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How pets transmit diseases to humans

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People can acquire pet-associated infections through animal bites, scratches and other contact, as well as by accidentally ingesting or inhaling traces of animal feces. Diseases That Can Spread Between Animals and People Bartonella henselae Infection Baylisascaris procyonis Infection (Raccoon Roundworm Infection) B Virus Infection (Herpes B Virus Infection) Bird Flu – see Avian Influenza Black Death – see Plague Borrelia burgdorferi Infection (Lyme Disease) Bovine. All pets can transmit diseases to people, including salmonella, drug-resistant bacteria, campylobacter, and parasitic diseases such as hookworm, roundworm and toxoplasmosis. The infections can be transmitted through bites, scratches, saliva and contact with feces.

Risk of animals spreading the virus that causes COVID-19 to people Some coronaviruses that infect animals can be spread to humans and then spread between people, but this is rare. This is what happened with the virus that caused the current outbreak of. You may have heard that coronaviruses can infect animals and wondered whether your pets could get COVID-19 or pass the virus to you.

Coronaviruses are. A small number of pets worldwide, including cats and dogs, have been reported to be infected with the virus that causes COVID-19, mostly after close contact with people with COVID-19. Based on the limited information available to date, the risk of animals spreading COVID-19 to people is considered to be low.

There is no evidence that viruses can spread to people or other animals from a pet’s skin, fur or hair. However, keep in mind that young children, people with weakened immune systems, and people age 65 and older are more likely to get sick from some other germs that animals can carry. “Pets can also pass some parasites on to their humans,” says Dr. Reel. “Giardia is a common intestinal parasitic microorganism, which causes severe gastrointestinal symptoms. This parasite can be.

Dogs and cats can get sick with plague and can spread the infection to humans. How it spreads: People and animals are most commonly infected by flea bites, but touching live or dead plague-infected animals can also cause illness. People can also become infected by inhaling infectious droplets that a sick dog or cat has coughed into the air.

Dogs and cats are popular pets but can carry infections such as: Campylobacter infection: can be spread by household pets carrying Campylobacter jejuni bacteria, which cause diarrhea, Cat scratch disease: can happen when a person is bitten or scratched by a cat infected with Bartonella.

List of related literature:

Humans and pets can share both affection and infection.

“Small Animal Pediatrics E-Book: The First 12 Months of Life” by Michael E. Peterson, Michelle Kutzler
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Most human infections result from animal contact (e.g., animal bites, scratches, shared food).

“Medical Microbiology E-Book” by Patrick R. Murray, Ken S. Rosenthal, Michael A. Pfaller
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Domestic dogs and cats can also transmit the disease to humans.

“Clinical Infectious Disease” by David Schlossberg
from Clinical Infectious Disease
by David Schlossberg
Cambridge University Press, 2008

Several hundred different viruses are known to infect humans and somewhat fewer have been recovered from individual animals (livestock, companion animals and horses, laboratory animals, wild animals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish).

“Veterinary Virology” by Frederick A. Murphy, E. Paul J. Gibbs, Marian C. Horzinek, Michael J. Studdert
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Infections in adult humans and animals are also common.

“Natural Food Antimicrobial Systems” by A.S. Naidu
from Natural Food Antimicrobial Systems
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During the acute phase of the illness, the virus is shed in all body secretions and excretions, so food and water dishes, cages, bedding, litter boxes, toys and grooming supplies, rugs, and soil can become sources of infection.

“Infectious Disease Management in Animal Shelters” by Lila Miller, Kate Hurley
from Infectious Disease Management in Animal Shelters
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Pets may be an indirect source of some infections, depositing infectious material on food, skin, or clothing.

“Memmler's the Human Body in Health and Disease, Enhanced Edition” by Barbara Janson Cohen, Kerry L. Hull
from Memmler’s the Human Body in Health and Disease, Enhanced Edition
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They can get repeated infections with different strains but then can have immunity to rotaviruses.

