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Others may get insurance through Medicaid, Medicare or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)—or they may remain uninsured. Soon, there will be more options. Starting in 2014, all. One of the best options strategies for beginners is the use of put options as insurance.

Options started as insurance policies for either long or short stock. A put option gives the buyer the. Choosing the Best Insurance Plan For You Health Maintenance Organization (HMO). A health maintenance organization (HMO) is a company that’s organizational Preferred Provider.

Paid-up additional insurance is additional whole life insurance coverage that a policyholder purchases using the policy’s dividends instead of premiums. Paid-up additional insurance is available. People eligible to enroll during the OEP or a special enrollment period have several options for buying ACA-compliant coverage: Through a marketplace – your state’s exchange or In the Delivery options section, select Add insurance. Select ShipCover Insurance and, if it isn’t prefilled, enter the amount of coverage you need, then select Add.

The shipping cost section of the page shows the insurance. “Purchasing flood insurance should always be considered as part of an overall insurance program. Those living in areas of a high flooding hazard that carry a mortgage on their property would be required by their lender to purchase and maintain flood insurance. In many cases, it offers more robust coverage options. Private flood insurance.

First, the call option will act as price insurance, protecting the short position from additional losses above the strike price. Second, and perhaps more importantly, the call option allows. Purchasing Alliances Purchasing alliances are businesses (either for-profit or nonprofit) that offer a range of insurance products to employers. The purchasing alliance acts as an intermediary between.

You may need to purchase travel insurance within a certain time period of booking the trip in order to get pre-existing coverage, such as 15 days. Plans scored points if this coverage was.

List of related literature:

Therefore, we recommend using different quotes provided by insurance brokers for each option.

“Implementing Enterprise Risk Management: Case Studies and Best Practices” by John Fraser, Betty Simkins, Kristina Narvaez
from Implementing Enterprise Risk Management: Case Studies and Best Practices
by John Fraser, Betty Simkins, Kristina Narvaez
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The coverage is usually equally good under any of the three choices, so price them all with your agent.

“Insurance for Dummies” by Jack Hungelmann
from Insurance for Dummies
by Jack Hungelmann
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Individual plans are medically underwritten, and there are no guarantees that an insurer will approve the application.

“Nutrition in Public Health: A Handbook for Developing Programs and Services” by Sari Edelstein, Barbara Bruemmer
from Nutrition in Public Health: A Handbook for Developing Programs and Services
by Sari Edelstein, Barbara Bruemmer
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The right agent will be willing to take the time to both listen to your needs and also explain which type of coverage is best for you.

“Commercial Real Estate Investing For Dummies” by Peter Conti, Peter Harris
from Commercial Real Estate Investing For Dummies
by Peter Conti, Peter Harris
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The buyer should be sure that the agent explains all the options of the policies and integrates the various types of coverage for the various insurances that are purchased.

“Business Basics for Dentists” by David O. Willis
from Business Basics for Dentists
by David O. Willis
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Insurance brokers, who gather information from different insurance companies, can help you decipher policies and figure out your best deal.

“The Small Business Start-Up Kit: A Step-by-Step Legal Guide” by Peri Pakroo, Marcia Stewart
from The Small Business Start-Up Kit: A Step-by-Step Legal Guide
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the price lies between πL and πH, so that high risks are subsidized and buy more than 100% coverage, whereas low risks buy less than full insurance.

“Handbook of Health Economics” by Mark V. Pauly, Thomas G. McGuire, Pedro Pita Barros
from Handbook of Health Economics
by Mark V. Pauly, Thomas G. McGuire, Pedro Pita Barros
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This should be less expensive than buying options from a third party, but requires the insurer to have the necessary expertise in financial risk management.

“Actuarial Mathematics for Life Contingent Risks” by David C. M. Dickson, Mary R. Hardy, Howard R. Waters
from Actuarial Mathematics for Life Contingent Risks
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This option can prove valuable to insureds whose health declines significantly after purchasing the life insurance.

“Introduction to Risk Management and Insurance: ” by 多尔夫曼, Mark S. Dorfman
from Introduction to Risk Management and Insurance:
by 多尔夫曼, Mark S. Dorfman
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Insurance plans change all the time, so there is no point in recommending anything specific here.

