More Patients OK’d for Cancer Trials Under Obamacare


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More patients OK’d for cancer trials under Obamacare: study (HealthDay)—The Affordable Care Act has enabled more privately insured patients to enroll in clinical trials for new cancer treatments. FRIDAY, July 21, 2017 The Affordable Care Act has enabled more privately insured patients to enroll in clinical trials for new cancer treatments, a new study contends. THURSDAY, July 20, 2017 (HealthDay News)— The Affordable Care Act has enabled more privately insured patients to enroll in clinical trials for new cancer treatments, a new study contends.

Speedy approvals are important for patients who want to participate in clinical trials, said study author Dr. More patients OK’d for cancer trials under Obamacare: study 20 July 2017 (HealthDay)—The Affordable Care Act has enabled more privately insured patients to enroll in clinical. THURSDAY, July 20, 2017 (HealthDay News) The Affordable Care Act has enabled more privately insured patients to enroll in clinical trials for new cancer treatments, a new study contends.

Speedy approvals are important for patients who want to participate in clinical trials, said study author Dr. As of Jan. 1, the cancer survivor has medical insurance under the Affordable Care Act. One of the central provisions of the law is that no one can be.

Uninsured cancer patients are also more likely to die of their disease. Due to a 2012 Supreme Court ruling, individual states were allowed to choose whether to expand Medicaid as intended under. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is a law about health care.

People call it “health care reform” or the “ACA.” This law passed in March 2010, and it changed several health insurance rules in the United States.The information below tells you some important ways the ACA currently affects cancer care. You can learn more from the ACA website, What cancer patients, We’ve invested more than $4.9 billion in cancer research since 1946, all to find more – and better – treatments, uncover factors that may cause cancer, and improve cancer patients’ quality of life. Some states have chosen to broaden access to Medicaid coverage under the health care law, while others have not. Clinical trials are research studies that involve people.

Any time you or a loved one need treatment for cancer, clinical trials are an option to think about. Learning all you can about clinical trials can help you talk with your doctor and decide what is right for you.

List of related literature:

Obamacare had to go, but protections for these vulnerable patients must not.

“The New American Revolution: The Making of a Populist Movement” by Kayleigh McEnany
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They will have access to preventive care, such as mammograms and other cancer screenings.

“Disability and Vocational Rehabilitation in Rural Settings: Challenges to Service Delivery” by Debra A. Harley, Noel A. Ysasi, Malachy L. Bishop, Allison R. Fleming
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Finally, this rule will positively affect patients who are dually eligible for benefits under the Medicare and Medicaid programs by increasing payment to physicians who serve this population.

“Federal Register” by United States. Office of the Federal Register, National Archives (U.S.)
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Sadly, if elders had consistent coverage for adequate screenings, or better access to health care throughout their lives in the first place, the need for cancer treatment could have been prevented altogether or diagnosed at an earlier stage, reducing financial burden and struggle.

“Occupational Therapy with Elders E-Book: Strategies for the Occupational Therapy Assistant” by Helene Lohman, Rene Padilla, Sue Byers-Connon
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In order to put dollars behind the campaign to improve patient safety, some private insurers and Medicare now refuse to pay any costs associated with medical errors and/or hospitalacquired illnesses.

“The Sociology of Health, Healing, and Illness” by Gregory L. Weiss
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About half of the more than 900,000 patients who are now served annually by these programs have cancer.

“Medical Care of Cancer Patients” by Sai-Ching Jim Yeung, Carmen P. Escalante, Robert F. Gagel
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Provisions of the ACA will significantly impact treatment options for cancer patients.

“Health Policy and Advanced Practice Nursing: Impact and Implications” by Kelly A. Goudreau, PhD, RN, ACNS-BC, FAAN, Mary C. Smolenski, EdD, MS, FNP, FAANP
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Recognizing this trend, the ACA mandated that several types of preventive screenings will no longer require cost sharing.

