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New Moms Face Workplace Challenges—Even U.S. Senator Duckworth Many women with newborns face challenging workplace rules or physical problems – from limited leave policies or lack of lactation rooms – and the U.S. Congress has its own set of challenges for new moms who are Members of Congress or Congressional staff.

Sen. Tammy Duckworth: Like You, I Know Working Moms Deserve Better doing your job well at work. Shortly after I became the first U.S.

Senator to give birth while serving in office, I needed to. Duckworth, a Thai American, is a veteran and former Assistant Secretary for Veteran’s Affairs. In 2018 she became the first Senator to give birth while in office, and she even brought her daughter, Maile, to the Senate to cast a vote.

Despite her impressive career, Duckworth says that remote learning challenged her immensely. New Moms Face Workplace Challenges—Even U.S. Senator Duckworth Many women with newborns face challenging workplace rules or physical problems – from limited leave policies or lack of lactation rooms – and the U.S. Congress has its own set of challenges for new moms who are Members of Congress or Congressional staff. A day after the U.S.

Senate unanimously agreed to a rule change allowing infants on to the floor of the chamber during votes, new mom Sen. Tammy Duckworth made history by bringing in her 10-day. Senator Duckworth is calling for the Senate to adjust rules that would help her do her job as both Mother and Senator.

There are rules that prohibit anyone who isn’t a senator, other official or designated aide from the Senate floor, which means that children are not allowed. But as Senator Duckworth needs to be on the Senate floor to vote, she is arguing that she should. 48 percent of mothers with disabilities encounter problems managing work and family demands, compared with 29 percent of mothers without disabilities.

Of course, Senator Duckworth’s experiences are not unique or uncommon. Working mothers with disabilities face a number of challenges related to both their disability and role as mothers. In 2018 Duckworth became the first U.S. Senator to give birth while in office.

Shortly afterward, the Senate passed Senate Resolution 463, which Duckworth introduced on April 12, 2018, by unanimous consent. The resolution changed Senate rules so that a senator may bring a child under one year old to the Senate floor during votes. You Definitely Need To Work Out At Least Two Times A Week If You Want The Heart Benefits. Yeah, exercising just one day a week isn’t exactly going to cut it if you’re hoping your gym habit is going to pay off in the long-term.

How much does it take? Take a guess: How much exercise do you really need to protect your heart? 2-3 gym sessions a..

When you’re at work, one thing is clear: you are there to online shop and Gchat with everyone you know. But sometimes, your boss requests you do actual tasks and every time she does, it How Not To Sob Uncontrollably Every Time Someone Asks You To Do Your Job At Work.

List of related literature:

Though she and her cofounder, Seattle­based Kristin Rowe­Finkbeiner, call their one­million­member group MomsRising and their agenda The Motherhood Manifesto, they seek to reshape policies and remake ideal worker workplaces not just for mothers but for everyone.

“Overwhelmed: Work, Love and Play When No One Has The Time” by Brigid Schulte
from Overwhelmed: Work, Love and Play When No One Has The Time
by Brigid Schulte
Bloomsbury Publishing, 2014

Others are telling Mom to go to work—have a career—do her own thing—turn her babies over to employees of the state working in child-care centers.

“What Wives Wish Their Husbands Knew About Women” by James C. Dobson
from What Wives Wish Their Husbands Knew About Women
by James C. Dobson
Tyndale House Publishers, Incorporated, 2010

So, Senator Durbin targeted Ms. Duckworth, who had never before considered a career in elective office.

“It Still Takes A Candidate: Why Women Don’t Run for Office” by Jennifer L. Lawless, Richard L. Fox
from It Still Takes A Candidate: Why Women Don’t Run for Office
by Jennifer L. Lawless, Richard L. Fox
Cambridge University Press, 2010

Susan O’Neil, an employee of Deloitte & Touche, who spoke at the White House, described the hectic pace of her life as a mother working full time outside the home.

“It Takes a Village” by Hillary Rodham Clinton
from It Takes a Village
by Hillary Rodham Clinton
Simon & Schuster UK, 2012

These women should stop working and limit their activities at home.

“Practical Guide to High Risk Pregnancy and Delivery E-Book” by Fernando Arias, Amarnath G Bhide, Arulkumaran S, Kaizad Damania, Shirish N Daftary
from Practical Guide to High Risk Pregnancy and Delivery E-Book
by Fernando Arias, Amarnath G Bhide, et. al.
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2012

Mike Dorning, “Employer: Michelle Obama’s raise well-earned,” op cit. 38.

“Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies” by Michelle Malkin
from Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies
by Michelle Malkin
Regnery Publishing, 2009

James W. Ziglar, the Senate sergeant-at-arms, warns Strom Thurmond to stop flirting with the White House lawyers Nicole K. Seligman and Cheryl D. Mills, asking, “What would we do if they filed some sort of sexual harassment suit?”

“The New York Times Book Reviews 2000” by New York Times Staff, Staff of the New York Times
from The New York Times Book Reviews 2000
by New York Times Staff, Staff of the New York Times
Fitzroy Dearborn, 2001

But for the moment, I will focus on the challenges mothers face in a society that sends countless conflicting messages about motherhood and employment.

“Recasting the Disney Princess in an Era of New Media and Social Movements” by Shearon Roberts, Jenny Banh, Alexis Woods Barr, Shaniece B. Bickham, Ahli Chatters, Charity Clay, Sarah A. Clunis, Veronica Nohemi Duran, Krystal Ghisyawan, Susanne R. Hackett, Abeo Jackson, Sheryl Kennedy Haydel, Varion Laurent, Leece Lee-Oliver, Sarah Maben, Turon Nicholas, Prairie Endres-Parnell, Kelsey Denise Ray, Daron Roberts, Alberto Rodriguez, Hannah Joy Shareef, Holly Pate, Jana Thomas, Prinsey Walker, Rebecca Weidman-Winter
from Recasting the Disney Princess in an Era of New Media and Social Movements
by Shearon Roberts, Jenny Banh, et. al.
Lexington Books, 2020

The apparent absurdity of these supervisors telling a visibly pregnant part-timer that because she is so wonderful she must work full-time (or not at all) makes sense when we see that she was openly violating the allegiance required in the devotion to work schema.

“Competing Devotions: Career and Family Among Women Executives” by Mary Blair-Loy
from Competing Devotions: Career and Family Among Women Executives
by Mary Blair-Loy
Harvard University Press, 2009

Senator Hatch already introduced Helen Wright, and I am very proud to have her here in honor of my first boss, Judge Skelly Wright.

“Confirmation Hearings on Federal Appointments: Hearings Before the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, One Hundred Seventh Congress, First Session” by United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary
from Confirmation Hearings on Federal Appointments: Hearings Before the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, One Hundred Seventh Congress, First Session
by United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary
U.S. Government Printing Office, 2003

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  • There is only one veteran in this story that is a loser and sucker. And she is doing it to herself by trying to morally preen off a desperate hatchet-piece by Jeffery Goldburg of the Atlantic that has now been disgraced as blatant lie. His “4 anonymous sources” have now been (ahem!) Trumped by more than a dozen named sources who were actually there on the day in question and assert that Trump never said these things.
    And some of them are not what you could call friends or supporters of Trump. But they do have some morals and ethics. It’s a pity the same cannot be said of The Duck. Trying to rage off of fake news you have not bothered fact-checking because the lie suits your fractured narrative is so self-sabotaging it defies even pity. Who has elected such morally bankrupt political leaders as Senator Tammy Duckworth?

  • nice use of your voter base ignorance of world climates from the last 2000 years.. democrats good job. your voters will now believe anything. using weather like it never existed before al gore and trump… guess all those mythic gods and scriptures from every faith on earth named for hurricanes/wind/storms/earthquakes/water…. those must have been 1 offs. MAGA.

  • The ventiltor shortage risk needs special low cost gang design to address better abused than killd with begnign negect i say. Italians die for lack of 50 dollars risked if never needed. It is air and pressssure that saves lives. Alyerntivey manually poweered indocual externa lungs deserve procurement. Volunteers will ventilate when patients sleep or are not able to use own arms etc.

    Acccept this as a contingency necessity Senator Durbin!

  • My last program was long a part of me my last comment was long and getting longer so I curtailed it to get onto the more important one about this business about people possibly dying if we don’t buy machines that are sad by The Washington Post according to a third party site I just read $50,000 or so.

    I think that this is greed to suggest that such a machine is appropriate to stockpile for a pandemic use. I think that in a full-blown intensive care ventilator is designed for continuous nearly operation for a. Of years

    In other words it is designed for a market that is the opposite of a pandemic s u r g e. This is not the design that we need to be trying to get to these countries like Italy that are already having to ration a literally fresh air for people with a temporary disability. Many people who are in intensive care with this virus will need a regular ventilator but the number of people who could get by with a far simpler model with no even reduction in Comfort or prognosis exceeds the shortage!

