Plane Seat-Back Pockets Germier Than Toilet Handles


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It turns out that your seat-back pocket might actually be germier than the toilet handle, according to a new study, which also suggests that certain bacteria can linger on surfaces within airplanes. It turns out that your seat-back pocket might actually be germier than the toilet handle, according to a new study, which also suggests that certain bacteria can linger on surfaces within airplanes. Airplane Seat-Back Pockets Germier Than Toilet Handles HealthyWomen Editors. 20 May 2014 TUESDAY, May 20, 2014 (HealthDay News) Illness-causing bacteria can survive on surfaces inside airplanes for days or even up to a week, a new study shows. (MRSA) and E. coli O157:H7 could linger on common types of surfaces in airplane cabins.

The. Experts: Backseats of ride-share vehicles are germier than toilet seats According to a study by insurance company Netquote, the average rideshare vehicle has about 219 times as many germs as the average taxi, which is cleaned regularly. From seat-back pockets to toilet handles, germs thrive on airplanes Research from Auburn University shows that pathogens can live for days on airplane surfaces. Travelers should try to.

Airplane Seat-Back Pockets Germier Than Toilet Handles Concerned about germs while traveling by plane? It turns out that your seat-back pocket might actually be germier than the toilet handle, according to a new study, which also suggests that certain bacteria can linger on surfaces within airplanes for longer than a week. (That’s twice the contamination rate of your toilet.) And it could be harboring 10 million bacteria per square inch-that’s 200,000 times dirtier than your toilet, according to studies from the. Airplane Pockets is a green solution for a germ-free, forget-me-not travel accessory which fits over airplane tray tables and acts as both a pocket for travelers’ items and as. Plane seat back pockets germier than toilet handles Daily Dose: “The seat back pocket on a plane may be germier than the toilet handle, according to a new study, and certain bacteria may linger there for more than a week.” ‘via Blog this’ Return Home: The Health, Drug, Prescription, and GMP Supersite Blog SkillsPlus Intl Inc.

Germs seem to hang in the recycled air on a plane and everyone has a story about sitting near a person with frightening flu symptoms. But are airplanes and airports really any germier than other.

List of related literature:

In smaller planes, toilet compartments can be designed to allow assisted transfers from the aisle to the toilet before the door is closed.

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In some cases closets and washrooms are removed in order to squeeze more passengers onto the flight.

“Introduction to Air Transport Economics: From Theory to Applications” by Bijan Vasigh, Ken Fleming
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In this case, selection of the cushion material becomes quite important, unless the airline is prepared to receive complaints from passengers who slide down a slippery surface and end up in a heap on the floor.

“Buying the Big Jets: Fleet Planning for Airlines” by Paul Clark
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They need to be part of the permanent architecture of the seat, to prevent any and all passenger “spillage.”

“Of Thee I Zing: America's Cultural Decline from Muffin Tops to Body Shots” by Laura Ingraham, Raymond Arroyo
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So the contouring of the lavatory seat itself becomes much more critical for comfort.

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Both are hugely popular today, although recently, Ryanair came under investigations for flying across some passengers seated on toilet seats in the aircraft!

“Strategic Mgmt & Bus Policy 3E” by Kazmi
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President Michael O’Leary has suggested getting rid of two toilets to make room for six more seats; redesigning the planes so passengers can fly standing up; charging extra for overweight passengers; and asking passengers to carry their checked­in bags to the plane themselves.

“Metaskills: Five Talents for the Robotic Age” by Marty Neumeier
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The designer has no direct say in the in-flight services provided for the pasgengers, although he should allow for the weight and locations of toilet facilities, pantries and cloakrooms.

“Synthesis of Subsonic Airplane Design: An introduction to the preliminary design of subsonic general aviation and transport aircraft, with emphasis on layout, aerodynamic design, propulsion and performance” by Egbert Torenbeek
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Before the plane takes off, flight attendants instruct all passengers in the use of emergency equipment and check to see that seat belts are fastened, seat backs are in upright positions, and all carry-on items are properly stowed.

“Occupational Outlook Handbook” by United States. Bureau of Labor Statistics
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Both handles are backed with Velcro, so that when they are not in use they hug the bag and do not get abused by the luggage of other passengers or by baggage handlers when I check my luggage.