“Basics of the U.S. Health Care System” by Nancy J. Niles
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Congress has enacted legislation to protect disabled persons, and many cancer patients and survivors qualify to receive these protections.

“Cancer Rehabilitation: Principles and Practice” by Michael O'Dell, MD, Michael Stubblefield, MD
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By excluding payer coverage for trials aimed at detection and prevention of cancer, some states also eliminated support for studies that use genetic

“Journal of the National Cancer Institute: JNCI.” by National Cancer Institute (U.S.), National Institutes of Health (U.S.)
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  • The Dems are not going to replace anything. If it’s repealed, they will not agree to any new law, resulting in a quagmire to the 1,000th power, played out through the ultimate political game of hot potato.

  • This makes no sense. To sue against something you have to have whats called “standing”. Standing demands that you have been directly harmed by something/someone (e.g. you can sue if someone hits your mailbox, but not if someone hits your neighbor’s mailbox). The whole point of the individual mandate supreme court case back in 2012 was that people had to pay a penalty if they didn’t procure health insurance. The penalty (even if it was $1) is enough to grant standing. Without the penalty, you lose nothing and therefore have no standing to sue. This Texas Judge’s ruling will be reversed by the Roberts court who loves to strike cases down if the plaintiffs have no standing.

  • A guy who contested Obama for presidency, took it upon himself to protect his opponents legacy. Obamacare may have it’s problems, but salute to this man because he did what he thought was right. True patriot

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    All those rude evil cops,managers,employees,staff,guards,nurses,doctors who have murderd and threat and hurt and harrassed me and many other young and old innocents will be killed by me and my baby god. cause revenge is justice and good!����in real life i was a victim just like those the girls in this film Even Lambs Have Teeth and Savaged 2013 and I Spit In Your Grave. Even if im dead my spirit is always back for revenge and to protect those good people.
    Its different from freddy krueger and jason vorhees,Oh soon people gonna make a movie out of me. There will be rituals to make me appear!I won’t stop until it’s peacefully

  • I am confident that we will all be okay until 2020. That year may be my death year, because my treatments are keeping me alive. What a cruel nation we are, medically.

  • Obamacare is only good for pharma, health insurance and the providers…they wrote it…it is a bailout for their losses due to unbelievable corruption.

  • Correct me if I am wrong but aren’t the insurance companies that provide these services a private industry not government sponsor? Being a private business they operate on a profit or loss bases. For an insurance company to survive they must make a profit. They do not do this out of the kindness of their heart or because it’s the moral thing to do. The insurance company, along with the hospitals are making tons of money for their investors. That is how Capitalism works people. And I support it 100%. Forcing people to pay into a service operated by a private, money making system is wrong. If you do not want insurance or can’t afford it, then you should not be “Taxed” or penalize to join. You operate a motor vehicle, you pay to have insurance. If you don’t drive then you should also be required by law to pay for vehicle insurance. Does that make sense?

  • The ACA forces people to buy something they do not want and many cannot afford, or it forces people to pay a penalty they cannot afford. Obamacare is unacceptable, it is literal tyranny and it is the wrong direction for America to go in

  • Latest additions to the healthcare confusion the requirement that hospitals must now post their prices. While this can help self pay patients, it is likely to mislead anyone with insurance who doesn’t understand contracted rates. A full evaluation here:

  • The Insurance lobby want to get rid of the Pre-existing conditions part. It hurts profits. Now they get their chance to boot those who are sick

  • Not having health care has killed millions of Americans because insurance never should have existed, because the WAGE never should have existed because its slavery, and IDOLATRY. Idolatry means it doesn’t help EVERY HUMAN on EARTH! Capitalism thinks “insurance creates jobs” but it should NOT EXIST! All people should own all things so they can all PAY CASH for everything! (But actually that would eliminate money!)

  • Who the devil is this McCain? He was a former prisoner of war. This McCain’s only heroic act was getting captured by the VietCongs. It doesn’t sound like a big heroic deed to me. Anyone can be taken prisoner when surrendering. You don’t have to be brave. It’s enough to raise your hands and fill your pants in the meantime, as he did.

