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How To Meditate The No Bullshit Guide to Meditation

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How to Meditate When You CAN’T. STOP. THINKING (5 Meditation Tips for OVERTHINKERS)

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Meditation Is Not The Only Path To Stillness | Ryan Holiday | Stoicism

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Non Meditation and Non Distraction: Meditation

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Meditation Is Easier Than You Think

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Instead of lunging for your smartphone the second you wake up, stay in bed and do this instead: Repeat “thank you” three times. “You would do this first thing in the morning before you do anything else,” Borucki said. “What this does is set the tone of gratitude for the day. You’re grateful to have a brand-new day in front of you.” Step 2: Breathe. I’m sitting with my guru in a “meditation + chat” session. (“I should be able to go ahead and do XYZ instead of sitting here wasting time.

I should be able to make a choice and get on with it. I shouldn’t feel so stuck; after all, this isn’t rocket science.”). Results of Meditation.

Results for this program have been remarkable. For example, Patterson High School in Baltimore, Md. has a very diverse student population—which includes students from a variety of ethnic groups and backgrounds—with over 30 countries represented (and over 20 languages) in their English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Program. Meditation forces the worrywart, insomnia causing mind to shift into the present moment, while realizing that the day is now over, and tomorrow is not yet here. This “in the moment” thought awareness and mental stillness are critical and often the only way to allow the mind to fall asleep quickly, sleep deeply, and in turn, maximizing your. Instead of focusing on yourself, focus on being present and mindful. it’s not going to do much.

Same with meditation.” going alone is fine, but to go deeper into the practic. Meditation is a mental exercise that trains attention and awareness. Its purpose is often to curb reactivity to one’s negative thoughts and feelings, which, though they may be disturbing and. 12 Quick Mini-Meditations to Calm Your Mind and Body These 30-second meditations are invisible, fun, and surprisingly effective. Posted Mar 01, 2017.

That’s not to say that reflection or thinking doesn’t serve a purpose. The problem is that we all think too much as it is, already. We do not need to think more, we need to live more. We need to get out of our heads and back into our senses; to feel life and live it completely in mind, body and spirit.

Meditation, according to the. Instead of following this thought with something like, “I’m not worthy of a good relationship,” meditation can help you let this thought cross your awareness — and keep going. Meditation for beginners. Meditation isn’t about learning how to empty your mind or stop your thoughts. Instead, meditation is the practice of training your attention and focus from a place of non-judgement.

Mindfulness meditation is the most common type of meditation in.

List of related literature:

It is better to do this than not doing any meditation at all.

“The Compass of Zen” by Seung Sahn
from The Compass of Zen
by Seung Sahn
Shambhala, 1997

This meditation is about freedom of movement, so do whatever feels good to you.

“Own Your Glow: A Soulful Guide to Luminous Living and Crowning the Queen Within” by Latham Thomas
from Own Your Glow: A Soulful Guide to Luminous Living and Crowning the Queen Within
by Latham Thomas
Hay House, 2017

But since energy follows attention and attention follows interest, you’ll find it much easier to meditate on something that interests you and all the benefits will come faster.

“Urban Shaman” by Serge Kahili King
from Urban Shaman
by Serge Kahili King
Atria Books, 2009

If you have never meditated, I definitely suggest that you try it, setting aside the thought “That’s not for me.”

“I've Decided to Live 120 Years: The Ancient Secret to Longevity, Vitality, and Life Transformation” by Ilchi Lee
from I’ve Decided to Live 120 Years: The Ancient Secret to Longevity, Vitality, and Life Transformation
by Ilchi Lee
Best Life Media, 2017

On the other hand, if giving up meditation simply means that your mind goes dead and your will gets petrified, and you lean against the wall and spend your half hour of meditation wondering what you are going to get for supper, you had better keep yourself occupied with something definite.

“New Seeds of Contemplation” by Thomas Merton, Sue Monk Kidd
from New Seeds of Contemplation
by Thomas Merton, Sue Monk Kidd
New Directions, 2007

If you understand these goals and want to meditate, then it will help you, but if you are expecting to become rich through meditation, then don’t do it.

