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Health Risks of Chronic Heavy Drinking | Alcoholism

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Are smoking and drinking equally damaging to your health?

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What Happens To Your Body When You Drink Whiskey Every Night?

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Alcohol How Alcohol Affects The Body What Causes A Hangover

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What Happens To Your Lungs When You Wear A Face Mask Every Day?

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How Bad Is Heavy Drinking on the Brain?

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Drinking Dangers

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“Many studies have shown that excessive alcohol intake is bad for general health, but few have shown impacts on reproductive health, except at very high levels,” said Dr. Michael Eisenberg, an assistant professor of urology at Stanford University School of. Drinking too much can harm your health.

Drinking also creates a higher risk for depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. Drinking during puberty can also change hormones in the body. This can disrupt growth and puberty. Too much alcohol at one time can cause serious injury or death from alcohol poisoning. WARNING!

Your Bottled Water Could Be Harming Your Health The truth about bottled water. It’s estimated that one million bottles of water are purchased every minute. That’s 20,000 per second! Approximately 25% of bottled water is sourced from, you guessed it, tap.

Companies filter and process the water but it’s still originally sourced. Alcohol can harm multiple organs Some of the ways alcohol affects our health are well known, but others may surprise you. Here are six less-known effects that alcohol has on your body, according to gastroenterologist K. V. Narayanan Menon, MD: Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit academic medical center. It could lead to scarring of your liver ( cirrhosis ), which can be life-threatening. Risky drinking can also increase your risk of stroke, damage your heart muscle ( cardiomyopathy ), and.

Yes, excess binge drinking is dangerous, but drinking in moderation does have some surprising health benefits. More often than not, when people try to “be healthy” or lose weight, they cut down on alcohol. If you’re looking to be healthier while drinking alcohol occasionally, these are the healthiest alcohols you can choose from. 1. Tequila.

Alcohol is a depressant drug, it slows the brain activity — dulling your perception and judgment. This means that it impairs your thinking and. Having alcohol in your system makes it easier to do and say things we wouldn’t do otherwise. For some it’s about being able to relax in social situations which would normally induce anxiety; for others, it makes the party more fun.

Everyone responds to alcohol differentlyand the way you react to alcohol may be a problem. Binge drinking is not only harmful for your body in the short term, but it also has many long-term effects on your health. A person who binge drinks on a regular basis increases risk for long term health problems that affect all parts of the body.

Regular binge drinking can cause the.

List of related literature:

He won’t remind you that alcohol leads to liver disease, nicotine leads to lung cancer, or obesity leads to heart problems.

“When the Enemy Strikes: The Keys to Winning Your Spiritual Battles” by Charles F. Stanley
from When the Enemy Strikes: The Keys to Winning Your Spiritual Battles
by Charles F. Stanley
Thomas Nelson, 2006

Long-term heavy drinking causes liver, nerve, heart, and brain damage, high blood pressure, stomach problems, impotence, and cancer.

“Chinese Health Care Secrets: A Natural Lifestyle Approach” by Henry B. Lin
from Chinese Health Care Secrets: A Natural Lifestyle Approach
by Henry B. Lin
Llewellyn Publications, 2000

Alcohol is full of calories, and heavy drinking is a serious health hazard, including premature death due to liver cirrhosis.

“The Science of Drinking: How Alcohol Affects Your Body and Mind” by Amitava Dasgupta
from The Science of Drinking: How Alcohol Affects Your Body and Mind
by Amitava Dasgupta
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2011

Excessive drinking can lead to brain and heart damage, cirrhosis of the liver, and an inflamed pancreas.

“American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, Revised and Updated 4th Edition” by Roberta Larson Duyff
from American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, Revised and Updated 4th Edition
by Roberta Larson Duyff
HMH Books, 2012

Harmful drinking: Drinking which causes actual physical or mental harm (e.g., liver disease or depression).

“Macleod's Clinical OSCEs E-book” by Paul A. O'Neill, Alexandra Evans, Tim Pattison, Meriel Tolhurst-Cleaver, Serena Tolhurst-Cleaver
from Macleod’s Clinical OSCEs E-book
by Paul A. O’Neill, Alexandra Evans, et. al.
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2014

He has no intention of changing how much or how frequently he drinks.

