  • more than interesting ���� well, I always cleaned the table and the arm rests…. I guess, in the future I will have to do much more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I just survived around the world flights during global pandemic. I wore mask the whole time and eye goggles and earplugs made for my ears. I sanitized everything with antibacterial wipes and seats next tome too. With gloves. I used disposable gloves when going to the bathroom and did not touch anything. I forgot one thing though…. the headrest. Only because i was late to get on the plane. I did really well this time. I kept humidiflyer mask on maintaining moisture from my own breathing. Last time i did not not do that and i had the driest nose and throat. Thanks for vid

  • Really this is news? Your saying where people interact, sit, play, watch a show and go to a bathroom has bacteria and microbes…. OMG shocker!!! I am sure if you sit on a bus, or a train or even a restaurant its is just as bad if not worse. 
    What is more interesting is the studies that show that airborne microbes and bacteria are greatly reduced due to the fact that you have constant air filters working around the clock and directional flow (celling to floor). This dramatically decreases the distance coughs and sneezes travel. 
    However it is also true that with the reduced humidity (FYI decreases bacteria/microbes in the air) your immune system will suffer is also a valid point. 

  • Thats why I like taking those mini Lysol wipe packs when I travel. They are so handy, even if it is not for killing germs all the times they clean up messes really well. You can get a mini pack for a dollar and some change at Target and Walmart in the travel toiletries section. 😉

  • Urg!… I always hated flying, because its so damn uncomfortable being 1.9 m in seating space designed for people being 1.5 m. But now I’ll hate it even more!

  • The man was right and only the woman should have been kicked off, banned from the airline and arrested for chucking the water. Where’s people’s manners and consideration nowadays!!! DISGUSTING behaviour.

  • Just added all these to my to do list…. Most people avoid these things however the immune system is like a muscle, use it a lot and stain it (as long as you don’t break it) it will only grow stronger, although at first you might get sick it’s like having muscle sores they are worse when you are starting to get into good habits but once you are in them you are usually fine…. Also who wants to live to 100 anyway?

  • OH MY GOD!!!! i finally recognize who this woman is!!!!

    she is the dotted line we all hear about so much when we are kids!!!

    (get it? Tara Long the dotted line?)

    It comes from the same water that comes from the sinks, which comes in a big bin underneath the aircraft which never gets clean. It can have layers upon layers of film in them. Even though they boil it, it’s still gross… eugh… works at the airport

  • I always load up on vitamin c before flights, and I never used the bathrooms. Now I know why, my inclinations were correct! Haha! Well, if I ever have a long flight, now I’ll remember the hand sanitizer at least. Thanks @DNews!

  • Drinking plenty of water always, ALWAYS make me go to the bathroom that much quicker, being cursed with a tiny bladder to make room for a uterus I have no plans on using, and they said to also NOT use the airplane bathrooms as well?!  Are they trying to make me hate flying that much more or what??  I don’t even LIKE noisy-ass flushing toilets!  It’s been a childhood phobia of mine that almost ruined my potty-training tests!

  • i got 4 diseases from going to FRIGGIN  ITALY

  • 1:03 1:23 Soo… bacteria & microbes thrive in/on: 1) Seat pocket; 2) Rubber arm rest; 3) Leather seats; 4) Plastic window shades; 5) Plastic tray tables; and 6) Toilet handles. Well… time to learn how to levitate and eliminate my biological need to excrete waste.

  • Please stop with the “in-video” advertisements, you already have advertisements before the video even starts. Saying the video is brought to us by audible is not going to make me go to audible.

  • All these comments must be from the millennials…. I pay for a seat that reclines I want to recline I will recline it’s not all about you!!

  • Don’t hold your breath waiting on Airlines to use anything close to hospital standard hygiene practices. They hire contractors to clean planes who make a minimum of $8/hr w/ little to no benefits. You’re lucky if they use that lavatory spray, and that’s just to cover up odors.

  • My immune system is armed with fully automated high power rifles and armor piercing ammo with very very touchy triggers and anxious fingers >)
    But thanks for the info.

