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WEDNESDAY, May 6, 2015 (HealthDay News) The sounds emitted by cellphones carried by pregnant women may rattle the sleep-and-wake cycles of their fetuses, new research suggests. The finding is based on a small study that tracked fetal reactions to repetitive cellphone and beeper use among more than two dozen resident physicians while they were pregnant. Cell phone use in pregnancy may cause behavioral disorders in offspring. (Image via Pixabay) Exposure to radiation from cell phones during pregnancy affects the brain development of offspring, potentially leading to hyperactivity, Yale School of Medicine researchers have determined.

The results, based on studies in mice, are published in the March 15 issue of Scientific Reports, a Nature. According to the study, mobile phone radiation exposure in the womb can affect the brain development of offspring and potentially lead to behavioral disorders such as hyperactivity. The ill-effects of cell phone radiation is a cause for concern during pregnancy.

Many experts believe that excessive use of a cell phone during pregnancy can cause a few behavioural and emotional problems in the baby. Therefore, you must try to limit the use of mobile phones when you are pregnant. Dec. 6, 2010 Exposure to cell phones before birth and afterward may increase a child’s risk for developing certain behavioral problems, including hyperactivity, inattention, and problems getting.

Mobile phone use during pregnancy is unlikely to have any adverse effects on child neurodevelopment, according to new research. These findings. A new campaign focuses on potential exposure of the fetus to radio frequency radiation development from prenatal maternal use of mobile phones, electric devices may affect.

Mobile phones give off radiation, so is it safe to use yours around Baby or let her play with one? There are many studies conducted over the years to determine if there is an increased risk of brain tumour associated with the use of mobile phones, says Dr Natalie Epton, a specialist paediatrician and neonatologist. Most did not find any association with increased risk.

6 Ways That Night-time Phone Use Destroys Your Sleep Using your phone at night will make you sleep-deprived and exhausted. Really. Posted Apr 17, 2018.

“The rise in behavioral disorders in human children may be in part due to fetal cellular telephone irradiation exposure.” Taylor said that further research is.

List of related literature:

Therefore, the fetus is also exposed to environmental noise and may also be at risk for NIHL.

“Occupational, Industrial, and Environmental Toxicology” by Michael I. Greenberg
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This short-term use has not been reported to cause problems in the exposed fetuses.

“Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation: A Reference Guide to Fetal and Neonatal Risk” by Gerald G. Briggs, Roger K. Freeman, Sumner J. Yaffe
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Electronic monitoring has been shown to be beneficial in very high-risk pregnancies, where it contributes substantially to the good outcome of such births.

“Encyclopedia of Jewish Medical Ethics: A Compilation of Jewish Medical Law on All Topics of Medical Interest...” by Avraham Steinberg, Fred Rosner
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Therefore its use in the first trimester of pregnancy increases the risk for a spontaneous abortion.

“Manual of High Risk Pregnancy and Delivery E-Book” by Elizabeth S. Gilbert
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It should be remembered that premature parturition or abortion can be induced by any circumstances which cause fetal or, potentially, maternal stress and initiate the cascade of endocrine and neural signaling events which would normally lead to parturition.

“Handbook of Toxicology of Chemical Warfare Agents” by Ramesh C. Gupta
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Maternal cell phone use during pregnancy and child behavioral problems in five birth cohorts.

“Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy: Principles and Practices” by Diana Noland, Jeanne A. Drisko, Leigh Wagner
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Therefore an 8-week-old fetus may actually receive a smaller radiation dose from supraclavicular irradiation than a 30-week-old fetus.

“Avery's Diseases of the Newborn E-Book” by Christine A. Gleason, Sherin Devaskar
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Especially in the last few decades, it has become the personal responsibility of pregnant women and their social networks to protect the health of the fetus through fetal monitoring, behavior modification, and prenatal bonding.

“Encyclopedia of Gender and Society” by Jodi O'Brien
from Encyclopedia of Gender and Society
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This can affect not only the unborn child but also grandchildren.

“The Detox Book, 3rd Edition: How to Detoxify Your Body to Improve Your Health, Stop Disease, and Reverse Aging” by Bruce Fife
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It is unknown whether these transient events have any lasting effects on the fetus, because no longterm studies have been conducted to address this specific question.