“Group Treatment for Substance Abuse, Second Edition: A Stages-of-Change Therapy Manual” by Mary Marden Velasquez, Cathy Crouch, Nanette Stokes Stephens, Carlo C. DiClemente
from Group Treatment for Substance Abuse, Second Edition: A Stages-of-Change Therapy Manual
by Mary Marden Velasquez, Cathy Crouch, et. al.
Guilford Publications, 2015

In this scheme, harmful drinking is a category that includes DSM-IV abuse but not dependence, and includes drinking which has resulted in complications of coexisting medical or psychiatric illnesses, or to end-organ damage such as liver fibrosis.

“Principles of Addiction Medicine” by Richard K. Ries, Shannon C. Miller, David A. Fiellin
from Principles of Addiction Medicine
by Richard K. Ries, Shannon C. Miller, David A. Fiellin
Wolters Kluwer/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2009

Though alcohol consumption may increase the risk of certain health problems (e.g., cancer of the larynx and cirrhosis of the liver), moderate levels of alcohol consumption are actually associated with a lower risk of coronary heart disease, the leading cause of death in the United States and several other nations.

“Social Dominance: An Intergroup Theory of Social Hierarchy and Oppression” by Jim Sidanius, Felicia Pratto
from Social Dominance: An Intergroup Theory of Social Hierarchy and Oppression
by Jim Sidanius, Felicia Pratto
Cambridge University Press, 2001

Alcohol intake over 3 g/day (more than 2 drinks) has been associated with increased mortality due to hypertension, pancreatitis, gastrointestinal malignancies, stroke, cardiomyopathy, cirrhosis, motor vehicle accidents, and breast cancer.

“Medical Nutrition and Disease: A Case-Based Approach” by Lisa Hark, Darwin Deen, Gail Morrison
from Medical Nutrition and Disease: A Case-Based Approach
by Lisa Hark, Darwin Deen, Gail Morrison
Wiley, 2014

Excessive or heavy alcohol intake is damaging to your cells and hard on your liver, and it is also linked to severe nutritional deficiencies, dementia, depression, cardiomyopathy (a potentially fatal weakening of the heart muscle), and several other serious conditions.

“The Dubrow Diet: Interval Eating to Lose Weight and Feel Ageless” by Heather Dubrow, Terry Dubrow, MD, FACS
from The Dubrow Diet: Interval Eating to Lose Weight and Feel Ageless
by Heather Dubrow, Terry Dubrow, MD, FACS
Bird Street Books, 2018

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  • Nice Video! Excuse me for the intrusion, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you thought about Saankramer Life Card System (google it)? It is a good exclusive product for learning how to stop drinking minus the normal expense. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my best friend Jordan finally got astronomical results with it.

  • I turned Epileptic in 2019. Three beers will land me in the ER and I always want “Just one more”. I had one on New Years but I don’t want to have another seizure. I have enough of them when I don’t drink at all.

  • You need to be sued for lying to the public. I have asthma and it is horrible to wear a mask, I have tried, so I don’t trigger all the Karen’s in the store.

  • Beware when a Governor of a Sanctuary State, County or City says: We love you all so dearly that wearing a Face Mask is mandatory. “It’s to keep everybody safe.”

  • My mum gets acne from masks. I sweat a lot from masks. My brother can barley breathe in them. Masks really aren’t the best but I mean it is what it is

  • We where not designed to wear face masks for long periods of times. Ear infections. Parents with child are finding an increase with ear infection.

  • I thought this was going to be about how whiskey is rotting my insides, but they’re telling me this it’s healthy? Also why does the shitty song in the backround need to play non-stop for the entire 13 minutes?

  • There is a simple law of Nature. Unnatural enjoy will always be accountable for equal suffer in future. If you are getting enjoy or good feel or high from alcohol weed drugs or any means then you should be ready for equal and opposite feelings and causes after that.

  • 4 drinks a day is not good even for just beer, which is what they’re assuming. Most people are drinking different things at different times, such as a couple glasses of wine here, a few glasses of whiskey there.

