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MONDAY, May 14, 2018 (HealthDay News) Women looking for a husband tend to rule out flashy guys, a new study reports. But if she’s just in it for sex, a dude with bling will do. READ: Tips for Safe Online Dating. The study of more than 100 women found a man’s practical side carries more weight than bling for those deciding on a lifelong mate. The women seeking sperm donors cared about good genes more and partner potential less than women seeking life partners.

When strictly contemplating a. It turns out that behavioral science has some answers to offer based on careful empirical research, and perhaps not surprisingly, men and women want different things. In. In a new study, Todd and colleagues found that though individuals may claim otherwise, beauty is the key ingredient for men while women, the much. New research on what people find ‘desirable’ and ‘essential’ in a long-term partner is based on two of the largest national studies of mate preferences ever.

A new study found the trait they consider most appealing. A new study from the University of Swansea finds that kindness is the trait that college students prioritize most in a long-term partner. Women seek older mates with good financial prospects, higher status and ambition. “Because women bear the cost of pregnancy and lactation, they often faced the adaptive problem of acquiring resources to produce and support offspring, while men faced adaptive problems of identifying fertile partners and sought cues to fertility and future reproductive value,” Conroy-Beam said.

That study and the endless, mind-numbing studies of mate choice that followed all claimed that it must be in our genes for men to want young pretty women and women to want older established men. In the new study, published Wednesday in the journal Science Advances, Bruch and her colleagues analyzed thousands of messages exchanged on. Loving is the 13th most popular characteristic for women in their 30s, the 11th for women in their 40s, and 9th for women over 50.

All women love a good sense of humor Just like the men, women of all ages mention humor or a sense of humor as a top trait. And men who know how to have a good laugh or can make a women laugh are popular too.

List of related literature:

3.10), but no specific male trait appeared to predict mating success in this study.

“Sex, Color, and Mate Choice in Guppies” by Anne Houde
from Sex, Color, and Mate Choice in Guppies
by Anne Houde
Princeton University Press, 1997

These findings indicate that women seem to adjust their preferences on the basis of their own mate value.

“Oxford Handbook of Face Perception” by Andy Calder, Gillian Rhodes, Mark Johnson, Jim Haxby
from Oxford Handbook of Face Perception
by Andy Calder, Gillian Rhodes, et. al.
OUP Oxford, 2011

This study is important in supporting the ideas of evolutionary psychologists using a sample of individuals who were actually seeking a mate.

“The Social Psychology of Attraction and Romantic Relationships” by Madeleine A. Fugère, Jennifer P. Leszczynski, Alita J. Cousins
from The Social Psychology of Attraction and Romantic Relationships
by Madeleine A. Fugère, Jennifer P. Leszczynski, Alita J. Cousins
Palgrave Macmillan, 2014

Another study of human mate choices complicates this claim in ways even more relevant to Wharton’s story: according to the study, women who rate themselves as attractive expect more from potential mates, while women who do not think as highly of themselves expect less (Buss and Shackelford 134).

“The Oxford Handbook of American Literary Naturalism” by Keith Newlin
from The Oxford Handbook of American Literary Naturalism
by Keith Newlin
OUP USA, 2011

This study suggests that women may obtain information about the phenotypic quality of men by investigating their odors and faces.

“Hormones, Brain and Behavior Online” by Donald W Pfaff, Donald W. Pfaff
from Hormones, Brain and Behavior Online
by Donald W Pfaff, Donald W. Pfaff
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Indeed, when the traits most desired in a mate are examined, no gender differences are found.80 Even according to evolutionary theory research, the important traits in a potential mate, for both men and women, are kindness and consideration.81 Studies done at a university and a dating club concurred.

“Falling in Love: Why We Choose the Lovers We Choose” by Ayala Malakh-Pines
from Falling in Love: Why We Choose the Lovers We Choose
by Ayala Malakh-Pines
Routledge, 2005

The central premise of this chapter—that women will respond preferentially to men displaying traits indicative of high mate value—does not imply that women consciously appraise men through the sharp eye of maternal pragmatism.

“The Adapted Mind: Evolutionary Psychology and the Generation of Culture” by Jerome H. Barkow, Leda Cosmides, John Tooby
from The Adapted Mind: Evolutionary Psychology and the Generation of Culture
by Jerome H. Barkow, Leda Cosmides, John Tooby
Oxford University Press, 1995

These results support the mate switching hypothesis—women who indicate that they have pursued short-term matings are more likely to cite problems with a partner as a rationale for an affair.

