Mental Health within the Teen Years


Why We Need to Re-Brand Adolescent Mental Health | Amber Cowburn | TEDxCambridgeUniversity

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Adolescent Mental Health: Early Intervention and the Youth Perspective

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Teen Health: Mental Health

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We All Have Mental Health

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Half of all mental health conditions start by 14 years of age but most cases are undetected and untreated (1). Globally, depression is one of the leading causes of illness and disability among adolescents. Suicide is the third leading cause of death in 15-19-year-olds. The consequences of not addressing adolescent mental health conditions extend to adulthood, impairing both physical and mental health and limiting.

Depression, anxiety, and eating disorders are some of the most common mental disorders in teens. It’s important to recognize mental health conditions in teenagers because the earlier they get treated, the more likely teens are to have the problem under control by the time they reach their adult years. Unfortunately, many teens go undiagnosed, and therefore, untreated. Mental health issues in the adolescent years can have dire consequences that affect the rest of the individual’s life if they are not treated properly and in a timely manner. Teens can end up facing legal woes or having a criminal record that follows them for many years.

Mental Health and Teens: Watch for Danger Signs Adolescence isn’t an easy time for parents, either. As children move through the various tumultuous transitions that accompany adolescence — physical, emotional, hormonal, sexual, social, intellectual — the pressures and problems they encounter can all too easily seem overwhelming. Meanwhile, rates of internalizing mental health problems such as anxiety, depression and suicidal thinking among teens rose from 48.3% in 2005-2006 to 57.8% in 2017-2018 Mental health conditions are common among teens and young adults. 50% of all lifetime mental illnesses develop by age 14 and 75% develop by age 24.

A mental health condition isn’t your fault or your family’s fault — these conditions develop for complicated. Mental health disorders in children are generally defined as delays or disruptions in developing age-appropriate thinking, behaviors, social skills or regulation of emotions. These problems are distressing to children and disrupt their ability to function well at home, in school or in other social situations. 1 in 6U.S. youth aged 6-17 experience a mental health disorder each year.

50%of all lifetime mental illness begins by age 14, and 75% by age 24. Suicide is the 2nd leadingcause of death among people aged 10-34. You Are Not Alone. With increases in mental health problems concentrated among adolescents and young adults, “the results suggest that cultural trends in the last 10 years may have had a larger effect on mood.

Mental Health Emergency Contacts COVID-19 Mental Health Literacy is the knowledge and understanding that helps us become responsible, effective and successful in living full and healthy lives.

List of related literature:

The most frequent difficulties in teenage years are anxiety, depression, self-harm, eating disorders, substance misuse and conduct disorders, as well as attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

“Handbook of Attachment-Based Interventions” by Howard Steele, Miriam Steele
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Overall, there is a developing consensus that psychiatric comorbidity among youth is selective, being particularly evident between anxiety and depression, between attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD) and behavior disorders, and between depression and at least some behavior disorders.

“Encyclopedia of Adolescence” by Roger J.R. Levesque
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The prevalence of mental and behavioural problems rises in the adolescent population, with mood disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder more common in girls aged 15–19 years, and psychological development disorders such as language, learning and autistic spectrum disorders more common in males of this age.

“Paediatric Nursing in Australia: Principles for practice” by Jennifer Fraser, Donna Waters, Elizabeth Forster, Nicola Brown
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Depression symptoms in adolescents include impulsivity, fatigue, hopelessness, antisocial behavior, substance use, restlessness, grouchiness, aggression, hypersexuality, and problems with family members or at school.

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Since early diagnosis and treatment increase the affected adolescent’s chances for a productive adult life, one would expect that understanding how to prevent and treat depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, schizophrenia, and alcohol and drug abuse would be a national priority.

