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More Evidence That Kids of Gay Parents Do Just Fine. Studies show children raised by 2 moms or 2 dads consider themselves ‘different,’ but stigma is lessening. Please note: This article was published more than one year ago. The facts and conclusions presented may have since changed and may no longer be accurate. And “More information” links may no longer work. The children’s average age was 8. Led by Rachel Farr, a research assistant professor of psychology at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, researchers interviewed both children and parents.

Nearly 80 percent of the boys and girls said they felt “different” from other children because of their parents. August 4, 2015 More evidence that kids of gay parents do just fine by Alan Mozes, Healthday Reporter Studies show children raised by 2 moms or. More evidence that kids of gay parents do just fine 4 August 2015, by Alan Mozes, Healthday Reporter Studies show children raised by 2 moms or 2 dads. A great deal of evidence has supported the notion that children of gay parents are no worse off than children of straight parents.

And now a ne. Kids raised by gay parents are ‘doing just fine’. BOSTON U. (US) — Three decades of research suggest that kids of gay parents are faring well, a new report argues. When the Supreme Court. Kids of gay parents fare worse, study finds, but research draws fire from experts just as we do among straights.

We need to study Regnerus’ sample and fix. Multiple studies have been conducted over the years, countless research has been carried out and endless debates have been had, all to show one thing. That the children of gay parents do just. On 25 of 40 outcome measures, adult children who reported their mother had a same-sex romantic relationship fared poorly compared to children raised by intact biological married parents. This.

The “no differences” theory that children of gay parents—married or not—do not substantially differ from the children of married, heterosexual parents has now been called into question.

List of related literature:

These is also some evidence that children with gay and lesbian parents may not fare as well as those with heterosexual parents.

“Father-Daughter Relationships: Contemporary Research and Issues” by Linda Nielsen
from Father-Daughter Relationships: Contemporary Research and Issues
by Linda Nielsen
Taylor & Francis, 2019

Specifically, children and adolescents raised by lesbian mothers or gay fathers do not differ from other children on measures of emotional development, such as empathy and emotional regulation (Bos, Knox, van Rijn-van Gelderen, & Gartrell, 2016; Farr, 2017).

“Lifespan Development: Lives in Context” by Tara L. Kuther
from Lifespan Development: Lives in Context
by Tara L. Kuther
SAGE Publications, 2018

What these interviews suggest is that like their children who try to push aside same-sex attractions, parents also try to ignore the signs that their sons or daughters are gay.

“Coming Out, Coming Home: Helping Families Adjust to a Gay or Lesbian Child” by Michael C. LaSala
from Coming Out, Coming Home: Helping Families Adjust to a Gay or Lesbian Child
by Michael C. LaSala
Columbia University Press, 2010

• Many studies have demonstrated that children of homosexual parents show no significant differences in their emotional and social adaptation, self-esteem, gender identity, sexual behavior, or sexual orientation than their counterparts raised by heterosexual parents (Garfield, 2009).

“Pediatric Primary Care E-Book” by Catherine E. Burns, Ardys M. Dunn, Margaret A. Brady, Nancy Barber Starr, Catherine G. Blosser, Dawn Lee Garzon Maaks
from Pediatric Primary Care E-Book
by Catherine E. Burns, Ardys M. Dunn, et. al.
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2012

Some evidence also suggests that same-sex parents, particularly lesbian parents, are less likely to promote gender stereotypical behaviors in their children (Biblarz & Stacey, 2010).

“Sociology of Families: Change, Continuity, and Diversity” by Teresa Ciabattari
from Sociology of Families: Change, Continuity, and Diversity
by Teresa Ciabattari
SAGE Publications, 2016

In the UK, Golombok et al. (2014) found that young children with LG parents showed fewer behavior problems than did those with heterosexual parents.

