Is Herbal Drug Kratom a great Option to Opioids


Herbal supplement kratom contains opioids, regulators say

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FDA warns herbal supplement kratom has similar effects to narcotics

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Ask Dr. Nandi: Is Kratom a dangerous opioid or a harmless herbal supplement?

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Home Remedies: Does kratom work for opioid withdrawal?

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Kratom Is Helping This Heroin-User Break His 6-year Addiction | World of Hurt (HBO)

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What is Kratom? Find out why the FDA says this herb is an opioid.

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Herbal alternatives to opioids

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WASHINGTON — U.S. health authorities say the herbal supplement kratom, which is often promoted as a natural alternative pain remedy, actually. If kratom were to be added to the DEA’s Schedule 1, it might signal the end of research on the drug because of increased costs and bureaucracy associated with using controlled substances. Depending. Some people use Kratom as a mood enhancer and believe that it is great for boosting up energy and increasing alertness, which is much needed when there’s a lot of work to be done.

Chronic pains have also compelled people to use Kratom because it causes a sedative effect and can be used as an alternative to morphine. “Kratom should not be used to treat medical conditions, nor should it be used as an alternative to prescription opioids.”. “Kratom should not be used to treat medical conditions, nor should it be used as an alternative to prescription opioids,” Gottlieb said. “There is no. Kratom is promoted as an aid in overcoming withdrawal from opioid medications, but research suggests that it leads to more health problems than it solves.

If you take pain medications such as oxycodone (OxyContin, Roxicodone) for a long time, your body becomes used to these drugs and dependence may develop. “Kratom should not be used to treat medical conditions, nor should it be used as an alternative to prescription opioids,” Gottlieb said. “There is no evidence to indicate that kratom is safe or effective for any medical use.”. In the US, this herbal product has been used as an alternative agent for muscle pain relief, diarrhea, and as a treatment for opiate addiction and withdrawal. However, its safety and effectiveness for these conditions has not been clinically determined, and the FDA has raised serious concerns about toxicity and possible death with use of kratom.

Credit: Johns Hopkins Medicine. Using results of a survey of more than 2,700 self-reported users of the herbal supplement kratom, sold online and in smoke shops around the U.S., Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers conclude that the psychoactive compound somewhat similar to opioids likely has a lower rate of harm than prescription opioids for treating pain, anxiet. US health authorities say kratom, a herbal supplement promoted as an alternative pain remedy, contains the same chemicals found in opioids (AP Photo/Mary Esch, File).

List of related literature:

Anecdotal reports suggest that kratom may be a safer alternative to opioid use for pain and that kratom may be less addictive.

“Lehne’s Pharmacotherapeutics for Advanced Practice Nurses and Physician Assistants E-Book” by Laura Rosenthal, Jacqueline Burchum
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Opioids, which are currently being discussed in the popular press and on Capitol Hill due to the opioid crisis, are definitely effective for acute pain but may need to be modified for chronic pain, especially when used intrathecally.

“Deer's Treatment of Pain: An Illustrated Guide for Practitioners” by Timothy R. Deer, Jason E. Pope, Tim J. Lamer, David Provenzano
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Although herbs and other botanicals are under study internationally for their potential role in cancer rehabilitation, many of these agents can interact with prescription medications, altering their pharmacokinetic characteristics and leading to clinically significant interactions, including death.

“Cancer Rehabilitation: Principles and Practice” by Michael O'Dell, MD, Michael Stubblefield, MD
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If trials on patients suffering from cancers or multiple sclerosis have demonstrated a reduction in pain associated with the disease following the administration of cannabis extracts (Sativex©), it is possible that synthetic cannabinoids may show themselves to be more effective (Radbruch and Elsner, 2005).

“Hemp: Industrial Production and Uses” by Pierre Bouloc
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Its extracts have been used in Thailand and Malaysia for their euphoric effect as a substitute for opium or to moderate opium use by addicts.80 The popularity of Kratom has grown due to reports of its successful use to attenuate symptoms of opioid withdrawal.

“Rosen's Emergency Medicine Concepts and Clinical Practice, 2-Volume Set,Expert Consult Premium Edition Enhanced Online Features and Print,7: Rosen's Emergency Medicine Concepts and Clinical Practice, 2-Volume Set” by John A. Marx, Robert S. Hockberger, Ron M. Walls, James Adams
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‘Kratom’ has been used as a traditional medicine to treat illnesses, including coughing, diarrhea, muscle pain, and hypertension.