“The Ultimate Pet Health Guide: Breakthrough Nutrition and Integrative Care for Dogs and Cats” by Gary Richter, MS, DVM
from The Ultimate Pet Health Guide: Breakthrough Nutrition and Integrative Care for Dogs and Cats
by Gary Richter, MS, DVM
Hay House, 2017

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  • Thanks for the video!! Always enjoy your analysis and sharing. In this case, I guess the worst case would be TSLA stock never dropped back to strike price. One may gain more from holding shares that have gone hyperbolic instead:P

  • Thank you so much for sharing and yes i have been going through your videos and buying TSLA.. profit abit on my 10 TSLA stocks! I want to thank you for this!
    I am in a dilemma now if i should sell1 option contract as shared in this video or i should just get 100 shares of TSLA. I know this is an old video, not sure if you will see this comment… if this is your money, would you add 100 shares of TSLA or would you sell 1 option contract Sept 2021 2150 strike for $70,000 premium? I have been thinking on the pro and cons, for e.g. if stock price goes up to 5000, then this contract will expire worthless and i get to pocket the premium (that’s the max), but i don’t get to hold the stock. What would you do if this is your money:)

  • My trading portfolio keeps sky rocketing and it’s all because I follow my brokers guides towards diversified investments. Tesla alone has made me over $169,000 in profit in the past few months.

  • Now would be good time to Invest in shares cause of the Economic/Pandemic Situation. a lot of Stocks dropped it’s Price, Plus look out for it’s Lowest Price Point and Invest,when the countries slowly uplift lockdown, You’ll see a rise in the stocks you bought, And when Pandemic ends-Boom. The Curve headed straight to the Sky..

  • Question: if the stock is trading above the strike price you say nothing happens (at 13.18) and you keep the 8.5k. But what if for example the share is now at say 700 and you want to buy them at the contract price of 480 can you do this?

  • They sold on the way up and bought on the way down, because their ETFs rules are defined as letting no security go over 10%. Not really news in context.

  • I don’t agree with you this time. sell put is not buying cheaper. There are 2 risks. One if the stock going way down you still have to pay $380. The second one is if tesla to $2000, you missed the chance. So there is nothing free. Remember that. actually right now sell Tesla options is not a good choice.

  • My understanding of how puts work, the put buyer has the option but not the obligation to sell you stock at the agreed price (strike price).
    If the stock drops, you the put seller will be required to buy the stock at the strike price, incurring a loss.
    If the stock goes up (its around $1500), the buyer will not exercise their option and you will not get to buy the stock at the lower price.
    The most you can make is the premium you received for selling the put.
    In addition you have tied up around $40K cash.
    But if the stock drops, your losses will be the price difference between the strike price and the current price at expiration minus the
    premium you received. The max loss (stock goes to $0), would be around $40K in your example.
    You get very little upside, and stand to lose max $40k.

  • No my boyfriend and I have left together for 15 years When he backed into my son-in-law’s vehicle my son-in-law claimed the accident and I was charged because I added him to my insurance coverage I believe the charge was $10 additional per month the total was right at $300 I regret putting him on my insurance because he did not have the courtesy to man up and pay for it on his own that story but true

  • You said win/win and worst case is $395 (break even), but isn’t the worst case scenario that the price drops below $395 (since then you will be required to buy at $480 and be left with a stock that is worth much less)? After all, that risk is why you received the initial $8500.
    Am I misunderstanding? Could someone elaborate a little for me or provide me with a good video or link to read? I am having trouble understanding everything. Thank you!

  • Incase of death of the 1cr policy holder happens within 6 months of policy starting….will the company pay full 1cr to that person or only certain amount based on pro rata basis??????

  • thank you for making these videos (: im a huge tsla fan too. i am new to option trading and i have a question: what happens if u to buy the shares after the option expired? does the broker automatically deduct the cash from your account and add 100 shares into ur account on the day of expiry?