  • I’m 15 years old and I’ve had problems with drinking for 3 years now it might sound crazy but I crave it I love it every since I started drinking heavy for a about a year I can’t think straight I can’t remember anything I feel like I’m retarded it’s horrible but I say I’m gonna stop and it never happens

  • Even drinking in small amounts can cause brain damage. Depends on the individual. My estimate is that 70% of Americans suffer moderate to severe brain damage from addiction. This is permanent.

  • Some of the sharpest minds in the world are drinkers so I’m not exactly sold on the “facts” from someone who looks like they’ve aged like milk, physically and psychologically

  • Wow, she must have done her own research, she has drank so much that she doesn’t even realize she’s sitting spread eagle through the whole interview! Lol!

  • According to national osha standards wearing a non vented mask for a prolonged period of time creates a reduced intake of oxygen and is hazardous for your health.

  • Who could’ve figured it out; that people who live the longest have enough money to afford a lot of alcohol?
    And wealth is directly tied to longevity.
    Colour me surprised.
    Yeah i don’t buy this “drink every night and you gonna live longer” nonesense.

  • Never mind the fact that the whole earth is being polluted by mountains of disposable masks, in addition to all the normal garbage!!!! ����������

  • What about when you remove the mask? There are germs on the outside of the mask…..on your clothing, your hands, your hair….everywhere!!, even on the outside of PPEs do you breathe when removing them? Why aren’t there bio hazard containers for used masks and gloves?

  • 2:25
    Wearing a mask covers your mouth and nose. Even the thickest piece of shit knows that it reduces your air intake. If your lungs are not at their best, the effect is very much worse. A long journey makes it worse still, especially when anxiety, caused by the needless lie of a restriction is added. Some people are in distress with their difficulty breathing after long journeys even caused simply by the stuffiness of the bus or train etc. I’d love to hear that, after some Hitler forced someone to wear a mask and refused to open a window, that the person travelling smashes a window. Too many so called “experts” either know little more, if anything, than anyone else. They’re just paid propagandists. Too many things just don’t add up about this scamdemic.

  • Most people aren’t wearing n95 mask like doctors should see I have to wear n95 for my work not doctor well sometimes depends what working on led or worse

  • We shouldn’t be wearing masks at all, we could be enjoying the outdoors, birthday parties, family time, going to the beach, etc. But WHAT happened!? JOE BIDEN AND CHINA HAPPENED, those Democrat scum bags ruined are lives, all they want is for old people to die and let the young people vote for them to win the election, we’ll see if that works, oh wait.. IT WONT. After November 3rd Donald Trump will make all this crap dissapear.

  • FEAR is what drives us to wear masks!! There is no TRUST in GOD anymore and to be honest doesn’t matter if you wear a mask or not, our lives end when GOD says it’s our time!! If we all knew the time, day and place we would die we would still all be alive!!! So the enemy wants us to fear and we are ignorant to the real meaning of life!!! Wearing a mask is a FEAR agenda!!! Wake up!!

  • Well this is information from certain individuals and yes I get headaches and I NEVER GET HEADACHES…..YES I get brain FOG only when I’m wearing the mask……and my face and jaw hurt and have lots of tension where I’m sore for a day or two later.
    So what do you make of that? And this is my true testimony and a business owner!!! I wear it purely out of respect!!

  • It is ridiculously stupid, dangerous and a crime to force healthy people and children to stay home and wear masks. If you’re afraid to get COVID, avoid crowds, sterilize yourself, keep distance, wear a mask. Doctors and nurses wear special masks, not ordinarily fabric masks! Isn’t weird, in the beginning of this COVID lunacy, Doctors were certain masks don’t work. Now they do? How’s that?

  • Easy to solve this problem. Carry a whistle, be loud, this will change those who just don’t care. Who wants to hear a whistle for the next two years? Yes, I’m a whistle blower.

  • if CO2 can pass right through the mask, dont you think virus also can go right through the mask? But has anything happened to you literally? not someone else’s experience, but yours!!
    Think logical, use your brain and think.
    seriously people wake up and see this b/s happening globally. Everyone becoming mindless zombies controlled by the government.

  • Berbers have been on the desert with their faces covered to protect them from the intense sun rays, the sand and the desert wind for hundreds of years. Also, muslim women wearing the niqab. They’re no crybabies. And we don’t even have to wear them all the time.

