Not ‘Dead’ Yet Obamacare 2020 Sign-up Begins November. 1


UTSA Life Insurance Finance Class 15 Fall 2020

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9/13/2020 “Soon And Very Soon!’1 Thes. 4:13-18

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Mars Rx 2020… “As The World Continues To Turn!”

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Watch full South Carolina Democratic debate | CBS News

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How Elections Impact the Financial Markets

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Charlie Freak & Collywog What’s really going on? (Part 3) Live interview with Lokesh

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Republican National Convention (Day 1)

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Not ‘Dead’ Yet: Obamacare 2018 Sign-up Begins Nov. 1. MONDAY, Oct. 30, 2017 The Trump administration’s repeated efforts to topple Obamacare have not thwarted the program’s annual enrollment for health insurance. By Karen Pallarito HealthDay Reporter.

MONDAY, Oct. 30, 2017 (HealthDay News) The Trump administration’s repeated efforts to topple Obamacare have not thwarted the program’s annual enrollment for health insurance.. Starting Wednesday, consumers may renew their coverage or join a new plan for 2018, though the ease. Obamacare enrollment set to begin Nov. 1 despite Trump orders Oct.

14 -Despite what you might have heard, Obamacare is not dead yet. The Trump administration’s repeated efforts to topple Obamacare have not thwarted the program’s annual enrollment for health insurance. Starting Wednesday, consumers may renew their coverage or join a new plan for 2018, though the ease of enrollment may depend on what state they call home. MONDAY, Oct. 30, 2017 (HealthDay News)—The Trump administration’s repeated efforts to topple Obamacarehave not thwarted the program’s annual enrollment for health insurance..

Starting Wednesday, consumers may renew their coverage or join a new plan for 2018, though the ease of enrollment may depend on what state. As the sixth Affordable Care Act open enrollment period approaches its Nov. 1 kickoff, the long-term prognosis is as cloudy as ever, for reasons bound up in partisan politics and the insurance. aca ACA not dead yet ACA open enrollment ACA open enrollment begins ACA open enrollment November 1 to December 15 affordable care act Donald Trump georgia health and human services healthcare healthcare exchanges healthcare navigators heinous fuckery heinous fuckery most foul hhs indiana.

Not ‘Dead’ Yet: Obamacare 2018 Sign-up Begins Nov. 1 By Weekly Sauce | October 30, 2017 | Add a Comment The Trump administration’s repeated efforts to topple Obamacare have not thwarted the program’s annual enrollment for health insurance. And although 1.4 million Floridians who rely on it are confused by recent actions and messages from the White House, so-called navigator groups are still in business and proceeding with plans to. Not dead yet: Sign-ups for Affordable Care Act begin also known as Obamacare, begins Wednesday.

Two local agencies that help people sign up for plans say all the talk in Washington about doing.

List of related literature:

In fact, it is only for this unsubsidized group of Americans that Obamacare shows early symptoms of the death spiral in health insurance described earlier (chapter 7) in this book.

“Priced Out” by Uwe E. Reinhardt, Paul Krugman, Sen. William H. Frist, Tsung-Mei Cheng
from Priced Out
by Uwe E. Reinhardt, Paul Krugman, et. al.
Princeton University Press, 2020

This means that nearly 11 million people are newly insured as a consequence of the ACA (Long et al., 2014).

“Foundations for Community Health Workers” by Timothy Berthold
from Foundations for Community Health Workers
by Timothy Berthold
Wiley, 2016

Retrieved from Mangan D. Obamacare enrollment blows away expectations at nearly 9 million, despite short sign-up window.

“Nursing Now: Today's Issues, Tomorrows Trends” by Joseph T Catalano
from Nursing Now: Today’s Issues, Tomorrows Trends
by Joseph T Catalano
F.A. Davis Company, 2019

heres to the budget allocations that date for payments under the medicare CPR, but it certainly is not dead.

“Congressional Record” by U S Congress
from Congressional Record
by U S Congress
U.S. Government Printing Office, 2006

But will Obamacare survive?

“Essentials of Health Policy and Law” by Sara E. Wilensky, Joel B. Teitelbaum
from Essentials of Health Policy and Law
by Sara E. Wilensky, Joel B. Teitelbaum
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Hence, full replacement of the ACA will be a daunting task.