  • Obama care is bs I have insurance from my job I pay high state tax, fed tax, social security, and medical tax which is Obama tax. Correct me if I’m wrong, but most people on welfare is taken care by the state that’s why we have state tax. Now Obama care in my opinion is bs, I’m thinking can we track down where all this money leads up to? Cause it’s almost certain these politicians is scamming off of us. These past 4 presidents were the most sinister president any country could ever have. Criminals at highest level. So for me to view Obama care as a good thing, nope! Wait here’s what I dug up check this out

  • Hate to say it but the Swedes(Sweden) are covered with great ins that is covered with slightly higher taxes that is used for everyone to have coverage.

  • PÅ godt dansk kan jeg godt fortælle dig at jeg går i folkeskole og har opgave om Obama den første SORTE præsident tak for hjælpen du er sgu en rigtig god gutter mand håber du vinder primær eller får en Wikipedia sidde homie peace fucking out

  • The penalty for not having insurance was the worst part of obamacare. Imagine not having health insurance and being PUNISHED for not having insurance!!

  • Healthcare providers and insurance companies need regulation. There are three players here-government, individual and healthcare providers. Most of the time the latter is being overlooked.

  • Cut out the corporate greed and make health care for all legal citizens of the USA. Every leagal citizen pays 13% of their income and the Government matches it. I pay around 265 euros a month. I can go to just about Doctor I want. No deductibles.
    Had 2 dentist appointments, one doctor appointment and a MRI this week didn’t pay squat.
    Unlimited sick days too. For what I pay the health care is outstanding. Why can’t the States have a system like this.


  • Love him or hate him one thing is true. John McCain is the definition of an American Hero. He fought for his country on the battlefield and he fought for it in the Senate. I take the first part back, if you hate him then F off.

  • Socialized medical care for all. There is nothing affordable about the affordable care act for individuals. Oh wait, we don’t want socialized medical care we prefer to spend trillions on the war machine and corporate welfare. We are a stupid bunch, we the american tax payer.

  • 65% of Americans are in favor of the ACA. Go ahead, repeal it. There is no other viable plan to replace it. If you want to believe the bullshilt from Trump that he’s going to “cut a deal” with the Dems, he had the chance in the last two years. A bevy of bipartisan bills (without penalties) have been introduced to the Senate floor, with tweaks to make the ACA stronger, more affordable, and more available to everyone. McConnell and Ryan tabled all those bi-partisan efforts while Trump and his cronies stripped all of the provisions of the ACA that they could. Don’t give me these anecdotal instances where people had to pay a million dollars to be doesn’t reflect the overall truth that the ACA makes us a healthier nation. Trump has been part of the movement that turns its back on our sicker citizens. It’s immoral, that any citizen of the U S should have to scrounge around to stay well. We have 50,000 people dying per year from opioid addiction, while Trump and his swamp spends our money hysterically rushing the military to the border to “protect us” from a rag tag caravan of defenseless immigrants. If a judge rules it unconstitutional aren’t we a big enough nation to make it right, or are we going to stay small minded and pathetic, serving the interests of those more fortunate? Some of you say “well I don’t want to pay for someone else’s insurance.” Given this rationale there would be no auto or homeowners or flood insurance which are required by law. We collectively pay for others auto accidents, natural disasters, and loss of life which is reflected in our premiums. That’s how insurance works in our country across the board. So wake up and try not to vote against yourself. A healthy nation is a strong nation.

  • “Obamacare was deemed Constitutional bc Supreme Court says so.” I believe it was Hamilton who wrote “the problem is in the principle of legislation.”

  • Lost my job during Covid-19 and the benefits I had along with it. Thank god for Sen. John McCain and the others who voted to not repeal ACA. I would hate to not have insurance during these times

  • Commentator on AM Joy on MSNBC had a great take! “It’s like your dog taking a dump on your couch” he added: “Trump needs to hire some federal judges that are housebroken!”
    He earned a standing ovation in my living room!