  • But… Sanitizer and anti-bacterial soap (anything containing triclosan) is supposed to screw up your hormones and endocrine system. So… I guess just regular soap? I’m bringing Clorox Bleach wipes with me on my trip next month.

  • If someone reclines their seat into you, immediately pop up your two knees onto the back of their seat and bounce the knees off the seat one at a time for a few minutes, like you are stretching them. The ” Recliner ” usually gets the message.

  • As a man who’s 6’4″ and 260 lbs. I’ve always had problems in airplanes and now at an advanced age, I suffer with knee problems so I REALLY empathize with air travelers. I gladly pay extra for more room.

  • I’ve had people actually put their stinking feet up on both sides of my seat when there was no one beside the man on either side so he could’ve stretched out in the 3 seats. I’ve had a kid kick the crap out of the back of the seat to where his parent’s wouldn’t do anything and I had to get the attendant which threaten to remove them from the plane. Both the kids on either side of her were doing it & the other passenger was irrate since he had asked the mother to stop her 8 year old to stop kicking the seat. Common courtesy goes a long way.

  • Full sympathy to the guy having to use the knee defender. It’s so selfish to recline your seat without asking the permission of the poor person sat behind you. Selfish people who don’t care about invading your neighbours limited space should be made to un recline unless the person behind has been consulted and agreed. Fixed seat backs should become the norm to stop them. Selfish selfish people.

  • There is a reason why airlines put a recline feature!

    It should be my choice if I want to recline, don’t make the choice for me!

    If you need more leg room go to business

  • It’s simple folks, recline your seat and reduce my comfort and I then play the drums on the back of your seat for six hours, try and sleep then, the seat is there to sit on, if you decide to recline and upset someone behind you, then be ready to be annoyed as you are annoying them

  • I don’t understand the fuss, if the person behind uses one and the flight attendants refuse to remove it, ask the airline for a (partial) refund. You were explicitly sold a reclining seat and as such they’ve mis-sold it to you.

  • I have been on many flights, domestic (U.S.) and international and have flown on many different airlines. I have also flown first class, business class (economy plus) and coach (economy). I have never reclined my seat, as I have on many occasions experienced the person in front of me reclining their seal all the way and taking away my leg room (I am 6′ 2″, and have long legs) or making it hard for me to utilize the tray table. Out of courtesy, I do not recline my seat so that I do not subject the person behind me to the same situation which I dislike. Also, I have never been so uncomfortable in my seat that I needed to recline it, even when sleeping.

    I know it is a new an novel concept, its called communication. Before reclining your seat, ask the person behind you if they mind that you recline your seat? Perhaps it would be just fine that you recline half way and thus you are both comfortable.

  • the seat is OWNED by the airline. You cannot modify its functionality without their permission. This bs device will be banned in no time. Too bad for those who invested their money to build such a stupid product.

  • What’s with the hate on seat reclining? Everyone has the option including you, during long haul international flights everyone goes to sleep, and it’s not possible to sleep sitting upright.

  • I can put up with a little discomfort and a little inconvienince for a couple of hours on a jet liner,some people are just too irritable. Flying economy,I don’t expect to be treated like royalty.

  • SINCE WHEN ARE PASSENGERS ALLOWED TO CHANGE AVIATION EQUIPMENT!!!!!!! This is beyond imagination. I cant understand this being allowed on a flight, Id end up being arrested, sorry tall more like fat people do.

  • When you have a plane that has such small amounts of room available then the seats shouldn’t be able to recline, the man with the lap top was in the right, unless the person in front of the woman had reclined the seat in front of her.

    The only people in the wrong here were the air line company for allowing the seats to recline in the first place.

    Both passengers were in the right up until the woman threw the water over the man, that was an assault which should have seen the woman arrested.

    Had the man retaliated he probably would have been arrested, so the air line was at fault no less that twice, once for allowing recliner seats when there is no leg room and once for not recognising the assault on the man.