  • When you go to the bathroom you remove bodily waste from yourself. Do you then put that bodily waste back into yourself? Why? Because it’s not needed to remain your body. So why didn’t God put masks over our mouths for the rest of our lives and so that we can re-breathe our own bodily air waste? What do you think that your nose is for? The nose is a natural filter for bacteria, viruses etc. Do you even know what wearing a mask can do to your immune system? Wait until cold/flu season and witness what will happen to those who have worn masks for months. The news media (among others) will blame Coronavirus but the truth is that it’s the re-breathing of bodily air waste. ***Do your research.

  • You people think you can come on here and say whatever and we’re just going to blindly follow……..NOPE AINT HAPPENING!!! How do you explain millions of people getting headaches, how do you explain Dr. Fraudulent Fauci saying mask we’re not necessary for everyone? And consistently breathing in expelled waste such as carbon dioxide will cause lung and brain damage over a period of time.

  • Drinking 1 or 2 drinks is definitely hard. I normally drink between 6 and 10 when I decide to drink. The side effects are horrible though I get constipated and I’m seriously less intelligent for about 4 days until I become regular again. Dude…. I quit

  • …. if carbon dioxide flows in and out so does the virus. So…wth. Logic seems to no longer prevail. And actually, the Surgeon General said in Feb 2020 to stop buying masks. If children shouldn’t wear a mask why should teens or adults? Again, logic. Such idiotic ‘facts’ keep fearful ppl from even doing their own research. I can find just as many experts saying the opposite and frankly, you know what you know. Fresh air is important. Just wait..give it a year and a new symptom of cotton fiber balls showing up in lungs of otherwise health adults will appear.

  • they make it seem like these are the only problems you can experience. I’ve been wearing one for 8 hours at a stretch at work for months. At first I was okay, but now I find that I am becoming weaker, more tired and have regular headaches. I used to be healthy. Not anymore. To shop for an hour is one thing and having to wear them in a store, but wearing them regularly, long term, is UNHEALTHY.

  • Wow!!!
    The stupidity of this video…. decades of research on virus effectiveness of the mask say they’re not effective but last few months the medical industry flipped 180° BECAUSE OF LIES…
    A DR IN AN OPERATING ROOM IF THEY HAD A FLU VIRUS WOULD CALL SICK!!! The mask inside an operating theater is for GERMS And Similar NOT VIRUSES!!!

  • Turned 45 this year and decided to throw it in to get ahead of the game. Didn’t want to be 60 having to address it then. Trying to stay ahead of the game.

  • This is false info. I have heard the air quality in a hospital is regulated to push more oxygen into the air to counter the affects of the masks Doctors wear��

  • How! About taking care of your immune system! And toss the mask ��! I do ; I don’t wear mask! Because I take care of my immune system! It’s all about controlling! The government is controlling you

  • U know what I am wondering how is smoking causing cancer these days? People have been smoking for decades! Now tobacco something that grows naturally is killing people off. I believe it’s how they process the tobacco in the factory, maybe it’s something they put on it or some shit.

  • This is fake news. Liquor has very little to no health benefits. Most of the health benefits in alcoholic beverage is found in fermented NON-DISTILLED alcohol like unfiltered and unpasteurized Beer and Wine. In moderation of course.

  • Good luck trying to get rid of the masks. Look around.. Everywhere masks are being pushed. Billboards, commercials, etc. And people are calling it or being told it’s the ‘new norm’. Does anyone think they’re going away any time soon? If it’s being pushed as the new norm, that would imply it’s simply the norm now. I feel especially sorry for the children. They’re going to think masks are required for the rest of their lives. I’m sorry but this is all complete bullshit. I absolutely despise the thought of wearing a mask for years to come and I’m not the only one. Why are people surprised others are fighting back against all of this?

  • Corection.#1 Surgions change their masks every 15 minutes or so.
    Corection #2 when you can’t breath your body lets you know beyond any doubt that you can’t breath. Its my personal opinion that my own body is a far better news source on that subject no matter what anybody says. Try to tell someone whos drowning that they are liers and are able to breath. HINT…they wont listen to any of your bullshit no matter what you call facts. It just won’t work.