“Ferri's Clinical Advisor 2020 E-Book: 5 Books in 1” by Fred F. Ferri
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Dogs and cats in close contact with infected humans can develop transient, subclinical colonization of pharyngeal tissues and can transmit the infection to other humans.

“Small Animal Internal Medicine E-Book” by Richard W. Nelson, C. Guillermo Couto
from Small Animal Internal Medicine E-Book
by Richard W. Nelson, C. Guillermo Couto
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A variety of household pets such as dogs, cats, birds and reptiles are potential, albeit rare, sources of human infection.

“Manson's Tropical Diseases E-Book” by Jeremy Farrar, Peter J Hotez, Thomas Junghanss, Gagandeep Kang, David Lalloo, Nicholas J. White
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  • Wow…bullshit about toilets..PEOPLE…china plumbing not.same as western!! Even if it.wasnt..IF U HAVE DIARRHEA THERE IS VIRUS THERE…OMG…

  • Wuhan’s cat rescuer: the man saving pets abandoned during coronavirus outbreak – video ►

    Coronavirus: latest developments ►

  • That’s just asinine! How the hell do you keep distance from your pet? Are you supposed to lock them up in a cage? I never seen a pet that doesn’t jump up into your lap or try getting some attention. I no longer have a dog but when i did she was practically glued to my every movement around the house.

  • I collected some information about Coronavirus and pets in my blog

  • My husky is trained to run with me on a bike at high speed on pavements and grass. He needs miles of exercise each day. It is simply impossible to take him out once a day during this pandemic. He is 5 and in peak fitness. What can I do we have a small garden?

  • I don’t understand why you would want to kiss your pets. Even without the coronavirus there are a lot of harmful germs in pet’s mouths. Cats for example can often be found carrying toxoplasma gondii.

  • I actually read that the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that dogs are immune to the effects of COVID-19.
    So you can take your canines out of quarantine.
    Now it can be said that “WHO let the dogs out” lol

  • these bats are rats and they pollenate the cactus and people eat cactus and when they ate it,
    Ambulance: we woo we woo we woo
    Hospital before: we will care for you
    Hospital now: We will have to burn you if you have the corona virus because your dying anyway, or we can isolate you in this room where you can die slowly

  • This type of diseases always gets started from China from a long time so why does not the Chinese Govt ban the animal meat market other than domestic meat

  • i am severely worried and think my 9 year old Male cat has COVID-19. He threw up yesterday morning and all day today and tonight he has been acting strange and never before. When i eat at kitchen table he usually loves going back and forth under the table my legs and all.. cat lovely stuff ya kno, and all the sudden all day today he would sit near the oven and stare at me, but look very sad,, his pupils were dialted but he seemed sad. REASON 2 i just checked his respiratory by counting his breaths (when he went in then back out i counted that as 1] and then this for 15sec was only 4 beats. I just get that 4th one to finish right when 15sec timer goes off. Times 4, we are looking at a 16 for his respiratory. Supposedly 20 to 80 is normal? So he has two of three symptoms WHAT do i do??? Please i am so scared for my buddy.. ALSO he has been sleeping on my bed more than usual and For LONGER than usual naps… he has been sleeping on my bed for the last 5 hours now and hes still sleeping. He did not sleep ALL day and was not still or stuck in any spots all day in fact one time today around 4pm he got excited and played in living room and was running with his brother(my other cat, his twin brother, NO symptoms for his brother) no more other cats in house and it is my dad 61 age me 25 age.

  • Idc if I get covid 19. I aint gonna make my dog wear a mask. It doesn’t know why I’m putting a peice of cloth on its face for 2 hours at most. It cant even pull it down to breath.

  • I got covid19 symptoms a couple months ago, and very soon after my German Shepherd was diagnosed with chronic renal disease, plus diarrhea and runny nose. He is now completely asymptomatic. When I get his blood and urine tested again in 6 mos and if his renal function (azotemia) is normal, then I’ll know it was probably covid19 related since renal failure doesn’t otherwise correct itself. My dog has not been tested for covid19 obviously since animal testing is not available here, so I don’t know for sure. But if he did get it then he got it from me, not the other way around.

