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TUESDAY, Oct. 30, 2018 (HealthDay News) Despite evidence to the contrary, four in 10 Americans believe alternative therapies can cure cancer, a new survey finds. Research shows that cancer death rates are much higher among patients who use only alternative therapies than among those who receive standard cancer treatments, according to the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO).

Many mistakenly believe alternative therapies can cure cancer (HealthDay)—Despite evidence to the contrary, four in 10 Americans believe alternative therapies can cure cancer, a. Many Mistakenly Believe Alternative Therapies Can Cure Cancer. TUESDAY, Oct. 30, 2018 Despite evidence to the contrary, four in 10 Americans believe alternative therapies can cure cancer, a new survey finds.

Research shows that cancer death rates are much higher among patients who use only alternative therapies than among those who receive standard cancer treatments, according to. About 1,000 have or have had cancer. The survey found that 39 percent of respondents including a high number of cancer patients and family caregivers believe cancer can be cured using just alternative therapies, such as enzyme and oxygen therapy, diet, vitamins and minerals. TUESDAY, Oct.

30, 2018 (HealthDay News) — Despite evidence to the contrary, four in 10 Americans believe alternative therapies can cure cancer, a new survey finds. Research shows that cancer death rates are much higher among patients who use only alternative therapies than among those who receive standard cancer treatments, according to the American Society of Clinical. Despite evidence to the contrary, four in 10 Americans believe alternative therapies can cure cancer, a new survey finds.

Research shows that cancer death rates are much higher among patients who use only alternative therapies than among those who receive standard cancer treatments, according to the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). About 1,000 have or have had cancer. The survey found that 39 percent of respondents including a high number of cancer patients and family caregivers believe cancer can be cured. According to the large, nationally representative online survey commissioned by ASCO ®, 39% of US adults believe that alternative therapies used without conventional treatments can cure cancer. The survey also shows that caregivers and rural residents find it especially difficult to afford and access cancer care.

Many Mistakenly Believe Alternative Therapies Can Cure Cancer Despite evidence to the contrary, four in 10 Americans believe alternative therapies can cure cancer, a new survey finds. Research shows that cancer death rates are much higher among patients who use only alternative therapies than among those who receive standard cancer treatments, according to the American Society of Clinical. TUESDAY, Oct. 30, 2018 (HealthDay News) Despite evidence to the contrary, four in 10 Americans believe alternative therapies can cure cancer, a new survey finds.

Research shows that cancer death rates are much higher among patients who use only alternative therapies than among those who receive standard cancer treatments, according to the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO).

List of related literature:

According to this school of thought, the cancer-medical industry, with the help of a complicit news media, misleads the public by touting improving treatments or cures that are always right around the corner; this deception provides a false sense of hope and no incentive to pursue alternative cures.

“Conspiracies and Conspiracy Theories in American History [2 volumes]” by Christopher R. Fee, Jeffrey B. Webb
from Conspiracies and Conspiracy Theories in American History [2 volumes]
by Christopher R. Fee, Jeffrey B. Webb
ABC-CLIO, 2019

Yet they have found cures for cancer and other illnesses, but even when the information is infused, many on Earth don’t pay attention—after all, if you create a remedy, there’s no more money to gain from all the treatments.

“Temples on the Other Side” by Sylvia Browne
from Temples on the Other Side
by Sylvia Browne
Hay House, 2008

Indeed, the cancer cure has been known for decades, and cancer patients need to be intelligently skeptical of any orthodox treatments still in use.

“Modern Esoteric: Beyond Our Senses” by Brad Olsen
from Modern Esoteric: Beyond Our Senses
by Brad Olsen
CCC Publishing, 2017

Yet the gro� of alternative treat­ments for cancer was another indicator of its growing visibility.

“Companion Encyclopedia of the History of Medicine” by W. F. Bynum, Roy Porter
from Companion Encyclopedia of the History of Medicine
by W. F. Bynum, Roy Porter
Taylor & Francis, 2013

But the same can be said for conventional medicine; no cures are guaranteed.

