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Fact: Individual needs for hydration vary. The eight-glasses-of-water-a-day “rule” is not a rule at all. It’s merely a suggestion.

Because water is our body’s principal chemical component and makes up about 60 percent of our body weight, it’s necessary for survival. Of. You may have heard of the 8×8 rule. It states that you should drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day.

That’s half a gallon of water (about 2. Drinking eight glasses of water a day is so ingrained in our minds, and so many of us use it as one of our golden rules of health. But it is one rule you can pour down the drain. Fact: Individual needs for hydration vary. The eight-glasses-of-water-a-day “rule” is.

In 1945, the term “prepared” entailed foods that contained water, such as fruits and vegetables. As a result, there was an urge to consume 8 glasses of water (2.5 liters) in addition to food and. The widespread advice to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day lacks evidence. A U-M physician promotes listening to your body instead. One of the most common reasons a woman comes to the urogynecology practice is urinary frequency — going to the bathroom more than what she considers normal or common.

Sometimes this means in comparison to friends and relatives, and, sometimes, it relates to what was previously normal. Preliminary research indicates that 8-10 glasses of water a day could significantly ease back and joint pain for up to 80% of sufferers. A mere 2%. 8 Glasses Of Water A Day Is The Mother Of All Hydration Myths We can take a breath and put down our water bottles.

A couple of glasses of water in addition to fluids typically consumed in a day and. It’s possible to die from water intoxication — and people have — although it’s very rare and drinking eight glasses a day (or 10, or 12) isn’t going to. Truth: You do need a healthy dose of hydration daily, but how much is an individual thing. “The eight glasses a day is totally arbitrary,” says Susan Yeargin, Ph.D., assistant professor of.

You may have heard that you should drink eight 8-ounce (237 milliliters) glasses of water a day (totaling 64 ounces, or about 1.9 liters). That’s the wrong answer. Despite the pervasiveness of this.

List of related literature:

It should be noted, though, that researchers have been unable to find a single study that supports the need for the widely circulated recommendation to drink an additional eight glasses of water a day (Valtin, 2008).

“Health Promotion and Aging: Practical Applications for Health Professionals” by David Haber, PhD
from Health Promotion and Aging: Practical Applications for Health Professionals
by David Haber, PhD
Springer Publishing Company, 2013

A 2002 study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology found that drinking five or more glasses of water a day reduced the risk of a fatal heart attack by about 50 percent.

“The Life Plan: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex, and a Stronger, Leaner Body” by Jeffry S. Life
from The Life Plan: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex, and a Stronger, Leaner Body
by Jeffry S. Life
Atria Books, 2011

People have to drink water—at least six to eight large glasses a day, and more if one is active or lives in a very dry or cold climate.

“Cooking with the Bible: Biblical Food, Feasts, and Lore” by Anthony F. Chiffolo, Rayner W. Hesse
from Cooking with the Bible: Biblical Food, Feasts, and Lore
by Anthony F. Chiffolo, Rayner W. Hesse
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The USDA recommends eight eight-ounce glasses of water per day, but if we drink caffeine or alcohol (which are diuretics and therefore eliminate fluid from the body), we must drink even more water.

“The Naked Voice: Singing with Authenticity” by W. Stephen Smith, Michael Chipman
from The Naked Voice: Singing with Authenticity
by W. Stephen Smith, Michael Chipman
Oxford University Press, 2007

For years we were told to drink eight glasses of water a day, although it is difficult to find documentation as to the origin of this advice.

“Williams' Essentials of Nutrition and Diet Therapy E-Book” by Eleanor Schlenker, Joyce Ann Gilbert
from Williams’ Essentials of Nutrition and Diet Therapy E-Book
by Eleanor Schlenker, Joyce Ann Gilbert
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2018

Although you’ve probably heard the eight-glasses-a-day rule for water intake, the actual amount you need is dependent on a host of factors.

“Keto Diet For Dummies” by Rami Abrams, Vicky Abrams
from Keto Diet For Dummies
by Rami Abrams, Vicky Abrams
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Eight 8-oz. glasses of water per day for the average inactive man or woman has been recommended, although the number 8 is not science based.

“Nutrition for Dental Health: A Guide for the Dental Professional, Enhanced Edition” by Rebecca Sroda, Tonia Reinhard
from Nutrition for Dental Health: A Guide for the Dental Professional, Enhanced Edition
by Rebecca Sroda, Tonia Reinhard
JONES & BARTLETT PUB Incorporated, 2020

In a study of 20,000 people, Australian researchers found that those who drank five eight-ounce glasses of water a day were significantly less likely to die of coronary heart disease as those who drank two glasses of water or less.

“The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy, Not Time, Is the Key to High Performance and Personal Renewal” by Jim Loehr, James E. Loehr, Tony Schwartz
from The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy, Not Time, Is the Key to High Performance and Personal Renewal
by Jim Loehr, James E. Loehr, Tony Schwartz
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Eight glasses a day should be a generality, not an absolute.

“Fit for Life: Not Fat for Life” by Harvey Diamond
from Fit for Life: Not Fat for Life
by Harvey Diamond
Health Communications Incorporated, 2010

The old rule of eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day was not based on scientific evidence.

“Diabetes Cookbook For Dummies” by Alan L. Rubin, Cait James
from Diabetes Cookbook For Dummies
by Alan L. Rubin, Cait James
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  • Also if you drink too much water, way too much, your kidneys can be severely damaged. Our bodies are very intelligent and we underestimate it.

  • Great video… yes, I drink nearly one gallon of water per day and have since 1992. Just make sure you find out who they are, not who they is. Peace.

  • Hi Dr. Eric Berg, great video! Was curious about drinking distilled water to help rid the body of toxins every so often as distilled water and toxins have an affinity toward one another. Any truth to that that you’re aware of?

  • I was following the hype drinking tons of water to help with my dry skin and well, it didn’t worked.

    I’ll try more vitamim A foods.

  • This video I disagree with you on…Water is internal lubricator…I know when I dont drink alot of water my bowel movement become painful and my joints as well

  • How much water should be consumed when fasting. My functional doctor told me to drink a gallon of water when fasting and I’m under 105 pounds.

  • Ha ha, I love this. I see these people at the gym lugging around a gallon of water during their workouts. Crazy. My wife compulsively drinks water and is always on me about keeping hydrated. I eat a healthy lower carb diet, basically drink when I’m thirsty, typically I’ll have an iced green tea midway through the afternoon and a glass of two of water spread throughout the day. Seems to work for me, I’m healthy, active, have great energy and I’m not overweight.

  • Very interesting. I would like to ask. I deal with dry mouth. irritation in the throat to what I think is candida. I also have a hiatus hernia. Which I do believe will cause a vitamin deficiency and will lack of vitamin A as you put it would cause an issue like I’m dealing with. correct? Dry mouth pasty feeling and white coating on my tongue and in my throat? please let me know. I looked it up and it seems like it could be possible.

