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When doctors turn down patients’ requests, the patients react poorly, the investigators found. Satisfaction scores plummeted an average of 20 points when doctors denied a request for a referral or new medication, and 10 points when they said no to a painkiller prescription, according to the report. When doctors turn down patients’ requests, the patients react poorly, the investigators found. Satisfaction scores plummeted an average of 20 points when doctors denied a request for a referral or new medication, and 10 points when they said no to a. When doctors turn down patients’ requests, the patients react poorly, the investigators found.

Satisfaction scores plummeted an average of 20 points when doctors denied a request for a referral or new medication, and 10 points when they said no to a. Patients React Poorly When Docs Say ‘No’. People have become demanding health care consumers, and they don’t respond well when a doctor disagrees with them, a new study shows. “This is going to become a bigger, and bigger problem. Doctors are now focused on what makes a patient happy above what makes a patient healthy.

When doctors turn down patients’ requests, the patients react poorly, the investigators found. Satisfaction scores plummeted an average of 20 points when doctors denied a request for a referral or new medication, and 10 points when they said no to a painkiller prescription, according to the report. When doctors turn down patients’ requests, the patients react poorly, the investigators found. Satisfaction scores plummeted an average of 20 points when doctors denied a request for a referral or new medication, and 10 points when they said no to a painkiller prescription, according to the report. When doctors turn down patients’ requests, the patients react poorly, the investigators found.

Satisfaction scores plummeted an average of 20 points when doctors denied a request for a referral or new medication, and 10 points when they said no to a. When doctors turn down patients’ requests, the patients react poorly, the investigators found. Satisfaction scores plummeted an average of 20 points when doctors denied a request for a referral or new medication, and 10 points when they said no to a painkiller prescription, according to the report. When doctors turn down patients’ requests, the patients react poorly, the investigators found. Satisfaction scores plummeted an average of 20 points when doctors denied a.

When doctors turn down patients’ requests, the patients react poorly, the investigators found. Satisfaction scores plummeted an average of 20 points when doctors denied a request for a referral or new medication, and 10 points when they said no to a.

List of related literature:

A typical patient statement in respect of this theme was ‘they (the doctors) don’t even listen to what you have to say… you can tell they are not listening at all – they just write up a script and say see you next month.

“Counselling Skills: A Practical Guide for Counsellors and Helping Professionals” by John McLeod
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This patient didn’t make demands for improper care, and I would have had no problem telling him “no,” had such requests been made.

“Cognitive Errors and Diagnostic Mistakes: A Case-Based Guide to Critical Thinking in Medicine” by Jonathan Howard
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Instead these clients choose to seek a second opinion, often from a different hospital.

“Consultations in Feline Internal Medicine, Volume 6 E-Book” by John R. August
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At this point, referral of the patient should be considered, looking for a doctor who will be able to more fully evaluate the nature of their prior reaction.

“Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office E-Book” by Stanley F. Malamed
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Use openended questions, provide positive feedback, make sure the patient understands the questions, and continue to calmly ask questions.

“AEMT: Advanced Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured” by AAOS, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), Rhonda Hunt
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At the first consultation, the patient may refuse surgery as an alternative, but as soon as the malaise associated with the disease activity appears, the patient is usually happy to consent to the operation.

“Schein's Common Sense Emergency Abdominal Surgery: An Unconventional Book for Trainees and Thinking Surgeons” by SCHEIN MOSHE, Robert Lane, Paul Rogers, Ahmad Assalia
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In all cases, the doctor should fulfil his or her obligation of informed refusal: explain in detail the risks that the patient is taking; document this disclosure in the record; and ask her to reconsider.

“Oxford Textbook of Obstetrics and Gynaecology” by Sabaratnam Arulkumaran, William Ledger, Stergios Doumouchtsis, Lynette Denny
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When asked about this refusal, a spokesman for the clinic said, “we expected a hostile reaction from the medical establishment and are not surprised by it.”

