Obamacare Enrollee Figures Aren’t Falling


Obamacare Sign Ups Hit Record High

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Obamacare Enrollee Numbers Aren’t Falling: Report

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Obamacare Signups EXPLODE, Set New Record

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About 28.3 million Americans were uninsured during the first quarter of 2018 not significantly different than 2017, and 20.3 million fewer than in. Obamacare Enrollee Numbers Aren’t Falling: Report. WEDNESDAY, Aug. 29, 2018 Health insurance coverage rates have held steady in the United States, despite continued commotion over the future of the Affordable Care Act, a new government report shows.

About 28.3 million Americans were uninsured during the first quarter of 2018 not significantly different than 2017, and 20.3 million fewer than in. About 28.3 million Americans were uninsured during the first quarter of 2018 not significantly different than 2017, and 20.3 million fewer than in. About 28.3 million Americans were uninsured during the first quarter of 2018 — not significantly different than 2017, and 20.3 million fewer than in 2010, before the health insurance reform law (often called Obamacare) was passed. “Things are relatively stable.

Obamacare Enrollee Numbers Aren’t Falling: Report Posted on 29/08/2018 by Mila WEDNESDAY, Aug. 29, 2018 — Health insurance coverage rates have held steady in the United States, despite continued commotion over the future of the Affordable Care Act, a new government report shows. About 28.3 million Americans were uninsured.

About 28.3 million Americans were uninsured during the first quarter of 2018 not significantly different than 2017, and 20.3 million fewer than in 2010, before the health insurance reform law (often called Obamacare) was passed. “Things are relatively stable. About 28.3 million Americans were uninsured during the first quarter of 2018 not significantly different than 2017, and 20.3 million fewer than in 2010, before the health insurance reform law (often called Obamacare) was passed. “Things are relatively stable. About 28.3 million Americans were uninsured during the first quarter of 2018 — not significantly different than 2017, and 20.3 million fewer than in 2010, before the health insurance reform law (often called Obamacare) was passed. “Things are relatively stable.

About 28.3 million Americans were uninsured during the first quarter of 2018 — not significantly different than 2017, and 20.3 million fewer than in 2010, before the health insurance reform law (often called Obamacare) was passed. “Things are relatively stable. About 28.3 million Americans were uninsured during the first quarter of 2018—not significantly different than 2017, and 20.3 million fewer than in 2010, before the health insurance.

List of related literature:

Third, most of the taxes levied under Obamacare to help pay for the subsidies granted low-income Americans are eliminated under the BCRA.

“Priced Out” by Uwe E. Reinhardt, Paul Krugman, Sen. William H. Frist, Tsung-Mei Cheng
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Enrollment numbers steady for Obamacare in 2018.

“Basics of the U.S. Health Care System” by Nancy J. Niles
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The number of uninsured and underinsured will continue to rise.

“Basics of the U.S. Health Care System” by Nancy J. Niles
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The halting effort to pass it was carried forward by Paul Ryan: Transcript of “Trump’s Takeover,” Frontline; Alana Abramson, “Read Paul Ryan’s Response to the Republican Health Care Bill Failure,” Time online, last modified March 24, 2017.

“Kochland: The Secret History of Koch Industries and Corporate Power in America” by Christopher Leonard
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Avik Roy, “Obama Officials In 2010: 93 Million Americans Will Be Unable To Keep Their Health Plans Under Obamacare,” Forbes, October 31, 2013 forbes.com/sites/theapothecary/2013/10/31/obama-officials-in-2010-93-million-americans-willbe-unable-to-keep-their-health-plans-under-obamacare/[Accessed 6 July 2017].

“The Scandalous Presidency of Barack Obama” by Matt Margolis
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Nonetheless, a cursory inspection of the available data does not reveal a clear increase in healthcare spending after the adoption of the Constitution (and Law 100).

