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The Opioid Crisis

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Opioid Addiction during Pregnancy

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Synthetic opioids drive spike in U.S. fatal drug overdoses

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Opioid Use in Pregnancy: A Community’s Approach, The CHARM Collaborative

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Opiate Addiction in Pregnancy Jonathan Weeks, M.D., DABAM

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Opioid Use in Pregnancy and Neonatal Opioid Withdrawal

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Opioids Increasingly Tied to Deaths of Pregnant Women. TUESDAY, Nov. 20, 2018 As the U.S. opioid epidemic rages unchecked, new research shows that pregnancy-related deaths due to opioid misuse more than doubled between 2007 and 2016.

Deaths during or soon after pregnancy rose 34 percent during that time, and the percentage involving heroin, fentanyl or prescription painkillers (such as. The vast majority of opioid-related deaths in the study group (70 percent) occurred either during pregnancy or within 42 days after terminating a pregnancy, according to the new report. Also, the underlying class of drugs implicated in a pregnant woman’s death shifted over the decade, with fewer fatalities involving methadone. Opioids increasingly tied to deaths of pregnant women by Alan Mozes, Healthday Reporter (HealthDay)—As the U.S. opioid epidemic rages unchecked, new research shows that pregnancy-related deaths due.

Across the country, the number of pregnant women addicted to opioids more than quadrupled from 1999 to 2014, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The analysis, published. As an example, for mothers, opioid use disorder has been linked to maternal death 1,2; for babies, opioid use disorder or long-term opioid use has been linked to poor fetal growth, preterm birth, stillbirth, specific birth defects, and neonatal abstinence syndrome (see below) 3,4. The effects of prenatal opioid exposure on children over time are largely unknown.

In some cases, pregnant women with opioid use disorder may also be prescribed opioids. “Buprenorphine or methadone is prescribed as medication for opioid use disorder. Methadone and Buprenorphine Can Effectively Treat Opioid Use Disorder During Pregnancy. Methadone has been used to treat pregnant women with opioid use disorder since the 1970s and was recognized as the standard of care by 1998. 1,4 Since then, studies have shown that buprenorphine is also an effective treatment option. 10 The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the.

Opioid medications, commonly called narcotics, are derived from the poppy plant. Some opioids are available as prescription medications. While these medications are an important option for managing pain, repetitive use can lead to dependence, physical tolerance, craving, inability to control use and continued use despite harmful consequences (opioid use disorder). Opioid use disorder during pregnancy has been linked with serious negative health outcomes for pregnant women and developing babies, including preterm birth, stillbirth, maternal mortality, and neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS).

Opioids Increasingly Tied to Deaths of Pregnant Women “Overdose deaths continue to be unacceptably high, and targeted efforts are needed to reduce the number of deaths.

List of related literature:

Women who take chronic opioids during pregnancy are at risk for tolerance, and the neonate is at risk for opioid withdrawal syndrome.

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Medical withdrawal of the pregnant patient from opioids is not recommended because of the high rate of relapse, which exposes the mother to increased risk and also increases the likelihood of fetal intrauterine death.

“Pain Medicine Board Review” by Marc A. Huntoon
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Opioids During pregnancy, 1% of women report opiate use and as many as 4% test positive for opiates.138 Because there is no known teratogenic effect of maternal opiates on the fetus, the goals of treating opiate dependence during pregnancy are to minimize maternal and neonatal morbidity.

“Obstetrics: Normal and Problem Pregnancies E-Book” by Steven G. Gabbe, Jennifer R. Niebyl, Henry L Galan, Eric R. M. Jauniaux, Mark B Landon, Joe Leigh Simpson, Deborah A Driscoll
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Although some of the direct effects of opiates remain unclear, what is clear is that opiate use in pregnancy causes neonatal abstinence syndrome and that a majority of neonates born to regular opiate users will go through some form of withdrawal (Hayes & Brown, 2012; Ko et al.,

“Handbook of Infant Mental Health, Fourth Edition” by Charles H. Zeanah
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Pregnancy outcome in women who use opiates.

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Opioid abuse or dependence reportedly affects 0.4% to 1.0% of all pregnancies.

“Faust's Anesthesiology Review E-Book” by Mayo Foundation for Medical Education
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The opioids are also distributed to the fetus in pregnant women, accounting for the respiratory depression produced in the fetus when the mother is given opioids near term.

“Applied Pharmacology for the Dental Hygienist E-Book” by Elena Bablenis Haveles
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Regular use of opioids during pregnancy may

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Regular use of opioids during pregnancy may produce neonatal opioid withdrawal syndrome.

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This study has led to increased use of buprenorphine to treat opiate dependence in pregnancy.