“Critical Thinking, fifth edition: An Introduction to the Basic Skills” by Jonathan Lavery, Willam Hughes
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Sometimes questioning a patient feels uncomfortable; thus stating an observation, such as “You look worried” or “You didn’t eat much lunch” invites patients to respond without feeling pressure to answer (see Chapter 24).

“Fundamentals of Nursing E-Book” by Patricia A. Potter, Anne Griffin Perry, Patricia Stockert, Amy Hall
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If they ask you to test skin analgesia, point out that the blanching of the skin confirms that it is working and that the sensation of a test would be exactly the same as the sensation of actually siting the cannula.

“Dental Fear and Anxiety in Pediatric Patients: Practical Strategies to Help Children Cope” by Caroline Campbell
from Dental Fear and Anxiety in Pediatric Patients: Practical Strategies to Help Children Cope
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  • Rebecca you are like the best YouTuber ever in the world and you make the best videos that I have ever saw in my life I am just happy that you are still alive

  • Your so strong Rebecca, I cant believe what you’ve been threw but hey, you’ve done it! Nice work, we all love you! Can’t wait for you to go back to the old videos and no GM ��❤️

  • Let’s support Rebecca zamolo she’s the best YouTuberand I’ve gone through that case ball weigh differently and it really does her haven’t gone through surgery no bad no nothing it’s so different Rebecca I had to go to hospital and being at 9-year old is not that so Rebecca is very strong and call it makes me laugh you can do it Rebecca

  • My grandma was having a heart attack but didn’t know she just knew something was wrong. She was rushed to the hospital and sat their in pain while they said she was fine and was going to send her home but my mom said no something is wrong and she cant leave. The hospital did more test and found out she was having a heart attack.

  • the people that dislike this they are even lucky that they have eyes to see the dislike button but she has fear in her heart and she is singing that there is hope in her tomorrow and what u dislikers do is to hit the dislike button u know its not her fault she cant see and instead of u to encourage her so that the day she can now see and wants to check back on this video she will be happy and glad that we all supported her emotionally

  • What worries me as a nurse when I go to GP consult and they go hang on while I Google your condition.
    I appreciate no one knows, everything but taking history, doing examination ad during discussion find out what knowledge I have then add in well it is rare I have not come across before or recently let’s look at Google to find latest would be more confidence boosting.

  • Dr. Mike do you have any videos on PTSD episodes and what can help when it triggers your other mental health issues like anxiety, OCD, ECT? I know about CBT and DBT both the techniques aren’t doing much anymore. Thank you.

  • Three days ago I hit the middle of the ridge looking part of the top of my foot on a wooden plank. It felt like I bruised it, but looked like a small cut. The skin didn’t break, but it did look like it was bleeding underneath the skin. It still feels like a bruise when it touched anything, looks, and feels like a scab texture-wise, though as stated beforehand the skin was not broken. Do you have any suggestions on what happened and what the best course of action would be?
    When I first got the wound I rubbed peroxide on it and put Neosporin and a band-aid over it.

  • Every single one of these nurses should be fired. Given we’re all talking about our medical malpractice stories, here’s mine: growing up I had broken lots of bones, and was constantly hurting myself. This was always written off as just what kids do, then as I got older as an excuse to miss school (like you intentionally could or would break a bone ��) and because in A&E (I’m in the UK) no one ever has any time and it’s always so so busy they treat the condition you’re immediately there for but if it’s anything more serious they say see your GP if you think there’s a problem. Mine wrote me off every time and actually sent me to a therapist for making medical conditions up (even though I was literally breaking bones and was in casts etc) rather than a specialist, in the UK your GP has to refer you to a specialist for you to be able to use the NHS, otherwise you have to see someone privately which is crazy expensive. It got to a head when I was 14, when I broke my ankle at the start of the year, dislocated and broke my shoulder by June-ish, and in December I had a heart attack which led to me going in to cardiac arrest. Only after this was I actually recommended to a specialist who I’d been asking to see for years who diagnosed me with Marfan’s Syndrome. My GP said after the fact that he didn’t bother to get me to a specialist earlier because all kids are just faking injuries to get out of school and it’s hardly ever true, and laughed to me about it like it was all some big joke. Needless to say I reported him and transferred practices.