  • I don’t konw whether you are talking about drinking distilled water or mineral water.Most drinking are mineral water which contain all the electrolyte.Even if we flush out the electrolytes it is replacing with a new one.Your views may apply if people dring distilled water but not in drinking mineral water.

  • Hang on one sec Dr, the ‘water flushes out toxins is false’ one ill have to disagree. I remember a time many moons ago when there was a HEAP load of toxins in me, namely DRUGS, and the very next morning I was due a mandatory probation drug test. I started drinking a TON of water throughout the course of the evening and I actually PASSED the test!!!

  • Jesus is Coming VERY VERY SOON. Are you ready? Do you know Him? Has He washed your sins away? Is He your Master? Time is short. Don’t delay. Repent and make right with Him while you still can.

  • This ones kinda rockin my world rn lol. I’ve always thought drinking plenty of water was good for you? It always made so much sense as to why drinking plenty of water was good for you. But now this video is making a lot of sense, too.

  • It is parents who are responsible every day for making sure children are well nourished in every facet of their life.yes they worry.A study on the aged who maybe do not recieve the monitoring that children do every day may show different results.Many aging issues especially confusion have direct correlation with clinical dehydration.

  • My husband stopped drinking water because of an enlarged prostrate that kept him up at night peeing. He dehydrated and passed out in a restaurant, stopped breathing for about 30 seconds and ended up with a huge lump on his forehead. So I’d advise to find your balance.

  • I say I’m dehydrated when I forget to eat or drink water for at least 12hr and have s splitting headache. Basically when I get a hangover without drinking alcohol.

  • Actually dry skin is definitely NOT because you have a vitamin A deficiency. Vitamin A actully helps to regulate sebum production. High levels of vitamin A is pretty much like a mild dose of accutane which kinda impede the body’s ability to produce sebum, or the natural oil your body produces. Too much vitamin a dissolves the intercellular cement and by doing so the skin feels super dry and the skin will begin to flake off and it can be uncomfortably tight and dry if you dont know how to use this in a beneficial manner.

  • Unless you are wearing like 3 layers of clothes in 90+ degree (fahrenheit) heat then you are probably fine drinking when your thirsty. Otherwise, you want to avoid drinking too much because then when you run your stomach hurts. Just know your body, which isn’t that hard cus it’s always giving you feedback.

  • No offense dr.berg I follow your advices but you just made a video that requires drinking 2.5Liters of water a day. How does this relate to that?

  • I’ve been in the ER 6 with dehydration, i need reminders to drink because i don’t drink when im thirsty. I normally drink less than 3 cups a day unless im reminded.
    It’s very dangerous for me because most of the time when i pass out (from dehydration) i hit my head

  • I was getting kidney stones by drink as much water as you drink (2-4) cups. My doctor told me to drink atleast 2 liters of water a day. After I started drinking 2 liters of water a day, not only did I stop getting kidney stones, but I stopped struggle with constipation either. I also struggled with heat boils, lower abdominal pain (due to heat) and such heat related discomforts also reduced after I started drinking 2 liters of water per day. But you are right doctor… body wasn’t storing enough nutrients…. Oh my! What should I do. I feel good drinking two liters of water…?

  • Our daughter had several symptoms for years and got all kinds of testing done, then the doctor concluded that she was dehydrated and had her drink more water and take a Magnesium supplement too. Fixed most of the problems. Drinking enough water helps prevent painful urinary tract stones, I’ve heard. Our daughter’s problem is she just rarely ever feels thirsty so would only drink 1 glass of water a day. What could cause inadequate thirst?

  • Sorry Doctor.. You’re wrong. No one said you’re made of 60% ‘pure’ water.

    You said electrolytes right!? What is the Base solvent of this all electrolyte!!??
    Answer: Water.(not in the `pure’ form)

    You’re right when you say pure. But that’s not logical subject to talk like this.

  • He’s 100% right. Lately I’ve been over doing the water. Afraid of dehydration since I’m in south Florida where you sweat all the time. I was feeling terrible. No energy. Headaches. No appetite. Cut down on the water by 2/3. Drink when I’m thirsty. Doing much better

  • “They” is “The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine”, according to the Mayo Clinic. So I answered your question, so now I’m even more confused. You could have sold it harder in the video.

  • Very misleading video, if your in an air conditioned doctor office all day not breaking a sweat 2 cup of water may be enough but your out in the sun doing manual labor sweating your going to need at least 8 or more cups of water.

  • Sorry Doc but 3 is true for cold water. Actually, if you eat anything cold your body is going to burn calories to warm it to the body temperature.
    For water you burn roughly 1kcal per L per °C. So if you drink 1L of water at 0°C your body warms it up to 37°C body temperature, so you burn *37kcal*.

  • I’m confused, drink 2-3 glasses or 2.5 litres as recommended in your kidney disease prevention videos? Can you please clarify, thank you

  • It really depends on your environment, exercise and what other foods or drinks you have. When I moved to a humid climate I wasn’t used to drinking more water so I used to pass out, my aunt told me to drink more water and it fixed it.

  • This is total advertisement of what he drink and not about 8 glasses of water.. If u drink 2to 3 glasses of water it will be bad for urself.. No stupid man would do that…u can drink 1 at a 1 glass before and after u eat..thats 6glasses 2 in any time of the day when ur outside and hot temperature…

  • I, like many other individuals, do not get nearly enough water a day. I am not saying that everyone needs eight glasses of water a day, but I know I do not get nearly enough. One of the main things that drew my attention to this video was how I can relate this video back to my life. My fiancé suffered from severe dehydration a few years back when he was in the police academy. They worked them day and night and his body just did not receive the proper amount t of water to continue functioning. His whole system started to shut down. This was a scary point in his life, but thankfully he made a full recovery. Ever since I found out about this incident, I have been interested in learning more about hydration and how much water individuals need every day. I knew there was water in most foods and drinks, but I never really knew how much.
    I was surprised at the fact that drinking more water has minimal health benefits. I see student athletes walking around campus with this huge water jugs and I always wondered if that was actually necessary. I knew that the amount of water needed a day depended on the individual, but I did not know that so many factors were taken into account.

  • Hey Jeff,
    Concerning alcohol and hydration. wouldn’t the suppression of vasopressin lead to a diuretic effect and not a antdiuretic one?

  • BTW….I drink coconut water when I can get it…it’s full of electrolytes and potassium…but I don’t drink 8 glasses of it..maybe 1 or 2 a day with lemon at times…..

  • Interesting… and now that I think about it, when patients come into the hospital dehydrated, they don’t send water through the veins, they give them bags of normal saline which is like salt water and is supposed to be close to the composition of your body fluids. For specially dehydrated patients such as people with dehydration from alcohol,they get what we call a banana bag which has vitamins and minerals. I’ve never seen anybody get overloaded with a lot of water. This makes sense, Thank you I’ve always found it hard trying to force all that water in when your body isn’t really saying it needs it.