  • Be advised, by a licensed insurance agent in CA, don’t take advice from someone who isn’t licensed. There is a reason why you have to get licensed to sell insurance. Your wrong about your landlord policy you need more coverage because you don’t live in it and if someone else lives there their creating more liability, your liability should be 1 million with an umbrella policy if you have more assets There are reason insurance companies are cheaper. Full coverage isn’t just adding comp and collision what if you wanted rental and didn’t have it? You weren’t fully covered. 25 wrong, your assuming the person was driving at 16. Yes after so many years experience driving your rate goes down. Wouldn’t recommend a broker your paying a middle man and it’s generally not cheaper. Lol you can’t bundle a landlord policy, at least in CA and one of the big companies I work for. Mileage isn’t a discount tell your agent what your annual mileage is when you start so you establish it. The company I work for let’s you pay monthly using a bank account with no fees, brokers don’t offer that. Adding family members can also hurt your rate if their young drivers or have tickets and accidents. If someone doesn’t live with you they don’t have to be on your insurance to drive your car, it’s called permissive use. Be careful advising people when your not licensed

  • The government forces you to have auto insurance and the insurance companies take full advantage of it. I had progressive auto insurance and in 3 years they were charging me almost double from what it started out at. No tickets no accidents just corporate greed.

  • 18:00 isnt my worse case scenario buying the stock at an unbelievably HIGH price? why did u say the worse case is buying at an unbelievably low price, lower than the market? then why would the person that bought the put from me even execute this because he would be selling me the stock way below the market price??

  • Loved your videos! Thanks for doing them! Just discover only! Can we trade the options? I will assume we can. If we really do trade it, the premium we received, have to return back. Haha?

  • Robinhooders: Let’s pump to play battery day letsss gooo!
    Cathy Woods: Awesome, I’m in!!
    Robinhooders: Uhm..okay that’s strange….save some cheap shares for us retail traders please??

  • Excellent Video Setup, Mr Thomas Hutchinson has been my stock broker for the past 2 months i got recommended to him here on YouTube. I started on short terms with him having $3400 but now my portfolio is worth about $4500.

  • Simple question when I was 16 i was paying more because of my age now I’m 40 zero points in my entire life and the quotes are way high why�� well I dont believe in insurance any more and i dont have one i quit paying if I get in situation I know I’m screwed but belive me i have saved way way much cash.

  • Liberty Mutual increased my “so I can drive to work” extortion fee 254% over a 3 1/2 year period from 2012 2015. There was NO REASON as I have NEVER had an accident, filed any claims, no moving violations and I own my home and have a college education and live in a low density population area (rural). I finally had to tell them to FO…I found out David Long, CEO of LM, has plans to become wealthy in as short of period of time as he can. He has had his office remodeled at a cost of 4.5 million dollars-totally unnecessary.
    Further research revealed that the Georgia (where I live) state insurance commissioner, Ralph Hudgens, had lobbied to have removed regulatory rulings that insurance company rate increases be reviewed for qualification before implementing pricing increases. Hudgens implemented what he called “file and use” protocol. Insurance premiums immediately shot skyward in Georgia and made our state the highest cost increase for auto insurance in the country. Hudgens responded to the huge public outcry that he was “helpless” and “unable” to do anything because of the regulations removal that HE pushed for!!!
    Obviously, Hudgens did not seek re-election in 2018 as it had become well known he sleeps with the insurance companies (they contributed heavily in his campaign funding in past elections.) BTWhe is a Republican.
    So now we have a new republican state ins. commissioner in control. I have sent this guy a letter detailing what I have said here and his response (before the election) was “we’ll see once he gets in office.” Yeah-right…… the meantime I’ll continue to drive a cheap used car because it just makes economic sense and don’t want to give away any more money to insurance companies than I have to….because it IS a total ripoff scam industry…

  • Thank you so much for the video, I have a question Is there a way that I can know how much will I paid for the insurance of the car without having the car??

  • Unfortunately, I have had a number of speeding tickets and a few “fender benders.” So, I pay a lot for auto insurance. I only get the minimum liability for the state of Texas. It’s hardly paid for any damages I’ve ever caused (nothing on my own vehicles). And, I’ve calculated that the entire amount my actions have cost insurance companies is far less than what I’ve paid in premiums. I would have been better off without insurance and paying everything cash.
    This is why I hate auto insurance.

