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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Who Do I Need to Call? By Barbara Dehn, RN, MS, NP, FAANP, NCMP. Created: 06/20/2019. Last Updated: 06/20/2019. Share on: Are you avoiding your reflection because of wrinkles, deep furrows and creases, dark spots and sun damage?

If so, you’re not alone. After we hit our 40s, the person staring back at us in the. Mirror, mirror On the wall Can you tell me who to call?

When the one I love Is loving someone who can’t see Mirror, mirror On the wall Tell me if he’ll ever fall so in love with me Or could it be it’s just make believe Mirror, mirror On the wall I wanna know, I wanna know Is he gonna know? That I’m loving him And I’m needing him Or will he love. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall Lyrics: Mirror mirror on the wall who’s the saddest of them all / But I don’t have to see I know it’s gotta be me / Every time the wind blows at my window I rush to see. The mirrors actual Disney character name is “Slave to the Magic Mirror” so when the queen wants to call him she has to say Magic Mirror on the wall. If you want further proof listen to the Fantasmic soundtrack.

With the mirror propped against the wall or lying face down, raise the wire up to make it taut and identify two points that will distribute the pressure equally across the wire. You don’t want them too close together; for a large mirror, start around 12 inches (a standard ruler) and adjust from there. Black, white and metallic wall decals look good on mirrors, but other colors are available too. Fabric To hide the mirror completely, cover your walls with fabric. Large mirrors can make a room seem bigger or be a focal point of your decor – as long as they stay on the wall.

Securely hanging a heavy mirror is an easy project but successful results do require attention to detail and using the right hardware. This Home Depot guide will teach you how to hang a heavy mirror on drywall or a plaster wall, how to hang a heavy mirror without a stud or directly. Brighten and Enlarge. Mirrors give the illusion of additional space and light.

So if you have a small bathroom, install a mirror that covers the entire wall space above the sink area. How to add a tile border to a boring mirror. See more ideas about Diy mirror, Mirror, Bathroom decor. The ADAAG states that mirrors need to be mounted with the bottom edge of the reflecting surface no higher than 40 inches above the floor, with the top edge at a minimum of 74 inches from the floor.

A full-length mirror in the restroom fulfills the ADA requirement for mirrors if it’s not possible to mount the mirror at 40 inches above the floor.

List of related literature:

Choose the mirror that is closest to your location.

“Machine Learning For Dummies” by John Paul Mueller, Luca Massaron
from Machine Learning For Dummies
by John Paul Mueller, Luca Massaron
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The therapist, without prior announcement, provides a mirror, a full-length mirror of the type that is attached to closet doors and is readily available in department stores.

“Comprehensive Handbook of Cognitive Therapy” by Hal Arkowitz, L.E. Beutler, Karen M. Simon
from Comprehensive Handbook of Cognitive Therapy
by Hal Arkowitz, L.E. Beutler, Karen M. Simon
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The mirror

“Newman and Carranza’s Clinical Periodontology for the Dental Hygienist E-Book” by Michael G. Newman, Gwendolyn Essex, Lory Laughter, Satheesh Elangovan
from Newman and Carranza’s Clinical Periodontology for the Dental Hygienist E-Book
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You will need: a concave mirror, white card (back of an old invitation card), a metre ruler, a candle, a stand for the mirror (usually available in the laboratory) Work in small groups of three/four.

“Longman Active Science 7” by Narayanan Vidhu
from Longman Active Science 7
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Declare to yourself that the mirror is charged as a tool of psychic sight, and place it in the frame if it has one.

“Spellcasting: Beyond the Basics” by Michael Furie
from Spellcasting: Beyond the Basics
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The mirror usually is usually a cube corner reflector.

“Industrial Applications of Lasers” by John F. Ready
from Industrial Applications of Lasers
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This mirror has made four moves and still is the main mirror I use in my studio.

“How to Start a Home-based Fashion Design Business” by Angela Wolf
from How to Start a Home-based Fashion Design Business
by Angela Wolf
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A bureau with a cracked vanity mirror, ugly old light fixtures jutting from the grease-saturated walls.

“Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said: Based Upon the Novel by Philip K. Dick” by Linda Hartinian, Philip K. Dick
from Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said: Based Upon the Novel by Philip K. Dick
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Installation or Maintenance of a Two-Way Mirror

“2019 California Penal Code Unabridged” by LawTech Publishing Group
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Determine the front and back of the mirror by finding where the

“Optics For Dummies” by Galen C. Duree, Jr.
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Kutluk Oktay, MD, FACOG is one of the world's foremost experts in fertility preservation as well as ovarian stimulation and in vitro fertilization for infertility treatments. He developed and performed the world's first ovarian transplantation procedures as well as pioneered new ovarian stimulation protocols for embryo and oocyte freezing for breast and endometrial cancer patients.

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  • You’re not fat. You are not ugly. Even if you happen to be overweight (and unless a doctor has said so, you aren’t) you are gorgeous. God made you the way you need to be. He has a purpose for you and he created you for it. You have so much worth and beauty, both inside and out. Don’t let the mirror or any other human define you. God gives you your worth and no one else has the right to try.

  • People who listening to this think about Cramon Boyce and his death ����(sorry if i spelling his name wrong) i will always love you friend

  • Why is everybody ignoring the fact that they are playing with blood�� what does this mean? They have blood on there hands, symbolizing sacrifice?

  • Remember; mirrors don’t lie, the media does. It’s the media that has convinced everyone of this false image of beauty… All mirrors do is REFLECT. When we look into a mirror, it reflects our thoughts. It shows us what we’re expecting to see… The moment you realize and acknowledge that you’re truly beautiful, the mirror will show you exactly that. Beauty. TRUE beauty can not be seen by appearances but by actions. Beauty is not magazines or movies. Beauty is LOVE for yourself and others.:)

  • but at the same time society twists the view of the mirror depending on the girl by creating the “perfect” girl who truly is perfect and also unattainable instead of showing perfection through imperfections

  • Stay strong. I hope this song helps you. With Him, you can be yourself and you’re not alone. You are worth it, just the way you are. Don’t forget that.:)

  • i know how you feel im overweight and going through depression witch isnt helping but it help to talk so if you want to talk i think it would help both of us

  • This song hitting hard asf in 2020 literally listening to fat ass tb feels so good makes you feel like dam bro life really does go by so fast before you can even notice how much your growing and getting old

  • 2020 anyone?

    With everything happening today

    You dont know whether you’re coming or going

    But you think that you’re on your way

    Life lined up on the mirror dont blow it

    Look at me when Im talkin to you

    You looking at me but I’m lookin through you

    I see the blood in your eyes

    I see the love in disguise

    I see the pain hidden in your pride

    I see you’re not satisfied

    And I dont see nobody else

    I see myself I’m looking at the

    Mirror on the wall, here we are again

    Through my rise and fall

    You’ve been my only friend

    You told me that they can understand the man I am

    So why are we here talkin’ to each other again

    Uh, I see the truth in your lies

    I see nobody by your side

    But I’m with you when you re all alone

    And you correct me when Im lookin wrong

    I see that guilt beneath the shame

    I see your soul through your window pain

    I see the scars that remain

    I see you Wayne, Im lookin at the.

    Mirror on the wall, here we are again

    Through my rise and fall

    You’ve been my only friend

    You told me that they can understand the man I am

    So why are we here talkin’ to each other again

    Lookin at me now I can see my past

    Damn I look just like my f-ckin dad

    Light it up, thats smokin’ mirrors

    I even look good in the broken mirror

    I see my momma smile thats a blessin

    I see the change, I see the message

    And no message could been any clearer

    So I’m stared with the man in the…

    Mirror on the wall (MJ taught me that)

    Here we are again

    Through my rise and fall

    You’ve been my only friend (Take em to Mars, man)

    You told me that they can understand the man I am

    So why are we talkin’ to each other again

    Mirror on the wall, here we are again

    Through my rise and fall

    You’ve been my only friend

    You told me that they can understand the man I am

    So why are we here talkin’ to each other again

    Mirror on the wall…

    (Hey B.P., looks like I did take em to Mars this time)