  • I know people who had brain disorders because of too much coca cola.Yes really, 2 of them. So drinking 8 glasses of water is not a big Fat lie… it is a big fat TRUTH. It is also completely logic… water is the base. You can survive three weeks without food and only on water but the opposite isn’t true… The problem is you that water is cheap… same old same. Dr Emoto knows something more about it. Think critical and for yourself. 8 cups is really not a lot. And try to drink coffee, guess what, your thirsty after. Drink alcohol, a lot…hangover time….what does your body needs, water water water… too compensate. Sad to see this on the net.

  • I tried drinking half of my body weight in water and then I developed urinary incontinence. My urologist found that my bladder is small and instead of telling me to drink less water (he didn’t ask me how much I drink), he gave me some really expensive medicine. I researched the medicine and it had a ton of negative side effects that would eventually require more medicine. Then I read Dr Bergs theory on drinking water and I stopped drinking excess water. My urinary Incontinence disappeared and my doctor is in shock because I should still be peeing on myself even by drinking less water. ����‍♀️ Well, I never had it ����‍♀️.

  • Im pretty sure with the first statment “60% of body is water”.. meaning if you were to dehydrate or mummify a human and collect the pure H2O.. That would be 60% of the weight

  • Dr. Berg, the carbonation somehow stops the phosphate carriers from carrying calcium to your bones. It causes acidity and osteoporosis

  • One thing I hate about drinking more water, is that I wake up needing to piss REAL bad. Like if I have been holding it in all night basically.

  • The science is on point however it doesn’t take into account exercise. 8 glasses (2 liters) is still the ideal you should drink if you’re going to the gym or running daily then you definitely need 2 liters.

  • Comment sens if I workout u drink more if you don’t u drink less depends on the situation, also if u take serten medications or powders u do drink more water to flush it out. Etc.. dr.berg knows his chit!

  • My hole life I have been told to not to be thirsty to drink water… I don’t know, kind of weird to here the opposite and difficult to accept the truth I guess…

  • I cant tell when im thirsty when I fast, I have to be sipping water all day on a fast or after a day or 2 I start getting orthostatic hypotension, I never counted how much I drink, but since im sipping from my bottle every 5-10 minutes, I assume its more than 8 glasses

  • I don’t see my dog drinking that much water, he only drinks when he is thirsty, thank you Dr Berg you make my life less complicated.

  • You should bring water with you to work if you don’t have access to water at all times unlike those who work at an office. Don’t buy bottled water, it’s insanely expensive, bottle it yourself at home and if you’re afraid of metals or fluoride, buy a filter to get rid most of it. You can’t get rid of ALL the bad stuff but enough to make it much cleaner than overpriced bottled water. If you drink too much water then you’ll lose minerals faster and you’ll get side effects that are associated with lacking minerals. If you drink alchol and feel hung-over the next day then you’ve had too much and wasted a lot of minereals when being a hobby-alcoholic (sodiumand potassiumchloride as well as magnesiumsulfate -citrate, -oxide and what ever, is what we need). Eat healthy, drink water instead of sweet drinks. Don’t add water to what you’re already eating and drinking, replace the bad things that contain high amounts of sugar with water. Keep an eye on sodiumchloride in food, it’s easy to get too much of it. Eat and drink everything in moderation! You can get other types of salt that contain almost half as much of the NaCl and more of the other salts which we all need. Keep meet consumption lower, the recommended upper limit from the Swedish government is 500g per week for an adult, which is less than what many eat. This recommendation is backaed by many reports on research done on this subject. By the way, dehydration is serious but you’ll notice when it’s time to drink, don’t let any of the bottling corporations scare you. Don’t drink when you’re not thirsty, your body needs a good balance of water and minerals.

  • Is there a study that shows if there is a difference between plain water and water in other beverages and foods? Like does plain water help with kidney stones over say flavored, carbonated water? Allergies? Want to follow up on this.

  • My urologist told me l was drinking too much water because it had me up all night going to the bathroom too much instead of sleeping. He said to try 4 glasses of water a day so l did. Made all the difference in the world foe me. Needing 8 glasses of water a day is fiction.

  • Drinking plenty of liquids prevents kidney stones to form since there is so much oxolate forming food is about.
    At least that is the general recommedation

  • Before I started drinking about 4 glasses of water a day, my face was just dry, red, and flaky. Once I stArted drinking water everything started to change. My skin tone instantly started changing. I have some type of red rash on my cheeks and water seems to make it fade. So stay hydrated

  • I have CVID and get IVIG every three weeks. Extra water consumption helps to keep my meninges from going extra stupid (swollen and painful). Right before, during, and after infusions is the only time I up my water consumption.

  • I am absolutely not getting enough waterI’m a mess who maybe drinks a glass and a half of a water a day. But it’s nice to know I’m not as messed up as I thought!

  • Water is the number one solvent and it actually dehydrates you if you have a lot of it. It dissolves your stomach acids and flushes minerals from your body.

    What to drink instead? You should drink milk preferably raw milk although all milk (or most) has the electrolyte minerals that you need to keep you hydtated, also having some juice like orange juice. Keep your potassium and magnesium higher.

    Lots of water will make you much more thirsty, not hydrated in the long run.

    Animals in nature don’t actually drink as much water as you think they do. Only domesticated animals drink lots of water because they are usually fed an unnatural diet.

  • Just finished watching this video. The ad that followed is about being dehydrated and buying a product with magical hydration properties. Slick.

  • Huh. I drink a lot (el cheapo, not Nestle or Naive sorry, Evian or any other name brand), and it helps my health a lot but that is because I have diabetes. Which means, for example, that sugary drinks are dehydrating and increase my blood sugar because the kidney is working hard to get rid of excess sugar. Which is why drinking non-sugary stuff helps. If I don’t drink a lot, but somehow manage to get high blood sugar, I can, in fact, become dehydrated (and needing to get rid of a lot of urine) but it’s very noticeable: dry mouth, dry skin at the hands, even dry eyes. It usually happens at night, where my attention is… pretty much nonexistant, obviously. I think I currently average somewhere around 3 litres per day.

    And I drink (cheap) store-bought water because I hate plain water. Just tastes horrible. I need carbonation and/or some fruity taste (but no sugar) to make it drinkable. And yes, that distaste for plain water extends to water from clean sources out in nature. It’s not from any bad ingredients.

  • I hate WeightLoss ads that refer to weight-loss is a mystery here’s the mystery solved burn more calories than you eat simple you’ll lose weight get off the couch and go do something instead of eat the extra peanut butter and jelly sandwich or the snickers bar or whatever it is

  • I was dehydrated once and it was one of the worst physical experiences of my life. I was horribly dizzy for hours on end and my stomach Did Not Like It. After that I learned not to ignore the much earlier physical symptom of feeling inexplicably and overwhelmingly sleepy despite getting enough rest the night before.

