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According to a new expert study, men don’t seek support to deal with the end of a relationship. FRIDAY, Aug. 14, 2015 (HealthDay News) The pain of a romantic breakup may hit women harder at first, but they recover far more quickly from the loss than men do, new research suggests.

Men Don’t Cope with Breakups the Same Way Women Do. The pain of a romantic breakup may hit women harder at first, but they recover far more quickly from the loss than men do, new research suggests. “At some point, clearly, women get over a breakup,” said study author Craig Morris, a research associate at Binghamton. “Interestingly, the research has found that men and women experience different types of loss after a break-up. Generally speaking, men get their self-esteem from the social status of being coupled-up, whereas women get it from the sense of connection.

These differences are likely to impact the way men and women behave after a break-up.”. While men can’t be expected to deal with breakups the same way as women, they do need to heal, and it’s usually something that can be handled with some time, patience, and positive thinking. And when all is said and done, a tub of ice cream does help!When graded on a scale, men, on average, did feel less pain than women after a breakup—both emotional and physical.

It’s not necessarily because the men were less into their partner. We may have. Yes, in the same way that we prefer to curl up in bed, perhaps with a trashy movie on and loads of bad-for-you food, guys also need some time to crawl away from the world and lick their wounds after a breakup. This is the mourning and wallowing period immediately following the end of a relationship.

Researchers found that women and men handle breakups differently. Women feel more pain and anguish at the onset, but eventually recover. Men, on the other hand, never fully recover from a bad.

Contrary to what’s depicted in popular culture, most guys don’t use booze to cope. That said, many do find themselves jumping into new relationships, sometimes just weeks after a split. Others develop a voracious sexual appetite, using physical contact as an emotional distraction.

Quick guy break up story. A recent study found that while break-ups take a more immediate emotional toll on women, men often “never fully recover — they simply move on.” I consulted a few mental health and relationship. How men handle breakups is usually the exact opposite.

Some men will moon over their loss, and go on and on how perfect their ex was, or how impossible she was, but a lot of men don’t. If they do mention their ex, it will to say what a good thing it is that they broke up, and how great it is to be free again.

List of related literature:

Men and women employ similar strategies after they are dumped, including discussions about the breakup, crying, pleading with the ex-partner, and avoiding the expartner; the only sex difference is that women tend to go shopping more than men during their recovery (Perriloux & Buss, 2008).

“Close Encounters: Communication in Relationships” by Laura K. Guerrero, Peter A. Andersen, Walid A. Afifi
from Close Encounters: Communication in Relationships
by Laura K. Guerrero, Peter A. Andersen, Walid A. Afifi
SAGE Publications, 2010

Counter to the stereotype that women are more emotionally vulnerable to breakups, research has found that men experience more emotional trauma after unwanted breakups than do women (Hill, Rubin, & Peplau, 1976), although studies have found that both sexes experience substantial emotional distress (Wilmot et al., 1985).

“Close Relationships: A Sourcebook” by Clyde Hendrick, Susan S. Hendrick, Susan Hendrick
from Close Relationships: A Sourcebook
by Clyde Hendrick, Susan S. Hendrick, Susan Hendrick
SAGE Publications, 2000

Studies have found that both sexes experience emotional distress following an unwanted breakup (Wilmot et al., 1985); men simply seem to do so a little more intensely.

“Close Encounters: Communication in Relationships” by Laura K. Guerrero, Peter A. Andersen, Ph.D., Walid A. Afifi
from Close Encounters: Communication in Relationships
by Laura K. Guerrero, Peter A. Andersen, Ph.D., Walid A. Afifi
SAGE Publications, 2007

Such breakups occur partly because men and women respond to crises differently and, when they most need each other, their differences tend to make them feel the most alone.

“The Courage to be a Stepmom: Finding Your Place Without Losing Yourself” by Sue Patton Thoele
from The Courage to be a Stepmom: Finding Your Place Without Losing Yourself
by Sue Patton Thoele
Council Oak Books, 2003

Regardless of attachment styles, respondents who reported greater emotional involvement in the relationship were more distressed by the break-up.

“The Social Psychology of Attraction and Romantic Relationships” by Madeleine A. Fugère, Jennifer P. Leszczynski, Alita J. Cousins
from The Social Psychology of Attraction and Romantic Relationships
by Madeleine A. Fugère, Jennifer P. Leszczynski, Alita J. Cousins
Palgrave Macmillan, 2014

It is socially acceptable for women to seek out others to cope with grief, whereas men are at a disadvantage in terms of receiving the support they need to resolve grief.

“Handbook of Death and Dying” by Clifton D. Bryant, SAGE., Sage Publications
from Handbook of Death and Dying
by Clifton D. Bryant, SAGE., Sage Publications
SAGE Publications, 2003

However, women also might adjust better than men—or at least no worse than men—when partners initiate the breakup because women are better prepared for it.

“Psychology of Gender: Fifth Edition” by Vicki S. Helgeson
from Psychology of Gender: Fifth Edition
by Vicki S. Helgeson
Taylor & Francis, 2016

Why is grief such a common but difficult emotion for men?

“Father Hunger: Fathers, Daughters, and the Pursuit of Thinness” by Margo Maine, Craig Johnson
from Father Hunger: Fathers, Daughters, and the Pursuit of Thinness
by Margo Maine, Craig Johnson
Gürze Books, 2010

Indeed, there is some evidence that men in relationships can be more emotionally vulnerable than women.

“The Social Psychology of Gender: How Power and Intimacy Shape Gender Relations” by Laurie A. Rudman, Peter Glick
from The Social Psychology of Gender: How Power and Intimacy Shape Gender Relations
by Laurie A. Rudman, Peter Glick
Guilford Publications, 2008

Similarly, men and women may demonstrate different styles of coping and their trajectory of emotional recovery may be different for survivors and partners.

“Cancer and Sexual Health” by John P Mulhall, Luca Incrocci, Irwin Goldstein, Ray Rosen
from Cancer and Sexual Health
by John P Mulhall, Luca Incrocci, et. al.
Humana Press, 2011

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  • We broke up a week ago and he hooked up w the girl i always worried about ur so right. I feel like he doesn’t care about me i also leave for university in a week so i don’t even have time to have space from him idk what to do.

  • I was told early on,” The best way to get over one is to get under one “ as terrible as that sounds it’s sort of true. We tend to try to stay distracted and drown out the pain with any and everything.

  • 3 or 4 years and still heart broken. I have an extensive memory and can remember too much. People always tell they wish they could have the memory I have andd I tell them NO THIS IS HELL.

