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Identifying Neurological Problems

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ConnectToBrain: Neurological disorders treated with new mTMS stimulation

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Central neurological disorders

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Peripheral neurological disorders

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Functional Neurologic Symptom Disorder

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Neurological and Neuromuscular Diseases: Mayo Clinic Radio

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WEDNESDAY, March 9, 2016 (HealthDay News) The list of neurological disorders potentially associated with the Zika virus continues to grow, health officials reported Wednesday. Writing in the March 9 online edition of the New England Journal of Medicine, French researchers described the case of an. Another Neurological Disorder Tied to Zika. It may cause meningoencephalitis, an infection and swelling of the brain, researchers say.

The list of neurological disorders potentially associated with the Zika virus continues to grow, according to a letter to the editor and a perspective piece published online in the New England. Another neurological disorder tied to Zika Researchers warn it may also cause meningoencephalitis, an infection and swelling of the brain. By: Dennis Thompson More articles by Dennis Thompson. WEDNESDAY, March 9, 2016 The list of neurological disorders potentially associated with the Zika virus continues to grow, health officials reported Wednesday.. Writing in the Wednesday online.

By Dennis Thompson HealthDay Reporter. WEDNESDAY, March 9, 2016 (HealthDay News) The list of neurological disorders potentially associated with the Zika virus continues to grow, health officials reported Wednesday.. Writing in the March 9 online edition of the New England Journal of Medicine, French researchers described the case of an unidentified 81-year-old man who had. NEURO-ZIKA: Neurological Manifestations of Zika Guillain-Barré syndrome is a major complication of Zika virus and occurs in 1 in 4,000 or 5,000 cases, which makes it potentially a huge burden to healthcare providers and systems. Central nervous system disease is.

List of Possible Zika Birth Defects Grows Longer Even without microcephaly, seizures and developmental delays may appear in the months following birth By. MONDAY, Aug. 14, 2017 (HealthDay News) Adults infected with the Zika virus can develop a number of serious neurological conditions, a new study finds.

Until now, the most troubling Zika-related. Congenital Zika virus infection has also been associated with other abnormalities, including but not limited to brain atrophy and asymmetry, abnormally formed or absent brain structures, hydrocephalus, and neuronal migration disorders. Other anomalies include excessive and redundant scalp skin.

List of related literature:

There is also concern that Zika virus infection may be associated with the development of Guillain-Barré syndrome (Chapter 39: Viral Syndromes).

“Fenner and White's Medical Virology” by Christopher J. Burrell, Colin R. Howard, Frederick A. Murphy
from Fenner and White’s Medical Virology
by Christopher J. Burrell, Colin R. Howard, Frederick A. Murphy
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Other problems have been detected among fetuses and infants infected with Zika virus before birth, such as absent or poorly developed brain structures, defects of the eye, hearing deficits, and impaired growth.

“Modern Dental Assisting E-Book” by Doni L. Bird, Debbie S. Robinson
from Modern Dental Assisting E-Book
by Doni L. Bird, Debbie S. Robinson
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• Congenital Zika syndrome now described, including cognitive, motor, and sensory disabilities plus: • Severe microcephaly with partial collapse of skull (Fig.

“Comprehensive Review of Infectious Diseases” by Andrej Spec, Gerome V. Escota, Courtney Chrisler, Bethany Davies
from Comprehensive Review of Infectious Diseases
by Andrej Spec, Gerome V. Escota, et. al.
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2019

Zika virus infection may also trigger a range of neurological complications ranging from Guillain-Barré syndrome, neuropathytomyelitis, particularly in adults and older children.

“IAPSM's Textbook of Community Medicine” by AM Kadri
from IAPSM’s Textbook of Community Medicine
by AM Kadri
Jaypee Brothers,Medical Publishers Pvt. Limited, 2019

Most Zika virus infections are asymptomatic, but congenital Zika virus has caused fetal loss as well as microcephaly and other serious neurologic anomalies (AAP, 2018f).

“Breastfeeding and Human Lactation” by Karen Wambach, Becky Spencer
from Breastfeeding and Human Lactation
by Karen Wambach, Becky Spencer
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Vertical transmission of the virus leads to congenital Zika virus infection; sequelae include microcephaly with brain anomalies (and other serious neurologic consequences) and fetal loss.

“CDC Yellow Book 2020: Health Information for International Travel” by CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION. (CDC), Gary W. Brunette
from CDC Yellow Book 2020: Health Information for International Travel
OXFORD University Press, 2019

Zika virus infection as a cause of congenital brain abnormalities and Guillain-Barre syndrome: systematic review.

