Our Desire to Garden in difficult Occasions Has Deep Roots


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The impulse to garden in hard times has deep roots May 1, 2020 8.16am EDT The coronavirus pandemic has set off a global gardening boom. In the early days of. The Impulse to Garden in Hard Times has Deep Roots. During coronavirus lockdowns, gardens have served as an escape from feelings of alienation.

The coronavirus pandemic has set off a global gardening boom. In the early days of lockdown, seed suppliers were depleted of inventory and reported “unprecedented” demand. The impulse to garden in hard times has deep roots. Jennifer Atkinson, Senior Lecturer, Environmental Studies, University of Washington., The Conversation • May 1, 2020. During coronavirus.

The impulse to garden in hard times has deep roots | WTAJ www.wearecentralpa.com In the early days of lockdown, seed suppliers were depleted of. The impulse to garden in hard times has deep roots. During coronavirus lockdowns, gardens have served as an escape from feelings of alienation. Richard Bord/Getty Images. Jennifer Atkinson, University of Washington.

The coronavirus pandemic has set off a global gardening boom. The Impulse to Garden in Hard Times Has Deep Roots. Posted on May 2, 2020 But it reveals only one piece in a much bigger story about why people garden in hard times. Americans have long turned to the soil in moments of upheaval to manage anxieties and imagine alternatives. Plantings that started out back have expanded around the side of.

The Impulse to Garden in Hard Times Has Deep Roots Americans have long turned to the soil in moments of upheaval to manage anxieties and imagine alternatives. The Impulse to Garden in Hard Times Has Deep Roots. The Conversation.

May. 04, 2020 08:48AM EST Food. A woman gardens in an urban vegetable garden on April 17, 2020 in Annecy, France.

Richard Bord / Getty Images. The Impulse To Garden In Hard Times Has Deep Roots. By Jennifer Atkinson. The coronavirus pandemic has set off a global gardening boom.

In the early days of lockdown, seed suppliers were depleted of inventory and reported “unprecedented” demand. Within the U.S., the trend has been compared to World War II victory gardening, when Americans grew food at home to support the war effort and feed their. The impulse to garden in hard times has deep roots But it reveals only one piece in a much bigger story about why people garden in hard times. gardens have responded to longings for.

List of related literature:

The garden became a microcosm of the cycle of renewal and decay that turns the global wheel of life.

“The Hidden Half of Nature: The Microbial Roots of Life and Health” by David R. Montgomery, Anne Biklé
from The Hidden Half of Nature: The Microbial Roots of Life and Health
by David R. Montgomery, Anne Biklé
W. W. Norton, 2015

which have started to grow freely, and before the the roots when put out, and have the soil firmly similar conditions.

“The Garden: An Illustrated Weekly Journal of Gardening in All Its Branches” by William Robinson, Biodiversity Heritage Library
from The Garden: An Illustrated Weekly Journal of Gardening in All Its Branches
by William Robinson, Biodiversity Heritage Library
W. Robinson, 1891

By the 1970s we realized that the garden needed major rehabilitation (and also that it could be expanded to advantage).

“The Greater Perfection: The Story of the Gardens at Les Quatre Vents” by Francis H. Cabot
from The Greater Perfection: The Story of the Gardens at Les Quatre Vents
by Francis H. Cabot
Norton, 2001

The garden, the store consciousness, nourishes and brings about the result.

“Understanding Our Mind” by Thich Nhat Hanh
from Understanding Our Mind
by Thich Nhat Hanh
ReadHowYouWant.com, Limited, 2008

In doing all of these things, the garden enhances the individual’s recuperative powers.

“Ecotherapy: Healing with Nature in Mind” by Linda Buzzell, Craig Chalquist, David W. Orr, Theodore Roszak, Mary E. Gomes, Joanna Macy, Cecile Andrews, Bill McKibben
from Ecotherapy: Healing with Nature in Mind
by Linda Buzzell, Craig Chalquist, et. al.
Counterpoint Press, 2010

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  • Thanks to you, I didn’t quit when I missed my spring and even my summer garden, I started a second season summer garden. My silver slicers are up a 1 1/2″, my okra is also up inches, I resowed squash that wasn’t coming up and I just started some chamomile! I also replanted pole beans that didn’t germinate. I am not quitting! I am eating Sun Gold cherry tomatoes from BH&G plants I bought from BH&G from Walmart. I have peppers coming on too! Thanks, Jess! ����

  • Hi one and all. Jess everything looks lush and green, i love following along with you guys.
    We live in England and we have been looking for a 4 to 5 tier indnoor Growlight system. I know Gardeners s Supplby in America have the Systen, but we are having trouble finding a system for our home.. Do any of you guys know where in England we can get 4 4 to 5 tier indoor Growlight system.

