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When to Eat + Sleep + Study in College | Calendar Blocking for Students

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how i use Google Calendar | calendar blocking for focus & efficiency

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How I Time Block Using Todoist and Apple Calendar

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How to make time for EVERYTHING | scheduling tips ⏰

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Top 10 Calendar Apps of 2018 | BusyCal, Timepage + more…

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PLAN WITH ME| google calendar organization, custom calendars & time blocking

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Other Calendars. Calendar Generator – Create a calendar for any year.; Monthly Calendar – Shows only 1 month at a time; Custom Calendar – Make advanced customized calendars; Printable Calendar (PDF) – Calendars especially made for printing Date Calculators. Duration Between Two Dates – Calculates number of days.; Date Calculator – Add or subtract days, months, years. Me-Time Calendar. Created: 04/30/2010.

Last Updated: 06/12/2014. Share on: Congratulations on taking your first step toward nourishing your body and soul by setting aside some much-needed time for yourself. We hope this calendar will inspire you to schedule a little rest and relaxation, starting today. Plan a bubble bath, a walk in the park or.

Buy Me Time, Planner Calendar Sticker Kit 6 sheets on matte. Erin Corndren and Happy Planner sizes. Kiss cut, just peel and stick.: Stickers FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. 2020 calendar. Doing. Now’s a great time to start planning a little (or a LOT) of ‘me time’.

Your me-time doesn’t have to be an alone-experience, bring the whole family and make some memories. Come for a weekend, a week, a month or more. Schedule Your ‘Me’ Time Make your free time as important as the pediatrician’s visit, the conference call, and your meeting with the contractor. Treat it just like any other appointment. This AI-Powered Calendar Is Designed to Give You Me-Time Timeful intelligently schedules to-dos and habits on your calendar.

How To Take “Me” Time. It might seem easy to schedule a little “me” time, but often it isn’t. You must give yourself permission to take at least a half hour per day, even if it’s divided, just for yourself. If you have to, set the alarm, schedule it on the calendar, or put it on your “to-do” list for the day. Shop the best beauty advent calendars for 2020.

Whether you’re looking for your Marks & Spencer advent, John Lewis, Fortnum & Mason or the No7 annual calendar. If you want to make the most of your classes but get good value too buy the 6 class block to get a £1 discount for each class compared to paying weekly. You can create a new calendar group on the folder pane, and you can save all the calendars currently displayed in the folder pane as a new calendar group. What does that all mean?

One of the benefits of Microsoft Outlook Calendar is the ability to place multiple calendars side by side on the same screen.

List of related literature:

You can do this easily with a free online calendar program from virtually all Internet providers or with a paper calendar or whiteboard.

“The Science of Accelerated Learning: Advanced Strategies for Quicker Comprehension, Greater Retention, and Systematic Expertise” by Peter Hollins
from The Science of Accelerated Learning: Advanced Strategies for Quicker Comprehension, Greater Retention, and Systematic Expertise
by Peter Hollins
PublishDrive, 2019

As we list at the beginning of this chapter, Calendar lets you display time frames by day, week, month, or year, and shows all the events you’ve scheduled for the day, week, month, or year you choose to view.

“Macs All-in-One For Dummies” by Joe Hutsko, Barbara Boyd, Jesse Feiler, Doug Sahlin
from Macs All-in-One For Dummies
by Joe Hutsko, Barbara Boyd, et. al.
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Make a change on the Web calendar, you’ll find it changed on your PC, and vice versa.

“Windows 7: The Missing Manual” by David Pogue
from Windows 7: The Missing Manual
by David Pogue
O’Reilly Media, 2010

The Calendar displays a browsable calendar on the left pane to move easily to a specific date (see Figure 5-15).

“Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Desktop: Applications and Administration” by Richard Petersen
from Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Desktop: Applications and Administration
by Richard Petersen
Surfing Turtle Press, 2020

Most graphical calendar programs use an explicit visual representation of days, months, and years.

“The Human-Computer Interaction Handbook: Fundamentals, Evolving Technologies and Emerging Applications, Third Editiion” by Andrew Sears, Julie A. Jacko
from The Human-Computer Interaction Handbook: Fundamentals, Evolving Technologies and Emerging Applications, Third Editiion
by Andrew Sears, Julie A. Jacko
CRC Press, 2002

Technically, the software creates the month display, fills it in with dates (shown as falling on the correct day of the week), and tracks the correct order of dates and times by calculating the number of minutes elapsed between January 1, 1601 and the date and time in question.

“Point Made: How to Write Like the Nation's Top Advocates” by Ross Guberman
from Point Made: How to Write Like the Nation’s Top Advocates
by Ross Guberman
OUP USA, 2014

To select a different day, simply double-click the day in the month view or click the Go To button on the toolbar and use the widget to find the date.