  • What if I broke up with him, tried to get him back, he gest more and more distand. And now he does not even open my message? I noticed it today, cos I have tried to not look so far. But I started the no contact 13 days ago. This is a short term relationship, and I cant find any advices on you tube. A few days ago he sent me an invitation to HIS private group. Cars, that Im not really intrested in, and he knows. The group has only a few members, so he has obviosly invited a few. Is this a good sign? What should I do now? Thank you.

  • What hurt me was how quick she moved on. I broke up with her because I was unhappy in the relationship but I still loved her very much. I thought about entertaining her idea of getting back together and taking things slow. But she fucked her ex in under two weeks after we broke up and I just couldn’t bring myself to want her back anymore.

  • It sucks bc I’ve always been a loner and when I got my gf she was all I was ever about. Then she doesn’t want it anymore and I have no one to Lean on or cry to. I can’t focus on my school work. Im alone again

  • Hi everyone, hope you’re all doing well, I’m going to tell you a story, I’m going to tell you about how I lost my girlfriend, or more specifically, how my selfishness and stupidity ruined my relationship with her.

     I met the love of my life, and we’re gonna call her nancy, that’s not her real name, but that’s what we’re gonna call her for the purpose of this story. I met Nancy around october or november 2019 before the pandemic happened and we dated for 3 to 4 months. The story of how we met is the story of the century; we met on our way to the bathroom; I was in sculpting class and she was in woodwork, we were both going to the bathroom and I just said hi to her, she said hi back, we started talking and we stood by the bathroom door for 20 mins and didn’t even go to the bathroom! When class ended I asked her to hang out, she agreed, and the rest is history.

     Nancy is one of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met, she’s funny, authentic, true to herself, beautiful, smart, and reliable. She’s got such a nice personality you would think she’s made of starlight, she’s the best friend anyone can ever ask for. She was my soul mate, and I feel at peace with myself when I’m around her, I don’t feel nervous or anything, just relaxed. We have so many things in common, and we would tell each other stories about ourselves we won’t tell anyone else, we were practically made for each other, but then, I screwed up, and I ruined our beautiful relationship.

     Now here’s what happened; Nancy has a series of mental health issues, anxiety, depression, PTSD, among others, it was around late february, when her mental illness got worse, so her mom called me and told us to break up, but we still wanted to be with each other so we continued to be together, however, for the next day or 2, she didn’t seem to be improving at all, she even told me herself that she was getting nightmares every night, anxious all the time, and her grades were slipping, so that friday I pulled her aside and told her that maybe it’s not the best for her to be in a relationship at the moment so I sorta broke up with her, I said sorta broke up with her because I never stopped loving her, i never given up on her and i will always love her no matter what, I still wanted to be with her, I did what I did because I wanted to let her go, a wise man once said, if you truly love someone you let them go, if you truly love your bird you will set your bird free, birds need to be free and so do us, that’s’ what love is, love is freedom, I love her and I wanted to free her from the stress and pressure of being in a relationship because I wanted her to focus on her mental health, I was trying to care for her, I thought she would appreciate it, I thought I was making a selfless and honourable sacrifice but then she completely stopped talking to me.

     I told her that I will always love her and i will always be there for her, but that’s where I made a big mistake;  anyone can be there for her, but I was supposed to be there for her as a boyfriend, and i should’ve stayed with her until the end, and not pull out of a relationship when things got hard. 

     But I didn’t do what I did because I wasn’t willing to go through hard time with her, I pulled out of the relationship because I thought it was best for her to focus on her mental health first but I made a mistake because I didn’t involve her in the decision making, I should’ve asked her on what I could’ve done to support her, but instead I just assumed what was the best for her and that was very unfair. 

     Once again I didn’t pull out of the relationship because I wasn’t willing to help her through hard times, in fact, I was willing to travel to the end of earth for her, I did it for her so she can take her time and energy focused on her own well being instead of a relationship. I had good intentions, I was trying to care for her. But then she completely stopped talking to me, and that was not what I had in mind, so I did something incredibly selfish, and that’s when I made my biggest mistake; I tried to get back with her the week after. It was incredibly selfish, that’s like releasing a bird and 5 mins later, trying to put the bird back in the cage again. It was selfish and stupid.

     So what pretty much happened is that I broke up with her, regretted it, and wanted her back, which sounds absolutely retarded. But that’s not exactly the case; Once again I NEVER wanted to break up with her, I did what I did because I wanted to help her, it was incredibly painful for me, but for her health and well being, I was willing to let go.

     but she completely stopped talking to me after that, which was not what I had in mind, I asked her what was wrong, and she told me that she needed space to recover from a breakup, and I was devastated, because I just added another emotional burden on top of everything else she was going through. It was never meant to be a real breakup, and I made it very clear to her, but she started treating it like a real breakup and completely stopped talking to me. Which was’t what i had in mind; Me and Nancy were best friends before we started dating, and I thought that we could still be together even without the romantic connection; I thought our friendship in which our relationship was built upon would continue to thrive, but instead she completely stopped talking to me. I was absolutely devastated; I was ready to let her go, but I wasn’t ready to completely stop talking to her, to completely sever ties with her. It was just too much. So I asked to get back with her, which, once again, is selfish and stupid, and I hate myself for that. I started off with good intentions, but I ended up acting selfishlessly and I hurt her. Because I added yet another emotional burden on her and just made things worse.

     She told her mom that night and they told the principal, who told me to leave her alone, she practically filed a restraining order against me, which is frustrating because I know that I messed up and I hurt her, I wanted to apologize, I wanted to fix my mistake, but she won’t even let me get close to her, I tried to apologize to her once, and she reported me to the principal for harassment, so now I can’t even get close to her without getting into trouble.

     I hate myself, my selfishness and stupidity caused her even more pain, and I can’t even talk to her. I feel like a terrible person, I probably am. And I don’t think I can ever have another girlfriend again.

    Nancy, if you’re reading this, you know who you are, and I just want to tell you that I am SO sorry for all the pain I caused you, I left you when you needed me the most, and I caused you more pain when I was supposed to help you. I am so sorry. I wish you can give me a second chance, I wish we can work something out together and start over, it’s completely up to you, and if you do want to start over, please let me know, and I assure you I will never leave you again, I will always involve you in any/every decision and I will always ask you before making a decision. Once again I am truly sorry for being so selfish, but I can’t promise I’ll never be selfish again, we’re human beings, we’re not perfect, and we’re bound to act selfishly once in a while.