“Creasy and Resnik's Maternal-Fetal Medicine: Principles and Practice” by Robert Resnik, MD, Robert K. Creasy, MD, Jay D. Iams, MD, Charles J. Lockwood, MD, MHCM, Thomas Moore, MD, Michael F Greene, MD
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  • I have chronic pain in my back. I’ve served my country in the military and now I suffer every day. I’m not saying that nothing needs to be done however coming down on doctors is not the answer. Why should I suffer because others that don’t need the drugs I take abuse them. I’m being punished for their actions. I used to be on oxycodone 30s. I stopped using them long enough for my tolerance to drop and now I’m on 15s. However my doctor has told me due to government involvement he cannot up my dose to 20s so I am suffering because it’s time for my medication to be increased and my doctor can’t because some asshole in a high paying government position has decided what’s best for my healthcare. It’s rediculose at best. It’s criminal at the least. Please find another way to deal with drug abusers. My suffering isn’t the answer. It’s not fair to me or millions of others

  • Do you want viable patients in horrifying pain to now have to use heroin? Well then you Quacks are getting your wish! Cut with Chinese Fentanyl!

  • So, why’s that in North America. There are people in ohter parts of the world too but no one talks about a Russian or European opioid crisis. What’s so special about those places that there is none?

  • “Opioid epidemic: How many deaths are too many? What can be done to make a change…” (Pain Management perspective).

    Dr. Leon Margolin Presentation at the Case Western Reserve University Life Learning Program meeting called: ” The Opioid Epidemic: Where are we now?”

    Please find the slides of the presentation in the link attached.
    1) https://www.dropbox.com/s/s99usked5j4u7zk/Leon-Margolin-CW-presentation-2.pdf?dl=0
    2) https://www.dropbox.com/s/o68fz2bu1s4wo69/Opioid-Conference-flyer-FINAL.pdf?dl=0

    We would like to thank Sheryl Hirsh, Case Western Reserve University and Academy of Medicine for organizing and sponsoring this event.



    This is the moment where you can finally do something about
    the thousands of young Americans that are dying each year from opioids. We
    invented a new idea. A device with the sole purpose of preventing people from
    dying, before they can receive the help they need, who are abusing opioids such
    as heroin. An idea for a medical devise that would save someone from an
    over-dose was thought up, designed, and engineered on paper, but in order for
    it to materialize, funds are needed in order to manufacture the device. There
    has been an estimate for the cost of manufacturing. A lot of hard work and
    dedication has been done to perfect the engineering, and it would only be best
    if a patent was applied to make sure the devise gets licenses out to as many manufactures
    as possible in order to get the medical devise, Into the hands of those that use
    unregulated opioids that are sold on the street in which our government can’t
    control, and never will. It’s our sister’s and brother’s, fathers and mothers Innocent
    people who are dying by the hundreds of thousands every year, and are the real
    victims of the war on drugs, which our government has inflicted on its own
    people. This isn’t a joke. The sooner we can acquire investment, the more lives
    you can save. Once this device gets on the market, as a donation by you, you
    will be responsible for saving not thousands, but millions of lives. We only
    need to raise $50,000 to make this a reality. Every person that makes a
    donation, will be an investor, and a hero. Your donation will be in our records,
    and when we succeed, we will give back your donation with a metal of
    recognition as a hero to the American people.