“Beginning Ubuntu Linux” by Emilio Raggi, Keir Thomas, Andy Channelle, Trevor Parsons, Sander van Vugt, Adam Thomas
from Beginning Ubuntu Linux
by Emilio Raggi, Keir Thomas, et. al.
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• Use color coding with your online calendar.

“Proposal Planning & amp;Writing, 5th Edition: Fifth Edition” by Jeremy T. Miner, Lynn E. Miner
from Proposal Planning & amp;Writing, 5th Edition: Fifth Edition
by Jeremy T. Miner, Lynn E. Miner
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A calendar helps us to keep track of time by dividing the year into months, weeks and days.

“Practical Astronomy with Your Calculator” by Peter Duffett-Smith
from Practical Astronomy with Your Calculator
by Peter Duffett-Smith
Cambridge University Press, 1988

As you might guess, not being a whole number of days makes it quite difficult to make accurate calendars, and for this reason, the art of calendar making has been around since the beginning.

“Amazing and Aesthetic Aspects of Analysis” by Paul Loya
from Amazing and Aesthetic Aspects of Analysis
by Paul Loya
Springer New York, 2018

Oktay Kutluk

Kutluk Oktay, MD, FACOG is one of the world's foremost experts in fertility preservation as well as ovarian stimulation and in vitro fertilization for infertility treatments. He developed and performed the world's first ovarian transplantation procedures as well as pioneered new ovarian stimulation protocols for embryo and oocyte freezing for breast and endometrial cancer patients.

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  • Been using Google Calendar for years, but your video definitely inspired me to reorganise everything. I’m in love with how it looks now! Thank you!

  • I love using Google Calendar. Been using it since February and I actually like it more than physical planning. Don’t think I’ll go back. lol Thanks for the video!

  • OMG I loved this! I’ve been using google calendar for the longest because I always have so much going on & I never thought of using the different calendars! It’s geniussss

  • Loved watching! �� I’ve always struggled with using a basic planner and trying to block my day to certain things. I’m sometimes a busy girl between work and college. I definitely feel like I can benefit from Google Calendar just because I always have my phone handy.

  • you should’ve put atleast ‘for android/iOs’, please put the platform next time in title. Some or most people don’t read descriptions like me unless its short. I’m finding apps like this in pc platform. I didn’t find what I need.

  • Hrmmm I’m a uni student whom also works and as someone studying a teacher degree and working as a unaccredited teacher as well as teacher assistant to make money to afford to live that also means class preps when it comes to teaching classes. I struggle to always fit my morning routine in due to this and also struggle to always fit exercise in when it comes to busy times with work at the same time as school. I don’t think I can fix this issue as purely need more hours in the day but thank you for this calendar blocking. I saved it for my Summer trimester (australian)

  • Samsung Pixon 12 calendar apps is the best calendar apps ive ever had, assigning personal tones in every event is available on the apps that for me makes pixon12 calendar the best. Its year 2020 but tel now my phone is alive and make it as alarm and reminders.

  • is there a calendar for android that allows alarm events? some events are just too important and far away to leave to a simple notification, it’d be nice having a calendar with that option. also silence status change based on events would be nice

  • I am working 3 days a week from 16:00 to 00:00 and I’m finding my self tired a lot as I go to sleep at 2 am on those days so I am tired and I get to be tired all day

  • I use Outlook for work, my wife doesn’t. is there an Calendar app that will sync up my Outlook data into it, where i can have a combined family calendar?

  • Thank you Amy for this info! It would be interesting to also do a Graduate student’s perspective! As an undergrad i did not really develop a routine, or managed my time very well, and it has carried over to graduate school, but this info helps! Thanks again!

  • You talked about your sponsor “hive” until 1:48… then only discussed each item on your list for 15 seconds or less… next time you might want to present more details about your selections, I mean besides their rating in the play store. Ironically, I find this video very unproductive

  • I use it pretty much the same as you. I only have two calendars, one I call “life” and one I call just calendar. the life one does NOT send me reminders, but i schedule there things like “breakfast”, “lunch”, “dinner”, “take a shower” and so on, because i need the visual representation of how long it takes me to do things (like getting ready in the morning with breakfast included). The seond calendar, it does give me reminders, and it’s for everything else, and I just color code the events (not build different calendars for categories). For me, gym (or exercise) is purple because everything that is “self care and fun” is purple (so, going out for a drink with a friend, going to the movies, going shopping, stuff like that). Anything related to my master’s degree is Red and Pink (the colors tomato and flamingo), the red is more urgent, the pink is less urgent, and since I usually work in two articles at once, then it helps me know what time is for which article. I also teach in college, so my classes are blue, and work related to them is either orange or yellow (orange for grading, yellow for prepping classes). Green used to be for the classes I had to take, so darker green for the actual class, and lighter green (mint, i think) for the work related to classes. Anything in the deep blue color is “life management”, so things like chores and grocery shopping and paying bills, and my life calendar (mentioned above) is lavender…. I don’t use the reminders and tasks either, i actually prefer microsoft to-do for the tasks, and i just schedule things in the calendar if i need a reminder. I do use, however, google keep a lot. For taking notes, for saving pictures, captions, quotes, links, anything. and you can put reminders on your keep notes, so it works fine for me, AND you can see everything you have on keep from your calendar when you are on the desktop version, so it’s really cool for me.