“Creasy and Resnik's Maternal-Fetal Medicine: Principles and Practice E-Book” by Robert Resnik, Charles J. Lockwood, Thomas Moore, Michael F Greene, Joshua Copel, Robert M Silver
from Creasy and Resnik’s Maternal-Fetal Medicine: Principles and Practice E-Book
by Robert Resnik, Charles J. Lockwood, et. al.
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Zika infection during pregnancy may cause severe birth defects including microcephaly and fetal death, and patients have developed Guillain–Barré syndrome.

“Habif' Clinical Dermatology E-Book” by James G. H. Dinulos
from Habif’ Clinical Dermatology E-Book
by James G. H. Dinulos
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The dark side of Zika infections include two other syndromes: microcephaly and Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS).

“Microbiology: Principles and Explorations” by Jacquelyn G. Black, Laura J. Black
from Microbiology: Principles and Explorations
by Jacquelyn G. Black, Laura J. Black
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Other ocular findings include optic nerve hypoplasia, severe optic disc cupping, lens subluxation, and iris colobomas.77 A widespread outbreak of Zika virus began in April 2015 in Brazil, and has spread to other countries in South America, Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean.

“Taylor and Hoyt's Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus E-Book” by Christopher J. Lyons, Scott R. Lambert
from Taylor and Hoyt’s Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus E-Book
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  • The medical establishment has spun me around in circles, with lots of tests, radiology, with no cause, disorder, or disease, therefore no treatment… how soon will this turn into, if it’s not already “cancer?”… I’m slipping through the cracks, and I feel like I’m not going to be with us too much longer.

  • It took ten years to diagnose me with FND and I know exactly when it started. I had just got married, we where crazy in love and I was at the happiest point in my life… then it struck. Doctors like to insist that there has to be some sort of underlying stress, a virus or something at least with the onset and that simply isn’t true. Stress and other illnesses contributes to it just like they contributes to any physical illness but I don’t believe for a moment that stress is the cause.

  • Hi my name is Riaz Ahmed & I m from Balochistan want ur help in case of my nephew age 11 years who have brain gene problem having problem in walking and coordination issue, diagnosed by local doctors and they said that there is no any medical treatment for such neurological disease and its neurological problem in brain due to genes….i have the medical reports of child and M.R.I scan CD also availble if desire….hope for ur answer if any treatment available in world for such patients…

    Riaz Ahmed

  • It is important to note that FND is not necessarily a psychological condition. There can also be a physiological cause. Mine were caused by an adverse reaction to medication. I have met others with a brain injury and another with pancreas disfunction whose injuries have caused non-epileptic in my small town, also not psychologically induced.
    “Older ideas that FND is “all psychological” and that the diagnosis is made only when someone has normal tests have changed since the mid-2000s. The new understanding, including modern neuroscientific studies, has shown that FND is not a diagnosis of exclusion. It has specific clinical features of its own and is a disorder of the nervous system functioning in which many perspectives are necessary. These vary a lot from person to person. In some people, psychological factors are important, in others they are not.”
    … “In some psychological factors such as past trauma or stress at the time of symptom onset in FND are important in understanding how the brain has gone wrong. In others the presence of a problem like migraine or a physical injury may be the most important thing.”
    From the National Organization for Rare Diseases (NORD) website.

  • Sir, I have 14days baby, preterm delivery in 35week. Done USG Skull today and mentioned in report There is a heterogeneous elongated oval lesion centered in right lateral ventricle at posterior horn, in the region of choroid plexus. It extends into frontal and occipital horns of lateral ventricle as well. It has a hyperechoic rim with central heterogeneous echogenicity. There is periventricular hyperechogenetic on the right side. Kindly suggest us according to the report.

  • Recovery is not possible for everyone. I have a dead spot in my brain that is causing this. Unfortunately that doesn’t stop the knee jerk reaction of the very few people who know about the disorder because they will still tell you the cure is to accept that it is not really happening. I was told that to get past this I have to ignore the events. This is grossly negligent and dismissive. Have you ever tried ignoring dystonia? What about spinal myoclonus… how easy is that to ignore? Drop foot and loss of sensation of outer extremities. Can you ignore that? The truth is, medical science has very little information about this and has spent hundreds of years pretending it wasn’t even a real disorder. That’s why they had to change the name of it.

    “It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.” Arthur Conan Doyle

  • I am the 2nd oldest person out of 110 in the whole world with Abetalipoproteinemia check out my videos and google search on my name thank you

  • Reptilian brain….. hhhmmmm makes me now believe certain people are reptilian! Like you see here in YouTube look it up lol wow I cant believe this doctor just said that!!!