    So why are we talkin to each other again


  • I don’t like which people unlike this song…
    Dove,Sofia, Cameron,Booboo do very hard work for this…………..
    And this dance is suberb

  • My family has been missing since 29 August was last in the company on Melissa Gordon and Shane ��������������������������������������������

  • Far, far beyond the island
    We dwelt in shades of twilight
    Through dread and weary days
    Through grief and endless pain

    It lies unknown
    The land of mine
    A hidden gate
    To save us from the shadow fall
    The lord of water spoke
    In the silence
    Words of wisdom
    I’ve seen the end of all
    Be aware the storm gets closer

    Mirror Mirror on the wall
    True hope lies beyond the coast
    You’re a damned kind can’t you see
    That the winds will change
    Mirror Mirror on the wall
    True hope lies beyond the coast
    You’re a damned kind can’t you see
    That tomorrows bears insanity

    Gone’s the wisdom
    Of a thousand years
    A world in fire and chains and fear
    Leads me to a place so far
    Deep down it lies my secret vision
    I better keep it safe

    Shall I leave my friends alone
    Hidden in my twilight hall
    (I) know the world is lost in fire
    Sure there is no way to turn it
    Back to the old days
    Of bliss and cheerful laughter
    We’re lost in barren lands
    Caught in the running flames
    How shall we leave the lost road
    Time’s getting short so follow me
    A leader’s task so clearly
    To find a path out of the dark

    Mirror Mirror on the wall
    True hope lies beyond the coast
    You’re a damned kind can’t you see
    That the winds will change
    Mirror Mirror on the wall
    True hope lies beyond the coast
    You’re a damned kind can’t you see
    That the winds will change

    Even though
    The storm calmed down
    The bitter end
    Is just a matter of time

    Shall we dare the dragon
    Merciless he’s poisoning our hearts
    Our hearts

    How shall we leave the lost road
    Time’s getting short so follow me
    A leader’s task so clearly
    To find a path out of the dark

    Mirror Mirror on the wall
    True hope lies beyond the coast
    You’re a damned kind can’t you see
    That the winds will change
    Mirror Mirror on the wall
    True hope lies beyond the coast
    You’re a damned kind can’t you see
    That the winds will change

  • Dear Feanor, had you had no such lust for the Silamrils, Arda’s story would have been so much different.
    Anyway, this song is about Ulmo….

  • I love you Dove you are my world I don’t know what I’d do without you…everything I do is you xxx❤❤❤….Mal is the most popular…and I’m happy…she is amazing such talent and beauty xxx❤❤❤..can’t believe dove couldn’t dance before this…she is incredible!!!