    Sorry for the extra-long comment, I just love talking about my calendar, i’m really proud of it actually.
    I found that scheduling even my times for relaxation/reading/going to bed, helps me with managing my time a lot better. Actually, when building a calendar, the FIRST thing I schedule is my sleep time. Never less than 8 hours, and with whatever time I have left, that’s what i work with.

    Again, sorry for the long comment and i love your channel!

  • I’m looking for something to sync my trello calendar ical links more than ONCE A DAY (F U Google calendar!). I tried a lot of apps but couldn’t find one that refreshes the ical feed more than once a day. If trello had a native calendar widget I wouldn’t need all this crap!

  • Due to your recommendation, I recently purchased Calendars 5, but do you think Fantastical 2 is better than that since it works both for Mac and iPhone?

  • I’ve spent a lot of money on several mentioned in this review, while I am using Fantastical, I am frankly confused at the choices and will bounce around between them for years to come until I loose my mind.

  • Great video. I would add Week Cal to that list. They definitely under-market the great functionality.
    Week Calendar by WeekCal B.V.

  • How could you forget DigiCal. It is by far the best application on the Android. Imo it’s better than Google Calender too. It’s functional, affordable and is simply awesome.

  • I’ve been satisfied with Outlook, having recently migrated away from Samsung’s built-in one. Just needs 5 day view on landscape. No clue why they only provide 3 days even in landscape.
    Can’t put out a top3 since I haven’t really had a need for active calendar use before now, so haven’t app hopped or used anything else extensively.

    You said they’re coming out with a desktop app in 2019? Source?

  • yeah `making time` really doesn`t work for someone working two jobs for 12 hours every day just to have enough money for food and rent

  • Great Content thanks Carl. Quick Question. When you time block and delete that task as it’s in your calendar to do… What have you got left in your TODIST that is “Your Today’s Focus”? Wouldn’t that be in your calendar in a time block? Can you give an example of what would be in there as priority but not blocked in time on your calendar?

  • Hey! I’m enjoying your videos! I was just thinking, if you are looking for different music for your video (which is already wonderful btw), I’m willing to let you use my music loyalty free! Contact me!
    Here’s my email: [email protected]

  • Hi Carl, following your example / tutorials I am also shifting to a time based approach for my todos. Love it. Thanks! Can’t help wondering, though, why you aren’t using the top tabs of Todoist.. the Today + Next 7 Days tabs. Is it because you use your Calendar for actual dated tasks and time blocking. Think I know the answer to this, but just confirming.

  • Great video and lots of productive tips!! For a 15 minute run-through, this is one of the best quality and most useful videos on self-improvement I’ve seen so far!

    This book changed my experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs advice on improving their time management, habits, being more successful, or just managing your life better in general. This is not just one of those self-improvement books. It’s a life-inchangment book.
    The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey:
    Get your life together JUST DO IT!

  • This was really helpful! My problem is I make a schedule, and then feel too ‘boxed in’ and feel like I want to be more free to just do what I want. And then I try doing that for a bit and end up not doing much and feeling frustrated at how unproductive I am �� This inspired me to get back to a schedule again.

  • This video is really a big help! When I started my channel, creating contents + editing my videos took a large amount of my time to the point where I couldn’t allocate time for my other tasks. At the moment, I am following a schedule for filming and editing, and finally had time for my other tasks/goals (like self-care, etc). Indeed, knowing your priorities and scheduling your week could make a huge difference in terms of achieving more goals and keeping that “balance” in everything. Love from PH ����

  • I loved this video and you energy! Thank you for all the information and tips, I needed this lol
    P.S.: You give me Rory Gilmore vibes! Idk if you have seen the show Gilmore girls, but you really remind me of Rory <33

  • WHAT A THROWBACK TO MY COLLEGE DAYS! Ahhh! I was that calendar blocking girl, planner loving, probably-too-many-Lilly-print-community-college girl. I’m going back to school next year and I know calendar blocking is going to save me. Between school, full-time work, playing second mommy to my sibs, and adult responsibilities, I totally get why folks in their late-twenties and beyond say school is nearly impossible, but I need it for the dream job, so school it is!