  • Richard Overton lived to be 112. He drank several cigars a day, had a glass of whiskey and at the end of his day had a bowl of butter pecan ice cream.
    For those that dont know, he was a WW2 Vet.

  • Terrible. I’ve never drank alcohol in my life because I saw what it did to my father, he was an alcoholic, I’m not a prude there is alcohol at my house for gatherings however I draw a hard line if I see things getting out of hand. I’m trying to be nice but perhaps one day I will institute a zero alcohol tolerance in my home.

  • Look, I’m in nursing school, I disliked your post because it seems to me that you are trying to get more people to wear masks than warn them about the actual dangers. Hypercapnea is VERY real, we get people in the hospital all the time now because they never take off there masks. Low o2 levels are extremely dangerous! Not to mention you can damage your trigger to breath.

    You have something in your brain that tells you to breath when your co2 level get too. high, now add a mask. You are continually breathing in the Co2 that your body is trying to expell, causing your brain to become confused in the process making it harder to breath. Eventually if this is done long enough you can lose the ability to sense high co2 levels and your only trigger to breath is the backup in your brain which is low O2 levels.

    People who’s body’s rely on low O2 levels to breath cannot be given oxygen in a hospital as they could completely lose the ability to breath.

    Advanced anatomy 101.

  • Bro I have athsma really bad and I can easily wear a mask for hours on end. Also I have glasses but u still don’t complain. I mean the people that do surgery on people have to wear masks for a very long time. And they have the stress of killing the patient. But you don’t see them complaining.

  • I can’t believe that national health institutions say drinking 1-2 drinks a day is good for your health. That’s a lie. Drinking 1-2 drinks every day, is chronic drinking, and just another excuse to say you’re not an alcoholic. No alcohol is better than any alcohol.

  • they are puting out misinformation in this video as the government want the masses to get sick there promoting agenda dont listen to this bullshit

  • this isnt about a virus its all about global control mask are not anti viral and there is no virus so therefor this reveals that the virus is a hoax

    but how ever if you have buyed in to the false mainstream narrative misinformation that they stop the spread of the virus

    your be unware that your lowering your immune system by wearing a mask and by winter you up the steaks of becoming a second wav patient due to a depleted immune system everything that going on is about the borg agenda they want to use track and trace via the smart gride using artificial intelligence hence why they were puting up g5 towers around the time of the first lockdown they came up with this false virus scam to induce fear as fear =control everything in the mainstream media just puts out fear fear fear fear without fear on the planet they cant control people

  • Shove your masks up your arses… Next they’ll say you all have to wear charcoal filter undies because farts contain covid..
    ���������� bbrrrrrppp

  • Im sure the person doing all this research walks, excessive, eat, bath and sleep while using a mask at all times.
    Also why bother asking a doctor when Asians been using them for years already, ask them first.

  • Masks are BS! There is absolutely NO real life studies they work!! I’ve talked to dozens of mask sheep and no one can give any evidence!

  • Great Video! Apologies for the intrusion, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you heard about Saankramer Life Card System (google it)? It is a smashing one of a kind product for learning how to stop drinking without the headache. Ive heard some great things about it and my best friend Jordan after a lifetime of fighting got great results with it.

  • Vitamin B1 also known as thiamine is MANDATORY if you are going to drink regularly. You don’t lose brain cells from drinking. It’s the B1 deficiency CAUSED by excess alcohol drinking that kills brain cells.

  • Nice Video clip! Apologies for butting in, I would love your opinion. Have you heard about Saankramer Life Card System (google it)? It is a smashing one of a kind product for learning how to stop drinking minus the hard work. Ive heard some decent things about it and my mate got cool results with it.

  • This is why i have weed, yes you still smoke it but its not like cigarettes where your body starts having withdrawals and you need to chain smoke non-stop you simply do not get physically addicted to weed

  • If your alcoholic please know there is a solution. I went from being an irritable, restless, discontented alcoholic to a new man living a happy, joyous, and free life thanks to Alcoholics Anonymous. If you think you have a drinking problem and you desire to stop drinking please google local aa meetings in your area and go. Meeting are free and are literally all over the place all through every day.