    This is where lifting the regulations will save many more lives than it could possibly cost. I agree that the incumbent manufacturers would only reluctantly produce a low cost disposable or short life machine.

    4 over a decade people have concern themselves with how do you save people’s lives with such simple machines. When you Google pandemic ventilator you will find somebody who has now multi Decades of their life invested in this product proposing to use a cheap internal combustion engine because this man understands the reality of needlessly losing people who have a temporary breathing problem. A commenter has mentioned that a doctor friend suggests that an electric motor be used instead of the gas engine because the fumes are going to get into the intake of the ventilator possibly. This dialogue is not senatorial in nature. The proposer understands the issue with carbon monoxide not being a good gas to pump forcefully into people’s lungs and as I mentioned understands very well perhaps as well as many intensive care doctors do what happens to the lungs with this virus. Specifically the Builder discussed how many devices that many people own only pump air into the logs but that the virus requires that the air be pumped out.

    The problem with using the word pumped is that a pump is not necessary. For some conditions within intensive care being able to do a great deal of adaptation to the patient’s reactions is something that procurement is required to install because intensive care is something that we don’t spend many days per person providing. If sued a hospital that pays $25,000 instead of $50,000 for an intensive care ventilator despite knowing that there is a feature that doubles the cost that might help the patient that sues them has not followed the advice of their insurer and is arguably compassionate to an insufficient degree. In the first world we like to say we don’t cut corners when it can affect the outcome.

    I think what we have going on right now is denial. The failure to produce very low quality machines and ship them on if possible supersonic Jets to Italy is costing people their golden years and maybe even decades per person denied assistance.

    I think more of us need to understand the reality that has been reported uncontroversial E. Doctors in Italy are not hypothetically sacrificing patience they are deciding who dies and who lives because there are more patients who will die without a ventilator then they have quote ventilators unquote. The patients who have been killed by these decisions are being sacrificed for the greater good I would imagine in the eyes of some of the professionals who believed that figuring out a short-term solution will deny people in general on this planet the emergency procured 2020models oh, but the reality is regardless of delusions to the contrary, these patients need air that is at a certain pressure sufficient and or a certain volume of air. You only have to measure how much are you’re putting into a patient’s lungs if you’re using a pump instead of a cylinder or a bag of some sort that has a known volume. Again we can’t oversimplify it can’t be a simple plastic or fabric bag because you have to pull the air out of the lungs after the body has extracted the oxygen from the air and put ordinary air or oxygenated air that’s error that has more than the not normal 21 or 22% oxygen in it back into the lungs and then you repeat.

    So if you have a loved one in Italy and you’re reading this you need to go and get an engine like a V6 or a V4 or even a single stroke engine that has a displacement that approximates the endangered persons lungs. You need to figure out how much volume the lungs can handle and put the pressure release valve in so that if there volume drastically decreases you won’t over pressurize their lungs but then you need to get on with saving their lives. You need to assess the situation before you bring your loved one into a hospital because once they’re in the hospital your ability to save their lives with something homemade will be curtailed turn that. If you are an IT Italy oh, and the patient is very very elderly and you have sufficient people to operate a simple homemade out of cardboard say, or even a bunch of syringes tied together where are you fill them up with oxygen and then you press the syringes down to pump the oxygen into the lungs and then you pull the plungers of the syringes however many syringes are needed to match the lung capacity pull them out and you repeat this as long as you can having as many shifts of people who care whether the person lives or dies as necessary your outcome will be better then if you call for an ambulance, assuming you can provide the expertise and the medications that the hospital might provide to your loved one but let’s be frank here once the doctors conclude that your loved one will not survive without this and they’re not going to get the syringes tape together and tie up staff nor will their insurer allow families and friends to push the syringes and pull the plungers of the surrender is out and so I think that the reality is the regulations are not being argued in good faith, there is ample cause to be asking other companies for help besides the medical industry which one company is reported to sell a less than 2 ventilators a day and yes it’s a company meeting it’s not a person but it’s many people in fact they probably have at least one person who’s working full-time that is there working several hours for every machine that they sell. I think it is worth asking what has happened to all the old ventilators? I know I have seen ventilator sold on

    This was negligence given how almost nothing is obtained when you sell a ventilator only to people who need it to use instead of to somebody who can store the ventilator for the coronavirus days that we’re inevitable. It would not surprise me if some of the ventilator companies have poached the perfect working condition but quote obsolete unquote ventilators from and simply bought them to destroy them so that they could make tens of thousands of dollars selling the two thousand and whatever your models.