  • I cannot understand this fashionable but WRONG talk pushing back in time OUR ancestry. Australopithecus was a mere 4,000yrs ago. There may have been fire 2 million yrs ago but no intelligent life around to use it…..

  • I don’t burn readily, lucky I know. Unless I do something stupid like I did last week by going out in my sports bra and shorts and then tucking the waistband down to expose more skin, the worst part of this. Now, you got to understand that this skin hasn’t seen sunlight in about 30 years. Then, I stay out from noon to 2PM. Oh, I’m burned! I’ll try again but in 15 min increments. My arms, face and neck are tan. I’ve spent all day out in the sun without burning these areas and my lower legs. I’d be laughing if it wasn’t so itchy. I’m trying to increase my vitamin D levels. It’s been on the low end in the past which is associated with poor outcomes with COVID-19. I’m at high risk so I’m trying to build my immune system.

  • Love the kitchen content and of course the garden stuff but I miss the miah videos with the power tools and building up the home stead type of things will we get more of those as the garden slows down

  • Fascinating. It is refreshing to me to see someone marry Philosophy and Biology. I did not go to a university but I still read as much as I can about both Philo (Russell) and Bio (Darwin) and I often find myself thinking in a sort of fusion of the two disciplines. This was very illuminating. Thank you so much for sharing it with us plebs.

  • At 26:51. I have long admired Nietzsche’s intellect and his diagnosis of the death of God, once I understood that it was more of a lament and a recognition that society was in serious moral trouble because of it. Hearing this statement of his, I’m struck by how Socratic it is (I’m more learned in Greek philosophy that 19th century). Socrates believed that all learning was remembering, that there is something eternal and shared about human cognition, foreshadows of Jung’s idea of the collective unconscious.

  • Honestly in Texas the fall/winter garden is my favorite. I am getting a large harvest of tomatoes and peppers from the cool down, squash and melons are harvested, the greens and root crops are so useful in cooking, rain is abundant, and I can go outside without worrying about heatstroke! I started my first garden in the fall and it has always been my favorite.

  • Nietzsche may be a “hammer” but I found Dostoevsky to be like a surgical knife so eloquent, succinct and accurate in his distillation of “the mouse”. It brought chills as his closely packed points hit home again and again. My list of “must reads” continues to grow.

  • I think I understand most of what he says with reference to dominance hierarchies (so much interesting stuff) and I guess he allows room for the many actual exceptions to such beliefs as “people at the top of the hierarchy being more likely to breed”

    I think due to the way things are structured this is clearly no longer the case for humans with reference to such things as the movie “idiocracy”: Every unfortunate unfit “dumbass” (just as a loose description, for lack of me bothering to think of a better word) who feels like it can breed, and breed a LOT, and they DO (probably a lot more than people who may be far more “fit” to breed, say, from a deep, un-opinionated biological standpoint)…. although maybe such dumbasses are at the top of a subset-hierarchy of dumbasses, and do not pass reference to larger structures, and the larger structures do not refer downwards:
    So: the way many things in society are currently structured is a bit of an upside-down pyramid, and will remain such, until the job-lot comes tumbling down.

    It’s easy to see a lot of upside-down pyramids developing in society. For example, the cancer of management. There are many organisations with many more management and administration staff than the skilled people who actually do the work the organisation is purportedly supposed to do and I note that many times in such organisations, competence is actually not the selector for climbing upward into such managerial and executive structures (see “Dilbert”, and everything in reality which that cartoon reflects).
    Competence is a selector to a distinct point…. and then no longer.

  • Dr Peterson can you talk more about Zoroastrianism an indo European religion vrs Aberhamic religions. I like this guy and thought you may like his work as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTZ0FGcKPuE

  • responsible, modest, merciful, forgiving, powerless consciousnesses fascinate bratty royals who no longer get to be exposed to real good people due to their corrupt palace opulence.

  • I have planted so much over the last few days. I too am one who didn’t know I could plant more in the middle of summer for fall harvest! I love it so much and I am having fun experimenting. I am also keeping a journal of what I plant. when I plant it, when it sprouts and if I harvest a lot. It is such a fun hobby and even better to enjoy fresh fruits and veggies!

  • you are incredibly inspiring and inspired me to look into psychology despite me being a computer engineering student,from other part of world and exorbitantly motivated..

  • You uploaded this just before my finals for Philosophy started last year, and Nietzsche was one of the main authors. My teacher pretty much left all the work up to me, with the exception of the names of his major works. If only I’d found you sooner, Dr. Peterson.

  • The idea of a Fall Garden took me by surprise! I never ever thought about this before. This year it’s not really happening much, but watch out next year! Thanks for all of your wonderful educating.