  • All those modern rappers, rapping about alkochol and drugs, that easily influences kids to thing that illegal drugs and cursed alkochol is good or it makes you tuff in the eyes of the other since, the kindergarte. Godforsaken cursed, world, we live in I don’t belive in God becouse he defenitely have left us what plague we have become we don’t even respect our own kind poisioning our own, our society on a daily basis I go through this hell nonstop and I don’t won’t to see the next generation, drown in theyr own version of hell every waking second, make this cursed liquid illegal.

  • There was a pretty interesting documentary made by the BBC in 2015 that does a one-off empirical test between two biologically identical twins, one having 3 units a night for a month, with the other having no drinks most nights and then the equivalent amount of weekly consumption being had by the other:

    You can’t really draw statistical results from this study, but it is fairly interesting that they identify acetytaldehyde as the chemical that causes a hangover. As far as dehydration goes, they tested it by each drinking the same amount of liquid and measuring how much they each urinated in one night it was the same amount which suggests (not statistically of course) that dehydration doesn’t play the role that we think. As you suggest, they seem to think that drinking water before bed can help to dilute and help the body to clean up the system. With personal experience, what you say about glucose is really interesting, as when I am hungover and can hardly stomach anything, once I can get some sugars into me I feel quite a bit better. They don’t mention much about blood sugar in their documentary.

    Thanks for making such an informed piece! I can add it to my repetoire of understanding of how alcohol is damaging to our body.

  • It’s such a harmful substance, and an expensive one. I binged this week, first beers I had since 2018, but had way too much over 4 days. At first it felt great actually, I was feeling super stressed and anxious till I drank a couple, which got me drunk. But I never was one to stop at just 2 or 3, more like a dozen.

  • That’s my problem I tend to over consume. I don’t drink regularly but when I do I overconsume and even if I eat and drink a bottle of sparkling water before bed I still feel the hungover / alcohol in my system for like 3 days. At this point I don’t even wanna drink my body rejects it so much

  • Being forced to wear a mask is about making us feel humiliated and under control of the Government. We are losing our freedoms and its getting worse. Rise up and throw the masks away you fukin scared slaves!!

  • Omg this is sad for people who drink a lot I only drink two shots and I feel like the girl in the pic but once I get home i do feel dehydrated always drink water through the time of drinkin

  • alcohol far worse although the amount you do either affects outcome…the liver does NOT regenerate, nor does lung tissue, cancer will grow in either organ….drinking is less noticeable as smoking, your cough gets slowly worse.

  • I started drinking to kill myself in the ninth grade.
    My hands are cracked and boiled now. And a I drink a fifth of whiskey a day.

  • Alcohol very nearly ruined my life. More accurately, I let alcohol almost ruin my life. I’m so grateful I met the criteria for a hospital detox. I’ll always be grateful. In 18 months, I can count on one hand the number of drunk days I’ve had. I shouldn’t have done it and glad I snapped out of it rapidly.

  • 5 days in and wouldn’t you know it….brother gets locked up and my cousin commit suicide….wtf I could funnel a caig of beer right now….I’ll just suffer and listen to rob zombie….

  • Lady: If YOu weAR a MasK FoR A DAY or TwO YouR LuNgs WiLl Get DEstROyED

    Me: so am i suppoused to die cause i’ve been wearing a mask for at least 9 months and not only me, and thats why some asian countries still have school

    (I have school r.i.p. i just want a god damn break)

  • you make a video about how different type of alcohol effect on our body,i couldn’t find side effects of rum, tequila,Gin, brandy, cognac, scotch, whiskey,vodka,wine,beer you tube you’ll find many video about the health benefits but not side effects only 2 video but they are more about the whole class not a particular one.

  • Check out this article on alcohol use.

  • I love whiskey but it gives me the worst hangovers. I can knock back 10 shots of rum and be fine the next day 4 shots of whiskey and I’m neauseas and miserable

  • Continuously wearing a mask will cause respiratory issues ultimately causing lung damage due to breathing the same air sadly doctors are not telling the truth about this being afraid that they will be subjected to health dept guidelines of loosing their licence for telling the truth that masks does harm the respiratory system, the virus is a complete hoax & people should not comply across the globe stand up against communists governors & others who impose these dictator tactics on you…

  • bullshit. y’all can keep drinking but the only positive health benefit you’ll get is a placebo effect. otherwise you’re just slowly poisoning yourselves.