  • Great job, and definitely legit tips! These are some of the things that I learned in a Success Strategies college course. The quality is also awesome… you deserve more subs, comments, and views!

  • I’m glad I watched this video because never in my life have I heard of the Eisenhower Matrix and now I’m interested in incorporating it into my efforts to being more productive.
    EDIT: That breakfast looks SO good. Could you show us how to make it?

  • I love how you presented this topic in such an easy and understandable manner. I also like what you said about making time for ‘everything’ in terms of ‘if it is important to you, you have time for it.’ that is so accurate and most people seem to struggle with that.

  • You graduated high school….how old are you??? You look young and are very beautiful but given you level of maturity, structure and all, I was almost shocked how young you must be! Very impressive! You are going places, girlfriend!!!! ������

  • The problem is that I want to do so many things and my kalendar is full, and then I get so tired and not motivated to do anithing, so it will be nice to make a video about prioritization

  • Im unsubscribing. You stopped actively posting about the BLM movement on social media and are uploading to your platform without a care of spreading anymore awareness on your platform. I understand that you donated while your course started but you completely stopped posting after the 5 days you were going to donate were up. I just think it’s gross that you benefit after that and you continue with posting videos when awareness could still be spread.

  • Thank you so much for this video! I am 31 and going back to university this december and i have never been so petrified! Can you do more college/university related organisation videos that could be useful especially for older students?

  • what is that software or app she’s using to insert her to do lists? like in this 13:18; if she ever said it, I didn’t catch it as I was doing my planner while listening to another video XD

  • If you create a task using the task calendar that comes with google calendar automatically, it will allow you the option to mark the task as complete. If you mark the task as complete, a line will be put through the task crossing it out for you so you will know. This is one way for you to know if you accomplished your tasks or not. Same thing with the reminders calendar.

  • dear Amy, I hope you see this comment. first of all, let me say I love this new set up! I am a university student and another youtuber mentioned you in a video maybe 2 years ago and since then I am subscribed here too. I found this video really helpful and I got so excited about it because you never do anything about young people/ students. thank you for this!!! <3

  • Hi Beatrice! I just wanted to say hi and to congratulate you for you high quality videos (both content and visuals)
    I really hope you keep growing
    Thanks for everything!

  • I agree with so many of your points, this is very similar to what I do! I always try to come from the place of my goals and my habits:) It’s the essentialist in me that really finds the time for what I truly want. Thank you, Beatrice ⭐

  • I linked to the Skillshare Productivity classes that I took and the one I really want to try out in the description! Let me know if you try any others that you really like:) the first 1000 people who click the link will get 2 free months of Skillshare Premium Membership:

  • Thank you so much for this!! I’ve been overwhelmed with balancing out studying, work, meetings, life and this motivated me to manage my time better.

  • Man her actuall college schedule is lax AF, if I had so little classes I wouldn’t have to spend so much time researching how to manage time better, lol.

  • i’m spending the weekend trying to plan out a schedule for my youtube channel and this is going to be so helpful, thank you!

    also Beatrice bringing the vocab in this video, acumen is a criminally underused word

  • Hey girl! Would you be able to do something like this but for a working adult who is in school and how to make time for the gym and all the other personal activities?

  • I’m loving all these amazing worksheets you’ve been adding to your videos lately! I really appreciate the work you put into them, they really complement your video topics so so well!

  • great video!
    and btw if you want to remove things you done, you can add them to tasks and check as done when done, it will be removed from the calendar automatically

  • Use Business Calendar 2 from the Android Google Playstore. It syncs well with Google Calendar and tasks, and Todoist. Very easy to customize. Premium is version is very affordable. My wife and I have been using it for a couple of years.

  • Have you looked at Business Calendar 2?
    If it would only have also a matching web interface….

  • “You don’t find time, you make time” is so incredibly true! These are the things we should be taught in schools. Thank you for all the great tips, your videos are always really inspiring ❤

  • Just watching the bliss bean makes me want to put away my laundry, declutter my phone and laptop, take time to read outside and listen to the birds and take a no phone day ������

  • Wait, how did you do that trick where you put your todoist tasks and calendar side by side??? I’ve been looking around for a solution to do just that! Is that only an Apple feature?

  • Hello! 구독한지 오래됐는데 처음 댓글 남겨요 한국어 배우신다고 해서 한국어로 글 남겨봐요 �� Rate per hour 재밌네요 저도 해봐야겠어요 영어를 다 못알아듣지만 그래도 종종 댓글 남길게요! Bliss bean님처럼 저도 영어 공부 열심히 해야하는데 계획표 잘 세워봐야겠어요 Thank you for your tips! from South Korea!

  • Hey Carl! Great video, thank for detail workflow review.