    So, I continually change insurance for even a few dollars of savings. I’m striving for no more violations and can’t wait until I turn 25 when my premium should decrease further.

    I don’t think I’ll ever get anything more than the bear minimum required by law. If I could legally go without insurance, I would in a heart beat.

  • Leverage is the most common way someone will wipe out their account. You should of said that twice. I have recently (within 1 week) made that mistake 2 times, I am currently making that mistake again. Hope I get lucky and break even or take a small profit would be nice. After watching your video, I will say I wont be leveraging anymore

  • I just turned 25 this month. Hell yeah! I’m paying way too much in addition to paying full coverage on a new vehicle. It’s been killer.

  • Why do they not just add a limit sell wherever they want to sell the shares in case the stock price drops? Why do they need to pay for the insurance when they could just sell the stock instead of having us buy it from them? I’m new to investing and genuinely curious

  • Sir.. I’m not a tax payer.. I’m living my life with some rent money on small property can I take a term.. Where I don’t come under tax…

  • So can you buy tesla options now? Have you done this. How do you do it? Does it depend on what people are willling to do, how do you find out which options are available? Thanks!

  • Hi I am not drive my car since I bought but for 8 months take money from account how to claim my money back do u any possible to back my money can u tell me something

  • My insurance agent was not able to get the same discounts offered online. I think in my case, Progressive in CT, for whatever reason, offered such a steep discount for purchasing online, my agent wasn’t able to match it with anything else they had.

    I don’t work for Progressive. I am not loyal to them, and in fact, their six month policy increased on the next policy by equal or more to that discount.

  • Thanks for the vid. For whatever it’s worth I used to call around… now I just go to where I can search and compare online (they also have a toll free number I’ve used). Used them a few times for auto, house, life… great.

  • Hello people!:)
    We are a small start-up trying to create a customer-centered insurance which would adapt towards your car use, enabling you to save up to 50% regular insurance price. You would help
    us a lot by filling in a small survey about your insurance needs: Thank you!

  • Hi there! Thank you so much. I finally have a better understanding. I would like to know why I would keep $48000 in my account if I could use it for dollar cost averaging on a monthly basis? Doesn’t spreading out $48000 make more sense then an immediate $8500? Thanks!

  • TSLA Calls anyone? I got a couple before the Bell Friday
    Looking at the graph it seems like another leap is yet to occur seems as if the graph hit the bottom to me because any lower and the graph wouldn’t be aligned

  • What I’m trying to understand is why they don’t just hold on to Tesla stock. They sell and buy and sell and buy. I know they have a rule where one stock can’t go above 10 percent weight but it just seems like they buy it again at undoubtably a higher price later down the road? I’ve been tracking their daily holdings of each stock for a couple weeks on

  • this is some other car insurance with a respectful price in USA:

  • What amazing information thank you so much. Two major questions:
    using your example, can you touch the 48k or do they stay locked for the whole year? If it stays locked, one could be missing out on better returns
    is there a general worldwide platform/broker to trade stocks/engage in contracts, other than nation-specific brokers like robinhood (USA) or Degiro (UK, pounds)?

  • Thank you, I just turned 18 and it’s a blessing that there’s ppl like you who are willing to teach these things. I have a long ways to go for that age discount haha
    Can you do a video on a checklist for new “adults” regarding finances? Things I can do now that’ll set me up well for the future like building credit

  • can i ask you if I have 100 share of Tesla Stock and i short 1500 put option expiry on Aug 2020 had received a credit of $5,000, am i hedging? if the price closed 1400 on expiry date. I should have lost $10,000, do i need to sell my 100 share of Tesla Stock or i need to top up another $5,000 in the account?

  • Please explain how to use this platform from scratch, I am spending the day watching your videos and regret I didn’t see it earlier before the split

  • He should be a teacher,if he’s not then he should quit whatever he is currently doing and start teaching,
    He will get “peace of mind” out of it

  • Trading without the help of a professional can cost you a lot of money before you can even get it right. I actually lost on my first trade even after reading lots of books and watching lots of video on binary trading. But I got it all figured out contacting a reliable brokerage firm that trade binary options. I invested some amount of money on their platform and Boom!!! It tripled in the first week of trading. I make more money now than I have ever made in my life and all gratitude goes to this genius trader, Schmidt. You can contact him at [email protected]

  • Hello everyone,

    With respect to the research being done at SGH Warsaw School of Economics on the Car Usage-Based Insurance, I would appreciate if you filled out the short survey below and then passed it on to others if possible. The survey is meant for all 27 countries (Poland not included) that belong to the European Union. Thank you very much for your help.