“Encyclopedia of Forensic Sciences” by Jay A. Siegel, Pekka J. Saukko
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Numerous synthetic opioids are also available.

“Sheehy's Emergency Nursing E-Book: Principles and Practice” by Emergency Nurses Association
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It is becoming more popular with opiate addicts due to its potency; however, combination with other CNS depressants can be fatal (Marsh 2009).

“Drugs and Society” by Glen Hanson, Peter Venturelli, Annette Fleckenstein
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Not for use in opioid-naïve patients.

“Palliative Medicine E-Book” by T. Declan Walsh, Augusto T. Caraceni, Robin Fainsinger, Kathleen M. Foley, Paul Glare, Cynthia Goh, Mari Lloyd-Williams, Juan Nunez Olarte, Lukas Radbruch
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Estes and colleagues101 documented the use of several commonly promoted herbal agents (including Lipokinetix, skullcap, ma huang, chaparral, and kava kava) in 50% of their patients with acute liver failure over a two-year period.

“Sleisenger and Fordtran's Gastrointestinal and Liver Disease E-Book: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, Management, Expert Consult Premium Edition Enhanced Online Features” by Mark Feldman, Lawrence S. Friedman, Lawrence J. Brandt
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  • Taking people off prescriptions they need. People should be allowed to use opioids if they want. I’m an adult I can make my own choices. I don’t need nanny government giving me a felony because I take a pain pill.

  • I run a kratom business and offer relief from pain, depression, anxiety, lethargy, addiction, withdrawal, alcoholism and so many things this is why the FDA is all over it Big Pharma would lose patients, customers and basically fall apart. Noone has died from using kratom, it’s not possible. At most, they may overdo it and get what we call “the wobbles” which is a nauseous, over stimulated feeling. Factually, it has SAVED many lives and brought people out of very dark places where they felt hopeless and helpless. That’s where they want us, easy to control and manipulate. Worst thing that people regularly notice is constipation. Kratom is all fiber and that will happen if you don’t up your water intake.

  • If these doctors are so smart why the hell havnt they done any real research on kratom, I’ve been an opioid addict for over ten years and I can honestly say that kratom works mildly but is enough to make withdrawal a little more tolerable. While using the kratom I would dose 2 to 3 times a day for the period of the withdrawal usually 3 to 10 days and when ide start to feel better I was able to stop with now withdrawal from the kratom. Now if you use kratom every day all day for over a month you may experience withdrawal but personally I’ve never felt it

  • Here is what I do not understand. They want to make this illegal while making it impossible to get pain killers. It seems like they want people to suffer or use street drugs.

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  • If anything should be band it should be NICOTINE!!! Smoking cigarettes KILLS MORE PEOPLE THAN ALCOHOL, AIDS, CAR ACCIDENTS, ILLEGAL DRUGS, MURDERS, and SUICIDES… C O M B I N E D!!! With thousands more dying from SPIT TOBACCO USE!
    Just think about this, and their worried about a leaf?? Mind boggling isn’t it… Kratom Warriors��

  • Kratom is useful. Depending on the person….some have BAD withdrawals…..some have nearly any at all…it’s literally a coin flip….but 50 percent chance is better than you’re getting on methadone

  • I drank a liter of orange juice and liter of vodka and almost killed me. They really need warning signs on OJ and not to mix with anything…

  • Of course the FDA lists it as an opiod �� we have so much knowledge about the limitations of kratom alkaloids, and you’re going to blatantly follow the lie that it has the ability to act anything like a true opiod? Shame on you. Not surprised, but shame on you.

  • Well, all I can say is I came back from shooting 4 suboxone a day, and I am legit clean to this day, and kratom was my open door out of that mess! I’d rather withdraw from kratom on any day than suboxone. I wish that the Government would understand that if you let people do what they want, it will work itself out. The Government should be more worried about helping people get their lives together like Sweden did the addicts in their country. They opened heroin clinics, give the drug, needle, and a safe place to do it at, then they help get a job for you and transport you there, and this is all free as long as you go to their clinic. Now the amazing thing is that instead of shaming these people, and helping them get up off their feet and get their lives together, that the drug usage takes care of itself as their lives become more manageable and on track, and plus the crime rate went down like 80% by legalizing heroin and giving safe access to it. Do I want heroin? No. I only want addicts that are in such a bad place as I was to overcome and achieve this life! And yeah, kratom might be hard on your liver, kidney, who knows? I bet it isn’t as hard on my liver and kidneys as shooting suboxone was.