  • I was at the 5 year mark of a 30+ year career in the Army when I was almost killed….Again….

    I sat down….Had a long conversation with myself….Made peace with god and life…. It’s interesting from that point forward I saw life completely differently

  • This was beautiful. As a nurse this was beautiful to watch this wife face that this man was dying instead of dragging it out and making him suffer. I’ve seen it so many times where the family won’t face it and the patient suffers until the end. Death is not the enemy. I’ve learned that much.

  • I got married to my lovely husband for the past  years without conceiving and fibroid was the issue, i took different prescribed medication but could not cure it but my husband was so confident in me and kept encouraging me that one day someone would call me mother, we did not rest searching for solution from different Doctors all they could say was surgery and i was afraid of that then a friend in my office introduced me to Dr. Isah Johnson herbals medicine who sent his product to me through  UPS courier delivery service which i took and it really worked perfectly, and my Doctor. confirmed me pregnant after 3weeks of taking his product. You can contact him on whats-app: +2349065613964 or email [email protected]

  • We sat with my brother in hospice. Unfortunately, he was unconscious by the time I was able to be with him. He had an infection and we were not allowed to touch him. That was hard. I am so grateful for the nurse who took care of us and him. They are such gifted people.

  • Every life is an impossibility. The odds of everything in history leading up to the instant you were conceived is astronomically small.
    The fact is: there are a million ways you could have died before today, and there’ll be a million more before the sun sets tomorrow. Every day you have is more than somebody else, and there will always be someone who gets to live longer than you. You have to value what you (or a loved one) gets. In the end you can take solace in the fact that you’ll be there to carry a piece of the person you lost for (hopefully) a long time, and when your time comes, those that you were close with will do the same.
    And IF your religious, don’t stop believing you’ll see them again when the time comes. Death is meant to shake your faith… Don’t let it.
    I hope this helps anyone struggling with a dead or dying loved one.
    It gets better.

  • My mother and best friend both almost died due to dismissal of symptoms. I plan on being a doctor to avoid the things these people are presenting. When my mom was 15, she started getting pain, being dizzy, etc. She went to several doctors but they all dismissed her. One day, she passed out and started puking. Her neighbor was a doctor and examined her. She actually had a huge brain tumor and almost died that day. If she had stayed at home for an hour longer she would be dead. She still has a few affects from the tumor. This was back in the 80s tho, so it should be better right? WRONG!!! Two years ago, my best friend had a brain aneurysm. She was 13 years old and had never even touched alcohol. The doctors, however, told her parents the symptoms were due to DRUGS!!! DRUGS! Thank god they got her to a different doctor. She was a miracle. I have many stories of my own personal experiences, but they aren’t as dire as these too. Basically, don’t dismiss symptoms.

  • Not a doctor but I’ve had chest pain that radiates to my arm and it turned out to be panic attacks. And doctors won’t treat it seriously because it’s just mental health.

  • That poor man looked like he was in so much pain… and he was like that for 5 more days?! How do you just let that go on like that? What a horrible thing to have to endure and remember.

  • I lost my Papa in April 2017, he was very young and full of life. I love him so much. Seeing this made me very emotional and also happy in some kind of way too, how people can come together and share their grieves, it’s quite comforting because after a while other people doesn’t really talk about it anymore, but deep in my heart I don’t want my loved ones to be forgotten just because they’re no longer here. I didn’t have the time to say goodbye, it was like a blink of an eye and he’s gone. Rest in peace, Pa. Your little girl misses you.

  • Cant say how much i hate when the doctors give patients a time to live, talk about loosing hope.. Doctors are wrong sooooo often its unreal… Prison time would be a normal thing in real life for a thing like this

  • The “When I get admitted” meme actually comes from the chronic illness community! Its about when those of us with chronic illnesses have a complications that require brief hospitalization. People who don’t know (or sometimes do) about our illnesses sometimes say that even though we will really never get healthy.
    (And before someone says it yes we know the people mean well this is just a joke inside the community)

  • This made me cry. I took my grandmother to the hospital and stayed with her there till her death. In between we were making plans of what we would do together once she came out. It’s painful to witness someone you love slowly fade away before your eyes.