  • It’s unconstitutional to infringe of our second amendment rights as well but that happens every day this is a way to distract you while they are passing their anti gun laws while you sleep

  • Not replaced. Free market healthcare like we had.

    It was unconstitutional from the start. The supreme court cannot circumvent the US Constitution in which every federal government official is limited by including the Supreme Courts Justice Roberts. Obama said it wasn’t s tax in the beginning then he turned around and illegally made it one while also violating his oath of office by proposing and passing it in the first place.

  • i never realised 2 republican women also voted no… you only ever here that John McCain did it… you need all 3 as without any one of them it wouldn’t have worked

  • John McCain could withstand torture, 48 Republican senators can’t even withstand a hairy orange and the tortoise that can somehow stand upright without a spine.

  • If people can’t pay for health insurance that’s not my problem! I work hard to earn my money and I don’t want the government taking it from me to cover other people!

  • And dr.s aren’t listening to patience. They want you out so fast that they dont want to see what’s wrong. They dont want you but pharma does.

  • It really comes down to ideologysociety vs. the individual. This ideology is one of the most morally grey areas I’ve ever sat and thought aboutLet’s say a magical genie came before me and granted me the ability to ensure nobody in the world would ever get sick again, if I say shoot myself in the face? Questions like these just don’t have concrete answers, I wish people would understand that it is a debate rooted in philosophy, you can bring all the facts on healthcare this way or that way, spend 50 comments deep arguing, but at the end of the day it’s just “Should I prioritize myself, or society as a whole?” There is no concrete answer to this question as it depends on the ideology of the individual.

  • Instead of humans fighting each. Humans should be fighting diseases. America war on illness. A branch of the military for illness.

  • there is a good segment of rural trump supporters benefit from the aca. the gop will get wipe out in 2020 if they mess with it. the caravan turn out vote for republican but healthcare turn out vote for democrat.



  • A VP shouldn’t be allowed to be a tie breaker in any vote, while at any given time a presidents party may have a few who don’t vote the way he would like, the VP will always toe the line right or wrong. VP’s don’t think for themselves, they’re there to do the bidding of the president. If you get a tie vote, go back to the drawing board and try again.

  • This is Trump’s America now, but he’ll tell his base what a great plan they have but no one has seen it!!! Because he and GOP is lying. Thank you John McCain for saving our health insurance

  • A serious, honest question to US Americans from me as an observer re Obamacare:

    Is Obamacare really that bad as Mr. Trump claims?

    If you will justify your “yes” or “no” answer, I’ll gladly appreciate it as well!

    Thank you very much!

  • I truly am ‘more closer’ to confused than I already was. I just gotta accept that there are mysteries to life that I just ain’t gonna understand.

  • obama care is stupid whos ever heard of a healthcare plane named after a president plus it does not help the poor it make them pokrer5

  • Here I will explain the Obama Care heist. This ridiculous scam was forced upon Americans for the sole purpose of paying for the medical needs of the mass exodus of imigrants from all around the world flooding into America. The medical community and Goverment was not willing to foot the bill for this UN plan.


  • If you die from no health care it’s your fault! You go to the hospital and they have to treat you.Then they direct you to FREE Clinics etc. that takes care of your problem. Is that any better than having Health care? I don’t notice any difference. With Medicare I can not afford a hip replacement and meds cost me out of my pocket. Without insurance they will at lest provide walkers, pain killers and much more FREE of charge. Insurance Price goes up,care goes down! If your illegal it’s all FREE no questions ask!

  • The subsidies are NOT hand outs…it is a very complex topic with in the ACA. In Basic terms, the subsidy is nothing more than the Federal Income Tax withheld from your paycheck, with a little more added in. The subsidy is calculated based on our AGI or MAGI income as reported on your IRS 1040. The Subsidy, APTC or PTC depending on how you receive it, are not free, they are not grants…if you receive to much you pay it back to the IRS through IRS FORM 8962, Receive to little you get some of it back. APTC is NOT for everyone…I have seen people pay back to the IRS TENDS of THOUSANDS of dollars in APTC they received that they were not eligible for.

