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Usually, palpitations are either related to your heart or the cause is unknown. Nonheart -related causes include: Strong emotions like anxiety, fear, or stress. They often happen during panic.

A heart palpitation is the sensation that your heart has skipped a beat or added an extra beat. It may feel like your heart is racing, pounding, or fluttering. Most heart palpitations. “Medical conditions such as thyroid disease, low blood sugar, anemia, and low blood pressure also may cause palpitations,” according to the NHLBI. “Heart palpitations may.

Cause #1: Panic Attack Fear is a natural response that all of us feel at some point in our lives. It is a survival instinct that causes us to react to potentially dangerous situations. If. Chances are, if palpitations are only occurring rarely, you don’t need to rush to the doctor. Less serious causes for palpitations can include stress, anxiety, caffeine, alcohol, illness.

There are tons of reasons your heart can go a little wonky, and most of them are nothing to worry about. According to Dr. Doshi, heart palpitations are most often caused by increases in adrenaline.

It’s kind of like being aware of your heart beating non-stop. Of course I know my heart is constantly beating and working to keep me alive, but I don’t want to be aware of it all the time. Heart palpitations are feelings of your heart. All this stress and anxiety can indirectly cause heart palpitations or the sensation of skipped beats or thumping. “I know of no direct reason computer work may cause palpitations,” says Glenn Meininger, MD, Director of Cardiac Electrophysiology Services for the Baltimore region of the MedStar Heart.

There are several possible causes of heart palpitations, including external factors and some underlying health conditions. Some common causes include: exercise or other. The causes of heart palpitations in menopause are plenty! These include poor lifestyle, unhealthy food choices, stress and anxiety. However, Dr.

Northrup also explains that.

List of related literature:

The most common causes of palpitations are anxiety, stimulants (e.g., caffeine, alcohol), drugs (e.g., amphetamines, cocaine, digitalis glycosides, psychotropic agents, thyroid hormone), and cardiac disease (e.g., valvular disease, ischemia, myocardiopathy, mitral valve prolapse, and heart failure).

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The cause of palpitations is often a cardiac dysrhythmia.

“Nancy Caroline's Emergency Care in the Streets” by Nancy L. Caroline, Bob Elling, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Mike Smith
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They commonly occur in the absence of underlying heart disease and are precipitated by anxiety, emotional stress, exercise, caffeine and other sympathomimetics, electrolyte or acid-base abnormalities, alcohol, and many medications.

“Family Medicine: Principles and Practice” by A.K. David, S.A. Fields, D.M. Phillips, J.E. Scherger, Robert Taylor
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atrial flutter a cardiac arrhythmia caused by an irritable focus in atrial muscle and usually associated with coronary heart disease.

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The primary goals are to rule out a potentially life-threatening condition (rare), decrease any inciting causes of the palpitations (eg, caffeine, nicotine, stress) and reassure patient of the generally benign nature of most palpitations.

“Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook” by Department of Defense
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Atrial tachycardia may be caused by overindulgence in caffeine, nicotine or alcohol and may also occur during anxiety attack.

“Textbook Of Medical Physiology” by Khurana
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• Inflammation • Infection • Caffeine, nicotine, or alcohol • Drugs such as epinephrine, sympathomimetics, amphetamines, digitalis, or anesthetic agents PACs may also result from myocardial ischemia, hypermetabolic states, electrolyte imbalance, or atrial stretch.

“Medical-Surgical Nursing: Patient-Centered Collaborative Care, Single Volume” by Donna D. Ignatavicius, M. Linda Workman, PhD, RN, FAAN
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Atrial tachycardia may be caused by overindulgence in caffeine, nicotine, or alcohol and may also occur during anxiety attacks.

“Physiology” by John Bullock, Joseph Boyle, Michael B. Wang
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Transient relaxation may be caused by foods (chocolates, coffee and other sources of caffeine, alcohol, fatty meals, and peppermint/ spearmint) or by drugs (beta blockers, nitrates, calcium channel blockers, and anticholinergics) and by smoking (nicotine).

“Swanson's Family Medicine Review” by Alfred F. Tallia, Joseph E. Scherger, Nancy Dickey
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• The most common symptom is palpitation, an awareness of an abnormal heartbeat, although some patients with clearly documented arrhythmia have no palpitation.

“Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics E-Book” by Roger Walker, Cate Whittlesea
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  • From all these comments It’s seem pulpitations are hitting teenagers pretty bad, I used to get them now and again say once or twice a month but this last month or so I’ve been getting them every day up to 10 times and they can last up to 5 minutes I do suffer from stress and anxiety and I’m pretty unhealthy lol but it is scary stuff

  • Who has a fast heartbeat without a known medical cause, Can you drink two tablespoons of (olive oil) Before breakfast, Before lunch, Before dinner, For 3 days,, Then it will become clear what the problem is

  • I get heart palpitations.. feels like my heart adds a beat n does it 2 to 3 times real quick n after my heart will just pound.. I have anxiety really bad too

  • I have a heart murmur and congestive heart does let’s night I had this a couple times last night u have a heart murmur and congestive heart faluire today I feel better but tired I’m at a loss

  • For all of you people i wish the best i feel all of you, but u need to change your thinking and lifestyle, remove cola cafein junk foods believe and be positive, everything comes from what u eat and think

  • Very informative video. I’m 73 and well past menopause. I started having issues with my heart shortly after my menopause. But I have to admit I don’t have a lot of confidence in my doctors either.

  • Well I’ve searched for palpitations I dont feel anything with the heart just a it of sleepiness I only get this with energy drinks for some reason but not with Coffee so it’s something from the energy drink I dont know what is it ( I drink only monster energy drink the classic one ).

  • I dont have chest pain and im 15 years old but im palpitating especially when i move a little movement or actions, is this arrhythmia? I also wake up having a racing heartbeat im scared���� can someone help mee,����������i still have a lot of dreams. I dont want to die

  • my heart just pounds like a little hard once and I lose my breath for like 1 second and then i’m back to normal it’s happening a lot does anybody else get this??

  • I used to weigh 98kg and ever since i been starving my body and making myself vomit after eating junk food (i know its bad and as soon i get to 70kg (i weigh 76.8kg rn im stopping) and been having this feeling were my heart randomly starts beating fast and I understand its coz im low on nutrients and the making myself vomit shit is also having an effect on me. I just wanna go back to being fit like everyone else being fat aint fun i want to be able to run and be active like everyone else

  • My heart keeps like racing at night maybe it’s my anxiety but I’m only 11 years old is there something wrong with me cause this is happening recently I feel like throwing up, my head hurts and my stomach of course hurts i would drink coffee in the morning but I didnt know it would affect me in someway but I’ve been trying to calm myself down at night and drink some water but it doesn’t work

  • Palpitation is not very serious when your heart skips a beat between few beats. After discussing this with my doctor he told me this could be as result of low potassium or the Sid effect from my medication. I have added small dose of Potassium supplement it seems to work. My Palpitation happens when I am fully at rest and can hear my heart beat. It goes, 11110110110111011110, 0s are silence.

  • Mine happens so quickly, like he said a “light switch”, 2 or 3 beats and then gone. Sometimes it’s like a huge pause for a couple seconds and it’s difficult to breathe but then I’m fine. I believe it’s linked to my anxiety. this video is very informative, thank you.

  • Just above the jugular notch on my throat, for many years I have these split few seconds of this strange unsettling feeling, the only way I can describe it, is that it feels like a fluttering vacuum spasm that takes away my natural reflex to breath, and then it does a big pulse thud and goes back to normal. There’s no situation it only occurs in, it’s not brought on by any external circumstances like being frighted. Are these palpitations? If anyone can help, I’d appreciate it

  • Wait so am I going to die, I don’t drink stuff that’s sweet or something like that so plzzz help, I don’t wanna die, I’m 16 and have heart palpitation every now and then

  • I called ambulance because my heart was keep skipping beats I was having very 3rd beat skipped it’s called pvc and they saw that on the ekg monitor that my heart is having pvc, every time I feel in my chest it would come on the monitor, at the hospital it went back to normal rhythm, after few hours they let me go, I called regular doctor and told her what happen, she put me on 24 hour Heart monitor that you take with you home, after reviewing it she said it all normal, I told her it does not happen all the time but do get pvc few times a week, basically she said I am under stress and they can help me mentally stress relief all that, trust me guys doctor don’t care about those pvc heart palpitations they don’t take it seriously unless you have heart attack, i am still haven’t heart pvc sometime and stress make it worst, think about it how can you have normal life when your heart is skipped beats you feeling the palpitations in your chest, you can’t have normal life, doctor gave me medicine called Atarax basically it’s a similar yo allergy medicine that make you sleepy so you don’t stress and that didn’t work at all, for now I just live with it and eat healthier drink water cut down sugar and carbs I lost 10lb and so time I do drink few beers I didn’t drink for 3 month but I went back to drink beer sometime here and there now I don’t think about it too much just live normal, be safe guys take care sorry for my English not my first language,

  • I’m literally sitting and I’m getting them right now!!! For the past month I’ve been getting them non stop and I don’t have to be doing anything to get them!

  • My heart does like 2 or 3 very deep beats while im meditating. At the same time i feel something in my brain too. But i think i should be on a spiritual channel for my issue lol

  • I get these strange hard heartbeats like my heart was pushed in but come out agian knocking my breath out ushally theres like 3 to 4 of them in rapid succession then im ok for awhile ushally happens at night

  • Reading everyone’s comments here makes me feel better cause I ain’t the only one who’s having these same problems… �� I hope everyone gets through this!!