“Cancer and the Search for Selective Biochemical Inhibitors” by E.J. Hoffman
from Cancer and the Search for Selective Biochemical Inhibitors
by E.J. Hoffman
CRC Press, 2007

The ultimate claim was that their research might lead to a common cure, a “magic bullet” for cancer.

“Grounded Theory in Practice” by Anselm Strauss, Juliet M. Corbin
from Grounded Theory in Practice
by Anselm Strauss, Juliet M. Corbin
SAGE Publications, 1997

Patient accepts homeopathic remedies, and cancer is eradicated or goes into remission.

“Basics of the U.S. Health Care System” by Nancy J. Niles
from Basics of the U.S. Health Care System
by Nancy J. Niles
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2019

Yet the socalled alternative therapies are consistently accused of offering false hope.

“Instinct Based Medicine: How to Survive Your Illness and Your Doctor” by Leonard Coldwell
from Instinct Based Medicine: How to Survive Your Illness and Your Doctor
by Leonard Coldwell
Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency, LLC, 2008

Nor could it suggest reliable treatments.

“An Introduction to Social Work Theory: Making Sense in Practice” by David Howe
from An Introduction to Social Work Theory: Making Sense in Practice
by David Howe
Ashgate, 1987

But there is another possibility— we can try to cure cancer by controlling it.

“The Cheating Cell: How Evolution Helps Us Understand and Treat Cancer” by Athena Aktipis
from The Cheating Cell: How Evolution Helps Us Understand and Treat Cancer
by Athena Aktipis
Princeton University Press, 2020

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  • @arsenalmanic Can you give me a guarantee that the chemo theaphy will work?
    From what I have learned, your body is pretty much aple to cure any disease. Its just about what you eat and drink. There are so many alternative forms of cancer cures, but they are all about a healthy lifestyle.

  • @FAKEPAIN Regarding the Gerson therapy: Charlotte Gerson claims that treatment at the clinic has produced high cure rates for many cancers. In 1986, however, investigators learned that patients were not monitored after they left the facility [19]. Although clinic personnel later said they would follow their patients systematically, there is no published evidence that they have done so. cont.

  • How many peoples lives have been totally buggered by stupid Chemotherapy…….and sometimes the natural Therapies people were still able to intervene and still save them to extend their lives even after all that B.S. think Astragalus the Chinese herb that thrashes so many Influenza Virus like Over!!
    Enjoy your day people……I the mere Mortal

  • i do diet programs for cancer >>>>anyone want free programe that will actulaaay 90% cure it contact my page on facebook:sara m taher and my picture balck and white in it >>>>i hope to help largest numbers of people so i will make it an arabic and english version >>>>like so everyone can survive

  • I get that. However…they DO sell “tobacco pipes” do that not? And most of them are NOT used for tobacco. The snake oil itself is not the problem then. Its the approach that denies traditional medicine, by the snake oil salesman.

  • @jtking2504 As I read your exchanges with @fcdog555 I can’t help wonder if lets say YOU got testicular cancer( highly treatable) even in later stages, think Lance Armstrong, you would refuse it? And a child who is diagnosed today with leukemia and gets chemo has a 80-85% cure. You would say NO to that too? Does chemo cure all CA. NO! In some types it’s not effective, but for some it is,It’s the best thing we have at this time.But new types that work in different ways are the future

  • You seem to be missing a very important point in all of this. The snake oil salesmen and charlatans who are claiming they can cure your cancer with these useless quack treatments don’t tell the patient “Oh!use MY cure but also keep taking your mainstream treatment”.No! What they tell the desperate sick person is “MY treatment will cure you! And you should not take traditional treatment”.

