Opioid OD Deaths Increase Among Teens


State sees 50% increase in opioid overdoses; COVID-19 plays role

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Deaths from opioids spike during pandemic

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Increase in overdose deaths

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Opioid Overdose Leaves Son Quadriplegic

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Increased number of teens, kids abusing opioids

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Sharp Increase In Opioid Overdose Deaths Is A Symptom Of The COVID-19 Pandemic, Doctors Say

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Drug overdose deaths among teens climb, most fatalities unintentional

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In total, there were 772 drug overdose deaths among older teens in 2015, with two-thirds more deaths among males than females. Between 2014 and. The increase in the number of kids winding up in intensive care units has been driven by possible suicide attempts among those aged 18 and younge. Drug overdose deaths involving any opioid―prescription opioids (including methadone), other synthetic opioids, and heroin―rose from 18,515 deaths in 2007 to 47,600 deaths in 2017; before declining to 46,802 in 2018.

More than 68% of deaths occurred among males (Figure 3). Among overdose deaths involving opioids, more than half of those who died were aged 25 to 44 years, and more than two-thirds of all overdose deaths involved men. MONDAY, Feb. 17, 2020 (HealthDay News) More than a quarter of all opioid overdoses in the United States involve teenagers, and a full fifth of those cases were likely suicide attempts, new. The rate increased from 3.1 deaths per 100,000 teens to 3.7 per 100,000, CNN reports.

Most overdose deaths among teens were unintentional, although female deaths were more than twice as likely as male deaths to be suicides. Overdose death rates among those ages 15 to 19 were highest for opioid drugs, specifically heroin. 1 day ago · Evidence of current or past substance use disorder treatment was more common among opioid overdose deaths (18.6% with stimulants, 19.1% without stimulants) than nonopioid overdose deaths (less than 10%). Among overdose deaths, 37% occurred with a bystander present. “For one-quarter of deaths, there was evidence of a mental health diagnosis.

Update: Teen overdose deaths from prescription drug use continued to rise in 2016 (873 deaths) and 2017 (1,050 deaths). This number decreased in 2018, to 790 deaths, but deaths involving synthetic opioids increased (for all ages) by 10 percent in 2018. That increase was probably due to the use (intentional or unintentional) of fentanyl. In 2015, however, there were 772 total drug overdose deaths among people aged 15 to 19, the report said.

Those deaths included about 500 males and almost 300 females. In 2018, 67,367 drug overdose deaths occurred in the United States. The age-adjusted rate of overdose deaths decreased by 4.6% from 2017 (21.7 per 100,000) to 2018 (20.7 per 100,000).

Opioids—mainly synthetic opioids (other than methadone)—are currently the main driver of drug overdose deaths.

List of related literature:

These increases have also been associated with dramatic rises in opioid overdose deaths, more than doubling, from 1988 to 1999, among those aged 15–44 years.

“The Cambridge Handbook of Australian Criminology” by Adam Graycar, Peter Grabosky
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Adult opioid overdoses have been well publicized recently, but this is also a growing concern for children.

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The results have been disastrous: Opioid overdoses are now the leading cause of death in the United States in adults under the age of 50 years.

“Robbins Essential Pathology E-Book” by Vinay Kumar, Abul K. Abbas, Jon.C. Aster, Andrea T Deyrup
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This is reflected, for example, in the fact that the number of emergency department visits related to nonmedical use of opioid pain relievers increased by nearly 80% for 17-year-olds and more than doubled for 18–20 and 21–24-year-olds from 2004 to 2008 (NSDUH, data not shown).

“Principles of Addiction: Comprehensive Addictive Behaviors and Disorders, Volume 1” by Peter M. Miller
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Yet even with this increase, still more than twice as many died from prescription opioid overdoses than heroin in 2012 (CDC, 2014a).

“Public Health Nursing E-Book: Population-Centered Health Care in the Community” by Marcia Stanhope, Jeanette Lancaster
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Increases in drug and opioid overdose deaths—United States: 2000–2014.

“Introduction to the Counseling Profession” by David Capuzzi, Douglas R. Gross
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The age-adjusted rate of drugoverdose deaths involving synthetic opioids other than methadone increased by 45 percent.