“Evolutionary Psychology: The New Science of the Mind” by David Buss
from Evolutionary Psychology: The New Science of the Mind
by David Buss
Taylor & Francis, 2015

The primary finding of the study, however, was that there were more cultural differences than sex differences in mate preferences, emphasizing how norms shape what is attractive in a mate.

“Psychology of Gender: Fifth Edition” by Vicki S. Helgeson
from Psychology of Gender: Fifth Edition
by Vicki S. Helgeson
Taylor & Francis, 2016

Here, I first describe research on the specifics of what women prefer in a mate, as well as the trade-offs they are willing to make when actually choosing a mate.

“Sex and Sexuality: Sexual function and dysfunction” by Richard D. McAnulty, M. Michele Burnette
from Sex and Sexuality: Sexual function and dysfunction
by Richard D. McAnulty, M. Michele Burnette
Praeger, 2006

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  • Mr. right does not want to get married it’s not a thing in today’s world thanks to entitlement in family court. Alimony, child support half his assets. No point for either to marry and it only favors woman in most cases when the marriage ends.

  • Very high status and hot man who adores me likes me cos of my massive boobs, cute face, being blonde and white and enjoys my dissident nazi white nationalist conservative views, my lack of fear, my philosophical insights, controversial views, level of wisdom, emotional capacity, and high morals. Yes l am good looking (above average in looks) but he can get hotter, but no one ever as interesting on so many levels, as me. I am very rare, a pretty face means nothing after awhile, some rich men want depth. I manifested him using LOA.

  • Fun fact: I have gotten many compliments by guys when I was wearing Tommy Hilfiger’s perfume “Tommy Girl”. They literally came up to me and said “wow you smell amazing” lol

  • Dating in college was a nightmare for me. 1st dategirl had a boyfriend and just wanted to hook up (I didn’t know and I didn’t go to her dorm because I had standards then) Never called her again. 2nd date she just had me pay for lunch, asked me in (middle of the dayhad to go to work, I said next time) then she ghosted me. 3rd date she hooks up with me and ghosts me. 4th date had me pay, teased me, insults me, and then ghosts me. It went on like that for a while. Me mostly avoiding hookups, desiring a real relationship but being ghosted. Eventually, all I wanted was to hookup and thennobody was interested in me anymore. It’s like not wanting to hookup was a turn on. Then I just gave up for years. Happily married now, but what an awful first impression of women.

  • Hi Anna, if a girl talks too much, you can always make the first moove and interrupt her with a kiss!
    Works almost every time! Just go for it, woman like that!

  • A friend mine who has seen it all in terms of models, beautiful ladies and stuff told me that for a really serious relationship or marriage His number one choice is a woman of peace. So I think calmness and peace is one reason a guy might go for the more seemingly less attractive woman.

  • I’ve never really thought about it. Do some women actually worry about this stuff? Should I be worrying? When I eat around my boyfriend is he really thinking ‘that fat pig’? ahhh.. paranoia!

  • You forgot the most important type of girl. The day one girl. The girl that stayed with the man as he was climbing up the social ladder. The one that was with him when he had nothing. Not these shallow harpies waiting at the finish line to be spoiled. I rather take a woman who is a 5 on looks, but have been to hell with me and back. When the chips are down, these are the type of woman that will stay with you.

  • Interesting. I’m totally clueless of dating myself and I’m a man. And no, i’m not so worried about money or what else involved far as dating, More like I’m just unsure which is the right woman for me than anything else. Because yeah, every woman loves a committed man who can provide, but I’ve yet to find one myself mostly because I’m just shy and don’t talk most issues other men concern themselves with. Which I’ve had bad experience of in the past from my father why.
    I’m sorry you came to understand men like this. True most will be what they are, but not all are the same. It’s like my mother used to say to me why: you just have to look for the right people until you find the right one for you.

  • I feel like insecure men choose unattractive women or sometimes with men, cheaters usually choose a woman that they feel wouldn’t cheat on them. I’ve seen this happen with a few couples.

  • Can we please have numbers for both sides?

    As in, the women who think of sex every 30 mins, AND those who either never think of it or avoid it and accuse their boyfriends of rape if they ask for a hug or kiss?