  • Two solid spheres collided. One survived, one didn’t.
    We live on a small chuck (dot size) of the solid that cracked.
    You can reach the survivor solid through spiritual ascension (an through The Book enpictured).
    The Book is a divine comic book.
    Once you reach that survivor should, it appears like a solid wall, but there is more to it.
    Messiah reached the survivor solid waited for a long period; contemplating/pondering/etc.
    There came a knocking sound from very close by.
    Messiah looked back at the solid and a door appeared in front of him.
    The knocking was being done from the other side.
    Messiah opened the door by saving, “come in please.”
    There appeared a mirror behind the door.
    The entire wall of solid started turning into a mirror.
    Messiah could see the reflection of our universe behind him.
    This was an instant eye opener.
    The thing is that when we submit to and bow down to some larger force (i.e. God), the grand mirror of universe reflects our submission in the form of submitting the universe to us.
    This requires some inner work; pretty easy Imo.
    Sheikhu imran hossein practiced with his prostrations like Bruce Lee.
    One of his prostrations reached the grand mirror (GM or grandmaster) and Sheikhu got empowered, for a while.
    Sheikhu immediately released yajuj majuj, daaba, malhama, etc. ��
    Old age, loose bowels.
    Don’t go that far folks. Grandmaster beats pretty hard. ��
    Messiah touches the mirror and the mirror sucked him inside.
    There it was; a universe within the survivor solid.
    A mirror universe.
    Mirrored earth was close by. ��
    It is a 3D Grand Mirror of wish fulfilment.
    Call is the prayer correspondence department.
    A prayer has to get approved at many many levels before it gets reflected back.
    A curse is reflected by the infinity throne which is located at 7th floor; very very close Imo. ��
    Any living human can reach the cursed infinity throne till the time he/she is replaced by another one.
    This throne is for two; at a time.
    The ones whose inner selves sit on this throne, are not aware of this.
    Messiah has previously named a few of such people.
    Know that a cheap whore recently sat on that throne, not because of her good deeds but because of our bad deeds towards her.
    Got it?
    Mother fuckers?
    I mean, if you allow (make) such whores sit on the 7th floor then prepare yourself for the aftermaths. 7th floor (heaven ��) is about earth.
    It is usually vacant/deserted BTW.
    Buddha sat on this throne for some time, long time ago, and his throne/chair represents this.
    What about the cross (crucifer) hmm?
    I mean, bean brain is not even a curse anymore.
    There are many levels upto the GM however, I am tired of typing all this.
    It would be much easier to tell stories to fairies; orally. �� angels are welcome now. ��

  • Longe, muito além da ilha
    Nós morávamos em tons de crepúsculo
    Através de pavor e dias cansativos
    Através da dor e dor sem fim

    Encontra-se desconhecido
    A minha terra
    Um portão escondido
    Para nos salvar da queda das sombras

    O senhor da água falou
    No silêncio
    Palavras de sabedoria
    Eu vi o fim de tudo
    Esteja ciente de que a tempestade se aproxima

    Espelho, espelho na parede
    A verdadeira esperança está além do litoral
    Você é do tipo maldito, não vê?
    Que os ventos vão mudar
    Espelho, espelho na parede
    A verdadeira esperança está além do litoral
    Você é do tipo maldito, não vê?

    Que amanhã traz insanidade
    Foi-se a sabedoria
    De mil anos
    Um mundo em chamas, correntes e medo

    Me leva a um lugar tão longe
    No fundo, está minha visão secreta
    É melhor eu mantê-lo seguro
    Devo deixar meus amigos em paz

    Escondido no meu salão crepuscular
    (I) sei que o mundo está perdido em chamas
    Claro que não há como transformá-lo
    De volta aos velhos tempos

    De felicidade e riso alegre
    Estamos perdidos em terras áridas
    Apanhado nas chamas correndo

    Como devemos deixar a estrada perdida
    O tempo está ficando curto, então me siga
    A tarefa de um líder tão claramente
    Para encontrar um caminho fora do escuro

    Espelho, espelho na parede
    A verdadeira esperança está além do litoral
    Você é do tipo maldito, não vê?
    Que os ventos vão mudar
    Espelho, espelho na parede
    A verdadeira esperança está além do litoral
    Você é do tipo maldito, não vê?
    Que os ventos vão mudar

    Apesar de
    A tempestade se acalmou
    O final amargo
    É apenas uma questão de tempo

    Vamos ousar o dragão
    Impiedoso, ele está envenenando nossos corações
    Nossos corações
    Como devemos deixar a estrada perdida

    O tempo está ficando curto, então me siga
    A tarefa de um líder tão claramente
    Para encontrar um caminho fora do escuro

    Espelho, espelho na parede
    A verdadeira esperança está além do litoral
    Você é do tipo maldito, não vê?
    Que os ventos vão mudar
    Espelho, espelho na parede
    A verdadeira esperança está além do litoral
    Você é do tipo maldito, não vê?
    Que os ventos vão mudar

  • i’am fan when i was 9 years old coz my mother bought this movie (cd) and i’m literally crying because i miss them SO MUCH and i think they’re not coming back. I know all the songs, every character name and even the choreography. My heart is just ✨breaking✨so bad:(((

  • I watched this when I was 6 and my sister was 11 and she was the “purpled hair one” and I was the “blue haired one” and since then I still find this video amazing

  • Subtle hints at suicide and depression��������
    0:16 A blade used to self-harm
    0:54 hanging oneself
    2:57 shooting oneself in the head
    The more u analyse the song the DEEPER it gets.
    I hope whoever reads this is OK ❤️��

    The more you self reflect, the less you want to live.