“Success Through Failure: The Paradox of Design” by Henry Petroski
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  • more than interesting ���� well, I always cleaned the table and the arm rests…. I guess, in the future I will have to do much more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I just survived around the world flights during global pandemic. I wore mask the whole time and eye goggles and earplugs made for my ears. I sanitized everything with antibacterial wipes and seats next tome too. With gloves. I used disposable gloves when going to the bathroom and did not touch anything. I forgot one thing though…. the headrest. Only because i was late to get on the plane. I did really well this time. I kept humidiflyer mask on maintaining moisture from my own breathing. Last time i did not not do that and i had the driest nose and throat. Thanks for vid

  • Really this is news? Your saying where people interact, sit, play, watch a show and go to a bathroom has bacteria and microbes…. OMG shocker!!! I am sure if you sit on a bus, or a train or even a restaurant its is just as bad if not worse. 
    What is more interesting is the studies that show that airborne microbes and bacteria are greatly reduced due to the fact that you have constant air filters working around the clock and directional flow (celling to floor). This dramatically decreases the distance coughs and sneezes travel. 
    However it is also true that with the reduced humidity (FYI decreases bacteria/microbes in the air) your immune system will suffer is also a valid point. 

  • Thats why I like taking those mini Lysol wipe packs when I travel. They are so handy, even if it is not for killing germs all the times they clean up messes really well. You can get a mini pack for a dollar and some change at Target and Walmart in the travel toiletries section. 😉

  • Urg!… I always hated flying, because its so damn uncomfortable being 1.9 m in seating space designed for people being 1.5 m. But now I’ll hate it even more!

  • The man was right and only the woman should have been kicked off, banned from the airline and arrested for chucking the water. Where’s people’s manners and consideration nowadays!!! DISGUSTING behaviour.

  • Just added all these to my to do list…. Most people avoid these things however the immune system is like a muscle, use it a lot and stain it (as long as you don’t break it) it will only grow stronger, although at first you might get sick it’s like having muscle sores they are worse when you are starting to get into good habits but once you are in them you are usually fine…. Also who wants to live to 100 anyway?

  • OH MY GOD!!!! i finally recognize who this woman is!!!!

    she is the dotted line we all hear about so much when we are kids!!!

    (get it? Tara Long the dotted line?)

    It comes from the same water that comes from the sinks, which comes in a big bin underneath the aircraft which never gets clean. It can have layers upon layers of film in them. Even though they boil it, it’s still gross… eugh… works at the airport

  • I always load up on vitamin c before flights, and I never used the bathrooms. Now I know why, my inclinations were correct! Haha! Well, if I ever have a long flight, now I’ll remember the hand sanitizer at least. Thanks @DNews!

  • Drinking plenty of water always, ALWAYS make me go to the bathroom that much quicker, being cursed with a tiny bladder to make room for a uterus I have no plans on using, and they said to also NOT use the airplane bathrooms as well?!  Are they trying to make me hate flying that much more or what??  I don’t even LIKE noisy-ass flushing toilets!  It’s been a childhood phobia of mine that almost ruined my potty-training tests!

  • i got 4 diseases from going to FRIGGIN  ITALY

  • 1:03 1:23 Soo… bacteria & microbes thrive in/on: 1) Seat pocket; 2) Rubber arm rest; 3) Leather seats; 4) Plastic window shades; 5) Plastic tray tables; and 6) Toilet handles. Well… time to learn how to levitate and eliminate my biological need to excrete waste.

  • Please stop with the “in-video” advertisements, you already have advertisements before the video even starts. Saying the video is brought to us by audible is not going to make me go to audible.

  • All these comments must be from the millennials…. I pay for a seat that reclines I want to recline I will recline it’s not all about you!!

  • Don’t hold your breath waiting on Airlines to use anything close to hospital standard hygiene practices. They hire contractors to clean planes who make a minimum of $8/hr w/ little to no benefits. You’re lucky if they use that lavatory spray, and that’s just to cover up odors.

  • My immune system is armed with fully automated high power rifles and armor piercing ammo with very very touchy triggers and anxious fingers >)
    But thanks for the info.