  • Hey idiot, Trump just got rid of the individual mandate so does that mean Obamacare doesn’t work now? This goofy is promoting Obamacare in this video

  • This guy is biased. He talks favoratively about the individual mandate. The only reason he would not seemed biased is to people that are clueless about the subject. He is basically promoting Obamacare here. Doesn’t speak about the deductibles, premiums, copays going up in price etc.

  • L.M.A. or lower class middle Americans. LMAO. What they have succeeded in doing is destroying the middle class. I’ve never drawn unemployment gotten food stamps or any help from the government but I’ll tell you this I haven’t seen a daughter in 12 years and I’m getting sick and broken down by this pathetic system.

  • Now you know the results. 1.

    20 million people who were paying for their insurance lost their coverage through ” ACA “.

    7 million uninsured non payers now receive insurance for little or nothing. The cost of heath insurance during the four years previous to ACA mandates actually dropped. During the four years after the ACA mandates, premiums rose 66% per year.

    Who are the 20 million who lost? Mostly lower middle class tax bracket and small businesses.

    Who are the 7 million who benefited? Those who report very little income. Basically, the working lower middle class got punished by the government to pay for the non payers. Now we have higher premiums, higher deductibles and actual quality of healthcare is being diminished. Since it doesn’t actually reform health care and uses an insurance scheme, a more accurate name for ACA should be ” Insurance redistribution act.

  • What nobody mentions is that McCain voted to repeal Obamacare many times when Obama was president. He also ran campaign ads saying he would vote to repeal Obamacare.

  • I’m not going pretend I understand this stuff. That’s why I check out videos. But the scary part of the socialist-type healthcare is my friends mom, who lives in Canada was turned down for cancer treatment because she’s in her late 60’s. Maybe some of you agree. I don’t.

  • If you wouldn’t trust a trumpcare and I wouldn’t trust Obamacare then you dont trust a government healthcare. Statement made. So government healthcare no good. But big pharmaceutical makes it difficult to pay for insurance on people that have an existing condition. The right isnt wrong saying leave insurance to its devices would drive down costs. But big pharma is over pricing things. Why…idk. maybe because it’s more profitable for us to be sick?

  • Still standing behind this POS outright lie to the American people? Democrats LIED about ACA. Democrats fought to keep it in place after it was shown to be a huge lie. Now every Democratic candidate is promising to change health care (again). How many times are you going to suck up the lies? #WALKAWAY

  • There is nothing afford about the Afford Healthcare act. In my state there is only one insurer, now that you have to buy from them the cost has went up 300% and the quality went down. There is a $10,000 deductable. You are not allowed to shop out of state. Every year the fines get more and more expensive.
    Monopolies are not legal and forcing some to buy goods or services from private companies is not legal. Then punishing people for not complying is just wrong.
    Obama care hurt the working poor.

  • The Supreme Court said it was Constitutional but the penalty must be called a TAX. The reason for this was to start the entire process all over again as the Bill did not originate in the House of Representatives but rather the Senate. By calling the penalty a Tax should have forced the hand of Congress to send the Bill to the House where it would have died at the time.

    Congress failed us, again proving there is no left or right, just two wings of the same evil bird.

  • Unconstitutional.
    I like the idea, but terrible execution.
    This idea needs tossed in the trash and someone with real intelligence brought in to find a solution for everyone.

  • Save yourselves and GET OUT OF IT!! It was unconstitutional to begin with!! Good God! This whole thing is outrageous. Should have never happened.

  • It’s really only a small percentage (about 5%) of the population needing the bulk of healthcare. These are the sickest people most health insurers don’t want to touch with a 10-foot pole. The sad thing is that a lot of ailments are medically preventable. Just live a healthier lifestyle, avoid tobacco & alcohol, avoid sugar, exercise on a daily basis and you can get to 100 yrs old.

