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WEDNESDAY, June 24, 2015 (HealthDay News) Virtual reality therapy may help alcoholics battle their addiction, a small study from South Korea suggests. Researchers recruited 12 people being treated for alcoholism for the study. NIH’s new online tool may help fight alcohol addiction “In any given year, less than 10 percent of individuals diagnosed with alcohol use disorder receive treatment,” said. At Virginia Tech, researchers have spent years working on computer programs that help addicts learn how to beat their addiction, but that also teach the patient about addiction. According to research, various kinds of psychotherapies including Cognitive behavioral therapy(CBT), and motivations enhancement therapy (MET); which are also some of the most effective addiction treatments, can be enhanced more by technology to bring about quicker outcomes.

Research shows that more than 30 million people are addicted to drugs in the United States, a total that’s the highest ever. For most people, professional treatment is the only way to get over an addiction to drugs, but not everyone seeks help. Thanks to technology, we’re seeing not only more effective methods of treatment, but also addicts who are more willing to approach rehab and give.

‘LSD May Help Alcoholics Fight Addiction’ The hallucinogenic drug LSD could be used to treat alcoholics, according to scientists. A single low dose of the drug helped some alcoholics stay sober for up to a year in tests, researchers at Harvard medical school found. A new drug may benefit people with alcohol addiction, particularly those who are experiencing high levels of stress, a new study suggests. The new study involved 144 people with alcohol.

In addition to the UNM study of alcohol dependence, researchers at Johns Hopkins University have tested the ability of psilocybin to halt nicotine addiction and have seen striking outcomes. At the. Build a sober social network – If your previous social life revolved around alcohol, you may need to make some new connections.

It’s important to have sober friends who will support your recovery. While many people associate applications with games, food delivery, and dating, there are applications that can be used for recovering addicts. Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book is one of the applications you can find on ITunes.

The application is like a guide that takes anyone with addiction.

List of related literature:

Indeed, it provides what could be called the first true cure for alcoholism.

“The Cure for Alcoholism: The Medically Proven Way to Eliminate Alcohol Addiction” by Roy Eskapa, David Sinclair
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Effectiveness in self-help groups: Alcoholics Anonymous as a prototype.

“Learning the Language of Addiction Counseling” by Geri Miller
from Learning the Language of Addiction Counseling
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So the prospect of a single medical “breakthrough” that will provide the physical remedy for a specific disease of alcoholism is both plausible and welcome.”

“Heavy Drinking: The Myth of Alcoholism as a Disease” by Herbert Fingarette
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Psychotherapy and cognitive therapy have also been proposed to help people with alcohol‐related problems.

“Agricultural Medicine: Rural Occupational and Environmental Health, Safety, and Prevention” by Kelley J. Donham, Anders Thelin
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A number of research and treatment programs for individuals with alcohol dependence include strategies designed to change the patient’s social network from one that reinforces drinking to one that supports sobriety.

“Resilience and Mental Health: Challenges Across the Lifespan” by Steven M. Southwick, Brett T. Litz, Dennis Charney, Matthew J. Friedman
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Advances in technology have expanded options for maintaining long-term sobriety.

“Varcarolis' Foundations of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing E-Book: A Clinical Approach” by Margaret Jordan Halter
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As new target mechanisms are added over the next decade or so, there is considerable hope that effective, personalized alcoholism

“Encyclopedia of Behavioral Neuroscience” by Elsevier Science
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Cognitive-behavioural treatments (CBTs) for maintaining abstinence These are based on the hypothesis that cognitive and behavioural coping skills have a central role in alcohol disease.

“Textbook of Hepatology: From Basic Science to Clinical Practice” by Juan Rodés, Jean-Pierre Benhamou, Andres Blei, Juerg Reichen, Mario Rizzetto, Jean-Francois Dufour, Scott L. Friedman, Pere Ginès, Dominique-Charles Valla, Fabien Zoulim, Neil McIntyre
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Finally, alcohol interferes with the production of important brain transmitters and thus probably leads to behavioral problems.

“Addictions: A Comprehensive Guidebook” by Barbara S. McCrady, Elizabeth E. Epstein
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In the meantime, researchers amassed considerable evidence for the effectiveness of behavioral self-control training (BSCT) programs in studies that set moderate drinking as a treatment goal (Miller, Wilbourne, & Hettema, 2003).

“50 Great Myths of Popular Psychology: Shattering Widespread Misconceptions about Human Behavior” by Scott O. Lilienfeld, Steven Jay Lynn, John Ruscio, Barry L. Beyerstein
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  • Ok but what if you’re already in a romantic relationship with somebody and you’re fighting addiction… That is my case right now this is only the first day of sobriety for me AGAIN and it’s been like I can stay sober for three weeks then use… And that cycle is on repeat. I am going to go to my first AA meeting Saturday night… Me and my husband have definitely had the talk of him being an emotional trigger sometimes and he has handled it pretty well but when I use I leave and that’s the hardest thing for him… He has watched me almost die due to cocaine and I’m ready to get sober for more then 3 weeks and stay that way

  • I dont use drugs but I have taken cocain couple of times and felt like my head gonna explode. Now I get a headache just by talking. Does anyone know what it might be. Thanks

  • Everything we know about addiction is wrong, this guy has it spot on… Now if only my parents could think like him…. 1.5 yrs ago my parents told me they use to love me now what’s the point anymore

  • Psilocybin Trip Report: 3.5 grams of Golden Teacher Mushrooms

  • Came here looking for info on gram amount for smoking cessation with psilocybin, ended up being indoctrinated in a magical, postmodern, feeling is everything, labels are stupid invent your own reality world. Trippy. I am a great purple flower and I tower over my father who is a mean little old man. All hail the purple flower.


     The Emotional Core Therapy App is scientifically proven to be the most effective psychological approach available worldwide for treating addictions and is now free in the App Store. Just search for “ ECT app” as it was launched today. The ECT App allows one to process nearly all situational stress one feels. This includes addictions, depression,anxiety,anger issues, couple and marital problems, sports psychology, etc. One can even monitor one’s emotional stress level from physical ailments such as cancer, back ailments, Covid-19, etc. The App has free links to my book, video,and journal articles which can also be used as teaching tools.

