My Migraines Helped Me Miss Work, Until I Required Control of My Triggers


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My Migraines Made Me Miss Work, Until I Took Charge of My Triggers Gail started advocating for herself by really understanding her triggers. Educating employers about migraine. We need to educate employers about the severity of migraine attacks, teach them how simple it is to make accommodations, and help them to understand that “taking a pill” simply does not return an employee to full capability within minutes.Even in the best circumstances when triptans do work, it can take several hours before a migraine patient is capable.

But if you’ve tried to quietly remove migraine triggers from work, and it’s not working or if you find yourself having to leave the office frequently because migraine symptoms are interfering. Unlike migraine headaches, the pain is in the belly — not the head. Abdominal migraines often affect kids between ages 7 and 10, but sometimes adults can get them too.

A Migraine attack actually has four potential stages. Not every person will experience each of the phases, nor will every Migraine attack. Prodrome phase (aka the warning phase): This initial phase can last from 1-24 hours.Symptoms include yawning, fatigue, mood changes, neck stiffness, excessive thirst, and food cravings.; Aura phase: This phase of a Migraine may or may not be present. Everyday things can trigger a migraine headachefoods, drinks, exercise, medications, stress, too much or too little sleep, bright lights, hunger, smells, and hormones, to name a few. Bright lights, certain smells, foods and drinks, exercise, stress, too much sleep, too little sleep: If any of these terms made you flinch, then you might be a might be a migraine sufferer.

Learn about these and 14 other common migraine triggers. Discover the ways that painkillers used to treat migraines can actually make your. The rest of the cleanse has been a nightmare. I have pounding headaches every single day.

I am super tired. Something just isn’t right with my body. I take Spark twice a day. Once in the morning, and then again at 2:00pm. It’s hit or miss.

Sometimes it works in giving me that boost, other times I. About 1 in 3 to 1 in 4 people with migraines get an “aura” that begins before the headache or starts along with it. It may not happen with every headache, though.

An aura can includ.

List of related literature:

Work itself may not be the trigger for your migraine.

“The Migraine Brain: Your Breakthrough Guide to Fewer Headaches, Better Health” by Carolyn Bernstein, Elaine McArdle
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Once you find your trigger or triggers, you can make lifestyle changes to alleviate your migraines.

“The Secret Female Hormone: How Testosterone Replacement Can Change Your Life” by Kathy C. Maupin, M.D.
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Triptans with a longer half-life have a lower rate of recurrence, and a combination of triptan and NSAIDs might help to avoid recurrence of headache, decrease lost productive time in the workplace, and improve nonworkplace activity (Brandes et al., 2007).

“Occupational Neurology” by Marcello Lotti, Margit L. Bleecker
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First, employers can identify employees who regularly suffer from migraine headaches and recommend that the employees seek medical treatment rather than self-medicating for persistent migraine.

“Handbook of Occupational Health and Wellness” by Robert J. Gatchel, Izabela Z. Schultz
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Persistent headaches, depending on the history of the client, may require prescriptions for a tricyclic antidepressant such as amitriptyline, or a long acting benzodiazepine anti-anxiety drug such as diazepam or lorazepam.

“Foundations of Massage” by Lisa Casanelia, David Stelfox
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“Medicines to prevent migraines are recommended if avoiding triggers is not possible and migraine occurs more than twice a month or if it is severe enough to interfere with your routine”, says an eminent physician.

“CBSE Class 12 English Core Handbook MINDMAPS, Solved Papers, Objective Question Bank & Practice Papers” by Disha Experts
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Twenty-eight percent of these migraine sufferers reported working fewer hours because of headache, 24% chose less demanding work because of their headaches, and 8% actually changed their employment because of their headaches.

“Migraine in Women” by Elizabeth Loder, Dawn A. Marcus
from Migraine in Women
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Episodic migraines that occur frequently enough to disrupt life and work or to cause major distress should be treated preventively.

“Textbook of Medical Psychiatry” by Paul Summergrad, M.D., David A. Silbersweig, M.D., Philip R. Muskin, M.D., John Querques, M.D.
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Keeping a headache diary maybe usefulto help identify other triggers.

“Griffith's Instructions for Patients E-Book: Expert Consult” by Stephen W. Moore
from Griffith’s Instructions for Patients E-Book: Expert Consult
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My interest in migraines began while I was working as an emergency department nurse.

