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Share on: Brew some tea or decaf coffee and take a drive to see the holiday lights in your community. Ask your partner for a Head to your favorite restaurant or bar—the one where everyone knows your name—and make a list of all the places you’ve Go someplace completely unexpected, like the zoo. Ways to Escape Holiday Madness Together Brew some tea or decaf coffee and take a drive to see the holiday lights in your community. Ask your partner for a Head to your favorite restaurant or bar—the one where everyone knows your name—and make a.

Ah, family time. As the holidays approach, many prepare to spend lengthy amounts of time with their nearest and dearest. Undoubtably special and forever irreplaceable, family also has a tendency to, well, drive one another (lovingly) mad.

For the sake of everyone’s marbles, we’re letting you know that holiday irritability is normal and that there is a remedy: temporarily disappearing. Bake Christmas cookies. Drink hot chocolate or coffee with candy canes.

Sing Christmas carols and open your home to the lonely. Be creative and focused. Break away if you need to. For instance, take 15 minutes to separate yourself from the holiday madness.

Or, in the same fashion, go on a short trip to the store (but be ready to deal with THAT holiday madness) or to town to get away. Similarly, take a hike or a walk or hit the local gym. What better way to escape holiday madness than by leaving civilization behind entirely? Your biggest challenge in choosing a holiday season destination will be weather. Snow camping can be fun if you’re prepared with all-season equipment, but if a temperate adventure sounds more appealing, head south or to the Southern Hemisphere, where.

Ways to Escape Holiday Madness Together The whirlwind of holiday activity can become an emotional vortex. Look to your partner to join you in these activities that can replenish your energy and your connection. Give Memories, Not Gifts.

Take your focus off material things for a weekend and reconnect with your family in the great outdoors. Playing a round of putt-putt or laser tag with your kiddos will be a whole lot more meaningful than this season’s hottest gadget. By this point, I’m positive you already have a good understanding of what the primary way to avoid holiday madness is: letting go of the imperative expectations about what you must do and what must happen during the holidays. Couple’s Retreat Package: Escape holiday tensions with a package that includes an overnight stay in a Premier Room or Suite, an hour-long couple’s massage at AquaVie Spa, and breakfast for two.

Holiday-inspired treatments at the spa are covered with the Candy Cane Foot Rejuvenation and the Peppermint Pedicure.

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You could develop a household crisis that necessitates putting them up in a nearby hotel, suggest that you all spend the holidays together in a resort, or schedule surgery for that week.

“Miss Manners' Guide for the Turn-of-the-Millennium” by Judith Martin
from Miss Manners’ Guide for the Turn-of-the-Millennium
by Judith Martin
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They can take a trip to an interesting place, engage in some enjoyable activity with a group, or invite other people without families to share holiday activities together.

“The Encyclopedia of Phobias, Fears, and Anxieties, Third Edition” by Ronald Manual Doctor, Ada P. Kahn, Christine A. Adamec
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We always watched the New Year’s Day football games together, nibbling on snacks and taking down the holiday decorations.

“Bed Number Ten” by Sue Baier, Mary Zimmeth Schomaker
from Bed Number Ten
by Sue Baier, Mary Zimmeth Schomaker
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Eating together, going on holiday together, finding activities that everyone enjoys, watching TV together, and playing games together all contribute to a pool of shared experiences and build a sense of belonging.

“The Parenting Book” by Nicky Lee
from The Parenting Book
by Nicky Lee
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Set apart time to spoil each other with a bubble bath, massage oil, creative uses of food, candles, and music.

“No More Headaches: Enjoying Sex & Intimacy in Marriage” by Juli Slattery
from No More Headaches: Enjoying Sex & Intimacy in Marriage
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Sit down on a winter afternoon and play a board game together.

“NIV, Mom's Devotional Bible, eBook” by Elisa Morgan, Zondervan,
from NIV, Mom’s Devotional Bible, eBook
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With toddler and preschool sons, there are lots of ways to spend time together, because little ones just enjoy doing simple things with parents— like baking cookies, walking the dog, cuddling up and reading a book, and going to the park or library.