    Those who are uncomfortable eating in front of b/f’s AND those who refuse to be seen in public with them because they think their PARTNER is the hideous one?

    That way, I can calculate the odds of finding “The One” and the odds of meeting a woman that was like approx. 84% of my ex’s.

  • Never really understood the idea of abstinence before. First I thought it was about some misplaced religious ethical concern. Then, as some defensive excuse as to why you can’t get girls.

    But now, after two years of one night stands, friends with benefits and whatever else there is in between to essentially forget the love story that ended in cheating to monkey branching. I finally realized that it’s not about misplaced ethics or lack of competence in the dating arena. It’s about enlightenement.

    Every guy is out there chasing the next dopamine hit from an external source. Every girl is out there chasing the next dopamine hit from the next jester that can excite her vacuous mind.

    And not one is looking for the dopamine hits where they really come from. Themselves. The moment you step out of the hamster wheel you can’t help laugh at how pathetic the rats behave. And you know, you finally understand it.

  • It’s about POWER and SOVEREIGNTY, feminist and other women alike want power over men and what’s more powerful than making a man kissing your ass and making you feel like royalty. It’s a trick, a shadow on the wall, a wolf in sheep’s clothing because it requires less energy.

    I like to call this power struggle “the baby and parent struggle”, women and feminist alike want RAW power over men like a parent has over their babies and also want men to think like babies as in babies think they own the place and acts accordingly which sometimes works in the parent’s favor and parents use their raw power to correct the babies behavior when it doesn’t.

    It’s about power and the path of least resistance.

  • It’s not “benevolent sexism”; it’s simply looking out for someone who’s weaker than you (in this case, physically), which is something decent people do, regardless of gender.


    “Don’t Try To Understand W*m3n, Only W*m3n understand W*m3n & They Hate Each Other”.

    Only when i turned 19 did I finally realize what he truly meant and how right he was.

  • One time I went to a coffee place with my boyfriend and when he got his card out to pay for our coffee, I literally grabbed it out of his hand and handed the lady mine instead �� The look on his face was priceless because of how I went about doing that. He’s so used to paying for everything, and I knew if I offered to pay he wouldn’t let me.

  • PS: I would also add that all the same observations you shared, apply to highly attractive women who marry plain looking men. All the same reasons apply to highly attractive women in uneven beauty-capital relationships, as well.

  • Every human being (male/female) wants to believe there is someone who cares for them. (Defends them, cares when they get sick, I don’t think Ana’s story was feminism issue.
    Whoever man and women don’t have to use one another financially or take advantage of their sex

  • I have been shouted at for holding a door open. Not once or twice, but a few dozen times. Open a door for a woman today and you risk a complete mental breakdown, even if her hands are full. Sad to say, if I see one needing help, I keep walking.

  • Its obvious to me. Women are more delicate and oversensitive, its natural not sexist…Not understanding this is a lack of awareness in males, or denial in feminists.

  • Men have many insecurities.Yes beta males rised by single muns not havibg father model in their life makes them having no life skills.

  • This is all true, why?

    Because humans are not monogamous creatures, 1 man is intended by our creator to impregnate multiple females. The evidence is in our actions, and bodies. Large testicles provide the sperm, slow development of infants, woman care about being pretty, guys care about having power, and on and on.

    The truth is everywhere, can you see it?

  • Dear Ana: What a revelation! Thank you for giving me further insight into this mystery. One time, I was genuinely puzzled by an insanely attractive man who married a very plain (not unattractive, just plain) woman.

    But because I later discovered that the man was a narcissist, your video addressed my question in one shot: he wanted all the attention on himself.

    So now, that those two have divorced and are no longer together, I understand why it didn’t work out. More likely than not, the woman got fed up of being the side piece accessory to the narcissist.

    Good for her! I am always happy when women break free from disadvantageous circumstances and move on to better possibilities of life out there.

    So grateful for this video! It was fascinating! ❤

  • Life is complicated. Feminism isn’t nearly consistent enough to even begin to encapsulate all the variables involved. The term has become meaningless at this point.

  • Look at Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos neither of them married gorgeous women. Looks don’t always matter.Appearance matters in terms of being well groomed, well maintained & healthy not someone who walks of a Victoria Secret Runway.