“How Constitutional Rights Matter” by Adam Chilton, Mila Versteeg
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Health insurance enrollment has risen, and the number of uninsured has fallen by 20 million from its pre-ACA level of 2009.

“The Economics of Health and Health Care: International Student Edition, 8th Edition” by Sherman Folland, Allen Charles Goodman, Miron Stano
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$3.5 trillion health care industry: Yasmeen Abutaleb, “US Healthcare Spending to Climb 5.3 Percent in 2018: Agency,” Reuters, February 14, 2018, https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-health care-spending/us-healthcare-spending-to-climb-53-percent-in-2018 -agency-idUSKCN1FY2ZD.

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The Congressional Budget Office estimates that by 2020, the legislation will reduce the number of the uninsured by 32 million, but it will still leave 23 million Americans (including undocumented aliens) without health insurance.

“Encyclopedia of Health Economics” by A J. Culyer
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As we shall see later in this chapter, many millions more Americans have health insurance now than before Obamacare took full effect in 2013, although efforts by the Trump administration to weaken Obamacare have reversed this trend to some extent.

“Health, Illness, and Society: An Introduction to Medical Sociology” by Steven E. Barkan
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  • And the president wants to gut this medical notion? Just grow from it…You have alot of cultures that have come to America over time and its not these civilians faults.

  • Well yes when something is under attack and it could be lost people want to back it and don’t want to lose it and rightly so in this case. The extent of the media explaining about Obama care has helped as well. And everybody should be signing up to it just to make sure they don’t destroy it.

  • those eighties glasses however….way back then you looked like an idiot and now thirty years later you still look like an idiot wearing those glasses. most idiotic design ever

  • this pos had the nerve to quote Regan? wtf? Regan didn’t have a partisan divide in the Government and never had to deal with egotists the level of Lew, Obama, and the rest of the moronic liberals!

  • surprise marketing companies which their entire job is to market is better than government but in that the government is better at running the system of what is required in the healthcare policies

  • @Nando Vila So they convinced you the US cannot afford its Welfare State?
    No, the reason Republicans want to cut the Welfare State is because they only care about exploiting the weak. For them strength must prevail. No lenience, no mercy, no second chances. The poor have to be serfs to the wealthy, who can dispose of their lives however they see fit. Feudal relations is their model of society. Budget balancing and spending moderation are just a smokescreen.

  • The repeal effort turned out to be very effective advertising for Obamacare. It made people appreciate what they might lose if repeal went through.

  • This shows that people WANT their health care. They do NOT want to lose it. Tonight’s massive Democratic victories show how unhappy the people are with the current administration.

  • I think what’s ironic is that all those signups are more than likely from all of the newly employed because remember “JOBS” we have soooo many more now right? But of course the big issue isn’and never has really been jobs being available, it’s jobs with livable wages and benefits being available. So all the new jobs he created need to get healthcare somehow and well…..nobody wants to pay for their employees to have ins. these days so…..there’s that.

  • I am outside America, and I & my family, “advertised” the sign up date on all Social Media, as we heard what was happening in cutting of funding of the outreach….

  • Republican’s are such assholes. If they would have done their job for the last 8 years instead of freaking out about the black guy in the White House, Obamacare would have a lot of the kinks worked out and things would be improving more and more. They are doing nothing for this country; they are not offering anything positive for the country and well, they are not doing their jobs. Fire them…there’s an election right around the corner. Vote!!! Look what happens when people decide to stay home. Vote!!!

  • Actually let me tell you a secret. Most of the sign ups are fake. You have to sign up multiple time to get the best rate. They give you a different rate each time.

  • I think you’re right. In 1 year when 1 + million have signed up for ACA and the IRS has to figure out how to fine hundreds of millions of people it will be an interesting ride. I wonder how much of it will be used in the mid-term elections?

  • Also, f.y.i. there also exist terrorist life insurance to include in life insurance plan because if a terrorist, God forbid it, happens and affects you, your life insurance will not possibly paid out. Get informed please about your life insurance plan.