“The Routledge Handbook of Adoption” by Gretchen Miller Wrobel, Emily Helder, Elisha Marr
from The Routledge Handbook of Adoption
by Gretchen Miller Wrobel, Emily Helder, Elisha Marr
Taylor & Francis, 2020

Indeed, there is evidence that younger children tend to have the least difficulty accepting and in tum disclosing their parents’ sexual orientation, while adolescents disclose less frequently (e.g., Lewis M, Lynch and Murray M).

“Encyclopedia of Adolescence” by Roger J.R. Levesque
from Encyclopedia of Adolescence
by Roger J.R. Levesque
Springer New York, 2014

The researchers wrote: “Children with [homosexual] parents appear less traditionally gender-typed and more likely to be open to homoerotic relationships.”

“Homosexuality and the Christian: A Guide for Parents, Pastors, and Friends” by Mark A. PsyD Yarhouse
from Homosexuality and the Christian: A Guide for Parents, Pastors, and Friends
by Mark A. PsyD Yarhouse
Baker Publishing Group, 2010

Specifically, children and adolescents raised by lesbian mothers or gay fathers do not differ from other children on measures of emotional development, such as empathy and emotional regulation (Bos, Knox, van Rijn-van Gelderen, & Gartrell, 2016; Farr, 2017; Patterson, 2017).

“Lifespan Development in Context: A Topical Approach” by Tara L. Kuther
from Lifespan Development in Context: A Topical Approach
by Tara L. Kuther
SAGE Publications, 2018

Finally, although research also shows that children with LGBTQ parents are as well adjusted as children with heterosexual parents, they do face additional challenges, such as discrimination in their communities and bullying by their peers (AACAP, 2013).

“The Professional Counselor's Desk Reference, Second Edition” by Mark A. Stebnicki, PhD, LPC, CRC, CCM, Mark A. Stebnicki, PhD, LPC, DCMHS, CRC, CCM, CCMC, Irmo Marini, PhD, DSc, CRC, CLCP
from The Professional Counselor’s Desk Reference, Second Edition
by Mark A. Stebnicki, PhD, LPC, CRC, CCM, Mark A. Stebnicki, PhD, LPC, DCMHS, CRC, CCM, CCMC, Irmo Marini, PhD, DSc, CRC, CLCP
Springer Publishing Company, 2015

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  • before any terminology was coined, 17th century author and poet Catherine Bernard wrote various works that have since been read as relating to asexuality. her views of love, sex, marriage, and personal affairs (or lack thereof) speak to the asexual experience. here’s an article about her and her works for more information.

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  • We have gone so far down the rabbit hole of trading our values away that we have inculcated it our western societies. Its most pronounced in the American left and American multinationals, European Governments namely Germany acting in coordination with its Multinationals (Nord Stream2 is another back stab by the Germans) all in the name of Globalization and the FICTION they tried to sell us that China will be persuaded to democratize as a result. Only these parties have held on to the fiction even as the world began to shake in the rise of what the Left called right wing movements with President Trump best epitomizing the rejection in fighting back against the phony promise of Globalization which almost amounted to EU and Chinafication.

    The primary problem with seeing the truth of this issue is the disassociation the EU has with the Spirit behind LAW and its persistent failure to use the instruments of international law accordingly. Worst still is how previous prime ministers of the UK and the American Left add credibility to such a failure to recognize the need for the spirit of the law to be implemented, throw their weight behind such an ominous turn on the future of Democracy in the world. I fear for us all if we do not stand up and confront the corruption of international institutions and recognize the EUs out sized influence in them.

    I would argue, the extent to which the rise of the right actually knows what it is rejecting has not yet dawned upon them but so far Trump has landed some great blows. What is needed is someone who can constellate a coherent idea for how to address what is coalescing to be the new threat of the post cold war era.

    Query How can we demonstrate the problem in the USA we call “Systemic Racism” as sharing the same characteristics of the EUs use of international Law? By a simple terminology of course. Because “Systemic Racism” and the chronic corruption of the use of any lawful system can only be considered as one in the same kind of creature, Corruption.