  • I’m not worried about our dog because she’s a schnauzer and doesn’t need to go outside a lot and we’re all under lockdown in South Africa, but I’m doubtful about our cat. He needs to go outside periodically and he often fights with stray cats in the area. That’s why I searched this.

  • the virus is a parisite and any animal absolutely can spread. it was made in north Carolina and sold to Wuhan china. watch. watch prof. Francis boyal update on corrona virus biological weapon. i car less about cat if it could cause my kids death. our government is dropping infected spores from sky. we all dead. every mamal on Earth can and will get. it’s inevitable.

  • Just heard about that 1 dog. But, I still stand by my first comment because, sometimes, something that people are sure is true may end up being a mistaken wild card. Meaning there may have something rare about the dogs health to begin with.
    Or, It may become an over-all factor however, with all the people who travel abroad with their pets, I would be expecting more than just 1 dog being talked about.
    Common sense, Education, and legitimate Knowledge combined, will help prevent a lot of people from becoming insanely fearful.
    Things are damn spooky right now. But we still need to try and keep our worst fears at bay.

  • There have been a few reports of pets being infected:
    a cat in Belgium,
    two dogs in Hong Kong,
    one 4-year-old Malayan tiger at the Bronx Zoo
    have been tested positive for the coronavirus.
    Of course, tiger is not a pet:-)

  • OK folks, buckle those seat belts. It now appears animals ARE ABLE to catch the virus. 6 BRONX ZOO tigers have now been found to have it. 4/5/2020 TheY got it from a zookeeper. So the reverse would likely be possible, probable. So, now we’re going to have a bunch of pets running around spreading the disease. STAY AWAY FROM PETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You can’t wash your hands without using your clean hands to turn off the tap…unless it’s automatic like here in Oz. Do your business and wash your hands but DO NOT USE THE HANDS DRYERS that you stick your hands in. They are known to spread faecal matter.

  • Are u serious. Just cuz off the covid19 people are abounding there dogs people should not deserve to have a pet I still have mine after this hole think happen I cent never imagine my self ever doing that do my dog just cuz off the virus

  • I’m worried that my pet has socialized with the pet next door through our fence, and when I brought him inside the house to wipe him down he sneezed.

  • Now they are trying to see if dogs can sniff out the virus, like they have been used to sniff out cancer. So if a dog can be used for that then the risk of it spreading the disease must be so low that there must be something in the saliva of dogs which can combat this corona. Just a guess I guess, but it seems to make sense, no?

  • If my cat goes outside then it gets coronavirus on its body (but not in its body) then I touch it then am I able to get coronavirus

  • I wish these sort of videos would tell you how the virus makes your pet feel, how sick or not sick they might become. I’d hope my pet wouldn’t suffer if they catch this. “ Unlikely to get sick” is all this has mentioned.

  • This is serious people are actually dying you think this is a joke the world could end any second in the USA five people already have been infected with the coronavirus and schools all over the nation already been Shutdown even my school this is really serious kids like me need education but yet you made this video to joke around and I actually have pets I don’t want them to get infected if I do have it!! ����

  • i had lot of dog barbecue before many years back in the south, it was very tasty and nice delicacy and affordable than other food source… since i moved few years ago i stopped eating dog due to lot of backlash from the mainland society…in the future i plan to go back south on short trips to eat dog barbecue if i can after the covid 19 fiasco end…

  • When will China release the Press release about the long awainted animal protection laws? Let’s wait ‼️ look forward to the press service…. let’s wait ‼️….we are waiting ‼️….. let’s wait ‼️……. stop mistreating abused Animals! Stop boiled alive skinned alive dogs in Yulin horror festival!!! Forever!!!�� shame!!! Let’s wait ‼️…..

  • My dog had drippy eyes and was sick….couple days later I got the Corona….I live alone and never leave my house except to walk the dog at night when no one is around anymore. One good thing about this pandemic? As someone with autism who is usually in pain because of this noisy world…I’m really enjoying the sounds of silence everywhere as people hide away and work machines cease!

