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Jane Fonda Wants You to Get Arrested for Climate Change | Hysteria

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5 Things I STOPPED Doing to Lose Weight + Keep it off!

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How You Can Help Keep the Care Join HealthyWomen to help raise awareness of the women’s preventive health services that are now available under most insurance plans and the importance to women, families, and the health system of keeping this coverage. Take action Find your senators’ contact information by going to Keep up with vaccinations: Continue to follow the recommended schedule for childhood vaccines and get a flu shot. The flu shot is recommended every year, but is particularly important for fall 2020.

The flu shot is recommended every year, but is particularly important for fall 2020. New American Cancer Society Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines: Statement from HealthyWomen CEO Beth Battaglino, RN-C How to Keep Your Kids Healthy This Fall Whether they’re going back to school in person or online, these tips can help your kids maintain good health. While staying home helps reduce the spread of the virus by keeping offices and waiting rooms empty and by allowing healthcare systems to better allocate resources to fight COVID-19, you might be concerned that postponing regular checkups and screenings could put your health at risk.

MSLGROUP’s Washington office announced on March 15 a pro-bono partnership with HealthyWomen, one of the nation’s leading independent health sources for women, to launch “Keep the Care” (#keepthecare). This nationwide education and advocacy campaign will empower Americans to demand that policymakers and health insurers protect women’s right to equal, accessible and affordable health. The amount of time it takes to stay on top of your health and keeping up with paperwork while feeling the worst you ever have in your life is all-consuming. The next time you hear that those on Social Security Disability are “milking the system,” or we “ need to take ownership for our health,” remember that being disabled is a full.

Important Ways to Keep Up Your Health and Wellness. Health and Wellness starts with figuring out the things you need to live a happy and fulfilling life. The growing number of people dealing with debilitating health problems throughout the world, makes an emphasis on staying physically and mentally fit.

A reader of this column recently asked me, “How does someone keep up with best safety practices?” There is no easy answer. A worksite champion who has an earnest desire and management support to keep workers healthy and safe is a prerequisite. Approach every situation with the understanding that safety and health improvements are always available, look for them, and best. How good are you at keeping up with the nitty-gritty of life instead of buying into the distractions that take us away from core beliefs and values?

While I enjoy the existential moments of life, I am more inclined to favor the following 5 ways to successfully keep up with your lif. To keep abreast of the progress in reducing medical errors, I read anything and everything that Atul Gawande writes and watch videos of his speeches and various panels. He is one of the most eloquent and meaningful advocates about how to improve the U.S. healthcare system.

List of related literature:

Further, policies may exist as policies-in-intention, policiesin-implementation (see, for example Lipsky’s discussion of street level bureaucrats, 1980) or policies-in-experience, that is, policies as construed by the client group (Guba, 1984).

“Naturalistic Inquiry” by Yvonna S. Lincoln, Yvonna S. Lincoln Egon G. Guba, Egon G. Guba, SAGE Publishing
from Naturalistic Inquiry
by Yvonna S. Lincoln, Yvonna S. Lincoln Egon G. Guba, et. al.
SAGE Publications, 1985

The policy streams approach isa major step forwardin understanding policy formation.

“Analyzing Public Policy” by Peter John
from Analyzing Public Policy
by Peter John
Taylor & Francis, 2013

Policy paradigms are quite stable and most likely to only change when overall policy fields fail (Hall 1993; Von Gliszczynski 2015) or if the political settlement is disrupted (Lavers and Hickey 2015).

“The Politics of Social Protection in Eastern and Southern Africa” by Sam Hickey, Tom Lavers, Jeremy Seekings, Miguel Nino-Zarazua
from The Politics of Social Protection in Eastern and Southern Africa
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Policies are managed through the Policy Manager.

“Intrusion Detection with Snort” by Jack Koziol
from Intrusion Detection with Snort
by Jack Koziol
Sams, 2003

Effective policy partnerships, together with the approaches discussed above, form what the WBCSD has dubbed a ‘smart’ hierarchy of policy tools (see Box 3).

“Walking the Talk: The Business Case for Sustainable Development” by Charles O. Holliday Stephan Schmidheiny Philip Watts, Charles O. Holliday, Stephan Schmidheiny, Philip Watts, World Business Council for Sustainable Development
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There is no automatic way to check how the policy has been implemented and by what.

“ICT Systems Security and Privacy Protection: 32nd IFIP TC 11 International Conference, SEC 2017, Rome, Italy, May 29-31, 2017, Proceedings” by Sabrina De Capitani di Vimercati, Fabio Martinelli
from ICT Systems Security and Privacy Protection: 32nd IFIP TC 11 International Conference, SEC 2017, Rome, Italy, May 29-31, 2017, Proceedings
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ToolkitCafe Policies toolkit($149) To increase compliance, keep your policy short and easy to read.