  • Level up means own something be proud of yourself some girls tend to depend on rich men to do everything for them which is not cool you will end being an option or trap by the money so please ladies own something do something you are proud of so that you can be close to the man you are looking for

  • definitely agree with the safety, my first girl was extremely good looking she came to the gym with me 5 times a week to keep in shape. She definitely had a lot of options but chose me. But through time dating her it got very tiring she was very spoiled by society and she acted like she had a lot of options other than me which slowly got old since I had heaps of options too but chose her. Now I have a girl I would say is 6/10 when she wakes up most of my friends find her average but my attraction for her grows more and more. As she’s a good daughter to her parents, the most valued person in her friend group and extremely loyal.

  • 0:55 I am sorry, but I go to the gym and pump some iron before any date. I am also usually the one who looks better than the girl at the date. So why tf should I have to pay?

  • 0:55 xD really? Men also spend money on their clothes and cosmetics and haircut etc. What’s more is that noone is asking you for it so why you assume it should be taking into account? You look good, men treats you good so why won’t you count what men do for you but you count what you do for men? Is it one side relationship or what? If a man has to ride a car for you to go on a date are you taking into account that using this car and petrol costs money? Really your logic here is fucked up my lady

  • I used to talk to a pretty wealthy guy…he is older than me..he’s like In his 40s…I’m 26…i stopped talking to him when I met my bf:) he was kind of an asshole and he didn’t agree with my life or how I live my life…he was always putting my life down and said I should improve myself and my life and then I’d be able to attract guys…

  • 51yo here. Back in 1980 my Granddad told me this would happen, he said women did not self-reflect and thus in time men world get sick of the narcissism, ignorance, hybrids, rabid hypocrisy and arrogance. He was right!

  • So I have seen this before, but I had a few drinks and my inhibitions have been lowered. I can’t lie, this is not only true, but disappointing. With this said, most GOOD guy have left the scene, and it is the woman’s fault. I want to be clear, I’m not trying to hurt anyone… but seriously, with independence you girls NEED to figure out what U want!

  • I’m sorry Ana, but your example is ridiculous. If a someone is going to attack his wife then what is your husband expected to do not respond? If it was the other way around and someone was coming at your husband, I think your first instinct is to try to stop them. I don’t think Cenk or Ana understand what people mean when they talk about benevolent sexism.

  • my question is ‘what exactly is a plain or unattractive’ woman? I’ve always been puzzled by this, even as a kid. Is it more about whether someone pays attention to her looks, or her natural beauty?

  • I’ve noticed on TYT that you guys too often make mistakes reading something. At about 25 seconds Cenk reads something and says “attached” where the text says “attracted” and he never corrects it. This is not the first time I’ve seen this on TYT, and not just Cenk but also Ana. This is NOT good for your credibility because it makes people wonder ” what other mistakes are these people basing their analyses on?”

    YOU GOTTA START BEING MORE CAREFUL. They don’t do this on CNN or MSNBC, when they misspeak they CORRECT it. It makes it look like you guys aren’t paying attention, which is very bad for what you are trying to do.


  • Me and a friend had an idea for who pays the bill: whoever planned it (if you both collaborated then split) but if he/she can’t for reasons then you can. If you both can’t pay then don’t go out.

  • I’m married. I watch these videos for social etiquette purposes. I’ve always been a tomboy. These are very useful for socializing with women.

  • Everyone likes to be made to feel special (male or female). I am a man and capable of looking after myself but it is nice when a woman cooks for me or makes decisions on which clothes to buy for example. It works both ways.

  • Okay the concept of hoocking or “catching ” a man is not something I agree with. If a man wants you he wants you. Nomatter how you are. If he really wants you he will fight for you becauwe thats how man are if thes decide on something. No womam should try to “catch” a man because if his heart is not there he will leave. So dont settle for anything less than true commitment and desire from your partner.

  • OMG no wonder my husband never hardly says I smell good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love and only have tons of floral fragrances because I love it!Now I will be on the search for something he loves and I kind of like /:

  • @ilovetheview47 haha, don’t be silly. I knew I was gay before I knew the word for it. But because of societal pressures, I gave being straight the old college try. I can still say that the girl I lost my virginity to (not the same girl who pretended not to be hungry, though we got busy too) is still my best friend after 3 decades. We’ve even “double dated” since then, her with her husband & me with mine. We made a pact in high school to remain friends till our dying breaths.