“The Art of Joyful Living” by Swami Rama
from The Art of Joyful Living
by Swami Rama
Himalayan Institute Press, 2003

Doing this kind of meditation is a freestyle form of visualization that allows you to tap your creative power again.

“Isese Spirituality Workbook” by Ayele Kumari
from Isese Spirituality Workbook
by Ayele Kumari
Ayele Kumari, 2020

It’s okay to spend some time trying out different practices, but jumping from technique to technique will not take you to the depth of possibility that the practice of meditation is designed to create.

“Yoga for Warriors: Basic Training in Strength, Resilience, and Peace of Mind” by Beryl Bender Birch
from Yoga for Warriors: Basic Training in Strength, Resilience, and Peace of Mind
by Beryl Bender Birch
Sounds True, 2014

But what you really need is to give in to the impulse that wants to draw you into meditation—even if only for a minute or two.

“Meditation for the Love of It: Enjoying Your Own Deepest Experience” by Sally Kempton, Elizabeth Gilbert
from Meditation for the Love of It: Enjoying Your Own Deepest Experience
by Sally Kempton, Elizabeth Gilbert
Sounds True, 2011

You should sit still, but remember, meditation is not a trance.

“A Clinical Guide to the Treatment of the Human Stress Response” by George S. Everly, Jr., Jeffrey M. Lating
from A Clinical Guide to the Treatment of the Human Stress Response
by George S. Everly, Jr., Jeffrey M. Lating
Springer New York, 2019

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  • This is my third day that I have been meditating, and ever since the morning my head had been hurting non stop but I have no coughing, mocus, nothing like that. Do you think meditating is working for me or what do you think that is? ��

  • Thanks. However I learned that refining ones focus (by really concentrating on the breath) was the method of improving concentration to be able to see thought arising?

  • People should define what they mean by mediation before trying to explain what it is or isnt. At 4:28 meditation isn’t about “no thoughts”! And if people are finding meditation tough to do, in the West, it’s probably because of the technology that is meditation, has been taken out of context.

  • Would you watch a film review from someone that has not seen it. This is someone talking about meditation that doesn’t know what it is. So it’s a bit like that. Saying that I have no idea how to meditate so I agree with some stuff he is saying. Like if you have a problem solve it and then you will feel better.

  • Nonsense! None say Meditation is the only path but why are you teaching us not to follow Buddha? Is it because of pride of so called Graeco-Roman civilization? In the eyes of Graeco-Romans all you were babrbarians. In the 3rd century BC many Greeks ordained as Buddhist monks and by the second century BCE some Indo-Greek king became patron of Buddhism. And today also few Greeks are practicing Buddhism. Those who know Greek and Indian philosophies, they know Buddha is big source of light where rest of philosophers become candle.

  • These are just basic instructions,in India these are all just bluff!
    But the contents are quiet useful(but not complete meditation).

  • These are great instructions but it’s a little scary how he has a goatee and a shaven head back when he made this video. Reminds me of the cheesy “devil” or Vladimir Lenin

  • Guys I found this to be the best book I found on Stoicism, really good information I recommend it

  • What you missed in that excitement that the person got from that email three months late from their perspective the fact that you returned it amidst all of the competition gives it so much more weight that one sentence could change someone’s life being the recipient of such a message has done so for me so that three-month late message is powerful when you’re The recipient much love and respect always

  • Thank you so much Leo for your interesting videos. I have watched your videos in different periods in my life, both good and bad times. Now I feel like I really want to start meditating consistently. I have pretty much everything I wanted in my life, a good job, a university exam, engaged with the love of my life, and good friends (I am 25). But I feel like I need more calmness in my life. I am never really pleased and I want to feel more greatful for the things I have, but also find the strengh to believe that I can do much more in life. My emotions and bad thoughts sometimes stop me from achieving things, and I think that meditation is the key to true hapiness and achievements. I want to be better to control my emotions, and have a better self-esteem. I think highly of myself sometimes but really bad other times, which is because of my ego. Instead, I want to challenge myself more and not think about if I will fail or not. And accepting failures.

    Thank you again, and greetings from Sweden!