“Delivering Health Care in America” by Shi, Douglas A. Singh
from Delivering Health Care in America
by Shi, Douglas A. Singh
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2017

By 2015, the percentage of uninsured working-age adults had declined following the full implementation of the ACA. however, the new administration has signalled its attention to repeal the ACA, although there is as yet no clarity on its replacement.

“The Economy of Ireland: Policy-Making in a Global Context” by John O'Hagan, Francis O'Toole
from The Economy of Ireland: Policy-Making in a Global Context
by John O’Hagan, Francis O’Toole
Macmillan Education UK, 2017

A number of insurers have withdrawn from “Obamacare,” and more have announced their intention to do so.

“The Effective Health Care Supervisor” by Mcconnell
from The Effective Health Care Supervisor
by Mcconnell
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2018

Only six people succeeded in signing up for Obamacare on launch day.

“The Scandalous Presidency of Barack Obama” by Matt Margolis
from The Scandalous Presidency of Barack Obama
by Matt Margolis
Smashwords Edition, 2018

Retrieved from /blog/aca/obamacare-whats-new rewrites ACA insurance rules to give more power to states.

“Health Care Finance and the Mechanics of Insurance and Reimbursement” by Michael K. Harrington
from Health Care Finance and the Mechanics of Insurance and Reimbursement
by Michael K. Harrington
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2019

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  • CBS lies look up Cherry Health hospital incident they tried to stage an event with fake sick people they are disgusting and vile and should be treated as such open season on CBS.

  • Have they acknowledged and respected the basic and foundational truth that White people are a distinct group with legitimate interests? Are they pro-White or anti-White?

  • God bless America and protect us from the comunist and terrorists that destroying our city and destroying our peace. Everything is a plandemia because USA isn’t racist because if was racist we didn’t have a African American president for 8 years. I voted and I will vote again because Trump love USA. Democrats party hate USA and are more focused to destroy the most amazing country in the world that is the USA.

  • You’ve really said it now
    Really did it now
    Trump is on the rise
    He’s gonna Execute the dream
    He’s gonna Execute the dream
    Lying as we die
    What’s left to monetize?
    He’s gonna go through those pockets
    He’s gonna go through those pockets
    They didn’t have to die
    My friend he didn’t have to die
    I watch you lying through your teeth
    Your white white teeth
    White white teeth
    Your children and their white white teeth
    You’re lying and lying and lying and lying and
    You’re a liar
    But what does that even mean anymore?
    What do words mean anymore?
    What’s there left to believe anymore
    Trump’s a killer
    Mitch McConnell, he’s a killer
    He’s a killer
    He’s gonna take youre life
    And gut you like a fish
    Strung up like a catch, yeah
    Lying as we die
    Pence, his eyes blazing
    What is this?
    Triumph of the will?
    America the great
    I won’t sing for you
    Here it comes
    Here it comes
    Take a deep breath now
    Take a deep breath
    Take a deep breath
    You’ve gotta take a deep breath
    You’ve gotta take a deep breath
    Here they come now with their lethal injections
    Who are they gonna inject next?
    The earth?
    Your mother?
    Your sister?
    Your brother?

  • Nancy Piglosi, you know, the flip-flopper with the mortician make-up face, when she goes to bed everyday she looks under her bed for Putin.

  • I absolutely love you Charlie and Colleen. My husband thinks I’m nuts. But all my investigating for the last 6 months have woken me up. The reveal I believe will be JFKJR telling the world the evil satanic non humans who tortured and murdered our babies and children. I pray to you lord Jesus for Justice in Jesus Name ����������������������������

  • Charlie, we seem to be following the narrative of the revelations in the bible. I am not sure where we really are in that. Hopefully we are avoiding some of the worst. but there is Armageddon and world war. the antichrist is supposed to make “peace” but it will be false. the chip. Is it looking like we will circumvent the worst of it. Nesara is the land of plenty. and true peace. But what about the rest of revelations?

  • We know the system is rigged! How is it possible that you work 30 years to pay your house, paying the price of the house 4 times over? Your work and money goes to the mega banks!


  • Trump 2020 more than ever because love USA. Democrats are just full of hate,destruccion, support terrorists, support destruccion of the cities and don’t care about the people, just are a fanatics evil that want to destroy our family, dividen the different races, just care about destroy the democracy of the America. I love Trump because he loves our country.

  • Jor Biden is a mope of the Obamas and Clinton. Biden is too old and doesn’t have carisma and his memory isn’t good. Biden was 47 years and did anything nothing for USA people.