  • A very informative video. But there’s a significant problem with FND that is ignored in this video. The video acknowledges that approximately 37 percent of FND cases can be caused by an injury. Yet, since FND is listed in the DSM 5, various clinicians and others automatically list FND as a Pysychological condition. As a result those patients are denied the proper “Physical” treatments that they need in order to recover. How many FND sufferers are out there that could have recovered correctly had their condition not been listed as a Psychological condition?

  • I was given Norflex injection when I went to the hospital. I had no problems with my nerves I only went to the hospital because I thought I had a UTI or kidney problem the nurse asked how I felt I said I was experiencing alot of pain mostly in my back where the kidneys are. He came in and place an IV in arm and injected me with Norflex a muscle relaxer I was about to die my head felt like it was burning my body couldn’t move, my blood pressure was 289/173. Now every day I feel faint I keep having tingling feeling in my legs and arms. I feel like my head is burning. I don’t know what to do. Please hep

  • My husband has something that we haven’t been able to figure out. It happens mostly when he’s asleep or exhausted. Moments later he wont be able to move. He can faintly speak out to me saying “help!”. His body is paralyzed and I have to physically get on top of him and grab behold his neck in order to pull him up and he regains movements. He’ll be extremely tired afterwards or have migraines. It can happen back to back and we are clueless on what kind help he may need. They are seizure-like but not seizures. It has to be surgical.

  • Great harm is done by patients with ME/CFS when wrongly diagnosed as FND. When the chronic, multisystem, autoimmune disorder, ME/CFS, is misdiagnosed as being a psychiatric complaint, patients are offered CBT, which is irrelevant to a non-psychiatric illness, and GET, Graded Exercise Therapy, which in many cases pushes a mildly or moderately ill patient into permanent and complete incapacity and intractable pain. The Institute of Medicine (Now the Academy of Medicine) commissioned a report on ME/CFS which was published in February, 2015. The core finding of this Commission was that this is a non-psychogenic multisystem very disabling disease. It’s defining aspect is that exertion, of any type, physical, cognitive or emotional, ‘may adversely affect many organ systems’. Most usually precipitated by an apparently mild virus, from which the patient does not recover, the most appropriate first response to this symptom pattern is to advise an extended period of complete rest, thus conserving the patient’s energy for the use of the immune system. Before this illness was taken over by psychiatry, a significant proportion of patients recovered completely, or virtually completely. The current treatments have resulted in a situation in which almost no one recovers, and the illness has come to be regarded as one of almost inevitable consistent deterioration.
    Typically ME/CFS patients are high-functioning, conscientious individuals, very often in physically demanding professions: athletes, dancers, marathonners, back=packers, or manual workers, or nurses, carers for disabled or elderly family members, mothers of young children.
    If you have been diagnosed with FND, but know that your illness followed a viral illness, in the context of a generally happy and successful life, and you know that you are not suffering from anxiety or depression (except because your illness has completely disrupted your life), you do not have FND. You need to conserve exertion, and avoid any suggestion that you should ‘push through’. If your medical advisors tell you otherwise, their advice, however well-meant, is a danger to you. Find out about ME/CFS and make your decisions accordingly.

  • My daughter was recently diagnoses with FND. I wish I would have found this video sooner as it has been a world of help to me. I have shared it with some family members and asked them to watch it as well. I feel much better about her diagnosis and how we can handle it now that I have seen this. THANK YOU!


    Neuroblasts generated in the subgranular zone did not migrate to the hippocampal CA regions, and thus the new neurons found in the injured the site may be derived from the SVZ (Ruan et al., 2014). There are studies reporting a twoto fourfold increase of neuroblasts after TBI (Lu et al., 2003; Ramaswamy et al., 2005), which is comparable to the increase in the SVZ. The cortex is another site where the activated neural precursor cells could be found after TBI. Magavi, Leavitt, & Macklis (2000) found that after neuronal death, the dormant NPCs in the cortex activate and differentiate into mature neurons and establish synaptic connections in the adult rodent. The nestin, a marker of neural stem cells, is found in the peri-injured cortex 7days post-injury, suggesting the possibility of NPC activation (Kernie, Erwin, & Parada, 2001). In animals of the controlled cortical impact model, when the cortical tissue was isolated, nestin expression peaks in vitro 3days after injury, and is associated with the formation of neurospheres (Itoh, Satou, Hashimoto, & Ito, 2005). The capacity of human cortical NPCs to generate new neurons was also found after TBI (Arsenijevic et al., 2001; Richardson, Holloway, Bullock, Broaddus, & Fillmore, 2006), which suggests that the cortical dormant NPCs are a possible source of new neurons after injury. Animal studies showing improvement in functional outcome by augmenting neurogenesis following TBI have suggested the functional role of newborn neurons in this injury. In a physiological condition, neural progenitors in the SVZ migrate to the olfactory bulb and differentiate into inhibitory interneurons or dopaminergic periglomerular neurons (Ruan et al., 2014). These progenitors of the SVZ can differentiate into calbindin expressing neurons when they are engrafted into the DG (Richardson et al., 2005). Exogenously transplanted neural precursor cells in the TBI animal Conclusions 265 brains can differentiate into mature neurons and promote functional and cognitive outcomes (Blaya, Tsoulfas, Bramlett, & Dietrich, 2015). Furthermore, treatment of TBI animals with pro neurogenic medications such as statins, erythropoietin, and fibroblast growth factor 2 enhances neurogenesis in the SVZ and promotes functional outcomes (Lu et al., 2005, 2007; Sun et al., 2009; Xie et al., 2014). In contrast, inhibition of the injury-induced

