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New drugs on the market are of particular concern because not all of their side effects are known. Drug studies tend to work with a narrow population so once a medication is available to the general population, it’s not unusual for new side effects to surface. Form a relationship with your pharmacist.

Revised for the first time in more than 25 years, the new format requires that the prescription information for new and recently approved products meet specific graphical requirements and includes. Some Chesapeake Public School parents ready students for first virtual day without laptops troopers on a high-speed chase in New Kent but do your homework! 5. There are prescription-drug.

Prescription drugs may be ridiculously expensive, but if you do your homework and sign up for the right coverage, you can make them far more. Medicare prescription drug coverage (Part D). Now, plans have to get your approval to deliver a prescription (new or refill) unless you ask for the refill or request the new prescription.

Some plans may ask you for your approval every year so that they can send you all new prescriptions without asking you before each delivery. Your new home might not have any window treatments; if not, they should be at the top of your list of things to purchase (you don’t want to give your new neighbors a bad first impression, after all). Check to see if the house has horizontal and vertical blinds, and make sure you like the style. Prescription monitoring programs (PMPs) are one of them.

The goal of PMPs is a good one — to identify patients who are being prescribed multiple medications by multiple clinicians. It is a means to introduce some stewardship for preventing overuse and misuse of prescription drugs. How prescription monitoring programs work. But, the first time you buy something online that can affect your health, like contact lenses, it’s worth doing your homework.

Learn how to choose a reputable retailer AND save money. This Rookie’s Guide to Buying Contact Lenses Online provide. Undergoing a house hunt for a first time, or even upgrading your present home, leaves you with quite a few things to consider. The eagerness to redecorate a new abode and a lack of basic financial literacy when it comes to mortgages and home buying, however, can cloud your judgment and present problems down the line. Want to freshen your face with a new pair of eyeglass frames?

As you probably know, you can save a small fortune by ordering glasses online. Just one wrinkle: You need to know your prescription.

List of related literature:

This usually takes the form of interpreting a written prescription but may, occasionally, involve taking instructions given by word of mouth or by telephone.

“Bentley's Textbook of Pharmaceutics E-Book” by Sanjay Kumar Jain, Vandana Soni
from Bentley’s Textbook of Pharmaceutics E-Book
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For safety, new prescriptions should always be accompanied by both written and verbal instructions.

“Encyclopedia of Family Health” by Martha Craft-Rosenberg, Shelley-Rae Pehler
from Encyclopedia of Family Health
by Martha Craft-Rosenberg, Shelley-Rae Pehler
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The next part of the prescription is the subscription.

“Pharmacology and Therapeutics for Dentistry E-Book” by Frank J. Dowd, John A. Yagiela, Bart Johnson, Angelo Mariotti, Enid A. Neidle
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If a nurse practitioner with prescription privileges has the opportunity to review the patient’s chart, simplified written instructions must be provided with the purpose of the drug(s), how to best take the medication(s), and a list of drug interactions and adverse effects.

“Pharmacology and the Nursing Process E-Book” by Linda Lane Lilley, Shelly Rainforth Collins, Julie S. Snyder
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In addition, some prescription plans or health care settings may require that a diagnosis and allergies to medication be listed on the prescription form.

“Pediatric Primary Care E-Book” by Catherine E. Burns, Ardys M. Dunn, Margaret A. Brady, Nancy Barber Starr, Catherine G. Blosser, Dawn Lee Garzon Maaks
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The prescriber should sign and print his or her name clearly, and the prescription should be dated and show an administration time.

“Davidson's Essentials of Medicine E-Book” by J. Alastair Innes
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Sign the prescription; begin with “t.o.” (telephone order), write the HCP’s name, and sign the prescription.

“Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-PN® Examination E-Book” by Linda Anne Silvestri
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“If a customer asks what disease a prescription is for, the pharmacist can compliment him on the interest he takes in his health,” Husa recommended in 1947.

“Ethical Responsibility in Pharmacy Practice” by Robert A. Buerki, Louis Donald Vottero
from Ethical Responsibility in Pharmacy Practice
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This could not be done on a single printed page, and to attempt to do so might very well mislead the physician as stated by the American Medical Association in its letter to the committee dated August 10, 1961, to assume that he might safely prescribe drugs solely on the basis of Journal advertisements.

“Drug Industry Act of 1962: Hearings... Eighty-seventh Congress, Second Session, on H.R. 11581... and H.R. 11582... June 19, 20, 21, 22; August 20, 21, 22, 23, 1962” by United States. Congress. House. Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce
from Drug Industry Act of 1962: Hearings… Eighty-seventh Congress, Second Session, on H.R. 11581… and H.R. 11582… June 19, 20, 21, 22; August 20, 21, 22, 23, 1962
by United States. Congress. House. Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce
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Finally, specific instructions on the container assist the prescriber in reviewing medications ordered by other prescribers.

“Pharmacology for the Primary Care Provider E-Book” by Marilyn Winterton Edmunds, Maren Stewart Mayhew
from Pharmacology for the Primary Care Provider E-Book
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  • I recently watched the HBO Watchmen show. It’s like really well written fanfiction with Game of Thrones’ budget. Please make a video about it. Would love to hear your thoughts <3

  • I was sitting in my car crying at this video. Thank you for sharing. I only got diagnosed about 6 weeks ago, but my doc jumped straight to meds, and I immediately started on a titration approach to finding my perfect dose of adderall. I just still was a touch worried about it. After the literal best month of my life after find the doses and combination of fast acting and time released meds for my brain I was still feeling apprehensive or weird about it. And I’m scared to not take them, even after this short period of time. I worried about getting addicted, being seen a druggy, or unable to cope for some reason. It made me feel weak. But it also made my life my own again and I was so conflicted. Then I watched this. And it helped.

    My doctor recommended your videos to me and I have not stopped watching. I’ve cried so many times just from sheer joy and relief that someone knows what I’m feeling.

  • I want to take the medication but family and friends judge it and think I’m lazy. But I literally cannot focus. I havent heard any one until now actually talk how it’s okay. ❤

  • As a kid myself, I’ve recently started sixth grade. Ya know, an hour of homework a night. But then, you pile on the other stuff, my teachers give us so much stuff to do in class, and if we can’t do about 20 pages worth of math problems then bam, more homework. Plus, the other subjects piled onto that. This isn’t homework but my math teacher, she doesn’t explain anything fully like the one I had last year. He took 30 minutes out of the lesson to make sure we understood it so we could finish 20 pages of homework. BUT NOPE! This year we have to figure it out ourselves and we can’t ask for help because ‘no talking’ and ‘I’m not going to talk to you unless it’s your bleeding or ill.’