  • Thought I could watch this but I broke down when there nurses came in as it reminded me of when my dad passed away last year, I miss you dad x

  • Since I discovered your channel and watched some of your videos, I got addicted. ��

    The smile, the humor and the “Pi-woop!!!” kill me every time. ����

  • my great grandfather have alzheimer and my great grandmother have recently passed away two months ago and my grandmother tried telling him she passed away but he doesn’t remember and just asked us when will she come back from the hospital. My grandmother is trying to find someone who can help him and tell him that nana passed away. My heartbreaks when he asked “when is she coming back?” knowing that she won’t be coming back. I really feel bad for the couple

  • Trying to save everyone when you are just 1 person isnt fun when you are a firefighter… teams work better together. We still cannot save everyone:(

  • Part of the journey is the end…It is the end that gives life it’s meaning…It may be scary to die but living forever scares me more…

  • I cant believe people dislike this. This is the real kindness of earth people. What is the matter not to like people do good for others?

  • I remember the first time my senior said me to go and break this news to a family during my medical internship……it took me almost 30 min to come to the point….and later i cried that entire night.

  • I went to the ER by ambulance for chest pain once.They did all the test and I was fine.They diagnosed me with anxiety.I went a second time for same issue and again anxiety.Third time really scared.I could barely stand.Got in there and doctor said “you been here three times for this and three times we told you it was anxiety.Your heart is fine and if it happens again it most likely is anxiety.” Now I’m too scared to go to ER with chest pains as I’m afraid they will snap at me.

  • ” The investigations reveal 4th stage aggressive metastatic inoperable prostate cancer spreading to kidneys and bones….” Too late for me.

  • Women being disbelieved by doctors is a hurtful truth, it was even more hurtful when it was a female doctor disbelieving me. My heart could/still can beat up to 300bpm.

    I’ve played sports all my life, and around when I was 14 I started getting these tight feelings in my chest, and I would sweat profusely and if they got bad my sight would go tunnel visioned. I played sports like rugby and would just “play through the pain” because eventually I would feel a giant THUD in my chest and I felt great again! I would be pretty much guaranteed to get one of these episodes every rugby match at least once. My high school coach being who he was would yell “it’s just because you’re unfit!” My GP also told me “women often have irregular heartbeats. It’s normal.” Being a teenager I was like “ok, sweet!”

    Years passed of these attacks, and I graduated high school and hung up my rugby boots for 5 years, until I met some coworkers who played with a local club and I laced up once more. Unsurprisingly, I still encountered that same sensation (like my heart was fluttering) and the sweats, and the tunnel vision. Never fainted though…tally that in the win category. But being in my twenties now I figured, hey…why not go get it checked out once more.

    My GP (same lady as 5 years proir) was again insistent it was nothing; “You saw me about this before, yes?” Luckily, I had become a cold and jaded adult! And I was adamant she give me a recommendation to a cardiologist instead she reluctantly wrote me a 24h holter monitor rec “It will probably not capture anything.” Well, it did, a WPW/SVT episode of 230bpm. The top cardiologist in the province personally called me in a panic at 11pm on a Friday to instruct me not to do anything physical until I saw him on Monday.

    Unfortunately, no happy ending I went through three ablations (two heat, one cold). They successful destroyed one pathway in the first (w/ heat), but turns out in total I had two additional pathways in my heart. I actually scared the electrophysiologist because after the first ablation I complained of still getting the WPW/SVT and he gave me a week long monitor that captured an event of my heart beating at 300bpm. The second pathway is resilient, and survived a heat and cold attempt on it. The second one is also so close to the natural electrical pathway (4mm, and the tool is 3mm) that the heat eletrophysiologist is worried about trying again…cause if he kills my natural one that means a pacemaker. So, beta blockers have been my friend ever since the two fails.