    I think Senator Durbin that you should say the truth which is that the machine to pump air into and out of the lungs of a person is not necessarily complicated even if you disagree with Elon Musk saying that inappropriately. I think we need to have an auction frankly for people who can bring what’s necessary and maybe it can be priced on live saved. I think that in Italy there is an issue right now where the people who are sentenced to death we need to be bidding on how to take over the health care of those people pit. You don’t have to spend $25,000 to save their lives. Seriously $10,000 450 machines that’s half a million dollars and I said for 50 machines is half a million dollars and if you pay a company that knows how to open and close a box in terms of push what’s in the box out and then pull what you pushed back in and maybe fill it from a tank of pressure regulated whatever oxygen maybe be able to adjust how much oxygen is coming from the tank and how much just regular room air is put into that box and maybe even make that adjustment based upon the color of the blood and somebody’s finger what you can detect by shining a bright light from one side of the finger to the other side of the finger which is something that is currently sold at retail drug stores for like $10 for personal use. letting these people die in Italy is a crime against humanity. Italy is not able to spend half a million dollars for each of the 50 people they are killing everyday basically right now and it’s far more than 50 people already or will be soon. The United States of America has half a million dollars even every day to spend saving an additional 50 people everyday as long as spending half a million dollars a day can save 50 people we can afford to do that even if they are not born in the United States even if they have never been on an airplane even if they’re Italian

  • Well there is something that I’m just being reminded of that has changed since the swine flu or whatever and that is the cheap computers that we are all carrying around in our pocket. 4 Less Than 2000 rupees you can buy a ventilator that uses an Android phone has its computer to control its operation! I’m going to edit this comment with a link to the YouTube video which I have watched half of on the manufacturer’s website they are not allowing that video to be shared directly so I’m having to search YouTube independently for it unfortunately and that will take just a moment

  • Thank you Senator Schatz for chairing this very informative hearing. The work being done by these mayors and especially by our own Honolulu Mayor Caldwell gives us hope.
    Also giving hope is national carbon pricing legislation that you and others have introduced.
    Mahalo nui loa, from the Hawaii, Maui, and Honolulu Chapters of Citizens’ Climate Lobby

  • smash that thumbs down on the democrats ln the voting booths. they are nutz.. issue of our time they say… the issue we cant prove with real numbers and science. they will say this untill our kids start to believe it.. i am done letting the lies propagate

  • Why were they DEPORTED. This may seem hard to believe but there are Veterans who have broken the law. The were DEPORTED FOR A REASON. How biased.
    Also why is Brian “the liar” still playing journalst.

  • Mr. Durbin, Illinois hospitals need your help now, in Lake County Illinois hospitals are telling frontline nurses, to where 1 mask? All shift.. My wife is a nurse, and I’m speaking 1st hand on this info. ALL PPE are being rachened like this. Please message me if you need details, but they need help.

  • Senator Durbin I tried to listen to your interview yesterday morning with the Chicago Chamber of Commerce but they have Mark that as Children’s Program which means I cannot minimize the still image to listen to the audio only program even though it is an audio only program. If your staff reads this comment I would appreciate it if they would let the Chicago Chamber of Commerce know the consequences of marketing programming for children in terms of their listenership. I don’t think that YouTube has considered the difference when listening to an audio podcast of having the mini player which allows you to do other things within YouTube even and video programs. Clearly they are trying to give parents confidence that their children are not multitasking when watching children video. I don’t think your interview was a child’s program frankly and I assume that you agree even though marking it adults-only might seem equally inappropriate, only people with restricted accounts which requires proactive Ops in are affected by a children’s not identification. In other words anybody who has access to regular YouTube regardless of their age B of A app or the browser will have no problem minimizing in adult program.

  • Does anybody but democrats care that we are not just simply out of work, WE WORK, AND WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF MONEY???? All republicons seem to be caring about is funding small business and large corporations!!!!