  • This is why I dont fly. Aside from the cost. 2000 for 4 people to fly from VA to FL. Or 200 dollars in gas round trip in my hybrid. 

  • The seats only recline an inch but that inch does make the seat a bit more comfortable. She was in the right. It’s a option of the seat that is standard. He certainly did not that the right to block her.

  • While she should not have thrown the water in him. It was all his fault, he purposely blocked her from using the seat that she paid to use in its entirety.

  • It’s pathetic what flying has turned into. In the 80s I flew several times a year between San Francisco and New Bern, NC. Back then getting there was half the fun. I’m 6′ and don’t remember being so crammed in that I would need a knee defender. We didn’t have to ask the passenger behind us if it was okay to recline. We just did it and nobody got squashed. Small wonder we have air rage. I haven’t flown in 8 years and I guess I’m not missing much.

  • She has the right to recline, even if he does not like it. It is part of the seat arrangement and part of the plane. A knee defender is not!, to me that is way out of line with buisness procedure and should get a hefty fine, if the man does not remove that thing when demanded from the personal.

  • When I have had to fly in economy there was no leg room so I agree that seats should stay up unless it’s a long flight through the night

  • The plane is designed so the seat can recline, so it’s an entitlement and the woman had every right to be able to use that seat function.  Along with everything else, that right was included in the cost of her air fare.  Using a laptop on the tray table is not a design feature of the plane, it’s a luxury that should not interfere with the comfort of other passengers, therefore it’s not an entitlement.  The woman had every right to be able to recline her seat if she so wished.  The flight attendant should have insisted the man remove the knee defender.  The man was simply being totally selfish and a complete jerk.

  • Not to brag at all, but I happen to be freakishly strong. I bet anything if I push hard enough backwards I could snap that little plastic piece of shit easily. That being said people need to quit bullshitting. I’m 6’1″ with long legs (34 length pants are baaaarely long enough) and have never even remotely been so crammed in an airline seat I was uncomfortable to the point of bitching about it like a cunt. There’s plenty of fucking room and people are just whining they’re within a couple feet of a few people. Anyway.. point is go ahead ahead try to attach this thing. I’ll just break it.

  • (LOL) I’m old, fat handicapped and a Veteran besides. You wanna put some Knee Defender crap in the back of a seat I PAID FOR you’re gonna end up with the pieces of it all over your floor, a busted laptop and maybe some busted teeth besides.

    Since I already have PTSD and they’ll have known it beforehand from having their Disability Service Administration tell them the airline staff and/or administration is just going to tell you to suck it up or leave and get a later flight like they did the last three times somebody pulled that crap on a disabled person.

    All the plane people are going to know who and what I am no staff is going to DARE engage me in ANYTHING unless they want it videoed, blasted out over the internet and end up losing their jobs from causing their airline to buy me out at some ridiculous sum of money BESIDES having the e.g. ACLU or FTA or DOJ or whatever take up the case and prosecute for “creating a patient health and safety hazard for a member of Multiple Federally Protected Classes of Citizens.

    4 out of 5 Veterans over 40 are overweight and three out of THOSE four are morbidly obese. We’re not going ANYWHERE and we’re getting more and more vocal about our Federally-guaranteed rights as Members of Protected Classes so the flying public better get used to us and start sucking it up attitude-wise if they want to fly coach or money-wise if they want to fly First/Business Class where you don’t have these issues.

    But guess where airlines anymore are likely to bump us up to for ease of operation? yep. First/Business Class. So your money won’t let you escape the old fat handicapped and stinky Veterans (and others) either so you might as well learn to suck it up.

  • Airlines fault for making seats both smaller and closer together. There are actually plans to eradicate seats altogether in favor of a sort of saddle that would allow even less room per passenger.

  • One time this guy on United (yes you United), reclined his seat towards me and when I needed to use the restroom and I couldn’t move and my dad couldn’t move so my dad politely asked to decline his seat, but got really mad for some reason and threatened my dad to be arrested. Seriously, even the flight attendant agreed with the enemy’s decision.