  • I think meditation is great and helpful wish i could teach my friends how to properly meditate. When i find something good i want to share it with friends but then i realize none of them think i know what im talking about and dont respect me enough to listen or take me seriously i guess i have no real friends to share with

  • I meditate daily. I focus on my breath (in and out) for a few minutes, just being in the present moment. Then, breathing in, I smile at my difficulties and suffering, breathing out I let go of their negative effects, so as to remain calm and joyful. Most importantly, I take my meditative mind with me through out the day. If I start to let things get to me, I ask myself, “where is your meditative mind?” It helps me to refocus and see obstacles as opportunities and deal with them with a level head without letting my emotions take over.

  • Hi! I’m a totally new beginner. Please tell me what meditation is. Is it like sitting alone and thinking about a specific thing I want? Or is it just taking and letting out breath??
    Please give some advice guys

  • My Dear Respected Teacher,
    I’ve also learned one thing from you about the old proverb: “if you stay calm. Chaos will happen around you, Not within you”.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Provas Majumder from Kolkata, India.

  • I love this (how to meditate) thank you, this is the second time I have watched this. Its been about 2 years since I started to meditate, never missed a day. It can be hard sometimes, but I love doing this and enjoy every moment.
    All my family say how much I have changed, and I know I have, and I will never stop meditating thanks to my brother who has been meditating for 35 years.

    Thank you

    Metta to all.

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  • Great advise! I’ve been looking for someone who can provide me with good and simple advise. I believe I’ve found it. I’ll follow your advise. Just one question. What about the fingers when you’re sitting in a lotus position, why does the tips of the fingers have to touch? Thank you!

  • I’m going to try and set a goal to do some meditation or mindfulness exercises every day. Brain fog sucks. There is a meditation game on the wii and that can time me and tell me if I’m not doing it properly and moving to much.

  • I think you missed it here, buddy. My advice would be to stick to what you know and push that rather than speaking against something you don’t truly understand.

  • Contemplation and reflective thought offers us the time needed to build on our understanding of what is. Through contemplative observation, we bring in the power of insight and clarity from a connection to our internal guidance the inner voice. We go beyond the use of thought alone to expand on awareness and truth.

    If you liked this video, you may also enjoy; A Time For Contemplation:

  • I agree with 99% of the video, however,
    I disagree with you in that you “need to meditate for 20min a day or not do it at all”. This mindset can be self-limiting if somebody breaks a steak or just gets intimidated.

    Science has shown that even 5 minutes a day can improve your life and happiness. 5 minutes is all you need to reset stress and ground yourself (assuming you are experienced). I find personally if I meditate for less than 3 times a week (10-20min) then there isn’t much of an improvement in overall life satisfaction. Although the more the better; 20min a day, everyday is ideal!

  • Thank you for the liberating message, breaking free from the ‘shoulds’ and trusting the techniques we are learning, that we have developed in order to survive to flourish and dispel the shit that lurks in the corners of our mind.

  • Very good explanation. I’ve read many books, watched many videos about this topic read many articles, and this is one of my favs. I often send a link to this video to friends of mine, to point the importance of meditation and introduce them to the subject. Although, I don’t agree with the time and frequency. It’s hard for the beginner to sit for the time of 20 mins. 10 will do for the start. You should do it on the daily basis BUT when you miss one day it’s not the end of the world and loss of results gained. If this happened look at number of meditation sessions (meditation time) you’ve made in month time or a year time. Be happy that is almost every day and let’s say in 6 months time you’ve done 170 meditation sessions. It’s not 100% but it could be your lifetime result. This is my opinion and experience. Many thanks for this video. Regards from Poland.

  • I still don’t get it.
    So you are supposed to try and focus on nothingness? That’s actively trying to focus though, isn’t it? In other guides, it is said that you just let thoughts come and go and not try to influence that. Which one is it?

  • The point of meditation I think is really simple: enlightenment is just your awarness to the world and knowing how to play the game, it makes life more enjoyable and easy to handle. But to do this, you must question and ponder so you put the peices of the puzzle together, and sometimes that can stress you out, so when you clear your mind, its like a break so you dont stress out. From what I know about gautama, he was really fucking confused about how to live a good life, “will pain bring me peace? or will pleasure bring me peace? so he sat down after all that shit, just to think about it, and then he put the peices together, thats what I think the point of meditation is, one part of it is to bring relaxation to the mind, and the other part is to understand the world better. Plus if you live with a relaxed mind, that is in the moment, you will be able to observe the world much better. At least thats what I think, im not sure.