  • Since posting the second comment here about pandemic ventilators I have been reading comments from the last few days at one of the maker forums and I’m going to paste my favorite comment so far below this introduction. The writer defines what an iron lung is, and is not afraid of the political correctness of using a repurposed Refuge container oh, and I don’t correct the spelling of that word because if you cannot breathe in order to get oxygenated air into your lungs you have to increase the volume of your lungs and there are two ways of doing that. This is the non-invasive way. This is the ultimate gang way.

    This is not a Reddit Forum so the sort order is somewhat unfortunate and it is one of the reasons I have not pasted aroe u r l to the actual discussion. The commenters are concise and their knowledge that is rich and there is a consensus about atmospheric pressure use of pure oxygen and about how electrolysis is the wrong way to obtain oxygen. There is consensus that oxygen is put into tanks from liquid form. I recently was researching industrial gas production frankly and when you hire a company on a 15-year contract to install equipment they own to concentrate natural gases that are taken from your site and deliver it to you in pure form they do store those gases in liquid form. Nobody in this forum has mentioned the industrial use of oxygen. The liquefying plants are distributed around the country in the first world.

    I have a hunting suspicion that in the Intensive Care setting the Coronavirus May out of this essity require invasive temporary out-of-body oxygenation of the blood.

    However the main coin I have tried to make is that no research exists that is talking about it being acceptable to not have the ability to push pressurized air into somebody’s lung for lack of the equipment to do that. It has been a long time that there has been anywhere in a first world country like Italy where a claim has been made that they did not have the ability to use cheap simple equipment to do this.

    If we are to believe this fact then we need to prepare to prosecute those responsible criminally but as an utter emergency immediately intervene that means within a few hours these doctors need an alternative to nothing. Doing nothing for people who are not able on the temporary basis to inhale deeply or frequently enough because their lungs are too stiff from this virus is not something that is hypothetical.

    The present public policy of the United States of America is that one American life is obviously worth more than one Italian life. If this was not the case we would have already flown one of the many many thousands of ventilators we are not currently using to Italy where they have no spares whatsoever. Again in the country of Italy the reporting is they have zero unused ventilators. In the United States alone there are tens of thousands of ventilators that are not being used.

    The chance that we will need all of those ventilators that we are currently hoarding exist but so does the chance that we will find other Solutions or Italy will return them when we need them.

    I don’t want to hear people complaining about food hoarding as long as our country and others are hoarding ventilators and many are dying soon single countries will be losing four figures daily because of the tens of thousands of ventilators we are hoarding. I don’t think we have the right to retain more than a three-day supply of these ventilators. Send the military to guard entire wings hospitals in these countries so that we can fly the ventilators back in ample time should we need them.

    “R Berger says:

    March 19, 2020 at 1:20 pm

    Regarding the negative pressure Iron Lung – or the emergency Both Respirator built in 24 hours in an emergency, would it work as an emergency measure. There is no intubation needed, and patients do not need sedation (which in itself can be dangerous).
    As for the Hack Community – years ago I designed a shop vac powered trash compactor after our City decided they would pick up only 1 approved container. I used one of those 96 Gal large Rubbermaid garbage cans, had a cut plywood with a rubber door seal to seal it on vaccum to the container top (it is flat). I then cut a round piston plywood insert – maybe 2 feet diameter with a cylindrical rubber bladder with a vulcanized seam. All sealed to the Plywood with silicon rubber. I left a vaccum attachment to hook the shop vac. These cans are air tight and would work well – the thicker ones. It worked great.
    As an emergency measure, one could put a seat or chair inside and make an equilevent plywood to trash can seal with a hole for a neck??? What pressures are needed for such ventilators. I would put my 92 year old mother gasping for air in one when there are none available for her in hospital settings?
    I just want to know will the negative pressure ventilators – Iron Lung work at and at what frequency. They saved a lot pf Polio victims survive for 2 weeks needed for the diphrams to work again – hopefully.

  • So I have spent another hour or whatever researching the backers and they seem to have canceled their July fundraiser yes that’s right less than 9 months ago they were on a crowdfunding platform and now I wish I had looked at the directory of pages on their ventilator company because they have addressed the virus directly. I am pasting the quote and will provide a link at the bottom of the quote but I understand that this looks like it’s too good to be true. However as their fundraiser video points out the tubing to the patient is standardized. This really isn’t rocket science. Their initial device had a single blower oh, they have fattened yet and that is to provide redundancy in this critical part. The reviewers are commenters have apparently been scared by the technical institutes personal website no longer being up. His employer also has a very simple website and I think this is because in India even the students that are going to be taking classes online at that school are not going to be critical of the school for a Primitive website. I am placing an 87% likelihood that the quote I am pasting from the company the startup company obviously this website, is factually accurate. It is critical that we know whether I am wrong because if I am correct did this company has disrupted the ventilator Market, and I think that this is easily verified oh, it is extremely important. Add about a trillion dollars a month for the United States alone accelerating resolution of the crisis is a bargain.
    “Due to the ongoing Pandemic of Covid-19, there has been a surge in ventilator demand all over the world.