    I’m tired of this and it’s been a month, I have little freetime to be myself and talk to my friends and actually be social, plus, my lunch is spent in silence and that isn’t good for me because I can’t goof off and actually be refreshed to do work.

    I bet this is because of the new principal or something else dumb.

  • Dude watch the SHOW. I’m so curious to see your opinion. I loved it, but you have such an insightful perspective on Watchmen that I’d love to see how it matches up to the OG for you.

  • I have ADHD and have all my life. I can function with altered methods of doing things…but when society does not allow those accommodations, sometimes medicine is warranted for special times where I need to be alert. I agree that America PUSHES medicines on people. There are hundreds of TV ads telling you to “tell your doctor that you need…” insane, in my opinion. There are people who need medicine to regulate things that their body cannot…but it is insane how pills are pushed here in America. 

  • I don’t know the idiocy that goes through peoples heads today. it’s like politicians completely forget being a teen and just say “screw you I’m older now” and allow way to much homework. they think that more work won’t burn out a child and they think that more and more testing is better.

    we have a test in our school, it is called the slo. we take a test at the beginning of the year and it isn’t for a grade, and the better you do the next time you take it you have to do better. well, the test MUST be fifty questions long. and forty five minutes long. you know how to do math? can you find the midpoint between two points in FIFTY FUCKING SECONDS!!!!!! WELL I CANT!!! THE ENTIRE FRESHMAN MATH CLASS FAILED THE TEST AND THEY ALL HAVE TO TAKE THE ALGEBRA EXAM!!!!

  • I get what you’re saying, but I think you’re underestimating the reading comprehension skills of a lot of people who read Watchmen. I didn’t think of anyone in that series as role models; they were all heavily flawed individuals. Also, Doomsday Clock was awful.

  • Children are indeed way over loaded by schools and many parents. They really need time to themselves after school. Let them sleep in on holidays and the summer too. They will love you for it. And that’s what matters.

  • I really enjoyed the Watchmen TV Show a lot, IMO it’s the perfect sequel that understands the original text, but also critiques it for the best.

  • Thank you. Seriously, thank you for doing this and for this message. I didn’t know a whole lot about ADHD until I was a adult (I’m in my 40’s). My parents had me on Ritalin for a while as a child but I don’t remember it. I just assumed that my brain didn’t work as well as my peers and that I needed to work extra hard to be normal. When I was tired of it, I saw a doctor and was diagnosed. Meds have been a huge life changer for me.

  • This is incredibly patronizing as a video for something that I think a lot of people actually understand and appreciate about Watchmen, However, you hit the nail on the head with Zack Snyder. He completely missed everything that makes Watchmen Watchmen.

  • I don’t fault someone who truly needs the medication. I have learned how to operate without it, but there are others who struggle much more than I. I can understand their need for medication. That being said, many parents and teachers have used ADHD to take the easy way out. It happened to one of my cousins. Is it a widespread problem? I don’t know, but we shouldn’t dismiss the other side so easily. From a logical perspective, it makes sense that a parent or teacher who is frustrated with a wild child would immediately assume they have ADHD and want to get them medicated. Again, I don’t know how common this is, but I’ve seen it happen.

  • *obligatory comment to feed the system that demands interaction to prove to advertisers that we’re motivated enough to interact with the video, which corporations believe is proof that viewers of this are active enough to buy products*

  • Please do a video on the watchmen TV show! I suBscribed like you asked! I love you, I think ur a cute sasquatch and it’s sad when u say you ugly:'(

  • I had noticed the protein thing anecdotally but I hadn’t found any resources backing it up. Do you have any links/books/other resources that explained or corroborated this too?

  • WARNER BROS.: Hey! Watchmen is beloved by many…let’s make a movie version, expand the story further by adding them.into the DC main line and do a tv series about it.

    ALAN MOORE: Holy shit.

  • This made me cry for sure. The shame I feel and how I’ve been made to feel like I’m a “druggie” or something and i need help or rehab because I cant do life without it.

  • Umm yes I would absolutely love to see your take on the HBO series, it was my intro into Watchmen and it made me actually go and grab the comic so I could understand the universe more.

  • I’m interested in a video about the TV show!

    Also, have you heard of Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt by Kieron Gillen? It’s an unofficial sequel to Watchmen that actually has something to say (Peter Cannon is the character Alan Moore based Ozymandias on). Would love to hear your thoughts on that one.

  • 21:58 it’s so funny that you forgot about the short 1 minute Watchmen which as a Parody tried to simplify and Market them as a new Justice League Unlimited type team. It’s on YouTube

  • I think watchmen is too overtly cynical for my taste but I can’t believe you read the entirety of Doomsday Clock and got nothing out of it. Your unoriginal take that watchmen is simply “everyone is bad and you’re bad for liking the characters” is such a shallow perspective. I can’t own a trinket of Freddy Kruger or Darth Vader because they are bad people??? Watchmen was about trying to make comics mature, and Doomsday clock is a comic response to it for better or for worse. Its a more optimistic take IMO and to say that it’s bad because it “doesn’t reflect current times” is disingenuous. It’s talking about it’s influence on DC comics as a whole and the JSA are def more influential than the watchmen come on they just got a show on CW. Please do a smidge of research before you put out half baked analysis for an impressionable audience to misunderstand. Also The Ultimate Cut of BVS explains Lex Luthor hired convicts to kill the criminals marked by Batman.

  • Doomsday Clock kinda reinforces one of the meanings of the original book (in my opinion), but not on purpose. It (doomsday clock) portrays the Watchmen as heroes because the writer (Geoff Johns) thought they were heroes, since they had masks and a cape and everything. In that same vein, society has portrayed everyone with a badge (cops) as heroes because they’re wearing the badge, therefore they must be good people.

    Edit: I might’ve just been reading too deeply into things, but that’s how I saw it.

  • Spoooooon!

    And I disagree DC never intended to return rights to Moore. Thing is, he expected to get the rights back after the end of the Watchmen print run. But what happened after that was Watchmen got enough demand to go into a second printing, which almost never happens. Neither DC nor Moore expected it to, or else they would have written the contract differently. What Moore got was success. And he obviously couldn’t handle it. Afterwards DC was forced to try to buy up everything Moore ever did to capture that lightning in a bottle again. Of course that didn’t endear them to Moore, who by now hated everything DC stood for. Kind of silly to be honest. Richard Meyer brought me that perspective.