  • I got up three levels, killed all the other PCs and got their treasure while listening to this song. My Jack Russell is now a fearsome dragon mount.

  • Been there, but then i stopped carrying because you have 1 true friend in God. He will never think of you like that. And once you can just surrender yourself then you carry yourself tall and proud.

  • I sang this song at my church a couple months ago. It means to much to me. I have learned to stop focusing so much on my appearance and to stop worrying when my hair, my clothes, or my makeup aren’t perfect. That’s not what defines me. It’s fun to look nice or play around with my appearance but if I don’t look like a supermodel why fret? God defines me and I don’t need to listen to the world or my mirror to know how much I am worth. I won’t let anyone else tell me what to be.

  • The mirror reflects who you think you are. If you see yourself as ugly then you should look again. Through the eyes of God, you’re the most beautiful person in the world.

  • Only ogs remember Cameron from descendants
    Only legends remember him from Jessie
    Only true legends remember him from grown ups
    Only true legend ogs remember him from camp kikiwaka

  • Écouter je va naître des vidéo et j’ai toujour voulu faire mal je lavaifer avec vous mais j’ai cou de le faire je va dire que je mappele mal mais ses moi qui la fait en premier

  • RIP cameron Boyce we love you and miss you thanks for acting in these descendants scenes 1-3 thanks for the moments and making our childhood better❤��

  • I love this song. It always reminds me that God thinks that we are all beautiful no matter what we look like. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of you. Know that you are beautiful even when no one else thinks so.

  • This song is the perfect theme for any girl going through any type of depression, insecruity, eating disorder, etc. This song is a constant reminder that I am beautiful in God’s eyes.:) I am going to convince my youth minister to do this song for a human video. <3

  • I want to understand something. Everyone who enters Disney becomes beautiful, whatever it is, even if a real disaster. What and do they know that the group that follows Disney are children. Nevertheless, there are things that should not be shown like kissing between two heroes. Do parents want to see their daughter watching a kissing scene Are they They know what they’re doing ��

  • we are performing to a dance lyrical as adults in this with mirror props. What I love about my class? We all look different but we all are learning to love ourselves thru this song-

  • @Anacole1000 When she was in her last few years at school, she got anorexia and then depression but God healed her. It’s on Youtube and Becca normally talks about it in their live shows. If you search for Mirror live or for her testimony, it should come up with something.:)

  • Me: (listing to this song )
    Mom: STUDY!!!
    Me: I am rotten to the core
    Mom: If you don’t start studying Your grounded
    Me: I am rotten to the core
    Me: Gets grounded
    Mom: Who’s rotten to the core now?

  • This came on randomly last night while I was driving home and it made me randomly cry, I used to listen to it everyday in fourth grade LMFAO

  • this song reminds me of a girl i had but we lost eachother like we were still dating i forgot her name and my fb got blocked and i couldnt even set up the date this song reminds me bc i used to always play it when texting her

  • Ever hear of being skin-deep? Staring into the mirror is just that. God is beautiful, and he makes you more beautiful than you can possibly imagine. I’ve learned first-hand.


  • I hope this song really helps you see through the lies because the mirror lies. Believe me…I know. That’s why I uploaded it because I wanted the song to help people the way it’s helped me, and BarlowGirl wouldn’t have written it, and Becca Barlow wouldn’t have told her testimony otherwise. If I may say so, the friend who said nasty things to you isn’t really your friend, or they wouldn’t have said it. But God thinks you’re beautiful and so do I. You’re beautiful as you are. I hope this helps.