  • he should be able to use his laptop and she shouldnt have been so selfish as to recline the sat without consideration to the person behind her.

    also where do i buy knee defenders

  • I think that the seats just shouldn’t be able go recline, I’m 6’4 with long legs and my knees touch the seat as is, if some reclines I literally get folded into a pretzel

  • There are a few areas that are worth mentioning here. First of all, they said those three airline are well known. Well, they are not especially the something jet and hoarders airlines. Secondly, the marketplace staff did not wear sterile gloves to begin with so their hands and fingers could have already been contaminated with a bacteria before they collected the specimens. thirdly, the huge gap of time of when they put the specimens inside the bag until the time they sent it to the lab, a bunch of yeast, mold and bacteria have already grown and multiplied so the results are incorrect and therefore, inconclusive. Obviously these “marketplace “ apprentice staff never took any science classes to understand all the contributing factors to make the lab results inaccurate. They are definitely not clean themselves were not clean and did not know how keep a sterile field in order to get an accurate lab results,”. when they were collecting the specimens in the airplanes

  • It’s called a laptop for a reason. Put it in your fucking lap and use it. It’s not like the seat reclines back that far to begin with. I’m on the girls side. Hope the drink she threw on him fucked up his computer.

  • What is it with these people who say you have to ask for permission to recline your seat? When I travel on airplanes, I expect the person in front of me to recline their seat, and I expect the person behind me to know the same.

  • Can someone tell me when this show come,s on because sometimes I turn on the CBC Chanel and look all day on the guide and can’t find the show

  • We need members of congress to have to fly economy class so they can be more in tuned with their supporters. Then and only then will we get some leg room

  • I would say it was the airline fault to let the seat recline all the way. They should have locked it to stop halfway. I never reclined my seat all the way, and always hated those people who reclined all the way without consideration of others.

  • IV been on alot of flights. domestic and international. first class biz class and coach.. it’s only a matter of hours and the flight is over. although I do remember the good days of united 747s and.dc10s with big huge first class seats.even good coach seats. those days are gone along with the good airlines. eastern. twa red tail and pan am..

  • Everyone involved in this is in the wrong. The woman, the man, and the designs of airplanes. The woman should of asked politely, the man could of asked politely too, and the recliner aspect should just be removed, or how bout some more damn room.

  • If you’re in the last row, your seat can’t recline. The people in the row in front of you shouldn’t be able to recline either because it would encroach on your already limited space.

  • Well I am actually saving my money to by a huge shelter where i will be immune to diseases and if a disease gets in i will go to the hygiene chamber while the disease is burned of ate by nanobots  

  • Some of the new slim line seats are hinged differently than the traditional airline seats-they actually give the passenger behind the reclined seat more knee room because of this. Not to say the man with the lock devise was in a plane with the newer seats.

    For those concerned over the person in front of you reclining their seat should know there are seats that have the recline function disabled, like the seats in front of the seats in an emergency exit row.

  • I feel ill! Disgusting truth, worst is the denial from the 3 Airlines. I do clean the tray tables, use tissue to open toilet doors but the blankets and head rests!! Simply OMG. I know I will be OCD on my next flight.

  • They both paid for a seat on that flight. The seats recline, so they both paid for that feature. Using your laptop is not guaranteed in the price of a seat on the flight. The woman was right.

  • you’ve no right to complain. the seats recline, get used to it.
    I’m disabled and need to move position regularly so need to recline.
    if you don’t want a recliner in front of you DONT FLY.
    if anyone said anything to me they are in for trouble

  • The women I think should have not taken the action she did, but instead requested compensation from the airline for her seatback recline being altered in a way that rendered it unusable.  Why the airline and FAA would allow the use of this device basically a tool used to disable a seat assembly is crazy anyone with half a brain could see this coming, maybe the airline is run by a bunch of 1960’s throwbacks. Radicals bent on divide and conquer who wants to see fighting in the streets and on airplanes like Obama’s cabinet.  My question is does this device prevent the tray table from being raised when installed on the arms of the tray table if YES it is a hazard to flight safety, because in an emergency the two blocks would have to be removed for passengers to exit the seat row in an emergency because they will not be able to raise the tray table and exit the row in an efficient manner if the plane was filled with smoke..