“Social Media Marketing All-in-One For Dummies” by Jan Zimmerman, Deborah Ng
from Social Media Marketing All-in-One For Dummies
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These new policy tools work as governing devices that, through the mutual learningof the policy makers andexperts that come together for their development, their negotiations andco­ options, together with cross­comparison and competition, draw national systems closer intoEuropean and global frameworks and practices.

“World Yearbook of Education 2012: Policy Borrowing and Lending in Education” by Gita Steiner-Khamsi, Florian Waldow
from World Yearbook of Education 2012: Policy Borrowing and Lending in Education
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As Settersten (2005) suggests, policies must move away from the ‘zero-sum logic’ of political decisions which see expenditures for one age group construed as competing with, or draining support from, another.

“Community Health and Wellness: Primary Health Care in Practice” by Anne McMurray, Jill Clendon
from Community Health and Wellness: Primary Health Care in Practice
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You can try out and create your own policies at

“AWS Administration – The Definitive Guide” by Yohan Wadia
from AWS Administration – The Definitive Guide
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Oktay Kutluk

Kutluk Oktay, MD, FACOG is one of the world's foremost experts in fertility preservation as well as ovarian stimulation and in vitro fertilization for infertility treatments. He developed and performed the world's first ovarian transplantation procedures as well as pioneered new ovarian stimulation protocols for embryo and oocyte freezing for breast and endometrial cancer patients.

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  • Thank you so much for sharing this, I love food and have kept my weight down but I have defo creeped up with my weight but it could be my snacks. Thank you for being you
    annemariecooke1985 (my insta handle):)

  • 2 points: 1) Civil disobedience, hmmm, I thinkg MLK had a different opinion on that matter. 2) I’m 58 and have been hearing about needing energy independence since I was a teenager, we finally have it and now that’s no good. I’m all in on a clean environment and getting rid of fossil fuels but until technology isn’t there to heat and cool our homes, etc., it’ll be a transition. If we stop producing here in the US, where will the fuel come from? Are we to import again? Are the regulations in other countries as strict as ours here in the US? What will be the impact on the environment? No easy or immediate solutions. Maybe Jane can convince her cohorts in California to stop traveling the world in those pollution tubes in the sky and do movies locally. Stop showing up to awards ceremonies in limos…

  • Thanks so much for always making it clear that artificial sweeteners aren’t good for you either!!! And because of this I’m gunna not step on the scale till October!!! [email protected]

  • Welcome Katie
    Ur videos r very helpful and inspiring…
    I tried ur many exercises and get good result. I loss my weight and I’m very happy. Thank u so much. ������♥️♥️♥️

  • This video was such a good refresher and reminder for breaking bad habits! Since going through a break up I have slipped into some not so great eating habits again and I’ve been using the LSF plans and your tips to help get me back on track! Also, Not sure if this is the video we’re supposed to comment on for the giveaway, but my IG is @mjgetsfit_lsf! Thank you for all you do Katie!!

  • Thank you Katie! So helpful could you do tips on how to get a good night’s sleep? My wrong choices usually come when I’m tired, which is usually around 2-3pm.

  • I love all the tips. For me the one I do the most is label what I am eating. You are so right. Sometimes I want some BBQ chip, then I punish myself after eating them. I used to eat the whole bag now just a handful and I’m good. I need to look at that as a positive. 80% of the time my choices are feel good foods. Definitely going to put it all in prospective. Keep all the Sunday shares coming, always a highlight in my day���� @theflipside_lsf. Enjoy your selfcare Sunday������

  • Over eating… the snacking I do a lot of. didn’t notice it till I watched this video… I will be more mindful when I eat. Also the unrealistic goals ���� when I make my goals I believe I’m wonder women. Lol

  • Not snacking is easy if I’m busy and out of the kitchen. I am also pretty mindful of the time so if it’s 5pm and I know I’m going to eat dinner around 6 pm then I don’t snack.

  • Totally agree with taking the guilt out of the health / weight loss journey it’s so counter productive, this weekend I did not say no to the champagne and do not feel bad about it! I’m back in the healthy saddle this week ���� and yes to realistic goals. No use caning yourself to always feeling like you’re failing xx

  • Hey Katie! Happy Sunday! Awesome video. For the longest time, the scale was my nemesis. “what the heck! why does the scale say I gained 1 pound” blah blah blah…so bad. After doing this recent shape up challenge, I started to really forget about that stuff. I started focusing on how I feel and just doing what works for me. You are so right about doing things that make you feel successful. When you said that, I said YES KATIE. Working out has really made me feel like that. So cheers to being successful!