  • It does not help when so called experts make videos on you tube.
    Some of them sound like they just smoked something else.
    When they do their reviews they need not act like dead heads.
    Public perception will lead to a negative out look on Kratom if the public believes it makes you act stoned.
    So just stop the stupid reviews,your doing more harm than good.
    Kratom is a phenomenal plant that helps with pain,and is useful treating drug addiction.
    It is not a opiate nor does taking it make you stoned.
    Conventional pain relievers like Ibuprofen cause a great deal of harm to your stomach.
    So Kratom works better than Ibuprofen with out causing stomach disorder.
    It is not as powerful as prescribed meds.
    There are other benifits that it has as well being a cousin of coffee and tea.
    You cannot over dose on it due to too much will make you sick to your stomach.
    You sure can not say that about prescription drugs.
    No one has died from taking it.
    People had been taking many other drugs in large doses overdosed.
    Just because kratom was found in their blood stream does not make it the cause.
    Not being honest with the public by listing what other substances were found in people who overdosed is simply to promote more pharmaceutical drugs.
    So if your going to do a video about kratom don’t get high from weed before you go on air.

  • Only 2 alkaloids in kratom (Kray-tom) affect the opioid receptors. And kratom can only lead to respiratory depression in combination with other depressants.

  • Malaysia is among the world’s largest producer of kratom and the world’s largest number of growers, 1 kg for leaves for sale RM 30 (USA $ 7.00 Dollar)

    Welcome to Kratom life ����

  • Why in this dammed world didnt Sessions people take into account the very sick? People who have been on chemo or worked at a nuke plant are being pulled off their life saving medicines. Patients, bedridden, are NOT the problem. China, Mexico drug gangs are the ones responsible for this insane law. Physicians are scared out of their skin from threats from the Govt. i just had hip replacement surgery for a broken hip. No pain meds to help me thru hospital stay, 6 weeks in physical rehab with no medicine to treat my pain. My leg now is ajar, pointing to my other foot. None of my physicians were notified. Months of hell. Sessions, I would hate to be you. Please dont elect him to the Senate. My rant is over…

  • All I know is for four years straight every day of my life I have taken kratom. I’m 54 and excellent blood work as well as excellent blood pressure and heart rate so IDK why peep think it’s bad

  • I’ve have been taking 80 g of oxy per day for about a year. I bought some Kratom a few weeks ago because I knew that I needed to finally face the abyss of withdrawal. The first day, I felt like my skin was itching from the inside out and I was so depressed that tying my shoe felt like a chore. So I bought some red vein kratom and took 4g. Within 30ish minutes I found myself laughing at a scared cats video. Then I realized that I felt basically normal. Then I cried because I was so relieved that it worked. If you need to face the abyss yourself, please try Kratom (red vein for opiate withdrawal) You have nothing to lose if it doesn’t work and a normal life to gain if it does work! Good luck and be strong!

  • Kratom can give shity withdrawls also stayed up for days in treatment from the rls and chills lost 20 pounds on a week im back on it tho and yes it is addictive

  • Kratom is safe. Think about it. If Kratom is legal, the pharmaceutical companies will lose a lot of money when people start using Kratom. It’s money they are concerned about. The enemies of Pharmaceutical companies, is mother nature and it’s natural stuff that work better than drugs.

  • How many deaths per year are from a result of pharmaceutical drugs and how many deaths result from ibuprofen acetaminophen and aspirin this will cure addiction to opiates it’s really good for pain anxiety and depression and a lot of other things the FDA just doesn’t want the competition they don’t like people that are well they like people that are sick because that gives them money

  • FDA and DEA will always find a way to keep healthy and safe ways to get clean away from us cause let’s face it our government wants us dead I’m on suboxone cause I didn’t want to be on oxycodone anymore since age 17 I’m 32 now I hate suboxone

  • How many deaths are a result of taking prescbribed medications approved by the FDA?? A hell of a lot more then 44, I assure you’ll!! Look at the commercials on TV!!they are comical!!

  • U can tell this lady is paid to lie on tv.. There’s no sad emotions in her at all.. U can tell she’s acting.. Even if it’s real her son death 100% wasn’t because of kratom..even the other deaths it was other substances that did it

  • Why would the DEA be interesting inventing a cure for opiod addiction????? For the Same reason tobacco co. Don’t invent a drug to get off of nicotene!??.