  • Around 60-70% of all cats have feline corona virus latent in their system. If active the cat gets feline infectious peritonitis. So most cats have the virus

  • Airborne diseases include any that are caused via transmission through the air. Many airborne diseases are of great medical importance. The pathogens transmitted may be any kind of microbe, and they may be spread in aerosols, dust or liquids. The aerosols might be generated from sources of infection such as the bodily secretions of an infected animal or person, or biological wastes such as accumulate in lofts, caves, garbage and the like. Such infected aerosols may stay suspended in air currents long enough to travel for considerable distances; sneezes, for example, can easily project infectious droplets the full length of a bus.[1]

  • Dogs will give you diseases that are even worse than this stupid coronavirus. Do your research! So my advice for y’all is to release all these useless animals back into the woods.

  • Yesterday a cat in Belgium caugh Corona from his owner who had Corona at home and the cat has goten sick hard breathing etc… Google it yourself. Basicly, it can get from Human to pets, question is, can it get from pets to humans?

  • It makes sense that it can live ON your cat and dog because they’re warm. YOU PET them & YOU’VE GOT it! Keep your pets OUT of other people’s faces!

  • I kissed my kitty on the back. She rolls on the floor a lot. Now I’m worried about getting covid-19, because I can’t find a way to disinfect my lips.

  • Idk if pets who had covid could be infectious, then the chances of the covid case rising is 2-3 times higher. Since we can’t control our pets that much especially outdoor cat

  • My husky died in March 3 and I have been noticing a lot of Huskies have died too. I was thinking that the Coronavirus must be behind this and I was right.

  • Corona Virus was from animals is was made in a lab in China and it got out the cage. Think about it how long have we lived on the planet with animals and made the are pet and never got a virus from them until now. The most common thing we ever got was Fleas.

  • It’s simple keep your pet home, less walking with your dog and make sure you or your dog is not coughing or sneezing on you or the dog.

  • The pets owner must quarantine their pets no need for walks,no need to allow them to play with other fellow animals. We have a cat and he likes to go outside and play with his friends but since 29th January he didn’t stepped outside we are giving him strict guard so that he can’t escape from home. We are doing this not only because we are worried to be effected by COVID-19 but also of losing him because in our eyes he is not a cat but our child. And I know same must be practiced by other pet owners who consider thier animals as thier children.

  • Why are people so ignorant?! Of course your pets could spread the virus if, say, they get it on their fur/paws…and yes, the virus will then proceed to climb right up a person’s nose the next available opportunity.

  • well that’s funny I think it was over a month ago they said this is the first strain of flu that can jump from human to animal and vice versa now they come out and say the likelihood is very minimal don’t worry about it well that tells me all I need to know about this pandemic it can’t possibly be real because just the way it’s been handled in its entirety it’s just ridiculous they say one thing one minute then they reverse it a week later first it was well soon as it starts warming up people will be able to come off of quarantine because this virus dies in heat and then it gets warm and all of a sudden more people than ever including businesses are requiring masks to even shop in their stores. It just seems like this is the worst handled pandemic ever I mean the information is eschewed they tell you one thing one minute in the next minute tell you something different I mean is this retreally a reel pandemic I would say probably half the world would have expired from it by now due to the poor handling and the poor accumulation of information and how it’s distributed to the public simply very sad let’s hope there never is a real pandemic because 80% of us would probably already be gone the government has shown its ability to not be able to even assimilate information during a pandemic type exercise which is what this says because if this were truly a pandemic a large percentage of the population would already be gone anyways hopefully the government and the powers-that-be will come together and be able to work in a fashion that is able to assimilate and distribute information in a timely manner and get it right the first time the wave this pandemic was handled was a complete failure in my opinion

  • so if want to get a pet wild mouse i cant? is there a way to see if a mouse is carying ilnesses?
    and if i wash my hands willi not be affected by the viruses? if i touch mice..