  • The internet is strange place i make full circle, Some time ago I start know Your persona from identity politics videos/stance, and last week i play game NieR: Automata what make me to look after some philosophy. The game was about “human condition” end “existentialism” in me opinion one of best game of the year [2017] and make me cry in scenes looking like asteroids. and after round of some wikipedia links.. some youtube videos I get to some of Your lectures on this topic.its nice for me how game spark interest to search for philosophy and i end leasing this in background at work.

  • Seriously incredible stuff, Mr. Peterson. You speak so genuinely, and so truthfully that it FORCES me to see my pathological problems. Thank you so much.

  • I “took a break” after Summer last year, & realized that I really missed out!! So this year I have tomato plants (2) that aren’t producing, but they’re beautiful. I just started Late Summer seeds, and they’re just coming up. After the tomatoes are done, I’ll have room for the new stuff. And when the new stuff is out there, I’ll start on a Fall garden. I may need to take a break in the Spring, but right now I’m going for it!! Thanks for all of your videos & advice. You make a lot of great points! I would love to watch your “Educational Place” dream come true!!

  • 7:00 that hoe is supposed to be skimmed along flat with the soil surface. It works the same as a hoop hoe, but for working close to and between plants.

  • This is my first year with a full on Spring / Summer garden. I am using Fall as an opportunity to learn and improve on what I could have done with my crops. Fall is going to be even better!! I’m excited all over again!

  • Just simply: Thank you for your knowledge, advice and all you do. It really is a wonderful thing. Your passion shines through in every video. Many Blessings to you and yours…stay well..

  • Here’s my impression of Dr. Peterson

    >:( “It’s like, good luck with that! Pathological bloody Neo-Marxists!”

    Seriously: Great channel, thanks for doing this, I’m learning a lot. Also thanks for being a voice of reason in that whole SJW-debate.

  • I saw you confirmed the 2015 version has much material that did not overlap with the 2016 version. So I wanted to know whether the 2014 was obsolete or not? Or is watching all 3 years worth while?

  • This is a much needed video. Its so easy to get overwhelmed. I got some cheap tools from Lidl and was very surprised how well the ones i got are. ( I may have even run them over with my cart a couple of times and steped on them bit no issue what so ever, and i forget them everywhere). 3 years and going

  • It’s so nice to listen to a person who scrutinized their own intuition so carefully. I am a suspicious person and it is hard for me to trust lecturers, but you don’t have to trust Peterson. He will tell you exactly where the shortcomings of his ideas are.

  • I love your interest in finding connections and compliments between ancient and modern sources, as well as in integrating insights from science, psychology, psychotherapy, religion, mythology, etc. What is your take on Ken Wilbur’s work?

  • Here’s a great documentary on Nietzsche: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsTwCbHIWu4

    I didn’t know his sister turned him into a prop and gave his walking stick to Hitler. That’s EFFED.

  • Thank you so much Professor for making these lectures possible to all and the convenience of one’s surrounding.  I’ve learned so much.  Please continue providing lectures.  You are helping so many people.

  • It seems that you’re saying dominance hierarchies are necessary, but it is a mistake of the grandest proportions to deduce from the presence of such hierarchies that competition is the fundamental meaning(s) of life. Rather, they are just a tool, in a much grander scheme.

    No wonder Darwin was so reluctant to publish…misinterpretation would be so easy!

  • Yes, but what about the “Iron Rule of Oligarchy”? Once your Family or clan is at the top, you really no longer need a “top” family to hold the power. They’d have never earned that on their own….people say Historically, time did get them after awhile, but the benefits of the power are so much greater now…or How I learned to LOVE the NSA

    How soon til they collapse the system and laugh at us killing each other over race and sex…. March 15th?!

  • I like the tools that are all metal with a handle around it. The tools I have bought that have the tool shoved into a handle have had the handles come off and usually in the middle of a job. I have the tool that is like an offset hoe and I love it since I can get in behind my plants to hoe out weeds.

  • A whose perspective? Piége?
    At around two minutes… I keep hearing this name but I have no clue, how it’s spelled, so I cannot ask our god Google for more information and I haven’t yet heard Dr. Peterson name a book of this man the title of which could lead me to the man’s name…

  • Does anyone know where I can start with these three (Kierkegaard, Dostoevsky, Nietzsche) individuals? A list of works that can start me off?

  • Don’t know ow if Craftsman still does it but they used to lifetime guarantee garden tools I have hoes and shovels very well made hoses too

  • Any reviews on Agri-Fab Push Spike Aerator? Im looking for a decent manual aerator of roller type but so far the internet has let me down. Any recommendations?