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  • I got pretty offended by the second one. My father and mom went to the hospital and my mom thought my dad was having a heart attack. A nurse laughed and turns out, my dad had a broken heart attack the day before my 13th birthday so I spent my bd in the hospital. No hate to nurses or anything ♥️

  • This reminds me when I asked my doctor about the risks of contraceptive pills bc I was taking them for a long time already and she laughed at me and said “oh of course you read those things on internet” and didn’t answered my questions


  • My mother died at home pre hospice 1982. What a challenge. A friend who was a nurse came over and administered morphine that I picked up at the hospital. We were so on our own. Mom was 55. Thank heavens for our hospice nurses who care for families.

  • Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty. 36 But as I told you, you have seen me and still you do not believe. 37 All those the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never drive away. 38 For I have come down from heaven not to do my will but to do the will of him who sent me. 39 And this is the will of him who sent me, that I shall lose none of all those he has given me, but raise them up at the last day. 40 For my Father’s will is that everyone who looks to the Son and believes in him shall have eternal life, and I will raise them up at the last day.”

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  • Watching his video’s I always feel so lucky that I’m born in the Netherlands, with a good health care system and study loan system. A lot of times the bad American health insurance comes up and paying off your college money for the rest off your life time.

  • Also you should follow your board guidelines on social media. im a student nurse in Australia we have a framework and guidelines on social media

  • This is a story about when I was training to be an LPN in high school. (I won’t say any names for privacy.)
    It had been a couple months since I starting training at a nursing home/assistant living place and I was making my rounds on the first floor. I had finished checking up on my resident and they were eating breakfast so I was told to see if anyone needed help or fix up some rooms. Half way down the hall, one of my classmates peaked their head out and looked happy to see me. She called me over and asked me to help “deal” with a resident who was being “difficult.”
    Of course I went over to help. I was honestly so upset on how the actual nurses were treating her. There were 3 of them in there yelling at her to get up and hurry up.
    She was complaining that she was tired, didn’t want to move, and wasn’t feeling well. They didn’t listen to her and just forced her into her wheel chair while she was screaming.
    They pushed her into the bathroom and realized she wasn’t going to cooperate so they called me over to give her a quick “bath” while she was on the toilet. It was my first time ever giving someone a bath on the toilet. Anyways, she was upset and kept saying it was too cold and that she didn’t like me.
    In a calm voice, I said “I know, it’s cold. I know. But I will go faster so we can put you in warm clothes. Please bear with me.” She grumbled and I did that as quickly as I could.
    After that, we got her in her clothes, put her shoes on, I let her brush her teeth on her own (even though the nurses told me not to, but I realized she wanted to have her own independence).
    And once she was all washed up and good to go, I brushed her hair before they would wheel her out. I did this all on my own as the other nurses and my classmate watched me.
    As I was brushing her hair, she grabbed my other hand and she apologized for being mean to me and that she wasn’t feeling well and that I made her feel better.
    I told her “It’s okay, I’m not upset at you. I know you weren’t feeling well and you were awoken so early (it was 7am). I’m happy you are feeling better.” She really relaxed after that.
    When I finished, the nurses wheeled her out to breakfast. That was the last time I saw her.
    Apparently, that night, she died of a heart attack…
    In conclusion, I hope medical professional can see what empathy can do for someone. I don’t know if I truly made her feel better but knowing that she had at least one, meaningful and kind interaction with someone makes me feel hopeful.