  • I have anxiety, ptsd and agoraphobia. I have been to at least 10 different drs over the last 20 years. Not one of them are willing or able to help me. They give meds that make things worse and refuse to prescribe me the meds that actually work due to my history of addiction. It feels like im all alone in this as far a professional help goes. Im at the point now that i need alcohol just to go into my own front yard. I have panic attacks when im in public and it hard to for me to even make to drs appointments now knowing that the dr wont do anything to help me. I have been on 20 or different psych meds over for years at a time. Nothing works exept for the meds that they refuse to prescribe me. Ive never abused neurontin xanax or ativan but they all refuse to prescribe it to me. They could save my life but it seems they are more worried about their medical license..which is understandable. Im getting to the end of my rope now and dont know what to do

  • Thats cool my friend new this girl in new albany indiana whose name is jaclynn marlin whose step dad was a doctor and she stole his prescription book and would forge his name for prescriptions to people and make money. My friend, overdosed because of one of those prescriptions. She never got caught because they never proved it. So addiction us painful because my friend died.

  • Use this as a symbol of overcoming your addiction. I am here to help you.

  • My husband just started outpatient treatment for his alcoholism. I am not sure it will fix our marriage at this point but this video was informative.

  • I’ve been suggesting to law enforcement and others to use IVs of mega doses vitamin B and C to people who are brought into jail for intoxication, as a way to prevent withdrawal symptoms. I’m not a doctor, but I’ve had quite an exposure to naturopathics, and have seen the amazing benefits of natural health for a wide range of diseases and ailments. I don’t know what your IVs consist of, but I hope I was right in my assumptions.

  • Tomorrow is my 9th year sober I can’t believe it I’m so grateful I made it. I hope every one who is struggling finds it within themselves to fight, fight as hard as you can.
    There is a different life on the other side I promise and it’s soooo worth it ��

  • Please can i do a translation of this and Do Voice Over in my Language (Mizo) so that i can help my friends and family and upload it on my channel here!

  • I was in agreement and loved the message up until the negative remarks about medication assisted therapy. Yes it is a replacement, and it is another addiction in a sense. Ideally everyone will get help and stay sober, but that is a fantasy. People are dying at an alarming rate from drug overdoses at the moment. Opiate related deaths now outnumber deaths from car accidents. The drug was needs to end. Harm reduction also needs to become a central part of tackling this crisis. Needle exchange programs are often a bridge to help addicts connect with health care services. People are going to use drugs unfortunately no matter what. Negative attitudes about medication assisted therapy only further stigmatizes those struggling to deal with addiction. For many people methadone and suboxone allow an individual to get their lives back on track. It allows them to stop worrying about the stress of finding a next fix. No longer does one feel the need to commit crimes to get dope money, and they are able to focus on living life, getting jobs, and being part of society. Why would you be against an individual doing whatever it is that works for them to get the needle out of their arm and take a step toward something that for them may be the answer to saving their life?

  • I don’t know what to say. I’ve been trying to get help for my teen for years instead of prison. I don’t want any more sad face emoji’s when I say this. I want help! She changed at 14 completely trying to fit in. I keep looking for any help to have her get help and the system enables her. Maybe one day someone will read this. and all the other comments and have the power to change things.

  • I’ve always partied for the 5 1/2 years we were together, and over the years slowed down because this is the third time she’s left me over it. I proposed to her during a 18 month sober time period but then started again. Two months ago we split up and i was supposed to stop completely but right before moving back in permanently i drank on the lake and she kicked me and my stuff out and ended it. That was a week ago. It was hard for us both because we love each other dearly. I’m trying to stop at drinking completely still, and hope after no contact for a while she will give me another chance if I have stopped completely.

  • Alcoholism kept me from living my life and nearly killed me. I knew what I needed to do 30 years ago and I didn’t do it, even wrote a song about it. I finally recorded that song after being sober for 14 years. It is a Finalist, Single Of The Year, 2020 International Singer/Songwriter Awards. Here it is,

  • My family is trying to send me off to rehab because I stole my cousins prosthetic leg and sold it to a scrap yard for alcohol lmao he owed me some money anyway fuck him.

  • Cheers for the Video! Sorry for chiming in, I would love your thoughts. Have you researched Saankramer Life Card System (just google it)? It is a great exclusive product for learning how to stop drinking minus the normal expense. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my best friend Jordan after many years got amazing success with it.

  • i have some sientific info. Psilocybin does not release dopamine, but! it does not reduce it, bit. Salvia does, salvia,divinorum does reduce the levels of dopamine! So, salvia would be 1000x more effectiv as a anti-addictiv propreties.

  • This is classic teach a man to fish. But hey the prison system creates jobs, it brings in tax revenue, so will you hear your states governor say we need more rehab? No he’ll say we need more cops, more busts, and more people in prison.

  • Iboga is the most effective addiction treatment known to mankind, as well as an ancient physical and spiritual healing herb.Good quality ga available for you with optimal potency,we believe that Iboga is a God sent plant to mankind,to help treat ADDICTIONS regardless the unjust banned on the use of the plant by some countries.
    we want to promote the use of the plant,in all forms because dealing with a substance addiction, whether it is you or a loved one, can be a terrible ordeal that puts a tremendous strain on you physically and mentally.
    Ibogaine is a new therapy for chemical dependence that eliminates physical withdrawal signs and interrupts drug craving behavior. It is both a therapeutic and psychoactive addiction-breaker. It helps in breaking both drug and alcohol addictions.
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  • you can have addiction problems, but you always, ALWAYS, have the power of choice.
    If you never touch alcohol, because your dad, grandpa and brothers are alcoholics… you don’t have to be. You can choose not to drink from the very start.
    view it as even one drop can kill you. avoid it.
    the same goes for any addiction. The more you entertain it, the harder it is to stop. So don’t even start.
    your choice can over come any addiction if excersized before the addiction starts.

  • CBD, kratom and phenibut can help you kick anything! CBD actually increases the amount of opiate that is in the system and it also acts like suboxone does for benzodiazepenes (but phenibut will nuetralize and allow you to sleep). it completely stops stimulant withdrawal in its tracks. hallucinogens you have to take when you are practically kicked over the acute WD


     The Emotional Core Therapy App is scientifically proven to be the most effective psychological approach available worldwide for treating addictions and is now free in the App Store. Just search for “ ECT app” as it was launched today. The ECT App allows one to process nearly all situational stress one feels. This includes addictions, depression,anxiety,anger issues, couple and marital problems, sports psychology, etc. One can even monitor one’s emotional stress level from physical ailments such as cancer, back ailments, Covid-19, etc. The App has free links to my book, video,and journal articles which can also be used as teaching tools.

