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© Provided by Associated News Although you may think using a deodorant is good for your hygiene, it could be doing more harm to your body. In general, deodorants and antiperspirants are safe products for most people in good health to use. However, if you have an allergy or other health condition that could be affected by the ingredients in deodorant, it’s best to discuss this with your doctor. Do you have questions about deodorant’s impact on your health?

Deodorant could do more harm to the body than good, new research has suggested. The study, published in the Peerj journal, concluded that d eodorant affects how microbiomes Using deodorant and antiperspirants could be DANGEROUS to your health DAILY use of deodorant could be doing more harm than good to your health, according to a new scientific report.

Although you may think using a deodorant is good for your hygiene, it could be doing more harm to your body. A normal part of a daily routine for most people involves a quick spray of a deodorant or a swipe of a roll-on. No one likes the idea of literally hanging around like a bad smell and so we take the necessary steps to prevent it. Mainstream or conventional deodorants come loaded with synthetic ingredients; which have been proven to do more harm than good.

For health-conscious people, natural deodorant is the best alternative to harmful chemicals. Is Your Daily Deodorant Routine Doing More Harm Than Good? Next – a lot of conventional antiperspirant deodorants have a lot of hidden nasties in them, that when used daily for long periods of time, may not be the best idea for our bodies. For example aluminium (which blocks the sweat gland). This is a fascinating episode on how our super clean, ultra-squeaky, anti-bacterial lives may be doing more harm than good.

Andrea also tested out MotherDirt products for the last month and reported on her results on our Facebook page. Head to. Good news—your pits will survive. sweat levels and your B.O. if the deodorant that you typically wear is an antiperspirant versus an aluminum-free option, since these formulas do more than. Deodorant and antiperspirant could be harmful to your health, a new study suggests.

The substances may allow potentially dangerous bacteria to grow in users’ underarms, according to the research by.

List of related literature:

I stopped using conventional deodorant because I learned how it can clog the lymphatic system and sweat glands with aluminum and other heavy metals.

“The Earth Diet: Your Complete Guide to Living Using Earth's Natural Ingredients” by Liana Werner-Gray
from The Earth Diet: Your Complete Guide to Living Using Earth’s Natural Ingredients
by Liana Werner-Gray
Hay House, 2014

Although this material provides deodorant properties due to its antibacterial action, it has insufficient antiperspirant effectiveness, and is not an approved active per the Antiperspirant Drug Products Monograph of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

“Poucher’s Perfumes, Cosmetics and Soaps” by H. Butler
from Poucher’s Perfumes, Cosmetics and Soaps
by H. Butler
Springer Netherlands, 2013

In fact 40 per cent of the chemicals added to products like deodorant end up in the air we breathe.

“How to Save Your Planet One Object at a Time” by Tara Shine
from How to Save Your Planet One Object at a Time
by Tara Shine
Simon & Schuster UK, 2020

In this case the antiperspirant active has only deodorizing properties and nearly no impact on the eccrine sweat glands.

“Handbook of Cosmetic Science and Technology” by Andre O. Barel, Howard I. Maibach
from Handbook of Cosmetic Science and Technology
by Andre O. Barel, Howard I. Maibach
CRC Press, 2001

With almost 70 years of use for antiperspirant actives, there is almost no association with adverse affects when properly used in the underarm area.

“Cosmetic Dermatology: Products and Procedures” by Zoe Diana Draelos
from Cosmetic Dermatology: Products and Procedures
by Zoe Diana Draelos
Wiley, 2011

Commercial deodorants leave chemicals on the skin that kill odor—causing bacteria, making them effective at masking underarm odor in most people.

“The Doctors Book of Home Remedies: Quick Fixes, Clever Techniques, and Uncommon Cures to Get You Feeling Better Fast” by Editors of Prevention
from The Doctors Book of Home Remedies: Quick Fixes, Clever Techniques, and Uncommon Cures to Get You Feeling Better Fast
by Editors of Prevention
Rodale Books, 2010

Can too much antiperspirant cause me to overheat?

“Introduction to Cosmetic Formulation and Technology” by Gabriella Baki, Kenneth S. Alexander
from Introduction to Cosmetic Formulation and Technology
by Gabriella Baki, Kenneth S. Alexander
Wiley, 2015

With almost 70 years of use for antiperspirant actives, there is almost no association with adverse effects

“Cosmetic Dermatology: Products and Procedures” by Zoe Diana Draelos
from Cosmetic Dermatology: Products and Procedures
by Zoe Diana Draelos
Wiley, 2015

And I definitely put it to use, starting with the deodorant first, a luxury that I rarely had at the compound.