    I hope you can forgive me, I hope we can work something out together, and even if you don’t I will always love you forever and ever.

    I also want to thank you for the wonderful time we had together, I still remember our first kiss, our first trip to the zoo, that time we danced in front of your house, I still remember talking about going to France and Taiwan together one day, hopefully one day I can take you there. I hope you’re happy that we met, I hope you don’t regret meeting me that day, I hope all that time we spent together was worth it. If I never see you again, I wish you the best of luck, I hope you become the best doctor in the world, I hope everything works out for you.

    I can’t tell you how sorry I am, I’m sorry I left you when you needed me the most, I am sorry for not involving you in the decision making, I’m sorry for being selfish, I’m sorry for causing you all the pain. I hope you forgive me one day and I wish you find a much better boyfriend than me. Say hi to your dog for me, I love you, be happy.

  • I saw a video that said girls take longer to move on statistically. Bullshit. From what I’ve always seen, men always take longer by distracting themselves and acting a fool

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  • well many girls i truly loved broken up with me and now i have trust issues against girls cause of that i’ve cried and been excessively lonely after i was 15 now i am 16 and still cant get over it cause i was so attached to them. i dont know what to do with myself anymore.

  • Boys realize that they Fucked up, when they see you with someone better, getting what you deserve. So, Always move forward and work on yourself ♥️

  • we weren’t even together
    that’s the hardest part, realizing i l’ost her and drove her away because my own insecurities. i want to tell her how bad i feel and i want to be better with her but people keep telling me to let it be which hurts even worse

  • Your bedroom is way too personal for gay women to see or men who are watching your videos please do them in front of your �� place. Thanks for your advice it helps.

  • It’s been 24 years, and the thought of her still stings my heart. I still feel like a golden opportunity for lifelong happiness slipped through my fingers. There aren’t enough words to describe how much I miss her.

  • Woman here.. do you guys ever think that maybe she feels the same way? Maybe the girl/woman you are heart broken about also misses you and dreams about you in her sleep. You know most women are just to afraid to reach out because we get the label “needy” very quick.

    Wishing everybody the best and hopefully your ex back or an even better connection with someone else

  • I finally figured out that Alphas can be Dominant or Submissive, while Betas are either Fake Doms or subs who top from the bottom.  Mind blown emoji, right?!?! Now I notice signs almost instantly regarding whether someone is worth engaging. If I would have had this when I was dating it would have saved me YEARS of heartache, pain and suffering. (my kindle [email protected] )

  • Women can only WISH that all guys never get over them. lol

    All it takes is banging a new girl and then the old one is forgotten. Simple as that.

  • Three years after my break up and I feel like I’m slowly destroying myself I slowly feel myself not caring about anything anymore.

  • Look man i fell for someone we had a relationship it was beautiful but she broke up with me and im still going through it and i wouldnt love anyone like that because after ur first and unecpexted hot knife through heart experience men tend to never drop guard again. TRAIN YOURSELF TO LOOSE WHATEVER U R AFRAID TO LOOSE.

  • They did not ask Gene Simmons for sure. ���� I see NO evolutionary benefit in that!? So it is either wrong or…

    I guess there was not a lot of pressure in that area historically so the fine tuning between “You lost your family to a bear” and “You lost your family because your wife wanted to nag another man (and you are free now to go after the 18 years old girls)” could not evolve/was not crucial, as it might be today…

    What is your theory?

    (And what about the attraction we feel outside our relationship? Is the basic brain plan to have a core relationship and outside events or what?)

  • the actual truth is woman get in to a relationship mostly for personal gain other than love thats why they arent sad to break up because they dont actually love their partners to miss them

    and man get in to a relationship to have some love in their lifes they get attached to their girls and when they just leave them because they found soneone richer they get deeply depressed about it

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  • I don’t think is true as a man. I’ve had breakups and feel I have recovered and come out of the other side happier and stronger. It’s even spurred me on to do bigger and better things. I’ve learned to talk and sit in the pain and go through the grieving process. It’s a process that can let you become a better person than you are.

  • So i was with someone she turned into my ex and I told her again she said she liked me she lied it’s just sad cause I feel lonely depressed I can’t be around anyone and yet I would have rather her been cheating on me without me knowing or knowing just so I could at least feel something rather than a breakup now I’m scared to get back up with someone again it’s just I felt something strong for her and I don’t want to force her to do something that she doesn’t want but it’s sad

  • It is interesting to analyse the data first before coming to conclusions:
    -Women file 70% of all divorces
    -Women depend on the community and support to recover faster
    -Current day laws favor women in divorce proceedings
    Is that why men feel greater long term loss and emotional problems? In the long run having less of a social and community support to rely on to recover?
    The adverse effect on men appear not only biological but 3 fold into social and the practical. He therefore feels less of himself and less capable of being a provider and achiever.
    It is not women are capable of recovering faster, it is also that men are not given the pathways to recover faster.

  • When women are the majority of the filing for divorce. Tells you right there who has divorce issues. The thing is when men say “I gave it my all” they mean it. Men have our walls high and some narc woman will future fake with us and when they leave. We are left wondering what the heck happened and are left with piecing the puzzle and black box to learn from it. Women may have the upper hand when they are young and under 30. Men gets the power after 30 to date younger women, and we do age like wine. Not many articles of men writing “where all the good women gone” But you do see many article of divorced, childless, bitter women who are over 35 writing “Where all the good men gone” Ladies you had them and friendzoned them and they found someone younger than you.

  • I see everyone talking about their stories etc… but, Do you know the feeling of being used (rebound )? It’s a tough feeling to know that someone was using you to forget his ex… how can men be so selfish

  • Men don’t love women, they just marry so someone can cook and clean for them, take care of them, doing their laundry, dishes, iron their clothes and bring money back home from work. Oh and also don’t forget all the free $ ex

  • I am a woman and came here to read comments from men, for the answers I have been searching for years Did he ever regret losing me? Did he feel the same pain as me. Yes, he is with someone else now and so am I but he still wants to know my well being every now and then. But when I start asking him questions as to why he is contacting me. He never opens up and shows I hardly matter to him. This makes me break even further. (Please be kind readers, I have first time posted in public about this) my struggle on this topic is endless

  • My ex cheated on me for over a year. I had no idea. She told me after she left me. Turns out she had a side guy for months. She’s now moved on. I’m still here 3 months later crying every night and have been in hospital twice.