  • The FDA is in business with Big Pharma right? Kratom is on par with bubble gum. If someone gets a placebo affect to help kick pills for pain let them for Christ sake. You dumb fucks would rather give them no hope or Suboxone that really fucks you up to control any and all money involve in their misery. You people don’t care and are as greedy as SIN!

  • It works great and instead of full withdrawals I was able to go to work. I used a green strain with no sedating effects. It was a mild coffee buzz with out jitters or crash. It’s a lot cheaper and you can just take one less capsule over a period of time to mitigate any withdrawals. I myself have taken it on and off for two week periods with no withdrawals or very minor compared to opiate withdrawals.. it took away my anxiety, restless aching legs, sweaty nasty feeling. PS it did not make me feel great as in the nice high I was slightly down for a few days and still wanted to get high but it abled me to function and work out and do stuff… cheers guys

  • The Washington post needs to do a piece on “why the FDA is the big pharma puppet” and why they can’t be trusted. Of course they’ll say it’s an opiod. It’s more effective than an opiod, no buzz and THEY CAN’T SYNTHESIZE IT. It’s loaded with alkaloids and not one property of a opiod. Nobody has yet produced any facts that can’t be easily refuted. All of the facts they’ve produced have been butchered half truths while intentionally omitting the other half of the the equation.


  • I was with this guy, even after using the word “uncomfortable” until the end when he stigmatizes Kratom with respiratory failure. There is plenty you can say about Kratom, but you will NOT develop worse issues than you had on opiates.

  • Stupid FDA
    Let’s assume it’s a opioid
    It’s still better than the opioids they give you
    Added chemicals
    At least we know it’s only a leaf we are eating and it’s working
    In like drugs not knowing what we are taking

  • It is outrageous that kratom isn’t an approved method of kicking opiates. If it weren’t for Kratom the 100 times I went through withdrawal in my life it would’ve been a horrific ride. Kratom makes it nearly painless ��

  • so funny from malaysia and never heard someone die use kratom even we consume ekstrak more powerfull from powder..boiling the fresh leaves and drink do not get sleep in eyes keep fresh.
    ..ur energy increase..bettter cure for fever even diabetes…

  • Come on!!!! Sorry Mam…it wasn’t Kratom that killed your Son…it was something else that he kept secret..and couldn’t confront you with…actually Kratom kept him alive till it stoped working for him…sorry Man for your loss I’ll keep you in my prayers

  • Kratom never helped me at all, made me more sick trying to ingest enough of it.. Methadone actually helped me, it’s each to there own I think.

  • But it’s not an opiod and it helps people with withdrawal from opiates. The FDA wants to ban it because Big Pharma is losing customers from it. No way it’s like opiods! Those 44 deaths “related” all had narcotics and other toxic and deadly chemicals in their bodies. No one has EVER died from just using Kratom. Washington Post is an arm of the corrupt ruling elite.

  • THOSE DEATHS associated with Kratom mean (in the autopsy report) they had TRACES of it when they died but it wasn’t what kileld them. The heroin and or meth is what killed them.

  • Keaton does work. You just need to want to stop, that’s the main thing. But my biggest tip to anyone trying to stop, watch comedy movies they give you the best lift. One thing I may have missed what strain did he use?
    But massive lesson in this video. Kratom works. 23 days no meths or subs.

  • Honestly it same as caffeine.i told you this is a gift from god.i using every drug before and I told you that it same as you addicting caffeine or alcohol.

  • The FDA, as a racket of the FED owning families only wants to ban Kratom to protect its Oxycoton bizz! The FDA is merely another a weapon against public health, nothing else!

  • This video is so innaccurate!!! I was a heroin addict for just four months. Decided to detox because I didn’t want it in my life anymore. I took a lot of kratom. Still felt uneasy. Uncomfortable withrawals. This was after 24 hours. By day two I was in hell despite the kratom.

    Even if kratom were to take away the withrawals, the addict still needs to treat what got them addicted in the first place, since addiction is a mental disease. Suboxone or kratom alone won’t fix addiction and this video portrays an innaccurate picture.

  • Kratom I remember getting into it a fair bit got it’s not a pretty sight the next day green tea this is not I guess if you can use it as a supplement it could be ok but I just get on it so I got off

  • Did codeine and perks daily for years. ALOT of it. Bought heroine and kratom same day.. Havent touched any of them for over a year. Kratom saved me. Gov makes it illegal and well know forsure they dont give a shit.