  • I can’t seem to do it. As hard and as much as I try I can’t quiet my mind enough to do it. I don’t know what else to do to help calm my spirit and my thoughts. Please help. ��

  • This is helpful but I have a few questions. Are you supposed to let those intruding thoughts go or is it ok to block them out/stop them in their track? Somehow the two doesn’t feel identical. Also, what are you meant to focus on, ie guide your focus back to instead of our stupid thoughts? (For me breath has never worked, I can’t detect it easily). should it be/could it be focussing on something like this video: or should we try silence (impossible with the neighbours)? thanks!

  • I think the stoic and eastern philosophies should be thought of in terms in how they compliment each other. There are realizations that I personally achieved through meditation sessions, that I probably wouldn’t have realized through stoic knowledge alone. An example of this, it took years of discipline just for me to sit still long enough for an hour, once I got this practice down, a couple of times reached a state of happiness that can only be described as having a weight lifted off my soul. I found that when I meditated on issues related to the causes of my stress and worry, I was able to release them, and I actually remedied a bought of IBS that I was experiencing. I am finding that a great many westerners have trouble sitting still and lack the discipline to quiet their minds. But just like exercise and learning, with enough practice it becomes enjoyable.

  • A lot of people were talking crap about some of the stuff you said because you meditating into “god mode”. They said they didn’t “believe you”. I do believe you. Just contact me [email protected]

  • Meditation at a social level is a subversive military strategy to create dociel passive culture. Once you subjugate a population with meditation you take away the time and energy that population has towards National security and development. It’s a Trojen horse pushed by the Joows Expelled from Russia who occupy Israel originating from KGB

  • This seems to be talking about the Eastern way vs the Western way for myself, as a person raised in the Western way of thought, (& very specifically Hellenic!) meditation can be tough to do.

  • I do vipassana every day…. need your more guidance…. thanks to upload your videos… it’s really very much helpful for me to do meditation….plz upload your more experience and plz share about yourself….thanks a lot…

  • Nice. Props to meditation, but journaling fine tunes me, as well as observing people. I just recently discovered your channel and subscribed. I appreciate your service to stoicism. Mike

  • PSA to all the commenters on here saying Ryan “doesn’t understand” meditation. He’s not wrong about the thoughtlessness thing. Ask any well-versed hindu/buddhist (specifically, one’s from places where this is the standard religion, not just some weird New Agers).

    Most modern “mindfullness” meditation is just branded Vipassanā (Sorry Headspace, still love ya). Vipassanā is meant to bring you into oneness with the world around you. This is achieved by becoming thoughtless, and losing the sense of self. First on a physical level, and then on a conscious level. The goal of the meditation is to become thoughtless, so Ryan’s not wrong wen he says in meditation your meant to be thoughtless. It’s the state you’re meant to get to in Vipassanā. The Buddha talked about this a lot, and so does many of the Hindu Scriptures.

    There’s a finer point to the thoughtless awareness though. In Buddhism it’s called Nirvana, a state of total detachment and impartial judgement & awareness. In Hinduism it’s called Moksha, which is freedom from the cycle of death and rebirth (Samsara) and attaining true yogic practice.

    Really most of this misunderstanding of meditation is due to the Mindfulness zeitgeist we’re in currently. Mindfulness, when studied, does encourage thoughtlessness in Vipassanā, but our modern trend of “being mindful” is pretty ignorant of most of the true ideals of meditation and stillness.

    Could Ryan have been more clear in his language / explanation? 100% For sure, but he still wasn’t incorrect.

  • Listen to someone like Joseph Goldstein’s podcasts. Someone who is meditating since the late 60’s. Monkey mind,, can’t even explain that well. There are so many wonderful teachers. Thoughts flow in and out, let them go. EVERYONE has the same issues when trying to meditate,, there are so many good teachers. I don’t now why this guy thinks he is a teacher.

  • You learned vipasana technique thats being used for many centuries in subcontinent…however, dear teacher you have missed alot to teach. Keep learning. For beginners, guys u can watch vipasana meditation techniques on youtube.