  • Yk I’m umm… wow this is the first time I ever opened up abt this but I’m 15 and I had this ex I deeply connected with when I was 14. I swear we could talk to each other abt any and everything. I was with her for 1 year and things were going great with us, her family loved the me and the way I treated her, my family liked he as well and it was just all around great. The trust, loyalty, and respect was all there. I thought she was my soulmate but I have been confronted with the truth that some things don’t last forever ����‍♂️. So fast forward, we broke up in the month of March which is her birthday month. She was constantly showing her true colors to me but the beta in me was ignoring it and had to learn the hard way. I kept trying to make things right, begging her over and over. Whole time she was getting close to someone else and just like that she moved on pretty quick. We had some ups and downs in our relationship but I would never let that change the way I felt abt her. She always the one quick to give up and wanting to break up. While we were together I helped her become the best version of herself, I pushed her to do better, and made her focus on her goals. I guess u can say I made her better in a way. But when the break up happened all she was doing was worried abt was getting into a relationship with the next guy and the next guy. She ultimately went back to her old ways. This opened my eyes up to female nature and how it rlly works. I can admit I was hurt after and broken for a few months but I got back on my grind and started to work out, practice semen retention, and live life to the fullest since I am young. She is currently trying to get back with me but ehh I’m not gonna make that mistake. ��

  • It’s been 7 months, hurts like the very first day. I don’t live anymore, I never leave my bed, I am dead inside, and I don’t want this reallity without her. I will probably spend the rest of my life being broken..

  • Its been 4 years since my breakup and no matter what I do, who I meet, I feel sad, lost and lonely. I wish I never met her. She living life with the man she was seeing behind my back. She happy and doesn’t care about me. While I’m here everyday just barely getting through days trying to feel happy. 4 years of my life just crying and thinking. Guess I’m gonna die alone, I got no confidence or trust left in women.:(

  • I don’t agree that the pain of a breakup lasts forever for men. There comes a point where the pain goes away pretty much forever. Time heals all wounds.

  • The only thing this video really says is that women can entangle themselves emotionally into other people’s lives unsolicited because it’s a socially accepted norm; it really has nothing to say about whether or not men can get over breakups.

  • just turn that passion into spite. convince YOURSELF she is no good and you will receive confidence. the feelings will return to haunt you later over and over. keep the mental abuse to her going and it will wear off much faster. just dont think violence. think personality flaws and reasons she is not worth your time.

  • It’s been 10 months since break up and the end of 3 year relationship. The best (it became the worst) and the longest one for me. Don’t even know why she broke up with me but clearly she didn’t respect me or my time. I tried to “act like a man” and pretend I was fine and being as polite as I could. Oh, boy… it hurts. I don’t want to get rejected or hurted by anybody. It’s like PTSD. It’s too much pain. Can’t even talk this to anybody.

  • I think men are the ones who determine if a relationship will succeed. They are the ones who chase a woman if they really like her. Men are the ones who don’t give up.

  • It’s psychologically proven that a woman can never love the same way a man loves her and a woman can be hurt and sad for a while, but a man can be empty inside for months

  • Two points that I think are the major reasons why women tend to “get over it” faster and easier, in general, than men.

    1) It’s very easy for women to get into a relationship. Men are less picky, so when a woman shows that she’s single, she has choices. For average men, being in a relationship is a major achievement, something that requires a lot of efforts, and even chance. So it’s seen as a bigger loss.
    2) The principle that you tend to act more practical towards things that are important to you, and less light-headed about them. In general, relationships are an important part of a woman’s life, and therefore, they will see it as a more serious endeavor. No time to dwell. Whereas for men, relationships are more like a nice bonus, in parallel with other things in his life, therefore men tend to act more romantically towards relationships.

  • You can have a look on my channel for suggestion on the topic of loneliness and breakups
    Go check it out

  • my girlfriend and i have been together for 10 months now and still always talks about her ex who never even actually gave a shit about her. im convinced that she is just settling for me and im not gonna be the guy someone settles for. ive broken hearts and ive helped heal broken hearts but damn it sure does hurt when you feel like the person you are with is still obsessed with that person or at least wont leave them in the past.

  • I wish a man was chasing me and loving me. I would do anything for a man who treats me with love. My ex left me 2 years ago (engaged), then he seeked contact again and after 4 weeks no contact he found someone else with a text that she is the one and now they are engaged. I don’t know what happens but he once said I was the first girl he really liked. I’m devastated, depressed, I sleep bad. After 2 years i still lay on the foor wishing I was dead

  • Heartbreak is just the worse pain ever….its awful. I don’t think I will ever give my heart to anyone else again, its just too painful to contemplate.

  • I’m probably the odd one here but I never feel bad when someone leaves my life whether it be partners/friends. I see it as natural and a part of life.

  • My boyfriend left me after 2,5 years because he got really upset at the end of the quarantene. We talked every day and everything was perfect, the night before he left me he said he loved me and he was excited to see me soon and kiss me. The day after puff, everything was gone. I’ve never did anything bad to him. I just hope that when someone decide this based just on their current mood than they are going to regret the decision.

  • ….She wants my way to feel, and I grunt my TEEEEEEEETH!!!!
    It’s more like hundred milo, and I know more me��‍♂️
    But you can make my teeth grooooooowwwwwllllll, you can make my underworld��

    It’s a big dark world now, it’s a big dumb hell…..

    You sit and watch out for ya tails, like a poison sold on demand?
    Like a hard chance?
    Like a pig tail?

    I walk myself AWAY!!!!!!!!

  • I dated my ex, for four years, I paid her a few air flights as was long distance to other side of world even though I had less money then her, One time I gave her flowers and she threw them in the bin and said I got the wrong color. I did a lot of things for her but i won’t go into more details. I saw her for a coffee a couple of months ago. I could see she didn’t care at all told me she dated so many guys already. Really women will throw you out like trash, you can treat them better like no one else and they won’t care one bit about you at end of the day. At least no regrets I tried my best but i will not give my heart like that ever again.

  • The thought of her sleeping with someone else makes my blood boil if we ever find each other again i could never kiss her or have sex with her knowing she had other man inside her because i sure would not sleep with other women.

  • I don’t want to get over her. I don’t want to fall out of love with her. Nothing ever felt more right than with her. Everyone says “you’ll get over it” but I don’t want to lose that. Even if it’s more pain than I ever imagined I could experience. It just hurts so bad that she’s over me, and there’s not a thing I can do.