“Middle Range Theory for Nursing: Third Edition” by Mary Jane Smith, PhD, RN, Patricia R. Liehr, PhD, RN
from Middle Range Theory for Nursing: Third Edition
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  • Thank you ���� I have been getting migraines lately due to stress and overthinking I really appreciate you have a yoga for everything ��✨

  • Hi this is helping my headache. Please so the oppisite of my mistake and go to sleep while listening to this, please do not use headphones. Drink your water. And take medicine that you are allowed.

  • I hate the fact when kids have headaches your parents are so fucking loud but when our parents have headaches we have to be quiet like wtf ����

  • I can’t believe it but this worked! Had a really bad migraine on the left side of my head. Took some Advil and put this on. At first, the noise bothered me. I propped myself up with pillows and a little after the water sounds, the pain started to subside. Within 45mins, it was gone! Saved this video for next time! Thank you! ��

  • Hello, when ever I see any mirgraine case I always want to say a special thanks to Dr.Osemuahu for helping me get cured from Migraine, and chicken pox i was tested Positive 5 months ago, I contacted him base on the testimonies I’m seeing about him on the internet, I was cured too by him, he can help you, these is my little way of appreciation by spreading my happiness… And he’s able to help you in getting rid of any kind of decease that’s affecting you….. let me know if your need his info

  • thankyou adriene! I’m wondering if you did link any other supplements/ideas you would recommend for migraine/headaches somewhere in the description that I cant see? thanks

  • I listened to this for an hour completely and I can say it worked! I was having a migraine and the pain disappeared! Thank you for this relief music!

  • I’m here because I got a headache from someone else (empath here). Right when I was about to get off work, one of my coworkers came in and I got a low-key intense headache immediately after she arrived. I asked her if she had a headache just to confirm and she said, “I have a freakin migraine.”

  • If you feel alone in this you’re not. I’ve had a headache 24/7 that I got on February 9th of 2020. And I have not had even a single hour where I’m pain free. It sucks absolutely sucks. All I want is a single day without my head hurting. I’ll take even an hour. And no matter what we try it hasn’t gone away. Sometimes all you wanna do is give up. Sometimes all you wanna do is cry. And Sometimes ( way to often for it too be healthy ) you just want to be decapitated. Because it’s hard to keep on going through life in constant pain. It’s the most humbling and most lonely thing. Because you are carrying so much. So much of the pain you’re dealing with is unseeable to others and you are left struggling with pain all by yourself. I am here for you. I haven’t got to the other side yet but I believe I will and sometimes that the absolute best thing for yourself; to never lose hope. So don’t lose hope, we will make it out of this, darling.

  • I don’t even know if this works but I am giving it a to the migrane condition.. I pray it is temporary. I am a little scared, I am over 50 and NEVER had such pain. I guess it is time for a specialist.
    Everyone feel well.. hope this works

  • Was just starting my 2nd 30 day program via you when I was hit with a killer headache ��, made it 2 days without yoga (&you) before I felt my body start to stiffen up & me missing the movement. This was simple & beautiful and really helped not only with my headache but also with my lack of movement over the last couple of days. Thank you. ����

  • Much needed my head is sensitive and when ever there to loud of a noise I instantly get headache so I look for a soft sound to calm my brain in this is my go to ❤️

  • It’s awesome…try this
    Close your eyes in dark room….use headphones
    While listening try chanting Aum or Om continuously after 5 minutes you’ll hear another sound which combines with the tune of video with your chanting….it creates a vibration which reduces your headache…
    Try and let me know if this happened to you ��

  • Mehanging out with bakusqad*
    Me aftershit bad idea
    Me nowcuddles,kisses and this video from sharky ��❤️��
    (Ahahaha srry I had to)

  • This has helped me so much in the past few months. This is a life saver when you have migraines, thank you so much for posting this and letting up listen to it.

    Edit: grammar

  • Warning: there is a loud ad for some ninja warrior show right in the middle of the session and an add talking about v-jays right at the end. I’m all for Adrienne getting paid, but these ads don’t help the headache:(

  • This helped so much after trying to sleep all night i woke up because my head was still throbbing. I turned this on and fell asleep in minutes

  • This put me to sleep and got my headache to go away! Post headache sleeping is one of the most satisfying things because your mind is finally quiet

  • I have really done something beautiful, new ideas and it is very beautiful. You are a creative person. Keep progressing like this to amazing content.

  • I don’t know whether I am suffering from migraine or not but from last 10-15 days i am trying to change myself from inside out quiting all the bad things which I use to do so from last one week I am having continuous headache so Ive tried this out and ya it works I swear and believe me or not it feels so soothing that I do this twice a day and ya I am feeling quite normal and happy so thank u Adrienne I don’t know how to thank u but u truly is a blessed soul and hope u always make such NYC videos ��