  • You were using the right angle trowel the wrong way. It is supposed to face you and pull the dirt toward you so you can drop a transplant in

  • Agreed. Ya DO get what you pay for. BUT, if you pay attention to the math, SOMETIMES the cheap stuff will pay for itself in spades. Also…..Stick a magnet on metals. If it sticks it AIN’T Stainless. That said, the higher the carbon content, the harder it grips.

  • I buy the greater majority of my garden tools from yard, tag, garage, and estate sales. I look for older time tested well made American tools. I have one of those Japaneese weeders extremely well made in Japan. I only paid a few $ for it and it works great. Saw it in a catalog for 32$. That sharp blade is for cutting the weeds off below ground.

  • I want to comment on the triangle hoe, I have a few that I picked up a few years ago. As you said the weakest point/s are in the weld as well as where the metal enters into the wooden handle.
    I have had them both break at the weld and have had to reweld them and I have one where the metal has come out of the handle and have yet to find a good way to keep it in. Most times I just bang on the end to reseat it.
    I hope this (review if you will) will help someone.

  • I would suggest people looking for real quality tools to check out Red Pig Garden Tools and ���� company that hand forges their tools in house.

  • You’re saying they all failed super fast but you’re banging them on the wood trying to break them. How do you expect them to last if you are trying to break them? I also find it surprising that you said you liked that green plastic digger. I used one of those as a kid to dig in the sand and I can’t imagine it would work well in the garden.

  • You don’t need to tap the dirt out of a bulb planter. Their design tapered so that the dirt pushes its way out the top with each consecutive bulb

  • What a riot. Soooo much junk coming out of China these days. Sad for a country that invented some of the most important things in history. Like others, I also use a small hand hoe (mine from Japan) and it is one of my most favored garden tools. A fun romp on a snowy day when I’m dreaming of garden season:) Oh, and by the way, much better companies should be sending you stuff given the quality of your videos!

  • Few people know that Nietzsche is the glorious mustache not the man. Most of the works Dr. Peterson alludes to here can be attributed to it.

  • I got a good laugh out of this. I keep telling my clients and friends to buy better tools and they keep trying to save a buck. I have a client that keeps having to get a new pair of long-handled bypass loppers every few months trimming on his dozen or so trees and bushes. Meanwhile, mine have lasted years and gone through thousands of trees and bushes. He keeps remarking on how awesome mine are and I keep telling him where to get them. He keeps getting the cheap ones. We have the same conversations about chainsaws too…. lol.

  • That shovel with the upward handle, that is for people in wheelchairs who are working with raised beds and have difficulty with their grip. It gives a better grip and provides a pivot point to get extra leverage. It isn’t really for you or the way you garden, and that is okay, but for people in wheelchairs and people with limited mobility they are a blessing because traditional tools are harder to use.

  • Not on topic, but will you be protecting your peach trees this year? I had the same bud freeze. I have never seen what a wrapped tree looks like. Also have squirrels that love peaches. I am a new subscriber from SE MI.

  • At 13:14 you picked up an item you didn’t review, it had a medal circle on the end. Was it a weeder? An aireator? Is it any good?

  • All those tools they sent you that looks like that come from the dollar store they make it great gift for a child to play in the sandbox

  • Why did some of those companies send such garbage to Luke??? knowing that he was a YouTube video maker, and that he was probably going to review their product in a YouTube video. Are they idiots??? Did the fact that he was going to make a video, testing out these products get ‘lost in translation’ or something?.. I mean… that three pronged trowel that Luke could just bend out of shape, with barely any effort… did they think that he was going to say nice things about it???.. also, the three pronged weeder thingy =9 that he literally broke within 5 mins, and turned into a single pronged weeder… did that company REALLY think that they were going make sales from that???..WOW…just WOW… how do some of these companies stay in business? =DDD

  • Christ was not the perfect Western man more like Nietzsche’s perfect enemy. “God is dead”, yes, but what killed him? Humans. How? Via Christianity: they sacrificed him (God on the cross) in their quest for comfort. That is nihilism! Christianity was a nihlistic religion. It is directly responsible for the modern state of affairs as it empowered slave morality. Towards the end, the religious shell was cast off when no longer useful, and we are left with democracy, “equality”, pettiness the perpetuation of the nihilistic core.

  • I could see that weird shovel being useful to some people. I broke my wrist in a motorcycle accident, and sometimes rotating my wrist down (such as to use a hand-shovel) is uncomfortable.

  • This year I am gifting our 3 adult children with Seeds from MI Gardener. By doing this, I hope to have them help in the garden by putting them in charge of their favorite fruit or veggie. Do you have any coupon codes available?

  • My point is your soil is rich and not as hard ( even with good amendments) as the clay I deal with. Last year the hand tools around me were poor quality. I also have flower beds, so good hand tools are a must.