  • There may be some clues for me, someone help! I don’t know if I should consider this palpitations but.. I’m 12. So. I went shopping with my Dad earlier and bought some stuff, including iced coffee. After coming home, later at night I suffered diarrhoea. I got really stressed and thought (What if it’s the stomach flu? I don’t wanna vomit!) And was stressed on the sofa, but calmed down later. When going to bed, that’s when these “palpitations” start. So, I can feel my heart beating, and about every 5 seconds there’s this slightly larger one that makes it feel as if small bits of air go to my lower throat
    It’s uncomfortable so I couldn’t sleep, plus now I’m stressed. Started at 1 AM. 2 AM I took a walk around the house and came back to bed, calmed down for about 3 mins them came back but a little weaker. Here at 3 AM, can’t sleep. Help!
    EDIT: These palpitations thingies used to only happen when I ran a lot and it would come for 1 min then leave

  • I think it may be anxiety for my the pain sometimes switches from left to right… Please answer I wanna know why I have slight discomfort. It’s not like super severe pain it’s just like an ache I don’t know how to discribe it.

  • I hope this helps people: I’m healthy, happy, no anxiety, all tests come through clear. Still get palps several times a day especially when I lie on my left side. It feels like random thumps in my chest and when I take my pulse it feels like I skip a beat. **Acupressure in my forearm takes it away almost immediately** try it! There are lots of videos on YouTube!….but I still feel them come on about 5 timed a day. I will try to quit my morning cup of coffee and up my iron and magnesium and see what happens……………… I want to mention that I know what anxiety is. Battled it several times throughout my life when I was young her. I’ve had control over it for years now. I never had palps when I had anxiety and yet I get them now when I’m happy and chill with no stress… so it’s extremely frustrating when doctors just pass it off as anxiety when they don’t have a real answer.

  • i experience my heart beating so fast right now, i dont know the cause im not sure if it is because i drink too much coffee but because of this i can’t sleep until now. i’ve been awake for over 24 hours now and my worries grow

  • Coffee is a diuretic it causes the kidneys to filter the blood faster and this will eliminate some electrolytes from your body. Low electrolytes will cause heart palpitations and probably other health problems. Salt, magnesium, potassium, chloride, calcium, magnesium and phosphates are some of the electrolytes our bodies need daily.

  • I wanted to quit nicotine gum so I replaced it with sugar free gum, I began to have crazy heart palpitations, I stopped the gum and in about 4 days the palpitations were completely gone,.”” Aspartame “” if any of you are consuming anything with aspartame in it stop and see if they go away!!! The doctor will tell you they’re from anxiety or they harmless or completely normal they never ask you what your putting in your body,. After many visits to the doctor I figured it out for my self!!! I was chewing ridiculous amounts of gum to satisfy the oral fixation of not smoking thats how I knew to check the label!!

  • I was lying in my bed watching youtube videos and then boom, My heart fluttered. I could feel it in my chest and the lower part of my neck. It went on for less than a second or two. Then instantly stopped. It’s the first time it has ever happened.

  • 1tbsp Avocado oil, 1/8 tsp olive oil, and 1/8 apple cider vinegar mixed. Once in the morning on empty stomach and once before bed. took this for 1 month and after 6yrs of palpitations i feel i am nearly 100% back to normal. Discovered it trying to lower my cholesterol which when I found out I had from a health screening at my job. I thought it might have something to do with the palpitations. Never went to a doctor for it…I know kinda crazy but I believe if I cant heal myself the doctors can’t either.

  • Can that lady who was suffering from palpitations please reply to me if she is still thereIm so afraid my life is ruined… please if youre there. Reply.. ��

  • I have been taking vitamin e capsule for years for body buildig purpose and it affects my heart suddenly and starts to have chest pain and palipation for a month I am so depressed and worried so I decided to cure it and went for jog but it doesn’t work so my final hopes was on food…so I had four garlic per day with hot water and peform 50 squats a it’s recovering to normal..garlic is best medicine and don’t stress out or have unnecessary medication stay safe and blessed ��

  • It bothers me a lot. I thought it was my mood swing at first but It happened when I didn’t have period too. It makes me feel weak and I cry without reason. It sounds stupid but I do not drink coffee nor alcohol nothing.. not too muchh weight too

  • Thank you very much.
    I experienxed heart palpatations a few years ago (for a few months). I saw a doctor and a cardiologist, did test after test; neither the doctor nor the cardiologist had any explanation for why I was experienceing the heart palpitations. I had to pay the specialist fee rate also for getting no explanation.