  • please talk about it, i refuse to pay for any streaming service ever. i want someone else to watch the show for me and tell me if it sucks or not

  • Children are indeed way over loaded by schools and many parents. They really need time to themselves after school. Let them sleep in on holidays and the summer too. They will love you for it. And that’s what matters.

  • I think it’s interesting to compare Rorschach and Joaquin Phoenix Joker with Travis Bickle. The Joker movie was heavily inspired by Taxi Driver and he even appears in the Rorshach prequel comic. The key thing about Travis is that while he’s incredibly complex and often relatable, we’re never supposed to side with him. I feel like the Joker movie and subsequent portrayals of Rorschach are under the impression that these are heroic characters.

  • Random person #3,807 checking in, there’s nothing wrong taking your medication to cope with a disorder that nature decided to give you so you can be yourself. F* everyone that says otherwise. Don’t feel bad about it. Ever.

    This is has been rando viewer 540,896, I hope I made 1;540,895th of a difference. Take care.

  • I was in 6th grade when I asked my mother to teach me how to live with out the meds. Never went back to meds. I was on an adult dose of a sedative ( tophernel) not to mention an adult dose of ridalin. I was still only getting 3 to 4 hours of sleep not to mention running a marathon in my head.

  • Yup, I would love to see your take on a new series. In my opinion, it’s actually good and I was afraid this video is going to bash it (I don’t really consider other DC creations to be a continuation of the series they are more like bad fanfics). The series is not as deep as the original comic book, but it does touch similar points more explicitly.

  • For all that I’ve heard that it’s really good and has all kinds of deep things to say, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say anything, like substantial about the Watchmen series or the themes and situations it presents. I’m sure it’s good but I always raise an eyebrow when pop cultural osmosis tells me that something is deep but doesn’t tell me why. This is to say, yes, I’d like to see what you have to say about it.

  • I’m in 6th grade and I have Ds and Fs now because I really want to play games or I’ll just stare off into space and I’m getting paranoid about it

  • Bruh you recapping doomsday clock was so much easier to watch than comicstorian or comicsexplained

    I love those channels, but idk, yours was just easier

  • Anyone experienced this??

    teacher: hey students, today I will not be giving any homework
    Teacher: do 99999999999 pages of math book today
    Me: points mid finger

  • Ah, homework, I used to get a lot of one when I went to school but I might not have done completely. I think most kids prefer playing to doing homework, huh?

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  • As a teenage girl with ADHD, I cannot applaud this criticism of drug-marketing enough. Notice how nearly all of the kids in these ads are elementary school-aged boys? That’s because the trademark image of ADHD is physical hyperactivity, which is common in ALL young boys, and drug companies know that it’s then easy to say “hey, here’s a problem that needs fixing.” I got diagnosed at the age of 14 because, like most girls, mine revolves primarily around inattention. I’ve been accused of drug-seeking and laziness, and the way ADHD was ruining my life caused me to self-harm and attempt suicide before I had even graduated MIDDLE SCHOOL.
    Not only is this marketing predatory, but it harms those of us who legitimately need treatment.

  • I’m sure many parents want their kids to receive a stimulant prescription. They can save the kids from drugs and get themselves high. Can’t blame them!

  • ADHD is very over-diagnosed in the United States. I believe any parent that describes their child as hyper and over-active is labeled with ADHD but in reality their just being normal kids. Advertisements that are everywhere definitely put into a parents head that their child needs to be medicated for this disease and that it will make everything better and life for them and their child easier. But this is undermining those who actually suffer with ADHD and have no other option but to be medicated. These adds portray to the world that it is very common yet a quick and easy fix to make everything perfect again. I believe there are children that are hyperactive and may have a difficult time focusing in school but that doesn’t mean they have ADHD. Kids are naturally hyperactive and that’s cured by having them burn their energy through sports, recess and playing outside not medication. These advertisements that are ran show that its very common for kids to not focus and by just one medication the child would be its best at everything. It shows that the children would normally do things and say things that they normally would not. News flash, no child likes doing chores, or homework regardless of ADHD or not. These advertisements need to stop targeting the general public and stop putting the idea into every parents head that their child must have ADHD and therefore need to be medicated.

  • I believe that an ADHD diagnosis is losing its meaning. ADHD is a very real disease, and many patients do actually have this. The ads today for ADHD medications are incredibly strategic, as they are meant to be. People who create these advertisements go to school and learn about what sells. If anyone sees an ad of a kid hugging his mom and everything is sunshine and rainbows, and it is an ad for a medication, the assumption is that the medication made everything great. Like Dr. Kesselheim mentions in the video, the great things are at the top of the ad and the risks and scary things are at the bottom. So you read all the wonderful and great things about ADHD medication then read the risks and side effects. I think that makes it easy for people to say that the good effects of the medication outweigh the bad. All parents want the best for the children, that cannot be typically argued. Like the video mentioned, there are kids who do not get the best grades but that does not mean they have ADHD. Just because your kid is a little disruptive in class or seems all over the place, does not automatically mean he or she has ADHD and needs medication. ADHD should be taken very seriously, and with the right medication it can make a world of a difference to a person. But, ads like this that only say the good things are harmful to children. Parents see these ads and get worried that there little Jonny is not the perfect child, and automatically think well if medication helps then…, without thinking of the side effects. I am not trying to discount ADHD diagnoses because there are certainly patients of all ages who have this disease. But medicating a child or any patient who does not have this disease with these kinds of stimulants can be very damaging. In this pharmaceutical era where at least half of the population is on a prescription medication, it is very clear that drug advertisers know exactly how to make these ads to get the business they want.

  • Just wanted to say that the fact that you do jump cuts and are constantly moving to new places on the screen makes it significantly easier to focus on! Well done, very informative!

  • I got ADD, hyper-sensibility, Empathy, post-traumatic anxiety. When my anxiety is amplify by too much noise around me my cortisol and adrenaline rise and my temper switch from calm to angry and anyone that don’t respect what I do or says my strength amplify and I hit thing like window or counter to tell them to listen when I says or do something. But I noticed that if I got a girlfriend, I don’t have any symptoms of post-traumatic anxiety, my cortisol and adrenaline are replace by dopamine and serotonin. Recently I start taking Nootropic supplements it help a lot to control my mood, my Add, and I don’t got cortisol or adrenaline rising. But it doesn’t fix my post-traumatic anxiety, I rarely call family like grand-parents, father, mother. When I got day off, I go out if I need to buy stuff I need, but if no need I can stay a whole day inside organising my apartment, my hard-drives or e-mail box. And the only thing that help me sleeping it’s meditation and stretching.