  • And, how many times must I say to you ignorants, USING NATURAL MEDICINE IS NOT “DENYING CHEMOTHERAPY” ANY MORE THAN BUYING A CAR IS “DENYING” TRUCKS EXIST. You can own a car and a truck at the same time. Therefore, you can use chemotherapy and natural medicine at the same time.

  • I don’t believe it’s irrational at all to believe alternative treatments are bad IF the patient rejects proven traditional medicine and turns only to alt, med, treatment.

    I don’t think I’ve EVER said that diet and lifestyle choices WEREN’T important. Of course there is nothing wrong IMO if a person tires different dietary supplements in conjunction with SB treatment.Some supplements have been proven to improve and make tolerating treatment better

    Flax seed is a excellent preventative of cancer

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  • This is just so sad. This poor guy:( misinformed and he could possibly have survived with treatment.
    His band are The Haze, very talented.

  • Regardless of weather natural cures work or not, it is irrational to say “THEY’RE ALL BAD BECAUSE THEY TAKE AWAY FROM TRADITIONAL MEDICINE”.

    Eating a flax seed is not any more “bad” than a cancer patient, say, eating healthy in general, or getting enough sleep. As for the “it takes time away from traditional treatments”, I’ve had people in my family with cancer and they end up spending most their time laying there watching TV

    How would eating a flax seed “hurt” the chemotherapy progress?

  • @narutofortevile I had no way of knowing that about your sister? She shouldn’t make comments comparing the use of chemo with Nazis. Brain tumors are different than many other cancers because they are harder to treat if not impossible. I don’t have a problem with people doing integrated medicine when good treatment options are not available. If what you say about your sister is true & I somehow hurt her feelings I apologize & wish her luck with her treatment. Check the Block Center in Illinois.

  • Wow I am so excited today to tell the world I am free from cancer,
    Dr osaba has done a wonderful work in my life, I’m totally cured from cancer with the help of his herbal medicine, he also cure other diseases like, HERPES, HIV, HPV, CANCER, and many others

  • I’m not necessarily saying that they “work”. But as long as its not something that has any side effects, I don’t see why you should fight a “war” against it.

    Especially when the logic used by mainstream medicine is about the same logic as “buying a car will make your truck stop working” or “inviting a Swede to your house will destroy the melatonin in your skin”

  • I think we people tend to get sick with cancer and other diseases becourse something is not in balance in our body and that problem can only be taking care of if we stop drinking and smoking and eating all theese addictives the food indusrty puts in our food and drinking products (And polution of course). Try to look up the gearson theaphy here on youtube, maybe that will open your mind a bit regarding alternative healing.

  • I’m with you on this one TYT. However.You guys should look into Rick Sampson’s Cancer Cure. I’ll say no more.-Also, another very interesting story is Bob Beck’s Electrification Of The Blood. Beck stated that he was followed, threatened, and beaten up by representatives of various Big Pharma groups. Extremely interesting stuff. Beck is dead now, but there are videos up here of him lecturing. Check him out. Seriously.

  • @FAKEPAIN cont. A naturopath who visited the Gerson Clinic in 1983 was able to track 21 patients over a 5-year period (or until death) through annual letters or phone calls. At the 5-year mark, only one was still alive (but not cancer-free); the rest had succumbed to their cancer As for the 50 cases he writes about in his book.The details as to how they were even diagnosed is sorely missing.It reads like testimonials.No careful detailed records were ever kept.

  • @sweetclaire06, ABSOLUTELY I would refuse it! Restoring health isn’t complicated. I do not believe chemo is the ‘best thing’, it is simply profit making, that’s my opinion. I have seen no evidence that it ‘cures’ anything, it just shrinks a tumor or masks a symptom to come back later while ignoring causes -thats good 4 profit. To cure disease an wholistic approach is needed & allows body to heal. a. Build up immune system, or b. destroy with toxic poison, I choose a.:)

  • For a Video compilation of a number of different alternative cancer cures. Go to hub and read the article called… Could We Already Have “THE Cure for Cancer”?