  • THE ABUSIVE AIRLINES can’t have their cake and eat it too!
    They’re unfairly allowing passengers to tamper with their seats and equipment after they charge for it’s usage. If I pay for a seat that I’m entitled to recline and someone prevents me from it there will be riot on the aircraft and after I’m escorted out with the individual, because I would made sure of it, I would go legal on them!

  • I hate reclining seats. I even feel too guilty to recline my seat all the way because I don’t want to disturb the people behind me.

  • Its clear that the Knee Defender usage is wrong as it restricts functions that the other passenger purchased with his flight. But it is also clear that the principle problem is the design of the planes.

  • lol, i just try to recline my seat before they even sit down behind me, that way they’re less likely to realize how much room they’re actually missing

  • Fact is the people using the knee defender do so because it costs far less than upgrading your seat.

    Using this device is theft.
    Theft of the space that the passenger in front paid for.

    If you can not fit a seat and allowing for all of its functions and allowing those around you to enjoy the full range of functions of their seats then you need to upgrade to business, first class or choose an alternative form of transportation.

    Remember statistically taller people also earn more on average than shorter people, so spend that money on the leg room you cheap behemoth.

  • Fuck i hate those dickheads who think they are smarter than everyone else on the flight and recline… WTF you get out if it? Like 1 inch more leg room and for that 1 inch you make the flight miserable for everyone behind you… I think that seats should start getting locked into place.. If the dickheads who think they are smarter than everyone else want more legroom they can just go buy business class tickets next time.

  • I’m 6’2 195 lbs, so when people try to recline their seats on me I just drive my knees into the front seats and lock them in place. A friend of mine has another tactic to deal with this, and that is to breathe the people who recline in the back of their heads hahaha

  • who was right this is only broblem in us its your seat you can push it back when ever you want its not that diffucult to figure out

  • Yes people wash their clothes in public bathrooms. That was a really dumb statement you made. Its called homeless or an emergency.
    Like how rich are you. (Sorry I know you are probably just saying that because your are getting paid to just read a script. I just think that the writer need to thing about how arrogant that sounded. All and all that was an okay video keep it up��)

  • Previously I was in the “reclining is bad” camp, but after reading several comments I’ve changed my mind. The other side is just more reasonable. If you pay for a reclining seat, you have the right to use that feature.

  • by the way word of advice if you need to do some work get the seats at the front of the airplane the first row that no one will recline back in front of you.

  • Personal opinion but I believe that all airlines should get rid of reclining seats. Those things are so freaking annoying especially when someone refuse to put back their seats for meal service. People also get hysterical when it comes to this and is probably one of the biggest things that cause passenger aggression. Do everyone a favor and just get rid of these seats. It is way to much trouble for what its worth.

  • Your ‘Reclining Space’ is behind you, NOT in front of you.
    It’s called ‘Reclining Space’ for a reason. It’s not called ‘Laptop Space’.

    Just because someone wants to use a laptop, it does not entitle them to someone else’s Reclining Space.
    You are NOT entitled to what other people paid for.

  • great story, all the airlines ought to be ashamed of them selves, they should give all passengers a complimentary sanitized towel before they board, and have a sign “Enter at your own Risk”

  • What about the community condom i share with all the homeless guys behind McDonald’s? Sharing is caring, just remember to dump it out, we aren’t animals of course

  • I thought it was going to be the kitchen where all the bacteria and germs are.  But like Hospitals, the food is sealed and microwaved, so no raw meats are actually there.  I suppose the turbulence is the cause of people missing the toilet so it is probably pretty bad there.

    Don’t think that hospitals are all that clean.  Sick people are there all the time, so Adult Medicine and Pediatrics Medicine are the stay away zones (Kids have peed on the computer keyboards, I know because I work in IT and sometimes have to replace those keyboards).  