  • Eating ice cream when you sad actually makes it worse since cold food makes your body more sensitive. Drink some warm to hot low caffeinated tea to calm your nerve.

  • im been in a break up for 2 weeks. i am i guy and i can tell you that im not doing any of the stuff the guy was doing in the vid apart form being upset. Im just exercising, seeing friends and doing new hobbies. Anyone going through a break up take care❤️

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  • it’s been a week and my ex already had a new girl, i know she’s probably a rebound but the thought of him with someone else hurts so bad.

  • I finally figured out that Alphas can be Dominant or Submissive, while Betas are either Fake Doms or subs who top from the bottom.  Mind blown emoji, right?! Now I notice signs almost instantly regarding whether someone is worth engaging. If I would have had this when I was dating it would have saved me YEARS of heartache, pain and suffering. (my kindle [email protected] )

  • Actually, for me it was the total opposite. I got the saddest from the both for days, she didnt care and she started drinking heavily. Weeks gone by and she starts to say she misses me, just when i got over her and created a new myself.

  • Hey what I think is that the first scenario isn’t fully true…… I am a male but when I had heartbreak… I was totally devastated and just unable to do any other thing except remembering the memories and checking profile again and again……. Male do have feelings mate…… Maybe some males act like mad and stupids like they don’t care……but not everyone….. I do cared a lot still….

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  • That is literally another thing that scares me that they guy would do that for some stupid reason and I would get over him or he would get over me but he was like my soulmate or something

  • These videos try to be “relatable” but it just looks like a stereotypical movie about the girl crying a lot and eating ice cream. Although it can be “relatable” to some people, i know in fact that most of ours lives don’t necessarily look like those movies. In conclusion: pretty good video.

  • me: guess i will learn how it feels like after i get into a very beautiful relationship but suddenly it crashes, very soon Wai, very soon

  • You think you won’t ever recover from heartbreak, but you will.
    May this comment serve as little encouragement for you to keep going. You got this. You got you! Stay strong! ��
    ‎▶‎▶‎▶ 7 ways to deal with the first weeks of the break-up: if you need more resources. ‎▶‎▶‎▶‎▶ Remember to smile today! xxSevenToTen

  • teenage white girls post videos of them crying to their story, fake being depressed, and absolutely flame the guy for existing, all while being supported by everyone in their life.
    boys just game and try to hold in the pain, while constantly being told it was their fault and they must have done something wrong.

  • This is usually the case I think. Even emotionally invested men force themselves to toughen up to make sure the decision follows through, so both parties can move on. They allow themselves time to mourn n be weak n vulnerable only after they’re sure the breakup process is complete n there’s no way of getting back together. Men who text back soon after breakup n keep women hanging are selfish. Beware. From the perspective of men. I can’t speak for women.

  • Omg. Why is this so accurate? When I was still grieving about our break up, he was already flirting with someone else and that made me pissed. Now that I moved on, he’s starting to like make moves towards me. This. Is. Accurate.

  • I feel so sad I just broke up with my bf of 1 year yesterday because we had alot of problems and I spoke to him about it but he never made an effort to fix it. We both cried on the phone. I don’t know how to proceed.

  • Lol this isn’t that easy when you were together for 7 years and have 3 kids and live gig when the process is way longer and difficult

  • God.. I watched this video with a broken heart a couple months ago.. now iam felling great.. finally in peace again and guess who’s texting me… yup my ex �� boy Iam done!!!! Girls be strong enough to say BYE FOR GOOD ����

  • Hello Everyone i have made a new group on facebook so you can mingle and share your feelings with other people going through a break up. Please join my group @t Thank you

  • Jus had to move on.its really hard.want to be happy again.anyone who can suggest me??hard time.thought would spend rest of my life wit him bt..need help.

  • I was devastated pretty fast after breaking up. This doesn’t feel very accurate. Depends on several factors like who dumped who, who cheated, etc

  • I was liked by a cute guy, we just met and had a first name intro. And eventually he developed a crush on me and asked me out and I then told him that I also kinda liked him too. But then……his best friend, he also developed a crush on me and said to him that if he’ll hang out with me then he won’t talk to him. And as he is so caring, he said ok, I won’t even talk to her anymore and said that he is breaking up with me. I didn’t knew all that so it broked my heart and I texted him how he was not a good guy and how he broke my heart, (I was just angry) and then he replied that he doesn’t care for me and told me how I have humiliated him and then his friends told me everything and I realized, so I said sorry to him and told him how much I loved him and then he also said sorry for saying that he doesn’t care for me. We study in the same school and everyday we get to see each other and we just look at each other and just walk away from each other. If you’re reading this, then I wanna tell you “I loved you with all my heart and I Still miss you”
    It’s been 5-6 months ����

  • Broke up with me tonight. Out of nowhere.. he’d rather be with this guy Jake.. I am miserable, i can’t even feel anything.. Its the 2nd time this year… i think even 3rd, now hes completely ignoring me.. im sorry Lucas.. ��

  • I have never gone through a break up but what I notice with people is that they completely avoid each other. If I had a breakup and it didn’t work out, I would probably thank the person for being there and wish them luck to find another person. You know you guys had something. You can’t pretend it never existed:(

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  • I really don’t understand. Being a man I can’t relate to the description of what a man goes through after breakup in any video I’ve seen on youtube. I don’t know if it’s the majority of the cases that result in such a perspective or it’s just me and the people I know had different experiences. I find these depictions utterly annoying and inaccurate.

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  • I’m breaking up like a girl, the first week was definitely the hardest part, day one was cries and bad, bad, bad. Internal focus and then now tracking my emotions. She was the love of my life. Now im processing my feelings and letting my focus back on me and really trying hard to keep that ignore button on with my ex. We still have two weeks of a “break” and maybe revisit, the more and more I look at her behavior i am starting sto see that she did this to be kind to me, for she has moved on well before the date of her saying we need a break..

  • We dated for 6 years…I moved to another country for job but was temporary, we agreed it would be 2 years only. At certain point, I was lost in my life and wasn’t certain about nothing, not why I wanted for carrier and not even him. He’s never mentioned marriage, he was always terrified about this idea. So we broke up. I tried to move on and I realized how much he was important to me despite all flaws…but then he met a girl on tinder and said that she was great and was having amazing time with her. Also said that I was controlling, that I was insecure and all my issues that make him realize that we are not meant to be together. I’ve been crying for a year but he seems to be supper happy now with the girl and had been tgt for a year almost. I guess that in my case, he’d never realized what he’d lost, maybe even feel relief that we’re not tgt anymore…

  • My ex broke up with me last night and I do NOT want him back, but i want to understand why he broke up with me. He said his feelings toward me either changed and he did not realize it or he read them wrong from the beginning. He once told me he never says “I love you” lightly because he has been hurt by them before. We were together for a year and four months. When he ended it he was holding back tears in his eyes and could not give me a reason as to why his feelings changed. I will not be talking to him for a while to help myself through this, so I cannot ask him again. I just want to understand.