  • Note; anyone that’s taking medications for a long period of time is going to experience what she experienced. The body and the brain are on detox and cannot function properly. Which she’s experiencing is P.A.W.S. Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome.

    Essentially when a human being is using drugs when you take the drugs away your brain is going to have to go through an adjustment. During the adjustment -The individual will lose mental faculties and mental functioning. I.E. mental and emotional fog will be a symptom of the withdrawals.

  • When you put a child on this type of medication from a young age, you run the risk of that child never developing the normal life skills required to cope with getting distracted or having trouble focusing (problems everyone has at one point). I know a lot of people who got taken off the medication in high school only to have their grades fall apart because they’d been relying on a medication rather than themselves to get things accomplished. For any illness, there is more than one way to treat it.

     I take adderall, and I do think it’s something that is good for me, but it isn’t good for everybody, and it’s very easy to develop a dependence on it or start to abuse it. I know several diagnosed kids who were selling their drugs to other kids who wanted to get better grades, yet their parents kept talking about how much the drugs “helped.”

     Bottom line: when it’s an ailment of the brain, explore all treatment options first, don’t just jump to one particular one because you think it’s easy. 

  • It’s called ‘mommy guilt’. Instead of teaching their kids good learning habits, manners and overall life skills, parents would rather label their kid as ‘disabled’ to placate their neglectful parental guilt. It’s much easier to blame a ‘condition’ than themselves.

    Big pharma really knows how to market these pills to gullible people.

  • I worked in advertising in NYC in the ’90s for many major ad agencies. They are truly evil in their agenda and VERY smart people are pushing drugs children don’t need.

  • yknow man im with u but you lost me with those sucky impressions. i can tell u enjoy doing them because how often u do it in the vid but it just takes me out the video man

  • I think Batman would be the watchman of the watchmen in dcu if the heroes were dicks.
    Bunch of times I feel like batman is a lion trainer within other heroes. They are much stronger than him but they are as competent as children. They are due to their phisicall abilities better at fighting. That is.
    He needs to lead them and he has to set up some safety messure in case if they were going out of hand.
    Marvel is less convinient in my opinion.

  • So if your kid isn’t the most popular, straight A student, just give them a pill. What message are you really giving your child if they keep talking about them as if they’re a disappointment, that there’s something wrong with you? I have nothing against the diagnosis of ADHD, it’s just overly diagnosed, too many kids who don’t fit in or come from dysfunctional families, who all ready have a diagnosis of LDs, (which sometimes appear to be ADHD, but aren’t like auditory processing or remembering what you read), and might just be anxious and fustraited, who might be homeless, who have abuse issues at home, who might be care givers to someone In their family, who are really smart who are just board, so it might appear that they’re “inattentive”… If they get a diagnosis of ADHD, patents can kick and scream and get the district to send them to one of the many private schools for students with learning Disablities. Maybe they have ADHD, but not all need medication, which has many side affects and if they’ve ever taken medication for this they can’t join the military and they don’t learn how to really deal with it and just take a pill also not realizing that once they get that diagnosis, get an IEP, that’s all they are and what gifts they might have aren’t looked at. It’s very sad.

  • Once you realize that the medical industry isn’t out to heal your body andmind. And that their only goal is money and more of it. You begin to stop listening to big pharma and their paid for doctors. 

  • I feel like the U.S. is the most extreme when it comes to the amount of medication that is consumed. In switzerland(where I live) the doctors are not influenced as much by the pharmacutical companies and they don’t push patients to medication as some U.S. doctors do. As long as washington can be bought the pharmacutical industry will continue to push as many pills as possible whether the patient needs medication or not. 

  • This is the comedy show that made me a Corey Holcomb fan. Now I watch all his shit, from comedy shows to his 5150 channel. My nigga is a beast!!!

  • Hey there fellow humanoid! Got a big batch of homework on your shoes and your dog just won’t eat it?

    Ur solution is this:

    Burn the homework

    Snap a pic for proof

    Make a excuse such as I left my homework next to the stove and it burned

    Show ur teacher and tell her the story.

  • Got a chance to see Corey last night at the Atlanta Comedy theatre and let’s just say he still got it. My girl was drunk and we just happened to sit in the front row and she had to open her mouth where he head her and we became the punchline of the joke lol the whole club knew who I was by the end of the night because they were all saying something positive lol so Corey knows me now since he used my name for his jokes for about 20 minutes lol

  • Dude at 1:12 in the front middle row with the white coat or jacket on didn’t think the Magic Johnson HIV joke was at all. The guy sitting next to him is cracking up.

  • Corey rips the stage up because he says some shit that just shocks you,You sometimes say,Did he just say what I think he said,,,,,,,Yes. He Did…..And He will say anything…..

  • I subscribed and am leaving a comment down here in the hopes that these two things combined will tell you there’s a general interest in the idea of you sitting down watching the w a watchmen show and making a stand alone video on the topic.

  • Children are indeed way over loaded by schools and many parents. They really need time to themselves after school. Let them sleep in on holidays and the summer too. They will love you for it. And that’s what matters.

  • I have yet to find an ADHD medication that doesn’t make me angry, or crying, I am struggling with it now and I want to find ADHD meds that help. Does anyone have suggestions?

  • those watchmen adaptations are like extremely bad fanfictions. No, forgive me, fanfiction is way more respectable as art than those shitty cash grabs

  • We work in school for a chance to work at our job, that job is a chance for us to retire well and live in peace. That peace is never enough, we stress and work hard more than we do enjoying.

  • Hi Jessica, I was wondering if you had resources for women who have ADHD but have had to stop taking medication in order to try to conceive or because of pregnancy. There seems to be pretty little research on women who take their meds during pregnancy and my provider has now refused to help me find a short-term medication because I’m no longer on birth control. My obgyn team also wanted me off meds before conception.

    I’m having such a hard time focusing without meds (off for 3 months now), while working from home, in the midst of this crisis, and supporting my spouse as he helps homeschool our child. I’m at the age where I want to have more children and don’t want to wait longer, but I’m working at a small fraction of my normal capacity and I’m more important than ever at my position and at home. I can’t keep up and between stopping birth control, historical levels of stress, and stopping my meds, my physical and emotional self seems barely contained.

    I don’t know if I can sustain this for the next year+ as I TTC, get pregnant, and continue into breastfeeding. Any recommendations?