  • Okay so I have thears my heart feels like it skips beats my dr sed they can’t do nothing for it so happy I’ve seen this I has all palpitations from being 9-11 then they stopped and now they have started agen

  • I’m 20 yrs old and I’m trying to sleep but it feels like I’m having a panic or something, then after that I feel light headed when I stand up idk what to do I need some help.

  • How long do they last because I went to the doctor and they said I would be fine and it’s the next day but I still have it,but to a lesser degree. Sometimes it gets me harder than other times.

  • Lovely Video clip! Sorry for butting in, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you heard about Ganadelyn Astounding Guide (search on google)? It is a good one off guide for getting rid of heart disease without the normal expense. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my m8 at very last got cool success with it.

  • I’ve had heart palpitations in my sleep for years. No amount of medicine works to prevent it. Sleep apnea is not the cause and my doctor determined that it was caused by nocturnal seizures. I have had some fainting experiences while awake but these occur when in bed at sleep. Thus, there is no way to prevent it. It’s a miracle I’m still alive after all these decades.
    The only way I have of treating them once they start is to do yoga breathing exercises. At times, I do mudras (yoga hand exercises). Again, at times they work, often they don’t. Life is cruel god hates me. So I keep trying.

  • Basically just try to be a bit healthier, most causes are basically unhealthy shit that ur not supposed to really be going overboard with like for example smoking, drinking, consuming too much caffeine etc. Just relax and try to maintain a healthier life style to feel better. Shits simple. You only live once don’t Fuck it up

  • My heart is pounding so much from last 5 days… It continues more than half an hour and last up to 1 hr or more… �� why is this happening to me?

  • my case i get palpitations every month, before my period and i think im having anxiety because im scared to faint again. i faint during period times (3 times a year) and pandemic aswell

  • I’ve got a heart condition called Marfansyndrome. I’ve had random heart palpitations all my life. But these past 2 days I’ve had them all day long every few minutes. Should I be scared to go to sleep? Because I am. I don’t want it to be the last time I walk this earth

  • When I get palpitations it feels like there is earthquake. It’s really strong. My whole body moves to its beat. A while ago I suddenly woke up thinking that there is earthquake, but it’s just palpitation.

  • ima 10 yr old kid and i had my first ever “palpitation” today. I’ve never had it before. It FREAKED the s**t outta me i thought i was going to die. I was shaking and sweating and my heart was beating very hard and it was going very fast. And i’m only just turned 10 years old so… it’s very freaky for a innocent kid that just turned 10.

  • Goodafternoon. I’ve been experiencing this for 2 days now. This is the first time I encountered this. I feel exhausted and whenever I’m about to sleep this shortness of breath and Fast heartbeat bothers me. Help me please

  • I want so badly to know what these are supposed to feel like because I dont relate to the vague descriptions im reading, like to me it feels like chunky, like my heart is swallowing something too hard:( maybe its different, im so confused

  • I am nineteen and I have anxiety and I tend to get these randomly but I notice it happens when I’m having anxiety usually, it last a few seconds. Is it my anxiety? It’s a fluttery feeling. Just had one before I wrote this..I take no medicine for my anxiety as I try to stay natural and for my own religious reasonings..

  • Excellent video. Thanks. Total Heart Support Capsules and Arjuna Capsules of Planet Ayurveda show amazing result in heart palpitations.

  • Guys let me tell you one thing. You probably have anxiety or stress all the time that causing this palpitation and you are super sensitive about your body all the time that you could hear your own heart beating everytime. If u had your heart check a few times and the doctor tell it was nothing please believe it. Don’t go around googling your symptoms. To be assured get a heartbeat monitor and monitor what is your lowest heart rate when resting and what is the highest. If it goes below 100 when resting(I mean really feel relax) then it was nothing to worried about. You probably feel like you are having palpitations all the time because you think about it too much. IGNORE THE FEELING AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. DON’T MAKE IT WORSE. Take meditation and yoga you will feel better.

  • I get this a lot when I am done eating or something my heart flutters then I get scared cause it feels like it’s going to stop it just happens out of nowhere

  • Everytime I exercise or I am in a hurry, my heart starts racing and then begin the annoying palpitations.

    I feel as if my heart is skipping beats over and over and over again for like 5-10 minutes even after I stop and sit down. It’s really annoying, because I think that it’s something serious.

  • Is this also when your in love, or when your watching something that makes you heart flutter in a romantic way? Since I watch a lot of dramas and sometimes my hearts just race because of something romantic, this can’t cause this heart thingi right???

  • Just discovered your videos and I am in love already. Thank you so much for demystifying such important knowledge for us lay persons.