  • My best friend in her 30s with two small kids has terminal cancer. She tried every cannabis oil known to man and none of it worked. She even tried a vegan diet etc that the seller suggested. None of it worked. The oils made her paranoid and upset! She had weirdos contacting her offering all these miracle cures. My auntie also tried cannabis and it didn’t work for her cancer either. So it is annoying when you see people online constantly saying it when you have watched people slip away.

  • @jonman701 “Drugs are a huge scam, if you find the correct natural treatment your body can heal itself, the leading cause of death is drugs, leading cause of disease is drugs.”

    Where did you get this? The leading cause of death is drugs? Leading cause of disease if drugs? What are you smoking? You need to get your facts straight, instead of just making up bull shit.

  • @Kristianmbossow”There is a cure for everything nature is providing for us”

    I’m currently watching a person I know die from leukemia because he refused conventional medicine (chemo).Instead he tried every kind of alternative medicine from MMS,hydrogen peroxide,detoxing,special diets of all kinds, Gerson therapy,oxygen therapy, vitamins,supplements,Reike, he even flew in personal healing guru from India.I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few.NONE of this b.s. worked! Now it’s too late.

  • @jtking2504 Here is what I said “Not a single doctor will give medicine out that will merely harm them”
    This is what you said “did I say that Drs give them out to ‘merely harm them’,”
    See where you failed?
    And it is not a strawman, I was telling you why your argument is false based on the fact that doctors won’t give medicine out that merely hurts people. Where you said “people of medicine do in fact, give out medicine that is not only not proven to be helpful but is downright dangerous” fail

  • When the pharmacy industry charges an arm and a leg for one pill, you would consider how corrupt Western medicine is compared to other alternatives.

  • So here we are in our Country and all the stupid idiots are dealing with the latest influenza ( that was so mild you could hardly take it seriously)and yes you guessed the stupid tards killed more people yet again and I had that the Influenza and thrashed that with wait for this I kid u Not…………this is how simple it was Crumbed Fish!! which affects the white blood cells count…… ridiculous? well that was basically all I did and thrashed it…….over…..while they treated that and killed people they are such Idiots……you can hardly comprehend it!!

  • @SkepticalAaron, none of what you’ve written on here is actually true at all! I don’t think you’re looking at the same study, because Ulrich actually studied an extremely wide range of cancers, I have no idea where you got the notion that he only studies lung cancer, that’s just not true. In fact, the entire point of his research was to study the various different types of cancer to see which ones chemo may have had any efficacy for. This was the point of it, his findings……

  • @jtking2504 cont. but you would most likely end up dying from a type of cancer that is very treatable with chemo. Not all kinds of chemo come with the awful side effects people think of.Some aren’t bad at all, and people continue to work etc.

  • @xinecallaw NO they are NOT trying to make organic foods, vitamins, supplements etc. illegal. What they ARE trying to put a stop to are the outlandish,unproven,unsafe claims that are made by the sellers of these products.These products represent a more than 6 billion year industry and the companies are owned by many of the same big evil Pharma companies that you rail against. Hardly a mom and pop business.Why do the vitamin, supp, etc.fight harder than any others against regulation?

  • My mom has stage 4 lung cancer that spread into lymph nodes. Can’t have immunetherapy cause her adrenal glands don’t work. Just chemo.

  • @sweetclaire06 My point is the THC still has effect on the cancerous brain cells. That’s why I was referring to that to explain how it would have an effect on cancer.