  • When the greedy rich people get there way and all the poor people are gone and the robots are doing all the mundane work….then the rich will create even higher levels of rich….it will never end

  • how come car insurance rates didn’t go down since every have health coverage,,before Obamacare car insurance rate were up cause people didn’t have health care!

  • Obamacare act saved my life. How dare they to try to take it a way. What will people do with pre existing conditions and the poor.

  • It’s a scam like the victory tax in 1945. Only your still volunteering for that scam called federal income tax. ( you don’t have federal income )

  • Yeah and when hospitals get overrun by 40 million people flooding the ER without paying their absorbent hospital bills I will be publicly laughing at every Republican I see.Millions of miserable sick poor people are going to bring their misery down on Republicans affecting their quality of life then the repubs will change their tune cry and moan about it but it will be too late. This is gonna be interesting.

  • Good idea, wrong methods. Many people needed insurance of course, but we can not force people to pay money that they do not have. Healthcare should be free anyway. Tax the fucking rich. Everything would be free.

  • Exposed to what? More fear porn to imply exposure to something they don’t even name? Bullshit bullshit bullshit as usual. In 10 hours only 5 likes & 342 views? Hahahahaha haha �� omg that’s a riot.

  • I hope and pray to whatever deity exists, that McCain’s wretched soul is burning with sheer agony in the lowest levels of HELL!!!!

  • Why just a universal insurance like in canada? Are you so much selfish like that? Like I dont like to pay everything for poor people but everybody have the right to have healthcare like I understand that everybody have to do their parts but wtf its just logical lol someone sick cant work so its just normal to help them fuck and some of you want to let them down like trash? Dam hope you will not have a disease or something like that because I will not help you if you can help other people

  • Oh,we love those people, who pay for the next pizza for the next person, who can’t afford it. When it comes to health care, it’s another matter. Maybe it’s more expensive etc.
    It has been interesting to hear about Obama’s initiatives to bring health care to more people and I can’t help wonder, whey are they still not covered. Americans no longer drive around in covered wagons but health care is more or less based on the thoughts by those who did drive around in covered wagons.

  • Most of my colleagues are middle class business owners and they’re all telling me that their premiums skyrocketed. Several refuse to pay, not because they don’t want the coverage, it’s just too expensive. I think something has to be done, it’s punishing people who work hard while rewarding many that are already living off the fat of the land.
    I’m a Democrat and would rather see a true universal healthcare. Obamacare just isn’t fair for many deserving, hard working Americans

  • Your right that the insurance companies are still in control because they help write the behemoth. Now there is fewer yet more powerful insurance companies because competition eliminated and fewer choices but now mandated to buy from them. People win!? I don’t wanna win but govt say I have to. Indenture servitude to MY healthcare service provider. Thanks Obama!

  • Me and John McCain might have had fundamental differences about how to run the country, but if he ended up winning the presidency over Obama, I would have had no issue calling him president and looking up to him

  • Obamacare kicked me off my good affordable insurance, and the supposed cheap bronze coverage jacked up the price 3 times the price I was paying. I just couldn’t afford it.

    So, I got stuck paying the liberty tax, and having no insurance. All because I couldn’t afford their garbage government insurance.

  • extortion and a racket is what it is, growing up I paid a dollar a visit no matter what, my hernia operation was only a dollar, medication was only a dollar, and companies that you worked for gave you this coverage. the criminal congress forces laws on everyone and signs these laws at midnight and lets everyone know this is the law when everyone awakes in the morning.

  • A good man. Even if you disagreed with him politically, his character was rock solid and I think he really came through and did the right thing in the end.

  • one last heroic deed by the late great Sen. John McCain…the character of a man will be judged according to his actions..tell that to trump..