  • Sean: “…any deviation from the norm is seen as illness.”

    I love that line. I have been thinking about that for years. For a long time introverts were thought of as just shy people with low confidence or people with the disorder ‘social anxiety’ because most people love to party and so the others are clearly just anti-social weirdos.

    Vegans used to be considered weird hippies who hug trees and don’t get enough protein. Now there’s a massive and disruptive cultural shift towards a vegan society. Eventually meat eaters will be seen as weird because they’ll be the minority.

    Autism is seen as a disorder but I know some autistic people who are far superior to the vast majority of people at certain skills and abilities. What if some of these things aren’t disorders but just part of evolution; minority mutations, some of which will be to the detriment and some to the advantage.

    In a sex-obsessed society perhaps the asexuals have the advantage. Think of the time, energy and mental capacity that would be available for creative pursuits and problem solving if we weren’t thinking about sex every 90 seconds and spending a good chunk of our lives pursuing it, worrying about it and talking about it.

  • Yes there is male and female “roles” in a proper marriage.  Your mommies certainly have brainwashed you haven’t they and now you’ve grown up into one of those soft liberals who will tolerate anything even if it’s wrong

  • as an asexual person myself, it’s difficult to deal with feeling both under-represented and excluded, both in cishet society AND lgbtq+ circles. the general conception regarding asexuality, in my experience, is that it’s a new identity, specifically a ‘tumblr snowflake’ identity, it’s not real, it’s a medical condition, etc etc. not only is this perspective genuinely hurtful and damaging, it’s just plain wrong.

  • love this video and it describes this situation perfectly. Shes been raised so well and she carries a sophisticated aura 100%. I disagree with the Mother/Father roles. Sure your parents no matter what the sex can teach you many things but a father could never bond with his child the way a mother could and vice versa. it’s very different not to have a father/mother role in your life and it’s hard at times.

  • We need more people to represent those like me-the Solos. Not single, which implies lack of coupling. Full solo. I dont feel incomplete being Solo. I get a lot more done as well. But I still get more shit for this than any gay person I know.

  • Discrimination against asexual people, also known as acephobia[1][2][3] or aphobia,[4][5][6] encompasses a range of negative attitudes, behaviours, and feelings toward asexuality or people who identify as part of the asexual spectrum. Negative feelings or characterisations toward asexuality include dehumanisation, the belief that asexuality is a mental illness, that asexual people cannot feel love, and the refusal to accept asexuality as a genuine sexual orientation. Asexuality is sometimes confused with celibacy or abstinence.[7] Asexual people sometimes face hate crimes, and the discrimination against them has been compared to that faced by other sexual minorities.[8][9]

    There have been efforts to combat anti-asexual discrimination through legislation or education (such as through workshops on asexuality).

  • in 1969 Anton Szandor LeVey, founder of the Church of Satan, wrote in his book The Satanic Bible that “Satanism condones any type of sexual activity which properly satisfies your individual desires – be it heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or even asexual.”

  • in the 1960s, the magazine Transvestia (founded by transwoman Virginia Prince in 1960, and ran from 1960-1980) published an article that claimed that, while most trans people “are entirely heterosexual,” “some are also asexual.” in 1965 the same magazine published the “A-Sexual Range”-sort of an early prototype for the modern asexual spectrum-which stated “There are persons who simply have a very low libido—no sex drive to speak of.”

    Ill also link to a post containing not only more sources but also more info. Keep in mind some posts had to be deleted due to an influx of harrassment of anyone supporting asexuals in the thread.

  • Thank you so much for this amazing conversation..
    It really covered different aspects of it, which was needed.
    I also always believed that there is sth very wrong with the 1% statistics.. there are definitely more ace people out there that either never questioned these stuff or never wanted to come out, etc.