  • I’m scared as of yesterday I’ve been out nowhere having this feeling… in my chest/lungs but the crazy thing is it’s been constantly fluttering since… all day all night… took a my blood pressure and my heart beat was faster than what it should be! And I feel out of breath and have this mild ache in my chest very faint pain /pressure… I also noticed that since my heart palpitations I’m more sensitive to smells that didn’t used to bother me like bleach,windex and stuff like that that never used to make me feel so heavy… scared to death this is also giving me anxiety! I Also stopped smoking my Vape pen immediately…. I’m scared I may have the beginning stages of (popcorn lung) I picked up the habit from my ex boyfriend and have been vapeing nonstop for 2 years straight… I’M SO TERRIFIED! I would also vape the sweet ones that they worn you about! I’M ALSO UNDER A TREMENDOUS AMOUT OF STRESS IM BROKE… LOST MY HOME TO THE HURRICANE… AND JUST RECENTLY GOT OUT OF A NARCISSISTIC TOXIC RELATIONSHIP AND HE JUST STARTED STALKING ME!!! 2 days ago… and to top things of my puppy is dying being trying to save it from Coccidia and loosing so much sleep feeding him and giving him water thru a syringe every 4-5 hours because he won’t eat or drink and weighs less than 1 pound! I also take care of my grandma she has high blood pressure and sometimes she scares me with her health complications and this being a caretaker for her is so new to me…. she’s getting up there in age and just 2 years ago she wasn’t this feble!

  • Been happening to me lately, and when my heart starts to pump I can feel the pressure go to my head and it causes a hot sensation in my brain and a headache.

  • I’m 39 and I have had episodes of heart palpitations since about that age of 18 a sudden fluttering in the chest, ectopic beats and irregularity). I began to notice these came on more often or were much worse when I am bloated, have trapped wind and need to burp. For the last few years I have had IBS and so am often bloated!:( Even on a low FODMAP diet, I can’t escape the bloating and palpitations. I’d be interested to know if these palpitations are dangerous at all for example, does persistent palpitations (episodes of skipped beats, hard beats, ectopic beats, fluttering) cause any damage to the heart over time if it happens too often. Thanks

  • Very informative. My onsets are quicker and I feel 2-3 extra beats and then it’s over right away. They do happen frequently. Anybody else had this and what did you find out?

  • oh yes, i think i having this coz i’m in quarantine and i’m hardly ever exercising. Thank you for making this vid BaptistHealthSF. Very appreciated. Thank you.

  • My heart gets random moments when it has a Double beat and sometimes it just beats like 200 BPM for no reason and I have shortness of breath

  • I am anemic and my heart beats so fast and i was having difficult time to breathe. and my body is shaking and I was having a hard time to sleep because of this. ����

  • I was just open8ng presents with my kids on christmad day and bang it’s starts instantly but yet I keep getting told I’m anxious and it’s anxiety. I’m dryed of not been believed. What can i do

  • At random my heart will pound hard and it feels like it is flipping but it isnt fast its just a normal rate and it seems that my pulse skips beats and slows down and speeds up and slows down again rapidly.

  • I’ve had about 10 EKG’s in the past 2 years. The most recent being 2 weeks ago. All were normal. But both my parents have heart disease. So my health anxiety is situated around heart worry. I never used to get palpitations regularly, about once or twice a week. My anxiety this year has been amazing, barely ever anxious but what causes anxiety is bodily symptoms or palpitations especially and a week ago, I started getting about 5-10 palpitations per day and I’m terrified to sleep, exercise or do anything incase something suddenly happens to me, I can’t even be alone or nap alone. If I’ve had that many EKG’s, a 24 hour holter monitor 7 months ago which was normal, a chest x-ray 2 years ago that was normal, a resting HR of 58-60bpm and normal blood tests bar slightly above average cholesterol (runs in my family anyway) then should I trust my doctor or press for further tests? I feel like an echocardiogram and stress test would finally settle my mind. But they won’t do anymore tests because I’m only 21. I’m not sure what to do…

  • I have Social anxiety and heart flutters I drink a lot of coffee to Coffee help with my workout routine without it I don’t feel motivated i’m stuck ��

  • I been stressing out a lot recently, and now I can’t even sleep because of these. The past week has been pretty hard on me. No chest pains. Some gastric problems, and a lot of stress

  • I usually get heart palpitations that just last a couple second and then go away. I’m laying in bed right now it’s 4 am and my heart is beating so weird I feel like it’s in my neck and I have to cough. It’s been going on for the last like 10 minutes omg and I can’t tell anyone cuz they’re all sleeping

  • I’m having heart palpitation but no chest pai. Also just had gastric problems. Would that be the cause? I really can’t sleep at night because of this

  • I get a flutter once or twice a day, usually I’m fine all day until I started to think about my anxiety which I’m sure is the reason why I start to get a flutter or 2.