    ER, OR, NICU, L&D, and ICU are usually the cleanest areas.  Those places have special procedures such as hospital gowns, gloves, face mask, and hand washing before and after entering patient rooms.  Even with the precautions, there is no reasonable way to sanitize every room after every patient through every crevice.

    If you are worried about germs and bacteria and need to sanitize dishes and clothes, once you open the dishwasher or dryer door, everything is going to be contaminated by the open air.  A few decades ago, people were not getting sick even though sanitizing appliances were not invented.  But if you must take all precautions, disposable paper plates, cups, and “disposable underwear” will help keep you cleaner a little.

  • 1. Head rest. 2. Seat pocket. 3. Washroom door handle. 4. Tray table. 5. Seat belt. Be careful out there! Should we wear a mask on a plane? Yes! Yeast and mold in the air on a plane!

  • The social class now flying has declined over the years……. all the greyhound clients are now flying…..its pigs in the air!!!! No respect for themselves or other people! Im not saying all greyhound clients are like this but a certain percentage!!!

  • Would MRSR be a candidate?
    I suggested face masks, ear plugs and latex gloves to be included with the blanket and eye visor slippers etc. to several airlines.
    Airlines, for as the money machine it is, why have airline administrations taken so long to grasp this common sense as a common courtesy???
    Forget the Anti-Bac wipes.
    Fill your 3 ounze plastic spray bottles up with 35% Good Grade H202 Hydrogen Peroxide and the other bottle with Hydrosol Collodial Silver then Spray the Hell out of your seat area, head rest, dining tray, seat belt, [The interviewer forgot to mention the Remote Control for the T.V. and the hand rest and button that re-adjusts the seat.] And then on to the Restroom!!! The seat, door knob, latchet.
    Airlines can do this but to the airlines expense loss’s in the which is more geared for Profits rather than You and the Health of the children., so thet keep the jet cold like the operating room in the Hospital so Bacteria can not breed. Ever see a cleaning crew of 12 maintenance airport workers go on and have that jet policed and cleaned in a New York Flash [12 minutes] to leave you with the hint of Saturated Flowery Aromatized Chemicals??? Those Chems work on The Nervous System!!!
    P.S. And yes, She’s “Drop Dead Gorgeous!”
    P.P.S? And uh……… Have a good flight!

  • No wonder how corona smashed everyone specifically when it comes to long international flights with contaminated air. Plus entertainment kits onboard too from remote control to headphones. Oooo boy

  • After covid19 all airlines must change all equipment inside the plane. They contributed on the spread of these virus around the world

  • The fact that none of these reporters wore disposable gloves and replaced them each time after they swabbed an area makes their results questionable. I guess the possibilities of “cross-contamination” didn’t occur to them. That’s one of the many problems with having the “media” versus scientists set up a study. The media is looking for stories that cause a REACTION from the audience and will get them more “clicks”. Also, unless they also studied other public places (restaurants, public restrooms, hospitals, etc). and gave us those results for comparison purposes, there’s not way of putting their findings into perspective.

  • I have been flying on American airlines United airlines and the most clean and the best and good one are the Alaska airlines and Canadian airlines

  • Broke people problems. This guy feels like he’s too tall to sit behind a person who wants to lean back a few inches. He probably owns a tiny smart car too. Get an SUV you cheap bostid!

  • It shouldn’t have gotten to this point in the first place as the design should of obviously accommodated  to the technology that’s been present some three decades already.

  • Every trip from Australia to UK via Singapore, or London to BWI via France, I got sick until I found nasal spray with CARRAGENEEN/CARAGULOSE. Now ZERO infections from travelling. Check them out by looking for nasal spray for colds/flu with the product(s) above. Also, take hospital strength disinfectant wipes and take responsibility for your own safety.

  • You can make your own disinfectant wipes at home. Use ultra strong paper towels cut up to 6″ x 6″ size. Prepare a solution of 1 part bleach and 4 parts water, mixed well. 70% rubbing alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide will also work. Store in zip Lock baggie for your flight. Have some extras to wipe down your hotel room when you land all the areas commonly touched like TV remote, phone, door knobs, handles in bathroom.