  • Thank you so much for this video! I feel like I’m in this journey for too long but finally I understood how toxic my behaviour was, for example sugar-free which made me crave even more sweets and at the end totally overeat. Now on a daily basis I try to switch for a healthier choices when I eat, but when I crave an ice cream I just eat it for example for dinner and call it a day and generally I just try focus on more important things in my life while making healthier choices. I just want it to be my daily basis, not just a diet. Also I focused on limiting my snacks (I really ate too many snacks through the day which sabotaged my progress). And now I’m focusing on a diet more than working out because from experience I know that if I add 5 workouts a week + diet, I’m not gonna last long and gain back everything.

  • hi there! I was wondering do you still take your thyroid medication? like are you planning on taking it for life? I’m considering taking a natural thyroid support instead of a hormone but im not sure what is better

  • The scale Katie the scale! Im sorry, ill retire it �� im so obsessed I jump out of bed in the morning to see if it moved. I do realize thats really bad, but its supermotivating when it does! However, its not like ive hit my ideal weight so clearly its not the key. Im gonna focus on just making the right choices ☺️

  • Yes! Love that rule, 5 ingredients or less. Eat real foods!! Thx great tips!! �� congrats girl!! Ten years!! You look beautiful and so healthy! Please do a sit down clean makeup routine 😉

  • What a great idea. Let’s all run around and protest, get maced, get arrested, gets shot in the head with rubber bullets so we can produce the world John Lewis said was no better 50 years later. Meanwhile, Trump can steal the 2020 election and we’ll have even more reasons to protest. Yeah team! Or maaaaaybewe could do something effective and prevent Trump from stealing the 2020 election that he has already rigged. Joe Biden has absolutely no chance of winning unless we change THAT equation. Who’s in favor of THAT?

  • time to get the feminist outraged, seems to be too much self praise of women instead of get arrested for climate change. I have seen time many women sell their soul to Trump to be swayed to listen based on this logic even if it’s the Great Jane Fonda. Maybe that who Jane Fonda should be confronting, she should be part of the WH Press corps, would like her to go one on one with any of these trumpy women and even Trump himself! Challenge Trump to a debate Jane Fonda!

  • some info. it would be so great if EVERYONE could See that climate change is a NON-issue. all we can do is SURVIVE it. we still got LOTS of pollution to clean up. and, if we do not Save the oceans, we may not make it. in the near future, more energy, and Covered land, will be needed for the husbanding of food crops and livestock. fresh water will be INVALUABLE. natural sources of potable water cannot be expected to last. even, contaminated water will be Precious. energy will need to be available and be invested in large-scale water purification, desal and deliver of water.
    one of the many possibilities is, the desertification of large areas of what is, now, arable land. in anticipation of the expected rise in sea level, the guvmints of affected coastal population centers Should be contemplating, NOW, a planned ‘migration’, inland. or else, become venice.
    it is unknown whether most politicians UNDERSTAND that this is NOT an instance of ‘business as usual’!!! it is not clear whether most politicians See that there WILL come a time when MILLIONS, starve to death or die of dehydration or pathogen. i, therefore, with full sincerity, suggest that all politicians Should READ every kind of disaster/apocalypse story. READ!!! (anything WITHOUT zombies) science fiction authors are a wellspring of, well-reasoned, ‘what if’ scenarios. googletranslate

  • Setting unrealistic goals for myself! I never thought about it this way. Love love love that you’re talking about these things, and always love your content.
    Ig: angmaude

  • virus is just first warning, brainless politicians 2050 CO2 neutral, what a crap, till this time this old fucks will be dead already and wash their hands in innocence. If no radical changes will come, in 2050 you can make the movie Mad Max reality, VERY BIG PROBLEM METHANE IS A BIG BOMB (PERMAFROST), every day coming 200.000 new polluters to this planet. Nobody will stop this and oil is used more and more. So take your health insurance cards, possessions, money, credit cards, language skills, diplomas and fancy titles. In 10 till 12 years you can burn it with the rest of this planet
    Further to mention: rising water levels, more CO2 makes quality of food production less, climate refugees, war, extreme weather events, extinction of plants and animals (humans), oceans will change in chemical way, burning of our woods, drought, diseases, plagues, earth quakes, pressure in Earth’s crust, maybe rotation of planet, human conflicts about food and water and so on ………….

  • If people want to go down these rabbit holes, then good luck to them.
    However, it is sad that science embraces such paradigms, as they are easily debunked.
    One only has to look at body mass index of people in advanced nations prior to the 1970s to discover obesity wasn’t an widespread issue, for either sex.
    Further, sustained weight loss is more successful on high carb low fat diets.
    And I am so over low carb gurus who drink alcohol moderately.