    neurogenesis suppresses cognitive recovery in TBI models (Sun, Daniels, Rofle, Waters, & Hamm, 2014). From the above-noted findings, it is known those new neurons could potentially develop into mature and functional neurons in the proper niche. The neurons may integrate into the existing neural circuit directly or benefit by secreting neurotrophic factors to promote the survival and functioning of the affected neurons. Since both TBI and stroke are associated with promoted endogenous neurogenesis that may benefit rehabilitation, understanding the underlying mechanisms can be beneficial to the treatment regimen of both diseases.


    Despite that the significance of adult neurogenesis in pathological
    conditions have been investigated for decades, its role in the etiology and therapeutic treatments are still under investigation. Evidence from both preclinical and clinical studies support the hypothesis that neurogenesis participates in disease conditions in the CNS. Different aspects of neurogenesis have been intensively investigated, for instance, the behavioral/physiological significance of neurogenesis, the regulatory mechanisms of the neurogenesis process, modalities that regulate neurogenesis, roles of neurogenesis in neurological diseases and recovery, and potential application of pro neurogenic treatment in human studies. In general, alternations

    in adult, neurogenesis has been suggested to be related to neurological disorders, while treatments which could modulate neurogenesis are hoped to be the future treatments. Preclinical studies would provide valuable information for understanding the process of adult neurogenesis, the efficacy of pro neurogenic treatment on the aforementioned diseases, and

    the mechanisms underlying the pathology. For the potential translation of the
    knowledge obtained from animal studies, clinical studies would need to reveal more about changes and functions of adult neurogenesis in neurological disorders. While both preclinical and clinical studies are crucial for the final application of treatment and understanding of CNS diseases, the translation of knowledge from basic science to clinical studies will be a great challenge. Promoting collaboration between both parties would greatly facilitate the development of effective treatment for neurogenesis-related brain disorders.

  • This was horrible, it’s not always triggered by stressful event, they don’t explain that the brain does not communicate well with the body, there is something with the brains signaling. It’s not a fascinating story it’s frightening, you go looking for help cause u can barely function and no one can help you

  • I was diagnosed with FND 2.5 years ago after I ruptured my L4/L5 disc, it presented as almost complete paralysis and loss of sensation below the knee of my right leg. I now walk with a cane and an AFO brace but have shown no other signs of recovery, nothing seems to have any effect and to hear someone describe this condition as “fun” is actually pretty insulting.

  • Thank you so so much for posting this. I have only recently been diagnosed and have been ignoring it but decided to look today and this has helped alot! Thank you so much

  • This was great, I been tryin to find out about “what can a chiropractor do for neuropathy?” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of Donackenzar Prominent Domination (search on google )? It is a great one of a kind product for discovering how to get rid of your neuropathy and diabetic nerve pain minus the normal expense. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my colleague got excellent results with it.

  • So i need to take Myostatin Deficiency supplements or a dna vaccination shot of Myostatin Deficiency from a clinic once after they give me a diagnostic checkup

  • Nice Video clip! Forgive me for the intrusion, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you thought about Taparton Sturdy Nerves Takeover (search on google)? It is a good exclusive product for Getting rid of Neuropathy minus the headache. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my work buddy finally got amazing success with it.

  • Used for many conditions now and at leading facilities. Providers well aware based on their training and documented in literature of brain injuries that result from this electrical mechanism. Medical malpractice is possible as their own research demonstrates actual structural brain changes from this that actually impact brain stem centers where vital functions are located. We as patients are told of temporary memory loss and typical anesthesia risks. We are not warned that each and every procedure based on trauma medicine of electrical trauma induces a TBI. Your material risk of brain injuries are missing from consent. Medical malpractice possible around fallible consent. You can pull typical  consents up on the internet to view. Your one consistent and common outcome for baseline is TBI. These are NFL type head injuries, just a different mechanism and we receive them into the sometimes the double and triple digits.