  • I agree with most of their opinions and think they have really wellrounded view on feminism. But to add
    1. I think it is not a bad thing for humanity to become more egalitarian
    2. helping out i it is because you think the other gender is often too weak still feals wrong to me,
    3. Men should not have to feel like they ought to use chivalry because most women want’s to see strength. Many men want their wifes to be obideint, but in the same way women should no have to feel like they have to be obidient towards their men in their actions.

  • Of course, he brings up right wingers as not accepting facts, while in this case, natural gender roles is what right wingers don’t refute. I recall it was the leftist Marxist progressives that questioned and protested gender roles.

  • 1They’re insecure about themselves.
    2Jealousy issues.
    3He actually sees her as beautiful.
    4Has other preferences. Examples: intelligence, wisdom, caregiving, etc.
    5Prioritises her background and path in life.

  • It’s not a mystery. Attractive women don’t have a personality and they aren’t loyal. Simply put the women will always be looking for her next encounter. Also every man has to date down because every woman tends to date up.

  • there embarrassed because they are with someone, just to be with someone. no real connection or personality. that’s what we do now adays, its come to be like a goal at work or a quota: ‘must be in relationship’ (robot voice)

  • May be the so called less attractive girl has character and personality which is more attractive then self obsessed beautiful girl

  • Being born a man and growing up as a man is way different. The dating aspect is a small portion of this, important to many, but small.

  • @rafaravioli Honestly the sexiest woman I’ve ever met was one in the gym. Don’t get all silly, she wasn’t smoking hawt or toned she was just very tall and was exercising very very hard and was sweating up a storm. Her legs and mainly thighs looked phenomenal but completely I actually found myself just staring and it was personal concerning that I actually had to tell myself to look away, quietly but still out loud. But then I’ve always had a personal “soft spot” for very sexy legs.

  • Having a relationship with someone of the same gender helps you understand the opposite gender? No it just means you are not satisfied sexually or otherwise, with one gender. Simples!

  • Men aren’t afraid of approaching women because they’re less approachable. We’re afraid because if they aren’t into us, we get labelled as a creep/harraser.

  • Open doors for women I can say that 8/10 females will look at you weirdly like a bug. And 9/10 will never say anything even close to thanks. So worth opening doors for females…not much. It’s different if it’s relative/mother/gf/wife.

  • “I know this very discreet, highly exclusive little restaurant, would you care to join me although I feel it only proper to inform you that I do fart up a storm”

  • Why doesn’t it turn women on that we think about sex so often? Isn’t the concept of sex the core drive of any successful sentient being?

  • Omg I remember that assault, she was live streaming on Facebook and I got so scared… Glad she wasn’t alone. I hope one day men will stop assaulting women and we won’t need our partners to protect us anymore

  • ahh my girlfriend gets embaressed to eat certain things in front of me. She’s really self concious and paranoid about her weight and thinks that i would be less attracted to her if she eats and stuff. its just absurd and really sad and i tell her its alright etc etc but yeah im not surprised at this study.

  • Yeah idk…I want a wife and kids…but theres too many hoes out there…I’m probably gonna build my log cabin in the woods and marry mother nature lol

  • I love to cook and I love to eat what I cook. If my partner was uncomfortable eating in front of me, I would encourage her to get the fuck over it.

  • LOL..I feel the same way Ana. A friend of mine never eats when we are around guys, then when she is alone or around girls she eats. I asked her, and she just says shes not comfortable eat around guys. But, like u, i dont give a shit. if ur repulsed by my eating, get the fuck out of my face then.

  • I must say, I ONLY dated other women and have never had any of these issues. In fact, when I was dating my wife, I would have to race to pull my money out before she got to her wallet. And to this day, we always thank each other for paying for dinner (even though we already share finances). And when I went up to her barrack’s room for the first time, there was definitely some making out involved. I wonder if, in your situation, she was waiting for you to make the first move? Were the women you dated also bisexual? I have heard from my fellow lesbians that bisexuals can often carry over bad habits from dating men (like not paying for dates and expecting the other woman to adopt the “male role”). Being a woman-loving woman often requires unlearning a lot of the cultural expectations put on women (and men) by society, including the expectation that your partner must take care of you financially and initiate everything. When there’s no man around, you learn how to move heavy things on your own, open your own jars, repair your own plumbing, maintain your own house and car, protect your own property and loved ones. Just looking pretty doesn’t cut it anymore.

  • In your 20s, have as much fun with Mr Wrong and when you about yo hit 30, look for Mr Right to come and raise Mr Wrong’s bastards….