  • Yeah I gotta troll this..
    Water is life, it’s in everything we eat and drink. Yes, food and drinks are fairly hydrating, and neutricious. neutricion needs transport material (Water) to do the neutricious things food and drink does for us. (Requiring water) you are supposed to drink 1 oz of water for every pound you weigh. (Roughly) yes, the water you buy, vs. The stuff on tap is better for you.
    Flint Michagan is a prime example of topical exposure to toxic contaminants. Heated water sprayed on people in showers, is like taking a lead bath. Skin, being micro pourous soaks in water. Even Obama is shown to drink kangen water, sanitize his hands in water. This is in response to drinking water as a right groups like FAN, (Fluoride Action Network) for fluoride free water. Which is a whole other evil, I just don’t care to get into.

  • I used to drink 10 to 12 water of glasses a day now i feel burning sensastion in my left abdomen n the side of my stomach n the worst part is after passing stool or urine its like my anus is on fire.

  • Nestle’s plan is clearly to privatize all the water supply while creating a dehydration panic. One the other hand, if kids drink water rather than chocolate milk, that can only be a good thing. Lets just make sure it isn’t Nestle branded water. Our taxes already pay for remarkably clean* water available at will from several shiney spigots in our very own homes. Why pay for it again? Refuse to do so and drive the water hoarders out of business. (Everyone sell your Nestle stock first.)

    *Obviously some municipalities have absolutely fucked up their duty to provide clean water, and a few people live off grid and provide their own. But generally, almost everyone in the US (and every other first world nation) has immediate unlimited access to clean drinkable water.

  • It would be really great if you did a video on how much pure water is actually necessary if at all, and the pros and cons of drinking certain amounts of water each day

  • Why urine osmolality? Wouldn’t serum be a better metric? I have DI, low urine osmolality, but can be dehydrated with high serum osmolality. (when I’m not on my meds)

  • From my anecdotal experience, many people basically don’t drink water at all. This is the sort of nonsense that can motivate people to drink water instead of some less healthy option with high sugar content, so I’m not really that concerned. I think the bigger issue is people being convinced that tap water is not safe to drink(therefore opting to buy massive amounts of water in plastic bottles) which I’m sure was greatly exacerbated by the Flint MI incident.

  • The number of parents that are being told that their children are dehydrated is uncanny. I think that most people are much too worried about dehydration, especially when most of them do not even know what it actually means to be dehydrated. It is quite comical to listen to individuals claim that you need to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day in order to stay hydrated. Your body will tell you that you should drink water long before you are dehydrated so people need to stop worrying so much. Generalizing that an individual needs to drink at least 8 glasses of water is inconclusive because every person is different, depending on their size, age, and how active you are. Also, there are other ways to get water like vegetables or fruits as well as coffee and tea. Many people may not know this but drinking too much water is just as dangerous as not drinking enough water. I am the kind of person who probably drinks too much water because that is all I drink on a day to day basis.

  • I didn’t know how much people were concerned about the risk of having there kids being dehydrated. Now I constantly see news shows talk about dehydration and how its so important and it is don’t get me wrong, but the man on the video clearly said that these tests on these kids for there urine consistency was between an average at 800 osmolality he even said a normal range could go up to 1200 osmolality. So I think most people just saw those numbers thought because they looked really big that it ad to mean something bad when in reality it was the norm. The big problem was a study that made it seem like kids were dehydrated or 2/3 kids in Los Angeles were not getting enough water which was a study done by the Nestle water company. On average every kid in the world ranges within the norm on water consumption. Also before you get to that point of dehydration your body tells you to drink water before it reaches that point.

  • Wow �� this was so helpful i was drinking a gallon of water and peeing like 13 a times a day I had to get off the creatine because of it ��

  • I remember doing cable in the Texas summer. I used to go through 3 gallons of water a day and about a gallon of Gatorade. Surprised I didn’t die in a 150° attic.

  • From my own experience, some of this is dangerous bullshit. I used to drink eight cups of coffee or tea a day, but then I got it into my head that the caffeine them is a drug that may be harming me, so I cut down on it and decided to drink water instead. But I didn’t like the taste of water, so I assumed that my sense of thirst would alert me when I needed water. But I found that is unreliable and thirst is a delayed reaction. I ended up permanently damaging one of my kidneys. My urologist said I should drink three litres of water per day on top of any other liquids I drink. Even though I have moved countries the water still tastes boring, and I usually have to force the last litre of water down me before I go to bed. If I was allowed to substitute coffee it would be easy to down, but that is not allowed. It takes two hours to pass from my gullet to my kidneys, but it seems that any other drink than water is a diuretic. I get cramps in my legs at night some times, but I figured that is because all that water is flushing too much salt out of me, so when that happens I drink a glass of Gatorade or Pokari Sweat. I have had kidney stones which the doctor believes is caused by too much salt, so I have to limit my salt intake. But the thing is I never would have had this problem if I hadn’t believed that my thirst reflex was accurate, it’s not! And I think that the caffeine was better for me than this and I should have stuck to drink eight cups of that a day. And another thing, years ago I remember a doctor at an ER in Brisbane being interviewed about the high number of elderly people being admitted for dehydration in the hot weather because they weren’t drinking enough water. You shouldn’t be telling these people to rely on their thirst reflex because it doesn’t kick in until people are dehydrated and is unreliable.

  • Dont seem to know what you’re talking about. Hyponatremia usually occurs if you have been sweating profusely and then over-hydrate. With 2 cups/day you’re probably dehydrated and suffering from confusion. Maybe a little more research on the water intake and biochemistry.

  • I agree that we probably are too worried about dehydration around the world. My main concern here is that people of different ages and different activity levels need different quantities of water. To make a general statement that the entire population does not need as much water as we think to be hydrated may be false in certain situations. Athletes and those within the population who are very active during the day may even need more than the 800 mOsm/Kg. I feel like, as part of the human race, we do not need to worry about dehydration as much as we do today. But I do, however, feel like water is a very important part of the way that the human body works and to downplay its importance to some degree is not a sufficient idea. Obviously, drinking too much water is just as unhealthy as drinking too little water. It is all about finding a balance that works for your particular body composition and activity level. Finding this balance does not mean forcing water when water is not needed, but it means drinking water when the body knows it needs to replace what it has lost. As mentioned, water doesn’t always have to be liquid either. Fruits and vegetables, two things already essential for the health of the human body, are great sources of water as well.

  • I just had a blood test return with low sodium despite getting adequate amounts in my diet. Doctor suggested I may be drinking too much water. I drink about 6 per day plus tea and coffee. Glad to know I can cut back a little.

  • Have you guys done a video on the relative health risks and toxin content of bottled vs. tap water? Because I think you definitely should.