“Killing Sarai” by J. A. Redmerski
from Killing Sarai
by J. A. Redmerski
Createspace Independent Pub, 2013

I happily destroy the ozone by spraying on my favorite aerosol deodorant and sneer at the dumbbells who use the nauseating roll-on brands (3), the kind that retain stray underarm hairs from past use to remind you just how imperfect the human body really is.

“Crackpot: The Obsessions of” by John Waters
from Crackpot: The Obsessions of
by John Waters
Scribner, 2007

Oktay Kutluk

Kutluk Oktay, MD, FACOG is one of the world's foremost experts in fertility preservation as well as ovarian stimulation and in vitro fertilization for infertility treatments. He developed and performed the world's first ovarian transplantation procedures as well as pioneered new ovarian stimulation protocols for embryo and oocyte freezing for breast and endometrial cancer patients.

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  • Now that the anti-bacterial soaps have been banned in just 1 year there has been a 30% increase in preventable skin disease and a 10% increase in flesh-eating bacteria. Anti Bacterial agents killed germs and had nothing to do with Anti-Biotic resistance. Dead is dead, nothing got stronger or immune. Nobody is immune to death. People say there are studies but when researching there were only a few with a false premise and agenda that people got behind. In five more years when the numbers are beyond epidemic for MARSA and other preventable diseases will we hold the people who created false studies accountable?

  • One thing i’ve noticed, is that using deoderant causes the to stink. By using deodorant, you end up having BO. Maybe it’s by design, so you end up using a deoderant, then you stink, so you keep buying more. I stopped using deoderant quite a few years back, and haven’t had any foul sweaty smells ever since.

  • Loreal 3 in 1 for men makes my skin itch so much under there. Even when I don’t use much of it.
    It smells so nice though. Maybe it’s the purfume in it that makes it itch.

  • All these shitty animated so-called “debunking” vids are completely full of it. Oh ok so “don’t inhale contents-can be harmful or fatal”…warning makes sense, but spray it liberally on your skin many times a day letting it soak in to your skin……is fine?!
    Dousing yourself multiple times daily with known toxic chemical cocktails is definitely cancer causing.

  • Holy crap people are stupid. If it doesn’t make some kind of sense to you that…..dousing yourself multiple times daily in known toxic chemical cocktails causes a high risk of cancer?

    Never mind. Keep doing it.

  • I just had trouble with deodorant I got a big red bump underneath my underarms had to go to the doctor ended up on antibiotics. So yes deodorant can be a problem

  • Aluminium deoderant is the best, It doesnt cause anything bad AND MAKES U SMELL SO GOOD. My nans been using it for 64 years, and 7ve been using it for 6 years it’s good ��

  • There are natural alternatives made of natural rock crystals for about the same price. So why put chemicals on your underarms, especially aluminium-based ones that may be absorbed by the skin and have estrogen-like (hormonal) effects?!
    Oh… and I’m European and use deodorant. Stop coming up with “facts” which are not real. Then again, Americans are excellent at that!

  • I disagree. This shit is still full of chemicals and therefore it’s better to use a natural replacement. The less chemicals we have in and on our body, the better.

  • Why are so many people not believing them. They are fucken doctors for gods sake. So people are saying how we were wrong about lead and cigarettes in the 60s well in the 60s we did not have as much Technology so it made it hard to see what was bad and good.

  • No offense, but Dr.OZ relied on sophisticated corporate women and women with PHDs who has been sophisticated and careful enough to mislead us by broadcasting the Pros and omitting the Cons. These are, predominantly, the same types of individuals that gets paid huge dividends to sell us out and undermining us by promoting commercial poisons.

    They have absolutely no qualms nor morals about deceiving us; Courtesy of (the desperation for) the U.S. dollar.

    Breast Cancer has been very prevalent among women. Do you feel a lump under your armpits? Will that lump migrate to your chest/breast?

    Why would someone want to artificially block what our Creator gave us? The body will form a Cancer just to protect itself from the metal, ultimately injuring itself to death.

    I would twice about using aluminum or any junk metal on the body.

    It is bad enough cooking with aluminum has been touted to result in Alzheimer, Parkinson’s and Dementia.