“What a Son Needs from His Mom” by Cheri Fuller
from What a Son Needs from His Mom
by Cheri Fuller
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At different times they play board games, share interesting things they’ve learned that week, have different family members prepare short lessons on a subject that reflects the family’s particular needs or interests, go skating, bowling, to the circus, a concert, or some other event they will all enjoy.

“I Don't Have to Make Everything All Better” by Gary B. Lundberg, Joy Lundberg, Joy Saunders Lundberg
from I Don’t Have to Make Everything All Better
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Create an island for the two of you in bed where everything is at your fingertips—wine, music, food, condoms, etc.

“Black Love Signs: An Astrological Guide To Passion Romance And Relataionships For African Ameri” by Thelma Balfour
from Black Love Signs: An Astrological Guide To Passion Romance And Relataionships For African Ameri
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As a family we’re going to have a picnic at the park (or go bicycling, or have an evening movie night with popcorn, or do something else that’s fun) because we’ve really worked well together in accomplishing everything.”

“More Hours in My Day” by Emilie Barnes, Sheri Torelli
from More Hours in My Day
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  • I only ever remember hearing this on the radio, now seeing the music video it makes me think, most likely all the people are people they hired, but how mind blowing would it be to see this music video and realizing the weird guy in the elephant costume was doing a music video and you actually see yourself sitting near them

  • Europe: “I have asked him three times to put the camera down…. Sir please put the camera down, sir, sir, sir please… please put the camera down, please… “

    America: POP! POP! POP! “There, the camera is down”

  • I actually thought this was gonna be one of those clickbait ones but then the beginning played and I was like “oh.. ohhh they really did it”

  • i know roblox is a kids and boomers game but i once played a game where you were in ikea at midnight and there was like scp’s in the shop that would say this store is closed pleaso do not something something something
    i dont really remember the name of that game but it was fun builting forts

  • vine a ver el video después de años para ver los comentarios y aclarar mi duda..

    y efectivamente, la mayoría son de willyrex AJAJA.

  • Yo they’ve made that rooftop an attraction now for £30 odd. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was because of you lot ���� it’s a madness

  • Imagine actually just seen this like if I ever went to a mall that had a roof like that and I just saw people walking I would be horrified

  • Awww look it’s just the two of you, how intimate when compared to the larger crowds you normally have. So you have a shag on one of the beds then after the cameras were turned off? Is that why you wanted to be on the same floor as the mattresses?

  • If don’t listen this with earphones ur missing half of the song trust brought tears to my eyes to see the reunite together ❤

  • Any one start dying of laughter when he flipped and hit his leg and he was holding it and his friend was laughing so hard and the fact they were still quite

  • I really hate righteous pricks like that unfit security guard. How stupid does that sound, Ikea security calling the police when the guy did nothing wrong

  • You should’ve looked where the armed police and security was the least then gone that way together and the ppl that have never gotten in trouble/ have the cleanest record of the opposite way and when the security Thayer to clear a bit that way you go or you all go where the security is the least!

  • I am not here to write a clever comment. I am onyl here to marvel this song for the legend it is. So don’t like this comment. Feel free to give a reply.


  • 22:13 I like how he’s really aware once when I went off the school roof after going on it I was in trouble then I ran and I saw a random guy trying to stop me and I leaped onto a tree lol

  • I love how people are givin’ the criminal money by watching his videos.
    It SOUNDS like I’m complaining but I watch his videos too. So I guess I’m part of the problem. /:

  • Remember guys, NEW MADNESS EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! Make sure you subscribe & turn the notification bell on:) Come follow my IG @MrAllyLaw & Snapchat ‘ItsAllyLaw’ to keep up with the madnesses as they happen LIVE:) Have a good one!!

  • The guy telling Allie to put the camera down is trying to make him put the camera down so if he punches or slaps him or anything like that there won’t be any evidence of it in his camera but with Allie refusing it then makes him more angry but it’s more safer for Ally because he has evidence if those guards do owt

  • The people under inside the building probably only hear loude foot steps maybe they’ll echo or something but that’ll be funny if they hear all that

  • Going down an upwards escalator is sorta big sign you either very immature a YouTuber or is definitely running from someone or something!