  • Pakman, you shouldn’t be surprised by the slower inflation in premiums. The fed upped the interest rate. Each rate increase takes pressure off the insurance industry that back stops their operations with bonds.
    It’s the whole reason Obamacare was pushed through, to allow the fed to push rates down by buying up all the bonds and transfer cost to the public. As rates go up premiums will stabilize to normal inflation.

  • But I was told that the Affordable Care Act was bad… why do people sign up for bad stuff? Maybe cuz it isn’t as bad as Trump says. It’s not perfect, but it’s not the end of the world

  • Obama care takes subsidies from fannie mae. Nobody told us that until tbis year. Its almost impossible for us to get free healthcare because the insurance and pharm companies wont charge less like in other coutries. Its inhumane. So they pay lobbyist, congress and the news to set to put up fake fights to confuse us so they can steal are tax money and charger higher rates. They are brainwashing us and raping us. Its a hiest. Please wake up!

  • already signed and my whole family and friends about to sign. I was one of those people that though I didn’t need to buy healthcare until I got really sick around 2016 and found out that i need to have surgery asap. Thanks to Obamacare I was able to afforded and get the surgery. Even if you are one of those people who doesn’t get sick often, just get it.

  • Single payer is socialism…. that is all you hear from the right, so I guess none of them pay any kind of taxes at all? don’t they realize that taxes fund most if not all socialist programs? fire, police, garbage pick up, etc…. we should be communists by now…….

  • ..the sad part is: this isn’t just some program that the govt is trying out 2 C if its worthy of becoming law. This is MANDATED by the Federal Government to participate in it, or ELSE face heavily progressive IRS FINES!

    This is the epitome of tyranny and a free people are almost willingly and wittingly accepting it. And when a person like Ted Cruz comes along in a final effort to stop this law, he is cast as the most “hated man in America” by the media.

    Scary times.

  • 2.3% of the population “rushed” to investigate their options. 7 million out of 300 million. Of those a small fraction signed up. Doesnt sound like a successful opening. Appears there is not much interest in this hack plan. Maybe fascism is not as popular as they thought.

  • People really need to stop calling it Obamacare. I’m not being politically correct, just factually correct. It doesn’t include the word Obamacare or even the word Obama. A significant number of Americans don’t know what the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 is. People are being misled by pundits, politicians and even journalists who are supposed to be objective. The sensationalist media aren’t going to tell Americans the truth. I’ve gotten much more objective information from people who work for the insurance companies than I have from the media, politicians or even doctors. I mentioned the ACA to my doctor, and she didn’t know what the ACA was. She has mentioned Obamacare before, but she didn’t know the name of the law.

  • The funny thing.. Most of these people enrolling are Obama haters and don’t realize ACA and Obamacare are the same.. They love Trump, who cut their insurance and they still don’t care and love him.. People are finally understanding what Obamacare is because Trump vocalized about it so much…

  • How do we know 7 million actually rushed to the website? California admitted that there initial number was inflated by 4.35 million. They said on Wednesday that 5 million people flocked to the obamacare website, then on Thursday they admitted it was just 645,000.

  • Republicans will defend the rights of gun owners who slaughter Americans, but have no problems taking health care away from the victims of mass shootings and the rest of the US.
    And they wonder why they lost so terribly last night elections.

  • Have you seen what Kimmel did as soon as Trump left? this is genius! and sad, seeing how many don’t get the joke, but at least folks get their healthcare… genius! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlZNmtZdTlg

  • Because we sent out mass communications to people whose plans were going to not be offered in the marketplace this year or the prices were going to be increased to visit the website and check their rates, lol. These are not new, unique members to the marketplace, it’s been around since 2010 so this is 7 years worth of people we emailed to go log in and check because of Trump’s executive order. Not that shocking and the reason is DIRECTLY BECAUSE of Trump. This year’s OEP is really, really depressing to watch.