  • Wonderful tips. If followed honestly it’s will work. Been doing it for the past 18 years. Helped me give up my smoking too. Thanks.

  • 3:55 the way this guy talk about it with reverence supports the reverence I hold for my own experiences with it.
    that last insight is crucial for everybody to understand. 5:32

  • The wonderful book “The Freedom Model for Addictions: Escape the Treatment and Recovery Trap” documents the impressive evidence chronic intoxication is not a “disease” and why treatment and recovery are harmful and cripple people. Highly recommended if you want to gain perspective.

  • Remember kids, don’t do drugs! ^^

    I’m 12 btw, had 2 classmates who did drugs. I tried to warn them but they didn’t listen. They’re addicted now.

  • It is a good message. Not everyone has had a bad childhood. I’m the first in my family now and my ancestors who has an addiction. I have been using for over 25 years. Even though I’m fighting strong to stay sober, need to recover my family back, at times it seems hopeless. Some times someone just needs somebody to talk to, they just want to feel better but nobody gives anybody a chance. Everyone is so quick to judge.

  • This story about addiction is fantastic!

  • Kudos for the video content! Sorry for the intrusion, I am interested in your opinion. Have you heard about Saankramer Life Card System (probably on Google)? It is an awesome one of a kind guide for learning how to stop drinking without the headache. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my friend Sam after a lifetime of fighting got astronomical success with it.

  • Only 10% of people with substance abuse issues have access to counseling services. Wooah That is very alarming and now I understand why there are so many drug overdoses.

  • my husband use almost all type of drugs he gets. it’s his third time that he is in rehab. What step should I take to help him recover. please help

  • U r a doctor why don you all doctor make medecine to stop. U can make a virus killer is it so deficult to make or u want to make people pain

  • Last night I was screamed and yelled at because I chose to help my son and grandson. In the morning he asks me if I still love him. Pffft um not really ass#!$&!

  • I’m an alcohol addict. I’ve detoxed several times. It has never been fun. I think I’m like this because of my parents been alcoholics. I don’t blame them but what do you know.

  • Excellent Video! Sorry for chiming in, I would love your thoughts. Have you considered Saankramer Life Card System (google it)? It is an awesome one of a kind product for learning how to stop drinking minus the headache. Ive heard some great things about it and my buddy at last got great success with it.

  • hi everyone,if anyone else wants to discover how to quit drinking alcohol safely try Nadazma Quit Drinking Helper ( search on google )? Ive heard some great things about it and my neighbor got cool success with it.

  • This guy has no idea what he’s talking about, I bet he doesn’t even know how to resolve addictions, email me if you actually want to know how to overcome addiction.

  • The Heroin and Cocaine addiction cure Pete Townshend underwent reversed two years of dissipation in ten days. The secret behind his startling rebound, he divulged, is NeuroElectric Therapy (NET).

  • Kudos for the video content! Excuse me for chiming in, I would love your thoughts. Have you thought about Saankramer Life Card System (search on google)? It is a good one off guide for learning how to stop drinking without the headache. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my friend Sam at very last got amazing results with it.

  • Do people get addict to the only defense from abuse is. Drugs that make them feel betterabd the alchoul part is maybe right. They also pay less action to you. Because they have a herrion guy to watch. They dont help.

  • Currently have a loved who’s an alcoholic. Trying to understand and figure out ways to persuae him into therapy/sobriety any advice would be great. I tried getting him back into the things that he loved and even got into just to see some Light in his eyes. Like when we 1st meet but that has hit an dead end even try to get him out more that doesn’t have alcohol but that was useless. I don’t want to give up on him but it’s getting tiring and I’m tired of being his punching bag and I’m hurting on the inside

  • This wonderful natural tree leaf that God in heaven created has saved me from 30 prescriptions I’m now on nothing because of this beautiful leaf that will never get you high but it will save you in more ways than one that’s what Jesus Christ does he saves you! I am helping people come off drugs every day and their living beautiful clean productive lives that they thought they could not with the help of this beautiful leaf that are God created come by and subscribe

  • Alcoholism in the family is a terrible thing. I know that very well. We struggled with it for many years until I saw a recommendation for this guide by Ellen Petersen. I got it here
    Excellent approach, which turned out to be a godsend so I can easily say that it’s the best help so far and believe me I have read a lot of books in my life about alcoholism. Hope it will help others too

  • idk about shrooms but weed sure made me quit smoking but then my gf said we will brake up if dont continue since we are just teen hippies i thought pff ya ok i’ll continue

  • hey,if anyone else trying to find out how to quit drinking alcohol safely try Bablim Zero Drinking Booster ( search on google )? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my cousin got amazing success with it.

  • Thanks for the Video clip! Apologies for the intrusion, I am interested in your opinion. Have you heard the talk about Saankramer Life Card System (do a google search)? It is a great one off guide for learning how to stop drinking without the normal expense. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my cooworker at very last got cool results with it.

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  • Please take a look at this book if you are suffering from addiction or want to learn about addiction “This book will scare the hell out of you and you will love every minute of it!”

  • I’m an alcoholic. Today is my first day of sobriety. I’ve been trying for three years. It is tearing my apart. I need to do this or I don’t think I will make it

  • Honestly, I think many of us have that pain..We do things that cause others to become addicts..because of our pain. I think drug addicts are the modern day lepers.

  • Love the video. I want to help addicts and their family members who don’t have health insurance. I’m going to SNHU for psychology with a concentration in addiction and child and adolescents.

  • I don’t understand why people try to shame addicts. I feel like shame, abuse and trauma has to play a part in creating addiction. Those who condemn addicts create addicts.

  • There are many components to giving up alcohol including eg motivation and help from peers.
    One plan I discovered that successfully combines these is the Adoette drink plan (google it if you’re interested) without a doubt the most helpful method i’ve seen.
    Check out the site and awesome reviews.