  • Well…This echoes the ancient wisdom of the first distillers of “whisky” (Scots) or “whiskey (Irish)…The word itself is an evolution of the words “Uisge beatha” or “Usquebaugh” (Irish and Scots), meaning “water of life…” (At least, this is what I tell my wife when she mentions the amount and frequency of my consumption…)

  • I have a pour of whisky every day for the past 40 yrs. Never had a serious health problem and rarely get sick at all. Not so much as a cold in the past 10 years. I suppose moderation is the key factor. Probably would not be beneficial to drink a whole bottle on a regular basis.

  • Name’s Sonny, I drink a 5tn. Of Apple R&R a night been doing it for about a year and a half I’m 54 I’m a DRUNK AND PROUD OF IT AND DON’T PLAN ON CHANGING.

  • Drinking whiskey �� or any alcohol daily is most definitely NOT beneficial to your health! Especially hard liquor (spirits). Good for your body, weight loss bullshit! This is nothing more than an infomercial by the alcohol lobby of the USA.

  • face diaper because all the bacteria accumulate diaper and get going to make you more sick sick and more sick and dangerous to your life, breathing soon or later on

  • On the memories part. It’s true because alcoha take a knonge in your brain. If you sit there solber. Your brain gonna be to tight. But if you draink you brain creating brain wave that you can function n memorizing thing. It’s like exercising your brain.

  • 1-2 shots or glass of good whiskey 2 ice cubes on it light up a Habana cigar( Cohiba) nothing will go wring nice barrel of coffee prefect for body

  • That’s the best info. I’ve reached the limit of my mind here. Noone would believe I drink over 24guinness a day without getting drunk and I work but don’t sleep. Last Wednesday I walked away. I don’t know why but I ended up walking in heavy traffic. I was able to call a friend. I got out of traffic and got drink and a doctor. So I’m on a two week break from stress. By the state of my house I don’t think I was sleeping last night. It’s a funny thing. I feel like an actor in split. Because I only remember buying one box of drink. It’s a dangerous game we play when we cross to the dark side

  • Video is full of inconsistencies.Two drinks a day to live long after age 90 but more than 15 drinks for men a week is alcoholism.Thats 14 drinks if you do two an evening.Get the story straight

  • AHHH….a sip of Elmer T Lee…..a short cigar….and a 100 inch (home theater) screen to watch…..I can wait out the China batwing virus

  • Drinking essentially every evening for years to a “buzz” and occasionally to “drunk,” I slowly increased tolerance until I devolped anxiety and muscle twitching in my face. Then I stopped.

  • Most unscientific video I ever seen about an alcoholic beverage. A lot of bogus claims unfortunately. I wish they were true, I love me some whisky!

  • “Gotta be a reason why doctors prescribed whiskey even during prohibition…” Oh, yeah… those prescriptions were all purely medicinal… didn’t have anything to do with the fact that people were looking for a way around prohibition to get loaded.
    Jesus Christ… this video sounds like one of those 1950s joke-commercials from the Simpsons. What’s next? “Here’s why 9 out of 10 doctors smoke Chesterfields”?

  • This was upsetting. It sounded like the kind of ads cigarettes used to push that “there really is medical benefits to these” when infact it was quite the opposite.

  • There are misconceptions here. As mild asthmatic, wearing double cotton mask over 5months lockdown, I am confirming lung inflammation. Besides I am not able to use it over airport&flight journey, extremely upset as not able to breathe.

  • Alcohol is that mysterious ingredient in whiskey which has first aid properties. They’d have used rubbing alcohol if they had it but didn’t which is why they sacrificed good spirits on a bloody knee.