“Not Working: Where Have All the Good Jobs Gone?” by David G. Blanchflower
from Not Working: Where Have All the Good Jobs Gone?
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• Opioid overdose is responsible for >50% of drug-related deaths in young people ages 15 to 24 years.

“Pediatric Secrets E-Book” by Richard A. Polin, Mark F. Ditmar
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Still others blame the introduction of extremely potent opioid derivatives such as fentanyl, which have also purportedly contributed to the critical rates of opioid overdoses (CDC, 2018b).

“Occupational Therapy in Community and Population Health Practice” by Marjorie E Scaffa, S. Maggie Reitz
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Most of the increase in drug overdose deaths is related to prescription opioids and mirrors an increase in opioid prescribing (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2012b).

“The American Psychiatric Publishing Textbook of Substance Abuse Treatment” by Marc Galanter, Herbert D. Kleber, Kathleen T. Brady
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  • This was NOT caused by opioids alone… This man was probably combining benzodiazepines or alcohol with the opioids. Opioids LOWER your blood pressure which actually reduces risks for stroke and heart attacks. Benzodiazepines(especially withdrawals) are the drugs which affect blood pressure in a negative way. I have been on pain management opioid therapy for over 10 years. I am in PERFECT health, normal blood pressure and low risk for heart disease. I exercise, eat an organic diet and practice keeping my mind sharp. When used with a general understanding of opioid pharmacology and caution, opioids are among the safest and most effective pain medications out there. The only stories we hear however are the extreme cases of life destroying addictions. How about shinning the light on the POSITIVE effects of opioids? Maybe show the people with chronic pain that couldn’t get out of bed but now with meds can raise their children, work a job and enjoy life…
    Too much of ANYTHING can destroy or harm your quality of life. Water can kill you from hyperhydration, should we lobby against H20?

  • Hell naw.. Americans in pain. What happen to that boy… Dam now he’s special needs.. His mind warp.. Drugs is destructive.. Legal or illegal.. Only the strong survive.. Lessons been taught just say no.. So..

  • You never know what is ahead for him in life. Many people in wheelchairs get married and have children. If you ask him if he is happy and happy to be alive I am sure the answer would be yes.

  • There haven’t been an increase in deaths its been the same, last year yall blew up the opioid pandemic, and since covid19 and blm, you haven’t covered the opiod pandemic once. There have actually been less deaths due to homeless people being afraid to share needles cause of covid19. Quit trying to fear monger people. Yall should have talked more about this than blm. More people die from od, than blm deaths

  • Very sorry for the young men. I’m a husband to my beautiful wife of 25 years. She is a quad mother for 17 years. Who has an automobile accident going to church/ trying to help her brethren to seek the Lord. We have gone through every human emotional stage more me, than my dear who is unequivocally stronger than me. She is my super-woman! My point is that I’ll bluntly tell you that opioids play a roll in your son’s tragedyBut only truth sets men free. Your son brought this chattering experience upon himself. I lovingly with tears in my eyes in no way is being compassionless, judgemental, holier than thoughetc. Guns,drugs don’t kill peopleis the misuse or abuse. Even in traffic school we are thought that 99% of automobile accidents are preventablethe 1% is referred too as an act of Godyet some one is mostly found at fault because a decision or lack off a decision resulted in the accident/ which is the reason is called an accident/ otherwise is treated as homocide. Hence, my proposal for you is that you begin with the truth. We are all broken, we all make decisions and eventually endure the consequences. That being said: I pray for your son prompt recuperation and hope that this video would save as many as possible from the dangers of narcotics incorrectly prescribed or abused. May the truth & light of Christ penetrate every crevice of our fallen state. John 3:16

  • Hey hes not dead! Hes still with you mom& dad! I see expressions on his face of happiness!! Yes hes got challenges but love, LOVE…. is the answer dont look back at what could’ve should’ve been. He lived and that is a blessing!! Enjoy your time with him. God bless

  • I used to have a addiction to Ambian but after I told someone I was helped, it is still hard at times but I am much better. If you have a addiction to prescription drugs tell someone and get help.