  • here’s a few things for quitting booze at home
    Try to eat food while you are drinking this cuts down the amount you drink.
    Take a break from alcohol.
    Make a note of how much you drink, then you know if you are cutting down.
    Set goals don’t make them too difficult at first.
    Pick 1 or 2 days or every week when you will not drink. Next, try to stop drinking for one week per month.
    (I learned these and why they work on Adoette Drink Plan website )

  • here’s a few suggestions for giving up drinking quickly
    Try eating food when you are drinking this cuts down the amount you drink.
    Take a break from drinking.
    Make a note of how much you drink, then you know if you are cutting down.
    Set yourself goals don’t make them too difficult at first.
    Choose one or two days or every week when you will not drink at all. Next, try to stop drinking for one week per month.
    (I read these and why they work from Adoette drink plan website )

  • I was fortunate to find out about Salvation Army ARC. I was homeless and had no money, they provided everything i needed to get the help i needed. 6 month program and I lived there for ten months. I had no other options. Thanks Ed.

  • Super thank you Natalie for this one! Really serves, heartfelt, lifted me. Boozer meltdown, lesson learned. God has sent an angel in you and your team!:-)

  • Kudos for the video content! Sorry for chiming in, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you researched Saankramer Life Card System (do a search on google)? It is a smashing one of a kind product for learning how to stop drinking without the normal expense. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my mate finally got amazing success with it.

  • I can tell you from personal experience that Prozac stopped my cravings for alcohol. It’s not a treatment for alcohol withdrawal, mind you, just something worth trying if you keep finding yourself falling off the wagon. I haven’t had a drink in 3 months. There’s some clinical evidence to support this.

  • My mom never drank. My dad nevee drank.. No-one in my family drinks. Dont cal it a disease. I ma drunk. Thats all. Because im tired of your bullshit diagnosis

  • My ex put me thru hell while drinking, I stayed and helped him through sobriety.. which was even harder then him drinking… 7 months sober and he breaks up with me… I feel like I helped build him up and now I’m not good enough. I’m so proud of him but I’m so sad too

  • I feel like this should be done in a safe outside environment. Not only will it help them feel more connected to the earth it can show you how much your perception controls your reality

  • Im a recovering heroine and meth addict and i must say Your words have been my thoughts ever since i came back from a 6 month intensive care program in Mexico,in 2016. I feel i finally have a plan for my purpose of changing the perception of addicts. Sharing my story of hope for the least and the lost and opening my home to those who cant afford it as i have faith in my plan. i have a custom 3700 sq ft home on 5 acre overlooking the City of Temecula California, I have taken into my home one person, whom is now on his 4th day off meth and has decided to stay and help me help others gain control of their habitual thoughts, experiencing a natural high or joy once again. Dr. Joe Dispenza says, “In an age of information ignorance is a choice. that quote got me connected enough to guide me trough my recovery and, a way to help others like myself feel joy withought causing themselves or their families to go bankrupt. Paying a counselor, $250 dollars/ hour for an addict is out of the question so i took it upon myself that their is more people like Dr. Dispenza I myself am a recovering heroine and meth addict that has found his purpose of saving a culture one addict at a time. Dr. Joe Dispenza has changed my life even more with his eloquent explanations of Neuroscience, and how to be the in control of my thoughts. I utilize the philosophy that our thoughts have an effect on our destiny to help me stay grateful, bringing me one day closer to gaining full control of my mind. I understand that those thoughts of my familiar past had led me to hard drugs and heavy drinking, So i change the thoughts as soon as they enter and have become much better at doing so. The best part is i learned this on youtube for free.

  • I’m beginning to think that when one has successfully avoided alcohol and or drugs for 3, 6, 9, 12, up to 24 months or more and say that they’ve beat their addiction the reality is that they haven’t.

    What one has accomplished is to manage to stay ahead of their addiction.

    All it takes for an addict is one slip up, and their effort has slipped right through their fingers.

    As long as the addict lives, so does the addiction.

  • But not all addicts have grown in abused families. Some have curious mind they try new thing and ofcourse drugs! And boom they are hooked destroyed his life and his families. Its mostly the spouses and children that suffers most from addiction

  • Thank god she got over the pronouns. Cause a man that used to be a woman married to woman could never still be lesbian. Lmaooo. Left eating itself is delicious.

  • People get traumatized and addicted, and then everyone treats them like trash. Becoming a criminal would be a good option at that point. People don’t care about you, so screw um. You call them weak, so they pick up a gun. Society pushes people to addiction and criminality, and then punishes them. Thus why America has such a high incarceration rate.

  • I had the same experience as Cathy. I wasn’t even looking to stop smoking when I took hallucinogens, but after doing it once, smoking just seemed so unnatural and unnecessary.

  • Because cancer patients usually don’t seek using chemicals that cause their cancer to grow faster, more expensive and drag the people around them down

  • Came here looking for information and it’s really hard to trust the info being put forth when it’s edited together like a reality tv show. None of it feels honest, including the interviewer. Just not genuine.

  • Spot on! 30 years into my recovery this year… there is a solution! We can and do recover, but still losing so many, we must do more, crush the “old model of addiction and recovery” if we are to ever gain ground. We must bring more awareness, crush stigma, policy must change from top to bottom. If there ever were a “third-world-war” eminent it would be this… we go out in a whimper, not a bang. Thank you for being in the trenches and fighting for the invisible. We need more like you.:)

  • Most alcohol and drug addicts relapse because they go right back to the same friends they used with. They must ABANDON those “friends” and seek totally sober friends if they ever wish to succeed. Birds of a feather DO flock together and the only hope of staying sober is to associate with sober people.

  • Ol buddy here likes to cite stats, yet shits on Medication Assisted Treatement (suboxone) and “zombie drugs” LMAO. Glad you want those with trauma to get trauma treatment. Sad that you don’t apply your same principles of stigmatization to general mental health treatment. lastly, trauma treatment often involves medications.

  • The problem here is that free will is very limited because not everyone is able to reflect and hence learn from their actions. This is largely due to genetic and environmental factors. However, we are unwilling to admit this to ourselves because we tell ourselves that everyone is “created equal”. WE ARE NOT. The only conclusion here is stronger intervening in lives of addicts because on their own, they will not be able to overcome their addictions and damage society by continuing their poor genetic line and poor growing up conditions for their often plentiful children.

  • And that he considered that perhaps as a lot of people it there for a while I don’t know for me it is a part of my belief religious beliefs

  • interesting points,if anyone else wants to learn about best way to quit drinking on your own try Bablim Zero Drinking Booster (just google it )? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my brother in law got great success with it.