  • When you said “it’s all these Chinese companies that wanna send it to you” I lost my interest. No offense to anyone at all, but the stuff coming from China now days is garbage. The quality just isn’t there.

  • What do you think is happening now in Europe with the radicalization on both left and right? The massive number of immigrants that is threatening the stability of the union, and the member countries. The polarization of the politics and peoples politic beliefs, all while the economic problems are growing bigger. I wonder… will democracy survive the multicultural project?

  • I couldn’t agree more with you I bought a welded Pitchfork not too long ago that lasted me a total of three uses before the weld broke. Solid iron Pitchfork $85 cheap welded one $35 the solid iron has a lifetime warranty.

  • The best hand tools are resin in my opinion… it holds up for years but they are hard to find I have one rake and one tiny shovel they were under 10 bucks… I bend all metal hand tools or break them I don’t trust buying them anymore… My fav hand weeder has become a paint roller lol… One of my rakes broke all but 1 fork and worked so well paint rollers are the same thing lol I’ve seen other gardener’s use paint rollers too lol

  • Thank you! My tomatoes have not been quite as expected this year, and all those big gardening plans have not panned out…and it can be discouraging. HOWEVER you and all the other YouTube gardeners I watch (A LOT) have shared education about Fall and even Winter gardening and it has become a life changing thing.

  • Wow! Jess I am really inspired by your writing!! I somehow clicked on link by mistake and started reading. I felt like I was able to relate. Great job!

  • Wait! At the end you held up 3 of your own regularly used tools, but in the video you only showed 2. What was that funky thing with the loop on the end? Someone asked for a video of the tools you do recomend… a follow-up to this one!

  • The dinosaur digger as he put it is probably based on the paws of digging animals. The same creatures that terrorize gardeners everywhere. I had pet rats once, they dug by pawing with their front legs, it rolled down under their bodies and they kicked it out of the way with their feet. Doing that they could dig a hole big enough for their bodies in minutes, if they weren’t digging in my houseplants, or if they hadn’t buried my leatherwork awl (and I didn’t find it for a year or two), I probably would have left them to it.

  • Funny and refreshingly honest video. Literally laughing out loud when you destroyed that trident rake thingy before it even hit the soil

  • Thankfully I have my grandfather’s garden tools ❤️ Thanks Luke for the information and humor! Love your channel and your mission!

  • The premise of the video is great. I love seeing new products but I wish there were less assumptions on how the products were made or intended to be used and more on facts. Ie assuming the type of metal, assuming it does or does not run the length of the shaft etc. I understand you didn’t have a lot of info to go on for some items but some some actual product info (composition and intended uses) would have been nice. Thank you.

  • Hey Luke, I was wondering if you could do a video on propagating christmas fir trees from branches? And also ideas about reusing christmas trees after Christmas? Thanks xxx

  • Bruce has gotten so big!!!������

    Btw….wish my tomatoes would come on that way!!!�� Just now starting to get my cherry & currant ones to rippen!!!��

  • I like the design of ‘L’ shaped trowel, that will save a lot of people’s wrists. I would not be without my bulb planter, it was very cheap but has lasted over two years. Plastic degrades in UV so the real test of a plastic is really in how well it fairs once exposed to the seasons. Lol, I wish garden tool companies would bug me with their freebies. Thank you for talking about the welds, tangs and build quality of gardening tools. Best wishes from across the pond. Cheers Elly

  • I REALLY love the angled shovel. I’m almost positive it’s an accessible shovel for disabled gardeners, and could absolutely see ways in which certain gardens and gardeners would benefit. I wonder if the other angled triangular one is for some kind of edging.

  • Why do you make the pdf to all of your videos with your mouth open? I know its irrational but I will be unsubscribing because I don’t wanna see your big dumb face on your clips in my youtube feed. Good day

  • I love your feminine approach sooo much! It’s refreshing to listen to a loving, caring conversation instead of the war rhetoric (“fighting for change”, “eco-warriors” etc.).

  • This talk by Tarnas is a great source of biographical insights into Hillman. I like the way Tarnas takes time to find the best word for a thing.

  • Your passion about teaching people how to grow great food is addictive! You make me so excited about my garden. I tried a 3 sisters for the first time this year. I think I over crowded and watered it too much, but I’m learning! I had an very knowledgeable culinary teacher tell me about 3 sisters garden 7 years ago and the story and history has intrigued me. He’s now gone and it’s a tribute to him.

  • Stumbled upon your channel while doing my research on a fall garden. My bf surprised me with a raised bed and I’m not deterred to get it going late into summer!

    So far I’ve determined I’m in Zone 9a and there is hope for a fall/winter garden!