    (With maybe the exception of Copper. If the metal cannot be magnetized by the Earth’s crust, I wouldn’t trust cooking with it. Use a magnet. If it doesn’t stick, don’t cook with it.)

    Here is the real deal, the TRUTH:
    (the online warriors)

    Safer Deodorants:

    [Video 5:15min]


    [Video 6:15min]


    [Video 9:20min]


    [Video 12:27min]

    Hopefully, this will help someone out there. This will set you on the tracks of the right path.

  • That’s a big jump to conclude from not finding any evidence linking deodorants to cancer, and to state that deodorants are not harmful. The absence of evidence doesn’t prove anything!

  • what about recent studies from the turn of the century which posit that it is not the contents of antiperspirants which contribute to cancer, but rather the fact that they block perspiration, therefore increasing toxic buildup in the underarm and upper torso? I was led to believe that it was this restriction which contributed to breast cancer, especially, but not only in women.

  • This is irresponsible media. As the antiperspirant alone is not enough to cause Alzheimer’s. The cumulative affects iof aluminum in years of exposure to aluminum in antiperspirant, water, food, work, farm, and industry contaminate can be. environment. Shame on you Dr Oz for selling out.

  • I’ve known this for a long time. Your body only absorbs 0.012% of the aluminum in deodorant. That amount isn’t enough to effect your health. This info is even on the American cancer society website.

  • I use antiperspirant, but I was concerned about getting Alzheimer’s later. So I started smoking, Since nicotine Is proven to prevent Alzheimer’s. God, im so smart and healthy. Healthiest person alive

  • Oh my gosh, some people here get it. You want to get rid of that threat and problem. Just use deodorant and guaranteed 100% elimination of the problem.

  • 60% of fluids on your skin, get’s absorbed into the bloodstream.True. In the bloodstream those chemicals resemble different cells. Normal cells then try to combine with them, and hey presto…mutated cell.(cancer)

  • This is that bs made to show us what we want to hear to calm us down but also keep us on the same products. And people keep clapping?

  • 7 steps to toxic Deordorant freedom. You want to be armed with confidence. You want deodorants that allow the body to function naturally by not obstructing your pores.

    Step 1) take a bath by soaking your body with Epson Salt. Approximately 45min.

    Step 2) Take a rinse bath with water and 3 teaspoons of Baking Soda. Approximately 15min. ( For Babies 1 teaspoon of baking soda) (*1 teaspoon of baking soda bath is good for babies with a fever, too).

    Step 3) Second Rinse. Shower in Bonner’s Castile Soap Shampoo (Maybe Peppermint)

    3) Under arm detox: Bentonite Clay Mask *3-7 days.

    …or Primally Pure Detox

    *Reapply as necessary.

    (You can start Friday night, after work, and be ready to proceed to the next step 7) Monday morning).

    Step 4) *During those days, shower with Dr. Bonner’s Castile Soap bar soap

    Step 5) *During those days, for the armpits use fresh organic lemon.
    (and Tea Tree Oil)

    Step 6) Then coconut oil mixed with lavender oil (maybe with a little baking soda mix); courtesy of your local health store.

    Step 7) This is the list you have been waiting for armpit control:

    A) Native Deodorant
    (try the coconut/vanilla combo)

    B) Crystal Deodorant from TJ Max (you must wet it first before use) or

    Crystal Mineral Stick, Roll on, or Spray
    on Amazon

    C) Meow Meow Tweet

    D) Primally Pure

    E) Lume last but not least may last longest by far, maybe even further than my cat’s Meow Meow Tweet (these are might be the best of the best. Try them all. Find the one that blends with you.

    Alternative Natural combination:
    [ Some will still go for just Shea Butter, baking soda and esential oil mix]

    [ Some will use Himalayan Salt (an attractive crystal ball]!11580!US!-1

    Combined with steps 5) and 6)

    * Dr. Bonner’s Shampoo can be used everyday or every other day. Find your combination.

  • Omg thanks i am 13 and i stopped wearing it for 2 week after i heard this was fake i leathered that deodorant on. Thanks now i don’t smell.

  • I have been clear now from cancer 7 years, and all my life I’ve have been using nothing but Colgate. Nothing but the best or, so I thought. Guest where my cancer was? “On my gum at the front of my mouth for the world to see”. I thought that when I had brushed my teeth that I had bruised it.