  • All thanks to dr ebhariagbe for helping me cure my cancer after suffering for 2years.I tried different vaccines all proof abortive until I found a testimony online on how dr ebhariagbe helped someone in curing cancer so I decided to give him a try and contacted him via his Instagram name @dr_ebhariagbe I told him my situations and he promised to help me after 24hours of talking to him I received his herbal herbs and i drank it as I was instructed by the dr. After 1week and 2days of usage, I decided to go for check up from my family Doctor in New York city USA so Lucky for me I was confirmed free that was why I came online here to testify the work of dr ebhariagbe upon my what am trying to say now is if there is anyone here having cancer of any type, do not take it as a severe issue because the cure has be found by a herbal dr and I have confirmed it.So if you also needs to get cured of your Cancer problem of any type do not hesitate to WhatsApp him on (+2349064310416) or visit his Instagram page via @dr_ebhariagbe he will help you as he has done to me thanks to you all for keeping time to read my post….

  • @800mEric This study you refer to was done in a lab on MICE and only cancerous brain cells.It’s a GRAND CANYON leap to applying this in HUMAN BEINGS! This is the problem when lay people and people who just want to PROVE their point get a hold of some study.The next thing you know “It’s the Cure For Cancer”BTW none of the journals this was published in are very impressive.Like comparing the Wall Street Journal to The National Enquier.

  • @Hyrshau cont. His movie isn’t a documentary it’s an informercial. No reputable institution CHARGES patients to be in a research study. Burzynski does, and he charges alot.He reported his income to be 40 million dollars between a 5 year period. He’s running a scam and it will all come crashing down this April 2012.Don’t be fooled by the people he has waving placards saying he cured them. The man belongs in jail. And I’m quite sure he’s headed there.+

  • You never know why someone puts thumbs down. Best to ignore be it could be someone who is really nasty or someone that had a bad experience with immunotherapy

  • @SkepticalAaron THANK YOU! Thank you for pointing out the real facts regarding this often repeated lie..Although I’m sure these cranks will continue to spread the distorted version because it better suits their purposes. The real truth be dammed. It’s so frustrating to see this lie repeated over and over by the alt. med. crowd.

    Maybe the person who’s on the fence and not made up their mind can be reached.:-)

  • @ArtypNk I feel your frustration! I’ve pointed out the same thing many times and get the same response. No one has ever been able to explain to me why if there are all these CHEAP, NATURAL, CURES that work out there, then why don’t the countries that have FREE health care jump all over that! If they don’t have a profit incentive why wouldn’t they be using them? I just hear crickets chriping.

  • @Heisi58008″There are many many natural remedies (such as THC) which have proven very effective in cancer treatment”

    Bull shit! What proof? There is NO proof that ANY of these natural remedies (THC) are effective against cancer.Just Joe Blow saying he was cured!I’m so sick of you alt. med. naturapaths etc. saying there are EFFECTIVE cheap natural cures for cancer.If that crap really worked don’t you think in countries where health care is free they would be using them?

  • To those who say his death was pointless or what he decided to do was pointless, I say you have no idea. He had cancer and beat it and it came back. If you had any idea how it all works and the months or possibly years of suffering before him then you would be understanding of his decsion. Many times it is not as simple as spending the last moments of your life fighting for the rest of your life. He gave it a shot and it came back. How much of the rest of his life should he have suffered to make it a proper death or for it to have been the proper decision in your eyes?

  • @jtking2504 I’m a TROLL because I’m trying to be voice of reason to people looking for alternatives that don’t exist but you, you’re not a TROLL for going around perpetuating this bullshit!!! What a fucking hypocrite, you’re an idiot!!! You should find something better to do like Scientific research on cancer & actual efficacious cancer treatments then maybe you would see that these natural cures are a bunch of bullshit, if it were that easy there’s no way pharma could keep a lid on it. Idiot!!!

  • @jtking2504 It’s funny people like you would be begging to go to a hospital if you were about to bleed to death or loose a limb from an accident yet you want to demonize western medicine!!! I admit the system isn’t perfect & I hope I never have to take chemo but if I had to in order to save my life you can bet I would have better results using science based treatments than a bunch of bullshit you find in so called “Alternative Medicine” bottom line, you naturopaths still can’t prove jack shit!!!