“Treating and Preventing Adolescent Mental Health Disorders: What We Know and What We Don't Know” by Dwight L. Evans M.D., Edna B. Foa Ph.D., Raquel E. Gur M.D., Ph.D., Herbert Hendin M.D., Charles P. O'Brien M.D., Ph.D., Martin E. P. Seligman Ph.D., B. Timothy Walsh M.D.
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The study followed teenagers with mood, anxiety and eating disorders, disruptive behaviours and substance abuse problems into their twenties and thirties and found they had significant depressive illness with an increased risk of anxiety and eating disorders as adults.

“Tabbner's Nursing Care E-Book: Theory and Practice” by Gabby Koutoukidis, Jodie Hughson, Gabrielle Koutoukidis, Kate Stainton
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Previous studies also show that depression in adolescence is associated with increased risk of anxiety disorders during young adulthood and suggest that anxiety disorders evident at an early age (ages 14 to 16) were associated with increased risk of later anxiety disorders.

“Encyclopedia of Epidemiology” by Sarah Boslaugh, Louise-Anne McNutt
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Some older adults have had serious mental illnesses (e.g., schizophrenia) most of their adult lives; others have had periodic episodes of mental illness (e.g., depression) throughout their lives or develop mental health problems in late life (e.g., alcoholism).

“Encyclopedia of Family Health” by Martha Craft-Rosenberg, Shelley-Rae Pehler
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Depression in the adolescent has been linked to poor academic performance, truancy, delinquency, ALCOHOL and DRUG ABUSE, disobedience, self-destructive behavior, sexual promiscuity, rebelliousness, grief, and running away.

“The Encyclopedia of Phobias, Fears, and Anxieties, Third Edition” by Ronald Manual Doctor, Ada P. Kahn, Christine A. Adamec
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Adolescents were assessed for almost every important disorder mental health professionals are likely to treat, including depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, and behavior disorders, as well as more long-standing personality disorders such as narcissism, obsessive behavior, and paranoia (table 2.3).

“The High Price of Materialism” by Tim Kasser
from The High Price of Materialism
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  • As a 24yo women with depression anxiety and other metal disorders LIFE DOES GET BETTER! You are the god of your world you are the only one who can change your life you got this! Don’t give up!

  • Honestly, no one takes this seriously, I have bad anxiety and people tell me to calm down and I get yelled at sometimes, even by family.

  • I can really relate to her rn I’m feeling very over worked cuz I have a ton of school work to do and I have a online business and I’m trying to work my ass off at my job to get enough food for myself and I barely have enough sleep. I’m always running around doing things and I never have a break. One night I was studying and I just had a break down over a little math problem i couldn’t figure out and I started to figure out that everything I’m doing my job, school work and online business is really messing with my mind and I’m starting to feel pressured everyday and I have anxiety. So I’m trying to calm down and I emailed my teachers if I could have a break for a week. I now have some mental problems and I’m taking medication and therapy. I’ve also been eating a lot less.

  • I used to have thoughts of suicide but I never actually attempted bc I had godly Christian friends that supported me through it all. I had thought of hurting others and the way I would Cope with it is watching crime shows and how murderers that weren’t even mentally I’ll and the ones that where and how they ended up in jail with no possibility of parole. That helped me a lot. I didn’t and don’t want to be remembered as a cold blooded killer or a murderer. And I didn’t want to hurt my mom by killing myself. I would rather die than to let myself hurt another innocent being.

  • yup, mental health = suicides

    They should really update the categories in the DSM? labels…labels…labels…

    ooof mental health….in society…? a long way to go?

  • Can someone with an eating disorder just like or comment so i know i’m not alone? These voices in my head are so painful right now

  • The words you say relating to depression are the exact words my child has said to me. Her outlet is songwriting. The most incredible beautiful music I’ve heard. She’s self taught Ukelele, piano and guitar and still can’t recognize her talent. A manager from Aerosmith came to hear her at 10yrs old and work on a song. She still doesn’t see her beautiful soul. She is now a junior attempted 3x and her healthcare Kaiser Permanente won’t allow her a referral to their out if network insurance plan Beacon. So much more education need to be done for teen depression/anxiety. It’s not laziness, it’s not defiance, it’s far more complicated. Thank you for your time!!!