  • In my case it was weight. I started eating 2 very small portions a day. And I snack on fruits. Drink a lot of water. Ofcourse I also take magnesium, don’t do alcohol, caffeine, not much salt, watch out for preservatives…and it works. Hallelujah!!!

  • Been getting these quiver like feelings in my chest like my heart is fluttering then I check my pulse and my pulse has stopped for a couple seconds when the fluttering is happening. Really scaring me now.. been happening for a couple of weeks..

  • Why this happened to me everyday, but sometimes 2 to 3 hours in a day it will disappeard…and immediately my mind remindes of it that thanks god it has stopped, quickly it will responding again to start pounding again �� 2 times and stop for some seconds and pound 2 times again, sorry for my bad English.

  • My heart palpitation is I feel it it’s too fast went to er. Three weeks ago stay in d hospital for two nights. It was happen at night. My blood pressure was 186/94 136 My heart beat was 136 I’m too scared

  • I’m going thru this right now
    My heart is causing problems
    My left arm is tingling and losing feeling
    Can’t sleep good and sweating feeling like throwing up or passing out
    Can’t jog anymore or even enjoy my day
    I’m tired of this and I just wish Things went back to normal
    I feel God gave up on me

    Everyday I feel like I’m going to have A heart attack and die
    My aniexty is bad

  • So there’s times where I’m just laying down and I feel like my heart stops, or this highly intense pressure on my chest and when I get up I can feel my heart pounding! What’s wrong with me? I went to the er several times and they did blood work and many things they told me everything was fine

  • There is some suspicion that chewing gum may be one of the culprits. I’ve noticed that if I chew it during the day, the flutters come on much later making me cough……just like right now. Not a pleasant experience at all. ������☹️☹️☹️

  • i kept getting told it was anxiety and all in my head but i wore a 30 day monitor and they caught SEVERAL events and now they’re taking me seriously.

  • My heart beat is normal but I feel like its beating 2-3 times more suddenly and again it beats in normal condition…And again this repeats..Is there any danger???

  • So no one talks about WPW? I was givin it at birth. Seems like the guy below me is only interested in the doctor.(what a sick freak) but to all other folks out therelook into what WPW is. I have an extra piece of cartilage in my heart and its pretty rare, but i was blessed to live near Boston, MA, where there is the best doctors.

  • Sir why in day to day my heart vibrate i dont know what are having in heart sir this symptoms i am not understanding sir please help me
    in the july my heart was very fast i go to hyderabad special heart beat doctor we are scanning and saying it’s normal then i came to home 15 days in my heart was fasting and then this time my heart was vibrate and heart bottom to up coming vibrate what can i do sir plzzz
    Help me help me help me sir please please plzzz please

  • I suffered for years with palpitations (skipped heart beats) I’ve found 2 thing work the best for me. Drinking whole milk (sometimes I add baking cocoa powder 1 tbsp in hot milk) both are high in potassium…and also a product called Natural Calm magnesium supplement made by Natural Vitality (dont out it in the milk drink it separately you have to add it to hot water. Oddly enough it works like magic. The milk has all electrolytes need for a steady heartbeat….if your suffering from palpitations please try it!

  • I too get palpitations… My heart stars beating faster and i panic for few seconds, whole body starts shivering, feeling dizzy and getting neck ache and headache
    I cant even go out to see a doctor coz of lockdown…
    Am I fine or is there a reason to worry??? Pls help someone

  • Mine last hours or all day I’ve been scared to go to sleep or anything I’m getting really sleepy but scared to sleep because my heart makes me uncomfortable, I just been praying for god to help me and heal me please help!!

  • Hi Doc, I’m 35 years old female I have been having this heart sinking feeling along with palpitations since last year. This makes me so nervous and anxious and it usually happens when I’m having a afternoon nap or sleeping in the night. Should I see my GP for it.

  • sigh I get these but I’ve been stressed out for almost 5 years straight going Through the worst depression and anxiety.. I was recently diagnosed with Costochondritis which has enhanced the anxiety to another level.. I got ever test you can think of for my hearty and everything came back normal just an irregular heart beat which he said was normal.. I said “are you sure” he said yes, most people deal with this it’s normal.. I’ve had costo for 3weeks and now I just started to get rid of the inflammation and started getting heart palpitations and it’s bothering my mental… idk what to do.. I’m just nervous

  • My heart just suddenly beats really hard and sometimes really fast, then it goes away. My mom says it’s nothing but I really think it’s heart palpitations. I always get anxiety when I get these even though I know it’s harmless. I don’t like the feeling and I wish there is a cure because I hate these:((((

  • Dr sanjay gupta sir thanks for this very clear explanation for heart palpitation, it will definitely mitigate tension and worries of millions of heart related patients, I like and love your videos my plant of good wishes 08/11/2019

  • Hey i am 20 and feela palpitation many times a day please reply me somebody, i have already gone to cardiologist in my city but they said this is not serious one, but when i feel palpitation it feels like it may cause my death.