    The doctor, said “Nothing to worry about, but go and see your dentist”. The dentist X Ray and said “Nothing to worry about but here is a letter, in your own time visit King College Hospital”. I spent the whole day going from floor to floor and trainees and three month later examinations, until they decide to do a biopsy. I waited a further 10 days, when I got the dreaded phone call Monday 18th of December, asking me to come in, spoke to the consultant Wednesday 20th and started my chemotherapy treatment and something called the Chop, on the 22nd December 2006. 

    My mother watch me go through HELL!… She died a year later. To this day I still believe it was the trauma of my sickness she could not handled, that help to killed her.

    Now to here that we are putting TRICLOSAN in our month every day and night, I just spent a fortune shwopping over the mercery filling in my month costing over £800.00, because I take it serious how I care for my mouth and my body.

    The bible say Psalm 118:8  ‘It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man’. And that is what we have been doing from the day we was born, I suppose it just a bad habit.

  • You can find deoderant without aluminium its not easy but possible. Im a man and I use old spice high endurance which is very good and smells great but be careful because some old spice does contain aluminum always check the ingridients. Oh and those old aluminum pots n pans passed down from grandma must go too! I also hear chlorella taken daily can clean out any aluminum or other metals in our body from fillings even.

  • Hippy dippy pseudo science nonsense. Read academic journals and you’ll also find no causal link between aluminum and breast cancer, alzheimers, etc. But the lay person has it all figured out, “oh I’m putting aluminum near my boob, must be leaching in and causing breast cancer!” �� What I want is a reasonably priced antiperspirant in a refillable container. Cut out the plastic.

  • If you want to relieve the symptoms of Alzheimer’s or dementia disease take an eyebrow tweezers and remove the hair follicles from the patients hands, feet, and wrists. This should have an immediate effect on their well being.

  • The idea is if you really want to “HELP” at least be a qualifed profesional for it a Doctor, Teacher, etc. Because if you are not a qualified profesional just a young boy our girl you can do it easily in your own country wherever you came from Uk,Usa, Europe..etc. These people do it as the guy said for the cv, for the experience for after it put it in social media and receive likes, for own interests than “purely help others” those kids actually are just used (recommended inform you after the psychology effects for the kids to get attached to someone and then be abandoned every time, and how the local small industry is affect by these NGOs). You want to help? Visit old people in your own country in geriatrics, volunteer to give food, travel and support the small local business and DONT NEGOCIATE A SPECIAL PRICE, believe me you help then more,volunteer even in your own house cleaning our reappearing something!!. But of course is not ” cool to post it right”����������

  • I stopped using deoderant because it goed into your lymphatic system. What works is using vinigar and rub that on the skin. Leave it for a few minites and rinse it off. It kills the bacteria on the skin which creates that odor. I swear you dont smell even after several showers and workouts

  • It has been proven that sweat contains body toxins dumb valley girl. If it’s just heat then what’s a cold sweat about. why do ppl have sweats and clamy skin when sick. Don’t trust these fools that gave us aluminum in the first place. Dirty girl said use antiperspirant at night few times a week. Does she wash everyday? I’m guessing no���� Nasty ppl!

  • Ok it doesn’t cause cancer. What about other health concerns with blocking sweat glands, that can’t be healthy. Like blocking your tear ducts, doesn’t it get backed up and cause tissue problems?

  • I stopped using deodorant years ago. I suppose there are people who are prone to smelling bad, but for the vast majority of us this product is a waste of money. It strikes me as a case where companies manufacture a need. As far as effects on health, I think the precautionary principle is apt for a non-essential product.

  • Hey guys, just to contribute to the ongoing dialogue, I directed a documentary along similar lines about seven volunteer English teachers from Australia who gradually confront the colonial implications of their work in rural Thailand. Over the course of six months, they contend with their inexperience as teachers, the omnipresence of Westernisation, and the ambiguity of their purpose. Directed by one of the volunteers, “Six Months to Salvation” is a self-reflexive documentary about language, landscape and idealism lost:


  • Instead of deo or anti, i use lemon juice. Acidity kills the smelly bacteria that thrive in alkaline environments. Do it once or twice in a day and you are good to spare some $$ on smelly deos or antis.

  • When I lived in Asia my earwaxs are dry but now I’m in the US they’re wet. My theory is the steam from hot showering I’m taking everyday goes in my ears soften and wet everything in there. In Asia I took cold shower every time.

  • love the information doc. I make similar videos on maintenance of health issues from a wholistic perspective. I was wondering if you had any tips on how to build an audience. Thanks and keep the videos coming!