  • Excellent video. We mistake the symptom of drug and alcohol abuse with the real disease. The disease is the emotional pain that the addict is trying to self medicate. Most rehab and programs like AA miss this point and concentrate on the symptom. That is why they often fail

  • We have got the same problem in England there is no help for them I have A son who is in Prison who was on drugs and drink I have A daughter who is 50 years Old and she is an Acholic I had A granddaughter who was 23 years old who was in prison when she came out there was no help for her so what do you do

  • 11:20 11:30 He’s right: other diseases get “ribbons” and professional “PR” (Public Relations) handling; but Addiction is the unwanted Step-Child…

  • you’re rightaddicts are losersthey’ve lost their jobs, their loved ones, their self-respect, their hope and sometimes their desire to live!

  • Very true Addiction is a cover up of internal pain Some of the abuse is very subtle Not all are products of physical abuse ECT Yes addiction is a stigma and the system is broken in many ways Prisons and jails are corporations interested in $$$$ not rebuilding lives More than one issue going on here

  • Thank you, Strong message. Spot on. ��
    Absolutely correct the government continues to turn a blind eye.
    Then throw them in prison. So sad

  • I wish he would stop drinking. He just laughs at me and talks down to me. A simple conversation when he is sober turns into the most horrible wreck. I love him but I can’t change him and feel I’m more sad than happy. I think I will have to leave for good this time. I leave for a couple weeks a a time lately because it gets horrible but I take him back and it’s its the same thing with lies. It’s sad he is great without the alcohol

  • It’s nice when you have the money for a good councilor, but when money is no longer there is when you are stuck….and stuck pretty deep.

  • I think that psychedelic substances can give you a vision of death, but so politely, that your brain restructures in a way that keeps you away from things that cause early death that you, then, thought were alright. The substance seems to be good at unveiling where you are failing as a human. I mean, why did you even try it in the first place?

  • Ed! This is brilliant. I was in addiction for 12 years, and have 1 and 1/2 years clean. My treatment was with an excellent counsellor, and I learnt a huge amount. Basically, most of us have suffered some sort of childhood dysfunction, or trauma. Every child has needs and wants, and they need to be met healthily. Often, when we don’t have this, we pass it off as ‘our normal’, or we just want to move on, and get on with life.
    But if those needs aren’t met, it has a subconscious affect. We develop unhealthy ways of thinking, behaving and dealing with our emotions.
    Later, our subconscious becomes addicted to the emotional relief which drugs provide.
    Unfortunately, our thinking, behaving, and emotional behaviour becomes destructive in later life.
    A HUGE part of treatment, is unearthing this childhood stuff, bringing it out into the open, and creating conscious self-awareness. We need to learn WHY we use, why we behave as we do, why we FEEL the ways we do.
    Once it’s out in the open…we can learn new ways of thinking, behaving and dealing with emotion.
    And it’s not just about identifying past trauma, and living in it, or thinking we’re broken. It’s about learning what stuff it brings up in us NOW…and we can empower ourselves to take responsibility in learning new ways. We can learn to deal with things as an adult.

    I agree, the 12 steps, along with some really excellent counselling approaches, can change life IMMENSELY. Too many think it’s just getting rid of the drugs and alcohol. Anyone who can do that, I commend. As you say though, LONG TERM treatment to deal with all that other stuff, and you can help someone beyond measure.

    I am glad your support groups are helping people, and I am glad you have the approach you do. I too, am studying to become an AOD worker, thanks to approaches like yours.

  • Rehab creative fondate su stronzate riparative a prezzo integrato della mancanza di dignità della scelta sono stato nella Gates rehab inconcludente fondata su strutture di violazione dei diritti di scelta quattro anni nessun risultato ma funziona e geniale e associato al sistema nessun beneficio svalutazione del identità e compromessi di scarico sul dipendente dovrebbe davvero essere esclusa da ogni derivazzione visto che nn viene richiesta essendo formata su esperimenti di aggiornamento nn richiesti una merda anche nelle derivazzione benefiche tempo perso ed inutile davvero prezzo altissimo ssimo partecipazzioni a sgavo di doli preventivi morti di parenti amici e stronzate coercitiva toglietegli questa cosa saldo a debito e salute a prezzo di morte

  • Psilocybin is psychologically addictive. It may not be physically addictive. This is not a cure for addiction. Psilocybin increases Serotonin and prolactin, which increases estrogen. It essentially makes people estrogen dominant (lowering testosterone), and causes the sympathetic nervous system to be overactive. Estrogen dominance and overactive sympathetic nervous system = Increase in other illnesses.
    You think this isn’t going to be controlled by big pharma too? Of course it is.

  • Thank YOU well spoken, an uncomfortable insight to a reality that folks dont want to acknowledge. I was an addict, l was lucky in that l had help and support and time, to remould my brain, my behaviour and my understanding. Thank You A.A. thank you speaker.

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  • Omg! Such a great lecture. People are in emotional pain and depressed ( cptsd ). Lets label the people on the street. Noone said oh i want to be a junkie or a drunk when i grow up. They have shattered lives. Lets not judge, lets help!!! I grew up with a borderline personality mother and she damaged me. I did self medicate for along time and i am now clean thank goodness!!!

  • wow. that was great. Very well done. And you have a ‘nice energy’ about you. But, you frown (please dont take it personal). I used to do some cable tV work, and My Mom said’ you frown when you talk’. She was right.:) who knew? When I was concerned, i would frown. LOL. You are doing the same. Made me smile……..( deep down, i know you care). thanks for this!

  • My whole family smoked since i was born. I started smoking when i was 14.
    1 session on mushrooms and i quit. Each time i remember myself smoking, it feels like it’s someone else, not me. It’s a dissociation from that persona that was addicted. I was also addicted to porn (masturbation with that) and an addiction to coffee.
    I considered myself an addicted personality that I’ll have to control all my life.
    No more. I tried to see what happens if i do mushrooms more often (4 days in a row) and on the 4th day nothing happened. Zero effects. So i stopped

  • I just gave my friend my RV after she got out of jail, with a warrant, she has no income and has to pay them, everytime she has a UA. The fees and costs of jail and after is just not helpful, it just helps addicts keep using. This guy is right on.