  • I wonder what vulgar crass mouth dump trump tried to unload on him �� trump is so below the morals of America I’m saddened by conservative republicans intransigence ������fkn republicans ur the worst ��

  • the statistics regarding the number of children who are uninsured in Texas reveals a deep-rooted problem within the state. Evidently, the state lives up to its billing as the uninsured capital of the United States. However, ObamaCare addresses these concerns. One of the benefits that the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) offers children is that they can remain insured under their parent’s plan up to the age of 26 years (Hall and Lord). More than 3 million children across the United States were not under any insurance package by 2012. However, the Affordable Care Act facilitates the addition of these children to gain insurance covers until they are of age to cater to their needs. This provides not only health but also the emotional and psychological relief to the parents and children alike (Oberlander). The ripple effect is that insurance companies will receive premiums from the new inclusions making it a win-win situation.
    Opponents of ObamCare have argued that most Texans will not be able to afford the healthcare plans under the act due to the overall rising cost of health in Texas. Current insurance policies have high deductibles making ObamaCare an unrealistic option (Oberlander). However, that is not necessarily the case. The Affordable Care Act eliminates the previously annual coverage and lifetime limits that were in place in insurance companies. These limits were in place to ensure that beneficiaries were capped at $1 million dollars annually. However, the act scarps off this cap proving beneficial to Texas and the rest of the United States. In addition, those with pre-existing conditions cannot be denied healthcare by insurance companies, neither can be forced to pay more for their existing plans in order to access healthcare (Oberlander).
    In conclusion, ObamaCare is a double-edged sword that people in Texas and America; in general, have to deal with its benefits and drawback. The Trump administration has been keen to repeal the act on constitutional grounds, arguing that it forces people to purchase a product without the option of opting out. This contradicts the tax clause, commerce clause, and necessary power clause on healthcare. However, the act has been instrumental in ensuring that children will be covered by insurance at least for 26 years and that people with pre-existing conditions can get the treatment they deserve with no strings attached.

  • 30 million Americans do not have coverage. 20 million Americans are in Jeopardy after 2019. 130 million Americans have pre-existing conditions. No game plan in place to protect us.

    Dear God in Heaven please help us.

  • Good summary. I would say the problem with Obamacare is that we are investing in a broken system. There is a conflict of interest with insurance companies and healthcare providers that drives costs up significantly. Obamacare doesn’t fix that at all. Also, our country has some issues with what health insurance should be. In our current system it isn’t insurance-it’s pre-paid healthcare. There’s a difference.

  • It would be great if the Republicans had a health care plan that was better than Obamacare. Still waiting. It’s only been 8 years… Still waiting.

  • ACA for Seniors is useless. This is why Seniors will lose their secondary insurance, at least in the State of Minnesota. I will not take out any advantage plan thur MEDICARE.

  • Now i know why the president called him a loser and hated him so bad, even after he passed. Should someone so petty and childish be your president?

  • This musical arrangement is not benefiting of this moment. This was a landmark move, and it sounds like Yogi the Bear meandering for a picnic basket!

  • Obama Care is not affordable. It forces healthy people like to me pay for the other people’s medical bills. I was forced to pay for more than $4000 in tax for not having this Obama Care. I went to see doctor for my heart check up and now pay $35 a month for a year. Let me have my choice.

  • Great job McCain

    God bless and rip

    Die to your vote millions kept health care and it won’t go away anymore

    We will dump Trump on nov 3

    Biden 46

  • This is not the first time this has happened. It happened in Utah a few years ago. So why are these people allowed to have this kind of info on their computers without it being encrypted? It should be a legal standard for ALL professional entities! It is stupid that it is not!

  • I wonder what would happen if we tried freedom? What would a free market in health care look like? In every other industry costs go down…but not in socialized medicine.
    This is a great step in the right direction, but you’ll end up in the same place as long as the government is in any way subsidizing health care.

  • But he didn’t vote no because he believed in the ACA. He did it because he didn’t like the way the Senate leadership was handling the issue.

  • If anyone has a pacemaker 2018 looking for insurance, no private health insurance will insure that person. Government Health Insurance only, so a catch 22,, all roads lead to Rome, London, and Washington D.C.