     This is trauma. If this happened in a home or work setting verses at the hands of culpable providers, all trauma personnel receiving would anticipate TBI at best. They would anticipate multi-system involvement such as cardiac and respiratory. We are talking up to 450 volts and greater. A layman giving thought would know of harm. All trauma is based on MECHANISM. You have a known mechanism i.e. electrical and you then have a KNOWN and ANTICIPATED outcome in ALL populations, to include the psychiatric population. This cannot be refuted. 

    This procedure is also being used on professionals and those in the entertainment industry. Many are unable to resume their talents or professions as a direct result of damages from this. Medicine tries to tie these outcomes to psychiatric cause, but it is trauma in these outcomes. You can lead with these types of people perhaps for your financial and risk concerns for the precedent, and then perhaps assist the rest of us in “less standings?”

    Providers and facilities cannot just simply stop this now without admitting damages. Electrical trauma impacts all bodily systems. These damages can extend years out to include CTE, ALS, ongoing cardiac and respiratory issues.  We are denied assistance for most part even now in addressing our damages secondary to providers being afraid of inducing suits for their peers or facilities. Patients are showing damages on neuro/cognitive testing, MRI, SPECT, and EEG. A noted TBI specialist has recently attributed -rain injuries to a patients cerebellum, frontal lobes, and brain stem directly to ECT in records. We need and deserve rehabilitation.  They state ECT “works” in that brain injury creates temporary euphoria and memory loss for difficulties that led to admission. They cannot suddenly just stop this practice without admitting harm.

    This is purely low voltage electrical trauma. Their submission to DSM5 around electrical injury lists our damages. Everyone knows what is going on, but in to deep to know how to resolve. This is also fraud at best. Medicare and other insurers paying out on something not even tested for safety or effectiveness by the FDA. Billions paid out annually around this in the US alone. No one speaks against this as current products, future products, jobs, and reputations at stake. Better to sacrifice a patient discounted based on their histories and placement in society. Many would like to see criminal charges levied.  

    There is a test called the VNG that is used to identify concussions and other brain injuries. It is the in office test similar to the on field test the NFL players now get called the I-PASS. Below are damages recorded in notes by TBI specialist to outcomes of electroshock. Perhaps this test  may be used to identify TBI in ECT patients, as it is used for TBI in the NFL. These below findings around ECT are resulting from VNG testing. Patients are also showing changes on MRI, EEG, neuro/cog testing, and SPECT. 3.    Mild L ptosis4.    R hypertropia worse in L lateral gaze5.    L exophoria6.    L upper and R lower facial paresis7.    L roll had tilt8.    Olfactory recognition impaired bilateral9.    VA ration horizontal square wave jerks R:2:1 L: down-beat nystagmus 2:110.  Saccade testing reveals latencies increased all planes except U/L11.  Marked cervical substitutions with pursuits in all planes with intrusive saccades worsening in L prusuites12.  Pursuits downward reveal intorsional glissades13.  Gait testing reveals mild decrease inR arm swing: with dual tasking, gait becomes slightly wide-based and arm swing slightly decreases.14.  Finger-nose past pointing R>L15.  Somatic pinwheel perception diminished L L516.  Vestibular head impulse testing: Moderately decreased in LARP plane17.  Saccadometry: Prosaccade 20 degree: intrusive saccades to the R18.  Anti saccade 10 degree: 79 percent directional error rate19.  Nystagmus: High frequency right beat and down beat nystagmus20.  Central gaze: Head movement, L pstosis and nystagmnus21.  Horizontal gaze L 24 degree Notable pitch plane head movement22.  Horizontal gaze R 24 degree: Increased fatigue, decreased stability23.  Upward gaze 14 degree: Notable pitch plane head movement24.  Downward gaze 14 degree: Notable pitch polane head movement.25.  Horizontal optokinetics 25 dps: L optokinetics provoked dysconjugate gaze. Reflex failed with R otokinetics26.  Horizontal optokinetics with volitional targeting: Worsens27.  Vertical pursuits 10 degrees: Intrusive saccades with downward pursuits28.  Random vertical saccades: Upward intrusive saccades, cannot maintain downward gaze29.  Vertical optokinetics 25 dps: Reflex failed.30.  Vertical optokinetics with volitional targeting: Worsens31.  Repeated random horizontal saccades; Latencies increased significantly bilaterally.
    We now have in medical records damages to brain stem, cerebellum, and frontal lobes as a direct result of electroshock by leading TBI specialist.