  • Hi I have lost connection with the world due to excessive abuse of substance during a 7month period. I’ve been four years clean but feel I have completely lost. Like I’m not in my body. My head is empty. It
    S horrible. Also my heart has had huge damage. Like the shakes and I feel a burden on my family
    Don’t recognise things or remember the past

  • I see a lot of people asking about how to do this abd I will tell you it’s hard to take part in these studies. You can however, buy the spores onling and grow them. Its quite easy and cheap.

  • Here to spread awareness on addiction and also to promote my book/memoir “Fruits Of Addiction: A Pernicious Love” which will be available in Amazon on 1/2020!! Twitter: @fruitsofaddictn IG: fruitsofaddiction BLOG:

  • Great Video! Forgive me for the intrusion, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you thought about Saankramer Life Card System (Sure I saw it on Google)? It is a good one of a kind guide for learning how to stop drinking without the hard work. Ive heard some decent things about it and my friend after many years got cool results with it.

  • I’m praying we can all help put an end to the shame of addiction. No one has ever chosen this path…EVER! Biologically, treatment is the future for us to put a stop from the revolving door of relapse. Suboxone works if it’s handle effectively with support In recovery. Diseases are medical issues. Addiction is a mind, body, spirit disease as such, all 3 much be treated. We need support from family and friends not the shunning they have been counseled to do. A huge shift must occur so recovery can take place and it’s our job to educate them because only we know the truth! A huge change in the current paradigm can occur. I have hope.

  • Great video! I hope someone can take the time to watch and/or share this video to commemorate an addiction recovery hero who got clean and helped many others before he died.

  • I have a horrible alcohol addiction. And I really appreciate you bringing up the subject because I really want to get help and it was very insightful. Thank you

  • I can tell you from personal experience being addicted to meth for a long time I got caught with a small amount personal and it’s a class 4 fenoly in Arizona no matter the amount all it does is create more problems now on probation can’t afford that because no one wants to hire me it needs to be treatment not incarcerate

  • Namaste

    Gayatri Mantra awakens the dhamanam power lying in the devika

    granthi in the upper portion of the left chest, leading to the power to resist temptations.

    We must chant Gayatri mantra 21 or 108 times daily.


  • I really enjoyed this video, up until the speaker condemned Suboxone as “trading one addiction for another” and made the false statement that it’s “harder to kick than heroin.” Suboxone is a medication that is a partial opioid agonist and partial opioid antagonist, meaning it works to relieve cravings for heroin by both binding to opioid receptors and blocking them. Spreading misinformation can be incredibly dangerous and can prevent people from seeking treatment that could save their lives or prevent lethal overdose.

    Very disappointing to hear people talk about things they know nothing about.

  • i recently quit taking MDMA and Morphine, it is my 6th day of my sobreity hope this will lead me to a long sober life i have almost removed everything of my life that triggers craving. Hope i would not have to go back to the dark phase of MDMA and Morphine…

  • no kidding i smoked for 20 years, tried quitting few times. last year i found a giant patch of cyanescens and ate so many i woke up the next day and haven’t smoked since. didn’t even want to and it doesn’t bother me!

  • The fastest and most natural way to heal your addiction is the usage of herbs. Check out this product.

  • Lost my husband last year. He was 36 years old this is so true. I knew my husband most of his life and he fought hard we all did to get clean. He tried everything, but it finally took him. So much of this message is truthfully painful. Who he was as a addict was not who he was. I knew this because I knew him before the drugs. He hated who the drugs made him.

  • It can’t be said more eloquently than this. Until the generation that bought into the propaganda of the “war on drugs” mindset is gone we will not see a change. Recently I was told “you are not on the right combination of medications” and I was given 2 prescriptions…I left there and did not fill those medications. And the paradiem of the 12 step programs is a twisted sad mentality that perpetuates the stigma that addiction carries. Don’t say a prayer for addicts say a prayer for all of humanity.

  • This man is 100% right! I am a sexual abuse and physical abuse survivor. There is no mental health care in the USA! We aren’t a label! We are people in pain, and we need a solution! Thank you for this video!

  • ed… what are your veiws on Naltrexone and theraphy for alcohol addiction? naltrexone is an opiod blocker… there is a document called ‘one little pill’ great video btw.x

  • I really would like to say something to all the drug addicts and recovering drug heads out there in the world…
    You want to make a difference in people’s lives? You want people to respect you? How about putting an end to the fact that drug addicts are the number one cause of pain relievers being removed from the market.
    My wife is in chronic pain. Not a little pain, but so much pain that she is in tears every single second of the day. She cannot sleep, she cannot walk, she cannot go anywhere because it hurts too much. Tonight, she is so desperate to get rid of her pain and she cannot sleep wink. And do you know what the doctors tell her? They say they cannot give her prescription pain meds, or prescription sleep meds, and it is simply because drug addicts have abused pain medications to the point that no one can get them, even if they are desperately needed. No one. You idiots ruined it for everyone else by overdosing, stealing, borrowing drugs that are not yours, killing, selling, and generally abusing the privilege of getting a prescription, and now my poor wife is in unbearable pain, and because of drug addicts and people desperate to get high, she can’t get any relief. All the doctors can give her is ibuprofen. She has absolutely NO RELIEF. And that is YOUR fault. Thanks so much.
    So the next time someone asks me to feel bad for some dipshit that overdosed, I will not do it. The next time someone asks me to pray for someone recovering from drug addiction, I will not. Because you single-handedly made it so my wife will never be without excruciating pain, and you do not deserve my sympathy. Thanks for nothing.

  • I need to get the hell off Suboxone, if mushrooms can help me, sign me up, I stopped a terrible oxycodone addiction with Suboxone, but now I find myself struggling to get off suboxone

  • I spend 2 month in a program and I left the program after 2 month and made the mistake of going back where I use to get high I only lasted 5hours clean now I bean 5 days clean but had to go away and I also learned to stay away from the garbage if I want to be clean

  • Psilocybin mushrooms are the key. Society has installed a giant padlock on your soul and your mind. Evolve past everything and think for yourself. Question authority.

  • Cheers for the video content! Sorry for butting in, I am interested in your opinion. Have you researched Saankramer Life Card System (search on google)? It is an awesome one off guide for learning how to stop drinking without the headache. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my best friend Jordan got excellent results with it.