  • This is not a good sign as it means we have more people falling down to the bottom. Instead of people rising up they are settling down. This is what socialism does, it drags people down. Just like 90% of students attend public schools.

  • I signed up using an OCare website. I once tried getting ins. on my own prior to OCare. $400/month in premiums! Yeah, that was the old system. I’m looking at a quarter of that right now. Sometimes government does shit right

  • Hate to disagree with the guy about Social Security. It was enacted by President Franklin Roosevelt, not LBJ in the 1940s. Medicare came into place in the 1960s and you pay for it out of your social security benefits. It is NOT welfare, you pay all your working life for Social Security and then pay for the insurance that goes with it. Federal government wants to cut it so they can pull money out for the corporations to waste.

  • I’ve been on ObamaCare since it started. I think people are starting to realize that ObamaCare is the best option. It really is long-term. The more people that are on it, the cheaper it becomes.

  • Instead of making better healthcare, republicans sabotage Americans out of great healthcare, all because they are butt hurt of Obama’s victories

  • Jimmy Kimmel has been urging people on his show to sign up for the ACA, calling it “Trumpcare” and going on and on about how Trump surprised him and everyone should be thrilled with his healthcare plan. Many people have commented in response to Kimmel how great Trumpcare is. As is common knowledge, many people who voted for Trump did not realize that the ACA and Obamacare are the same thing, and clearly they don’t know that Trump hasn’t passed jack.

  • 20 million American sooner pay the IRS tax or fine, then purchase high cost health insurance.
    13 million ended up getting Free Medicaid.
    Only 7 million ( sickly costly) purchases health insurance.
    And people wonder why informed people ( taxpayers) hate the lie of ACA?

  • Amazing how the dude is spreading a falsehood the affordable health care and social security is not welfare thats whats wrong with the media speak on Facts and Facts ONLY!!!!

  • Since the passing of the ACA my health insurance cost have skyrocketed an unbelievable amount and coverage has gone down significantly. I’m sick of people calling themselves liberals while cheering the destruction of the average middle-class worker through the Healthcare System

  • The reason for the higher enrollment this year is that lot more people know the Obamacare is actually ACA; not two different health plans.

  • cannot deniel those numbers trump! he has had a hard on against obama forever like & obama be laughing all way to healthcare victory for the american people.

  • I just wish medical care was of higher quality. Since we pay per procedure. We reward rotton performance by granting permission to do more procedures to fix what you’ve already done wrong.

  • Private health plans aren’t affordable anymore, because of Obamacare…that’s the ONLY reason anyone is choosing to go to Obamacare. I am currently now paying $550 per month, I am 31 years old and healthy! It’s ridiculous

  • My mom had to wait over a year to get her physician to approve her colonoscopy, to get skin cancer removed, along with several other health issues….all because of Obamacare! If she was on private insurance she could have gone to a specialist without all this paperwork (private insurance is not affordable now)

  • My family policy increases 60%, my new child will increase the premium next year unlike before where children did not increase family coverage and my co-pays, out of pocket and deductibles have also increased. I make too much to get a gooberment subsidy, really not a subsidy unless you are broke just a tax credit. This is ACA is nothing more than a scheme to get to single payer after the healthcare system collapses. Obamacare will bring America to it knees.

  • Hold up there pogo. SS may be “a check that they get in the mail” but it also money that was missing from their pay checks (MONEY THAT THEY EARNED BUT DID NOT RECEIVE) during their working years. Hardly a cancer of give away social programs…. More like money that was held hostage finally being returned to those who rightfully earned it.

  • Obamacare is fucking me. My premium is going up from 40.00 a month to 100.00…get fucked…I was doing fine before the affordable care act.