    This is discrimination as the FDA in over 80 years has failed to test a device or procedure involving a protected population under the ADA. Then they declassify it from experimental to class two, that of eye glasses so more insurers can pay on it. This is all done with an active suit in place around devices showing brain injuries and still no testing of device or procedure before doing so. The FDA has repeatedly failed to address this testing when required for one reason or another. They do not test as they know TBI would result at minimum. This is discrimination and we would like a class action here please. I could find no other device or procedure so treated. This is a protected population under the ADA. 

    They promoted this for years as “life saving” to get away with this. Likewise the cardiac defibrillator, but that is still standing with a class of 3 in FDA standing. It also has behind it FDA testing for safety and effectiveness. There is a two time increase in suicide following ECT secondary to brain injury and those denied help and basic recognition of damages out of fear of suits. Please see ectjustice now owned by law firms participating in national product liability suit.

  • In the future they will find that it’s a mix of inflammation, hormones, nerve damage, cortisol levels, Arcadian rithem, toxicity levels, neurotransmitters, vitamin and mineral deficient and brain damage because of stress mental emotional physical stress are always physical anyway the deeper you go. You are born with the brain and nerves you get. Then let’s see how far can you go whit that. A society where there is altruism non toxins non los there will be non of these symptoms. I lost everything many times in my life. Now I lost everything again, said this guy by himself at a pc. This time my body wouldn’t wanted to go out of fight or flight fucking cortisol overload. Now I’m just trying to stay alive day by day. Find your inner strength soon in life be happy with a stone soon in life. Make friends and stick with them. Find a mate have a healthy life if possible make a baby and then your are done. I didn’t make it. Lost my whole world around me and now in side myself. In a nutshell be at the top of your functioning and live each day as if you live one day. Wim Hoff Technic, Yoga, same diet every day, routine, find a sport and hobby and be a master not a person who knows a bit about everything, fasting and meditation, stay away of city’s if possible. A brain is like a world. If it’s organized it’s nice and pleasant if there is to much chaos there will be pain and disorder.

  • If the amygdala has more physical connections to the SMA then that is a physical abnormality and so this should be considered a neurological condition with a clear pathology so certainly a medical issue.

  • I have many questions I’d really love to run by you…I’ve suffered from a series of neurological symptoms for the better part of 20 years that has been deigned “inconclusive”. Do you have an email I can reach you on?

  • According to the National Organization for Rare Diseases (NORD), FND can be both psychological or physiological. I had FND symptoms from an adverse reaction to medication. My symptoms cleared when the dose was significantly reduced. I DNA test showed that it was caused by the way I metabolize certain medications.

  • This is a global human rights issue. It is the issue of ECT/electroshock. It is being performed at an alarming rate for many diagnosis outside of severe depression. It is being performed at leading medical institutions to include the large HMO Kaiser Permanente.

    This procedure nor the device has ever had FDA testing for safety or even effectiveness. The devices in over 80 years have never been required to have pre-market approval before the FDA. These devices deliver up to 450 volts to patients brains and greater. The FDA has had it previously classified as experimental until recently. It was recently declassified to the safety level of syringes and eye glasses. It was reduced in status so more insurers would pay on it. This was declassified with an active law suit in place around devices showing brain injuries. It was declassified STILL without any testing done to prove effectiveness or safety. They do not test because all know full well it is TBI at minimum in outcomes.

    The California courts have proved brain injuries at a minimum around devices recently. Electrical trauma impacts all systems. Electrical trauma can evolve years out in damages to include CTE, ALS, and cardiac issues etc. We as patients are warned only of temporary memory loss expected to resolve in six week along with the typical anesthesia risks. Material risk of brain damages missing from consents for starters. Consent is fallible.  Psychiatric research by their own studies reflect structural brain changes from this procedure, and that is most certainly missing from consent. 

    This involves billions annually in the US alone. Many have a piece of the pie in research studies, products currently at market, or products to come. All knowing full well this is purely trauma for profits at a vulnerable populations expense. All silent in these cover ups to come to light soon. Media will not address secondary to advertising incentives and reputations at stake.

    This is fraud. This is false claims. This is malpractice. This is criminal. This is discrimination involving a protected population under the ADA deserve testing of this device and procedure that has caused extensive and permanent damages to all it has impacted. Providers know full well what is occurring around this procedure.

    ALL trauma is based on MECHANISM. You have a known mechanism i.e. electrical you have a known and anticipated outcome in ALL populations to include those with mental health histories. NFL mechanism is blunt force, but our outcomes are very similar. Trauma doctors are your experts and cannot refute this. We are showing damages in testing. Recently a TBI expert has tied ECT to damages to cerebellum, brain stem, and frontal lobes in a patient. We are showing abnormalities on EEG, MRI, and neuro/cognitive testing. 