    Mr Right aka Real Man, where are you? It better not be any of the males around me, I’m dispensing them

  • Great Video! Excuse me for butting in, I would love your opinion. Have you ever tried Sonsaiah Nonpareil Superiority (do a search on google)? It is a great one of a kind guide for attracting amazing ladies using this simple pheromone trick minus the hard work. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my friend at last got amazing success with it.

  • You’re genuinely a bad person, really you aren’t a good person. Men opened up to you and you just dismissed their issues? You really think that’s acceptable?

  • Insecurity seems like an unattractive trait in either men or women simply because you tend to stress people out in totally unnecessary ways which leads to resentment. I mean I think it’s cool and all that women have made it their MO to try and impress and be enticing to other people, but part of that is to keep the guy from looking at the hot chicks sitting at the other tables…let’s keep it real.

  • Just give up on physical relationships. S*x brings out the worst in both men and women anyway. If you’re desperate enough to be here (hey, I’m just being honest), it’s not going so well, but it might be a blessing in disguise. I gave up on the whole male-female thing when I had a religious conversion, and it was the best decision I ever made. I would add that before this, however, I never in my life was attracted by a scent. LOL

  • I swear the majority of relationship videos on youtube are made by women, and whether it’s feminists, pro marriage, pro single or whatever… the two common denominators remain… WOMEN ARE NEVER HAPPY! and WOMEN ARE ALWAYS COMPLAINING!

  • This is why complete equality doesn’t work and never will. Men and women are not supposed to be equal, biology and evolution didn’t design them that way, there is supposed to be a difference….

  • It is a BS argument that men should pay because women take time to “get ready”. First of all, I don’t even want for a woman to get ready. I want her to appear natural. so, telling this to a guy like me is like bringing him a wine that costs five dollars, and when the check arrives, saying it costs 500 because you added something that I didn’t even want in the wine.

  • Perhaps superficial isn’t the right word, but i like the sentiment of the comment. The point is women shouldn’t be concerned with these trivial matters, thinking that their PARTNERS will view them as superficial.

  • I would not be too concerned about what or how much they eat, but more about the way they eat. Not being able to use a knife and a fork at the same time really turns me off, although not quite as much as eating with your fingers.

  • Women who flirt or approach men first have serious personality problems. Guys, stay as far away as possible from such women. Trust me on that one.

  • What’s the first three things mother’s say to their daughters? How much he makes. Is he good looking how tall is he? Love is not at the top of the list and their lists are long. Father’s say to their sons is she pretty and a few other things. Not as much as women. Doesn’t take much to please a man. But women on the other hand…..

  • What does this have to do with Technology, Entertainment, or Design?? We all already know women love to complain and shirk responsibility.

  • Men have to realize that women are going to have sex with more than 1 guy in their life, and women have to realize that men are going to be attracted to other women even when they’re in a relationship with someone. That’s just the way it is, and all the anxiety in the world isn’t going to change it.

  • The butthurts in the comment.Well guess what,Women won’t stop being strong and independent now even if they stay single all their lives.That ship has sailed.

  • One quick note on this. The line I said “the amount of kisses promised didn’t equal the amount of kisses delivered” can be interpreted as problematic and I want to clarify that ANYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO REVOKE CONSENT AT ANY TIME. I just thought it was a funny thing to say, and was bummed that we didn’t make out cause she was very pretty & intelligent. However I am not entitled to anyone’s body, and they are free to not make out with my face if they don’t want to anymore. In this specific situation, I think we were both merely afraid to make the first move, but want to clarify for those who may take it in the way it isn’t intended to be: just a funny little line I thought of.

  • I’ma woman. I think about all the time!
    They’re just in denial. I’m a size 6 in Scotland & I eat all I want n’ like a pig & its loved!! Eating like a pig is cute ;p

  • Isn’t this what y’all wanted? Miss independent strong woman who don’t need no man? Isn’t this what you asked for? Then why are you complaining about not finding the “Right” Men?

  • beautifull women is a bad investment for 10 to 20 years, coz beauty faded.
    For fun is the best way without commitment, Love is a bussiness. money can buy beautiful girl to bed, its a fact, they cant cook, they dont like children, if its just for sex. Dont buy the Lamb if you only like to eat it. Most of the rich man dont have time for drama from a queen.

    And yes, beauty can be bought and carried home.