    I wanted to share my suggestion to optimisation workflow so you won’t have to make extra steps of double writing task and manually deleting each one.

    create integrated todoist calendar buffer Space. move wanted task in todoist to buffer project (it automatically get sync to buffer my calendar),

    then in calendar just moving the task to different my calendar and task automatically get deleted in todoist buffer project.
    moreover you can process multiple task in such manner in one shot.
    it surly be huge time saver because all this process takes not more then 1 second in practice.
    hope you’ll find it useful )

  • A very helpful video Carl. Again, I use different apps (Omni and fantastical) but this is completely transferable to these. I like the idea of deleting tasks once they are on the calendar. I think it will force me to be more serious about what gets on the calendar in the first place. Going to give It a go.

  • The fact that I live with my 6 members family in our small house, and being the only girl that should do most of the house work makes ” making time for things” impossible or a dream-like thing to do:(

  • I have this mental block that won’t let me start over or create a new schedule unless its at a beginning of a week, month, holiday, something. if I try to do something on a random day I don’t feel motivated haha. can’t wait till July!! lol  ❤︎

  • I noticed you scheduled tasks without priority flags to group them on the calendar. Are you moving away from 2+8 and putting them on the calendar?

  • Carl, about deleting tasks planned in your calendar. I can see the point, but how do you handle the situation where you don’t manage to complete the task in the allotted time? Create the task again in Todoist? Simply adding a new timeslot in your calendar? It’s for such situations that I’d be enclined to keep the task in Todoist until it’s really done. Apart from that, great video.

  • Carl, I’m using Todoist with Fantastical bc my Todoist schedule talks show up automatically in my Fantastical calendar. I can even drag and drop a Todoist task on to my calendar.

    What’s more is that if you mark the task complete on fantastical it will complete it in Todoist as well.

  • Can we see a inbuilt calendar in todoist in upcoming updates? I am a mobile user and I can’t connect Google calendar with todoist

  • Hey, sorry just wondering, how did you add other calendars for different things like fitness, personal and etc, and make them different colours? I can’t seem to find a way to add new boxes for subjects for school I am trying to organize right now.

  • Amy! This is kind of a foolish question but should the time block for studying be strictly for studying or can extra assignments like papers and homework be done during this block? or should homework be in a different block?

  • LOL I feel like this video is a reiteration of all the common tips from every productivity channel out there. Kind of a waste of my time:,(

  • Thanks to you I learned to be productive in my own generation because most productivity/minimalists channels take a perspective of a grownup! You make our generation proud haha

  • I love your videos! They are fun to watch and inspiring at the same time. Little thing though: this video’s audio quality was a little off maybe you could invest in a clip microphone? I think it would really add to your quality and make your videos even better:) thanks also for the consistency of your uploads! Makes me happy to have a reliable source of inspiration in my inbox:P

  • I have been making such schedules since I started following you. But my struggle is that sometimes a task takes longer than the block I assign for it. This delays my sleep, meals, and everything.

  • Absolutely love this! I’m a junior and college and I’m always looking for more tips and tricks. I would love to see more college related videos!

  • My current struggle is that I work in the mornings (from 6-9) and I am in full-time grad school. I’m having a hard time finding a morning schedule routine because I can’t bring myself to get up any earlier than I do.

  • ok saying that “i want to have 100 subs in 3 months” is a really bad goal. you shouldn’t set something that is out of your control as your goal. it’s detrimental in the long run.

  • my summer break ended today and online classes are starting tomorrow, I have downloaded the time tracking app and also downloaded these worksheets. time to plan and get my life together

  • One of my biggest struggles is that sometimes when I have planned to work or study at a certain time, I’d feel extremely tired or sleepy and then I end up wasting time not to fall asleep and I neither do the work nor rest.

  • My issue is working a job that doesn’t allow me to have a consistent sleep schedule, coupled with having to wake up early to drive kids to school. I’m so fatigued all the time, and that makes it difficult for me to successfully prioritize and stop procrastinating.

  • Try Hive
    Use “KEEPPRODUCTIVE” to get 25% off your first 12 months.

    Can’t wait to read your comments below!

  • Amy, in which video did you talk about the 4 quadrant to do list method? I’ve been trying to start doing it but I’m still not sure what should go in which quadrant…

  • I just watched a 1:48 commercial wtf.. Even yt only subjects us to 20 seconds or so.. and even that infuriates me.. Thumbs down for that, sorry bro

  • Omg I would have loved to see you try and have done my old schedule, biochem major, thee jobs, 45 minute commute �� so glad that’s over! I look back and if I had just been more organized I would have done 30-50% better. I didn’t figure it out till like the last couple semester.good luck to all my college students out there!