  • Absolutely wonderful TED talk! Amanda you spoke to the 15yr old me, I’m 37 now. I failed suicide 5 times thank goodness!! I now have two kids, a man, a dog a business and I’m retraining to be a psychologist ���� anything is possible! BE YOU ALWAYS ����

  • I kind of need help… Well I think I have bipolar disorder. My fucking mood changes within seconds. Today I had my crying and getting mad episode but few hours before I was overly cheerful and I laughed and sometimes I get mad over a little tiny thing. Some days I feel fine but there are the other days where I have mental breakdown or I feel depressed especially since I can’t find job since few months. In one moment I loose control but at some days I have fully control over my life…I don’t know maybe I’m wrong. Well I hope ����‍♀️����

  • Thank you for watching this video. We’d like to invite you, our
    community, to join a constructive discussion in the comments below.
    National Alliance on Mental Illness:
    National Institute of Mental Health:
    American Foundation for Suicide Prevention:
    American Psychological Association:
    Crisis Textline:

  • “You want me to line my wrist, aint gon do it for u imma do it for me cuz it helps me forget”
    Never thought that peep would get me with out knowin me

    Hey, i love u:)

  • When depression comes to conversation everyone makes it about them and how they are “depressed”.. is it just me that notice that like so much self pity

  • THERE SHOULDN’T BE A MENTAL HEALTH DAY!!!!!!!!! ����������

    We shouldn’t need a single day, mental health should be recognized everyday.

  • As a life coach + pharmacist, this young lady was a breath of FRESH air to watch. She started off sharing what seemed to be a deficit and then she gracefully climbed a WINNING ladder which shifted the room. God knows how to use our pain for His glory. Way to go Amanda!!!

  • You were never a burden to me! I am so proud of you! I could tell you always had something on your mind. I am lucky to have had you as a robotics student. Somewhere there is a clip of the tournament you won when you were in middle school! I always taught that technology should be used for good purposes and to help others. You really have made that happen in a big way!

  • Everybody talks about having bullies and like enemies that say the meanest things to you. And feel like nobody talks about themselves being that bully and maybe I’m just weird nobody else has dealt with it. But I’m my biggest bully.

  • Bipolar and schizophrenia is just like this. It is hard and my anxiety is my friend too. It’s that place I go to get well because understanding is healing

  • I know this prolly sounds like a sob story but I remember, getting two Bs on a progress report and my parents being so angry with me. I asked them if I can go to therapy because I felt so empty and stressed and they made me feel like I belonged in a psych ward

  • Everybody who goes through struggles inside their heads I highly suggest everyone watching Bojack Horseman. While it is super goofy and very funny, it portrays mental health in a very real way while also giving you hope, in a very real way, at the end. Please, please, please, please watch it

  • Highly recommend: Bojack Horseman
    It is a show that bojack thought his life is like a sitcom where conflict can resolve at the end of the day. Where in the real life, it’s not. And they took the mental health seriously and realistic.

  • I hate how teachers force you to present in front of a class even if they know you aren’t comfortable with it. I have really bad social anxiety, and when teacher told me I had to present in front of the class full of seniors I didn’t know (I was a freshman) had a anxiety attack. Teachers should ask students if they have anxiety, or students should willingly tell them. Because forcing a student to get up in front of a bunch of people when dosent always help break them out of their shell, it can be traumatizing sometimes. Things like anxiety and social anxiety won’t be fixed because you did a presentation, therapy and or medication can help

  • I’m only 12 and lately I haven’t really been looking after myself and I don’t eat as much as I used/like to. That voice in my head always says I’m never good enough or I’m lazy and never do anything. I struggle with selective mutism which really effects my confidence and makes me more anxious to talk. I’ve struggled with it ever since I was 3 and I even had someone to help me with it for a year but nothing helped at all. I’ve become more stressed, lost a lot of sleep and lost control of my breathing once I started secondary school. I’m glad that FBE decided to discuss about this.