  • Haha, the Dotard tightened the enrollment period thinking he could sabotage it! He foolishly thought he could stop the popularity wave Obamacare is enjoying right now. This is what Trump gets for being such a shitbag, people sign up for his predecessor’s work. I love it!

  • What the hell is the “Welfare State” dude? This is what kills me about liberals, conservative coin propaganda and you guys help them spread it.

  • Thousands is a very small number too, considering that there are 350 million people in this country. Even if the numbers were in the thousands, it would be a failure. No matter which way you shake it, Obamacare is a disaster. I can’t wait for them to fine hundreds of millions of people for refusing to purchase a service that many don’t even need. This law has to be one of the most unconstitutional laws enacted by our government in its history. Merely by existing we’re forced to buy something.

  • Company sponsored healthcare will be a thing of the past just like pensions are now. Most Obama-Bots need a straight jacket to keep them from hurting themselves. D = Dummy.

  • I posted this down below in someones thread however, I thought it was important enough to share here….and MY hope is to try to share a little bit of why the ACA is detrimental in many aspects; because like I mentioned below until it happens to you, one may not understand the importance and why it’s so important to many. Thank you.

    Insurance premiums have increased annually, for years. Benefits were dropped or decreased especially for services like physical therapy, TMJ, Chiropractic, mental health….etc. to just name a few. In addition, lifetime maximums were applied to each and every insurance policy.
    Previously, medical policies had that is known as a ‘LIFETIME MAXIMUM’. That’s the coverage amount paid out by the insurance company and most likely it was for one or maybe two million dollars (which lets be honest, isn’t a lot these days due to rising medical and RX costs). Which means….in short, if you had a accident, injury or illness and needed treatment but your medical bills exceeded your insurance policy lifetime maximum of two million dollars YOUR insurance company would no longer pay your claims. The ACA that was told to be so EVIL & a bad thing…..STOPPED THIS!
    The ACA stopped pre-existing limitations too….so, for that example; let’s go back to my scenario of if you had an ‘accident, injury or illness’ & your lifetime max was maxed out.. the ACA would now permit YOU to have the coverage you needed whether it was for physical therapy, x-rays, labwork or even prescription drugs; which those count too against ones Lifetime Max AND preexisting condition too (just a FYI). The ACA would allow coverage without ANY policy lifetime max…
    In addition, if you were “let go” from your current employer, you would have to find another job & here lies another MAJOR issue most don’t even realize…care to think about or even have to worry about….until it happens to you or someone you love; you have no idea.
    Anyway, back to my mini example; you now you have a ‘pre-existing condition’….you’re probably wondering, so what….right? Oh…no, no, no that’s where the other ‘BIGLY’ problem lies. That means, after looking for a job you finally get a new job & at your new job you won’t have medical coverage for that ‘pre-existing condition’ or anything related to it. But why? Well, because in short it is a pre-existing condition and simply not covered for 12 months or more. This includes any treatment related or could be related to that condition. Including prescription medications, labwork, doctor visits, emergency room visits, CT Scans…etc. just to name a few.
    This is not what we need taken away. This doesn’t benefit anyone in this country but the Big Pharmaceutical companies, the insurance companies and the Government….. medical costs and prescription costs are on the rise daily, monthly and yearly and have been on the rise due to the Governments inability to regulate costs associated with these entities. Therefore, if anyone should be blamed…..place the blame where it truely belongs, with the pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies & the Government.
    Hospital facilities are getting larger, Heart & Cancer buildings attached to the hospitals are looking more like a 5 star hotels vs a hospital and there is a pill to ‘treat’ just about everything someone comes down with. Healthcare is big business and big money. Cancer alone is a 95 BILLION dollar industry……annually. Think about that for a moment.
    I hope this helps everyone understand what we are set to lose should the ACA unravel the way the GOP wants it to. I’m not saying it’s perfect but let’s not destroy all of it, when this area is detrimental to so many already. People WILL die because they will no longer have the coverage needed to continue treatment and that is unacceptable.