  • Moderator: “Senator Warren, that is a very serious charge you levied at the Mayor, what evidence do you have?”
    Warren: “Her word”
    That is not evidence!

  • Republican party: Leaching the system so the rich can get richer. Then telling the country and the world that if we don’t vote for them that the Democratic party will do just what they are doing. Lies and deception from the Republican party. And the world is wild enough that many may not see through this in the layers of it all. Let us educate ourselves and dig deep for the truth. The truth is clear if we listen to our hearts and not to the rich.

  • The moral center of everything they express is how much they are not what they are accused of being. None of this tells me what they stand for. None of this takes courage to speak. I am tired of leaders looking to their people to be led. More than that, I am tired of one side of political discourse looking to the other to define who they are and how they are so much better at it. This is what happens when you let your enemy define who you are. The anti-White narrative is on full display complicity in its omission from the discourse of one side and explicitly in the other.

    National Justice Party.

  • As an American citizen, I demand anyone that wants to be the President of my country must DEBATE their opponent and show me they are fully qualified and physically and mentally capable of holding the most demanding and important job in the world.
    If not, they are automatically disqualified.

  • I’m still blown away about Canada…The Republican of Kanata…is it all provinces? Our we a state of the USA? Anyone know…please let me know… #WWG1WGA I’m so excited ����

  • I am a human being, not a human doing. A human doing has lost the ability to just be. To just be is to quiet the self, go inside an re-experience the miraculous energies of God’s creation. This is often easier to accomplish in a natural setting. I have an idea, we could set-aside certain areas in nature where we could go to just be, and call it Re-Creation.

  • I was Dems, the Dems has gone from good to bed since Obama took office not afraid civil disorder, kneeling thugs and support defund police so on putting Joe Biden with dementia as a candidate to joke about national interests.

  • OH WHAT A DIFFERENCE ON THE COMMENTARY.. I am literally watching the two conventions, simultaneously! WOW!!! Jr High compared to Broadway… JUST READING THE COMMENTS on the DNC!! #votesmart

  • Please consider the severe importance and repercussion of electing wrong again the worst president ever in History.
    He’s destroying the organized Human nature and needs solely to enrich himself and a selective group of his constituents. Wisdom dictates to learn from mistakes, not to repeat them. You just can’t mirror another four years of….. this.
    Calling American (“Me” The People) to His supporters only, divides our nation.
    Remember 2016:
    �� 48.5%
    �� 46.4%
    2 Million
    868 Thousand, and
    686 honorable VOTES were NOT for a TV con.

  • What are they doing with the children, where are they placing them? If those numbers are true, seems unbelievable to have enough staff to care for them. And no info is leaking?

  • C-SPAN you’ve been a real class act by the way you allowed us to watch this in it’s entirety without interruption, narration, commentaries and opinions and we appreciate you for it.

    Thank you!

  • Damn, I didn’t know the US would have 500m people had Bernie voted different in 2007.
    150m deaths is a serious toll, go at them Biden show them who knows it all. /s

  • #FuckNoHoe™️ #HoeJoe™️ #BabblingHoeBiden™️ #GroperJoe2020©️ #GroperJoeGroupies®️ 4 #GroperJoe®️ #HoeMental™️ #JoeBiden #Biden2020 #Biden #LetsGoHoe™️

  • 80% of most this debate and WORDS are used in, are just ahh too much bla bla and really useless USING ALL OUR TOOLS FROM OUR TOOLBOX AND BLA BLA BLA…Americans, what tools u are talking about, Geeeeeeesss Who do u think u are so u can play all this misery cheese game of tools and bla bla about your own personal life experience…

  • Holy crap. I can give my opinion on a democratic debate video?

    6:00 when someone tells you to get over it. The FBI needs to get in.

  • So beautiful these messages…thank you for initiating and sharing with the whole world. LIBERATION is coming ���� I shared it of course on my FB timeline. GREAT

  • Loved it, gave me continued hope for our country and we must defeat the evil of socialism. Keep our
    country free and uphold our traditional values. Keep American great again!!!!!

  • I love Matt Gaetz �� I keep pulling my hair out as to why so many people are so blind to the Democratic socialist parties antics. I don’t get it???? Sipping too much koolaid?