    Now my problem is like my studies are affecting a lot?

    What to do please somebody help me??? ��������������

  • Sir I am a patient of heart valvular disease and I using minoxidil ( morr-f) from last 20 days is it harmful for me because I have suffering from a disease????

  • I have an update: I started eating 1 or a half clove of garlic every other day and…wow the results are amazing in so many ways. It’s not easy to eat raw garlic. It burns terribly, but you won’t be sorry. Give it a try!

    In my case it was weight. I started eating 2 very small portions a day. And I snack on fruits. Drink a lot of water. Ofcourse I also take magnesium, don’t do alcohol, caffeine, not much salt, watch out for preservatives…and it works. Hallelujah!!!

  • I’ve had these for the past 3 to four years when I stopped using after been diagnosed with high blood pressure and ever since my lifes not the same I have days I feel alot them and days I dont feels like hiccups in my heart �� I was 26 and now I’m 30

  • When I was younger I don’t know 40 I was eating a lot of salt also eaten Dave sunflower seeds and I was sitting in jail I started having heart palpitations and my feet were swelled the doctor gave me something to get the water weight off me but I knew it’s from all the salt I was eating and not to mention the stress but just recently now I’m in my 50s 53 to be exact I had some palpitations today that worried me oh yeah if you drink too much coffee my four cups or so it will send your heart off like it’s a racehorse hopefully have some aspirins around and drink some fluid at least that’s what I did for my palpitations today I figured I’d throw these little stories in

  • My heart flutters when I sleep on the side, it starts fluttering fast and then when. Change position to laying down in my back it goes back to normal, what should I do?

  • Guys does anyone else feel like a hard beating when your sitting down you feel your legs beating it’s really weird it’s like there’s a heart beat all over your body and somtimes it might feel I’ve little pains in my heart I’m 14

  • I had this paplpitation before 2 months while i was sleeping then i consulted a physician and she took an ecg and it was normal but i had high blood pressure and high cholestrol then the doctor said the palpitation was due to increase in caffeine which is true because i have been drinking coffee for the last 5 days at work then after 2 months later im having this chest pain that comes and goes and im feeling a little nauseous sometime but then it becomes normal can anyone tell me whats going on?

  • Basically Im dying…
    Im on grade 8 after 2 months i experienced my 1st heart palpitation i dont wann tell my dad because i dont wanna be part of their problem, also where very poor after my mom died 1 year ago, after a month i have another heart palpitation and this is the time that i think im having trouble of my heart and i think its because of coffee. I drink coffee 1-2 times a day at that time also im 14 and very loved coffee, so i decided to drink coffee 1 time a day and after 3 months and i think thats on November I again have a heart palpitation. This time I told my big brother because im to scared and cant stop myself to tell him that i think im having trouble of my heart I told him “Have you ever experienced your heart to beat 100 times after doing nothing and makes you feel weak?”, and he said “No” And he’s 18 and never experienced an irregular heartbeat im so scared at this point, in Jan 2020 i again have another heart palpitation this time it lasted 20 minutes this time i gave up on my heart and i thinked that im dying and never get up to bed and starved my self also cried 8 hrs nonstop.thats the end of my suffering please pray for me that this is just a heart palpitation and not a serious heart deseases
    bare with my english please its not my 1st language cuz im in the philippines.

  • I have noticed drinking different water for long periods of time cause my heart to skip beats, and it is very noticeable. I remember when I drank steamed water for over a month, I had all kinds of issues with my heart jumping and skipping.
    This past week I started drinking Fuji water and Not my normal tap water and my heart has been skipping more than it ever has! I am going to start drinking my tap water again and see if this fixes the issues.
    Is it possible that the different mineral in water is what is causing this problem?

  • Dear Doctor
    I have heart palpitations which I cannot distinguish from arrhythmia but the problem is that I have paroxysmal tachycardia and was put on beta blockers which destroyed my health I was fine before the beta blockers afterwards I really got sick low blood pressure difficult breathing and a lot of side effects
    My question is why give people beta blockers and make their life worse and maybe harm them there ant other drug less harmful then these medication which doctors give without even caring about the patients life why.

  • Help I was just randomly laying doing this week and my heart heated loud and hard super super hard I saw floaters and everything:/I’m scared it’ll happen again

  • I just suddenly got fluttering and my chest and started feeling dizzy. This is not the first time it has happened, and I feel shaken up.. what do I do? And I am 13 years old.

  • I’ve had one it lasted about 10 min I had to force myself to breathe scariest shit ever shouldn’t be here right now let’s just say that

  • For me is like sudden pounding, thumping feeling in middle chest like someone hit my chest from inside. It’s so uncomfortable and scary.