  • Hi great video. I have a question about this one. Isn’t the worst case scenario here too optimistic? The buyer will execute the stock option when it crashes, and then at least momentarily we would have a high loss? True that we could hold until the stock comes up again… Also, if the price would go above the agreed price then the buyer would not exercise to bbuy we would just own the premium correct?

  • Help. When you do that contract. That $8,500 you got for risk, does it got to your account right away or has to wait till the contract expires for next year?

  • Having your insurance come down at 25 is a myth. What companies are really looking at is how long have you had your driver’s license. Since most people get their driver’s license at 16 or 17 the reason you start seeing rates come down in 25 is because you’re starting to show that you have driving history. Two people 25 could have the exact same profile however one could have had a license at 16 and one could have gotten their license at 20 and their price will be very different.

  • Thank you for the knowledge, appreciate it.
    It’s nice to have someone that’s honest and trustworthy. Thank you again, keep up the videos

  • My car insurance rate has more doubled over the last 7 years… use to pay 500 bucks a year now its 1400 dollars a year…
    Had quotes for over 2000 a year redicilas… might as well use uber at that rate…. cant even see how those drivers make a living

  • I am a licensed insurance agent I have my license in over 20 States. One thing that will affect your rate negatively is if you switch every year. Most companies take into account how long you stay with the same company if you switch every year you will never reach your true savings potential. I recommend switching every 5 years to get the best rate. Although tickets typically fall off after 3 years they are still under written for for 5 years. So although you don’t see a surcharge for them they are still taking into consideration for five years.

  • Good afternoon, my name is Bessie Stephens and my car insurance premium is $920. Every time I check it, it has changed. I have a 2017 Honda Accord, and I feel like they are stiffing me. Thanks

  • It seems like a lose lose to me…
    If stock does not move… or moves down… you are force to buy it and own a bad performing stock
    if it moves up, or moves up a LOT, you get a fixed sum of cash… and don’t own the good performing stock…

  • I literally spent 5k on a course that taught this back when I was 21 and did nothing with it as they told me anyone could do it but I had not much money then

  • Why do people go with big companies?
    Look for local in you city
    Im 21 with no license and i got my first discount when i turned 21 of $26
    Every agency tried to ripped me off trying to make me pay between $150-250
    I found a local agency near my house and only pay $82 per month
    Of course is liability because my car is not worth more $1500
    Getting full coverage would be non sense

  • Thanks for your video, highly appreciated ���� I will say this here as well,due to the fast that a lot of people are not financially stable this period as a result of the recent covid-19 outbreak, crypto currency seems to be the best alternative for financial backup mostly when it comes to Bitcoin trading… But my advice is for traders not just to invest and trade blindly with the wrong strategy/ signal, for me trading has been so profitable because I was guided by a pro trader know as Ben Longan with his working strategy/daily signals which turns out to be one of the best out there. During my first month I was able to accumulate and grow my portfolio from 1.1btc to 6.5btc which you will agree is a very good profit, I will advise anyone who is willing to grow a very strong portfolio to make use of Ben Longan signals. he can be reach via WhatsApp (+12134788339)for inquiries into profitable trading system….

  • My insurance went up a bit for wanting to add my girlfriend as a second driver. But shouldnt i be covered even when someone else drives my car? What about those random times some wants to use my car to go to the store or something like that. I cant be adding every person that drives my car onto my insurance. So my question is should i be worried not having my girlfriend on the insurance? Will she be covered if she was to get in an accident? I was told sometimes insurances dont wanna cover people who are not under my insurance, but can they not cover someone whos not under my insurance?

  • I managed to save money on my car insurance last month after an accident by putting my car into reverse and doing a j turn and gtf out of there.