  • Thank you so much�� This helped me so so much as I have an important exam approaching. I loved that fact that you just showed managing timetable with the help of Google app and not some apps for planning. I loved it❤

  • I use the Google Calendar in a similar way as you.. but instead of checking things off in Bullet Journal I use Microsoft To-do (My fav To-do list app). Very well explained video ��

  • You inspired me to make my own channel. I swear I would’nt have even dreamt of doing it without the motivation from you.:)
    I sincerely wish you the best for being such a light to so many people, Beautrice.

  • Girl, I think you can read my mind! I was just thinking about getting a GC setup ready for the new semester. Thank you sm for this!!

  • This is interesting, I prefer the Todoist Google Calendar integration then use the hide all-day events option coming from Todoist so it’s not bloating up the calendar and only shows up when a day/time is placed on the task. Not a perfect solution but just another option. Thanks again, Carl!

  • My biggest struggle is that I’m on the ballroom dance team, and practice doesn’t end until 11 PM!!! By the time I’m in bed it’s already midnight. How do I manage this when all of my classes start at 8 AM? Dropping classes or dropping dance really isn’t an option these classes have to be taken at this time, and dance is really important to me.

  • I really enjoy your videos however… my life like a lot of other college students… are parents & married. I am a senior in college taking 6 classes& work 30 hours a week… however, I cook, clean, wash, put away, run house errands as well. I get it all done, but I literally have no self care. I’m up at 5:45 am every day…How would you organize a schedule juggling all four aspects in my life?

  • Why don’t any of these videos feel relevant? What IF she did have a part-time in addition to being full-time and also wants to commit time to the gym while being part of more than just one extracurricular? I feel like there should be more scheduled rest… Research then a 2 hour study block right after, for example, just doesn’t sound like it’s going to happen. Same with the back-to-back class/study/class/study blocks on MWF. It’s a wonderful concept but it sometimes doesn’t seem so easy!

  • Food is my downfall! I work Monday-Thursday and take night classes Monday-Wednesday, so I’m out of the house for the entire day and there’s only about 20 minutes or an hour between clocking out at work and needing to walk over to campus. Food needs to be pretty cheap, healthy, and something that I can do without having to go home. I don’t know how to fit meal planning, grocery shopping, and meal prep (for packing meals but also for eating at home) into my schedule, but I do have large blocks of time on the weekends if I could balance some of those tasks with the classwork that needs to get done.

  • It’s scary to think of how crazy this schedule would look if this student had a part time job too. I feel for all the college students that have to have a part time job to make ends meet.:(

  • I wish I know at the beginning to have a master weekly to do this where it has every kind of thing you need to do each wee and them form there to can plan exactly what you need to do. Like for one of my Class each week I have to take notes, read the textbook, make study notes and work on my assignment that is due each week. Then at the end of the week, I will look at the week ahead and write down what chapter I need to read. What notes exactly I need to take. what concepts I need to put in my study notes and lastly what questions I need to answer for my assignment. Then I decided when I am going to get that done. This is how I make sure I get everything done each week.

  • One of those few youtubers with REAL talk and tips. Yours aren’t only aesthetic and cute, but something that actually we can use in life. Thank you so much! I wish you get more recognization and love! Good luck!

  • Question / Topic Request! ����‍♀️

    How to actually stick to the calendar blocks you make? The plan looks beautiful, but things happen / I miss something and then the whole thing gets thrown off. Or I just don’t feel like doing what is planned at that time, thus avoid / forget the calendar.

    How to manage time without feeling strained or strangling my ability to be responsive to things in the moment? Often the time comes when my energy feels better suited to something other than what I had originally planned to do in that block.

  • Not a student for years, still here I am for food-for-thought. Blocking out to do’s is really helpful versus just creating a list without realising how much you are realistically going to be able to do.

  • I love google calendar but I’m waiting for an app calendar that allows you to personalize using a stylus, note pen, or apple pencil. I’d rather write in my calendar like a planner but still have to option to type things in and add emojis. Love Google calendar cause I can add events on the go or in a rush by just asking Google and it syncs through all of my devices. I just want the best of both worlds…maybe someday

  • OMG Amy just what I needed!!!! The hardest part for me in college has been meal prep and workout, eventually hwk and study needs to be done, but the other areas of my life have been quite messy for the past few months. Hope to get back on track soon!