  • I had something like this happened, except I wasn’t even trying to quit. Tried a small dose of psilocybin recently and now have barely any urge to smoke weed just a couple days after being a daily consumer for years.

  • Help me. im so stressed. few days ago i smoked Crystal Meth with a friend. i smoked like ten times. that was the first time. and i feel like im addicted now. im so scared. i have no one to talk to. im very very scared if i get myself dependent on it. im so young only 20yo. i dont wanna be a drug addict. help:'(

  • It needs to be alcoholics quitting thier behavior first, then asking for forgiveness. That happens and they will probably be completely forgiven in time by the people they’ve made suffer. The people around alcoholics desperately want to forgive and everyone to move on.

  • Not certain about the points made but,if anyone else wants to learn about easy ways to stop drinking alcohol try Skyarza Zero Drinking Star (just google it )? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my colleague got cool results with it.

  • I had a 10hr shroom trip which is not common at all, I got some potent ones for my 3rd trip, took 1/4 of some APE’s I got into a very thorough conversation with myself and i stopped smoking cigs weed stopped doing coke I started treating everyone better it literally changed my life

  • the victims of alcoholic parents are literally screaming inside for family and society to defend THEM. Why are the victims of alcoholic abusers NOT the primary focus? i suspect most of the commentors in the comment section probably are not aware that they should be helped first, for any real change. Treat the victims first and the addicts will logicically have to shape up, because they wont have any support for their addiction. Addicts depend on society not politely and in a civil fashion speaking out against their addictions. Any household where alcoholic abuse takes place will back up my comment.

  • Cure addiction? I discovered that alcohol and tobacco are such low grade and harmful substances I lost interest in them a long time ago. Tobacco blocks your lungs and alcohol turns you into an arsehole. I also discovered that ‘gods chosen people’ is fancy dress and make believe, but that is another story.

  • holly fuck, it sounds like cigarettes weren’t even her biggest problem. Powerful mushrooms, I hope that it will be legal soon and available to all who wants it. Thank you for the video and that story. I’m glad she quit smoking and sorted things out. Please do more videos like that, a lot of people still don’t know what mushrooms can do

  • Sorry to post this here but I am desperate and dont know what else to do if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

  • I love the 5 year rule
    I was sober a year and was never treated properly. By anyone.
    No one has ever brought me a dinner.
    We retrain the brain.

    I look forward to the A word not being so stigmatized and just treated.

  • My ex contacted me after he broke up w his alcoholic gf. We started a NSA relationship then his ex called for 90th an said she stopped drinkin an he went back to her again. What do I do

  • I know this was posted a year ago. But I wish here in the uk we had someone like this guy, sounds supportive not judgemental. Most of all takes these things seriously and not just on face value, looks at everything.

  • very well said.thank you for giving not only care and attention but also understanding to us…that’s what we really need to be inspired and to realize that life is precious and its not yet too late… but how can we help ourselves if there’s no one and there’s nothing to turn to?how I wish we also have that kind of org here in the Philippines coz there’s a lot of drug dependents who needs help in here but instead of helping them they were killed.

  • This is glorious, I been tryin to find out about “how to get help for an alcoholic” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried Paneyton Preliminary Prevalence (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now )? It is a great exclusive guide for discovering how to control your drinking habit without the headache. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my friend got excellent success with it.

  • Be warned there are risk just in case you did not know hppd is one of them just wanted to get the word out there.

  • @ 2:53 he laughs like he belongs in the movie “Deliverance”. I can really see how she was caught in a identity crisis due to what the world was telling her….to cut those labels off is liberating. Anybody know where I can get some shroomz?

  • Happened to me with ciggs. In the middle of my trip im like “wtf am i smoking this smelly fuckin cigarette for?!” Weed i smoke to get high and have fun but tobacco is sooo pointless, especially after years of smoking. This shit needs to be legalized and regulated.

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  • I am going to start a therapy organisation that will treat the real disease [HOPELESSNESS and it’s twin DESPAIR]. THIS is exactly how I want to be with my people. I hope I can speak to Mr. Stevenson some day, or even work with him.

    I am a child of this kind of trauma and even though right now I’m completely alone and have 14.00 to my name, I am going to do this and my people will learn how to live, cope, and have hope.

  • I hate to heart that system failed someone. Why is goverment or a system or anything should be responsible for someone’s personl choice to do smth…

  • Yes they can and they do open the door for us to make changes. It’s up to us to walk through the door and follow the path. Psilocybin will introduce you to your higher self and the higher God, gods or universe if those are your intentions. Don’t be afraid. You have yourself to win and nothing to lose. ❤️��

  • This does absolutely NOTHING. I’ve been fucking smoking pot, cannabis and weed for 3 years straight…I started at 14 and now I’m 17 still doing it…I need serious help, someone please reply to this comment with real advice to stop drugs…I can’t help it it’s so fucking good omg I’m getting seriously ill please…

  • I left a physically abusive person who has abducted my daughter and falsely accused me of being an alcoholic. He went so far as to bang my head off the ground and film me to show in court with a probable concussion pumped on adrenaline after the attack and claim I was drunk and he was just trying to calm me down. After my daughter and I left for a shelter we were stalked and harassed. I believe he hopes I will submit to substance abuse to validate his false claims. These are the tactics of abusers they will lie and gaslight say you are crazy etc. while trying to drive you crazy or look crazy. Counselling is helpful but I think exposing and convicting the abusers is just as important. God bless anyone suffering from abuse and self medicating I just want to expose these tactics so others know and do not feel alone. I fortunately do not need booze or alcohol to cope with the ongoing trauma and I do not want to give him any ammunition although his claims are false. I wish you all strength and God bless.

  • This is true for some but not everyone you can treat your children like royalty and do the best you can with them you don’t cause them any problems or pain and you certainly don’t abuse them but still they can end up addicted to drugs and alcohol

  • Do you have to prepare your thoughts about why you smoke before you take the mushrooms for example?
    I have experience with LSD and magic mushrooms, but I use something called snus, it’s nicotine in it, but I feel addicted having something under my lip. Can someone help me? I want to quit ”snus”, but how do I prepare? (sorry for my bad english:P)

  • This might save my life. I have been addicted to various drugs for years… and lately have had suicidal ideation for the past 3 yesrs regarding intentionally overdosing on heroin/any mu agonist really lol. I’ve been trying to get sober through the 12 Steps but I seem to be constitutionally incapable of grasping the program. I know some say I’m merely rationalizing taking drugs to get high but I believe there is something spiritually significant to be gained from a proper psychedelic experience and I truly don’t know how much longer I can hold on before I end it all. I’m desperate for help.