  • @jtking2504 THERE IS SCIENTIFIC PROOF YOU IDIOT!!! Millions of people successfully treated Science Journals, clinical trials, peer review etc. How the hell can you say that there’s no Scientific evidence in Western Medicine when it’s all about Science you Moron!!! Depending on the type of cancer you have & when they detect it cancer can be very effectively treated now. THERE IS NO CURE FOR CANCER!!! Just very effective treatments but you won’t find any of them in natural medicine you idiot!!!

  • @jtking2504 3. The claim that “most oncologists would not take chemo” is another dishonestly described, cherry picked survey used by alt meders. The survey from 1985 was about ONE specific type of lung cancer and ONE specific EXPIREMENTAL drug that was in trials,not as a whole or cancer in general. How unsurprising that they wouldn’t take a new experimental therapy that was still in trial. I’m astonished! The ultimate outcome was it didn’t work for that specific type and isn’t used for that….

  • @jtking2504 You mean the supposed paper Dr.Ulrich Abel wrote that supposedly said chemo was of little benefit in treating cancer and that doctors themselves wouldn’t take chemo?THAT PAPER? My God! I’m so sick and tired of you people dragging that old LIE out! Google: WordPress The Paper that Never Was”

    And now you can stop spreading this kind of misinformation because these statements were NEVER made by Dr.Ulrich. Who by the way wasn’t a M.D. or clinician (treats patients)

  • Contact Dr Ovie for a total cure for your prostate cancer now he cured my prostate cancer with his natural herbal medicine which cured me from prostate cancer now am free from prostate cancer after taking Dr Ovie herbal medicine for 2 weeks i was totally cured from prostate cancer contact Dr today for your miracle cure via email: [email protected] or what’s App Dr on +2349056393169 his herbal treatment has know side effects.

  • @Conquistador2112 Hey dirt bag, first off this was written by my sister who has a brain tumor she’s had surgery and alliterative medicines. It has taken her five years to get to the point of writing, using the computer and typing. They offered her chemo in ass-backwards Idaho. The doctors in Portland OR. and California said chemo would had ruined her for life.

    P.S. This comment was posted 6 months ago wtf man or old woman!

  • @SkepticalAaron Thank You! I’m so sick of these Naturopaths that don’t deal in facts!!! It’s refreshing to see other people that trust Science not anecdotal evidence which can never be trusted. I also can’t believe that they all think the Doctors are in on some kind of conspiracy. This is utterly ridiculous & virtually impossible to keep a lid on. It’s one thing to not trust pharmaceutical companies or the FDA but to say that doctors are in on it is ridiculous. Science is our only hope!!!

  • @jtking2504 You haven’t said shit if you can’t prove it! Are you Scientist or Doctor? Why do Naturopaths always shy away from Scientific proof!!! Chemotherapy has changed significantly over the past thirty years & is far less toxic than it used to be, in fact the Block Center which is an integrated medicine cancer clinic has very little toxicity with their patients on chemo, they don’t even loose their hair but they still use SCIENTIFICALLY proven treatments not bullshit natural cures wake up!!!

  • @fcdog555, and that wasn’t the ORIGINAL argument made, which you did not address = strawman. Mate, you’re so outed, it’s over. You should probably get that Gameboy fixed and find something better to do than trolling. I have to admire your efforts though. Have a great day.

  • We all have freedom of choice, but maybe he should have been committed to the hospital for being delusional and treatment provided

  • @48snowbird Natural cures are bullshit!!! THERE IS NO CURE FOR CANCER!!! Just effective Scientifically porven treatments!!! Quit being irresponsible & spreading this false hope to people who could get Scientifically proven efficacious treatments that could save their lives!!! Alternative Medicine should be held to the same standard as Western Medicine which is to prove it, just prove it that’s all!!! And when I say prove it I mean prove it Scientifically not with bullshit anecdotal evidence!!!