  • This just brought memories of when we were instructed to do a presentation for history and our teacher told us to stand up and do a presentation. Halfway through, I got nervous and asked if I could sit down and continue the presentation because it made me uncomfortable being the only one standing. She said no of course and it still bothers me how she saw I was visibly uncomfortable and told me to stay standing even when I was on the verge of breaking down. It sucks.

  • these type of teens dosent understand that problem were always there and will be.we become stronger every time
    by facing them. i am gratefull and will be to my problems for making me strongr

  • Dude the voice does not go away, I’m literally only 13 and that freaking voice made me act out at school crying and confused and stuff. Thankfully My teacher was not there and I was alone cause everyone was at gym. So it sucks. I’m just a kid but the voices doesn’t give a fuck about ages and you. it sucks when you can’t talk to anyone about it.

  • No disrespect to what anyone’s going through, but I’ver never had a voice in my head telling me I’m worthless or that everyone hates me and was very confused that everyone in the video said everyone has it. I’ve always believed I have worth and I know every single person has an inherent value.

    That voice is not a requirement of the human existence. You can live a life exists without it. I don’t know what it’s like to have that voice but it has to be overcome-able because there are people who don’t have it or never did. That seems like it might be a difficult thing to do but it is possible and you can live never having to hear that voice again. Don’t accept it as a permanent part of yourself.

  • I experienced a lot of this in my first years of college and I had no idea what was “wrong with me” and I suffered. Surround yourself with caring and intelligent ppl, everybody. Caring will want to know what’s wrong and help, intelligent will know how to help��

  • In some cases getting older it gets clearer to bounce back but its still a big struggle and its a consolation to know that life is every changing don get stuck in one breaking moment that make u want to quit and give up, there are always better days but enjoy it cause not everyday will be like that but on the bad days remember the goods u had and that there are coming more of those in the future, Its harder than it sounds but its worth Fighting for

  • I keep things bottled in because when I was diagnosed with depression at the doctors I got grounded so I finally went into a depressive episode and stayed in bed for 3 days and didn’t eat but no one even batted an eye

  • I have been bullied since i was little like in the first grade. Now im a freshman in a university. Throughout all of those years, I kept all my emotions in but when I was a freshman in high school, thats when I broke down. I started to cut myself, I wanted to die. I didn’t want to go to school. I barely ate with my family. I stayed in my room most of the time. I barely slept. i really wanted to give up. I’ve been cheated on 5 times too, so I Fe Kenneth. When people asked me was I okay or was I fine. I just nodded my head and said yea. My junior year was the year I told my mom, my family, and my friends & best friends that I cut my wrist. My friends said “I would never do that”. ” Why would you do that?” My mother said “when i was your age, I would have never done that” And I was like soo basically you all don’t give a fuck. When I told a therapist I wanted to die, she said “what about your mother? Your family? Friends? Everyone who cares for you?” I just thought “what about me?” “What about how I feel?” “If they cared for me, then they wouldn’t talk about themselves”. I was furious and left. Im 18 now, a freshman in a university and i have depression, anxiety attacks, and panic attacks. Most people tell me, ill out grow it. That its just a phrase. But I know I a therapist can’t help me and I can’t help myself, I know I’m gonna have to live like this.

  • I relate to bojack horseman that’s why I am so worried about how I look and how I think people see me. I was so scared to talk in front of everyone because I feel like a failure and that is how I feel everyone see’s me.

  • i cant even say my story! i just wanna say Life sucks! Life is unfair. Life is when u go to school and be bullied every single time! Life is were someone close to you dies and taking care of your sick ass old father who brutally been abusing you! since you were born!!!!

    we have this different yet same battle in our everyday life. hoping for a better life

  • What’s interesting is EVERY one of the teens related to at least one of these scenes, yet I can CONFIDENTLY say each one of them (along with us as viewers) feels so alone still while knowing this. It’s sad af.