  • Oh the one were they add pressure where it hurts. I had a ruptured appendix last year and it seemed like everyone wanted to add pressure, even after my surgery. Yikes xD

  • IM CRYINGGGGG she’s so cute and there’s a reason why she was born without eyes, it’s so cute how she can do so many brave things To be honest I
    I can even sing in front of my mom I can only sing in the shower ������������

  • The people who disliked are just sad that they can’t sing like a princess like you can and they are mean and they have no heart we love you princess ��

  • My grandfather died of coronavirus in June 2020.…..we were not allowed to meet him till the last moment… He was all alone in the hospital…..
    I really cried after watching all these people in the hospital as in the corner of my mind, I know that my grandfather also knew that he was going to die����

  • She may be different,but don’t hate,she is beautiful and talented! Even I wouldn’t be able to be as brave as her..this broke my heart ❤️

  • …I’m speechless this is amazing this is NOT a little girl she is a strong women when I was her age I wouldn’t be able to do that! Whoever disliked has no heart

  • I started crying wen her mom sed it’s hard to see you’re babby suffer because I have eye disease and it warms my hart that I’m not elone.����

  • It’s hard and sad to imagine that this man was once a young healthy boy living his life. We’ve all been there and in some ways someday, we’ll all arrive where he is now.

  • True story when I was a little girl a nurse at my blind school thought I was faking being sick so much I had this horrible cough that would not go away I couldn’t breath and was taken to the emergency room so many times so the last time that nurse got to be around me she yelled at me and told me to stop faking so I held my breath cause she scared me and I started turning blue and couldn’t breath cause I was coughing so much my mom took me out of school after that cause I was so sick it turns out I was aspirating and it could have killed me cause it was so severe I have a lot of medical issues so I’ve met some really mean nurses and doctors so videos like this really bother me �� it’s so frustrating when you don’t know what’s wrong with your and a nurse or doctor just acts like your a liar or crazy it’s very frustrating so I appreciate all the doctors and nurses out there that care it makes me so happy ❤️

  • Regardless what you believe, you are all going to die. God or no God. For me, I will throw one hell of party and take Heroin and MDMA. be happy…

  • About one year ago I was suffering from some scalp fungal infection. When I went to the dermatologist, she didn’t even care to look at it and told me that I was “imagining things” and I should do deep breathing exercises. And just like that she dismissed me. Guess who had to suffer for one whole year?.
    I’m a med student now and I’ll make sure I’m able to help my patients without such bias and indifference.

    P.s. another doctor who makes really engaging videos is Violin MD (Sioban)

  • Um for all you males (including me) were probaly gonna die before females and have a higher chance for cardiac arrest and a heart attack so enjoy life has the best life and make sure every little time counts.

  • I had a doctor tell me that my wrist hurting was in my head because it was broken but every time I put pressure on my wrist like pushing doors or picking stuff up it hurt really bad but your fine it doesn’t feel broken. I came in again and told him the same thing and he said just wrap it if it hurts that bad and sometimes my wrist will randomly hurt for a few days and the go away and i don’t know what it is because my doctor said it wasn’t broken so there’s nothing wrong

  • Me hasn’t studied for the test panick
    Me watched doctor Mike’s video calm
    Also me watching at 1 am without drinking water and sleeping panick

  • Omg that second video was literally me. I’ve never done any drugs, and I only drink socially. I was having serious chest pain one day, and I was freaking out because I had never had those symptoms before. Then, the ER doctor treated it like it wasn’t a big deal or assumed it was probably some drug:/

  • I’ve been lucky enough to have had doctors that have listened to me, but so many in my community (invisible disabilities) don’t have that.
    Even with my good doctors sometimes I have symptoms that last a while and I bring it up and it can get brushed off because its not a typical presentation of my chronic condition.
    Sometimes I feel a little brushed off or not taken seriously because I’m blessed enough to not have major organ involvement with my condition.

    “Domt mix up your Google search with my medical degree?”
    A lot of us in the disabled community have another one
    “Don’t mix up your hour long seminar with my living with this every second of every day.”

    Doctors can be so helpful, but dismissing symptoms is how you get people killed.

  • Omg unrelated but what’s wrong with me, halfway through the video I started smelling latex gloves and what a dentist smells like, what!?

  • I think the thing with the faking video is that a lot of patients thinking that their doctors won’t believe them unless your missing a arm or a leg or you’re massively bleeding. In fact I was send home multiple times by my doctore who told me I was fine and didn’t believe me and afterwards I had to go to the hospital because it got worse:/ after that I had always trouble with seeing doctors because I always thought that they won’t take me serious.