  • If I use the calculation “ECTS * 2 = weekly study hours” I get over 60 hours a week for literally any semester is that normal? ��

  • My biggest problem: my schedule has double the amout of classes. 17 credits? You have to be joking United States. I mean, in Hungary, studying law, I spend 31 hrs at school, and that is just in classes! I also have a weekly 2 hr project I am in and another class that is a block seminaire (however you write this word), and will be overlapping some couerses for two weeks. I do have a two gym classes included, but those really are classes for me. Total credits: 33. All you in the US freaking out on not having time, pls chill. See this post as something to be thankful for that you don’t have this many classes. I do deal with it though, xx

  • Love this video Amy! I’m a mom of a 2 year old and I’m in school to get my esthetician’s license right now! I’m lucky enough to not have to work also but my husband works 2 jobs while I’m in school so that means I get no help at home. I want to build up my Instagram to start building my portfolio so I can build my clientele before I graduate but between moming, studying, and taking care of my house and myself I can’t seem to find the time! Any advice? @ellaelstonbeauty

  • My biggest struggle is starting everyday and getting back to work after breaks. So I guess breaking the inertia. It would mean the world if you made a video about this.

  • Thank you so much for making this. I’m a college student and I always find myself saying I’m too busy or not having enough hours in the day to get things done but this really helped!

  • For your consideration: CalenGoo (best notifications, for Android) and DigiCal (great split view and a nice set of Android widgets). When.Do for the task list, on Android devices. I’m old school, so Outlook (desktop) is synced through gSyncit to Google Calendar and Google Tasks.

  • I get really stressed out everytime I have to study for tests or do a lot of school projects. I play the piano, and I blame myself when these weeks come if I don’t play the hours I know I have to play to keep getting better, to study repertoire or simply because if I don’t, I know I’ll lose technique… Many times, I end up playing and then studying 16 hours a day for four or five days to take the test… I don’t really know what’s worse or how to prioritize on this situation… Any advice for college students who also study music?

  • College student and mom here. I find it easier to commute, then plan to study on campus. I’ll calender block those times into my day-and find that the change of scenery helps my focus. The second I am home, I’m in mom mode and just have to acknowledge that. Sleep is very important, but some days the only time I have to study is when the kid is in bed. I practice reverse engineering a lot, but some times due dates sneak up on you.

    Also…. I’m an art student, so I have to block off way more time to be in the studio. Those classes are no joke when it comes to time commitments.

  • I’m in Melbourne and probably 95% of uni students have part time jobsaround 12-20 hours probably. I don’t understand how you can possibly fill in a job with this kind of uni and how is this chicka actually living?

  • I got a great schedule this semester! Tuesday-Thursday 8:00 8:50 then Tuesday and Thursday 11:30 5:15. 5 classes. 3 credits each. I also work 25 hours a week on my off days from class. Id say I got a good schedule. Last semester I had 5 classes and class 5 days a wek, but only 1 or 2 classes each day. That also worked really well

  • Hahahaah when you said “cooking,” “history,” I totally heard “cocaine history.” I was like, “wow, electives have changed a bit since I went to school.” hahahaha

  • what laptop is that you said it but i couldnt catch it. im looking into buying one like that for university and yours seems great. would u recommend it or rather not?

  • My time blocking for school is similar to yours. I love the confirmation about my schedule being healthy and balanced. I am still learning how to create my weekly schedule into a more productive and accurate schedule for each of my days. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for this video, I wasn’t expecting it.

  • Love this! Love love love this! �� Did I mention how much I love this. Blazing new intro aside, how helpful is this calendar blockinglife havingsleep-eat -+ morning routine schedule!? I love this idea so much… even though I wonder how much could apply in my case. When i first saw this video in my feed, I ignored it, even though Amy is Awesome.�� BC I figure college kids hahah that’s not me.

    Tonight after 5 hours of studying Neuroscience and Research Methodology and Statistics (whee fun!) and 2 class hourswait a secI’m in grad school maybe this would help me!?

    So okay, next up Amy, calendar blocking for moms in PhD programs, who have approx 4 kids, approx appointments and activities per week, who also are working on growing a side hustle (YouTube) and yes who still are desperate to get enough sleep, eat, exercise, meditation and morning routine done. And oh yeahgotta keep the whole house clean, laundry, dishes sheets on the bed, etc. Sooo. Any tips on that? ��

    I tried using Google calendar for time blocking but I had to move so many things around each week that it kinda made me cry. ��

    But I welcome your suggestions! ����

  • My biggest struggle when prioritizingis when i went to Do something in order to be ahead and end up not wanting to do it bc I know that everyone else isn’t doing either I end up thinking to my self “I don’t have to practice..” no One else does…

  • It would have been sooo much fun to see this video with a class schedule from a latinamerican university. In Chile if you have all the classes you’re supposed to take at one semester you have between 6 and 8 different classes. If you add up transport time you have sometimes 5 to 6 hours a day, ending up with a schedule that starts at 5-5:30 am to get to you first class at 8am, then have class until 1pm for lunch and then continue classes from 2:30pm to 5:30pm sometimes 6pm or later so if you don’t stay at your university studying or doing something related to that you get home at 8pm aprox �� and it’s similar from monday to friday. Anyway, we somehow finish our majors with many ups and downs. It would be very interesting to see what Amy would suggest in those scenarios

  • My biggest priority challenge is getting to the gym. Because then I’m have to worry about showering, and doing my make up, or messing up my hair etc. I’ve tried to become a morning exercise person but as a night owl I’ve never been able to make it work. I also hate going after work when everybody and their dog is at the gym…hence the struggle.