  • I’m best in my class for math and science and I barely do any homework, I dislike doing something like that because someone ordered me to it, also, I don’t agree with the homework they assign, I wanna study what I want, what’s important for me and my career, some of the homework is so damn easy and I want something challenging or some homeworks are so damn hard I want something easier to get the hang of first, schools is idiotic

  • Idk whats funnier how much he doesn’t give a fuck or the ppl in the crowd tryna hold on to their morals lmfao ���� that nigga said i had to act like i was sad����

  • LOL I go to this charter college preparation school, and they be teacher us highschool and some college stuff and endorsement and lots of support. But I really like this one method my friend told me of how she does her work routine and that is to do the majority of your work (that you can do) in study hall and during tutorials or study/homework groups (with friends if you want) so you won’t get distracted. But I also think it really important to know how to spread out and plan your hw wisely so you won’t get stressed out and you won’t be up all night (like before midnight). Or if you have a really long hw or project thing you can spend a little bit of time in it each day (I do like 30mins-1hr). If you have easy fun work, like I’m getting my art endorsement so I have lots of little sketch assignments, you can do that while eating unless that’s too stressful. But it’s all about finding what works for you cuz everyone works in a different way. Sorry if this is long LOL I’m an overachiever (it is the time to stop). But I love to help others, especially academically and things I’m good at. Buttt!! XD

  • Im ngl, I didn’t like doomsday clock but i still collected all the books because i had hope. The beginning in my opinion stared decently well and had opportunity. The point where the conspiracy of all heros being fabricated by the US government seems so real but they didn’t do anything with it later in the books which pissed me off. However the covers looked kinda cool, with the artistic aesthetic of the original book. Maybe its just me but although it does suck the art was nice. Also i enjoyed the HBO show and its theme on masks and racial bias in the government, but the whole doctor Manhattan thing at the end was dumb. I absolutely love what they did with Hooded Justice tho. I have no idea how they are gonna make a 2nd season tho.

  • That’s mt school and it’s even elementary and i am in 5th grade and not laying but they five us like 20 pages per day,HATE HOMEWORK����

  • in our school (I’m 13) and we learn what college students learn at the moment we stay at school till 7 on weekdays, and we go to school on Saturday as well and we have 4 hour exams without a break each week. The reason is that next year we are going to high school and obviously you have to do an exam to go to a good qualified one. But the exam is hard Af so

  • Bhai yeh galat hai yrrrr
    Vidya ki koi ijjat hi nhi
    Bhai use tum toilet me Dal rahe ho foot Rakh rahe ho gaadi Chala the ho

    Bhai mana ki comedy hai
    No problem with comedy
    But Bhai Vidya ki ijjat to Karo na
    Plz ��

  • I have 4 days for staying in school till 4-6pm because for Math and English tutoring. We still have arts and gym in the afternoon. Between Arts I still have 4 hours break and 2 hours for english. But I still need to do homework and learn for my exams. �� Wow I’m REALLY excited to go to school ������

  • She said “STANDARD”…we NEED  kid who can do ADVANCE homework than  STANDARD. They will be dealing with 22nd and 23third centuries problems. Who parents think standard would be enough?

  • I go to school for 6 7 hours, I have my occasional homework that takes a few hours, sometimes I’ll have big assignments that are group related and out of school. But it feels like my life is a big lie. I don’t want to learn about bullshit. At least half the stuff I learn, I won’t need to know (at least in the line of work I’m looking forward to). An additional amount of information I forget and end up being taught the same material/topic the very next year. I want to learn the important stuff. If teachers only taught us the important stuff, my summer vacation would be extended into the beginning of winter.

  • AND I have to write a whole essay on why homework is good or bad. (Well, you can choose your topic, so of course I chose homework) and by the way I am going against homework in this essay.

  • EVERYONE uses something! Some people wear glasses, or contact lenses, or have medication for a condition. Everyone wears a coat when it’s cold. Cold medicine, sleep aids, shoe inserts, rehabilitation tools… the list goes on and on. And medication for ADHD (or anything else!) is no different. If it makes your life better, and doesn’t ruin anyone else’s in the process, USE IT! No shame. No judgement. Thank you for being brave and sharing this video.

  • My sister, who is 9, gets like homework in 3 different subjects every day (due to next day so only one day to do it) and she has like 7 every weekend. She has seriously more homework than me and spends more time every night with doing it than I do also, so it’s not easy homework, and I’m 15 and we go to the same school wtf

  • I used to do as much of my math or history High School homework as possible on the 30 minute bus ride home. I stepped off the bus homework free, except for extra reading or writing assignments. Does anyone else remember doing “packets?” (1974-1977)

  • For me, it has gotten a little bit more manageable after going to a school with a block schedule. In junior high, we still had about 7 classes a day, with at least an hour of homework in each class. I never had any time for physical activity and about had a mental breakdown every night.

  • I recommend you watch the new Watchmen Series HBO put out. It feels like a greater adaptation to the original and is a better sequel to Watchmen in my opinion.

  • Honestly, I have been on concerta for a couple months now, and I stopped taking it yesterday. I feel better now, but I’m still having the same problems I’ve had since before I started medication over a year ago.
    Been through several forms of Adderall in addition to concerta… Haven’t helped yet, and I’m seriously losing hope.

  • Hello! Not begging for likes, but I spoke to a neurologist and I’m starting ADHD meds next week. Does anyone have any advice? Not asking for likes, just your replies✨

  • I’m in high school and I have 7+ hours of homework a day. By the time I’m done, I miss my daily meals and even water. My eyes hurt so much from staring at the laptop screen. Ever since I entered senior year, my eyes have gotten very weak and blurry at times. I believe homework is very important, but too much homework makes kids hate school.

  • If you get told you are not trying enough think about this: is a person supposed to take you seriously if you are not working in theirs profession but give them unsolicited advice? Of course not. F*ck those judgers, they are looser anyways

  • Recently got diagnosed with ADHD. I took a few doses of my medication and got scared about the side effects. After a while I started feeling like I shouldn’t need medication. I graduated with Master’s without it, why do it need it now? Then I remember how difficult it was for me to get my degrees and get where I am. I remembered how unhappy I was with my mental well-being, even before puting a name to my mental illness.

  • I really need to figure out who I need to talk to in order to get diagnosed and treated. Everything you were saying about how you were without your meds is EXACTLY how I always feel. Thanks for these vids.

  • this has been a problem for way too long teachers don’t even teach they just assign homework and homework should be work that was not finished within the classroom not work that was given to keep you busy and quite also as a senior in high school I had 2 to 3 hour homework on an average day sometimes more all those classes really add up and at least half of the homework is not for a grade but teachers only tell you afterwards

  • I had behavioral problems in high school (liberal atheist in a rural Catholic school… Of course I had issues!) and had to see a shrink. While waiting for my doctor, I saw a pamphlet for an ADHD drug with “amphetamine” in the chemical name. I remembered what what that meant from DARE; it’s speed! So, I started describing my “symptoms” as those I knew to be indicative of ADHD. Next thing I knew, I had a prescription for an all-day upper and a source of income. Thanks, Adderall XR!

