Is The Teen Hooked on Their Phone


Is your child addicted to their mobile phone?

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Teen Cell Phone Addiction: The Stats As it turns out, parents have reason to worry. Results of a 2016 Common Sense Media Report found that 50 percent of teens “feel addicted” to mobile devices, while 59 percent of parents surveyed believe that kids. Studies show teens are more likely to show signs of depression if they are addicted to their cell phone.

Here are the signs to look out for and how parents can help. Teen cell phone addiction is a serious issue for the whole family. A recent poll reveals that 50 percent of teens believe they are addicted to their cell phones.

More than a third of teens try to cut down the amount of time they spend on their mobile devices, but most fail to change. The symptoms of teen cell phone addiction are contradictory. Research shows that teen smartphone addicts are more aggressive, anxious, withdrawn, depressed and less able to concentrate than their counterparts. The research also suggests that not only are more teens becoming addicted to using their smartphones, but they are at risk of other issues as a result. Is Your Teen Addicted to Their Phone?

HealthyWomen Editors. 03 Feb 2015 Pregnancy & Postpartum. TUESDAY, Feb.

3, 2015 (HealthDay News) Spending too much time using electronic devices during the day harms teens’ sleep, a new study suggests. The research included nearly 10,000 Norwegian teens, aged 16 to 19, who were asked how much screen time. Teen cell phone addiction is real. Everyday we’re seeing the ways cell phones are taking over our tweens and teens lives and negatively impacting many areas of their lives.

But getting rid of their cell phones isn’t the solution. Here are the best ways parents can fight teen cell phone addiction. Some Facts and Numbers – Results of teen cell phone addiction According to Common Sense Media recent Addiction Research about teenage cell phone addiction: 78% of teens check their devices at least hourly; 59% of parents feel their teens are addicted to their cell phones; 50% of teenagers admit that they are addicted to their mobile device. Your teen is NOT addicted to her phone Imagine puffing on a cigarette 85 times a day.

Or taking 85 swigs of wine. Picture yourself devouring 85 pieces of chocolate, or sipping 85 coffees as your average daily intake. I believe phone addiction starts when teenagers replace their internal monologues with the Internet.

Instead of confronting a concern or a doubt in the five minute wait for their bus, the teenager. Posted by Mark Gregston July 1, 2011 February 27, 2020 Posted in Articles, What to do when your teen is addicted to their cell phone, What to do when your teen is angry, What to do when your teen is struggling with video games Tags: family conflict, Mark Gregston, parenting teens, teen.

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And no matter what kind of phone it is, if your teen is using it too much, she isn’t attending to other things in life, such as homework, chores, and family relationships.

“Boundaries with Teens: When to Say Yes, How to Say No” by John Townsend
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No wonder that six out of ten teenage users consider themselves addicted to their smartphones.

“The Self Illusion: How the Social Brain Creates Identity” by Bruce Hood
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This addiction to our phones is so serious that there are now rehab groups to help people break their addiction and adopt healthier habits.

“MKTG4” by Charles W. Lamb, Joseph F. Hair, Jr, Carl McDaniel, Jr., Jane Summers, Michael Gardiner
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But once a teen starts spending over three hours a day on their phone, it can be a serious threat to their mental health.

“Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks on Me” by Charlamagne Tha God
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And while half of all teens possess awareness about the addictive nature of their relationships with their smartphones [49], heavy users still become anxious when they cannot use it.

“Technology and Adolescent Mental Health” by Megan A. Moreno, Ana Radovic
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Phone addiction became a real issue among the millennial generation and Generation Z.

“Cold Fusion Presents: New Thinking: From Einstein to Artificial Intelligence, the Science and Technology that Transformed Our World” by Dagogo Altraide
from Cold Fusion Presents: New Thinking: From Einstein to Artificial Intelligence, the Science and Technology that Transformed Our World
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Teens and young adults might, at first glance, seem to be more attached to their phones than older adults are, but those phones have hooks in all of us.

“Tech Generation: Raising Balanced Kids in a Hyper-Connected World” by Mike Brooks, Jon Lasser
from Tech Generation: Raising Balanced Kids in a Hyper-Connected World
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Or, more simply, is the phone just for the adolescent’s own social networking?

“Family Communication” by Chris Segrin, Jeanne Flora
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Phone Addiction Is Real And So Are Its Mental Health Risks.