  • easy for u to say when your skinny but when everyone deems you too fat even songs like this just reminds you that ill nnever be good enugh or beautful to anyone

  • I hope this song can help you recover in time. Remember no matter what anyone else says, especially the mirroryou ARE beautiful!!:D

  • You can’t let people’s expectations dictate your life friend. You have to be willing to stand up and live for you, not your friends, not what your parents think, not society and not the cruelty of others. You have to take a deep breath and be who you want to be because you are happy with it; not because everyone else is. Beauty is only skin deep, someone can be physically pretty but be ugly on the inside and unappreciative while an outcast is grateful of every breath they take. Find your reason.

  • i HATE it when people call other people fat! GOD made all of us in his eyes so if you call one of us fat you call everyone fat including yourself. so the people that are big jerks….. i will pray that GOD will help you and to save you from that dark path as he did for me

  • somethimes I feel rejected because of the way I look!!!!!
    I know GOD is always there caring for me in my ups and downs!!!

  • You ARE beautiful and good enough. Believe me, I’ve been there too. I used to have depression, and thought the same until I learnt I was believeing lies. If you believe in God, then know He loves you the way you are, and even if you don’t, He loves you the way you are. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, and you are special and good enoughno matter what anyone else says. If nothing else, believe and don’t ever forget that!!:D

  • This song and “Clover Cage On My Mind” are two song keeping me sane during these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and let you guys know that things will get better. We are in this together….

  • i know how you feel i alwase feel like that but when people or my friends ask me if every thing is alright i lie and say that every thing is alright and that im alright when im not. its going to be hard to be strong.

  • I like how this song can be interpreted many different ways:
    1) About a girl looking into a mirror and thinking she’s ugly, but then realizes the mirror doesn’t define who she is

    2) About a religious person looking into a mirror (society) and being told they don’t fit in (“To Him I have beauty beyond compare” is talking about god)

    3) About a girl who thinks she’s ugly but reminds herself that her love likes her for who she is (“To him I have beauty beyond compare” interpreted differently)

  • It’s so terrible to see what happens to some young girls and women these days when they compare themselves to the world’s standards and are told they are ugly. I’m so sick and tired of seeing girls bullied, winding up putting themselves through horrible pain to feel “beautiful”. It’s heart wrenching. I wish I could embrace all the hurting girls out there and tell them how wonderful they are, no matter what anyone says.
    Let’s strengthen these young women, ladies. With Him, together.

  • this is the first time i’ve heard this song. The timing was perfect. I’ve been having a hard time with who i am on the outside. Now i finally see that it doesn’t matter how i look on the outside. Man looks at the outward apearanace but God looks at the heart. Thanks Barlow Girl!:)

  • i am 13 years old and i had trubble ith beleving that i was beautiful the way i am. god is showing me the way out of this! this song is so beautiful, may god bless you al

  • I am a man who used to have major insecurity issues about my body, so I completely understand this song. However, I am a beautiful work of art made by the Creator, and the same Creator died a terrible death so I could be with and rule with Him forever. Guys and ladies, you are all beautiful living works of art and God loves you! Accept that!

  • I won’t let ever again any man to call me “Eve” i know who i am,am saved,and i let no man speak for me,i won’t be their perfect puppet! let them judge won’t make them less filthy shame on such men

  • It’s so strange. I think my frustrations are kind of egotistical when it comes to this… I like my body despite being overweight, and I know I have a pretty face… But I get so depressed when people tell me otherwise. I’m not sure if it’s because they don’t agree with me, or if I cry for all the other people who go through what I go through. I’ve always felt strong empathy for others… Maybe I cry for the fact that people in general are so cruel…

  • sometimes i just stare at my reflection and see all the imperfections. just feel so ugly, fat, worthless. ive tried starving myself, tried to stop but its hard. ive been called fat and ugly. i just cant get it out of my head. i just cry in my room and think of all the imperfections about me. my friend called me an acne face and that just makes me feel worse bcz it came from her. I FEEL LIKE A PIECE OF TRASH. like some ugly freak and when i look in the mirror i see wut they are talking about =(

  • Jesus is my ONLY mirror! <3 We are captivating and beautiful and wonderful. yeah, were not perfect but that doesn't define us! Don't listen to the mirror. Listen to Jesus <3

  • If you’re achieving your goal and you can relate to this song, you’ll become rich one day because solitariness gives you a laser-like focus.