  • I love this explanation! A similar video of Mingyur Rinpoche helped me out so much when I started meditating. I think this one will help many people too. Thanks!!! Mindful greetings, Simple Happy Zen

  • Breath of Fire and Vim Hoff breathing methods helps me get going as well as yoga stretching but clearing the mind with various meditation methods really brings peace.

  • Wow.. such anger and hostility toward meditation.. you’re not alone with your thoughts..
    It’s a shame you try to come of as some expert on meditation and skew it with hostility and your opinion/belief.. and that is fine..
    Hopefully you can work through your deep seeded anger and aggression..��

  • Meditation isn’t “sitting down and being alone with your thoughts.” Its the attempt to Eliminate Thought. It’s just being ok with the moment as it is without judgement or movement clouding the issue.

    But whatever. Personally my room is a mess, my accomplishments are few, but my life is more fulfilled because I can find stillness and peace in myself. Your stoicism is bordering on workaholism, the need to be and stay busy just to avoid the feeling of needing to be busy and stressed? Moderation in all things.

  • i don’t know why my eyes twitches a lot during meditation…..when i go in deep concentration and it’s so disturbing that when i leave my meditation i encounter with a headache btw my eyebrows…….why this happens? is it harmful for me?

  • What seriously ��������
    You have been meditating 2 years and still didn’t get any glimpse of truth.
    I meditated for 2 or 3 months without regularity but still got mystic experiences.

  • Thanks for watching! Want to hear how my own 365 meditation challenge went? Watch here:

  • I enjoy and find great value in Ryan Holidays works but I feel it would benefit him and the audience he is directing his philosophy to if he researched what medication is, the many techniques there are for medication, the benefits of medication and how it works (from scientific studies) because he doesn’t appear to come across as somebody who is very well versed in the subject here.

  • Mam I am maditating since last week but never feel the need of any aap oor music t whenever I maditate I feel like I m surrounded with myself and sooo much conjusted

  • Me: tries to meditate
    My birds: REEEEEE
    My neighbours having a party: HEEEEHAAHEE
    My mom chopping food: ClNG CLANG
    The ambulance outside: WEEEUUUUUUU
    My friend calling me: apple ringtone intensifies
    The washing machine: sweeesh swooshh
    My bathroom toilet: fluuuush
    Me: ight imma head out

  • Meditate anywhere, anytime. Yongey is talking from years of experience. His teaching approach is as naturally as his breathing. He is a true guru.

  • This is by far one of the best descriptions I’ve come across on how to begin… Or stay in tune with your meditation practices. Thank you so much for sharing

  • Is it just me or do a lot of the lessons from stoicism follow a lot of mental health advice? Often for anxiety therapy will focus on identifying the thoughts, seeing them as thoughts and not facts and letting them go or changing them intentionally to more positive thoughts. Same with the other videos about letting go of trying to control what we cant control, letting go of perfectionism by saying ‘enough’. I dont know if this man has any mental health counseling training but it all seems like really good lessons that are coming from a non mental health resource but that fit like puzzle pieces with it. Really interesting.

  • I’m very happy to listen this kind of teaching. I recommend Ashin Tejaniya books and videos about vipassana meditation. Meditating this way gives precious fruits and really changes the mind which becomes pretty more flexible and capable to understand more challenging wisdom teachings.
    Thank you to guide us.

  • Amazing work at drawing the parallel between meditation and journaling, it looks obvious but never really thought this way. It has cleared some of my confusion. This idea of observing the thoughts to bring inner stillness amazes me. I like to think of it as creating a space between thoughts and ‘I’. In the Hindu religion, understanding this separation is the key to ‘mukti’ (liberation).

  • If you’re new to meditation or want some guidance in your next session, check out my new Guided Meditation! →
    Let me know what you think of the meditation in the comments!

  • I am a HUGE Ryan Holiday fan. He is a great influence in my life. I am also a huge Sam Harris fan, I would like them to make a podcast together.

  • I was surprised to see so many knocking meditation in the comments. I agree that the whole ‘mindfulness thing’ has become click-bait and some commentators might feel it’s a gimmick as articles over-sell it as a panacea. To dismiss it as having no value because of bad representation is missing an opportunity though. I feel it can be complimentary to Stoicism.