“Handbook of Research on Innovations in Technology and Marketing for the Connected Consumer” by Dadwal, Sumesh Singh
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Second, the addictive use of smartphones is not a problem specifically among adolescents, since their use profile shows no significant difference than that of older users.

“Internet and Technology Addiction: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice” by Management Association, Information Resources
from Internet and Technology Addiction: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice
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  • I hate my cell phone even tho I have one. The words are very small the sound is tinny and you have to keep it charged everything. I carry it for emergencies only. I use a desktop computer for my information. I am also in my 70’s.

  • Your bored because your boring end of this is the future people who don’t know what their into apart from following people on so-called social media who are having a life while they watch.

  • My mother can go on my phone if she wants, as long as she wont go under my email then im chill with it. My email doesnt have bad stuff in it its just privacy that she needs to repect.

  • Do people seriously not mute their phones when they go to bed? There’s literally nothing more important for me than not waking up before I want to.

  • Teens??????………..Parents are just as bad…….My old ladys parents are sometimes up all night with that zombie phone in their face. You can see the light from outside. Its sickinin.

  • Why do parents care so much about their teen on their phone? like there is literally NOTHING to do, and then parents give every excuse to ground you. “go play outsde” like bruh smh, they always be taking your phone overnight and not giving it back until late the next day. Just because they didnt grow up with it, doesn’t mean they have to ruin it for us.

  • The fact that you guys talk about this but you do not realize that you are giving us trust issues we use our phones yeah but parents need to understand that we aren’t addicted to the phone we use the phone to take us away from reality and you guys dont wanna understand what happens when you pay more attention to what we do than us! So by making this video you’re proving our point tip dont act like we need help or somthing dont take our phones because it’s the only thing we have to get away from the real world. How do I say this uhm ok so pretend your a kid your 3 years old and you dont have a phone as you grow you realize what the actual world is like. And now your 7 you know what’s bad what’s good you understand what dirty jokes are BECAUSE our community,friends,family,and society is messed up if we didnt have a phone then by the time we got to 16 years old most of us wouldnt even be here because we cant get away from THIS MESSED UP WORLD!!!�� its really hard to explain and you might not understand everything I just said cause I’m trying not to give my personal life.. but we live in a world were we are who we are but the world doesn’t like us for who we are if you do understand this then you are a few of many parents

    -by: A 11 year old girl✌��

  • We live in a internet devil ruling world things aren’t like that use to be. When a man would work take care of his family a let God lead a be their guide. Now it’s the dark prince ruling the world a people have forgotten about God’s love a way he wants us to live. Why can’t people be addicted to God the Bible a the right sacared ways of life. The devil devices is made to keep our mind on other things a off of God a church,,,a edcation school things that are important that will help us live a decent a Christian Life style. People face it you can’t a won’t make it long without God’s unconditional love,,,,it’s your choice things of this world that draw addiction a Evil or chosing God it’s ok to have phones but let’s use them right let’s don’t let them be our roadmap in life. Let’s let our Bible a God’s teaching lead us to heaven.

  • you can use my video content to stop your children addiction on cellphone.. just watch and subscribe to my channel.. see you there guys��

  • You know what else people can’t put down that’s an escape from reality drugs thank god those aren’t legal or everyone would be… Nevermind

  • None of these ‘observances’ emphasize the main demographic that these ‘Smartphones Addictions’ apply to (I’m guessing out of fear of retaliation). Females (especially teens). I must be the only one on Earth that is observant enough to see (and brave enough to point out) that, everywhere you look, females are clutching a smartphone in one hand. Constantly. Even in TV Commercials & Films. ������

  • Im on my phone from morning to night about 18 ish hours and im perfectly fine i can stay off my phone when my parents are around but sometimes not.
    Like its so weird they take my phone away or try to limit phone time and i just feel angry like punching a whole in the wall angry or crying cause i dont have my phone anymore.
    Does anyone else have this problem its so hard to not have it in my hands or not knowing im gonna come home and my phone will be on my bed waiting for me.
    anyone else?

  • Before quarantine i stayed on my phone only 6 hours per day. Because i had school, sports and things. Now i dont have anything to do closed in my house. But tomorrow shcools are opening again so i will stay less hours ��

  • I play on my divices a lot for awhile, but i can put it down for awhile also. If my mother wants me to hang with her and get off my phone ill get off.