  • Can you please state all sources you’re referring to clearly in the video description? Also other things, for example that Nestlé has apparently paid for studies you’ve talked about. The videos are great, but calling people out on their bullshit (?) without actual proof is pretty shady, even though it’s presented well.

  • what about UTIs? I find that if I don’t drink enough water and wait too long to go to the bathroom for a couple of days, I get a painful infection. If not, I have no problems

  • It’s a good way to become incontinent to drink to much water. Could the ozmolaliity of swedish children (my country) possibly be due to eating alot of fruit and therefor peeing out alot of water solluble vitamin and salts like citric acid and other chemicals connected with comsumption of fruit?

  • The measures of osmolality and osmolarity bother me. I understand that it’s not convenient to report the molarity or molality of each solvent in urine (or whatever the solution may be) but it annoys me from the perspective of chemistry lol

  • I found two benefits to drinking lots of water:

    1. Water is colder than core temperature => Helps cool down somewhat. Especially useful in summer! Even if heated by ambient temperature, it’s still going to somewhat cool you down.
    2. The stomach doesn’t differentiate between food and water when feeling “full” as far as I experienced. Drinking “lots” of water alongside a meal makes me feel full with much less calorie intake and thus satisfied => weight loss help (helps with discipline of maintaining net kcal intake to be favourable)

  • Have you also studied the whole, drinking half your body weight in ounces of water myth? I’m overweight and working hard to change that, but people won’t leave me alone about drinking that much water.

  • Before I even watch this video I will just say that if we really needed so much water you would expect us to have evolved to be thirsty enough to actually drink that much.

  • 1:39 Who the fuck tired to make that myth in 21st centuary i mean really. You watched your self-pour like 94% of hot water in your cup.

  • I just trust to my pee color

    A yellow, more cloudy color means your body need water. A darker yellow, amber color isn’t healthy. Your body needs water. Orangish yellow and darker: You’re severely dehydrated.

  • your wrong you need a gallon of water a day no coffeee or beer or sugar drinks substitute ice water only
    the body is thermal temperature is key to weight loss caffiene is a diaretic

  • Hey stan,
    I reacently did an endocrinology course, and it was said that Vasopressin secretion started before thirst kicked in. I don’t know how broad that gap is, but what do you think?

  • You’re a fool…. Most people are not drinking enough water… You can simply tell by the color of your urine… All your fancy words and conclusions are meaningless… You’re doing a disservice to people with your statements… It’s not some conspiracy by bottled water companies… It’s a legitimate problem…

  • “You also don’t have to worry so much about never feeling thirsty; the human body is finely tuned to signal you to drink long before you’re dehydrated”

    Oddly enough, the statement above conflicts directly with my personal experience over the past 15+ years. My body doesn’t feel finely tuned to signal me to drink long before I’m dehydrated. I’ve been dehydrated on any number of occasions over the years because I would go longer periods without drinking water or getting thirsty. By the time I would realize it, it would already be too late; constipation and a severe headache would follow every time.

  • Well, I do certainly understand where Dr. Carroll is coming from. Let me explain my experience and why I prefer to drink more water than less. No, I haven’t been influenced by advertising and I don’t work for Nestle or Poland Spring.

    My body does not do a great job of telling me that I’m dehydrated or need additional water; basically, I don’t often get thirsty during the day when I should. If I am not careful, I can very easily go 3+ hours without water. By the time I realize I haven’t been drinking water, it may already be too late. When dehydrated, I run into problems with constipation and severe headaches. I would MUCH rather be on the safe side and drink a bit more water than to run the risk of becoming dehydrated and having constipation & headaches. It’s a very, very unpleasant experience when I get dehydrated so unpleasant that one time after a severe headache that lasted more than a day, I went over to the nearby hospital. They diagnosed me with dehydration and pumped >2 liters of fluid into me.

    I make sure to have water with every meal (even if I have another beverage such as milk or orange juice), and I also make sure to not go 2-3+ hours without water unless it is before bed. Additionally, I make sure to have fruit, vegetables and yogurt every day to help with my digestion. My grandmother is actually very similar to me in that she has plenty of water, fiber, and yogurt in her diet. Perhaps my situation is somewhat genetic in nature. In any event, I’ve never been over-hydrated, and I know from experience that it’s an absolute NIGHTMARE when I get dehydrated; I’d much rather stay on the safe side and drink plenty of water throughout the day.

  • There is also a concerning amount of people trying to defend their intake of soda. It’s okay to drink soda, but don’t act like it is healthy. Soda is probably one of the worst drink choices most people have to choose from on a daily basis. It may “hydrate” you. But you won’t reap the benefits as much as with plain water. This is due to the sugar intake along with the other chemicals in the drinks. They basically strip the benefits of the water away. Bc your body uses all of the water in the soda at once to digest and break down the chemicals and sugar in the drinks, your not actually being hydrated. But your not dehydrated either. Water is your best choice no matter what, it’s pure and won’t to any harm (depending on your location and your source) You also don’t need a whole lot of water if you live a sedentary lifestyle. If you do nothing all you need is around 3 glasses a day. If you do sports just drink as much as you think fit. But try not to drink under 5ish.

  • I think people don’t actually mean the dangerous kind of dehydration (which causes fatal metabolic problems) when they talk about dehydration, but more like “you didn’t drink enough water to make your skin smooth and healthy”.

  • MOST people are dehydrated. Drink a lot of water or you will have a lot of health problems. I recently went for a doctor checkup and results came out high calcium. Thoughts of surgery in the neck and Cancer entered my mind. Then I went to the ER one night because I fainted. I was dehydrated and calcium results came out fine after that. I had a skin infection for years and it disappear almost instantly after the fluid IV at the hospital. Skin now looks baby’s butt smooth. Had never seen that before. Most people are dehydrated. Use your head. Coffee, alcohol and sodas dehydrate you and you don’t need experts to tell you that. You pee a lot when drinking them and you don’t drink enough water.

  • I wonder if the arguments that people are more dehydrated today than ever is really meant to say that people are hydrating themselves with the most unhealthy forms of hydration; if that makes sense. I understand that water is in many of things we consume however, if many people are primarily consuming soda as opposed to water alone the hydration the are receiving his essentially bad hydration?

  • I think that the risk of dehydration is far greater in places like Northern and Western Africa where water is scarce or very dangerous to drink. Most people are not dehydrated if they are healthy. Dehydration comes from the loss of body fluids like vomiting, diarrhea and mucus secretions. Most people that go into the hospital are dehydrated because they are ill. There is a way to make sure you’re hydrated and that’s called skin turgor. If you pull the skin up on your hand and it “tents,” meaning it stays pinched up, it is a sign of dehydration. Most people get enough water through the food that they eat so excessive drinking is unnecessary. Although rare you can actually get intoxicated by consuming too much water. I think that we drink so much because bottled water companies tell us too. There has been a huge increase in the amount a bottled water used and this has caused a strain on landfills. Bottled water companies won’t tell you to drink less water or use water bottles either; they have to make their money somehow. I think that as long as you follow a good diet then you will be fine when it comes to keeping hydrated.