  • Hi love! recent subscriber. I was diagnosed with an under active thyroid when i was 18 and i had a
    huge goitre in my throat (the size of a tennis ball!!) luckily i was fortunate to have the option of surgery or radiation. radiation meant that i would have to be on thyroxin for the rest of my life.. OR i could choose the operation which would mean that the part of my thyroid that had the goitre would be removed, with a small risk of the problem coming back but without the thyroxin. I was told the thyroxin could affect my voice as I am a singer and that i should think carefully about my choice as i was just about to start university. So i chose the op, goitre removed and post this my hormones were normal. This all happened in London (where i’m from) Now fast forward to today, I live in India and i’m 32 this year. my weight has BALLOONED like no joke, i feel sluggish, tired, sometimes dizzy, problems with dry skin and dry hair…. the works. And to top it off, i have noticed a small goitre like lump at the base of my neck. Despite trying to work out, trying to lose the weight to feel good… it keeps failing. But i’m not losing hope. What i wanted to say is that i subscribed and followed you because you are so real. the way you talk. the realness in your voice and your approach to how to battle with this is really helping me feel like i should be persistent and keep going. Thank you for that. With covid taking over the world… I’m trying to manage my “probably under active thyroid” issue by increasing water intake, limiting sugar intake, amongst other things for a while, until i feel comfortable enough to call a doctor home to do a blood test (otherwise my whole apartment block would think i’ve got covid if a doctor shows up right now!!) I’ve been lifting weights because i love how strong my body, but i’m on a mission to feel and look beautiful again. So here I am ����

  • أّنِتّهِتّ قِصٌتّنِأّ بِعٌدِ ګلَ أّيِّأّمَ أّلَجِمَيِّلَةّ
    نِعٌمَ بِعٌدِ ګلَ أّلَحٌبِ وِ صٌبِر
    أّنِتّهِتّ بِعٌدِ ګلَ أّلَعٌنِأّء ګبِيِّر

  • I think the $5 bill is powerful! But, I think the movement away from the USD, and the power that comes with that money is institutionally corrupt.

    My quick answer is create a crypto, built on the back of ETH, and “mined/generated” around equality, and actions of equality. You could even back it up with art/books about the your mission. Attach it to your growing podcast, and watch it flourish.

  • This helps so much!! Thank you!! I’ve been in a stall in my weight loss for a year, it’s so frustrating!! I’m going to try these tips!!

  • 2020: 2% of global energy is solar and wind after 20 yrs trying

    2040: 15% of global energy will be renewable

    2050: 28% of global energy will be renewable

    4% of mammals are wild and 68% have been wiped out in 50 years

    Humans & livestock caused 80% of extinctions, climate change is just getting started

    1 million species of plants and animals at risk of extinction ( Nat Geo 2019 )

    97% of great fresh water species gone since 1970 ( Guardian 2019 )

    96% of mammals are livestock and human ( Ecowatch 2018 )

    96% of tigers gone in 100 years ( IFL Science 2019 )

    90% of elephants gone in 100 years ( Hurriet 2019 )

    90% of lions gone in 100 years ( African Impact 2019 )

    90% of Leatherback sea turtles gone since 1980 ( Earth Watch undated )

    90% of Monarch Butterflies gone in 20 years ( Inhabitat 2014 )

    80% of Antarctic Krill gone in 30 years ( Research Gate 2005 )

    77% of Eastern lowland gorillas gone since 1996 ( Treehugger 2020 )

    60% of world’s wildlife has been wiped out since 1970 ( Science Daily 2020 )

    50% of Marine vertebrates gone since 1970 ( WWF 2015 )

    50% of Great Barrier Reef gone since 1985 ( Live Science 2012 )

    40% of Giraffes gone since 1990 ( NRDC 2019 )

    40% less insects in next 30 years ( PNAS 2019 )

    4% of mammals are wildlife ( Vegan News 2020 )

    700 Marine Species Might Go Extinct Because of Plastic ( Green Planet 2019 )

    500 vertebrate species of less than 1,000 individuals ( PNAS 2020 )

    500 species of animal have gone extinct since 1900 ( RD 2019 )

    no trees = no air:

  • To be quite honest I never really realized until you said quitting the sugar free foods how many of them I truly use to replace things. That’s my starting point!

  • Thank you Katie!! Needed to hear this. I have been focusing waaayyy too much on the scale! It really does come down to how you feel and keeping track of even how you feel and look in your clothes. So many other ways to measure progress other than the scale!

  • What a history we are very excited to start talking about President Jimmy Carter who pushed the radical solar and wind energy initiatives in the late 1970s when we knew about climate change… I interviewed Denis Hayes yesterday and he said the worst day of his life was when Reagan stopped all those green initiatives sadly the American people forgot and decided to herald Reagan, who could today be considered the purveyor of climate change.. high time to remember history. And high time to honor and be humbled by President Jimmy Carter who had to yell at the people… and asked the people to stand up to OPEC…

  • #1965 #vkook #١٩٦٥ #فيكوك #تايكوك
    قايز تكفون اي احد لسه عنده الرواية او عنده سكرينشوت او بي دي اف
    اي شي تكفون ارسلو لي انا قريت نصها وابي اكملها وحتى ماعندي مشكله احذفها بعد ما اخلص بس جد يقهر اني كملت نص الرواية بعدين انحذفت ��

  • Fun! Love the intro when she states her conflicts of interests. I never really thought about the pink packaging for low fat food products that actually make women fat!