  • God bless you President Donald Trump 20/24,,,,MAGA,MAGA,,,,,,LISTEN DEMOCRATiC PARTY,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,AMERICA FIRST,,,,,,,,,,,☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡

  • Grand Rapids, Michigan clinic Cherry Health, a 501(c)3 Federally Qualified Health Center, came under fire Wednesday after Project Veritas published a video that appears to show the organization and CBS News used “fake patients” during a report about coronavirus testing. Now, a current employee who spoke on condition of anonymity and a former employee of the clinic who worked there for six years but was fired under questionable circumstances exclusively tells, allegations of politicking, retribution, and corruption go far beyond a staged news report. The employee said the then-communications director for Cherry Health, Tiffany Aldrich, was contacted to host the event, “and she told them no. You can’t hold political rallies here. That’s not allowable in the scope of things we do here as a federally funded health center.” The employee further alleged “they didn’t like that answer, so they went around” Aldrich to CEO Tasha Blackmon, “and Tasha allowed the rally to take place.” “As a result of not initially allowing this rally to take place, Tiffany was fired,” the current employee said of Aldrich, who had been with the organization for more than six years. “She was fired for denying the Biden rally.”

  • I am the silenced majority. I noticed the RNC stop sending me letters begging me for money. I guess they didn’t like that I use their envelopes to ask about my Jaw-Dropping *MIRACLE book?

  • Pelosi and House Democrats rushed to release a bill on Wednesday night at 11:00 p.m. that was about 124 pages long. The bill did not address corona-virus issues that the president asked for, including a payroll tax cut. But Trump indicated that Democrats were using the crisis for their own benefit to push through partisan proposals. President Donald Trump said he did not support the bill released by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. When asked by reporters, Trump replied, “No, because there are things that are in there that have nothing to do with what we are talking about.” CORONA-VIRUS.

  • Biden the most progressive president since FDR…I died ���� These Democrats should be ashamed of themselves. It’s not even frustrating anymore, it’s amusing ��

  • That was an OK piece of propaganda. Most of the speakers I have never heard of or just some folks like DT Jr. with opinions. Is Scott Baio going to speak in one of the next 3 ones?

  • ocialism & Marxism are just two words meaning the same as Communism. We must keep the Democrats out! Vote Trump 2020 if you enjoy our freedoms and wish to keep them

  • 0:33  Intro
    6:42 What’s at stake (a young conservative’s perspective)
    35:24 Covid Crisis Who said/did what
    40:50 Health workers in the White House
    46:17 Jim Jordan (congressman)
    49:21 Herschel Walker (NFL player)
    57:08 Vernon Jones (state rep) on why he quit DNC
    1:32:03 Freed US hostages
    1:38:54 Maximo Alvarez
    2:12:05 Sen. Tim Scott closing address

  • The RNC is awesome. The speakers tell the truth. Demies need to see that the rebulicans are doing good things for everyone. Judt do some research. Stop seeing the main street media. Ive watched them. And i can see how they lie about everything. You need to see through their rederick. Dont be blind open your eyes. Trump is making america great for everyone!!!

  • JFK Jr & Michael Jackson video we played in the beginning
    Kanata (Canada) new law (as discussed in the interview)

  • “A minute fifteen is really a long time” From a moderator of a debate in which the potential future leaders of one of the most powerful countries in the world discuss the complex topic of politics. Funded by twitter.:D

  • Damn how much things have changed in less than 3 months no questions about the coronavirus pandemic, no social distancing in the audience, no masks, a whole different world just 3 months ago

  • We simply cannot have NeoNazi members in the Democrat party.
    “Neo-Nazis are simply women’s rights activists, as women’s rights are the only thing they have a path to promoting without violating their extremist feminist agenda.”

  • Yeah stupid because an open border hasn’t made white children attend bad and violent schools has it? But what would your stupid ass know about that right? Why are only blacks and Hispanics the “forgotten people of America?” I’m the most forgotten person that I know of..especially after the RNC stopped mailing me letters, begging me for cash while ignoring me some MORE, after President Trump promised me that I would, “never be ignored again,” for my VOTE! *Reverse racism sucks dirty racist asshole, (just like the DNC) and I’m sick of hearing about it man!!!!!!! Coke head. Why don’t you shut up and go kill an elephant or something. IF YOU IGNORANT ASSHOLES KEEP IGNORING ME I’M GOING TO VOTE FOR JOE BIDEN AND JUST LET THIS SHIT BURN TO THE GROUND QUICK.

  • To all of the people complaining about how the arguing, shouting, and unorganizeation,

  • You can clearly see that the MSM’ s propaganda and lies are not working anymore! Americans are waking up from their brainwashed and slumber! I been awake since 2017!