  • I’m old enough to remember having to dress up to go to the airport to pick up a family member or take a flight. A cleaning crew-not stewardesses-a proper cleaning crew were coming on as you left the plane or met them leaving as you came aboard. This is disgusting! No excuses. This isn’t like riding a bus! If they charged a bus fare rate, then that would be one thing, but this is an airplane for god’s sake and an air fare price tag. Clean your jets! And don’t cite Boeing as any great moral authority on anything! They can’t even be bothered to send out safe jets to companies.

  • That’s explains why I always get sick with infectious illness after international flights. From now on: disposable masks, gloves, protective headgear and a lot of disinfecting wipes!!!

  • AH well thats good. on my flight to the US for 9 hours i didnt ever get up i just watched films all the time. and i was in the middle so i didnt touch the windows  good for me.

  • bruh how you kill bacteria deadly diseases is this way
    get a room to fire atoms at atoms and kill the corrorsponding molecular structure with some coumpound reorganizationinto amassive breakdowntosmallerbits of induividual stable fdisplacement of atoms and dispecerment within a given area the size corosponding to the mass of the object you fired at. could that maybe like render the original object a scrambled mess of the elements the object was made of where they deformed the chemical bonds that make up the object in the first place

  • Taking into consideration the amounts of money airlines charge passengers, they should give us a better service, and sanitize planes better. No wonder why travellers get sick, resulting in ruined vacations.

  • I always bring my own pillow. Use flight pillow to cradle my lower back. Bought a flight blanket new from an independent vendor. I use my own ear buds. New learning: carry germ wipes and gloves, keep my (lightweight) hoodie up. New ideas: wipe down window area where I might rest my head, carry a large zip lock to line the front pocket for my personal items. Thanks for a great heads up.

  • Wear a head cap, wear gloves, face mask; wash hand frequently. Take a shower when you get to your destination, and wash everything you wore. Always. Every time.

  • That first old woman says she used “antibiotic wet wipes”. Where did she obtain a script for that?? That’s a big lie. I use antibacterial sanitiser or antibacterial wipes and have never heard of antibiotic ones. I don’t trust what she is saying at all!

  • How come these ladies who are doing the germ collecting did not use gloves when they wipes the surface on the plane??? That’s gross.

  • I haven’t flown anywhere In the USA or Canada for years now, BUT a few years ago, I DID fly with the German Airline Lufthansa, on a relatively long haul flight. It was disgusting, the seats and decor looked as if they hadn’t seen a cleaning solution o,r even a broom since the airline started trading, the surfaces were without exception grimy and sticky in places..The toilet? I wouldn’t let a pet dog or cat use it, never mind a paying passenger. I don’t know how it was that I didn’t develope some infection or another after that flight.
    I was younger then, and healthy ish, nowadays I wouldn’t risk it at any time, as my health is now SO poor, that I wouldn’t stand a chance. I hadn’t thought about it since then, but this video, really brought back memories. Urgh!!!

  • I know that technically the woman is right, but fuck it I want to side with the man. I’m 6’4″, if you recline, I literally have to put my feet out in the aisle, if I dont have an isle seat, I physically don’t fit. I’ve actually put my shins up against the seat in front just so I can rest my legs somewhere.

  • I was a Flight Attendant for a Major Airline for 30 years. These Airplanes are filthy! The air filters dirty, and take a Lysol or chlorox box of wipes with you in the lavatory. The only cleaning these planes get is when they go in for an overhaul. The planes have a floor and sometimes seat pocket look over for trash. Yes, check the tray table! And seatbelt. I’d hate to see how bad the floor is! Always wipe everything down with a sanitizer!

  • That’s the reason germs spread so fast all because of nasty people with low personal hygiene… There’s some very very nasty people out there..I know it’s nasty on airline. All because of nasty passenger and nasty workers.. Yack ��