  • But… Sanitizer and anti-bacterial soap (anything containing triclosan) is supposed to screw up your hormones and endocrine system. So… I guess just regular soap? I’m bringing Clorox Bleach wipes with me on my trip next month.

  • If someone reclines their seat into you, immediately pop up your two knees onto the back of their seat and bounce the knees off the seat one at a time for a few minutes, like you are stretching them. The ” Recliner ” usually gets the message.

  • As a man who’s 6’4″ and 260 lbs. I’ve always had problems in airplanes and now at an advanced age, I suffer with knee problems so I REALLY empathize with air travelers. I gladly pay extra for more room.

  • I’ve had people actually put their stinking feet up on both sides of my seat when there was no one beside the man on either side so he could’ve stretched out in the 3 seats. I’ve had a kid kick the crap out of the back of the seat to where his parent’s wouldn’t do anything and I had to get the attendant which threaten to remove them from the plane. Both the kids on either side of her were doing it & the other passenger was irrate since he had asked the mother to stop her 8 year old to stop kicking the seat. Common courtesy goes a long way.

  • Full sympathy to the guy having to use the knee defender. It’s so selfish to recline your seat without asking the permission of the poor person sat behind you. Selfish people who don’t care about invading your neighbours limited space should be made to un recline unless the person behind has been consulted and agreed. Fixed seat backs should become the norm to stop them. Selfish selfish people.

  • There is a reason why airlines put a recline feature!

    It should be my choice if I want to recline, don’t make the choice for me!

    If you need more leg room go to business

  • It’s simple folks, recline your seat and reduce my comfort and I then play the drums on the back of your seat for six hours, try and sleep then, the seat is there to sit on, if you decide to recline and upset someone behind you, then be ready to be annoyed as you are annoying them

  • I don’t understand the fuss, if the person behind uses one and the flight attendants refuse to remove it, ask the airline for a (partial) refund. You were explicitly sold a reclining seat and as such they’ve mis-sold it to you.

  • I have been on many flights, domestic (U.S.) and international and have flown on many different airlines. I have also flown first class, business class (economy plus) and coach (economy). I have never reclined my seat, as I have on many occasions experienced the person in front of me reclining their seal all the way and taking away my leg room (I am 6′ 2″, and have long legs) or making it hard for me to utilize the tray table. Out of courtesy, I do not recline my seat so that I do not subject the person behind me to the same situation which I dislike. Also, I have never been so uncomfortable in my seat that I needed to recline it, even when sleeping.

    I know it is a new an novel concept, its called communication. Before reclining your seat, ask the person behind you if they mind that you recline your seat? Perhaps it would be just fine that you recline half way and thus you are both comfortable.

  • the seat is OWNED by the airline. You cannot modify its functionality without their permission. This bs device will be banned in no time. Too bad for those who invested their money to build such a stupid product.

  • What’s with the hate on seat reclining? Everyone has the option including you, during long haul international flights everyone goes to sleep, and it’s not possible to sleep sitting upright.

  • I can put up with a little discomfort and a little inconvienince for a couple of hours on a jet liner,some people are just too irritable. Flying economy,I don’t expect to be treated like royalty.

  • SINCE WHEN ARE PASSENGERS ALLOWED TO CHANGE AVIATION EQUIPMENT!!!!!!! This is beyond imagination. I cant understand this being allowed on a flight, Id end up being arrested, sorry tall more like fat people do.

  • When you have a plane that has such small amounts of room available then the seats shouldn’t be able to recline, the man with the lap top was in the right, unless the person in front of the woman had reclined the seat in front of her.

    The only people in the wrong here were the air line company for allowing the seats to recline in the first place.

    Both passengers were in the right up until the woman threw the water over the man, that was an assault which should have seen the woman arrested.

    Had the man retaliated he probably would have been arrested, so the air line was at fault no less that twice, once for allowing recliner seats when there is no leg room and once for not recognising the assault on the man.

  • This is why I dont fly. Aside from the cost. 2000 for 4 people to fly from VA to FL. Or 200 dollars in gas round trip in my hybrid. 

  • The seats only recline an inch but that inch does make the seat a bit more comfortable. She was in the right. It’s a option of the seat that is standard. He certainly did not that the right to block her.