  • Meditation is pointless without understanding the reason for it. Just doing it because someone told you is a waste of time. A scientist fascinated by the power of knowledge tells people “you must count! Counting is great! It makes your brain work better, it gives you the answers…” And people sit for years in a row counting from 1 to 10 repeatedly. That’s how it works today. It’s just silly. Don’t meditate if you don’t have a Teacher or understand why you’re doing it. Don’t meditate if you’re after the trends. You’d only sink in arrogance and comfort.

  • Separating yourself from thought puts you in a meditative state so meditation is actually a tool to do that if you need a reset, some people can walk around in this state with ease it depends on your state.

  • You nailed it man, I spent so many years being meditative, giving all in my now past christian faith, I finally unplugged from having to have the magic solution. I honestly was and sometimes still am afraid to enjoy life, because of fear of suffering. That thinking is so hard to overcome. It sounds weird, my thought was always that my enjoyment of something meant it would go away. I stumbled upon an accidental nihilism through my fear of life. It felt safer to fear everything.

  • For how long should one meditate…

    The finger movement at the end of the video should be what ever one u want or all of them divide in like 5 minutes of 25 minutes…?

  • Thanks for creating this channel, is the first one I see that you have a deep understanding of stoicism and other arts. Not just superficial says to apply, instead why to apply it and make sense of it.

  • You don’t know what meditation is the way you speak about it. You should try a 10 day Vipassana and then get back to this vid. Meditation and stoicism both have allot in common when it comes to mindset. Predominantly the mindset commonly called equanimity in meditation based circles, which to me is also the essence of stoicism. Mediation however tends to give a deeper and closer look into the nature of reality itself. Experiencing that essence of reality directly is very different than what stoicism usually leads to, as it tends to be more pragmatic in it’s daily life approach, which would make it much harder to reach the same insights and conclusions which meditation can lead to. In my opinion the eastern philosophies were clearer or sharper about the conclusions of reality than the western philosophers. Some of the philosophies like Advaita Vedanta or the conclusions of the Buddha, can also be described as Non-duality. Reading and understanding about what it is they say the Buddha has said should leave you in awe of how clear and sharp his mind must have been. Go do a Vipassana. You will not regret it.

  • I always have 100% awareness though. Does that mean I am in a constant state of meditation? To me being aware of my surroundings is just natural. I can’t imagine not being this way

  • Journaling is meditation. As the one guy puts it, it’s being the observer of your thoughts. Ultimately, with meditation, I’d say you’d want to ask “who is it that is observing these thoughts?” I think sitting meditation and journaling are great complementary practices.

  • Dear Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, I would like to express my gratitude for the knowledge that you deliver with such simplicity. I am truly grateful to you for sharing your knowledge with us. Thank you so much.

  • It really depends on the individual person as to what works best for them. I can see how Ryan who’s a writer and who seems to be a pretty focused guy, would prefer journaling. For me, someone with ADHD and anxiety and constantly running random thoughts that just muck up my mind and my life, journaling (and writing) does nothing for me I’ve found, because it ends up being just a long-running rant (not unlike this comment) and doesn’t help me sort anything out or rid me of any unnecessary or negative anxious thoughts, but cardio exercise, healthy eating, hydration, sunlight, and mindfulness meditation (focusing on your breath bringing your thoughts back to your breath every time they wander, which would be all the time for me) not only helps me to feel calm in that moment, but it kind of trains your brain push away thoughts and focus on your breath in the moment you’re having the thoughts. The trine of healthy eating, exercise, and mindfulness meditation more specifically, help to create a space between your thoughts and your reaction to those thoughts, something that most people can do naturally, but people with anxiety or ADHD have trouble with, due to an actual difference in the brain (for ADHDers) where that space between thought and action doesn’t exist, hence why ADHD people are so impulsive. We can’t just have an angry or hyperactive, or anxious thought and just sit with that thought for a minute and think about how to respond, without jumping up to punch someone or blurt something out or run from a situation that’s not actually dangerous, all things that ADHD people have a high amount of constant regret over which just causes more depression and anxiety (I have read that a high majority of men in jail for petty crimes and assault have undiagnosed ADHD), but the trine of healthy eating, exercise, and meditation helps create that space in the mind that should already be there but is not. So if mindfulness meditation were taught in schools, along with Cognative Behavioral Therapy, which has it’s base in Stoicism, and also journaling for the kids who respond and relate to that better than meditation, all kids would grow up being able to handle their feelings and emotions and anxieties better and get in a lot less trouble, end up in jail less often, and lead better lives.