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    Were Dinosaurs Warm-Blooded? ThoughtCo

    May 6, 2019 · Because there’s so much confusion about what it means for any creature—not just a dinosaur—to be “coldblooded” or…

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    What dinosaurs are warm blooded?

    Are there any warm blooded reptiles?

    Was T Rex warm or cold blooded?

    What animals are warm blooded list?


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    Were Dinosaurs Warm-Blooded or Cold-Blooded? Neither NBC News

    Jun 12, 2014 · The hot question of whether dinosaurs were warm-blooded like birds and mammals — or cold-blooded like reptiles, fish and amphibians — finally has a good answer…. The study, published in Friday’s issue of the journal Science, assessed 21 species of dinosaurs, including the predators…

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    Sheppard Software › classification

    Kid’s Corner Warm Blooded and Cold Blooded Sheppard Software

    Mammals and birds are warm-blooded, which means that they can make their own body heat even when it is cold outside. Whether it is…

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    Cold-Blooded or Warm-Blooded? Dinosaurs May Have Been in Between…

    Jun 13, 2014 · In the longrunning debate over whether dinosaurs were cold-blooded or warm-blooded, new research has…
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  • Theres some humans out there that are dirty then animals inside and outside. Trust me they even stink as bad as animals some even heartless. Evil beings

  • How quickly we forget. AIDS originated from primates in Africa, as the “simian immunodeficiency virus.” AIDS made the interspecies leap when people started consuming wild game, aka bush meat. The virus adapted to a human host. Does this sound familiar? Look at the Chinese wet markets, where people are buying bats and all sorts of exotic animals for human consumption. So yes, I would think pets and livestock are susceptible to coronavirus, and can also be carriers of the virus. People should not let pets sleep in their bed.

  • Pets dogs cats do not spread choronavirus.
    But do not kiss ur pets.
    Take care of yourself and ur pets too..

  • My dog suddenly started coughing and it is constant. I have taken her to the ER. They came up with nothing. She is almost 13 yrs. I am going to the vets. I don’t believe she has the coronavirus but I am very worried. I can’t lose her.

  • one thing that we have learned is if there is ever a pandemic that can jump from humans to animals it would probably be the best way to get rid of a lot of people because most people would rather die than get rid of their animals so you know have to think if somebody were to probably try to do something stupid they would definitely want to get something that could transfer from animals to humans because so many people nowadays have a cat or a dog or a hamster or a bird or something to the fact that if the animals were to get sick and be able to pass it to humans you’d probably Wipe Out the required amount and which the New World Order would want which is ultimately a faction of 500 million people on the planet anyways hopefully at some point there will be an accumulation of information that will stop this from happening and hopefully certain people will understand that hygiene is not something one should do only during a pandemic but it should be practiced regularly it’s really sad that during this pandemic basic things such as washing hands taking showers try not to touch your face this is stuff that anybody and everybody should already know it does speak a lot about the educational system in America the fact that we have to tell people to wash their hands don’t touch your face when out in public stuff of that nature that’s just really sad that some people don’t even know the basics when it comes to hygiene. People are dirty

  • avoid cats they dont need humans to live freely in the wildNEAR allow them into your houseif they come to the door at lunch time,just give them a morsel and they will keep mice and other pests from entering your abode unlss you give them “cat food”out of a can and the become lazy and unhealthy and wont keep those pests away.

  • A dog or a cat does not have to be infected to spread the virus, it merely has to carry it on its fur and can transfer it to humans mechanically, much like any other surface if touched.

  • Say what you like. My dog Dokken, had Corona virus over 20 years ago. Was on an IV for 4 days and survived..
    This was in Fallon, Nevada.

  • Thank you for the information. I am on my now to animal care and control so they can gas up my dog. Or maybe I can fry him in the large fryer.

  • bullshit-I have breeding dogs 20yrs and coronavirus is in the puppy vaccines. call your vet. If the animal is coughing and sneezing it can be transferred. I tested human flu with my dog-the guy only blew in the dog face and sure enough she started coughing a week later.

  • Dogs are most likely the intermediary animal that has spread covid19 to humans.