  • I always thought that drinking eight glasses of water a day was a lot knowing that maybe If a person isn’t as dehydrated as others can be what if I don’t need to drink as much but watching this video breaks down on why we don’t need to drink as much water a day. I believe that water is consumed other ways then just a glass a day and that water is good for you but you don’t have to drink as much. water is something that some people don’t like because it doesn’t have a taste and I am one of those people but if you exit water out of your life it can cause many problems like a common one known as Urinary tract infections. they’re other causes but one main thing is not drinking enough water and then you also have being dehydrated because you don’t have enough water that helps back you up. the best thing to do is to make sure you do have enough water in your system so you body can help you stay hydrated in times when you can get to any beverages and you become thirsty.I just felt that I always knew you didn’t have to drink 8 glasses a day because for one I really hate the idea and for two you have other things that can help you consume that.

  • I always try to drink a lot of water as I never want to be dehydrated because dehydration causes multiple problems and just isn’t healthy. I never thought of other sources that give your body water, such as vegetables or even juices. I am one of those guilty people that carries around a water bottle almost everywhere that I go so I can sip from it all day whenever I feel thirsty and hopefully come close to the “goal” of how much water I should be consuming. I also find it quite interesting that after studies were conducted there were no findings of any real benefits water has to offer. Water is one of the few things I do drink so I am not going to drink less because there is no added benefit to it, I just find it interesting that what some consider to be one of the healthiest drinks (because it has no calories or other additives) has no other benefits to it. Logically it does make sense that there are no benefits to water because there really isn’t anything in water. What really shocked me about this video was the portion on the urine osmolality. 800 mOsm/kg would consider the child to be dehydrated. Even though half of the children in this student had a urine osmolality of 800 mOsm/kg. The fact that he went on to say that this was not alarming (the number of children in this range of urine osmolality) and his colleagues agreed that a child being in that range should not be alarming, was odd to me. You would think these standards would be put in place for people to have a comparative measure on what is actually ok and what needs attention. Not only is this standard basically ignored but it apparently is also considered normal to be significantly over the 800 mOsm/kg. The variation is so large it seems as though it is actually difficult to decide was is normal when testing urine osmolality. I agree with him and that the health cannot be off for so many children and that the standard needs to be changed, not the amount of water that they intake.

  • All my life my parents have been trying to get me to hit eight glasses of water a day. I believed that eight glasses a day was part of being healthy. I find it fascinating that all of my life I’ve been believing a myth. Since I started college, I’ve been grocery shopping on my own. I almost never buy water but I always find myself buying pop. While I know pop is bad for you, I can’t stop drinking it because I need the caffeine to get me through the day. Lately I’ve been finding myself feeling bad that I don’t drink as much water as I should. But this video is making me feel a little better about getting water in different ways in my diet and not drinking eight glasses a day. In the summer, my parents are worried about dehydration and drink water nonstop everyday even if they aren’t thirsty. What they don’t know is they would feel thirsty way before dehydration set in. I’m going to have to show my parents this video for not only their benefit, but mine too since they shove water down my throat every chance they get.

  • I find it rather interesting that there is a push for the “recommended intake for water”, yet there is really not a recommended amount of water you should intake in a day. I think that a lot of people don’t take into consideration the amount of water that is already in the food that we eat. I am an asthmatic and I am always extremely thirsty. I have always chalked it up to dehydration. I think there is a certain amount of water that a person needs daily. However, I think that the amount of water a person needs cannot be standardized. I believe that the amount of water varies, depending on the person, their physical activity, and many other factors.

  • He makes some very good points. I think every person is different in how much water their body needs, so saying an 800 msOm/kg or higher is not correct. Being in the medical field, I very rarely see anyone being tested for Urine Osmolality and if they are being tested, none are children. It is not a good way to check for dehydration. If your child has a decreased urine output, dizziness, or confusion are good ways to notice if they are dehydrated. You need to up their water intake of fluids. Popsicle’s, ice chips, and gatorade are good choices if you think your child may be dehydrated. You should be sure to see a physician if you think your child may be dehydrated.

  • With being a sports guy, all growing up we were told drink water drink water drink water or you will cramp up or faint. after watching this video I can see its not that big of a deal as everyone makes it. I agree water is very important but carrying a water jug around is not needed you can get a lot of your water through foods as well and saying that we are in danger of dehydrated is definitely an overstatement. I am glad I know now so I don’t have to feel in trouble when getting ready for activities throughout the warm day to consume a bunch of water.

  • I don’t know why but I find it really annoying when people say they are reading an audiobook. It’s not reading when you’re listening to it! Why do all youtubers do this? You won’t smart smarter when you say you are reading a book on the go in the car while you’re driving or putting make up on. It’s not just criticism to Jeff, it’s a trend that literally every youtuber with an audiable deal does. AGH

  • I have always followed the 8 glasses of water a day myth for many years, was always taught that was kind of the amount needed everyday for the human. Didn’t know that it wasn’t really affecting much as I thought, it is making you hydrated but it is not a need or else you will be dehydrated. The 8 glasses myth as always been said by friends parents and everything, but very interesting to know that the children who even didnt drank the amounts of water needed experienced no sense of dehydration anytime near or any symptoms.

  • Most of the time, I drink at least 8 glass of water. It’s a must, if you live in a tropical country, in the middle of dry season, and you are working outdoor! So basically everyone is different. You can’t say you always have to drink at least 8 glasses a day and at the same time, you also can’t say drinking at least 8 glasses a day will be bad for your health.

  • I strongly agree with this video and the points that have been made throughout it. Water is in most foods and it makes up all types of drinks, so you are getting hydrated through different means other than just drinking water. Not to mention that everyone is different and their bodies use and store the water that they take in, in very different ways. Some people drink a lot of water every day, whereas others barely drink any water daily and they are both still alive and not dehydrated. Also, the human body is equipped to signal when water is needed and this causes you to become thirsty and want to drink water. The human body signals thirst long before it becomes dehydrated and before the person would start to feel the symptoms of dehydration. There can’t be a recommended daily amount of water that people should be drinking because we get water from different places and we all need a different amount of water to hydrate our own bodies. The body itself will let you know how much water you specifically need.