  • When my daughter was diagnosed at 7, once on medication..she looks at me and said man, what I feel so good today. What took us so long mom to get this medicine?

  • I would definitely like to see your take on the Watchmen TV show! I’m not really a big comic book guy in general, but I did read and like Watchmen, and I think the TV show is worth watching even if maybe it isn’t quite as good.

    Spoilers for the Watchmen TV show from this point on

    My one criticism of the show though is that it doesn’t really seem to really understand Dr. Manhattan as a character. Both his power set (why didn’t he just teleport himself and Angela away when the 7th Kavalry were outside their house?) and his character motivations. My interpretation of Dr. Manhattan from the comic is that he was supposed to show that a being as powerful as many comic book heroes are would not care about humanity at all. It would be the equivalent of a person being really concerned with what’s happening inside of an anthill; a temporary curiosity at best. I just don’t think it makes sense for him to, like, fall in love with people or even to want to do anything to help those around him like he does in the show. I feel like in the ideal Watchmen sequel, Dr. Manhattan would not show up at all. He would have just flown off to God-knows-where in the universe and never even thinks about the people of Earth again. Maybe people on Earth would still care, they would spread legends about him or pray to him or something, but it definitely would be a one-way relationship. It seems to me like he was only such a big part of the TV show because of audience expectations that a sequel to Watchmen should have him.

    This definitely wasn’t enough to make me not like the show, but it just weirdly stood out to me considering for the most part the show seems to purposely want to defy what audience expectations of a Watchmen sequel should be, which I thought was one of it’s biggest strengths.

  • I’m positive I have been undiagnosed ADHD my whole life. At 51 years old I don’t know where to start with treatment. Any suggestions? I mentioned it to my psychiatric nurse practitioner and he said no one diagnoses someone at my age with ADHD. Is this true? And if so why?

  • I had 4 hours+ worth of homework every night (not including exam studies) when I was in the 7th grade. On top of that extra curricular activities for an hour after school. The teachers couldn’t care less if we lost all of our free & sleep time. My biggest regret in life was taking too freshmen years too seriously. By that time I hit 8-9th grade, I burned out completely and became an underachiever.

  • well im in 7th grade and iv been doing history homework for 2 hours and still have 16 problems 10 problems for math adn then ela and science homework also have to study for a history and math quizz tomrrow so thats gonna be real fun

  • kids shouldn’t have to do their school work at home, that’s why they spend the whole day in school. if they can’t do that 10 120 min of book work in school there is serious something very wrong.

  • My Kindergartner was getting an hours worth of homework every night last year.  My eldest, a Junior in High school was getting 3-4 hours of homework every night.  It’s crazy.

  • I did my homework at school. If I wasn’t able to finish it at the school the day before or the day of, it wasn’t gonna be done. Especially seeing how you can still pass, graduate (I was a Salutatorian), and get scholarships without doing a majority of you homework assignments.

  • 10 mins of homework is nothing! i came from an asian household. on top of homework i had to play piano 3 hours a day as a kid. haha

  • It can’t be emphasized enough that ADHD is on a spectrum and whether or not you need meds is highly dependant on your severity and degree of frontal lobe development. Kids are more likely to have ADHD symptoms because of brain development. it’s when those symptoms continue to impact the individual or the individual doesn’t grow out of it that you know it’s something serious. Because ADHD severity varies between people, medication is going to affect each person differently and like glasses, some people need them just while the read or drive, while others are blind as a bat without them. It’s worth noting, ADHD can trick you into thinking you don’t need meds when hyper focus kicks in. If you are doing something that is engaging you, it boosts your dopamine and allows you to focus. But it’s all those boring, routine things that fall through the cracks that our ADHD can neglect (like renewing insurance) and thus leads to bigger issues when they create fires. Medication helps manage task switching, controlling your emotions, keeping organized and making sure your aren’t skipping over important details. It’s also worth noting, untreated ADHD can cause severe issues as an adult. I went untreated most my life, did everything I hyper focused on, but then hit a mid life bump and due to lack of medication and coping skills, had a complete psychological collapse. I’ve been putting my life back together for over a year now and am still not at 100%. So, with ADHD, I would advise someone to find the top psychiatrists and doctors who understand it, get real help and avoid the snake oil alternatives. ADHD is real and it can be life threatening if not properly cared for. The good news, there are lots of good coping tips and tricks (many of them on this channel) and meds do work for most people once you get them dialed in.

  • I have a 4 hour practice of gymnastics right after school going to 8 o’clock. I get home around 8:30 and still have to eat dinner and clean up. I start doing homework around 8:45 or 9 o’clock. It’s just the beginning of the school year and I’m already staying up till 1 or 2 o’clock. I’m really nervous about the future because I know there will be a lot more. Any suggestions to help me out?

  • My husband has ADHD and I see him and everyone else beat up on him about it. That plunges him into a depression which just makes the ADHD symptoms worse… I think he might benefit from some form of ADHD medication but he didn’t like the side effects when he had them 20 years ago. Have they gotten better since then? Are there different options that don’t screw up your appetite and stuff?

  • Caffeine works in a pinch. Its how I get by everyday. I prefer not to take amphetamine derivatives due to the long term cardiac problems associated with them. Heart failure is a common disease process that occurs with the use of amphetamines and their derivatives. I took Ritalin for a while, and its efficacy was intermittent. However, caffeine has a more consistent effect on me, although not as powerful as when the Ritalin would work.

  • I don’t know the idiocy that goes through peoples heads today. it’s like politicians completely forget being a teen and just say “screw you I’m older now” and allow way to much homework. they think that more work won’t burn out a child and they think that more and more testing is better.

    we have a test in our school, it is called the slo. we take a test at the beginning of the year and it isn’t for a grade, and the better you do the next time you take it you have to do better. well, the test MUST be fifty questions long. and forty five minutes long. you know how to do math? can you find the midpoint between two points in FIFTY FUCKING SECONDS!!!!!! WELL I CANT!!! THE ENTIRE FRESHMAN MATH CLASS FAILED THE TEST AND THEY ALL HAVE TO TAKE THE ALGEBRA EXAM!!!!