  • I am not making this up John. It is something you can look up for yourself. Just f.y.i. you have the freedom to choose to or not, I am not forcing this on anyone. Have a great night and enjoy your weekend.

  • Stop naming policies after Presidents and reach out to the middle class
    When half the country didn’t vote for you (give or take) and especially with something as critical and charged as healthcare, it was the height of arrogance to promote a hard-fought and sensitive policy with Obama’s name.
    The Obama admin should have done everything possible to push a generic name for it, and to explain what is was doing for middle class Americans, and what would be taken away if the Reps tried to change it.
    Nothing is gained from calling it Obamacare and waving it in the Reps faces.
    The Dems have not grasped this or have refused to accept it.
    They need a lot more blue areas in this country, and that is only going to happen if they start reaching out and convincing Reps/Indies (and Progs for that matter) what they are about and what they have to offer.
    The West coast will be fine.
    But Trump’s election flip states in the East Florida, Penn, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, that is really shocking.
    There is so much red on the map, and if the Dems are not really careful, there could be more to come.

  • When Obama advocated gun regulation, sale of arms rose…
    When Trumptards advocate advocate cutting Obamacare, sale of policies rise…

  • I got a customer who everyday wears a M.A.G.A. hat and every day I chuckle at him. The only time he doesn’t wear it is the day after a mass shooting….

  • Ridiculous and disgusting. Refused to answer about the number of actual sign-ups and instead blubbered out a bunch of canned responses.

    They KNOW that NO ONE wants this.


  • The ACA is NOT part of the welfare state. It does provide options for healthcare insurance that may not be available otherwise but we still pay for it. Medicare for all, otherwise known as Single-Payer is not part of the welfare state either. We would support it through our tax dollars. It would be a far more equitable way to dispense healthcare minus the profit margins enjoyed by the insurance companies though. Eventually we will get there, and the sooner the better.

  • That’s all fine… unless last year I had to pay $1,000/mo (I am of very very modest means and just barely made it) and have now been sent a reminder to re-up with the warning that my 2018 payments will be significantly higher!! I haven’t had the courage to sign in yet and find out what that means. My guess is I have seen the last of health insurance until I qualify for Medicare in 15 months. And I have health conditions to deal with. I’ll just have to hope I hang in there health-wise until Medicare.

  • David Pakman gets it wrong. The pictures from the Streisand effect were taken to document coastal erosion. And they had 3 views before the controversy, 2 was from the lawyers I think.

  • People are signing up for it because if you actually work for a living and don’t have it the IRS can force you to pay $10,000. This straight up extortion.

  • While we’re purging liberals from congress, let’s do the same with their first
    cousins, the neotards.  Who actually came up with Obamacare to pay back the
    insurance companies for the billions in bribes.  We don’t call them political
    contributions anymore.


  • It doesn’t work for everyone though. I was on it for three years and I can’t sign up for it next year due to the premiums are too high. I can’t afford it! I want to support it, but I can’t do it anymore. I hope they can improve it in the future.

  • If thousands of people actually signed up (which they didn’t), the Dems would be crowing about it. The fact that he won’t say how few signed up exposes what a liar he is, and what an abject failure the Democrat Party is.

  • As someone who lives in a country with universal healthcare (Australia), I can say unequivocally it is worth every cent of tax that I get charged for it. Just knowing that no matter what happens I can always get whatever medical treatment I need is in itself a huge relief and makes the upkeep of that system completely worth the tax imput.
    There are still private hospitals that have really quick waiting times for elective surgeries that you can pay for, or you can buy health insurance for things like dental or chiropractic, but there’s a solid network of public hospitals at the centre of our healthcare system and in the few times I’ve had to go to hospital I’ve been attended to more or less straight away.
    Quite frankly, the idea of living under an American-style healthcare system terrifies me. But there would be violent mobs rioting in the streets if they tried to take ours away at this point.