“Clinical Maternal-Fetal Medicine” by Hung N. Winn, John C. Hobbins
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  • I also heard that babies can see when they first are born could they hear we really don’t know I’m getting back to this video but what if we shall fear the fear I’m talking about is the fear of telling your parents your pregnant and that affect the baby in some way because right now in your thoughts you were thinking about abortion which is a very sad feeling sad thoughts and I’m sure the baby could sense those thoughts

  • Digital Candy, PERFECT name for it ���� I believe a majority of us are guilty of this. We all need to find a time to shut screens off and engage!

  • Bro you should play Playboi Carti Fetus voice song leaks to a fetus. Bruh the Fetus goin be like “wAlK aROund em’ bILls” after he comes out.

  • Parents GET the fuck away from those phones: REALISE you have a child now.Thats why kids are shooting one another. Absolutely no parent paying attention to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oh God, so many inappropriate jokes are flooding my mind lol One thing I will say is wow, I didn’t know you could see babies so clearly in the womb! They’re precious ♡♡

  • Boy: We have other thing to do mommy!!

    I’m secretly his 9 year old sister: TAKES MOMMIES PHONE AND THROWS IT OUT WINDOW Fuck mommies phone!


  • I didn’t have a television in our living areas until my daughter was 6. I stayed off my phone and never gave it to my child. She was light years ahead in speech and reading by 3. I don’t regret it. Screens should never be babysitters.

  • What about other music genres and styles?
    It was probably the Same outcome from all. The only sound the baby probably likes is the sound of its mothers heart and voice

  • Theres alot of young moms out there who have a social media platform. I see alot of this everyday kids on the phone instead of engaging in other things. Kids shouldn’t even know what a phone is until later in life. Put that damn phone and give them a book.

  • It’s not the Children’s fault because the parents shove the phone in their face… instead of interacting with them. Not attacking parents because if the babies are crying sometimes it stops them from crying. God Bless the Parents and their children

  • It sad everywhere I go I see kids younger and younger with either a phone or a tablet in their hands. Really parents??? Really??! Is this what parenting has become?!

  • Did anyone notice that when they were talking about the black woman, they kept saying “baby”, and when they were talking about the white woman, they kept saying “fetus”?

    I mean seriously did anyone notice that?

  • I have been a heroin addict since the mid 70s and nothing pisses me off more than to hear some wahoo say “oh I’m addicted to…..” YOU ARE NOT ADDICTED. BUTTHOLE.. Does your addiction land u in jail, hospital, lose jobs, wives, occupy your mind day and night. NO! So shut the hell up.

  • I saw many moms using phone to nannying their children that’s why younger and younger children already wearing thick glasses! �� and smart phone �� ruined their �� eyes!!

  • My children are all teens now and I am so grateful I did not have a smart phone when they were young. I did not get one until they were all in elementary/middle school. When I sat up with them at night nursing or rocking them, I had to just sit there. Sometimes I watched TV if we made our way downstairs. I sang badly and talked to them. Or read to them. I can see that if I had babies now, it would be difficult to not have a divided attention and be on my phone.

  • I am so saddened and ashamed to say this but: Our younger generation are over computerized
    (You know too much of a good thing is not good)
    Hey a go figure point:::::
    WWW Means 666)
    Great now I see what is happening!
    Plus kids are killing their-selves more than ever before, go look it up!

    At any rate, back to me point: They sadly do not know how to feel these
    incredible emotional endorphins that can make you feel as if you are actually flying by connecting and expressing to one another on a spontaneous format with out the computer or phone selecting your data base picks of choice.
    Hell look at Micheal Jackson, Madonna, Janet Jackson
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    Now because of these phones and internet:
    Kids are being like over treated Dolphins
    Further in this sense, they are being like (again) dock fed since young. That do not really have to go out there and activate their real `life survival instinct for the wild’ or
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    action goes to the core to the bone, choke you with a adrenaline rush to want to reach out and feel this again!! `Unthinkingly-‘
    [ Recall the “Do Not Feed The Dolphins” sign?]
    See there is a reason for that.
    Kid’s are not tapping nor activating their true instinctive expressions (Hands on) They are face booking and posting counters and opposing their enemy computer to computer. Heck I heard they are having SEX through the computer on these web cams. NoW ThaT Is Ridiculous!!!