    This is impacting professionals now. Many are unable to return to their professions after this secondary to damages of TBI verses mental health issues. We have several medical malpractice firms interviewing for suits, but we need many more. 

     Please see ectjustice now owned by the law firms participating in the national product liability suit. Please have conversations to address this important concern around patient and public safety. This is being also used on our children, Veterans, and women during pregnancy. If you have information to contribute to these suits please contact the DK law group or the Baum, Hedlund, Aristei & Goldman law group in CA.

  • Sorry but with all due respect this is a load of crap! “the delivery of diagnosis is curative”!! ha! CBT is not treatment for FND, it only can assist reframe things but thats the same with any disorder or disease. your just repeating and reinforcing that its still only emotional and belief structures. not sure where you get these stats. you need to update this as its outdated and old. Grey matter damage, Amygdala damage and White Spots on brain have been published for FND. and the same for even PTSD.

  • I cant figure out whats wrong with me. I was on SSRIs since i was 11 to 28 and i think its given me a disease. A month ago a traumatic rejection caused me to get into a stupor, i was hunched over, i could not lift my feet well, i was staring into space at every thing, i hallucinated, i felt numb from my body dissassociated, losing strength in nerves of my arms and grip… This happened after i was traumatized and drank alcohol.. I been getting these symptoms in waves since then.. Its really bad tonight. Ive been depressed since i was drugged as a kid. ive had a lot of trauma recently from abuse and rejection. i think the ssris gave me a disease. whats wrong with me

  • Is this the same guy who thought it was cool to prove that people with Vestibular Migraine are anxious introverts? If so, where’s that coming from?

  • Our brains software is screwed basically. We can’t map it. It’s the pathways. No diagnostic equipment can map them. Stress affects all illnesses. I get so fed up with the psychological stuff.

  • Epileptic “FITS”????? Someone became “deaf, DUMB & blind”???? What insensitive terminology!!! Then he ends it with being a FND doctor is “FUN”???? I don’t like this doctor.

  • I am a family friend of someone who suffers FND. I cannot imagine what it is like for anyone who suffers and my heart goes out to you all! ��

    We are currently trying to gain 10000 signatures for a petition to help gain more research for FND (currently on 7679). However, we only have 16 days left!


    Jane’s story:
    Megan Lowndes has created a video about her Mum Jane who has been diagnosed with FND.

    This is Jane’s story (Please note this shows seizure activity * TRIGGER WARNING)

    Please sign the petition ��

  • What if the person shows no impairment at all, seems 100% mentally normal, but also doesn’t complain about impairment, but instead complains about feeling a sensation that they hate?.. How would this be figured out?

  • alot of the things he talked about make it seem like a short lived disorder or one that is easy to recover from and thats not always the case because for me i was stuck for 2 years in a state of personality change paralysis seizures neuropathy and like 80 other symptoms and tho all that was intinsified by my ptsd anxiaty and depression its still the fact of the matter

  • He makes recovery sound so easy. I’ve been struggling with Find for six years. I have had and currently experiencing a variety of symptoms. My onset was definitely a combination of medical and stress induduced. I take exception to the comment totally treatable. Treatment can improve symptoms. But it’s hard. Often the physical aspect is daunting. Sometimes the tricks learned in therapy don’t work or not available at the time of the flare up. The symptoms I suffer with are more like MS, Dystonia,Tourettes, Convulsions.These symptoms can make using therapy tools hard or impossible. The Dr upbeat attitude is refreshing but he definitely needs a more comprehensive understanding of the various symptoms and struggles of Fnd paitence.

  • I was diagnosed by U of M last month. I’m not truely happy with FND. I have no current up to date testing. I have physical exams, old EGG in office, a old highschool three day EEG test. No MRI or anything like it done. I was told axiety possibly….but all the therapist i see say I’m too strong and happy and confident and don’t show a axiety disorder to them. I don’t know why I’m not satisfied… I’m talking about a large amount of symtoms…and a high job lost…. No one is helping me keep a job due to liability of the companies I work for. I’m so tired of this.

  • Hey so I have all them pains,the neck is the worse place,feels like someone pinching my nerve and it’s making me sick and nearly pass out,the headache are terrible,I have had loads of tests but nothing found,I’m fed up of it,my doctor is incompetent

  • Sorry, couldn’t watch more than 10 mins of this. Diagnostic criteria here in the UK seems to be a clear scan. BP drops, hypothermia, changes in reflex from normal to hyper and abnormalities on EEG get ignored in favour of this ‘easy’ diagnosis. Patients are subsequently treated with contempt if they dare to seek medical help for further disabling symptoms so they give up bothering. Saves the NHS a tonne of time and money.