  • @jtking2504, to be honest, I haven’t got any more time to spend on this. I simply do not agree with your thinking on it, I have also had many, many years of research and study, decades in fact. I strongly disagree with the use of toxic chemicals to try to ‘treat’ cancer, I simply do not agree because I have done quality research & there is much ignorance in conventional ‘chemo’ I’m not really interested in getting into a big, drawn out debate on here, I’ve said as much as I have time to say.

  • I was diagnosed with herpes virus in 2019 and i tried all possible means to get cured,but all was in vain, until I saw a post in a health forum about a herbal medicine to cure all kinds of disease such as,
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  • @jtking2504″I have seen no evidence that it ‘cures’ anything, it just shrinks a tumor or masks a symptom to come back later”

    You’ve seen no evidence?LOL!!!The med.journals are filled with documented cases of people being treated and the cancer never returned.They then go on to die of something 60yrs later completely unrelated to the cancer they once had.Some cancers respond VERY well to chemo, others don’t.You are free as a bird to refuse chemo if you were to get testicular ca cont.

  • @Conquistador2112, there is no scientific proof that poison cures most cancers, you would have to come up with a body of research that proves a cure (not just shrinking a tumor temporarily using poison). Natural therapy restores the body’s ability to self heal but if you prefer toxic chemicals, be my guest. We all make our own choices and I wouldn’t go near chemo & destroy my immune system, that’s the most ‘bullshit cure’ there is, I dont buy it. But you can.

  • @SkepticalAaron 2. If you read Ulrich’s publishing history which mostly has to do with specific types of cancer and specific treament options,you see that he does find great efficacy with many chemo treatments in specific cancers,which is exactly what I said.So if you’re going to cite him as someone shedding light on the scam of chemo,then you should actually read his papers and not quote mine a couple sentences from one paper.

  • The only way they cure and get rid of cancer once and for all is through
    Nanit technology little robotic microbes that enter the body and repair the human body by killing any diseases in the body it may sound science fiction it is science fact now scientists could do this one day I hope

  • Have you ever wonder if there is cure for Lung Cancer? Yes there is cure with Dr Ayes herbal traditional remedy, kindly contact Dr Ayes if you suffering from (Hiv)(Herpes)(Diabetics)(Lung Cancer)(Bacteria Vaginosiso)(Bad Breath/Halitosis)(Hep B) or any diseases Call/whatsApp +2349028032485 or mail him. via([email protected]

  • In this boys case,he has Hodgkins, which means he has abnormal growth of B Cells are part of you immune system that fights infections,and if it is allowed to grow will shut down your immune system. So you don’t think he should get chemo because it effects the immune system,but the ironic part is it’s part of his immune system that’s killing him and destroying itself. So that fact that chemo inhibits the immune system is a plus in his case.

  • I am happy to tell the world I’m free and cured from cancer with the help of Dr osaba, I use his herbal medicine now I’m cured, you can also contact him on [email protected] or WhatsApp him +2348132322488

  • @jtking2504
    I’m very well read in oncology while you seem to have only googled “chemo doesn’t work” and read some shitty pop media article or off some alt med site. And obviously you didn’t even read what I wrote. I’ll say it again,Chemo is a treatment,not a “cure” and is not presented as a “cure”. Cancer is a blanket term,there is no one size fits all for cancer treatment and sometimes there is no advantage to chemo in some TYPES and STAGES. cont…

  • My mom died 3april. She have the same cancer and stage4. Doctors says that everthing done for her. And let her to die at home… other contry stage 4 can live… but my mum die…..

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  • @jtking2504
    You couldn’t be more wrong,or at least ill informed. Chemo therapy is not a panacea to all cancers since all cancers are very different and there is no such thing as a cure for “cancer”. Its only used for specific cancers where the efficacy is high,but is not used at all in other types of cancers where it is non existent,like pancreatic. Chemo is very effective in this childs case because of A. its progression and B. The type of cancer he has,for the very side effect you cite.