  • School is the reason why i hate myself and being alive rather be dead school makes me so stressed out i got bullied in year 7 and 8 i kept it to myself and put it in the back of my Head until i went to year 9 i started hating myself and life started to get suicidal tried hurting myself but i didnt like it i still have the scar from then been 2 years i get sad when i see it it was the same in year 10 i was upset with myself and i got stressed alot with myself and not being good enough im in year 11 senior now i’m more stressed out and i hate myself even more i won’t be surprised if i end up ending it all before year 13

  • 5:17 5:54 it true, im not in highschool yet but at this point school is not a way to learn since like 4th grade have i ever remembered a single thing i learnt school now is not for learning its for memorizing an essay and later writing it. Never in my life am i gonna remember what Hernando de Magallanes did in de 1500s or 1400s, school is now a job and i wanna change that

  • I was always an oddball in school. By the time I became an adult the depression kicked in from loneliness. So much happened in my life to just make me feel worthless and useless. Even now I struggle with it. Social anxiety. Severe depression. Ptsd. Just know you’re not alone, there’s many that care that will be there for you.

  • High school isn’t perfect but the people who loves you at school can help but then it doesn’t work all the time and I try to tell them stuff but it’s hard because my feeling they will hurt them and I don’t want them to worry about me and focus on their selfs

  • Its the flaw of the human design. The need to chase perfection instead of being happy with what we have. Pushed onto us by schools and parental expectations. Its why i refuse to follow the social norm. Sit outside it like i am and youll see all the hypocrisy and how broken it really is

  • Depression is no joke. Unfortunately it runs in both sides of my family. I am usually a very optimistic and upbeat person. I have been unemployed since April due to Covid and then being quarantined and when i do go out, having to see everyone with their face covered and not being able to have physical contact with other people. I have had some dark days. I always remember though that THIS TOO SHALL PASS. EVERYTHING Comes to an end. Yes even the worst of the worst. So I allow that to keep me focused and when I get down, luckily I live right next to the ocean. I go over and just sit on the beach and listen to the crashing of the waves. Remember happier times and know that there will be better times again SOON. I think of the Wilson Phillips song. HOLD ON FOR ONE MORE DAY, and always just ONE MORE DAY. I am here if anyone ever needs to talk. Hit me up on Instagram @Brokenflipflops or find me on Facebook. Nawimastay in Ft. Lauderdale FL. LOVE EVERYONE! Keep your heads up.

  • “Everyone has a voice or voices in their head”. Ok, I get that, but when you respond to the voice or voices out loud, people look at you like you’re the crazy one… My problem is that the voices like to answer me back. How do you win an argument with someone inside you? Are the voices from the past, present or future? Does that part count?

  • Thank you so much for sharing your message, Amanda. This is an important video that I needed to watch, and so many of the young people I work with needed to watch to. I can see how hard you worked to get better and as much as I don’t know you, I am so happy that you felt you could tell your story. Take care. Abby x

  • This video was AMAZING (and heartbreaking) in the fact that it hopefully (����) will help other teenagers to see that they are not alone and they can get through/understand more what they are feeling at this time in their lives.
    Also, as a mother myself, I hope that this video gives the parents of teenagers a greater understanding of how their children are feeling and how to try different ways to reconnect with them, rather than being like “I’m the adult and you will listen”! (FYI teens, we don’t do that because we want to control everything about you (we are scared to let you down)!, and Sometimes we don’t understand fully unless you sit us down and talk to us! We are ALWAYS here for you)
    Thank you FBE ������������

  • It’s September 2020. I just watched your video you too and wanted to let you know how I gained from it. Great content and loved the youth panel.

  • I am 13 and I was a very sociable person but now so many people who were my friends are scared of me because I have a cold expressions just because don’t wanna talk to people

  • The issue with the Saved by the Bell episode is that she got addicted to caffefine pills. The writers and producers wanted her to get addicted to speed but the head of NBC said no.

  • Its so fucking sad that the joke comments get the most recognition and the comment saying how someone feels gets no recognition whatsoever