  • She really said forgot about the aluminium in the deodorant??
    Why not suggest aluminum free deodorants since you’re talking about it? Why not give us solutions or suggestions?

    Schmidts has natural deodorant without aluminium and I find it at Target for $4-6.

  • THANK you Brit Lab! I learned the periodic table of elements about the same time I learned my multiplication table (very young!) So ever since then I’ve learned characteristics and uses for many of them and so you can imagine how annoyed I was when several people at my work mentioned aluminum (aluminium) is a PROVEN topical carcinogen. I’m like, “Really dude? The third most common element in Earth’s crust?” I assumed it was more holistic/homeopathy mumbo-jumbo stuff. Glad I was right. One more to add to the list:

    Fluoride, chemtrails, antioxidants, flat-Earth, probiotics, illuminati, lizard people, faked moon landings, homeopathy, frivolous lawsuits, prayer-curing, and now carcinogenic aluminum.

  • Even plain water promotes stronger strains of bacteria and viruses.
    Stupid reporters fall for any propaganda.
    It’s evolution baby, you can’t stop it.
    The black plague survivors were the stronger and immutable to not just the black plague, but HIV and AIDs… well most of them are.
    Doctors better stop using it too. LOL

  • It’s the CUMULATIVE effects; aluminum does surround us. Pots we use to cook, antiperspirants and hygiene products, some make up, and check out certain preservatives, especially in vaccines! We DO need to decrease our use.

  • I looked into volunteering as I was getting bored of my 3 to 4 week holiday overseas every year. Even though you might go to different countries it can get a bit of the old ‘same same’ only different but after I filled in the on line form they tried to slug me for a large fee so that was that.

    Firstly I resent what I see as ambush marketing and secondly I strongly resent the payment of large fees for so called administrative reasons; i would not mind paying for some things as long as they were up front as you spent this money while on holiday anyway.

    Furthermore, looking into Volunteering I got the distinct impression that a lot of it is somewhat questionable for different reasons. Personally I was a Registered Nurse but I would not really want to do this on a volunteer basis for ethical reasons and because of the risk to my own health and the responsibility of providing health care in a substandard environment. Also it is a high pressure job anyway and do your really want to do it on your holidays when you are supposed to be resting?

    I do not want to condemn volunteer work outright but I really think it needs to be looked into. If done right it can benefit the recipient and it can help in the development of the individual, perhaps especially if they are in the Health or Education field.

    As it stands the volunteers are getting exploited for their cash and the recipients are not getting meaningful assistance.

  • bit dissappointed by this brit lab. doesn’t tackle the issues caused by stopping sweat production especially what it can do to your glands. doesn’t explain why these particular bacteria are present etc. This is geared toward 6 year old audience and has prompted me to unsubscribr from brit lab. you need to step up your game in the future.

  • If you wouldn’t do it in your own country why should you do it in another country? I know for a fact that in my country I would not be allowed to teach at a school or to work in an orphanage. This is such a huge issue especially regarding children, not just orphans but children who do in fact have families.

  • The dutch girl (or polish) I didn´t understand… saying it is amazing because everybody say hello to you when you go to the supermarket….Oh for fuck shake. Of course they do! It is in their culture! They say hello to white foreigners all the time, and they are so happy that you go to their town to spend your money there!! That doesn´t show that you are doing a good job. They think is good for their kids to learn english from a white teacher even if they dont have no fucking idea about teaching. Thye dont know that their kids don´t learn nothing, and that they will be better educated with a khmer teacher that spend the whole year with them.

  • Aren’t antiperspirants harmful by their very nature blocking your sweat, which actually serves a purpose?

    Also, where do I upload my earwax samples?

  • I stopped using deoderant/ antiperspirant. And found that I rarely smell despite of it! -But it took a couple of weeks with smell, to rinse out the deoderant from my armpit pores.. I think a lot of people do not know that they do not smell without deoderizer. It is often a genetic thing, whether ones sweat contain specific bacteria that causes an unpleasant smell, once the sweat decomposes. For instance chorean people do not have a lot of problems with sweat smell. Interestingly children can be drenched in sweat and never ever smell.

  • The human body is meant to sweat and detoxify. It is NOT NORMAL TO BLOCK OUR PORES. The pores release our bacteria making us less toxic burden. You should use deodorants with no aluminum salt as an alternative and I found that they work just as well. This video is all crap information. According to science almost everything is safe and there is always no link or no scientific evidence. All crap if you ask me.