  • I prefer a Fall garden myself. Living in Texas, it just gets too hot most days to be in the garden anyway and it takes soooo much water to keep it alive. Then, if there is a drought with water restrictions, watering during the fruiting stage, which is so crucial, can’t be done well and I lose a lot of harvest then. I plant winter tolerant Chinese cabbages and snow peas through the winter and into early Spring. I’m almost of the mind to just let the garden fallow over summer next year after the last Spring harvest and start back up with seed starts in August for September planting.

  • I am one of those gardeners planting my first fall garden. I’ve been gardening for quite some time, but you have encouraged me to try a fall garden. I’m looking forward to not having to deal with the pesky squash vine boarers!!

  • Even with the help that you have, I still don’t know how you do it all. I’m overwhelmed with all the tomatoes in my backyard garden.

  • If you haven’t seen persistence hunting you should check it out. It expanded my understanding of the biological human as far as uprightness and the absence of fur for energy conservation and modulation. I used to think it was a funny thing that we had so much less fur than other apes.

  • Nietzsche probably meant on media when he mention death of God…people are not only losing the faith in God and they are not becoming meaningless but they are completely losing themselves as well..if u look closer in their “mind” young generation already behave like zombies….zombie is actually archetype of future generation

  • I’m having a little success with my pickle bushes, zucchini and basil.

    This far I’ve struggled with peas and green beans but I think my timing was off I’m not giving up. My tomatoes have looked very happy and new tomatoes are starting but haven’t seen them begin to turn red….yet. I’ve just put some “Tomato Food” in. I’ll see how it goes!

    Now to perfect my pickle recipe and find a way to keep these damn squirrels outta my pots!! (They don’t care about the bird netting and 1 went through a cattle panel cage and dug inside of it!!)

  • Doing a fall garden this year, super happy to have the time,( I’m at home due to the pandemic).
    I’ve also expanded my garden a lot this year..
    It’s been amazing, so far.
    I’m glad I found you recently.

  • Both Dostoevsky and Nitzsche wrote about it.And both predicated what will happen.Well Hitler and Stalin happened.Thats when certain belives stop.
    Most people in europe are not religious. But they act as if God exists.They go to Church out of certain traditions.

  • God bless you and your family. You inspired me to plant my first ever garden this year. I have a very short growing season up here on the Canadian prairie, but i finally had the guts to follow thru with the knowledge I’ve gained watching your videos. Thank you so much!

  • Be careful with using these tools from Chinese companies in your videos. Even if you say you DON’T recommend them, the companies will use your video anyway and dub over it saying that you are recommending their product. For the dinosaur green scoop, you actually said really complimentary things about it, and although we know it’s sarcasm, the companies will use what you said as endorsement. And by giving them this opportunity to market their tool, customers will lose hard earned money because they think you’ve actually recommended these tools.

  • TIP place your cherry tomatoes in between two plastic lids. Place one hand on top to steady. Cut between lids, wallah. A bunch of half cut tomatoes. Speeds up the process.

    QUESTION: Have you ever seen tomatoes growing out of the leafs. My San Marinos all have this. Leaf’s look weird, thick, curled and growing tomato plants.
    It has been colder than normal here (South of Seattle, zone 8). Seeds don’t want to sprout.
    Potatoes look good (at least from the top). I even have Berries!

  • You are looking so healthy! It’s been amazing to be privy to your journey. Thank you for sharing with the rest of us. You and your family are so honest with the whole picture—the good, the bad, and the tricky—and are so encouraging to us all! Thank you!!

  • Can you analyze Charles Manson? Sometimes I really feel like I understand him, or at least his pain, and other times I think he’s just trying not to make sense. Is that because he hates people who have faith/surety because he is so smart that he realizes his comprehension/understanding of life is not completely explainable and so requires faith? Or is he just a Satanist?

  • I have got a whole bunch of seeds from wish but I am not sure what they are any more. Most look like a house plant. I am going to re watch how you plant seedlings, I don’t know how to plant the orchids. I just kill the ones I buy fully grown, so I thought I would buy seeds. Any information on house plants would be terrific. I am going to study the making of the garden beds this winter so we can plan on it!!!we have lots of snow in Michigan and I hate it I have to stay in the house and have a lot of green around and pretend the snow isn’t out there, except for Christmas week. Help Jess I’ve lost my green thumb, I only have a 4yr.old praying hands!!!! Love you guys together thanks for being you Jess and Miah!!!!!!������

  • Thank you so much for taking the time and energy to teach. This is our goal/dream, and I’m soaking in as much learning as possible.