  • The problem with society is we spend money we don’t have to buy things we don’t need, in order to impress people we don’t know. Social media makes this worse because we like to follow “successful” people or fake influencers who like to posture / depict a lifestyle that’s actually so different from reality. More often than not, what you see is only a microscopic amount of their lives because it’s what they CHOOSE to show – and most of the time it’s not even real! Can we all start realizing that social media is NOT real life. Go out, live, and do stuff that makes YOU happy. Not stuff that you THINK will make you happy just because everyone else is doing it.

  • Hii katie i love your vlogs but i wan ask u that doing ab workout for some days i have red stretch marks on stomch wt to do ans me it s that happen with u???

  • Hi Katie i love your 5 tips alot. To be honest with you Katie I think we are too extra with what we eat/do. I always believe moderation is key, just dont over do it. I find that I train myself to be satisfied with just a little of foods especially ” unhealthy” foods. Example dont eat a quart of ice cream in one go or a bottle of soda or a whole serving of french fries. I also cut out white rice, white bread, sugar and pasta. I try to eat more whole foods with less starch and more veg. I’ve never had sugar free food. I prefer to have half of the sugar drink with half water. I need to start exercising and thats my goal. I also do not eat at least 2 hrs before my bed time����

  • The irony was that in her study she used the biological definition of sex/gender throughout. Probably because that’s the scientific way of studying it, as opposed to the woke way of studying it.

  • This was extremely helpful, insightful and intriguing for me and I can’t thank you enough for this very timely video. I really appreciate all you do. Thank you so much!!! ��✨✨ I really believe the female stigma around financials is something that needs to be addressed on a very large scale. It’s the number one thing I believe that hold so many capable women and future female leaders back from executing on exactly who they are meant to be. It’s 2020 and I’m so happy you have started this conversation in your community as well as all of the other wonderful things you have been diving into. Thanks again Gary, team and these wonderful ladies ��

  • celebrities telling people how to live is laughable. THEY should confront the climate crisis by moving to a small apartment, reducing their fossil fuel consumption with one car, and give away most of their money for the cause.

    then i might buy it. till then, i’ll pass.

  • Omg this has helped so much and I have reached my point of getting passed my labeling of food whether it’s good or bad. It’s honestly a nice feeling to understand and not feel so guilty for a once in a blue moon regular beer or something lol. Thanks a lot Katie and thanks for guiding me to a healthier life.

  • For late night snacking a lot of people snack when they’re tired and the saying goes, “If you’re sleeping you’re not eating.” And sleep is crucial. I used to stay up scrolling on my phone while sleep deprived and then wonder why I was so hungry.

  • I think the women leader thing has less to do with a woman being in charge and more to do, with societies who are comfortable elected a woman as leader might be more comfortable with having calm discussions, hearing the otherside and accepting, that you can diverging opinions based on the same facts and sane and sound reasoning. These societies are more respecting and empathetic to other opinions.

  • Sure there will be differences if one is low carb or not towards diet success.

    I don’t eat food for 18 hours every day, then once a month I fast for 24 hours. To me this is not a big problem. When I talk to people who want to lose weight about their eating habits I find they are never go without food for even 6 hours. They fail to go without food for even a short period of time. I ask them do you not think I get hungry when I fast? To which they accept that I do. I then ask them ‘ What is the difference between your hunger and my hunger ‘ at which point they fail to explain why they fail or what is the difference between their hunger and mine.

    The answer lies in their brain, it lies in their will power. But telling people what is so pathetic about them is not something the medical profession does, but it should do!

    The main problem lies in the brain.

    Yes, yes one feels less hungry on a zero carb diet, but my point above still holds.

  • Does everyone realize that Jane Fonda has zero technical acumen? She wouldn’t even know that Kelvin is an absolute temp scale or the theory by which CO2 is supposed to provide warming. Yet she publicly exclaimed she was a climate scientist. By the way the mechanism of how CO2 drives warming in an open atmosphere is scientifically unproven since the atmosphere can effectively radiate energy into space and the predominate greenhouse gas is by far water vapor.

    Also, consider the fact she is 82 years old and whatever socio-economic policy (regressive energy taxation and expensive/less reliable Green energy technologies) she advocates will not ever adversely impact her or her heirs standard of living.