    Bats+ Dogs= Human infection. It’s insane that the media is not covering this and instead promoting more dogs!!!

    This virus needs an intermediary animal to infect humans. An animal that is most exposed to humans like dogs/cats

    scientists & China & Canada have studies that proved this months ago

  • HEY GUARDIAN NEWS YA GOT A BIG STORY HERE!! YA BETTER GO AND GTE ON WITH IT……….I have my doubts that the family pets will not be spreading this………hate too say this people I know what it was like too have too surrender a pet due too enormous circumstances and it was strange how that panned out My Cat got adopted by a wealthy person because the State Government impoverished me by Flouridating The water Supply and I had too leave that area……….as I have the Education too understand what the Flouride does too a Population…..what a despicable act against a Society……..cruel….people that is sad I think you are going too lose some of your pets people……the rescue shelters and vets are already saying stuff about sweeping changes too what they do because of this VIRUS…….

  • I bet in the future dog and cats could be the death of us. Oh comeon. If you can get the virus from an object a dog licking you could easily get the virus from a dog. Of course companion animals can give you the virus. The problem is the industry of pets is so big we are going to bury this idea.

  • the question is why they don’t get sick, this whole virus smell like some conspiracy shit to me, this has to be some man made shit and im getting more and more sure of it..

  • so…..the virus wasn’t transmitted from bats to humans…??? then the “official” story is a lie and it’s a bio-weapon…..thanks.

  • This virus can be destroyed by a frequency of 200,000 to 300,000hz but Heath officials of the World Health Organization, have already a different agenda, as this Virus was created in a military laboratory to set into motion a world economic crash of the transportation of food, building materials and other goods. You will soon see and hear another Stock Market crash. So be prepared for what is to happen.

  • Without a actual fit tested respirator(clean shaved skin) AND a cartridge/s that stops viruses, these masks will not stop you from contracting “CoronaFever”, lol.

  • So they kiss their dogs in the lips after that same animal eats it’s own poop wow Just why?? Stop being stupid like animals wearing masks

  • I will not wonder why china has a virus except from eating different kinds of exotic food they also eat a home cocroach and they farmed it..

  • Dogs cant get COVID-19 the owners had it and the virus got into the dogs immune system but it dosnt harm the dog and the only reason why it tested positive is because of its owners.

  • I was washing his paws with a paw washer in case he steps in spit, and tracks it in the house and on the couch and so on, then I started to think about “what If he picks up something infected or snorts up dirt or licks a spot?) Now we do the fenced in backyard

  • My dog already self isolates from.other dogs and people she won’t let you near her unless your a member of her pack she’s just very timid

  • Answer: They can carry the virus but as of right now they cannot spread the virus at all. However, if the virus mutates it can be possible.

  • When I was a kid I used to urinate in the litter box and try to spell my first name. My mom found out one day because she saw the first letter of my name “written/pissed?” in the litter box. She wasn’t too happy about it.

  • Our Health Minister said, “stay in your home, I mean it.” I follow that up. And my cats stay also at home. Children are more spreaders than pets. Keep your children away from older people.

  • I’m just scared if it can pass to birds and horses. I love my pigeon and my horse and I don’t want them to get an illness that will hurt them. My poor pigeon won’t be allowed to free fly around my backyard once it gets to close to my town. He’ll have to jump around my room since I’m going to bring him inside for his safety. Horses are kept inside the barn if they are sick or in a separate coral.

  • New info 2020-04-24: CDC warns that pets can also be carriers of Covid-19. Do the same as you do, do social distancing to foreign pets and humans.

  • experts say dogs and cats have the virus on their skin/fur but not in their bodies. bath your cat and dogs just like you do your self.