  • I hate insurance so much. I have a clean record, but a new car under my name. I’ve even had my C class (vehicles up to 26,000lbs) since i was 18. doesn’t mean shit to insurance still have to shell out 242 a Month! meanwhile older people could have vehicular manslaughter on their record but lower rates. Then they say it isn’t discrimination. I’m paying off this car and getting the bare minimum.

  • basically buying or selling calls or puts is like gambling, like betting on roulette… the difference is the brokerage entice u with upfront cash like cheese on a mouse trap… say price of tesla go zero then ur capital goes to smoke

  • When you agree to sell put, don’t you have the right AND obligation to buy the stock at the agreed price? I don’t understand why if the stock goes above $450, nothing happens. Aren’t you obligated to buy the stock once the contract expires? Pretty confused

  • Love your channel and am learning a lot! Thank you for all the time and effort you put into your videos. If someone owns 100+ shares of stock already and want to use this strategy (selling puts), can you use your existing stocks as collateral? (So u don’t have to keep the free floating balance in cash)?

  • I missed this video n only watched it now. Thanks for the great strategy. Would you share more on options buying n it’s strategy…. want to make more $ to buy TSLA. thanks a lot!

  • Thanks for the info even in 2019 very nice and clear understanding of the topic…that very cool since it’s a bit confusing at some points

  • I’m in Houston and I’ve noticed there are many local car insurance companies in the city. Are these smaller insurance companies cheaper than going with the big name insurance agencies like Geico or State Farm?

  • The best course of action is not to chose your own play, specially if you don’t know what your doing but instead follow our experts, alerts/signals �� entires (BTO) and exits (STC) follow the plan properly and make major gains,

  • Thank you for explaining the what we would need to do if the price at expiration was above or below the strike price. I was a bit confused about that part but you clarified it quite well. This is only the second video of yours that I have watched and I’ve learned so much and am inspired. Subscribed.

  • Hi Ken. Very well put together explanation. Even better than some of those explained at courses. Do you still teach as of now. Great chance to learn.

  • Hi mister, is there really buyers for such contract? When buying this they are down almost 18% right aways. If tesla price goes up, it’ll need to reach 565$ a share before they break even….. and it is worse then this because let say they break even after one year, they don’t have insurance again fall anymore, so they need to buy another contract to be “safe”….
    Why would someone buy this?
    The only person I can think of that would buy this is someone thinking tesla either go broke or too the moon…. which are pretty big bet….
    Who are these people buying such disadvantageous contract for them?

  • Redirected here from your latest video! I like this strategy but it’s hard to do this when tesla is $1500; this strategy will be more doable after the stock split though. While tesla was at $1500, I was selling way out of the money naked puts and getting free premium (usually sold strike 1000 or strike 1100). Basically i got paid $100 a day for free for many months.

  • How is $395 the worst-case scenario? It is a break-even scenario!!!
    If the stock is less than $395 in a year, then you will lose money, because you will have to buy a stock that is worth say $200 for an effective price of $395 ($480 $85 you got in advance). In that case, you will lose $195 per share!!!

  • Hi Ken, I’m re visiting your videos. Just to check if you hold classes on options? I’m from singapore, wondering if I can join..

  • So this seems to be excellent. The downside is, that you actually dont own the stock then and if its going up more than 8500 in this 1 year, you lose on the additional gains? But the 48000 are still useable, does this mean I could buy real tesla stock with it then and still gain on profits if it goes higher or are the 48000 fixed somehow? What happens when I invest the 48000 in other stocks, that go below 48000 and I cant fullfill the contract due to that fact?

  • Not to burst anyone’s bubble… I think tesla is just overpriced at this time, the pandemic is still here… The economy is not doing great…… I see more downside and holding off getting in at this stage

  • Root insurance is a scam! offered me 900 for 7,000 in damages! Maria Cerrito, of Lou Ky, you r paying for worthless car insurance! ROOT doesn’t pay and they will leave you car less and of course job less!

  • I want to know if your insurance expire if it’s all right to go get a Autumn Insurance Company oh cuz you don’t want us to have no insurance at all that’s my comment

  • Michiganders have been overpaying for auto insurance since 1972: 100% more than the national average. Due to a state-wide policy reform on July 2nd, 2020, every resident is eligible for savings of 30-50% on their auto insurance. Answer a few questions on to instantly get the advice, quotes, and savings you need!