  • Dunno if you lot know but, those patches you see in the top are things falling, hitting and tearing the fabric of the dome. If you fall through you’re falling 50 meters and landing on if you’re lucky, concrete. If you’re unlucky, something very sharp

  • You can’t sneak into the White House it’s impossible and the most protected place in the US constantly being surrounded by war hardened Military personal and security.

  • whats running away gone do (…other than having some mad fun xD)? I mean they know who they is and they got video proof/evidence. Just curious over here:-)

  • E̴̡̨̛̼̗̥̯̫͓̪̓̈́͑̈́̉͐̈́̕͝ͅx̵̧̅͐c̵̢̖̜̺̺̬̮̥̊́̋̀͋̌̑̈́ų̵̻͕̈͛͝͠s̶̛̖̱̬̗̄͝ẹ̸̼̅ ̸͇͓͍̊̃̀͒̍͂̽͝m̷̳̱̣̯̗̹̯͍͍̳͗́͠e̸̱̝̟̥͈̭͉̱̊,̶̢̝̬̮̹̓́̉̿̃̓́ ̸̨̛͚̫̜͈͕͚͆̈́̿̊̃͐͌͋͜͠t̴͕͚͓̖̩̱͑͆́h̵̤̥̜̣̪̫̼̄͜è̶̤̮̆̆̄̕͝ ̶̝͖̫̟̪̦̠̗͎̳̍̋̆̉͊ș̶̱́̈́̍́̒͒̾͘͝͝t̸̳͚͎̽̋͒̑̋̑͊̾͝ö̴̡̞͓̭͍̀͗̿͌͆͆͠ͅr̵͔̿̔͐͊̒̕é̶̡̢̛̛̜̭̺͇̭̌̓̊̏ ̷̭͔̈́͊͗͑͘͝i̶̛̲̱̝̅̄͐̍̏̚͝s̵̟̀̔̓̕͝ ̴̛̼͎̟͚̉̃̏͊́̽͝n̸̡̨̎̏̅͒̕͜o̷̺͋͠ͅw̸̞̩̤̟̌̔̽͝ ̸̝͙͇̝͇̒̐͝͝ͅc̴̘͙̝̈́̓ļ̸͎̯̼͙̭̯̭͋͊̉̓̏ͅo̴̳̠̲̽́͒̉͆s̶̖̙̯̮̥̤̯͚̭̐͝e̶̬̩̱̾ḑ̸̞͓̖̔̊̀͜.̴̳͉̘̓̓͑͊̕̚ͅ ̴̹͓̊̿͠P̸̢̨̬̲͙̩̊͑̒̑͜l̷̰͓͚̐͊͐̈́̄͒̃̀e̵̬͈͒͋a̸̧̱͎̞͔͙͙̽s̴̜̗̝̜̞̬͑̂͘e̶̡̡̨̜̞̖̦̯͂̇̂̀͋̈́ ̴̙̪̠̘͉̮͔̫͖̏̇͋é̷̼̗͌x̶̲̼̳̀̉̒̓ī̷͎̙̦̜̮̳̽̂̓̋͋͝ẗ̸̢̖̩͕̳̥͎́͒͜ ̵̜̤̺̈́͂́͗t̸̛̯̫̔͗̈́͗̍h̸̰̩̝͎̬͍̦͖́̔͌̈́̍̈́̐̕͜ȅ̵̻̆̍ ̷͙̼̃̄̉͘b̴̬̣̘͎̳̺̽͗̆̍̊̽͘͝u̷̖͉̬̠̪̓ͅi̵͓͊l̷̡̢̹̱̫̜̺̖̓d̷̲͊͑͌i̸̹̞̤̞̤͚͙̎͌͊̀n̸̨͔̥̰̰̫̮̜̭̤̿̏g̶̟̙̎̽̀.̷̯̫͔̮̞͙̗̇͋͛̚͜ͅͅ

  • 5:34: If you held the door right there and shimmied thru then the alarm wouldn’t have gone off. Why does the door have to be most of the way open before it goes off?

  • Lyon10����������