  • By the way, I tend to explain myself at the end, so don’t stop at the middle:3

    Stick by the rule of 3
    You can survive:
    3 minutes without oxygen
    3 hours in extreme weather with no protection
    3 days without water
    3 weeks without food
    (If there is anything else I forgot)

    Over hydration is dangerous hue to excess water in the cells, most dangerously in the brain where there isn’t any room to swell, meaning extreme [emphasis on extreme] over hydration can cause brain damage:3

  • The villian in every Adam Ruins Everything episode is capitalism. It’s always because “Some big company wanted money, so they lied to us and swept our health and the fact that we’re human under the rug in order to get said money.”. And that’s why I hate capitalism

  • Dr. Berg is directly informative. No nonsense, tell it strait. I wish I had the will power & fortitude to follow the diet parameters outlined in all his videos! Im thinking seriously of trying hypnosis therapy to stop eating sugar. I sabatoge myself.

  • I actually think Adam is right but at the same time I want to believe. Since I mostly drink tab water I’m not hurting anyone though, right?

    Edit: I also do not exercise

  • We had to call an ambulence for my mother because she drank almost 6 liters of water in a day, cause she was sick and wanted to ‘sweat it out’. This was extremly dangerous, she had a serious risk of dying, if we wouldn’t have brought her to the hospital in time.

  • There are some flaws in this thinking. I for one, have a poor thirst drive and can go all day without feeling thirsty. Which is why it is important to push fluids. Of course I don’t think it’s necessary to drink large amounts of fluid, but drinking throughout the day does wonders. I have two 24 oz bottles of water I drink and feel fine at the end of the day. It helps flush out toxins in the body and keeps you from over eating. There are a lot of benefits to drinking even when you’re not thirsty. Just don’t overdo it. Too much water will overwork your kidneys. It’s even worse with caffeinated beverages.

  • “This is a serious problem…at least 12 athletes have died from over-hydration.”

    Didn’t you just get done saying dehydration is a fake concern because it’s rare you can die from it? Because a lot more than 12 athletes have died due to dehydration…

  • This is why we do not trust medical doctors…
    Each one tells us different things… And most of them are taking money from Big Pharma…

  • What Im learning from all of these is that most of america is run by greedy corporations that are willing to sacrifice the well being of their nation for money.

  • 1:13 it bothers me that the Oakland University is located in Detroit, Michigan and not Oakland, California just thought it was a fun fact

  • Adam:you dont need to drink many glasses of water a day. Also him: Maybe I dont wanna be the bad guy anymore

  • I drink 8 glasses of water a day sometimes an entire gallon, all tho i am very active and it is throughout the day. On a relaxing day i drink about a quart of water depending on the heat.

  • Yeah I’m just going to stick with my usual 8 glasses of water a day… My throat doesn’t even tell me if I’m thirsty anymore. I’ve been having headaches and my lips are very dry

  • I’m sorta curious if drinking more water is a good recommendation for people who are overweight (such as myself). My thinking is this, if I drink more water (especially while I eat), my stomach feels more full, and it may help with reducing food intake. Thoughts?

  • Yeah there are a lot of situations where this doesn’t count. You have people who are constantly thirsty and should thus drink like 3x the amount compared to other people and people who rarely feel thirst but should really not forgot to drink water (elderly and some individuals). Some people (myself included) need to regularily drink water against migraines/headaches even if you’re not feeling thirsty at that time because you’ll regret it if you don’t.

  • i drink like 2 cups a day, and i find it hella weird other people(including my sister) always drink water when they aren’t thirsty like it just doesn’t make any sense to me

  • I’m a scout and I get that this is kind of true, but there’s a catch. In the states these days, people often don’t know when they’re thirsty. Air conditioning acts as such an effective alternative to cooling via proper hydration that we end up spoiling ourselves with it and never learn to properly recognize thirst and often mistake it as a desire for sweets or salty snacks with no drawbacks. Often new scouts have a real problem with this at week long programs like summer camp where proper hydration is important to staying comfortable and active. Learning to identify thirst for what it is can be a real learning curve when you spend your life in the AC.

  • This makes sense to me (now) here’s why. I decided to fast for one day but it turned into a full 3 day fast. I slammed water 1-1/2 gallons each day to help curb my hunger. I experienced the most horrific cramps and charlie horses in my hands, legs and feet on day 2 and especially day 3. I plan on doing another 3 day fast in a few weeks. Thus time, I’m going to use electrolytes and see what happens. Thanks Doc. You’re a cramp (and life) saver.

  • If you are peeing every 5 minutes that should tell you something. Your body already has enough water and that’s why your body keeps expelling it because it has no need for excessive amounts of water.

  • As a member of the US Armed Forces, Dehydration is serious. It happens very often. Also being dehydrated can cause muscle failure faster, and using the statement “Drink when you feel thirsty” Simply wont apply because you will feel so sick being out in hot weather for days or if you get too dehydrated that you wont want to drink or eat, but your body will need it, so you have to force hydration. I drink well over the 8 cup a day recommendation when doing field training (If i have that much water in the first place) and I still end up dehydrated rather than over hydrated.

  • I drink only when i am thirsty annnd my doctor tells me i am dehydrated and thats why i am dizzy when im stand up quickly and no its not iron deficency they checked that

  • This is the most controversial YT that I have seen from Dr. Berg. Personally, I have long felt all those many glasses of water pushes out nutrients, therefore is bad for your health. Don’t doubt for one minute we have in Dr. Berg by far the best source of health truth available on the Internet and perhaps the world. He has done so much for all of us. He is a blessing to all of us.

    And remember, we are electrical beings, we are not water beings. Electricity makes everything happen in our bodies.

  • I feel thirsty to drink lots of water, but then I pee so much. For me to go to the bathroom only 5-7 times per day I have to reduce very much my water intake and I dont’t feel nice but at the same time I don’t like to live in the bathroom ������
    Any tips?

  • What do the studies say about drinking water with low pH? pH lower than 4.5? I can not seem to find any studies or information about it.

  • I’ve got a 2.5 ltr bottle. I drink one of these throughout the day. At least that way I can keep track of how much I’ve had that day.

  • The fact is, when I first started doing overtraining with dips and curls, I was getting beat up pretty fast.

    Then I started drink 5 litres of water a day…. Holy fuck, my hunger shot up, me recovery shot up, my energy levels went through the fucking roof…. All I wanted to do was dips and curls and now….

    I can do 200+ PERFECT dips now, non stop and I can curl 50 kilo for 2-3 strict reps each arm. I have 20 inch BIGASS SCARY CRIMINAL arms and huge pecs, delts and tris…

    I am 100kilo with abs, eating 3-4 squares a day, whole foods, some fish and potatoes, loads of rice and, lentils, 4000+kcals.

    Water is really what keeps our bodies going perfect and strong.

  • Since I started keto and IF I’m supper thirsty. Can’t go an hour without drinking. Been doing at least 16/8 and more of IF while at work and working physically. In 8 hours at work I drink 4K ml of water. Is that normal?

  • New to the channel and I have been watching your science explained videos and have noticed you use a lot of scientific journals in your videos. I was wondering where you get all these articles and journals from? Do you do a google search? Are their certain journals you like the best? Just curious where you get these articles/journals and how you pick which articles are good or not.