    You can make a donation at this link below  




    My fellow American brothers and sisters, Lord be with us. –
    If governments sold Safe opiates, “yes there is a such thing”, that
    were regulated by government, as long as they were cheaper than heroin,
    people would not purchase illegal narcotic’s that are cut with synthetic
    opioids that government cooked up; that are from “3 to 5,000” times
    stronger than heroin. We wouldn’t be losing our brothers and sisters;
    “people”, that choose to use opiates to improve their lives, because
    why live in pain when you can take a simple pill. Pain does kill you over time
    believe it or not, and living in pain is completely exhausting. You can’t sleep
    or think straight because all your thinking about is the pain, and to get
    relief from it. I would pay a million dollars for that relief. Taking away pain
    is the ultimate improvement in someone’s life, but people want to talk like its
    wrong. In order to create a safe environment for “all” with-out the
    discrimination of any culture is the answer to solving the opioid
    epidemic.  God created the poppy with 20
    alkaloids, but when chemist started extracting morphine and the other separate
    alkaloids, you have a problem. The government has around 65 synthetic opioid’s
    that are “schedule 1”, and over 20 that are “schedule 2”
    WHY? Why have they created all these? Blame the government, not the street
    dealers. Most heroin dealers that push their product on the streets, are
    basically selling to pay for their own habit. If Safe opiates where cheap, then
    current addicts wouldn’t have to deal heroin to pay for their habit. The
    government is the biggest drug dealer there is, and Purdue Pharma’s top
    executives; the company that invented OxyContin, First lied, and said that it
    wasn’t as addictive as morphine or other types of narcotic pain medications,
    but the side effects of oxycontin are the same as heroin, and within the first
    4 years of OxyContin’s release. 200,000 people that were legally prescribed had
    died from over-doses. The person who worked for the F.D.A. that approved
    Oxycontin, for use in pain management quit working for the government and
    started working for this company, Purdue Pharma within the same year. America
    is suppose to be the land of justice, “FAIRNESS”, and it’s not
    justice when impoverished street dealers get life sentences for selling a
    substance to someone that dies from it, when these corporations are killing
    millions of people for the same exact thing, and the harshest penalty for their
    actions are misdemeanors.  “All
    pharmaceutical companies”, are regulated by the government. In order to be
    a pharmaceutical company, you need to be chartered or contracted with the
    government, which is called a corporation; and all corporations have to pay
    corporate taxes on the revenue made. Use to be 35% tax, but President Trump has
    lowered it to 25%. The more money the drug companies make the more money the
    federal government pockets. Medicaid is nothing more than the governments way
    of money laundering. Policies passed by the government make Medicaid pay any
    for prescription no matter the cost. It’s the middleclass worker that flips the
    bill for grandma’s $30,000 per month or more medications. Billions of tax
    dollars are being spent on something that should only cost thousands of
    dollars. 30,000 dollars in taxes are used to pay for something that only cost a
    few dollars to produce, and these corporations are paying the government
    billions of dollars that are used for political interest without anyone
    realizing it. We just think that our hard-earned dollars are being used for
    social security, which pays for Medicaid etc. We don’t think twice about this
    taxation, but we would if it were used in a unneeded manner. This is why
    Americans are dying. The government “wants” you to blame the heroin
    dealers. It’s their game. As long as narcotics are illegal. The government
    keeps the monopoly for themselves. Illegal narcotic also gives governmental
    authority justification to steal “and to impose fines for profit”
    from the people. Last year alone $5.3 billion in property forfeitures had been
    seized from illegal activities like drug trafficking, and dealing. More cash
    and property had been stolen by the police than did criminals get from
    burglaries and robberies last year. Is it just a coincidence? that when the
    government made narcotics illegal, within the same year violated the
    constitution to amend it to impose income taxes which both happen in the year
    “1913”. But the government actually didn’t make narcotics illegal
    then. They only passed “The Harrison Narcotic Tax Act in 1914”, which
    only tells you one thing. The people running the government during this time
    were passing bills, left and right, and amending the constitution in order to
    increase revenue, to increase government power, and control over the economy.
    1913 is also the same year the Federal Reserve was created. Which is the
    governments BANK. Government is supposed to only regulate. How can you regulate
    something that is out-right prohibited? because obviously the current agenda by
    our policy makers aren’t working. Secondly, Drugs are materials which are
    “possessed and owned”, which is classified as property. Which is a
    constitutional right. Government is also forbidden from interfering with
    contracts between individuals or groups. So, in a since, Heroin dealing would
    be protected under the constitution. Which sounds wrong, but sad but true.
    Government has the resources to innovate real solutions or they just don’t care
    for heroin addict, which seems to be the bias attitude in society. Their
    perfect propaganda I would say. Our government also likes to televise addicts
    from the street. They brainwash people in believing that if you use illegal
    drugs; you will eventually become a homeless drug fiend, that begs for money,
    while shooting up in a dark alley, but this is far from the truth, and is only
    the dirty side of what illegal narcotics have caused in this country. Most
    people who are homeless are alcoholics. If narcotics were consumed as a
    beverage, like they had been with patent medicines before 1905. Alcohol, by
    far, would be the worst, and most toxic, dangerous naturally occurring
    substance, that someone could consume. There wasn’t a social movement against
    narcotics like there was with alcohol. No-one probably knows that John F.
    Kennedy was dependent on narcotics because of a back injury. Was he running the
    country from a dark alley? no he wasn’t. He was in the highest office, leading
    a nation. We all know what happened with alcohol prohibition. It’s even fact
    that the F.B.I. was intentionally putting deadly chemicals in alcohol during
    the prohibition. So, people would get sick or die from drinking. Just so
    society would once and for all demonize alcohol. Well history does repeat
    itself, because I wonder how fentanyl gets into the heroin supply. Then after
    how many years were those nicotine vapor devices been on the market. all of a
    sudden, teenagers start dying by the handful because of vaping. Well, God
    Bless, and stay strong.

  • I am so sick of losers who get addicted to opioids and blaming it on everybody but themselves: doctors, manufacturers, other countries and now, pharmacies. Pretty soon they will be suing UPS and Fedex for delivering them. It was never a secret that they were addictive and it is the addict themselves that are 100% responsible for their addictions. I use low dose opioids to manage chronic pain, that without, I could not work, be active or even leave home for more than anything absolutely necessary. Now, because of all these loser addicts, my access to a normal life is constantly being threatened. All this constitutes addicts victimizing everybody with deep pockets and now even people that need them legitimately. If you are an addict and are contributing to this problem, I hope you overdose and die a long, slow and painful death. You are a completely worthless piece of shit to the rest of society. Go die on your own time.

  • Alcohol is responsible for five times the amount of deaths as all other drugs combined. Where’s one single person to talk about the (legal) booze crisis???