  • the question was asked, ” why is this happening?” and the answer was “for Dopamine”; then, “does the rate of suicides relate to screentime”,, and no definitive answer. May I suggest it’s because of the current insistence that we value Political Correctness over the message; that FEELINGS are to be considered whenever we converse with each other? The ignoring of and acceptance for the lack of Manners in our youth plus the implementation of PCness has created a pathway to avoid the uncomfortable. Granted, the immediate gratification factor of the media world fosters a quicker realization of disappointment without resolve. In the world of technology, when we don’t like something, we change the channel or move on to the next screen…or block a person from talking if you can. 
    I believe your study is valid in what it is revealing, however, the real cause for choosing suicide over discomfort in society (which in my day were called, “Growing Pains” ) is in direct proportion to the time given to problem identification&problem solving skills along with, the “No child left behind” mentality..
    John’s comment about being kept so busy and constantly interrupted was the biggest clue as to “WHY” the hike in suicide. Those interruptions and glitter flags are happening quite extensively on Social Media, like FaceBook, where, what I refer to as “Ambush Ads” are randomly placed in the midst of a video story or blogger’s talking point. To have one’s thinking changed so unexpectedly and so often is an assault on our very human security centers in our brains. How is anyone in teenage years, especially, supposed to navigate through such a violation of development skills as well as the dealing with the volatile climate without warning? How is anyone expected to stay on task when interrupted without consent? It is Emotional Rape!.. and sets a president for weakening an otherwise, secure society! 
    Identifying the real problem is essential which is what I will identify as the lack of a Moral Program instituted by Parents (both). The solution is some good old-fashioned Family structure which includes time every week for Gratitude, whether it is around a Sunday meal or Church Worship, itself. It is still one of the greatest gifts of Judeo Christian Doctrine, the Commandment that calls one to stay humble and give thanks as we call to mind every 7 days, that we realize why we are alive and what a gift that is.

  • This makes me humorously sick! This is hard to watch, to see a human being unable to cope and think for one’s self without a 5″ device. It’s quite literally an attachment of their own body. They’re probably more addicted to their phone than they would be on crack.

  • I’m 15 just finished training for a trama care cert and am starting a small business with a real fucking investor so fuck yall I’ll do what the fuck I want once I get my shit done

  • Idk abt y’all, but to me my phone is the only thing keeping me happy at this point. Internet friends are the best friends i’ve ever had.

  • whats saddens me most is that people..all ages… think eye contact is awkward. i got asked several times on a date why i look so intensly in his eyes. why i stare. i was just actively listening and interested in what he had to say

  • So they chose teens who litteraly can’t live without their phones, when most of is can. I know a lot of adults including my mom who can’t put their phones down when I can in some situations. I hate when people think we’re incapable of human interaction outside of phones

  • im born in the 90s so i dont really know what its like but babies nowadays have ipads. how can that be good? also imagine that your parents are filming you all day and put them children on facebook all the time. your own parents taking away your privacy and exposing you to everyone on social media.

    when we have a break at work we are sitting with 10 people in a room and everybody is not talking but just staring at their phone. What is so interesting about phones? i really dont know. It just bores me looking at the tiny ineffecient screen. I find it more interesting to stare at people who stare at their phones. I can see that some people use it as an excuse to not talk because they are afraid. There is nothing on their phone. They just avoid conversation.

    When i talk to people they sometimes tell me to wait because they are doing something on their phone. Its antisocial and i start looking down on those people. How can your phone be more important than the people around you?

    So if you are smartphone addicted let me tell you this. ** you! I hate you! You are a piece of ****! You lowlife should not walk this earth because you are boring people! And there are so many. It is depressing.

  • … “But we’re really opening them to a world that is really dangerous”( 2:01)


  • So my mom just got pissed because I HAD 498 followers and she treated it like a sin and removed 340. Like wtf…I don’t get why lol. She treated having 498 followers as a sin☠️

  • I haven’t had a smart phone for 2.5 years. I have not had any phone period for the past year. The ONLY thing I miss is being able to make phone calls. I’m not about to dish out 30 bucks a month to have a flip phone though.

  • i am addicted to my PC. i have gone 3 whole days on my PC playing Grand Theft Auto 5. I have realized that i am losing little parts of my memory, not able to focus in school, and my grades have gone down as well. now i am experiencing Sort Term Memory Loss. please people out there don’t get addicted to your devices. you can do this by taking brakes ( NOT SOCIAL MEDEA ). dont make the mistake of addiction.