    Do you realize that multi-variable climate models while based on scientific theory vary and they in themselves are unproven theory. They merely manipulate the coefficients/weighting to fit observations. The data collected to support them is limited and the models are unable to accurately predict seasonal variation.

  • Look, if a female wants to be fat then so be it. If I care not to have any association with her for her being fat, then so be it. That is not a social construct. That is my preference as to what a healthy female should be.

  • I love my Hysteria, look forward to every episode. My mother, who was born on 9/11 85 years ago would be a big fan if she was still alive. She was not a well behaved woman.

  • Sex difference I get, but gender differences? The idea of gender is not applicable when talking about science, as it has nothing to do with biology, only what someone feels about themselves. Feelings aren’t science, gender is an ideology.

  • The marketing of the genders of females only hurts them in the long run… though it greatly aides in the medical system making gobs of money off of them.

  • no tea no shade but kind of a tone deaf take from Fonda. Not everyone has the privilege to get happy-white-people arrested, let alone come out ok on the other side of the system.

  • No. 1 I am also a grazer at heart. Meal journaling has helped me soooo much. I’m more consciously aware of it. I’m like, “Oh, I already had some chips or cookies earlier today. I don’t need any before bed.” I haven’t even counted any calories since I started my weight loss journey in March.

  • Hi Katie, I enjoy your videos. Thank you for the information. Question: Do you think you will ever make a nutrition guide that is plant based?

  • Jane is wonderful and strong, woman her age had it even worse in Hollywood than females do today, this is by no means saying Hollywood doesn’t treat woman like crap, because they still do, but in Janes time, they didn’t have a #MeToo movement or anyone that would protect them. The “casting couch” is a real thing!

  • Honestly used to think like you about the scale. However now that I know how it is just like you said overall body weight and not fat, can weigh myself and not let it affect me or my emotions.

    It’s just data. A number. They key is being to move past that fear and not let it affect your day or making you restrict. If you are too scared to stop on the scale you have not made peace with the scale and what it means. You are still placing a value on it.

    I can weigh myself every day and it doesn’t affect me the way it used to. It’s just a number like any other measurement.

  • Hi there. This video was great. I love not labeling food as bad or good. Thats a great tip. When you talked about setting small, realistic goals I was thinking “oh ya” I just began incorporating small things into my diet because I knew if I cleaned out my fridge and cabinets and tried to just begin cold turkey with all health food I would never last. And all that food would go to waste. I’m 49 and what I’ve noticed is how every decade my body changes and there are foods that I never touch again. It’s interesting, this decade, my 40s I’ve stopped drinking soda, like Pepsi. I never drank a lot, but my body was definitely ready to let it go for good. And I really didn’t think I could do it, and I did, and it wasn’t that difficult at all. I think you are so right, wanting to feel better is a great motivator. And I think, (at least for me) I need to allow myself to occasionally have a day with a food that I just want.I’m living in Massachusetts and I love me some fish and chips, LOL. So occasionally I order it, but I am not eating fried anything nearly as much as I used to. Alcohol also hasn’t been my friend. This whole decade I drink less and less. I hate being sick, and I especially hate feeling bloated. I put on 5 lbs the first week into quarantine and I have had a heck of a time trying to shed them. Because I lost my job. I was serving food Friday, Saturday and Sundays. And when I erased 3 days of walking like 8 hours straight I couldn’t believe how quick I put that weight on. And now coming up on 50, (in December) I’ve noticed my muscles are little too jiggly. I got your app 2 weeks ago and I’m really grateful. I Love it! I am already feeling stronger and happier. Now if I could just afford more Botox… LOL! 😉 Have a good one, and thank you for everything Kate. Keep rocking the free world!

  • Would like to add to the list of people/places in need of recognition/support for their efforts in the climate fight the native and non-native people of Alaska who have been fighting Pebble Mine and ANWR drilling for DECADES. No matter how many times the people here say no, the businesses and politicians keep trying to make it a yes. We don’t want your golden handcuffs or your golden spoon full of toxic waste!

  • The weight loss journey is like a brick wall and I can’t break through it also over snacking I don’t really eat the sugar free or processed

  • This is not just a song it will remain a history in the features like old an days dilip Kumar now a days SRK SMK and AMK… And in next features it will rock the whole world…

  • This series came out at a good time! I am just working on getting my mindset around money right and literacy is KEEEEEEY <3 Thanks for the top notch info as usual!

  • I definitely have a problem with over snacking at night. I’m recently trying to add more calories into my day so I’m more full and satisfied at night:)

  • I love when she talks about tortellini…. ♥️
    I’m originally from Bologna (italy) and I’ve grown up with the Sunday’s homemade tortellini��
    However, even now that I feed myself with a keto/low carb diet, I treat myself with a dish of tortellini…. once a year for Christmas ��

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  • I am definitely a snacked! But I’ve gotten better. If I get hangry while cooking I just grab a spoonful of peanut butter.