  • To me sexual health is this: training. We train ourselves through media, parents and peers. We train ourselves to be attracted to everyone. That is the problem. So then even if you meet someone you’ve trained yourself to still be attracted to others. We are creatures of habit. So maybe we should train ourselves not to look that way towards other in the first place. Why i don’t date. I don’t think about how pretty you are, i think what do you know? The greeks had it right about love with different words. Agap’e is a brotherly love and is the only type of love that should be taught for outside the family. Training. Mating and fighting is reptilian, agap’e is human. Who are you? There are 4 billion woman on this planet, if I’m to be with one then i should not develop attraction to any. Then I’ll have alot of friends.
    Peace and agap’e.

  • One of my friends has two moms but used to get bullied a lot. She suffers from anxiety and I try to offer her as much support as possible.

  • I’ve listened to the whole thing. I still don’t know what she thinks asexuality is. There are so many caveats to the definition she works with it doesn’t sound like anything at all. She ends up describing normal sexuality and behaviour and calling that asexuality. You can want sex, be gay or straight (or whatever), have a libido and be asexual. What is it then? Simply not being that bothered about pursuing sex or not having your decisions driven by the pursuit of sex isn’t enough to use the word asexual in my opinion. It doesn’t need a word. And ‘asexual’ is already taken and doesn’t mean what she’s saying it means.

  • I was always so scared to have kids, I wanted to give them the world.
    I had a rough childhood and was so scared I would not measure up.

  • at the end of the day as long you’re good person that’s all really matters. it not matter if you have great upbringing or poor or not.

  • It is all confusing and this interview helped not at all. I have a friend’s daughter who recently had a “coming out party” for being asexual. She was 21 year old, CSci major, perhaps Aspergers? Of course when someone “comes out” everyone on social media is supportive about her bravery, and it seemed bizarre why reduce yourself to one thing that might change? As best I could tell the only practical purpose of the announcement is she is signalling she isn’t interested in anyone hitting on her.
    I can think back I didn’t date until after college, and as a male I had no inclination to announce anything at all about my sexuality. I also wasn’t interested in drugs or alcohol either, or stupidity which seemed to be what people are when they don’t suppress their sex drive, and I’m sure it can be suppressed, a combination of fear and disgust are powerful inhibitors. Probably that’s why many young people use alcohol, because there’s just too much self-consciousness otherwise for most of us.
    I remember in college people asked why I didn’t drink, and I mentioned my parents didn’t drink, and that satisfied them, but it wasn’t the real reason. The real reason is I like to be in control of myself, and alcohol is a threat to self-control. And a sex drive I suppose is a different threat to self-control. I don’t think I have aspergers, but lean that way, towards systems thinking, and away from undependable feelings to explain my world.

  • Hi! Open for debate if I may.
    Why is it so important to have a ready symbol so you can succinctly transmit your feelings about genitalia?
    Unless there’s oppression and need of social normalization about the existence of a certain group….Isnt it either a dull or an intimate topic of conversation? ����‍♂️

  • I’ve been a fan of her but never did I know that she grow up with lgbtq parent. Kuddos to her lgbt parents for raising this such kindhearted gorgeous down to earth human being. Iloveyou Jo❤️

  • i get what your saying, but same sex marriage is still wrong and traditional roles are there for a reason. we should respect gods laws as best as we can. please do not fall for the lies and tricks of the enemy i say this with love and concern of course for the whole LGBT community. we should respect each others choices of course. and its good to keep communication channels open so we can understand one another. god bless you all

  • It must be suck having two parents of the same sex…

    I mean, you either get twice the amount of dad jokes or get stuck in an infinite loop of “go ask your mom.”

    This was in no way ment to be offensive. I just found it on the internet and it cracked me up.