  • I’m reading all these incompetent doctor comments and I’m just soooo angry. Why has none of these commenters sued these practitioners for malpractice when it was proven that they could have had detrimental consequences from their symptoms due to negligence?

  • I am a recovering drug addict, and when I was using I was having abdominal pain, so bad that sometimes I could not stand. I was 18 at the time, and went to urgent care because it got so unbearable. I told them I was concerned about my liver and kidneys. Getting painkillers didn’t even cross my mind; I was literally shooting fentanyl every day, I could swallow a whole vicodin prescription at once and not feel anything. I was just genuinely concerned about my organs. However, when I tried to tell the nurses and doctor this, they all clearly just assumed I was looking for drugs. But I cannot blame them; my arms were covered in track marks, I looked like a raccoon with how sunken in my eyes were, I weighed 130 lbs at 6’2, my heart rate was 140+ bpm, and I couldn’t stop shaking. I don’t know if it was a hallucination or not, but I swear I overheard them talk about how I was clearly “just a drug addict”. They did a urinalysis and my pee was dark brown-red, but then just gave me a prescription for tylenol (important) and a pamphlet about flank pain. A month later, I went to detox and treatment, and when they ran tests they found I had hepatitis C, my liver had ALT levels over 400 (was extremely overactive and inflamed, later did an ultrasound and luckily had not started scarring yet), and my kidneys were extremely overactive. I know I was a using drug addict, but to have them brush me off as just a junkie seeking pills (which, again, was also insulting because of how weak that stuff is compared to what I was using), and telling me to take TYLENOL which is never recommended for people with liver damage to consume because of how toxic it can bedid feel kinda shitty. Luckily I’m clean now (have been over a year), but I still know nurses and doctors always have that bias and suspicion. I also have type 1 bipolar disorder and ave gone into full manic and psychotic episodes while clean, and while trying to seek emergency adjustments on my antipsychotics, the doctors thought I was using drugs. And accusations like that hurt when I’ve been trying so hard to stay clean. But, I understand. They have to be suspicious, but it can be harmful.

  • Okay I wanna be a doctor, I really respect doctors and idolize doctors but there’s one question. Why do almost ALL the doctors have weird handwriting? Not one or two but ALL of them.

  • I had a therapist that said I was looking for attention and said my depression was fake. My mom took me to a different doctor who said the complete opposite and I was diagnosed with severe depression.

  • I have SEVERE bladder pain. Had multiple doctors just prescribe me to physical therapy and check my urine and that’s all. I have a positive ana and have had bladder pain since I was a kid, went out of state to see specialists. Last doctor I seen asked if I had followed up with physical therapy and when I said no he told me I wasn’t willing to put in the work to get better. I begged him to look in my bladder (which nobody has ever done) and he said no. “There’s nothing he can do for me because I’m pregnant” this pain has affected my daily life in everything that I do. I know there is just something maybe lesions in my bladder but I’m not taken seriously.

  • Reading through the comments here Dr.Mike I wonder if you have advice for those of us who have NOT been taking seriously by doctors. I suffer from sciatica terribly and because I’m “too young” its impossible to doctors for me to have it �� I live in horrific pain and have for 14 years because doctors wont take me seriously. How do we get a doctor to listen to us?

  • I went to the ER for bleeding after a positive pregnancy test. I got an ultrasound and the lady was incredibly mean asking if I really was pregnant and not on my period and said I have nothing and I was wasting her time. 2 weeks later I was rushed into emergency surgery for an Ectopic pregnancy.

  • You should be thinking of whats next after it. Temporary happiness enjoyment doesnt actually make you happy always. It never. I wish somebody also know what really happens. MISFORTUNE for those who even want to enjoy, ignoring the time of end of life. Fuck those people. Look at the mirror and say i not young forever.May people come in the path of Light.

  • Oh I thought the first one was funny UNTIL I saw that tweet. How do you know someone’s faking? I’ve been genuinely ill and people thought I was faking till they realised I wasn’t. Sigh. That’s not cool man.