  • Companies can literally hire researchers to prove their products are safe, it’s been done in history. (Professor Snape Voice) Obviously stop lying

  • What an irresponsible person. How much are they paying you, lady? How about you make a report on the times in which the National Cancer Institute has made mistakes?

  • I never used antiperspirant until I got an office job where I wore dress shirts. I got lumps on my chest/underarm. NOPE. I currently do not use any deodorant. I shave my arm pits and shower regularly and stay fit and eat healthy and I have no issues.

  • i dont wear any deodorant when i work out so i can sweat out all the toxins from my armpit glands. and when i come home i just shower off sweat and dont put anything on my armpits

  • Why do you insist so much on B.O. smelling bad. In human history, it is a really recent belief that B.O. is supposed to be stinky. The fact is that it actually smells good as long as you bath or shower regularly.

  • Anti-perspirant causeed a a lil ball under my arm pit, I did research to see if it is cancerous cause it was hurting me. It might become cancerous but I stopped using the deodorant and the pain and ball went away

  • Use common sense. Perspiration is your body’s natural way of removing toxins. anything that clogs up the pores causes the toxins to stay in your body. = cancer.

  • Deodorants are not harmful short term, but it is indeed harmful in the long run. You can’t keep blocking your ducts and expect it to be fine and dandy. 24hr protection only means 24hrs that your ducts will be blocked. Your pits may create a smell but it has a purpose to its madness and it’s not to be blocked. The more protection deodorant claim it has, the worse it is for you because the less active your ducts are… just know that there are ways to minimize or eliminate a smell without deodorant.

  • No comment the inability for you to sweat out toxins in those antiperspirant stank areas being an issue? Very little info this is science for sheeple.

  • Conclusive or not, we prefer to side with caution and use natural products instead. Don’t really want to prevent the natural bodily process that helps cool us and helps release toxins. Natural Deodorant solves body odour without harming body or the environment. The fumes from those aerosol cans are choking and not to mention the plastic waste from other roll on products.

  • Actually, they even do not help at all, voluntourism is a ego-related trip.

    The selfish feeling that YOU, you are doing something to help is much more important in the experience than to know if you actually help or not. the importance is the feeling you have and the movie you make yourself live in.
    There are brave young people, but they have been cheated by the international agencies proposing this kind of trip for thousands of dollars a few weeks, using the imaginary of young good-willing students and building this movie for them, and the worse is that these same agencies are giving this money to sometimes pseudo-orphanage which steal kids from their family for get money, or sell them.

    Finally, note that it is very strange to have to pay this amount of money (even any amount) while you use your free time to work with people, don’t you find? And do you really think that a 2-week experience can be helpful for the children? Of course, you are doing the same that the guy before you did, and the one before him.
    A lot of other jobs are possible if you want to help, you can contact local NGO, find job/internship abroad and even start by your own country. Especially, do something in which you have real skills!

    And the most important, this fucking agencies are to blame and have to be controlled and punished: ProjectsAbroad, Club TELI, and others. They are flavoring the poverty and discrimination to allow white people from the rich world to live their philanthropist reality show, poor people…

  • * Yall need to go watch a video by “Jodie Meschuk” on Instagram, posted 15 hours ago from now. The Cover photo is a Blue Book that i can make out reads “A Tale Of..” along with a part of her head/hair, blue background. Research MORE *

  • Great documentary… in my point of view voluntarism has it’s own pros and cons. On the positive sides, voluntarism is the best platform for the young generation to give something valuable to other community specifically to the country that have extreme poverty, such as giving them the basic education so that they also got the opportunity to learn like other people. However, from the negative sides, it also can be a risk due to the quit challenging work for the volunteer because they need to do it with willingness and use the energy, time and passion. Besides, the volunteer also needs to take time to get along with the community in order to understand their lifestyle.

  • The first statement of the video says that the industry is worth more than 10 Billion GBP a year. And the last says the national cancer institute has found no link to cancer etc. That sums it up all.

  • I’ll tell you what they do cause, hard swollen lymph nodes. Stopped using it years ago after it kept happening and now all I use is tea tree oil when I go out. Not using all that stuff anymore actually decreased my body odor.

    Don’t forget, breasts aren’t being used for what they’re intended anymore. Use it or lose it.

  • Tip: if you’re out in public/somewhere and you have no access to deodorant and are starting to smell, wash your armpits with soap (preferably antibacterial) and dry. Bacteria causing stench = gone!