  • I need a link to Pete’s shop those are spectacular! I love quality custom, crafted home made items of skilled crafters so much! I love to collect Vintsge textiles for that very reason! I am surprised you didn’t mention your soil bags in the colder spaces this is the time to start them to get full sized greens for winter salad use! I am totalluy upping my game to 10! Each one will be a seperate blend Itotally need one full one for spinach for Mr Mark! I am so in love with themIreseed them in february to use a ton of them for some of my Spring transplants!Virtual hugs!-Hope!

  • We love Pampered Chef. The products are quality. A roast cooked in the big stoneware baker bowl is excellent. Before covid my husband loved to go ‘treasure hunting’ at our local thrift stores. Every once in a while he would come home so excited with a stoneware bargain. Bless your heart with all those tomatoes.:-)

  • I don’t compare myself to other gardeners, I use it to set goals for myself and my family. Our garden has to be small for now until we can find land we can afford. We want a few acres so we can start our own farm and a huge garden lol. Since we were new to gardening it was small, but we expanded a little more to start fall crops, and will probably be expanded more for spring if we don’t have our own land by then.

  • I have the Hori Hori on my Amazon wish list…I’m putting alot into getting raised beds ready for Spring hope to get one�� thank you for this great review on these tools…thanks from #MississippiGirlGardening

  • Love your channel and tips you provide..question though. At 2:41 there is a fully auto sub machine gun laying on the ground. What’s up with that? Also concerned since your child are occasionally in the videos. Is it not practice to safely lock up firearms at your residence, especially with young children around? Concerned follower.

  • Nietzsche is jaw dropping! I have read this man for 30 + yrs and yet always there is more as I myself grow and learn. This is magnificantly facilitated by J.P. Thank you. An inspiring teacher.

  • thank you! This will be my first fall garden. I had a baby in April so I couldn’t do spring/early summer gardening. I see it as my chance to try fall gardening. By july I am usually burn out from trying to keep up with weed and pests. I’ll get seeds and try again:) great motivation. I can’t wait to get your book.

  • Just because other animals abide by certain structures naturally doesn’t mean humans have to or that we don’t have a choice but to stay within those structures. Like some animals, humans are able to not gaf about what another animal is thinking or feeling or rule they’re abiding by. These ideas are just that, more ideas. Live your life by your idea otherwise you’re stuck living by another’s law.

  • Love the Fall Garden concept. We put up our first ever hoop house this year and it has been so difficult figuring out what can grow in it and when. I am excited to extend my Season a bit with it but always something new to learn! Love your encouragement!

  • Could you share ‘how much’ to plant for a year supply for your family? I have an acre I could turn into something wonderful but am lost on quantity.

    PS love your videos. Have been following for some time now and preordered your book as soon as I heard about it ☺️

  • I noticed you placed your canned items on a top shelf. If hot air rises, wouldn’t the heat from the top shelf cause them to spoil quicker?

  • Okay I had to do a double take at 2:43. Why is there a semi-automatic in the greenhouse? I mean, I know you don’t Hornworms, but wow, moma got a gun! lol

  • Who leaves a Civilian Sub-Machine Gun on the floor of their green house, out in the open in plain view, unlocked with kids around? At 2:43 in to the video the dog walks right by it! Does your 5yr old play with it? Are you going to be talking about your neglegent gun storage in your book? No wonder America has so many accidental gun deaths. I can’t wait till your publisher sees this. You want to turn your farm into an education centre? So should i bring my own piece, or will i be provided with one onsite? Disgusted and extremely concerned!!!

  • To the pampered chef haters…I’m with you jess… they cost alot…but the stoneware are amazing products! I have moved (army life… you get it!) 5 states 10 years allll my stoneware has survived the terrible movers that break hundreds to sometimes thousands of dollars of stuff…not my stoneware! Pizza stone, bar pan(your tomato pan) and deep dish pie plate are my absolute favs… with the deep dish pie plate #1!!!!!

  • how has anyone failed to mention Johan Huizinga and his book Homo Ludens, or “Man at Play.” A MASTERPIECE OF ANALYSIS ON HUMAN BEHAVIOR…homework for everyone who views this lecture and is admitting to themselves at this moment that they have no idea who the Dutch Historian from the early 20th century mentioned above is…Go…now…

  • I’ve been gardening for many decades and never thought about a fall garden, especially here in Wisconsin (Zone 5). But after watching you and MI Gardener (who is in my zone) talk about fall gardens, this year will be my first! I ordered some seeds, already have some others, and can’t wait to see how my first fall garden turns out!

  • Jordan B Peterson I’ve been that mouse person described in your lecture. Your lecture about reality and the sacred helped me let go of the spite I felt for others, especially religious people. Obviously I was already transitioning away from that person to start with, or one lecture wouldn’t have made the difference. You helped me widen my frame of reference to include the future. I have imbued my life with meaning and am less stressed. I’m thinking seriously about my future as well as contemplating where being complacent will lead. People around me are responding positively as well.