    To serve the growing demand, our production is happening 24 hours a day with an increased production rate of 1000 units a week.

    There have been countless number of supply chain disruption however we have streamlined all our processes. 

    We currently have only a single most powerful and cost-effective model being produced. This works entirely on Covid-19 Patients (AgVa Advanced). This step is taken in order to save time and resources. 

    Manufacturing License 

    India, our country of origin, has banned the export of ventilator temporarily foreseeing the upcoming surge in ventilator demand in our country. Due to this, we are ready to tie up with local manufacturers in each country to mass produce our ventilators by utilising our licences. 

    We would be ready to have the product manufacturing licence to be given to the identified, willing and capable manufacturer. 

    The company will provide technical drawing details, manufacturing process, machining and software for the development of AgVa Ventilators. 

    The company will provide the essential raw materials from it’s OEM in order to build the ventilator

    Again this company is not profit-oriented! They should emphasize this in the licensing agreements. The original United States cost of this machine was $250. Obviously there licensing fee will be a tiny fraction of that

  • What a group of vote hungry vulnerable scumbags.. we have better odds winning lotto south than having this group of idiots voted in at 1 time… Somebodys got to win. Might not be me and you.

  • It makes me real glad to see there are people with common sense in the US. Withdraw from Paris agreement is criminal. Take action to explain every one why this is important.

  • For $730 Billion or less, the government can send checks to every American in households under $200k who filed taxes. An average household of 3 under $200k could get $6,000 in cash assistance, $500 to $1000 utilities bill credit, and can defer mortgage or rent for 3 months. Mortgages up to $3k/month can be deferred for 3 months while the fed can pay the lenders for the lost interest funds. With these deferments, landlords can defer rents for 3 months while extending leases. With that in mind WHY ARE WE CONSIDERING A $2 TRILLION BILL THAT DOES NOT PROVIDE EVEN HALF THAT AMOUNT OF RELIEF TO AMERICAN HOUSEHOLDS???? Do the math and see that this bill does not add up.

    I am a freelance musician, stagehand, and events technician. I’ve had only 1 gig this year in mid-January and don’t expect any events gigs for several months. My wife is also an independent contractor. We do not qualify for any unemployment benefits, nor any of the small business loans being proposed. We live in Illinois with “Stay-at-home” orders from the governor. I don’t know how we will survive this and support our 4-year old without some major cash assistance.

    Please help us USA and the many other families where freelance work is our only form of income.

    Here is the math for the proposal above that could help.

    $306.169B = $1,000 checks for each American in households <$200k
    $118.215B = $500-$1,000 of income-based utility assistance
    $306.169B for 2nd round of $1,000 per person stimulus checks
    $10B for 3 months lost mortgage interest for banks at fed rates of 0.25%

  • Even though it is NOT a hoax. It baffles me that all of the efforts that would help mitigate this crisis are also going to make the world sustainable, cleaner, and healthier and yet so many resist this tooth and nail. This should be a priority for ALL. Protecting the environment is essential to our future no matter what you believe on climate change.

  • smash that thumbs down button for democrats who are anti gun and love abortion and if u like your healthcare… these are the people worryed about our health.. no thanks.. what democrats say is generally the exact opposite of what they do.

  • just lies from the democrats. they think about saving the world….. meanwhile there community’s are full of death and drugs and homeless. And then there own citizens cant arm themselves or protect themselves. these are the people who think they can alter the climate on the entire planet.

  • Sad that this issue is partisan. I really don’t know how long we can wait for the Republicans to catch up to the science. They have spent so many decades denying the experts and believing the “scientists” who tend to work for Heartland or some other denial group.

    Was there ever a time, besides now, when one party banded together to deny a particular science?

  • If you don’t like ADA laws, simply more out of American… then you can discriminate. If you are in America and you don’t comply with ADA law, you deserve felony charges.