  • I have class from 8:30AM to 7:30PM (and 1 hour to lunch in the middle) from monday to friday, so it’s kinda hard to put 100 hours of studying in the white spaces left:(

  • Hi Amy this is an awesome video! thank you �� About the question, I’m a 3D animator recent graduate, looking for a job and having a part time job on weekends (till I find something on my expertise). I use the blocking schedule technique since I saw the video you made about it AND I LOVE IT. I’m just having a problem every week. I do have prioritized and schedule what I have to do, literally every day of the entirely week is plan, I’m looking for a job so I schedule A LOT of working time on my demo reel hours. I wake up at 7 am have a morning ritual, I start working at 9 am and finish my day almost at 11 pm with 1 hour brake of lunch and dinner. That’s a every day thing, except of weekends that I work 20 hours. here is my struggle: Even having all of my days full and plan, sometimes I get sooo tired and find losing almost a day at the week of doing nothing, I know I should have a “brake time” schedule, but I feel I’m losing time if I’m not working on my portfolio or looking for a job. How do you manage your brakes?
    Thanks again for your videos! you are awesome ��
    Cheers Paola

  • My dad had me calendar block everything as young as middle school to help with my really bad anxiety, and when I went back to college I found your videos and was reminded of how wonderful this system is! Used it as a person who both worked full time and went to school full time, and I firmly believe that is why I was able to a) graduate in the first place and b) get good enough grades to graduate with honors. To any students currently reading this, even if you’re still in high school or younger, please don’t underestimate the amount of relief you’ll get in your day to day life after a little bit of planning!

  • 5 daughters 11 and under… I wish I could run on a time block, but with SO much always changing and being dependent on them and my spouse who teaches… thing never stay the way I block… and I am not the best adjuster when I have a plan… so, I tend to not plan (and get less done) because of the stress it causes when I do… ��‍♀️
    But I still love to watch these videos… ��

  • Thank you Amy! I’m a college student majoring in English and Portuguese Literature and Language in Brazil, while being a private teacher and also in research projects, like Ashley. All of that trying to be healthy and move ma butt and spending 3 to 4 hours daily on a bus to commute. Most of my classes are at night, so I get home around 11:30 or 12:30 and it takes me around half an hour to get ready for bed.
    Even though I don’t need to be up super early, I struggle to get out of bed with 8 hours of sleep because, by that time, it’s already 8:30, sometimes 9 in the morning and I feel like I lost all of my morning time, and my morning time is my favorite time of the day.
    My question, and I would appreciate so much if you could answer, is: how to have a morning routine that makes me feel good about my day, even though I can’t get up at the time I want because I need at least 8 hours of sleep to fuction?
    I’ve been watching your channel for almost 2 years now and everybody compliments me for my calendar skills. I always tell them about you. You helped me get where I am and I’m so glad <3

  • Wow Amy thanks a bunch for this video..the tips were really helpful! I will probably still be struggling with 30 hours of classes each week but at least i can shoot for the right direction as much as possible! ��

  • This was a particularly cool video. Like seeing some real life application with a someone’s schedulr, even if you’re not a student lol. Love it and you! You’re awesome!

  • Oh Amy, I’ve been waiting this video for so long. Thank you girl <3. Could you do something similar for students who work and study?

  • I will be candid here. I screwed my life currently having 10 backlogs and 6 subjects this semester and I have 4 months for my exams. Need to eliminate 5 of the old ones and finish the current 6.
    problem is I also want to upload videos Cause I love makiing them i am not a confident guy maybe a 1 on 1 might help. amy? wanna help a poor soul?

  • I’m in college (in France) and I wish my schedule could be that empty (I have classes from 9 to 5 sometimes 9 to 6) but thank you SO MUCH for making a video for college students!!

  • Thank you for this, as a full time college student working part time and raising a toddler sometimes life gets overwhelming and hectic and mommy brain plays a big role.

  • I’m a sophomore at KSU and calendar blocking has absolutely saved my life! Mine looks a little wild because I work 2 jobs but this helps me plan my workouts, studying, morning routines, meals, etc. My friends think I’m a little crazy for doing it but I couldn’t survive without it!!

  • Thank yoy so much Amy. I’m a student and I find it hard to juggle everytjjng. I have a lot of anxiety and stress. Im definatly going to impliment these tools into m schedule. ��