  • Hi Mark! Please answer my question!

    I recently relocated for my long distance boyfriend. We had known each other and dated in person before attending different graduate schools and being long distance for 7 months. During our time apart we spoke on the phone multiple hours daily and would see each other for a few days a month. He really wanted me to move and even helped me finacially and helped me pack my stuff up and drive down. However, the last week has been very hard. We’ve been very stressed and I’ve been very clingy. He is becoming noticeably withdrawn. I feel powerless in my new position. I used to be very confident and high value around him and he was constantly chasing. How do I reclaim my value in this situation where I am alone accept for him?

    Thank you again!

  • LOLLL!!!! She didn’t mean to break up??..Guess the guy called her bluff with his response!! Sounds like these two are mirroring each other with mind games. Either that or she’ll find out what he’s saying with this is he’s serious about his relationship with her.

  • Pppfffff, hahahahahahahahaha! �������� I just loved your expressions and cuts on the last question! Btw, I got a question, I’m not sure if it was already answered or worked on in one of your videos, but here we go: I’m a successful, young woman and I know what I want. I’m also very independent and do a lot of things others would be scared of, like traveling alone, working voluntary with wild animals etc. But it often seems to me, I’m scaring guys off. I met such a lovely, caring gentleman who wanted a relationship with me, it lasted 3 weeks untill he broke up. My intuition told me he was scared of me, he also wasn’t very confident about himself, what was strange for me. I also told him I honestly admire him for his work, study and effort he put into himself to stand at this point in his life. I suffer now from a heartbreak, can you give me any advice to avoid such a situation again?

  • My ex broke up with me and told me that to be honest, I don’t think I can ever try as hard as I did for my ex. And it feels morally wrong for me. I am pretty sure he won’t ever regret breaking up with me at all. He left it loud and clear he only loves his “first love” his first girlfriend the one he truly cares about.

  • Hi Mark, I have autism and dating is very hard. Before I used to be somehow good at flirting and throughout the years my shyness has become worse. Do you have any tips for people like me with social difficulties on how to flirt and how to make someone interested. Also the basics of opening up conversations with a guy and topics to talk plus to avoid that can make a guy interested.

  • After a breakup I go through that stage where I miss sex but then I get sex from some other chick and I completely forget about the last one

  • Mark, the guy that I’ve been seeing is pulling away! I texted him and he texted me back two days later and explained that he was busy preparing for an exam that he has next week. This was a week ago and I haven’t heard from him since. Am I overreacting? Should I cut things off?

  • Hey Mark, I left this question in the comments of another video and it caught your eye (based on your comment response) but I don’t think it made it to an Ask Mark. Here it is: Does it only make sense to do long distance with a man if you potentially see him as “the one”? When does it make sense to do long distance? Are men even capable of maintaining long distance relationships?

  • I totally laughed when Mark when he asked the last question his face what’s so funny that I actually started crying while I was laughing

  • Either they got married when they were drunk or he is saying they are married as in committed without a license. In some religions a marriage just requires a couple phrases that could be spoon fed to an unsuspecting person in a different language. They just tell them to repeat some phrases and the other person is clueless.

  • I agree with you on how men and women react differently when it comes to break ups. It was really hard to process my break up especially since I was with the person for decades but once I processed it thoroughly I came to the realization that I will never allow myself to get so broken up over a relationship not working out. By that I mean that I now realize that some relationships run their course and it is ok. I will have feelings if it happens again but I know it isn’t the end of everything.

    Post Note: I was looking at an American magazine. The headine said actress is humiliated because boyfriend of 5 years is seen in the company of other women. My thought why should she be humiliated she isn’t the one cheating.

  • Wooooooow!! I’m so excited and so honoured! It’s been couple months since the breakup now and I think I did the women style and feel much better. In any case this question was so interesting to me and I simply couldn’t find and opinions about it!
    Thanks again ��

  • The last question either he’s joking (and if he is, it’s a very sick and twisted joke), or trying to gaslight you. Either way, you need to think really hard about any kind of future with someone like this.

  • First of all love the Jersey strong mussle right now I want to break up like a man but stay in the first fase but the pain it not going away we been on an off mostly off cuz it long distance but we make plans to meet an we do meet but I fetup with this planning I need me man

  • Okay I don’t get what happened with the guy I had something with. Things did get sometimes fast like meeting his friends and family in a 1/2 month time and that he said that I was his girlfriend. He wasn’t like a weird dude or something or a player. What the weird thing was is that he broke up with me like 10 days later after all the plans he made with me and meeting is parents. He said he felt our relationship not anymore. And we only texted that 10 days (I asked him lets call or meet but he was busy). We didn’t know each other that well in my opinion. What possible could happen? I stayed single for many years because I didn’t want anything and now I opend my heart a little little bit and this happens.

  • I broke up like a man.
    My freedom was severely restricted, no trust no love.
    So, maybe I broke up like a man and a woman at once. Hybrid breakup!
    Feels great not having him around.

  • My fiancé just ended a 6 years relationship because I wouldn’t let him control me anymore like he used… I just felt like I didn’t have any control of my own person because I was deciding literally everything. So in the beginning of the breakup I thought I was gonna die… while he was partying with his friends but now I’m recovering and I guess he is that sad stage where he is hurt and want to come back to me… so no I did not lie a bit����

  • Im glad you have finally addressed how incoherent some of the questions you get asked are. I feel a bit sorry for you sometimes when I read the comments. Bless you for your patience. ��

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  • Man you know what, I let her go because she is not as important as my life, I have got somethings to do to move on in my life. So no big deal.

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  • I skipped all the way to stage 5! But you made me laugh so hard especially with the experimentally stage. ������ I’m feeling a bit better man.

  • Have a question for me? Pop it in below! Can’t believe we haven’t addressed this one before on the channel. Don’t forget to join the community page here on YT for next live stream times, and the Facebook group as per description.

    PS. For those of you astute enough to notice yes I did delete a question. It was me rambling and no one wants to see that.