  • I`m totally discusted with society and this,ruining livescar accidents,lazyness and no desire to play outdoors. Destroying the sacinty of the Church. Rudeness at checkout lanes holding up traffic when light is green. making people hermits by cutting off personal social interaction. some days I never use my phone,and only text on the PC at home in my personal office

  • My parents put parental controls on my phone. Bad news? It wont let me use YouTube…only YouTube Kids. (I am currently on my uncontrolled tablet) Good news? When I turn 13, it asks me if I wanna remove the controls with no input from the parent. This will be the longest 5 1/2 months of my life

  • There is nothing humanity/society can do about evolution. Technology is here to stay..we invented it after all…so lets not hate on the current generation(Millennials) being well adapted to the technology in that case Smartphone & Internet..there are worse things out there that destroy lives like drugs and guns.Besides there is nothing without its opportunity & cost or advantage & disadvantage.

  • That doesnt exist dumbass no one literally it’s fucking stupid you really think a teenager would have an addiction to a piece of technology, wrong. I have a phone but i dont get addicted to it so you act like teens have drugs to make them look bad.

  • this is why when i have kids, ill let them have theyre own phones as long as they promise to keep a nice even ballance between them ans interacting with people around them. and ill use a perental lock just in case.

  • Last June, I was fishing and fell into the river after slipping on a rock. My phone was lost, and I had 2 weeks to go on a farm in the middle of the dakota plains. Most fulfilling and honestly fun 2 weeks of my life. I almost didn’t want a new phone, but my mom gave me one when I came home

  • I had similar problems when I was fifteen a decade ago, but instead of phone it was books. I was forever caught by my maths teacher reading all sorts of books underneath my desk, so by the time I started A-levels I had read all the books by some classic authors like Jane Austen etc. Needless to say I went on to read a degree related to LOTS of books at university. These days the device I can’t be without is my kindle and half the time I usually forget my phone at home. Who needs it when you have a kindle?

  • YOU KNOW WHAT if i was not addict my sis could of died…

    Ok ok i will explain my sis old enough to be a the house bye her self and this man came to the house lucky that man was just a post guy BUT. That guy was banging on the door for a long time my mum’s phone was out of charge and she didn’t have dad number so. She was calling me and my phone was in the back of the universe. I mean car sorry and that man even came to the window in living room to the and started banging again my sis started to get scared and then it ended u came home my sis told me about this and yeah I am not lying by the way

  • my phone is the only thing keeping me from sobbing all day. they say depression comes from phones, it doesnt. It comes from social media if you dont know how to deal with social pressures. My parents dont let me have any, all i have is pinterest and it sucks. Im so lonely, nobody talks to me, i hear my friends talk about all the people that viewed their snap stories and how many people they are friends with. Especially is quarantine, i dont have any connection to the outside world besides texts and nobody uses messaging anymore, everyone uses snap. Me watching possums eating bananas isnt going to make me jump off the roof. But i GARUNTEE you, overbearing parents that dont let their kids have their phones at night and set screen time locks and turn off wifi at night, will. My parents monitor every text i send. Every app i download. All my pictures. I couldnt download certain songs before that had any curses. The wifi turns off to MY PHONE SPECIFICALLY, NO ONE ELSES, at 12:30. That means i cant listen to music or watch videos as i fall asleep, instead im staring at the ceiling until 5:00 am thinking about how pointless my life has been and how i can get skinny. THAT is what makes me miserable, the fact that i cant trust my parents to give me privacy and free will.

  • I really don’t like how adults these days make all teens seem stupid and like they are always doing something wrong. That’s only some of us. I hope they can realize that. Also I think a digital detox is an amazing idea. I did that for 5 days last week!!!

  • 3 smartphone zombies….This is today’s youth…lololololol. Learn how to read a book, read a newspaper. Go outside and get some exercise.

  • Actually it helps understand our mental health and solve it out and I think we r addicted to it because we’re not allowed to have it until the time comes

  • I did some meditation on headspace for abt half an hour, read the newspaper and my paper magazine subscription and some books today in paper form, I was also off sick from school so I managed to also catch-up on work too.

    I was only on my phone so I could message my friends/ classmates what our hwk is and what I needed to catch up on and to plan a day out with some of them. I’m literally watching a lil bit of YouTube now then I’ll be making my dinner around 6pm (2 hours time).

    I don’t think I can last watching much YouTube and stuff on my phone as I have a rlly low digital and non digital attention span.