  • 0:22 YEAH BABY! I’M ON MY WAY TO THE CANAAN LAND! LIFE LINED UP! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKGJolVBDAA I NEVER KNEW HOW TO CRY! BUT I KNEW HOW TO FLY! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9c5yPIQ3LQI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxvBPH4sArQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jHSg44mwhc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qj5x6pbJMyU

  • I love this song. I’m performing it for my lyrical class, and it really speaks to me. I was anorexic and I’ve been in recovery for 2 weeks. I still have horrible thoughts about myself, but I don’t let it control me and let it ruin my life now. I even suffer from depression, but I’m working hard on fighting it.

  • Used to listen to this all the time when I was bulimic. Years later and I still get a pang of emotion listening to it. It can mean so many different things and help so many different people. Amazing lyrics!!

  • Dealing with Anorexia for the past year, I scream this song out at the top of my lungs, on the floor, crying the whole time. It’s a healing process.

  • This song brings back a lot of memories..helped a lot going through the teenage years. I like the tone of righteous indignation in it..Life is so much more than a reflection in the mirror

  • I was teased alot when i was a kid. I used to HATE myself. Then i suddenly realize that, why should i care that i look diffrent? I was told my whole life not to care what other people think. That i was made perfect by his hand. Now i live by that. Sure i have down days but ultimatly, i am happy with who i am. So when people talk to me about how they hate how they look i suddenly realize what a waste of energy it was to feel that way. This song discribes how i feel now. Its a great song:)

  • “We are created perfectly in HIS image.” Sometimes these words run through our minds but we push them out because we are afraid of what others think. Well, I think it’s time we should be ourselves.It shouldn’t matter how our hair looks. It shouldn’t matter how our make-up looks.What matters is that we understand that we ARE His children. He can help those of you fighting Anorexia, or Bulimia, or even depression. Never forget that God is there and He will see you through the storm.

  • this is my first time hearing this song… and a lot of times I hear something and think ok, but u dont actually get it, I don’t have an eating disorder, I just don’t feel pretty. But when I heard this song it was like, someone else gets it…I love this song. <3

  • This kind of reminds me of the girls in school that are mean to me. They tell me to do things that I will never in a million years do. Anyway I love this song!

  • This song makes me smile so much….:)
    I really am beauty beyond compare, and the people who say otherwise are just as bad as mirrors.

  • I’m the worship leader for my school. I was asked to lead worship for the girls purity week before they go into high school. I sang this song and it made a huge impact on the girls, telling them that it doesn’t matter what you look like because to God, your a beautiful diamond. (im in 7th grad going into 8th so happy ^.^) but this song helped even me to see my imperfections in my life and how I am to self conscious.

  • For me, it’s not my appearence that makes me unhappy, it is the way I feel. I don’t hate how I look, I hate what’s inside of me. I never feel smart enough, or funny enough, I just feel like I’m invisible. It’s not because of my looks, though, it’s because of WHO I am, rather than WHAT I am. I feel that my personality isn’t enough to make people like me. I’m insecure about how I act and what I feel and say.
    It makes me feel alone.
    But God is there. He is always there. Helping me stand up again.

  • This was one of the first metal music that I’ve ever heard, and still is one of the best I’ve listen so far.
    I just LOVE Blind Guardian, thank you for the awesome music.

  • Lately I’ve been I think starting to have anorexia most days I don’t eat but then I might eat 1 meal when I can’t help it….. I know its bad for you but when I hear the doctor say I’ve lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks it makes it all worth it……. Please pray for me….

  • Theres a quote and it says Why are you so mean to me camera the mirror is my best friend well the way i see it is they are both our enemies but when we look into our selves we see the inner beauty dont look at your outer appearence look at the inner another good song is BEAUTIFUL BY Group1Crew!