  • I love animals have had animals when I was a child but this is what people should understand when it comes to covid-19 yes covid-19 can transfer from and to humans from animals this has been proven. Secondly covid-19 has been genetically engineered and designed to do one thing and that’s to travel between pets and humans and this video that was just viewed it does talk about how some animals seem healthy well you have to remember didn’t they say some people can have covid-19 and not exhibit any symptoms exactly. What that means is that during a pandemic when there is a virus that can transfer from human to animal and vice versa you get rid of the damn animal I mean I love animals and yes animals are part of the family but when it comes to my life my child’s life my wife I’m going to choose my family over my animal everyday of the week unless me and my wife were arguing then maybe she could leave in the dog would stay anyways do the right thing people if you’re truly wanting to protect yourself and your loved ones the best thing to do would probably be to get your dog tested and if your dog is safe and clean then there’s nothing to worry about but at the least get your animals tested if you can’t afford to get your animal tested you shouldn’t have an animal in the first place anyways this is a person that has common sense and I hope that the human race will also have the same and remember dogs cats animals of all kinds and species are wonderful but we can’t love anyone thing enough to destroy the human race

  • Deliberate misinformation that cats and dogs could give you corona in China led hysterically insane Chinese people to kill their pets

  • Why does the CDC produce a video that states that the death rate is “at one percent, with elderly at a particularly high risk.” This statement is misleading at best. The death rate with the elderly is documented by the CDC/WHO at 14.8%; and even at a moderate age the death rate is 1.3% to 8% (compared to flu; which starts at 0.01% and tops out at 0.83%)?
    // stats taken from CDC’s data//

  • Seeing post in an Q&A website and hearing families talking about news about cat infections. I searched for “What animals could have covid 19?” and found this video posted 4 weeks ago. Cats definitely can be infected. And they’re infectious to other cats. Are they infectious to human?There’s no known case yet. But the possibility cannot be ruled out. After all, it’s the same virus.

  • It’s just a common cold which the media is making it worse than it is and telling the basic rules what you should do in colds and people can die of common colds and animals wouldn’t get it

  • Let’s say someone in a senior apartment tower is positive with the C19, they own a dog or a cat or two and now need to be hospitalized, how do you care for that pet while the c19 positive owner is hospitalized, also if the owner is healthy and able to Self quarantine on site, who walks the dog? does the act of walking the dog, spread the virus through leash contamination to the dog walker who brushes their face? or the dog shedding virus ladened fur from the owner coughing on it does that end up in the apartment building hall ways and elevator?. What type of care should be given to get that virus coated dog to a shelter? IF you take in on public transport, the fur sheds there if you take it in your personal car the fur sheds there and then is transferred to your home, your kids etc. If it’s a cat I suppose you could take it in a carrier and cover it with a garbage bag, but a larger dog? You probably can’t feed the animal in the owners apartment as the apartment is coated in virus particles from coughing, you’d easily wipe some virus onto your shoes, pants etc. a cat doing a figure 8 on your legs would rub fur onto you etc.

  • It takes many factors for a Virus to develope cross-species sitiuations.
    Let the world concentrate on the immediate threat ok.
    I understand your question.
    I have spent a lifetime researching Viruses of numerous types.
    And yes, I’m very familiar with the Spanish/Swine Flu of 1918.
    I’m almost sure we’re not facing anything like that.
    Also, I am almost sure it won’t end up being a Bird Flu sitiuation, which mutated wickedly and affected birds, humans, and a few other mammals.
    All we can do is hope, wish, pray, or chant, that we will not suffer any worst case scenarios.

  • Corona Virus first appearence on a fish market in Wuhan. Ok what about fish…what about our food…what about insects…what about our water..what about fecies…what about the long are they contagious…seriously… it’s getting absurd.

  • Unfortunately most people are being suckered in and scared. a lot of people are afraid for the children but if you do the research it doesn’t hardly even affect infants or children at all except that they carriers. I’ve already had it I work in a fast food restaurant in a tourist area and I’m fine I’m a senior citizen. They can keep their tests and their vaccines are violating civil rights. People think that these governments can do something but they could never stop it anyway it’s a flu. people are giving up their civil rights believing that they can be protected by a false sense of security. staying indoors is the worst thing anybody could do you need the UV light from the sun you need to walk around and move your lungs exercise your lungs. God I wish I could get off this planet but I can’t.