  • This video is total disgusting propaganda. It is written on the N95 mask box that it does not protect anyone from covid19 or any other virus. That is because the mask only filters out particles down to 3 microns and the virus is 1 micron. It also will collect moisture from the wearers breath making it a medium for mold and bacteria. It will also lower the oxygen level in the blood. In this disgusting propaganda piece they framed it in terms of whether or not it causes hypoxia. It does not cause hypoxia bur it will lower the blood oxygen level just not to the point of hypoxia.
    The air moving out of the sides of the mask is moving faster than it would be without the mask because of the smaller area. This only causes particles to move faster further.
    The mask is being misused. It will give no protection from any virus just as it is written on the box.
    Prolonged use can be adverse to the wearers health do to the bacteria and mold that will grow on it. What the duration of time the mask can be safely used has not been put out to the public with the illegal unconstitutional order to wear the mask which has absolutely no real legal weight. Every single cop going along with this is absolutely 100% committing Treason and Official Oppression and Tyranny.
    Thw mask is being used as a Satanic Marxist submission slave training tool.
    The above video is deceptively malicious and the people behind this mass fraud will not get away with it.

  • Excuse me but nobody has ever found HDL cholesterol molecules in a glass of whiskey; that single statement is stupid enough to make the whole video fall flat. That set aside whiskey is still my poison of choice.

  • Our planet produces fungal properties which spark neurogenesis. This pandemic is a glorious time for us to re-prioritize as a species. If we are to create real, long-lasting, existential change, it is time to decriminalize nature now. It is paramount we have a massive paradigm shift in consciousness. Help your local communities gain full autonomy of consciousness through the use of entheogenic plants. We can do this.

  • A common trait among a lot of people who live into their 100’s is a shot of whiskey every day…. it works for me….a slight glow before bedtime helps me sleep soundly

  • I just recently became a whiskey lover! I’m in the 30s age group unfortunately, but I can happily say my parents taught me “all things in moderation!” Typically I’ll make an Old Fashionedl or maybe drink a shot of whiskey once a week normally. Maybe twice a week if work is especially crappy.

  • There are a few ideas for stopping booze at home
    Try to eat food while you are drinking this cuts down the amount you drink.
    Take a break from drinking.
    Make a note of how much you drink, then you know if you are cutting down.
    Set yourself goals don’t make them too hard at first.
    Choose 1 or 2 days or each week when you will not drink. Then, try to stop drinking for one week per month.
    (I discovered these and the reasons they work on Adoette drink plan website )

  • I don’t drink and I don’t smoke and I DO NOT care if other people do it. I’m sick of hearing the lies and propaganda coming from anti this organizations and anti that organizations. I’m sick of seeing anti smoking commercials! Those things are decisions I make for myself.
    Here is something I can’t chose. Obama letting thousands of violent criminals out of prison and GMO’s and pesticides and hormones in the food supply and fluoride in the drinking water. I care about that! Obama letting in thousands of Islamic illegals who hate our guts and want to kill us and are a drain on our economy. I care about that!

  • Ok America. Do we really need another lecture on the dangers of smoking and drinking? Smoking has been banned nearly everywhere and smokers ostracized. And booze was outlawed once in history. How well did that work out? So enough already.

  • Alcohol is one of the worst drugs ever created. Worse than tabacco, not only does it kill your body, but also your brain.

    Anybody who thinks drinking does no harm is just kidding themselves.

  • Not as damaging to ur health as WW3 and martial law and both r right around the corner; so f*ck it, have a drink and a smoke while there’s still time.

  • If masks work, why the 6 feet? If the 6 feet works, why the masks? If both work, why the lockdown? If all 3 work, why the vaccine? If the vaccine is safe, why “No liability clause”?
    Saw this on a video today!

  • For years it’s been proven a small glass of wine only has benefits to males, anything more & to women it’s been proven to be bad. Durrr liver tumors aka cancer? Beer bellies? Fat increases cancer bottom line. It’s no a brainer. Alcoholics only argue otherwise

  • The real question is, why is alcohol bad for the body, but oh so good for the mind. Got problems? Alcohol fixes them by making you not think about them.

  • Stop the drinking save world and you live happily and save environment place fallo ♥♥☀��������������������‍��‍��‍����‍��‍��‍��������

  • Alcohol poisons every body system, at the subcellular level. It has absolutely ZERO beneficial effects upon your body. Avoid it if you value your health.
    Peter, RD, MS Biochemistry