  • Y’all please help me find out what’s wrong with me I had got heart palpitations 5 days ago and I just got them again today but I have no symptoms when I get them it’s just sometimes my chest feel weird in the left middle please let me know what’s wrong maybe it’s just me or something

  • Thanks for this video, I’m learning more and more because of your great informative videos. We appreciate you so much. Thank you.��❤️

  • Hmm well my heart flutters but it only last for 2 to 5 second is that a problem? It’s been happing a lot lately. It also doesn’t bump hard either just lightly.

  • I had a 24h Holter and it registered 13 of these palpitations. Not dangerous by any means according to my cardiologist but they can be terrifying just from the feeling.

  • Who has a fast heartbeat without a known medical cause, Can you drink two tablespoons of (olive oil) Before breakfast, Before lunch, Before dinner, For 3 days,, Then it will become clear what the problem is

  • Just had heart palpitations and it was scary but as soon I went to a quiet room (bathroom) and took a few deep breaths they stopped


  • I get a myriad of palpitations. I ge tthe classic ones where it feels like your heart stops then a hard beat. I get ones where it flutters real fast for 3 seconds then beats normally. I get fast heartbeats where my heart feels like it’s beating really hard. I get palpitations that I can feel in my upper stomach then in my chest 1 second after that. I get palpitations where I can feel my heart beating hard in m y back, my sides, etc. It keeps me up at night & drives me nuts. I cut down my caffeine, did nothing. Thing is though it’s only a major annoyance when I’m in bed, it happens in the daytime too but I hardly notice it. I can be awake all night with these stupid palpitations. Yrs ago I had an EKG because I had a racing heart but it showed nothing. Drives me nuts,.

  • I had one for 1-2 hours last night. my heart rate was consistently 140-150bpm. rushed to the hospital where they hooked me up to an iv and let me rest. Very scary but doing alright. funny thing is im only 20 years old and pretty healthy. welp looks like I’m gonna die soon.

  • Ask your physician for a halter monitor if it’s freaking you out. Yes its annoying to have something strapped to your chest for 3 days but at least then you’ll have info

  • I have a question 4 u doctor my heart starts to flutter especially when lm having a bad dream or nightmare, is that normal or should i be concerned? Your answer would be most helpful. Thank u.

  • I’ve had about 10 EKG’s in the past 2 years. The most recent being 2 weeks ago. All were normal. But both my parents have heart disease. So my health anxiety is situated around heart worry. I never used to get palpitations regularly, about once or twice a week. My anxiety this year has been amazing, barely ever anxious but what causes anxiety is bodily symptoms or palpitations especially and a week ago, I started getting about 5-10 palpitations per day and I’m terrified to sleep, exercise or do anything incase something suddenly happens to me, I can’t even be alone or nap alone. If I’ve had that many EKG’s, a 24 hour holter monitor 7 months ago which was normal, a chest x-ray 2 years ago that was normal, a resting HR of 58-60bpm and normal blood tests bar slightly above average cholesterol (runs in my family anyway) then should I trust my doctor or press for further tests? I feel like an echocardiogram and stress test would finally settle my mind. But they won’t do anymore tests because I’m only 21. I’m not sure what to do…

  • Here’s why I’m worried. I’ve been getting her art palpitations but I’m a genuinely relaxed person. I’m not stressed or anxious. I also don’t drink coffee, energy drinks or smoke. It is possible I have an overactive thyroid because I’ve notice I can eat LOADS and literally lose weight but the reason I’m scared is because my dad was born with several heart diseases including a faulty valve which he’s had to have replaced with a metal one when he was little. I’ve only been getting them for the past few days but I’m kind of worried D:

  • I was sitting in class without feeling depressed, anxious or anything. However my hear suddenly started beating extremely fast that It was really uncomfortable, I could feel every single beat. I went to the nurse at my school and she gave me medication to slow down the beats. Before that It was like 170 bpm. The medication helped. Then I went to The emergency room to do a EKG. They said that everything was normal. Then to make sure everything is okay we called a hospital that is in a different city to make an appointment. In that time I measured my heart rate every morning and all the time my heart beat was normal except one time when I felt arrhythmia. We went to the doctor there she examined my heart with that thing they use to look at pregnant women’s baby. There they also did a EKG. They said that everything is fine with me. After a week I felt that sometimes my heart,,missed” beats. And today I got a really strong arrhythmia and I don’t know what to do anymore. Could It be because I drank a cup of coffee today? Im planning on not drinking coffee and consuming sugar. It will be really hard, but I don’t want to die.

  • This happens to me and my little siblings almost every day. Almost my whole family has asd which means there is a tiny hole in your heart it causes lots of stuff but it’s not that bad for us