  • H.R 6666 is a bill

    H.R.6666 COVID-19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act


  • Have they acknowledged and respected the basic and foundational truth that White people are a distinct group with legitimate interests?

  • LORD GOD thank you praise you. Please GOD bind all demonic spirits of lies,deception, corruption and evil from our media and government. Thank you! We ask in Jesus Christ’s Holy Holy Holy name Amen ��

  • turn the mikes off when its not there turn jezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The unconditional Love Dogs give is All there can be. Dog is God backwards. All animals are our teachers and listening to your dogs barking they are All Knowing of your current situation of being monitored. Sending Love and Light����

  • In the Beginning there was the ‘word’ and the word was God. The Sanskrit alphabet when chanted and intoned rebalances each corresponding chakra and one becomes pure blissful energy. Muz Murray known in India as Ramana Baba at 80 is still teaching this wisdom. Recently wrote the book ‘you are the light’.
    He is online and I feel it would be lovely if you could connect. Muz lives in a remote dwelling in Portugal. You too are amazing souls and it is no accident we all resonate and find each other by divine syncronicity����

  • Independent here and I cried during the segment where it showed all our states and territories united together.. to fight for our country and its people.

    I now know who I am voting for this 2020 election.

  • Is anyone discussing our very existence in this country? Today I saw a drone like no other. I was walking in a forested area when a white drone, the size of a small plane, appeared in a clearing. It made a sound, as if the rushing of waters. Then, the sound stopped and so did the drone. It stopped: it was stationary in the sky! It remained stationary for some time. Then the ‘rushing of waters’ returned and it moved forward. The shape of it looked weird I had never seen anything like it before. I contacted some friends and they knew of it, it was possibly an MQ1 Reaper drone, operated by the Army or Air-force. There’s but one reason for its existence: the monitoring and tracking of the American people: it is there to incarcerate society. It is said to be capable of disrupting the neural network of the brain. Just such a shortcircuiting of synapses occurred in 2017, in my instance, when I was knocked unconscious for a brief moment. And then again a year later. At that time I was not aware of the existence of such drones or such weapons. Imagine the power of the demented people who have created this drone and are operating it, to end normal life. They have the power that the population cannot match. An incarceration of society is now underway. Below is a link to an essay that describes the ways that they’re operating to enslave us.   
    “These electronic ‘skull-zappers’ are designed to invade the mind and short circuit its synapses… in the hands of government technicians, it may be used to disorient entire crowds, or to manipulate individuals into self-destructive acts.  It’s a terrifying weapon.”
        Dr Emery Horvath, Physics Professor at Harvard University

  • With all due respect Mr. Sandres, this is NOT your place NOR The White House. You should retire and you better dedicate your life to help American people on the fields you want even without being a President…Just DO IT from your heart.

  • Yeah, south Carolina keep the bluewave going it is a matter of our life and death vote blue America bluewave is sweeping the nation. Keep it up Dems and whoever else want to join us you are blue yeah America. We got this America.


  • They admitted at the DNC that they will be taking out “Private Prisons.” However, to get votes from current Democrats, attacking won’t work. I’ve seen too much of it from our movement.

  • I am a black republican and supporter of President Trump. I always saw through the lies. He has entirely too many black friends. I’m definitely voting for him.

  • Stand up for your country that is under assault! STAND! Kneel for Jesus. Stand up for your country that is under asssult by the marxist democrat party.

  • Before BLM
    Biden had a slip from black voters
    When BLM starts he starts to get a lot, seems like BLM is a little politically created in order to curve the election to their favor

  • All YOU Speakers, tears n salutes!!!
    Mr President Donald J Trump, you didn’t just make America great again; you, your Administration and the AWAKE Americans ARE making the world better, and which, a great leader should be! Unlike that bunch of twisted greedies live in lux while many others are suffering daily and they don’t care either, except keep on lying n causing destruction!

    TRUMP 2020′!! A Must!!

  • This is such bullshit, Trump has completely failed. Unbelievable that anybody is buying into this, just because somebody says something doesn’t make it true

  • 1:42:47 all you need to know about Biden. The fact that everyone cheered after he said that shows you how competent the left is. The man thinks he’s running for a position in the senate, thinks poor kids are just as smart as white kids, says he enjoys when kids rub his blonde leg hair in the pool, wants to get 650 million women into the work force, and the list goes on. He has mid-level dementia. He isn’t fit to serve customers at McDonalds, let alone serve as the POTUS. It’s ironic he wants to push spending on Alzheimer treatment.