  • There is an age-old axiom, you get what you paid for. I work for Allstate, EVERY client I speak to I spend time with talking about coverages and how they can impact your life. I cover every bit of the policy in fine detail so my customers know exactly what they are buying. Ask yourself this, if you were in an accident and it was your fault and one person was killed and one person was seriously injured and had to spend 10 days in the hospital, are you protected? If you do not know the answer to this simple question…….GET A NEW AGENT, they have failed you as a customer. All of my clients get my personal cell number. I tell them I do not care of it is 2am, if they are in a wreck CALL ME….not our 800 number. I have a laptop I take with me everywhere. I am available to my clients 24/7, and a lot fo them text me simple questions and enjoy the fact that they can get in touch with Dave The Allstate Guy anytime they need to.
    Every time you get in a car, ALL of your assets are in the trunk of your car. Your house, retirement, investments, children’s college funds, future earnings. When you got your auto insurance if your agent didn’t spend time with you finding out what your current life situation is…..get a new agent. They failed you as a client!
    In closing shopping for the absolute lowest cost in anything is never a good strategy. Shopping for the best value is always the best way to go.

  • Hello people!:)
    We are a small start-up trying to create a customer-centered insurance which would adapt towards your car use, enabling you to save up to 50% regular insurance price. You would help
    us a lot by filling in a small survey about your insurance needs: Thank you!

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  • Thanks for this strategy. I also found the charts on this link helpful to understand this visually for some of us who are new to this concept:

  • Hi, thanks for your generous sharing! In terms of risk & we refer specifically to TSLA stock, does buying call comes with lower risk compared to selling put? Except that buying call requires trader to pay premium, in contrast to selling put in which the trader receives premium?

  • These puts me in an awkward position with my 1 share if this moons. To sell my 1 share for profit or keep so I can tell everyone I own tsla stock.

  • Not sure if I misunderstood, but u said worst case scenario is that you buy below market price(?) but isn’t worst case scenario that the stock drops lets say 200$ even though its unlikely. that would put u at a 115$ loss per share?

  • I first got insurance when I was 23 for an old 2005 Pontiac Sunfire, not full coverage only 3rd part liability and because I had no driving history it cost me $206/month. Which is insane. Drove it for a bit longer and ended up getting a newer used car 2016 Chrysler 200 and I needed full coverage due to financing it which the cheapest company I found which was my current company was charging me $336/month. After the year was up and I was a few months older than 25 at this point the company said for renewal I would be paying $338 a month now! No accidents, no nothing and it goes up! 2$ but still!

    So I ended up looking for insurance again, found a company that since I was older(or maybe just a bit more history) said they will charge me $247/month. Which was way better than anything else, but now this year my renewal was for beginning of March and they said my rate would increase to $349/month which I still at this point have never gotten into an accident or anything. I live in Canada and for some reason I believe the provincial government lifted a cap on insurance rates so they started nickel and diming everyone. I ended up finding another company now this year which is still a bit more but it’s $250/month for my car insurance. Better than any of the other companies.

    I do not have any loyalty towards insurance companies because in the end all they want to do is screw you over and take your money. How can they justify no accidents or anything and increase my rate by over 100$? Unfortunately it’s mandated by law you have to have some type of insurance so I’ll just go with whoever is cheapest, hopefully my rates go down in a few years but until then I look for new quotes every year.

    Also towards the cancellation of policies, it really depends. I had asked my previous insurer what would happen if I canceled mid way through, and they do have a cancellation fee that is pro-rated based on how much time you have left. My tenant insurance I can cancel at anytime, but the car insurance is different. So make sure you understand the policies before you actually sign up for anything!

  • Bro what are the documents required for the term insurance person expired. Kindly explain for business person and employee if any. Kindly explain claiming process.

  • Why not to but call option that expires in 2 years for example, and by that we can make much more money than just buying the stock?