  • Practically speaking, this is great news. People with pre existing heinous conditions don’t need to be passing their defective genetic material to future generations. Yes, millions will die, but the end result is a more robust population.

  • Really good stuff, as usual. Nicely done! I think, personally, that insurance companies HAVE NO BUSINESS BEING INVOLVED IN HEALTH CARE! To them, it is purely a numbers game, and you lose if you’re unlucky. The government should provide Medicare to all. It’s one of the few things the federal government can do more efficiently than private enterprise. Making money off betting on sick people? Sick.

  • McCain was one of the greatest traitors the USA has ever known. He rightly paid the ultimate price for it in the end. Treason, wrinkled flag on his casket… Good riddance scumbag!

  • I was in that Affordable Care Act thing for a while. Horrible. Most of the time there was only one “affordable” provider to choose from. Premiums kept going up every year despite my not needing to use it. Got out of that scam as fast as I could. I thank the sane judge who made this ruling.

  • Hey Susan Collins, you’re going to lose this November and the entire country will be better off. You’re a hypocrite scumbag politician. John McCain was a true American patriot. Unlike the draft dodger man baby.

  • Couldn’t you have just flipped the video vertically whenever your body language didn’t match up with you saying left or right? For example, if you were pointing right as you said left, just flip the video vertically and it will almost look like you’re pointing left.

  • McCain chose the lives of the American people over the pettiness of politics. And because of that, he has helped save the lives of Americans… And his reward is that Republicans have demonized him for standing up for Americans and having the bravery to save lives. Republicans hate that he stood up for the American people and didn’t kneel for the big donors that benefit from Americans not affording healthcare. Thank you McCain for being more brave than every single Republican in Congress, and our little cry-baby President. You did more for America than our draft-dodger-in-chief.

  • OBAMA RUINED HEALTH CARE IN AMERICA cost is up 300% and health insurance is a joke OBAMA IS THE WORST PRESIDENT IN AMERICAN HISTORY i lost my health insurance and my doctor

  • The last nail in the gop coffin. If the gop ends up depriving all citizens of healthcare, those of us adversely affected will file a class action lawsuit against this administration and the judge who ruled the ACA as unconstitutional.

  • Rest in peace McCain, different ideals and ideas but you were a gentleman and true patriot in a party full of spineless self serving Hypocrites.

  • Excuse me, this is not about health care. It’s about a multi-trillion-dollar taxpayer-funded cash giveaway to the insurance industry.
    If America is lucky, it’s a transitional stage, paying off the marble-column executive-jet bloodsuckers for a couple of years while they get used to the idea that America is thinking about a health care program.
    Still just thinking about it.

  • If the government requires you to pay for a service you cannot afford, and then penalizes you for not being able to afford it, what do you call that? I call it theft.

  • Obamacare is the worst thing that can happen to this country. For sure small business would go bankrupt and just because I worked hard going to school and getting a degree and now bust my rear end working does not give any one the right to take that away by taxing me money for someone else. In that case I should just get a postcard in the mail with the family I am supporting. Its like a mandatory charity. Not fair at all. Someone else’s choices and mistakes should not have to be mine.

  • Is saving a fellow Americans is a communism?
    Or is it patriotic?
    Soldiers going to war to protect the future of fellow Americans, is that communism?
    Or is it patriotic?
    (Not American and nor Russian)

  • told everyone this was going to be dumped as it is un constitutional its all a scam just like the liberty tax. all who payed penalties got scammed and if you want to learn more like how ONLY federal employees are liable for federincome TAX read cracking the code and peter hendrickson videos

  • it’s amazing how Democrats are some nice to Republicans when Republicans agree of them on one issue but if they disagree with them on one thing they’re the devil

  • R.I.C.O. Act ���� is not a Mexican you can deport��. R.I.C.O Is coming for you Donald Trump and your entire crime syndicate “The Trump Administration☠️” in 2021.