  • What about sweating? How do you guys reduce sweat without reduced water intake?
    I exclusively drink water.
    Can NOT stand any form of alcohol or fermented fruits.
    I hate coffee and I hate caffeine because of the jitters. I have to take a scoop of kratom to calm the effects of pre-work out supplements. This combo really improves my performance so we’ll I must be careful not to over exercise. The first time I did this mix I hurt myself and needed a week to recover. I usually only need 48 hrs after a 6 day training period.
    I really need to slow down my sweating some how. I reduced my salt intake and only use electrolytes powder as needed it seems to help my creatine absorption

  • So cool. I just watched ur dip vid and I asked about water and sweat amounts. After my first heat stroke I cant even go to the store without water. If I go more then an hour I began to get headache and dry mouth.if I go more then half a day I began to slow or shut down. I pea every 2 hours and I can fill 20to 30 oz bottle every time. People tell me it’s to much but it is what my body tells me.

  • why you dont need 8 glasses of water a day? Because you can drink your water in cups. You’re welcome now you don’t have to watch the video

  • We don’t need more water because our body recognizes our lack of water and uses our high salt to water ratio to bloat us up and retain water.
    So, you’re right, we don’t need 64 oz a day. But if you don’t want to be bloated and retaining water in unsightly areas, you might want to bump it up.

  • when i used to work hard out doors in summer i would just sweat all day and drink water constantly(2 gallons in 8 hours approx)…when i would run out of water i had to stop and get more or i would feel like i was going to die…

  • Do you mean that it can take away the electrolytes? I see that.�� It is important to recognize if you are dehydrated from lack of electrolytes.

  • What about water manipulation? good, bad..? A lot of BB and UFC/ Boxing athletes use it to drop weight! Personally I tried a 48 hour dry fasting was actually going for a 72 hour but I couldn’t last! First 24 hours actually felt easy and I had good energy but the second day I start feeling a bit jittery!

  • Adam Ruins Everything did a good show on this as well.

    You gotta laugh at the people lugging those giant water bottles around all day, thinking they’re being super healthy.

  • I’m a lifeguard, so when I do a 8/9 hour shift I’ve been having 10 liters plus per day, up to 13/14 if it’s really really hot. (Weight can fluctuate by about 3/4 kg per day though)

  • @Jeff Nippard, can you also make a video on why some people have to eat more often or like in Stephanie’s case, why some can eat a substantial amount of food up to the point where they gain even few pounds in a day (mostly during cheatdays) and still can’t say they feel full:) thanks, u;re awesome, I am watching you and Stephanie from Romania. xoxo, luv ya both

  • I drink 3 liters per day in summer sometimes 4 liters without even feeling thirsty and I only piss like 3 times a day max and my piss is clear its not yellow or dark yello ect

  • Ima fan bro,
    Peer reviews suggested the following,
    Milk is good, cigarettes aren’t bad, and protein is good regardless of source.

    I love the current science explained channel and I hope it profits you and you live an abundant life.

    I’d like to add, even though it’s individualized like you said; I’ll share some more hydration symptoms that may not register with thirst.
    Dry lips and dry skin and a tongue that doesn’t have complete natural color. However, brushing and good hygiene play a factor.

    Lastly, science based nutrition with all the peer reviews maybe optimal in there accuracy in studies showed demonstrating the validity with multiple studies.

    I have a lot of family that are in penal systems across the U.S. and arguably they have better physiques than people in the free world with access to whatever supplements including roids.

    It’s fascinating to me


  • Can someone please help. Ive beenifting for 8 months and gotten some gains and now i want to try doinfg a push pull legs split. I have a few questions though. How long can i do this split for cause im tryna go long term but most durations are 12 weeks is that the limit? How do i decide the exercises, sets, and reps? How many days a week do i train? Btw i am training for mass. Thank you

  • Drink to thirst has been my motto for some time.
    Some people are carrying bottled water round like crutch.
    How did we ever manage back in the day? ��
    I would say look to the drinking habits of (what’s left of) hunter gatherer groups, or your own domestic pets and other animals in the wild and see how they manage to survive without a “tall glass of water,” with a pinch of Himalayan Sea Salt, of course, on rising plus the obligatory 7 other glasses of water that we’re purported to need.
    This (largely Western) obsession with drinking water on the hour, every hour is, so far as I can make out total bunkum.

  • I discovered your channel a couple days ago and very big respect for all the work you’re putting in! All your videos are well schematized, mounted and are very agreeable to watch! Love the fact that you use some scientific research doc’s to prove that what you’re telling isn’t some bullshit. One of the best nutritional/bodybuilding/and stuff related channel on youtube!

  • Hey Jeff! Love your videos, as an idea for a new Mythbust monday could you look into the benefits of Spirulina or even as a main source of protein intake?:) Would really appreciate it, let me know!

  • Hey jeff..i wish you could
    Make a review on this one..does caffein tolerance decrease its effect on the body, or just a mental tolerance

  • One thing that will affect how much water you need is diet. If you’re eating carbs, the amount of water required to digest, dilute, and transport can be HUGE! If you eat 100g of pasta, which is about 70 grams of carbs, your body is going to NEED to get, and hold much more than a liter of water just to dilute it in your body and blood… so if you’re a low carb dieter, and you decide to “cheat” and hit a simple dish of pasta, within that day, your weight is going to spike up to five pounds!

  • This video could of been better. The thing with water is if you just drink water and don’t pay attention to electrolytes you end up with an electrolyte imbalance.

    In the alcohol study he showed he made a ridiculoys conclusion. Yes, you do have to drink more water after drinking alcohol. You also have to replenish your electrolytes. If you don’t replinish, you will get a hangover. If you do, you won’t. A hangover is caused by the sever electrolyte imbalance alcohole causes.

    It’s a diuretic so it instructs your kidney to fill up your bladder immmediately. At that point it don’t give a shit about the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system and could care less about electrolyte balancing. So if you drink and start off with a poor balance of electrolytes than after you drink your balance will be abysmal.

    For water it depends on what you do in a day, but it’s typically better to drink a lil more than needed instead of not enough. If you drink a but much, you’ll pee it out.

    Same thing fir sodium and potassium. Sodium should be 5 grams minimum but up it if exercising alot.

    Potassium should be quite about more because it not only gets used as a cellular pump mechanism, it also gets used to create stomach acid when we eat. I dunno what exact ratio we need, nobody does, but potassium intake should be way higher than sodium intake is what the literature points to.

  • I’m on medication that prevents me from absorbing sodium so I have learnt to average 2-3L of water a day, since drinking this amount of water I find I am less bloated but that could also be due to the fact I don’t absorb as much sodium from my foods anymore. I do exercise 4-5 days a week of resistance training, I do find since my intake of water has increased, my recovery from workouts are slightly better but that could be a placebo effect, or perhaps my hydration has improved some slight recovery time. Great video as always ����