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  • I made a mistake to my gf and she blocked me in every apps. But i call her from my friends fone and tell her i was sorry.. but it’s been 2 months she is not accepting my apology but m still begging. I have a character she hate but i cant change.. that’s my problem. I miss her so much.

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  • She was forced by her parents to breakup with me but she still loves me I have just been crying all night because thats when she had to breakup with me and now we can’t be friends

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  • Its been a year since we broke up but im still inlove with you. But i have no rigth to love u coz im the one who let go. She wanna fix things with me but all i say and i was thinking is this is for her. Im so scared of how im affecting her social life with her friends and her family. They said she just stare somewhere and feel blue when we are fighting. I saw her crying because of me its like im the problem i always think. And she denied me in front of her friend. We’re buying some school supplues coz she ask me to help her buy things she need at school so i help her but then we bump in to her classmates. Her classmate ask her if im her bf and imagine i smiled at that girl (proudly smiling yes im his man) but after that zmile on my face she replied she doesnt know me n just left me. Men if u only knew how my heart shredded in tiny pieces after that. Yea i know im ugly i know okay but y would you do that i always says how i am so lucky to have a gurlfriend like her to my friends. S i decided im leaving her for her own good becausw i dont want to push her away from her goals because i felt like im too ugly for her that im just slowing her down that im just an obstacle that keep her away from her dreams so i let her go.

    One year had past. Im still inlove with her and i dont know how to stop loveing her but i saw her happy and achieving her goals.

  • Julia when we first broke up i said I would wait for you that I would never let you go, But I need to now, my sweet angel I have to let you go, for the last ten years I could only remember the bad things, I couldn’t remember our love, but now i remember I remember how you would hold me and calm my demons, or how when we hugged I would lift our shirts so our stomachs  touched and we called it tummy on tummy,I remember how much you liked nice touches on your arms or be kissed behind your ears. I’m so sorry I couldn’t forgive you or let the anger go, I’m sorry I couldn’t forgive myself. and I’m so so sorry for the women I turned down  in awful ways. I wasn’t trying to hurt them, I was trying to hurt myself.  you didn’t mean to hurt me, it wasn’t your fault. I’m sorry I couldn’t heal you or help fight your demons. I wanted to help but i couldn’t do anything..I’m sorry I didn’t hold you when I could see how much you were suffering. I want to thank you for coming into my life and thank you for the time you gave me, I wish I could have been on that bridge and stopped you. You were my best friend and I miss you. I miss your voice. It’s so silent now.Your life did matter and I promise that I will never forget our love, and I promise that I will always carry you in my heart, take care in your journey my baby.

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  • Why must we pretend to have or be emotional seriously, we men just don’t care when its over and we just want to find the next one and hopefully the right one.

  • So im not man?when we broke up i cried a lot on the time we broke up… ill chase her for 2months i cried i chase…actually its going almost 3months since we broke now going okay all the pain is killing me until im getting immune to it…no contacts no talks

  • just broke up with my ex and trying to figure out how guys handle it cause he seems perfectly fine while i’m throwing up and crying multiple times today… like.. i can’t even rn:/

  • Worst video for women to watch who actually want a decent man. News flash ladies and men, Not all men are like this. We go through tons of emotions.
    1.) Depression
    2.) Denial
    3.) Drowning our sorrow with stuff
    4.) Takes weeks to recover to months
    5.) Rebound or the WAIT
    6.) Moving on
    7.) Dwelling on past relationships
    8.) Trying to move on
    9.) Somewhat moves on
    10.) Finally moves on
    11.) Serious relationship
    12.) Years of relationship
    13.) Engagement
    14.) Kids
    15.) Marriage

    Yea, A lot happens with guys too ladies. If none of these happen after a fake breakup or even a real breakup. Find you a real man, you’ll find them somewhere anytime at the least expected moments. Like when alone in restaurant which some evil guys lurk. So if it’s too quick like a second later, don’t believe him. If it’s hours later, probably can take your chances. Believe me, a true gentleman. Test your men now ladies, with these steps.
    1.) Fake pregnancy
    2.) Not his baby
    3.) Dump him temporarily for a week
    4.) Leave him alone for about a week without any texts or any physical contact
    5.) No sex at all for at least a month
    6.) Breakup with him for real if he fails any of these by cheating, not caring for even a step kid that isn’t his. And basically everything else that proves you are with a sexual emotionless jerk who wants only sex and nothing more.

  • For me the stages were:

    this is sad, I will remember you fondly
    what the fuck just happened
    did I seriously just waste all those hours perfecting a DIY flower pot that I am never going to be able to give her:(((
    literally crying more than my entire childhood combined
    Google “how to get ex back” and suddenly get very hopeful
    start grinding and changing all kinds of unhealthy patterns and habits to make myself a better person for her
    convince myself she still loves me and just made a stupid mistake and she will change her mind soon so we could resolve our issues and live happy ever after
    be the happiest person in the world when this belief was ‘confirmed’ when I received a box of fudge anonymously with a postcard that was identical to a very sweet love letter that my ex had sent in our good old days (this box wasn’t hers though:/ but from my aunt and the letter was an unfortunate coincidence)
    once again heartbroken (day of my graduation oof)
    still find hope and start preparing the most incredible date she could ever have hoped for (made a kite out of bamboo, and searched the country to find the perfect spot to fly it and do a picknick with the best food made by myself and put together a playlist with her favourite Beatles love songs)
    finally get in touch with her again and arrange to meet up
    find her at home in her in old clothes and seeming just as desinterested and tired of me as in the final months together with her
    break down and tell her how I feel
    feel like you’re making peace with the situation
    having stomach aches all day and driving myself mad for stupid mistakes I made (current stage)

  • Hi Mark, I need to say that: you are better than Matthew Hussey. Really. your analysis & explanation are so much more detailed (but never too much/ too long at the same time).
    You put so much effort on your explanations, very precise and careful analysis. and you show your genuinity. really really helpful. I really thank you.

    You really have good acting. wow.
    Your girl partner on your videos are really good actress too. i laughed so hard seeing her and you acting. all expressions are spot on.

    PLUS, you are very good looking. you’re sexy.

    Greetings from Indonesia.:)

  • I’ve never tried this at all. I deal with the loss immediately. The blues come first. Single and ready to mingle should be the last step, when you’ve healed what’s been broken. Self care and improvement works.