  • Being someone who is not educated too well on this topic, I was just wondering if someone could please explain how her female, ‘mother’, and male, ‘father’, are gay if they are an opposite sex couple. Thank you in advance:))

  • For my brother and I have 3 parents. My mom and dad was married together. Very short note my mom is gay and have a girlfriend who I have been living with for 10 pulse years. My mom gf have 4 kids of her different ages 3 adult 1 18 2 girl 2 boy. Me I 17 my brother are 14,13

  • Miss Skriver, you are an apologist for the lgbtq community. You have been groomed throughout childhood to push for the very purpose you now advocate. How gay is this? Very!

  • Wow almost all comments in this section are ignorant. Asexuality is lack of sexual attraction towards any gender. Asexuals can have sex for several reasons and it doesnt change their sexuality. Its aboit attraction not about action. Aditionally it isnt a new thing. Ive personally seen written references from late 19th century, pictures from lgbtq events and magazine articles mentioning it from the 20th century and the greek godess Artemis can be read as asexual and many who worship her today read her as such. The reason there needs to be a word is because asexuals face corrective rape and in experiments people expressed predjudice against asexual people even when lack of knowlege was ruled out as a cause. Aditonally asexuals often face hate and if they are out as asexual online can get things like rape threats, death threats, intentionally triggering messages and images etc sent to them solely due to being asexual. It is also improtant for asexuals of colour for there to be knowlege and they benefit from wider knowlege the most due to intersections of aphobia and racism. Aditonally asexuals often have to defend themselves and their sexuality to almost everyone and in medicine being asexual/the lack of knowlege of asexuality has lead to many asexuals reciving incorrect care sometimes causing long term damage due to their sexuality being medicalised and treated as a symptom

  • This is the only type of program they allow listeners to comment on. I don’t think NPR cares one dook about their customers. Good luck this funding season. I’m done.

  • Josephine, you are delightful. Thank you for sharing your story in such a smart, honest and affirming way. Your comments are so insightful, informative, and inspiring.

  • I have two mums and two dads and I never get asked barely any of these questions. If I do, they are way more toned down and usually only asked people who are curious and just haven’t been educated on the matter. I feel for the people who get asked stupid stuff like in this video!

  • I have heard so many people say that gay and lesbians shouldn’t raise kids because they would get bullied and stuff and I was kinda giving up on the idea. But hearing her say all these things is really comforting

  • I never understand why people would think that kids from the LGBT community are at any disadvantage. If you have LGBT parents, then you know that you were incredibly wantedthey decided to seek a way to have you despite all the stigma that comes with raising kids as a same sex couple, and they clearly couldn’t have conceived you by accident. From what I’ve seen kids in the LGBT community are incredibly lucky because they are incredibly loved and valued by their parents.

  • So you wanna tell us something that is safe to talk about??? That we actually might be interested in, cause not everyone wants to be part of the lgbtq community.

  • Asking questions is okay. People learn through asking questions.
    Being ignorant and making false assumptions that’s what’s bad.
    Yes, there are questions that are already built in a way it’s clear the person is delusional and obnoxious.

  • TBH she is sorta undermining that certain kids have it harder than her, should be titled “her names experience of having gay parents or questions she is sick of being asked” not speaking for all kids

  • My dad sent me this video and said he’s interested in the book. Mind you, I came out as ace to my parents 7 years ago and didn’t have many resources to point them to in order to help them understand me. Angela’s book will hopefully be helpful for them.

    Also, I’m so glad that I’m not the only ace person who hates the term “asexual” and prefer “ace”!

  • Honestly, my parents are gay, and you can ask any of these questions to me! I’m not one to be offended, but even still those people are just curious and are not looking to harm you or your parents.

  • This guy is out of touch, if people are having less kids that’s an indication of overcrowding, and replacing with immigrants to boost economic measures not only cause’s resentment towards those immigrants, because they are associated with the ill’s of overcrowding, it also stops the easing of economic tension caused by overpopulation, the NY calculus is always human capital, they don’t see their own trauma of not growing up in open spaces

  • Yglesias is persuasive, but his voice is painful. He either needs to be more self-conscious or take voice lessons. He cackles like a goblin.