    I feel so dam sorry for them!! Oh and when you try to talk to them about this, They are so shallow minded that they already processed this ((-short of the true meaning here.)) Then they looked down to continued to text someone….Great!!, another missed moment to add to their compilation of tempo to life…Oh and get this! (As I hold my furrow brow Roddy Piper pointing finger up to show what is: GOING-TO Come OF-THIS-)
    Well here it is:
    Are You READY*@$&^!!!??
    The kid then looks back down to the phone, before
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    End Point]
    OK now (New generation kiddoes)
    Sorry to call you out with the clutch of grab to your throat, but wait now. It doesn’t have to be….You still have time to put a cap of restriction and learn to control over yourself and take back your life?
    Any how your probably about to miss a text, another wasted moment of your life…….So go on, go back to sleep!
    `The Devil’s Sleep’ ( as evil has it’s way……)
    God I pray for our children……to come back to life

  • This study is only showing their reaction to the music they have heard prior to this study…so I guess the first mom listens to that music and the second baby has never heard it before. This really proves to me that children beings to adapt to their upbring and environment before they are ever born. And people wonder why I try my best to choose my kid friends. Yep we know bad behavior and bad company. Most children if not all adapt to what they have been taught!! Period. Wow great clip!!!

  • Children’s Health Defense – RF Kennedy

  • My poor baby, I love rock music and play it a lot with headphones on, I can only imagine what his face must be like �� I bet he can’t wait to come out in December and be free from it �� I do play it quietly though

  • Where is the daddy to the Black Woman? All this is very True. I read to my baby and only played Classical Music. Even after he was born I kept classical music piped in thru the Speakers.
    Well my Son showed and early interst in Classical/Opera music. He won every award in High School, State. and national Competition. He was also given The Largest Voice Scholarship in the History of his University.
    Amoung other things, he start swimming really early like 3 wks old
    He is a Bass II and has a beautiful Operetta Voice. He’s represented our State in Europe. Every State Choose The Top two Voices in order to make a USA CHOIR. He is our only Child and we sent him to one of the Elite Private School for a great Education. He also just passed The Bar. BTW, We are African Americans.

  • Somebody told me he’s staying with a couple that has a 1 month old baby and they don’t even cater to them. They’re on their cellphones 90% of the time.

  • Women need to stay home when/while pregnant! The hottest woman in the world who is pregnant! Does NOT LOOK BEAUTIFUL! At all! A pregnant woman is beautiful while staying home and being with dad! Mom is beautiful when she is humble, and stays home and not showing it off! Take it very seriously, humble and ego SHUT!

  • For those asking where the hell the rest of the documentary is….it’s on the Curiosity channel. It’s a paid subscription for their hundreds and hundreds of documentaries.
    But then nobody ever Googles anything anymore.

  • The Facebook app is the worst. It runs in the background and listens to almost everything through your Android phone’s microphone. It can even access your phone’s front and rear cameras to stream bits of footage back to Facebook HQ. It’s why you should disable the microphone and camera access abilities in the privacy settings for the app in your phone. iPhone users are kind of screwed to be honest as you cannot enable and disable privacy settings for any iOS apps. At least I don’t think you can.

  • I am NEVER raising an iPad kid, nor will they ever hang with them. I know parents are busy but you have to be present for your kids, or they’ll grow up to be criminals.��

  • I delivered a dead baby boy in the 7th month………..water broke..worst part was I couldn’t identify that n Suffered alot for normal delivery.. I pray to God that no-one should suffer like me

  • I’m pretty sure that there are thousands of mentally unstable people out there who’re literally attempting to have sex with their phones and tablets on a regular basis. Not just electronics, but baking goods, and other food products too. Not sure why anyone would feel the need to put their dick into a warm apple pie. I’m sure many have tried though, for science or whatever.

  • Only gay men will innovate in the future because they don’t have a woman guilting them to get away from thier projects. These guys are just like Peter Theil, gay.

  • I played a lullaby for one of my babies because she was always moving late at night. The lullaby calmed her n put her asleep.
    15 YEARS LATER…. she uses the same lullaby at night to put her asleep!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • There are more muscles in your face then any other place in your body. It shows expressions that communicate feelings. It is very important for the development of our brains that we communicate face-to-face

  • I’m typing this, before watching the video..
    The loud music does affect the foetus! I remember when I was pregnant & in my 3rd trimester, I’d keep track of the foetal movements & if I didn’t detect a movement, sometimes I’d turn on music with fast beats, and that would definitely give me a response from the belly ��
    Also, sitting in bright sunlight would make the foetus squirm in the belly!

  • Dr. Teena….. you say that mobile radiation is not to big…. but it is better to avoid it, keeping the mobile away, etc…. you simply disregard that radiation as its harmful for our health, especially harmful to the pregnant baby, young kids, and everybody else. In many countries they remove all WiFi devices from the school, offices, and forbidden to use it near the pregnant ladies