  • I’m only a 15 year old boy and I bet none of us here are not parents

    I have a iPhone 7 Plus

    Ok are phones have so much power and all teens and up have phones

    I’ve had my 7 plus for 5 years now

    Have high grades

    Don’t have depression

    Not hostile

    I have no limit on screen time
    I am able to charge my phone in my room at night

    I’m still doing fine in school

  • It’s like saying “this family has a fridge and puts milk in it ALL THE TIME!!” Like people buy 1300$ phones and people say its bad to use it?

  • 30 years ago: Parents are complaining that kids are spending too much time on the TV

    Today: Parents are complaining that kids are spending too much time on the phone

    The hypocrisy!

  • There are very many Smartphone and Digital idiots like Charlatan,Parrot,Ox,Donkey, all in the world as in the jungle.
    if they do not touch or play with them, then they get sick, so they are also sick in the head.This a Contagion in the World.

  • Is it bad if I use my phone 4 hours a day but I don’t use it for social media or video games but for research on my other hobbies?

  • I started off saying I would never let my kids play on my phone and I didn’t want them to have any smart toys. Well that went out the window when my son’s therapists used their phones during his OT, PT and ST sessions. Now I let him play a couple games on my phone, mainly to help with his speech. But our kids are not getting phones until 14-15 and they will be very limited

  • Sounds like kids today or bored to death that’s why they spend so much time on their phone don’t buy them a phone take them outside let him see the real world

  • i don’t always have to be on my phone, but i like to listen to music and for comfort. i feel comforted with my phone in my hand. sometimes i just feel secure knowing i could call 911 or my parents in a click of a few buttons

  • Is not true that if you didn’t have your phone you would just look at the floor. This kid just doesn’t know life without a phone. I blame my phone for the dependency i have to get basic information on my phone. It obstructs creativity and memory development and no one has to tell me that me and my friends all grew up with phones and don’t know a different life because our parents didn’t know what they were dealing with at the moment but I do cuz I already went through it. So when I have a child I’ll judge base on my experience and hopefully know better

  • Also, WHY is it that everyone is acting as if though the behavior of teens with their Smartphones are the problem WHEN THEIR IRRESPONSIBLE PARENTS HAVE THEM THE FUCKING THINGS?? ������

  • When I started spending less time on my phone focusing in class was much more easy for me. the previous year I actually failed most of my classes. But because I chose to limit on my phone my grades went up a lot.

  • People have been blowing time on bs for awhile now. Remember back when everyone was addicted to….

    Books! Reading them on beautiful beaches not appreciating the world around them. And don’t get me started on…wait for it…..

    Playing Cards!!����������

  • I mean they paid for it and they r free to use it however they want. It’s harmful for the kid totally but its the parents job to set limits. But before even that, it’s the kids who should set limits


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  • My parents always took my phone away. I think the most time I didn’t have my phone at all was 5 months. It seems excessive, and I did beg for it back, but now I am very happy they didn’t give it back. It gave me values. I appreciate my phone and choose not to do anything wrong with it so not to get it taken away again. I spend time with my family because I don’t have a phone to distract me. I hate when I see kids in a nice restaurant on their phones when their parents are having a conversation. Can kids actually do anything without their phones or technology? I think all kids should have their phones taken away regardless of the, “But I can’t talk to my friends!” They go to school, they can talk to them there, they’re just being too petty.

  • What happened to casual teenage LSD use, Raves, Jim Beam, 9mm target practice, Super 8 film, reggie, pipe bomb getogethers, BMX bikes, game consoles that got boring after 30 minutes, daydreaming on the throne, cursive and the occational abject boredom that only mountaineers, trekkers and sailers still experience.
    The more connected we become, the more we realize that each other of us suck a lubed eggplant sideways.
    The mystical mystery of ignorance kept depression and anxiety in check. Social media equals instant panic attack.

  • Today I decided that I’m going to see how long I can last without my phone. I’m not really addicted to my phone like most people are these days, but I still use it a lot. I’ve noticed that I’m a lot happier today because I don’t have my face buried in a cellphone. The only technology I’ve been using is my laptop and that’s because I take online classes, but I’d like to take a break from all technology someday.

  • there saying a study backs up that phones at night leads to depression but im not saying tht its fake all im saying is what is you reaserch and evidence it could be correct but facts are more credible as at the moment its just media companies trying to scare pearents

  • My toddler is addicted to smartphone
    Her father spoils /pampers her all the time and give it to her at any time she asks
    But what i do i dont give it her and she keeps on screaming and i ignore her and day after day i did the same way and it really work when i say NO she retreats