  • Go now to and watch all the videos of previous Friday “teach ins” from guest expert speakers. We can all volunteer to bring attention to climate change even in COVID shutdown. Go to Jane’s Youtube videos and you can sign up. Each Friday on YouTube Jane brings together EXPERTS AND SCIENTISTS to highlight what can be changed to improve our fixes to climate problems. STAY INFORMED AND SHARE THE TRUTH FROM SCIENTISTS! In the memory of the wonderful John Lewis, each of us as one person CAN BE BRAVE and keep the conversation going. Become a Fonda-like activist in your LOCAL COMMUNITY TO MAKE A LOCAL CHANGE. Many should become aware that air quality in your city is controlled and measured by city and state authorities. Get informed on how you can bring authorities to your climate crisis. With the new 2021 Congress going totally Democratic I am so hopeful that the EPA can be corrected from the past 3.5 years of neglect. Share the science data!

  • It’s interesting to listen to left-wing activists. I could not be further from Jane Fonda on every issue imaginable. Hysteria does not appeal to me, but it certainly does validate my love for the patriarchy and free-market systems. Like every fellow conservative I know personally, I consider myself an environmentalist intrinsically. If she likes solar energy, then she should invest in it and encourage others to put their money where their mouth is. She should not, however, dictate that government officials should decide what is better for all of us collectively. Personally, I believe that the newer generations of nuclear power plants are much more effective and safer and cleaner for the environment by far than solar or wind. I can invest my own money in what is more effective because I might actually see a monetary return. It’s called a win-win situation. For now, I invest in cleaner refineries of fossil fuels. I am phasing in nuclear the better it gets.

  • I don’t know how or why but something you said just clicked this time! I had lost close to 40lbs 6 years ago but gained it back over the last few years. What I did wasn’t sustainable long term. These tips will help…thank you!

  • Let’s see now, she lives in a mansion, has multiple cars and a driver, flies all over the world, was married to Captain Outrageous and owned a baseball team (Braves), did the Tomahawk chop on TV, this person has burned more carbon credits than a small nation. Taking environmental advice from her is like taking financial advice from Bugs Bunny…….

  • GARY VEE IS THE MANNN, Hi every one I’am from ethiopia, I’ve taken all of Gray’s advice, jumped out of my comfort zone and now I’am on target to make a million!! I’ve just created a you tube channel to follow my progress. I would love some one support/feedback so please hit subscribe and check it out.peace

  • 15 minutes of saying that men and women are different before getting to the point!!! Presentation could have spent more time disecting the actual facts and statistics.

  • I lost my job and then making an Instagram Tool for everyone who wants to Auto Liker or Auto Unliker with Whitelist option on Instagram and many other features. Price $3 only.

  • Different hormonal responses, + the menstrual cycle added in, = different results, not really rocket science, although, I’m only 4 minutes into the video �� lol.
    In terms of gender, where was all the individuals trapped in the wrong body years ago, along with all the metabolic disease we have today.
    I believe this is down to modern food practices, mainly, along with all the other toxic chemicals we are assaulted with on a daily basis.
    Certain individuals will be super sensitive to Xenoestrogenic compounds, which completely screw up their hormones.

  • I still really like hearing this song, have you ever been bored listening to it, to be honest, I never get bored I’m from the Maldives

  • I really need to work on not categorizing my foods as good or bad!! I end up making myself so upset and craving the “bad” even more. Love this video thank you for these great tips!

    IG: jessicashill

  • I enjoyed hearing about the women leading the fight for our future including environmental and social justice. I’m pleased that we all agree that bone-spurs and his corrupt associates have to go. I’m sorry that you didn’t speak more fondly of the Biden/Harris alternative. Biden is a strong candidate and he has provided us with the most progressive platform ever, and he also selected a well qualified woman of color as his running mate. All this talk about holding people’s feet the fire seems like non-sense to me. The greens are running a third party candidate again and haven’t join our coalition for the most part, while many moderate Republicans have joined us. Even after all the turmoil and turbulence of the past four years, greens show little regret about the bashing and hate involved in the 2016 election and other fights going back to Ronnie’s disruption of the initial civil rights movement and the push back against the environmental movement of the 70’s. I do hope we might survive, but it is going to be a tough fight. Let’s figure out who our allies are and who the real enemies are. I’m proud of the progress that Democrats have made in the past, and rest assured we have the most progressive agenda that we’ve ever had, and if we are in power again, we will restore the work of Obama/Biden and take our country to a new level of sustainability as we build back better. Solidarity!

  • I love your videos! i need some advice… i’m 14 and i want to tone up my body… i’ve lost most of my belly fat and now it’s time to tone. what do you suggest to do at home?

    so proud of you/fitness journey and thank you for everything you do! ��

    i will definitely stop some of my “bad habits” too!