  • So far I agree with the content of your video, but I hate the music in the background. Very cheesy. Very commercial. Keep it real and ditch the music!

  • I wrote a few jokes earlier, but in seriousness, yes, meditation helps. But I notice it helps calm the mind down temporarily, and the type of disorder the mind has is itself a kind of up and down sea of waves. But what about the more long term ideas that either scare you or make you sad? They don’t make you feel like your mind is a monkey on a burning boat in a storm at sea, but more like a if you were in a big room and maybe the water was slowly dropping drop by drop and you know it will eventually fill the room. Maybe like a low intensity but very constant anxiety. How does meditation help with that?

  • On the thumbnail, it has the buddha’s face X’ed out. For someone talking of stoicism, that’s really….something. Would you say that you really meant that…or just using that image to make money from? Either way, you’re the dick. Stoically.

  • With due respect I’d like to present my opposite opinion of that of Ryan’s about meditation.
    You’re probably right that there’s other numerous ways toward stillness and meditation is not the only one.
    But the problem is that the person who is engulfed by chaos, anxiety and his/ her life has greatly stick with uncertainty, that person can barely think and figure out that what’s the thing to do in order to start with and overcome this state of complexity.
    Meditation is the easiest and convenient way to start with, every person can effectively pursue it by understanding the basic concept of breathing and posture.
    You haven’t specifically mention the exact alternative to meditation that can be applicable to everyone, and meditation’s having that unique and distinctive quality that make it so much demanding, practical and convenient for starter.

  • Just cleaning out a drawer or a closet or my desk and chucking/donating unused things is calming. I understand for some parting with stuff can be an anxious endeavor but it works for me.

  • I finally found it. After years. This was the only video that helped me meditate for the first time ever. 11 out of 10 super happy

  • I don’t really like the guided voice videos because it interrupts me make me not focus.

    I’m doing this because a beautiful soul from RMS titanic has come back to me and they’ve told me I need to do meditation everyday. With videos but I don’t really like them they interrupt me and I can’t focus so another way to try is that I’m going to set a timer and I’m going to count back from 100!!!!

  • …Thumbs down for language…You just can’t help yourself, while you are writing books to help people…Do you see how that doesn’t make sense?..It’s Thanksgiving and my dinner is being delivered by volunteers and I’m so grateful…Hope your Thanksgiving with loved ones is joyous…I’m sure you will NOT be dropping the bombs you just dropped on your readers (…T

  • Thank you for the tips and words of encouragement. I’ve just started trying to meditate and I was feeling like I was doing it wrong because my mind wanders. I’ll keep bringing my mind back and get it right.


  • Being present in the now is meditation.
    I find the discipline of sitting quietly without movement focusing on my breathe to be an integral part of my spiritual evolution. Through training my mind to be still it becomes my servant instead of master. I am able to catch thoughts of negativity sooner and transmute them to positive before my energy levels drop. Knowing every thought returns I aim to be a mental alchemist. Turning it all to gold. Doing this I manifest more of what I desire.
    As I think so I become.

  • Thank u,its feels great to live in the time where we can get so much of informations at very comfort of our homes and thankful to people like u who take such initiatives and help people like us. Blessings

  • I sometimes meditate for hours, I think it’s because I need it a lot because my mind is overwhelmed with lots ot thoughts and memories and meditation helps my mind to take a break from all those distractions.

  • Ryan Holiday hit a grand slam with “Stillness Is The Key” by bringing home the tri-dimensional aspect in our lives… “Mind”, “Spirit”, and “Body”. “Stillness Is The Key” reminds us how we have a quality and winning team within ourselves if we just beware and be in tune to ourselves and what’s going on around us. Thank you Ryan, keep on keepin’ on.