  • Each speech by should be shown separately on YouTube and parts of the sd peevhesx should be used as commercials for Trump! The people are speaking from their hearts and the people sdpeasking are from all walks of life and they are not all old white men either!

  • Had read about British vs american debate format but didn’t know how horribly bad american debate format look. It seem uncivilized. Four people raise hands and are interrupting each other, makes it hard to watch.


  • Joe Biden is so wrong…….. 150 million people killed by gun violence…………what?! He meant to say 150,000…… and 61% of these are suicides. This is also taking into account times police have had to use their guns in “violent” ways. These candidates don’t know the first thing about gun violence.

  • Watching this confirms my belief, Republicans and Democrats are the same,otherwise why did anything get passed? Government is the virus and people continue to vote for it…

  • Most of the NEWS of over the world said the the C VIRUS coming from CAROLINA state…. Hope your goverment will get C Virus and dying in pain.

  • Anyone bying gold and silver please be aware, you are investing,I got these prices from 4 shops.101 gram bar of silver as soon as you buy it you lose 30,pound,if you want to sell it you will not get the spot price.I was offered 30,pound,25 pound best offer was 35 pound,gold 2.5 gram cost 146,pound,best price was 86,pound..i hope you understand this and keep in mind if you are bying metals its long term investment as far as crypto,id have a good look in to it before you buy,i have seen an offer for silver when bying gold,please understand if you are getting it free you realy aint you def are paying for it somewhere,I can send it back to the company I buy it from and for the silver I bhought from them at 111,pound they would give you the spot price,wich is 64 pound,hope it helps.peace

  • I hope you aren’t insinuating that most of the populatin will need to wake up to the idea of children in tunnels because that is simply not going to happen!

  • I kind of like Biden there, every time he says and points his finger on his chest like taking a bullet for his best friend in combat, he is every time remembering OBAMA and I agree somehow with him and his past experience as Vice President. Somehow!

  • Imagine this having more like than the DNC day one video. As well as the fact there was more dislikes on the DNC day one rather than this.

  • Built the greatest economy our country has ever seen?

    Yeah Trump did that… on the backs of Obama and Biden pulling us out of the Great Recession and jump-starting the economy at a recovery never seen before, and even continued with growth. If the economy is a cake, then Obama and Biden baked that cake, and Trump put the icing on top and sold it, calling it his own

  • Dem-O-Crap. If you like your crap you can keep your crap, period! Remember how they wanted to pad the Stemulas package while making us wail while losing our jobs. Vote them out. Tell them to keep their crap and their extremely poor quality crapers too! Period.

  • Yesterday I saw on the white house’s fb page that they are giving millions to the technology of AI. Why would trump help with developing AI technology if he is with the people and against the new world order? I hope you can ask Charlie this question next time, because I got a little paranoid thinking that trump might be one of them.

  • Rewatching this over the weekend. Still the best damn tv this week.
    I watched a few of the DNC, couldn’t watch the whole thing. I literally stood up and clapped several times every night during the RNC.

  • My favourite quote from any movie is that one in godfather 3. I use it at work when I have to do work that I don’t want to do. Omg

  • It seemed that the Democrats were in a way putting Trump on trial. All they wanted to do is get Trump out of office. I will say though that my friend Maria, a Democrat herself, is more humble than those she votes for. She says she’s going to pray about her decision of who to vote for.

  • To all hater’s who hate my lovely United States. You don’t love America leave, yes it’s that simple. So many ungrateful people who actually think other countries are much better. Well you can move there and stay there. Nobody is stopping you. Better yet die there.
    America is thriving. And as a Native American, we welcome you to leave.
    You don’t love America, leave. Yes, its that’s simple. See what other countries will help you.

  • I was already voting Trump, but if I was still on the fence and I watched this, just day 1 of the RNC, after watching the DNC…. Wow… That would have clenched it. Also… Fun fact I just learned. DNC is automatically caps locked but rnc is not. I see you Google keyboard.

  • Trump 2020. Trump is a líder, a person that resolver problemas. The democrats are opposite they created problemas and wants usa ���� be comunist.

  • Think about this.
    Dems are for abortion up to birth.
    BUT if your cat has unwanted kittens you will be JAILED if you kill one.
    That’s the reality today.

  • In the vedic system mars is retro in aries but will be retro in picses in October. So the weather is going switch from wild fires to crazy storms.