  • Jane Fonda did more to cause the climate crisis than anyone by giving a bad name to nuclear power by spreading lies. If nuclear power projects had not been canceled we would have already decarbonized our grid a long time ago. Shame on her.

  • Informative and effective tips! I have a tendency to have 2 to 3 pieces of dark chocolate after dinner. Is that ok? I do workout regularly!

  • hey great POD cast I agree with you all. if i could go back to my younger self it would be learn to look after my money instead i have nothing going into retirement.

  • The developed world has become so robbed of its common sense by a need to conform to the outlandish and unscientific ideas of those who deem themselves the vanguards of political correctness. One scientific truth that has been sacrificed on this altar, so as to appease this group that values subjective feelings over actual facts, is the idea that there are significant biological differences between the sexes, and those differences do have appreciable consequences in many areas of life. These deluded people, who have way too much clout, would like us to believe that any differences between the sexes can be explained away as simply social constructs assiduously cultivated by the “patriarchy”. In other words, they want to conflate their theories around gender fluidity and state that sex is also just as illusory. However you interpret gender, you cannot extrapolate that on to the notion of biological sex. Thank you Dr. Aronica for broaching this unnecessarily incendiary topic, and emphasizing that these differences between the sexes are real, and that the best way for us to achieve optimal health is to ACKNOWLEDGE these differences and customize our healthcare approach when dealing with these sex differences. In every other area of life, common sense dictates that when differences exist between two groups of anything, that we alter our approach to those groups based on those differences. Its time that we apply that common sense to the way we approach health visa-a-vis biologically determined sex characteristics.

  • California is on Fire! Gavin Newsom quietly approved fracking permits for Chevron just two months ago. 360 approved this year. He rallies agains climate change while approving fossil fuel projects at an alarming rate. Truly frightening.

  • Top information that helps me a lot, but on another not any support would be fantastic on my channel even if it is negative or just advice

  • probably alot less to do with gender than it is manipulative advertising. unless you say women are more susceptible to manipulative advertising.

  • Recently I was in Sainsbury’s there were 2 identical packs of kitchen towel but one was with green edges wrapping
    and one blue They were the same price, they were wrapped as tightly and of the same ply and quality really couldn’t
    tell what was the difference, until I read the back and it said the green pack was recyclable paper and good for the planet.
    I bought the blue pack

  • I am definitely a bird when it comes to eating! I can’t eat big meals so I have changed to healthier things I eat. This video was great!

  • I don’t like how every problem in existence is adressed as a crisis. If everything is a crisis, nothing is. Maybe a little bit restraint with that word would serve good to issues, that are actually crises. Narrow your focus, or nothing can get done.

  • Annie Leonard, I’m glad you had such a good experience, but I have to tell you that when I decided to devote myself to working for the planet, and joined a coal-mine protest camp in Australia, the Greenpeace representative (or rather his girlfriend) made my life and that of every woman over 35 absolute hell. Most weren’t permanent members of the camp as I was but after that young woman arrived, she began projecting a myth that I was a bag-lady (I’m a tertiary educated woman with a post-graduate degree in environmental sciences and chemistry). If I spoke to any male, she suggested a sexual motive (I’d been married twice, and after losing my second husband was not, and never had been, interested in replacing him). She interfered with every project I undertook (such as teaching wayfinding techniques in the bush. or arranging for a project to measure pollution-levels in the local creeks with the help of a technical university the assistant sent up to assist me was ordered not to speak to me, but to another and entirely unqualified friend of hers ), she told females not to speak to me, rewarded sneering or derogatory comments directed towards me, began rumours that I was a thief, a ‘cougar’ and sent her tame boyfriend to follow me around because (according to her fertile imagination) I suffered from some form of dementia and mightn’t know how to wash a dish or turn off the gas (needless to say, I’ve managed family and home for several decades). Other older women received similar treatment, except for a couple whom that woman actively encouraged. They were later found to be mining-company plants. Ironically, another rumour this ‘Greenpeace representative’ created was that I should be left isolated because ‘a spy’. Under her considerable personal charisma, the number of actions undertaken by the camp was greatly reduced, and were always ineffective ‘conscious raising’ but nothing done that hindered or prevented the mine’s steady progress and destruction of the area’s farm-land, water-levels, sacrilege (first nation sites), and pollution. Mines are not stopped by the means used against forest-logging. I persisted for a year, but it was a constant mixture of ageist and sexist discrimination the first and still most extreme I’ve ever endured. I did the ‘get arrested’ thing, but found that sort of action counter-productive because it took out of the camp, one by one, the most intelligent and most knowledgeable activists we had. Needless to say, the woman in question was always treated more leniently by police. I suggest Greenpeace ensure that its activists remember that diversity is health in this movement as in nature.