    You can also use hand sanitiser to kill the smelly bacteria!:)

  • wow…… The Cambodian guy who says “well, we have a minimum of 2 weeks, but we never close our doors. Some people can come for few days”…. great. It is crystal clear they put the wellness of te kids before their pockets…..
    I live in Cambodia and this is sooo common. The most of the local NGOs working with kids dont care about their education. They just see them as a way to get money.

  • the shape of your brain has a lot to do with your intelligence, one of the best ways to determine whether you’re brain is shaped like a lollipop, well, circle, a square or triangle is by looking up an individuals anus to be able to achieve a proper view at the bottom side of the brain. From this angle…

  • My mom had to hand her sweatglands removed because of clogged ducts. My family only uses roll-on deodorant without the antiperspirant now.

  • I don’t wear deodorant and haven’t for a couple years. in the first year I had a little smell but now a days the smell is minimal to non existent. I work construction so I sweat everyday.

  • The cringey jokes fringe on sexism and are presented so matter-o-factly that they turn from jokes to bland statements of disapproval.

    Smells like feminism.

  • Actually watched a video years ago about how East Asian countries don’t have a big demand for deodorants and anti-perspirants, even detailed how it was linked to earwax. Lucky people indeed XD

    Spray on ones shouldn’t be a thing… They are bad to inhale, roll on works way better and doesn’t irritate the skin like the sprays do.

  • I hope not. However, as a Flight, ICU & Trauma Nurse for 20+ years, I have seen some unbelievable things in healthcare! A Nurse You Can Trust

  • alright thats enough of that:/
    can i just suggest something real quick for all the viewers at home real quick lads? aight thanks love

    DEXYDIN 4 never in my life have i ever had to use deoderant ever again and when i sweat, i sweat this very metallic smell none at all horrible its just like smelling metal… go ahead try it

  • I’m Chinese/Filipino and I’ve never had to wear deodorant before. I can’t imagine having to wear deodorant every time I do a physical activity. A side notish, I’m the only one in my family that doesn’t use deodorant as well, in a family of 6.

  • Are you shy female? Or you subtle? I need Katie herself orbiting something she likes, orbit a 3D printed farm animal in Antarctica backdrop

  • Nice video, thanks. Especially thanks for speaking in normal tone, clearly unlike most videos we see by individuals on Youtube explaining things like someone is chasing them. Why do they have to talk fast, and still not get to the point after 10 minutes, yet you can explain, give examples, even squeeze in an ear inspection in a 3 minute video. Not 19,000 views as it is now, but this video deserves 19million views.

  • You didn’t go over if antiperspirants would be good or not, just deodorants. We sweat to help cool down, so wouldn’t blocking the ability to sweat be a bad thing?

  • The biggest threat from deodorants and antiperspirants are the CFCs from the aerosol spray cans. Some still use it or propane as a propellant and neither is good for the ozone layer. There’s also the matter of smoking while applying an aerosol deodorant. Some of them burn like a blow torch when ignited.

  • I remember back in 10th grade biology class decades ago, my biology teacher suggested that the aluminum in antiperspirants may cause Alzheimer’s, but I later read an article that debunked that study. So, 50/50 I guess.

  • What links have they made, they get billions of dollars every year for research, what progression has been made in the past decade!

  • Europeans do not really use deoderant at all? Wtf is she talking about lol…….People believe doctors like her who do not know shit we use deoderant we allll doooo

  • I have very little BO and very wet ear wax. deodorant makes my skin breakout so I use different powders and lotions. calamine is one of the best.

  • Who funded the study and what methods were used to prove that there is “no harm” because I find that statement to be highly exaggerated.

  • Sweating is there for a reason, these confused scientists know nothing, just theories after theories, one research debunking another,

  • Thankyou for clearing that up. I allways believed that we had hair under our arms and every where else that we sweat to increase the ability of our bodies to evacuate toxins. This is what the good lord thought too, thats why he put them there. Shave them off and add more toxins, sounds like an excellent plan to me. If only the good lord went to medical school he wouldn’t have got everything wrong too.

  • this is really a good work as with the help of volunteer tourism we can reach to the peoples who want help as it will also have very positive impact on society o help others.Also their is ample opportunities in volunteer tourism

  • please make a video about “are preservatives bad for you”.
    I know ted-ed has made a video abt the same but I want that to be made from britlab..