  • This is so not helpful. This only makes us feel worse. Dr. Jeffrey you don’t understand it at all. You need to do better studies at Mayo. I’m very disappointed with Mayo Clinic. I normally look to you for medical information.

  • Can you get a neuromuscular problem after a stroke one that affect the digestive system? I’m getting abdominal pain and constipation after I had a T.I.A

  • British input, mentioned dystonia or tardive dystonia so why does fnd hope who has Dr Mark Philips and dr Jon stone set up in London helping all other movement people are. Yet Dr Mark Philips doesn’t think tardive dystonia etc be not allowed to be part of the studies. We have more movements than Parkinson sufferers dystonia sufferers etc so why oh why are tardive medical papers states conversion disorder which is then also my last neurologist states function disorder. Is that not enough to qualify for world fnd? We have NOT HAVE GOT A SPECIALIST IN THIS Country. Tardive sufferers are yet again ignored. Causing pain suffering anger frustration etc.

  • March 2013 I was told I was number 20 with complex FND. I had everything from functional paralysis to non-epileptic seisure. I was diagnosed after multiple tests and investigations as I was healthy but my nerves decided to act differently. My recovery was 13 months of rehab learning to function again from walking, eating and talking. I have learnt over time to identify my triggers.

  • It’s all too often the case that “unexplained symptoms” are unexplained because the neurologist hasn’t bothered to examine them properly. Psychological problems can then develop because the patient is not believed, and an FND misdiagnosis makes this worse.

  • I am in East Africa, diagnosed with chiari malformations since August 2019, I have been searching for contact, especially email address, to get insight information of any possibility to have a surgery there, any help please.

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  • I support taking away the license and criminal prosecution for doctors diagnosing conversion disorder and those who group the two conditions under functional neurological disorder. If you are being honest then separate the two conditions if they are fundamentally different. Otherwise, it is just disinformation to patients to get them to accept a Freudian diagnosis, which is totally pseudoscience quackery. Functional neurological disorder is also not real because there are no real conditions grouped under it like turrets, narcolepsy or Parkinson’s.

  • Only 30% of people with FND have a psychological component triggering the unexplained neurological symptoms this starts terribly with them just stating 100 years of bad medicine as if that is what modern medicines and medical science says basically still quoting Sigmund Freud really disappointing from the Mayo Clinic to be associated with such terrible broadcasting doing more damage to an already stigmatised and misunderstood condition

  • plz reply,I have a big issue
    My left shoulder is shrinking and my left part of head pains sometimes,And I have also left face asymmetry

  • I can’t believe doctors are still using these nonsensical theories “Freud” and “basis of Neurology” in dealing with women I suppose. Shame on you! Next you are going to say women suffer from “Penis Envy.” No wonder some Neurologists are so insufferable. Get out of your ancient caverns, and use a little bit of creativity. What good does it do to make this presentation (from two “proud” women no less), if there is no modality to treat this supposed condition. This is proof how harmful doctors are capable of with their ancient beliefs. Do me a favor and do a critical analysis of your theories. You will discover your assumptions and values are indeed questionable! Are you up to the changelle? Think before you speak! ev

  • It’s fun?! What kind of a thing is that to say about practicing…? How does he think that will make a patient that was blind and mute feel if he told them it was fun dealing with their issue?

  • “She was deaf, dumb, blind, mute and lame” “Ha Ha Nooo” And also “You have a very interesting job” “Its fun!” Glad you guys are “having fun” because patients like us with FND sure aren’t! You make it sound like it’s still a psychiatric issue. If it was then it would still be Conversion Disorder, correct? I feel sorry for his patients but, Hey, at least he’s having fun. SMFH Are you guys serious? I clicked on this simply because of the Mayo Clinic. All it did was piss me off. Mayo, you have a great reputation, but having your name tied to this moron, that may change….

  • I get most of what he’s saying. But that part at the end about people with vertigo and dizziness having conversion disorder. First, he’s not an ENT. The disorder has certain hallmarks. Dizziness is not one. Seems like if they broaden it they’ll attract more business. Or make s name for themselves.

  • Sir meri baby 14 months ki hai or isko pichle 2o dino se body me kampan hai or ye ab thik se chal bi nhi skti or ab ye Beth bi nhi skti kapti rhti hai hai bs to isko kya problem hai sir plzzzzzz kuch reply krke jarur btana ����