  • I find it funny how Bear analysts keep saying Tesla is way overvalued for a company that only sells 500,000 cars/year. What they fail to recognize is Tesla sells 500,000 ELECTRIC cars per year and is rapidly increasing those numbers every year. And let’s not forget that the EV revolution is only JUST beginning AND that Tesla has so much more in the works than EVs.

  • Insurance companies believe in God when it’s an act of God and not pay you but not insure you if you tell them you speak to Him!

  • You did not mention to check amount settlement ratio as well along with claim settlement ratio. Which is the most important thing in term insurance.

  • Own a 100 shares of Tesla, 90 shares on my Robinhood and the other 10 on my grandmas account. Also own a 100 shares of Ark. wish I had more funds to load up more on both stocks. I’m great full though

  • Oh no I miss out on this video! May I know what’s the typical DTE you go for when selling PUT? What’s the rationale behind? Thanks Ken!

  • बहुत ही सरल भाषा में समझाया आपने और detail भी अच्छी थी
    मुझे आप से एक बात पूछनी है मैंने 4 साल पहले अपनी आय के बारे में झूठ बोल कर 2 अलग अलग कंपनियों से टर्म इन्सुरेंस करवाया था मैंने किसी भी कंपनी को दूसरी कंपनी से ली हुई पालिसी के बारे में नहीं बताया! आय के बारे में इस लिए झूठ बोला क्योंकि मुझे कम सम असोरड मिल रहा था मैंने दोनों ही कंपनियों को आय के बारे में भी झूठ बोला! और दोनों कंपनियों ने पालिसी इशु भी कर दी थी! तो अब जब मुझे प्रीमियम भरते हुए 4 साल के लगभग हो गए है अब यदि मेरे साथ कुछ दुर्घटना हो जाती है और मेरी मृत्यु भी हो जाती है तो SEC-45 को ध्यान में रखते हुए क्या एक कंपनी ही क्लेम देगी या दोनों कंपनिया क्लेम देंगी या फिर दोनों कम्पनियां मेरा क्लेम रिजेक्ट करेंगी

  • Don’t most ins. Co. Give a discount depending on how long youve been with yr present company? We switched car ins. After being with another company for 20 years. We did that on the advice of our Edward Jones Financial guy. Advices to go two farmers and leave State Farm I think it was based on the fact that he networked with that company. Turns out they ended up charging us more a lot more than State Farm. So when I started shopping around all the other company said we would have got a good discount if we had waited to change from state farm to a new company. Just something FYI. Also different states require different amounts up insurance coverage.

  • Hey Ken, new follower and obviously smashed that like/subscribe/bell buttons, but question for you I still don’t understand the Worst Case Scenario. I’m trying to figure out why the math only sets the worst case scenario as only 395 loss (is this the premium you’ve paid)? What happened if the stock drops say from 480 to 200 the next year, what happens then? I figure there would be much worse consequences for buying this type of option and if not, why don’t more people do this!?

  • I think this is amazing! What platform do you use? Are you still using it since now $900+? What are the requirement to enter this platforms?

  • Hi Ken, just liked your video, easy to understand sharing. i am Ewen from Msia. My current brokerage account do not offer option trading. Would appreciate if you could recommend good online option brokerage firm to me where they accept opening of account from Malaysia

  • Any one interested to cover against covid19 can contact I am from HDFC securities we have several plans whichever will suitable for you can apply for it online
    For Ex TATA AIA

  • I am insured with USAA I pay $157 for renters, liablity for my miata, full coverage for 2017 VW Jetta. Is this a good deal? I have heard they can’t really beat USAA coverage prices. Also lived in Bastrop pretty close to Austin ��

  • Hi, with nearly same premium between Aegon & Endlewiss T which would be better? With same premium Endlewiss are giving additional cover for spouse @25lakhs which is not in case of Aegon and further ET’s CSR ratio is slightly better than Aegon. However looking to ongoing feedback ET is not being preferred /advised. Hence Please advise/elaborate which option would be better. Furthermore trying to find LIC techterm on line premium but site never responded. Hence how to find out its premium. Thanks!

  • Hi There,

    I have been struggling for a week and was completely perplexed as which term life insurance to purchase. You guys have explained it so precisely.

    Thanks a ton and have subscribed to your channel.