  • Love hurts! It begins beautiful and makes you fly. Then, it starts hurting so bad. The last time I saw him was on May 18! I still feel something is burning, insomnia, panic, fear. I lost interest in everything. I sometimes wake up crying or feeling someone is taking my soul from me.
    When you break up, try to work or to exercise. Try to go out. Don’t stay at home like me. This was a mistake. Negative thoughts might lead you to serious actions.
    Emotional pain is really harder thousands times than the physical one. ��
    My situation and circumstances made this harder on me. ��
    I wish you all great relationships that would make you feel happy all your life! ♥️

  • im not sure how to make this short….i met a guy 4 months ago and we started a relationship a month later im in love with him but dont know to treat him…we are 27 yrs difference in age and we did live together…oh im older….every time he piss me off i put him out….i really dont want him to go but continously put him out…i know-crazy right….. anyway its wednesday and on friday i asked him to give me a move out date and he said ok….yet when i got off work and home 1am he wasnt home and when i finally talked to him he said he found his move out dateand he not comin back…AFTER beggin and pleading for him to come home he said he needs space and time to think…. im losing my mind without him and i feel so alone without him…. i dont know if he really want it to end cause he tired of me putting him out….i dont know how long do i give him space…..i even asked him to come back and be by my side thru some counseling and all he keep saying is he need space and time….i really want him back and i really want to be a better companion but because i have repeatedly said i wont put him out he dont trust me….and i hate the thought of him moving on, spending time with another woman……im jus hurt and its all my fault….idk what to do as far as giving him space and time……HELP ME PLEASE

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  • I know it’s meant to be funny but why is the girl’s “experimental stage” shown as a sexy erotic lesbian kiss and the guys version is just a guy’s disgusted violent rejection of another one’s attempt?!

  • One week after I broke up with my BF of 2 years. It was so sudden. I still love him soo much. It was never easy to forget someone you dearly love. I dont know if he will go through these stages, I just watched this to check how guys react after breakup. I still care for him dearly and want to know if he is doing well. I hope I could move on too and both of us will be happy. Breakups are just too painful. I hope I could get over it.

  • Bruh this isn’t accurate I just feel a lot more depressed, isolate myself without realizing I am, and spend my time lying around my room doing shit to try and make the pain stop.

  • Wait for me the stages were the complete opposite lol and I’m a guy. Sobbing, depressed in the beginning, looking at her social media, then looking for distractions like gym, boxing, focusing on loving myself, and finally now completely over and done with her.

  • Why are women always associated with wanting ice cream when a break up occurs? If the relationship was truly that sweet, we wouldn’t want something sweet as a reminder of what was, LOL

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  • Don’t worry guys there always the better version of your ex lurking somewhere in a place you least expect them to be in the near the future. And they always come when you feel complete or focus on yourself and stop thinking about women( just try attending a gym). Women will eventually notices this and will wonder why you from all the other men out there is acting so different and calm(not giving a damn) around them. They will eventually get curious and are willing to take a risk of getting to know you, but most of the time they are too shy to make a move in which they will give us signs by making themselves get caught by you staring at you, change their hairstyle, and change their clothes, or act awkward around you every time you pass by.

  • My boyfriend just broke up with me two days ago out of the blue, I’m heartbroken and the worst is we live togheter so I have to wait for my own place. Ughh I can’t take it

  • i dumped him because he wasn’t treating me right. i still love and care about him even though i probably shouldn’t because he wouldn’t let me see or talk to any of my friends, wouldn’t let me wear anything but his clothes, thought my COUSIN was a threat to the relationship, wouldn’t take any responsibility and everything was my fault, made me have life 360 and already had our children’s name picked out. he was my first boyfriend so obviously i didn’t come to realization that he was an asshole. but we aren’t even 16 yet and he was begging for 8 hours for me to not leave him. and even after that i still care about him so much and idk why����✌️

  • I would say its verry different with gays. Im gay and my ex bf was so perfect, was loving and caring and loved me but litterally one day he got in a fight with a guy and i left cuz it was getting upset and he messaged me its over i started cutting for a few days untill he found out i was he told me not to cut so i didnt i thought we where a thing again so that was nice but he was lying to keep me safe, thats nice but it made me feel alot worse so i just cried for weeks non stop

  • If we just don’t go through the alcohol stage, we would be find. The alcohol stage makes us weird and brings out emotions that weren’t even there�� the most important stage was left out.. hehe

  • You know men during breakup don’t show much but believe me they are so much hurt on the inside. We cry in the showers and there is this constant heavy feeling in our chest that doesn’t get away for a really long time. This is why guys are afraid of commitment because if we truly love the girl that it is so much hard to let go. We are scared of getting hurt more than of commitment.

  • Is the 3rd day that he broke up with me. I did many mistake during our conversation, like: I was begging him a lot, saying I love you don’t let me please, and more like women do and say in order to not brake up(big mistake)and every time I was broking with him.. Is not the first time we broke up.the previous time, telling me exactly the same things as now and since he blocked me from everywhere the previous time sending a goodbye massage on what’s up and after he block me also from there. anyway I remove my photo profile which I had with him since we broke up. after 2 days he send me message. he say tell me that is not late please.anyway I try to not return so easy to him. and after that he asked me: why you removed our photo? I say we broke up and he told me don’t do it never again,you will have it always there. Now this time 3 days ago since he broke up from me and because I got angry from some words he said, i say okey I respect you just to know that I love you so much and if you want I will be here for you and he answered me with emoji on I will be here for you if you want me: this ��‍♂️,like he says,omg she is stupid? I say to her I want to brake up, after that I got angry and I block him from everywhere.Anyway there is still something that makes me to have hopes,it is that he doesn’t remove our photo from his profile yet, 4 day now. but still I don’t have receive anything from him any message.(forgot to refair that before i block him I said to him remove the foto with me ) and still is there.what can this mean guys?? any answer?? I am confused and I don’t know what to do. to have hope? how can I be sure that he took his decision for real this time?(yesterday I did unblock, and today I put my instagram private to not watch anything )I am a person that I can’t wait, i want quickly an answer) I can’t say something to him of course like remove my photo from your profile, because I blocked him once and If I do it, I will show to him that I try to find excuse to speak to him. help me please. give me an answer. What can I do?? he can keep the profile foto because he doesn’t care about this now? he can keep it because he want to be sure when he removed it? is the same thing like the previous time that he wanted to keep it forever there like he say I will never leave you?? what
    Sorry for all this big message and for my English too I hope you understand me and to help me ����

  • We mutually and respectfully broke up last week, I still love him

    He might come back, I might have lost my feelings by then, but who knows…

    What’s meant to be will be