  • I went off all my meds for like almost 3 years and it quite literally ruined my life. I had no motivation for anything, so I did nothing and a whole lot of sleep. I didn’t work and I lost my nearly 7 year relationship, the only driving factor I had in all that time, so once I moved back in with my parents, I really tried. I went back to school again (i had a bachelor’s degree, somehow managed to graduate in the off pill time), dropped out after the 2nd semester of my certificate program because I quite literally lost the urgency for it, just completely lost my head.
    I got back on meds and wow, I overcompensate, over work now, but it’s definitely better. It just feels so good to want again, it feels good to have a drive for something again. Might need more for the adhd vein of things, but yeah, so much better.

  • Writing is the only thing I CAN do while unmedicated. My issue is lab work, math and science (things I am very good at).

    I got off my meds this summer (they’re so expensive and I hate the side effects), and I’m a couple years into college, but I’m struggling to do some simple assignments. I know I can do it, but I have to do some serious restructuring of my habits.

  • I think the boys is a fine example of an author correctly interpreting watchmen and doing his own edgy spin on it, leaning more into what neo-liberalism would look like with superheroes.
    What the amazon show is like, I couldn’t tell you, and I still don’t get why one of the three mega-corporations would produce such an anti-corporation story.

  • I started taking concerta after being off of them for 5 years. I feel so good now on my meds. I just feel so paranoid that they will give me or do something bad to my health in the long run. I keep thinking about the long term effects. Or it killing me and me not being there for my kids..

  • My mom thinks I’m being extra for wanting to go back to medication
    Little does she know what goes on inside my head
    I feel like this almost everyday ��

  • I thought I had ADHD for most of my life (I’m 39 now, 40 in a couple months), but learned in the past three months that I’m actually autistic.. Either way, I can’t do a damned thing without my dextroamphetamine. Exactly what this girl says, without the meds, I can’t focus, and it does feel like there’s a ‘blur’ not so much in my vision, but between my brain and the world around me.
    There is also WAY too much stigma of “just get over it” and “just try harder”. I’ve dealt with this mentality my entire life, and honestly it’s made me very bitter towards the society that we live in..

  • I was given 4 assignments plus homework within 2 weeks. I have to spend like 3 hours of my day on homework. I get back from school at about 3:00 then do homework and assignments for 3 hours which equals up to 6:00. My father has to go to bed at 7:30 because he works early my mum goes to bed at 8:00 and my brother goes to bed at 8:00 as well. I get barley any time to share with my family.

  • Has anyone on here ever done research on vaccine injury? I firmly understand now that this is what is happening to many of us. The effects are cumulative. Each vaccine and/or flu shot compounds the damage. Detox is essential, as is dietary change and high doses of vitamins. Watch Vaxxed. Research Dr Andrew Moulden, Dr Abram Hoffer, Dr Amandha Vollmer. Dr Andrew Kaufman. Look into MMS and Turpentine and DMSO. So many other viewpoints other than conventional, allopathic medicine. Brilliant people without a connection to BIg Pharma. ❤️

  • yeah so this basically drove me to tears. nobody in my life has ever told me that it’s okay to take medication. nobody in my life has ever told me that my diagnosis is serious, it’s always just been that i’m not trying hard enough. that I’m just not naturally good enough. that my brain doesn’t work right and there’s something wrong with me and that’s a bad thing or something.

    everything you said in this video, I feel on a day to day basis. I hate on myself for having to take a drug to function well in society just like everyone else.

    thank you for making me feel validated, nobody has ever said these things to me before. thank you so much.

  • You’re making a huge assumption that what Dr Manhattan sees, and post-war interpretations of how and why it happened, are the same thing.

  • This is a brilliant video and the message applies to Many types of mental health assistance and medication (autism and depression come to mind immediately with similar forms of stigma and assumptions).
    You’re a wonderfully magnetic, articulate person. I’ve discovered your channel only in the last few days (the bujo intro eps) and I loved your stuff pretty much instantly. Definitely subscribed!

  • Thank you! I am just realizing I likely suffer from ADHD, have an appt scheduled with a Dr, and didn’t realize that I needed to hear this. I have honestly been looking forward to seeing what managing ADHD with medication could look like, as I begin to realize how much it’s impacted my life. I never stopped to consider the long term. I didn’t know I needed to hear this and I’m so thankful for you sharing this experience with us.

  • I have lived with ADHD my whole life but was not diagnosed until my 50s. When I was diagnosed and prescribed medication for my ADHD, my life completely changed for the better. I had tried everything I could possibly think of and nothing worked. Don’t feel wrong for taking medication if you need it!

  • There is much work on children who have ADHD/ADD being distracted and hyperactive because of sleep deficit.  Many of them have undiagnosed sleep apnea.  There’s a sleep apnea clinic in Bangor, ME, which has 3 test rooms each night: one of them always has a child.    (Google “children and sleep apnea”)  Most of these kids don’t need drugs, they need decent sleep.

  • Children are indeed way over loaded by schools and many parents. They really need time to themselves after school. Let them sleep in on holidays and the summer too. They will love you for it. And that’s what matters.

  • When I went off my meds entirely, I spent a week having to take a nap every day, because of the insomnia the Adderall causes. I’ve been fine without it since.

  • It’s important to note that taking these meds worsens your adhd in the long run, I know it’s not what most of you want to here but it’s the truth. No judgement to anyone on adhd meds.

  • Somebody has to bring this issue up for change. Kids today are not being taught even how to do their homework, they got too much, and they are not even learning well due to the pressure. Kids generally come home clueless about what to do in their homework not to mention hours of homework is abusive.

  • I have looked high and low for some adderall, vyvanse or ritalin to help me with my ADHD to no avail. I can’t perform as good as my colleagues at work and I feel like this might get me fired and ruin my life. I’ve had enough with ADHD and I will put it out here: I am willing to pay for anyone who can get me ADHD medication in Morocco.

  • I got sick and missed two days and I’ve been working on my hw from 12:30 to 5:30 and I’m not even half done. I’m sick of these schools.

  • Hey guys im drinking really strong italian coffee(you know the one straight from the mocha) im not taking my med since 3 years and coffe is the best thing ever no bad downs from medication and you can drink it whenever you need it

  • I get up early to get to school, spend about 7 hours at school, then come home and spend 2 3 hours on homework and that’s my whole day gone

  • I honestly refuse the meds. I love having ADHD because it no longer means something wrong to me. I fully acknowledge mine is mild compared to other stories, but even then it gets hard for some things.

    It might sound silly, but I prefer the 100% me that cant focus and that forgets things, because thats the me I love. I feel meds would rob me of that silliness and hyperactivity that is so mine and that makes me who I am.