    Thanks from a random american

  • I would love to see a “series” on greenhouse growing �� I just got one but have no idea how to use it yet �� I am going through all your old videos trying to get all the info I can ❤️

  • Dostoyevsky tried ( in his book the karamazov…..) to explain how people who love to listen to a big brother / church, etc. Are like children who do not like to be responsible! They like to taken cared of, instate of having Freedom to choose, so did Nietzche who repeat after him: God is dead!
    They were not against God but against immaturity and irresponsibility of human beings!

  • I tried your salsa recipe and it was a SUCCESS! I used really large juicy tomatoes, so I got too much juice and got a quart of juice to drink besides which was fantastic. A win-win situation.

  • I struggled with my garden last year and with the shut down and schooling 4 kids on the schools terms just completely shut down any drive to garden this spring. These fall garden videos are encouraging me that it isn’t too late. I was so surprised to see how many of my seeds from last year will fit into the remainder of my growing season here in zone 9. I hope to get my beds weeded and a fresh layer of compost down this week so I can get seeds in the ground.

  • i would love to see a video of intern Ben sharing his mental process in creating this garden. I feel it will be a great learning for me.

  • Do you have a video on how you did your strawberry kiddie pool for the kids. I want to do one for mine but I have so many questions. We are in the same zone

  • In fact, if you were to just look around your house, you would likely come across a few pieces of metal that are the right size, shape, and weight to take attack with a hammer and a file. Make your own tools when possible. If your buying a gift and can’t really afford a decent tool, just get them some seeds. Who knows, if they like some of the same things that you like and they grow well, you may end up with some F1 seeds and some fruit or veggies by next Fall.

  • We did the “3 sisters” this year. There are things I will change for next year, but will try again. Right now we are dealing with squash vine borers in my daughter’s pumpkins:(

  • Good tools DO make the job easier! But I first bought a cheaper dehydrater to even see if I could justify an Excalibur dehydrator. I’m still using the cheap one because I do use it but not enuf as far as I’m concerned. But the thought is…maybe buy a cheap model of something first, to see if you’ll even use it, then go big.

  • Last time you mentioned your very fair skin in the garden issues, I was prompted to make a video sharing my protective skin balm. My fair-skinned friends have said it worked wonderfully for them both as a protective treatment, and as an after sun skin balm. I don’t want to post a random link in your comments, but let me know if you would like the link or the recipe you probably have everything on hand needed to make it. Planning my very 1st fall garden because of you too!

  • The stoneware is mostly temporary unavailable �� guess I’ll make a little Wishlist

    Thanks for sharing I was looking for an alternative to the pans I had. Like you said it’s always a little easier with the right tools especially when they last over 10 years

    Thanks again

  • I fried immature pumpkin once. It was awesome. So, I would assume, winter squash would be the same. If it don’t mature, it might still be edible.

  • I truly love your videos and you aint to far from where i live my first time growing garlic was a big fail so im grow them in the fall and try to grow a salad bed wish i had the beds you have

  • I really love your videos! You are an inspiration! I would like to see more canning videos too. I am attempting my first fall garden. Question:
    Can I take my potatoes I just harvested and use for seed potatoes right now as a second planting? Or do they need to winter over?

  • If i thought it would work i would say just mail them to me!��All those gorgeous shaopes and colors!Girl That is just proof of God’s magnificent blessing and bounty!”Blessings of Bounty and May Your Gardens and your Life always Bring You Joy,Inspiration and Abundance!” Hope & Mark!��

  • The prof’s inspired me lately to finally pick up “Thus Spake Zarathustra” which has been on my shelf for a while. Fucking genius. It takes me ten minutes to read a page. I wanna pick up a highlighter but I know I would just highlight everything. Can’t think of anything I’ve read but the Gospels that profess such a unique and intelligent moral system.

  • I have struggled with my garden this year. Lots of work sweat and money but little harvest. However, my daughter has a regular customer where she works who sometimes brings her some produce. I contacted him about purchasing some produce to can and dehydrate. He was so excited and asked me what I would like him to plant. He said he is excited to grow for a purpose. What a blessing for both of us.

  • Hey jess canning question… throwing all drama of the I’ve done this for 100 years and lived…vs fda says this or that is no longer safe to water bath can…. can you “freeze” things such as zucchini relish? Or a zuchinni pickle? I’d imagine the wateriness that the relish might still be good… but would zuke pickles be gross? Have you tried or done? Or since a dill zuchinni pickle is soooo vinegary would it last a significant time if you used a “canning” recipe but just refrigerated it not “canned” I’d appreciate your input on things to freeze besides tomatos for those of us who cannot can…or cannot find the supplies to can… etc?