  • Mr. Stevenson,I thank you.The hurt child is growing up to be an animal hoarder, a drug-, shopping,drink-, smoke or any other addict. After years in therapy I found my pain spot last week.I cried my eyes out for the little girl I was, dealing with things I didn’t know how to.Now I hope my therapist knows how to rewire my brain.I hope you can share some information on that? Wishing you the very best with gratitude for your attitude.Love from the Netherlands.

  • I understand that this CEU is nearly three years old, but I just feel compelled to mention that SMART Recovery is an option for those that follow a secular path. We base our program on learning CBT skills, and we refer them to XA for any spiritual needs that they may have. SMART and XA are not mutually exclusive programs, they both serve a unique and valuable service. Thank you as always for your wonderful videos.

  • When someone drink allot the night before on empty stomach and having stomach pains and poop allot in morning is because are hung over

  • I’m 59, don’t drink, and alcohol has ruined my life. When I was 24 I married an alcoholic, and I had no clue what a mistake it was. After three years of trying to help someone that didn’t want to quit, I left totally destroyed. I stayed single for 30 years, then met what I consider a wonderful woman, but she didn’t tell me she was a ‘private alcoholic’. I found out several months after she moved to be with me. Again, I tried for 2 years to help her, but I never could. So again, I am alone, hurt and heart broken. Sober she is a wonderful woman, but the alcohol riggers anger in her, that eventually triggered my anger in return. I hate myself for acting the way I did, but we finally parted ways. I’m too old to ever try again.

  • I am doing spasmo proxivon for 5years now i have child i really want to stop i dont what to do how can u help me to stop doing that ��

  • There are several factors in giving up drinking including eg motivation and support from friends.

    One place I found which successfully combines these is the Sebs Magic Tactic (google it if you’re interested) definately the no.1 method that I’ve heard of.

    look at all the site and great reviews.

  • 12 steps? lol, religion? really? don’t lie to yourself further, do atheism, seek the truth, understand the REALITY of alcohol, then you will overcome it honestly.

  • When we first dated I clearly told him I don’t like a guy that smokes and Drinks.. he ended up lying to me as months go by found out he drinks to much everyday. When he drinks a lot,Hes a completely different person not the same guy I fell in love with. He’s verbally abusive when he drinks. When he doesn’t drink he’s a sweet heart, says he’s loves me every minute.

    I tried talking about his drinking problem but he doesn’t see it as a problem thinks it’s fine and he won’t give up the alcohol and black and miles to fix this relationship. I don’t know what to do. ��

  • Poison is right. It does generates mistakes. The alcoholic cares only about himself. What a bunch of shit trying to have a decent relationship when one or both are alcoholics. Loserville USA. Alcohol sux. ��

  • hey,if anyone else trying to find out easiest ways to quit drinking alcohol try Megarno Incredible Drink Magician (do a google search )? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my partner got great success with it.

  • God? An invisible being can do NOTHING.
    Getting over an addiction takes dedication, the great desire to be free of addictions and research. God can do nothing. Only you can help yourself!

  • Well first off, micro dosing helps out a shit ton, but high doses won’t really do much I’ve realized. I was a heavy drinker to the point where the moment I wake up I need a shot or at least 2 beers 7.5% abv or higher for me to even want to eat, and I’ve gotta say after eating.5 grams in the morning and.5 at night for a week and I’ve literally lost the urge to wake up and drink. Last time I quit cold turkey I sent myself to the er with hardcore withdrawals my blood pressure was 40/160 which are really fucked numbers to have. Point being I’ve never been able to really stop drinking or at least lower my consumption on my own. So I’ve gotta say the mushies work in small doses for sure

  • I just did this worked for me. I had tried everything, and it changed me completely. I don’t have an urge to smoke in me. The weirdest thing…. i have not felt like this in 11 years. Take it seriously and ask yourself why you smoke, be honest and the trip shows you how pathetic smoking is. I am in awe.

  • Natalie, thanks for the video, once again. It’s all true, unfortunately. Alcohol is quite a destructive substance, shame people are not fully aware of it’s effects.
    Anyway, you’re cool and wise, I enjoy watching your videos.

  • Food addiction is probably the worst addiction in the US. I think most people don’t even consider it an addiction. Non-fatty liver disease is rampant due to the High Fructose Corn Syrup and sugar consumption.

  • I love this channel so much. I have a video suggestion My ex is in a long distance rebound. Just suggesting because it’s my current situation. My ex and were not long distance, we lived together, however their rebound is a long distance one. Another one would be how to get important belongings back from your ex during no contact. Thank you! Keep it up guys.

  • I’m an opiate addict. No childhood trauma, no major adult trauma. Found myself addicted to painkillers at 29 years old after a wisdom tooth extraction. Spent the next 6 years taking any opiate/opioid I could get my hands on. Finally decided I’d had enough and dutifully did my 30 days at Betty Ford, sought out the best counselors, did my time in AA and NA rooms, worked the steps. Nothing helped. Nothing. Nada. Cravings stayed. Finally found a doctor who put me on Suboxone and the cravings disappeared-like magic. After all the talking and the holding hands and the therapists and the 12 steps and the “work”-what actually helped me was science. I wasn’t “zombied out.” I was free. Suboxone doesn’t not make me high nor do I crave it. It frees me up to live my life without constantly thinking-ratlike- about drugs. I have several friends who are MDs specializing in addiction and several other friends who are neuroscientists. They all agree that the answer to addiction isn’t God or forced abstinence or any other parochial notion of recovery. The answer is, and will continue to be, science. Suboxone/Nalaxone is science. 12 step programs and, to a large part psychotherapy, are not. I hold no stake Suboxone. I only care about living free of cravings and withdrawal and stealing and deceit and life threatening addiction. To call long-term Suboxone therapy misguided is massively irresponsible. It can and will continue to save lives unless people insist on disparaging it. Please don’t.

  • Love your videos coach Natalie I recently drunk text my ex cause she text me in the 1st time in over 4 months I find out she moving back home to where she lives I ask her t go for a goodbye dinner she wants to go has friends what should I do!