    But not In a million years would I shame someone for taking them.

    Stay strong fam.

  • You sound like a normal person to me. 25 years ago you wouldnt be on meds. You would just be considered, you. So why are you medicating yourself away?

  • To add to my last point: homework is supposed to be for reviewing what they’ve learned during the day. So it doesnt have to be just what they havent finished thst day. If the teacher teaches properly then there shouldnt be wasted time.

  • It’s so frustrating to try to get the diagnosis and an adhd medication, I’ve failed school several times, I have serious trouble focusing on anything that’s not super interesting to me and because I have a mention of past substance abuse I may not get the medication I desperately need to get through school… People don’t believe me and want to consider anything else before believing me when I say I have adhd, they call me lazy and suggest that I’m making it up when I’ve had the same problems with concentrating always, and everything in my life is in shambles bc of it… No credit, unpaid bills, failed jobs, failed schools… But it’s still not enough “proof”.

  • So my doctor and my mom are trying to get me off my medicine but I really don’t want to bc ik I’m not going to get anything I want done and my brain just going to be scattered. But my mom who keeps telling me I’m going to get used to being off my medicine but the thing is I don’t want to be off my medicine I find it to help a lot the only side effects is my appetite which causes me to be skinny which aint a problem with me bc I still look good lol�� and dizziness when I get up to quick,so I don’t see what the big deal is.

  • I couldn’t feel pain in your story. Thank you for sharing ����
    I work in Natural Health industry & I do take supplements for the brain. I still need my meds ��️����������������

  • You really made me cry when you did your video about. It having your medical and how it made you feel. It just broke my heart and opened my eyes and made me realized what my 12 year old daughter is going through. I would really like it if you could reach out to is because I feel you can help us out alot. My email is [email protected]

  • I don’t have ADHD, but I love watching your videos. The way you express so much information in such an easy way, is astounding. I wish I were half as smart (or as beautiful) as you are
    I think God gave you ADHD just to prove to his subjects that you can have ADHD and still be so very, very, I mean VERY smart.

  • I have 8 hours of school, sometimes 10 11 if i have an activity. I have 4 hours of homework (just i have to copy books for 5 times and sometimes 10) and theres goes my day.

  • 12:10
    Right as the sentence “boy am I excited for that Snyder Cut” finished, I IMMEDIATELY got an ad for the US Air Force Special Tactics Division.
    Like hard cut from “Snyder Cut” to gunfire.

    And It was just so chef’s kiss

  • I don’t really see the purpose of them keeping continuing watchmen the story ended perfectly and no one was complaining wanting more.

  • My son was diagnosed with ADHD at 5 by a peadrician, then I got a second opinion about 6 months later from another Dr recommended to me and he confirmed the diagnosis. In Australia, there are strict guidlines on diagnosing. From the Australian Government National Health and Medical Research Council:
    • The DSM-IV or ICD10 criteria must be met for a diagnosis of ADHD to occur.
    • This requires that the symptoms of hyperactive, impulsive and inattentive behaviour must be deemed by a specialist clinician (refer to Appendix B) to:
    –– have had their onset in early childhood (before age seven)
    –– be maladaptive and excessive for the child/adolescent’s age and developmental level
    –– have persisted over time (at least six months)
    –– be evident in more than one setting
    –– have caused significant functional impairment
    –– have no better alternative explanation, such as another mental disorder.
    • The process leading to diagnosis of ADHD should also include a physical examination, and a holistic assessment of the individual’s needs, family, social and educational circumstances and coexisting conditions.
    • Information should be gathered from multiple sources, particularly the child/adolescent’s school.
    • Diagnosis in young children (under 7 years) should be made by a specialist clinician who observes the child over several months and reviews them as they start school.
    I think people do exploit the system, and maybe more so in America where big bucks can be made from medication but in Australia, we have the Pharmacutical Benefits Scheme where for low income people, all medication is $6 when it is on the PBS. And I don’t think American pharmacutical companies can make as much money here in Australia as they do in America, and pharmacutical companies aren’t allowed to advertise here.
    So as a parent of an ADHD child, I am sick of people thinking that every parent drugs up their child because they want a better behaved child. Not all parents are like this and my son is now 12 and I’ve seen many doctors over the years and no one has disputed the diagnosis.

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  • Many of my teachers told my mom I had ADHD because I got bored and disruptive when I didn’t have something to do. She would point out that I could quietly read for hours at a stretch and suggest ways for the teacher to keep me busy. I’m really grateful that my mom educated herself, even though it was a lot harder to do in the 80’s.

  • I really want to go to a therapist and takr meds but I’m scared that I’m going to be addicted to them, to the point that I’m going to take 20 per day, this can happen? Please tell me not, because I’m really addicted to other stuff, nothing dangerous of course.

  • Thank you for this. I’m 26 and always avoided the medication. But I’ve never been able to function without it very well. I’ve got some big goals and I’m beating myself up for not making progress, and I’m finally starting to understand why. And that it isn’t my fault. I’m going to find a doctor to get me a prescription, and finally going to start reaching my goals! I’m in tears because I realize that everything I have been told about avoiding medication doesn’t apply to me in this case. I can finally move forward with this realization

  • I’m prescribed ADD meds but I never take them because I hate how they make me feel. They help me to be normal but I don’t like how I feel. I’m really trying to be better without them without hating myself.

  • I’m in sixth grade and I have 3 hours homework including studying I think homework is important but too much!!!!!! I bring 4 big books to school and I don’t just have one paper I also have to do homework on a laptop for 30 minutes for math and language arts

  • Thank you for the reminder today. On Monday I have an appointment to return to amphetamines, after “trying alternatives” for 3 months. I was unmedicated for a couple of years but with returning to school and the quantining, I am a hot mess. I have hated myself and everything I do, but you have encouraged me tonight. God bless you.

  • I’m stressed because my math teacher isn’t updating my grade. I have an F because I missed a test, and even though I took it a few days ago she still hasn’t updated my grade.

  • Its only been two weeks since school has started and I’ve been staying up later than usual just trying to finish homework. So far I’ve turned in all my homework but I’ve been really stressed out lately. Right now, I have 2 projects, a reading packet, math packet, 40 questions in my other math class, and math quizzes every day. I’m honor roll student but even I come home kinda clueless and I get so frustrated, thank goodness I got friends that also go through the same stuff and help each other out.

  • I just started adderall XR about a week and a half ago, and the past few nights I’ve been having bad dreams. Is this normal? I really like how the Adderall helps me and I don’t get any really bad side effects besides this.