  • This is so misleading. Kratom has done nothing but save lives. This crap is coming from the same organization that approved oxycodone as a safe pain medication when prescribed by a doctor. These lies about kratom are to keep the machine Big Pharma rolling along. Research has proven that kratom is a safe alternative to psychotropics and pain meds. There is not even one case documented where a person has died from kratom. I do think there needs to be age restrictions, but this plant has been used safely for thousands of years. It has saved thousands of lives. Please do unbiased reporting and do your research before making claims that clearly ignores numerous studies!

  • What do you do when you’re addicted to Kratom, 9 year user. Never been in social setting with heroin… All best friends got on it growing up. It can be physically addicting when your body depends on it, like mine

  • I took kratom instead of oxycodone after breaking my femur. In the hospital I was heavily medicated by intravenous opioids for 3 days straight, I did not enjoy the nausea and lack of motivation to do anything. I received some oxycodone pills to take at home but I never touched them and took kratom instead.
    Kratom is actually far superior in terms of pain management because it’s both a pain killer and mild stimulant. It really motivated me to do exercises for physical therapy. Kratom in normal doses doesn’t make you dreamy like opioids, but actually more focussed and sometimes talkative. It still gives me the warm comfortable “blanket” feeling in my body but my head still feels very active. I guess you can begin to see the benefit now, if I start the day with kratom I would be doing my laundry, mowing the grass, talking to my neighbours, getting some groceries etcetera. While opioids would just make me want to lie down on the couch for most of the duration.

  • I’m from Malaysia & I’m ex heroine addicted…2 years I drink kratom & I feel good to do something like normal people.. methadone & suboxone I dont take after I knew that methadone & suboxone cant good for take…used kratom…

  • Kratom saved my life.
    Nothing, not benzodiazepines or cannabis or anything else, helped me the way Kratom has.

    If you’re going through withdrawals, try to find the brand MIT45. I know it’s not as cheap as powder, but it’s super concentrated and reliable, so ya don’t have to guess on dosage and mixture.

    The taste is so fucking bad that it makes you not want to use it, which only helps to continue weaning ����

  • kratom absolutely helps if you’re getting it from a reliable source. ive found smoke shops have trash kratom and it’s more expensive. get it from a website that has good reviews. kratom helped me come off of suboxone and that was the hardest thing ive ever had to go thru. kratom would take away the w/d’s for a few hours and i could have a little bit of relief. it would give my will power a chance to work. i just needed a bit of relief for a few hours a day and then when it wore off i was mentally prepared to deal with the w/d’s for the next 12 hours or so. it was like taking a breath of air then i was able to hold my breath again.

  • They banned this substance in Australia, and our opiate epidemic is now worse than ever!
    Addiction is a medical condition and should be treated as such, not a criminal offence!

  • Kratom is soooo dangerous!! Seriously, have some nice, safe vodka… No one dies from Vodka or alcoholism and it’s legal… Damn Druggies… #sarcasm

  • actually this country agenda to controling phamasiteuceul bisnes…they invest for methadone or sub for replacing therapy and bring out to other contry and sold this method and got no tax from online dealer..itsmore cheaper than other kind of option..deaths cause by it is bullshit..this herb alternative way to prevent from opiod call..only ex addict and user known the subquences..

  • I am 64 years old and have Lymes disease. A lifetime of kickboxing and motorcycle accidents have wrought havoc on my right knee. At my age, the naproxen sodium I’ve been taking has stopped working on the knee pain and my doctor has vehemently advised me not to use the naproxen, because of the danger of stroke so I thought I’d try a non-traditional pain reliever. I bought the white label(stimulating) Kratom for the first time and am trying it today. I took 6 capsules and am still waiting to see if this will relieve my knee pain. I am still working and doing the heavy lifting at my job. The knee pain has been impeding my production speed at work, so although the knee works just fine, I have been slowed by the pain greatly. I thought I would give it a shot because the amounts of Eleve I have to take to top off the pain is becoming a dangerous amount for a man my age. Here’s hoping I’ve found an alternate solution to my Lymes disease and my spinal stenosis! Thanks for this video. I have one important question: can I empty the capsules on to my coffee as I fill my drip coffee filter? Will the extremely hot water destroy the properties of the Kratom? I would greatly appreciate it if someone could answer these questions for me, thank you all.

  • Self conscious addict is the worst because they know they hate it and it’s bad and if they don’t get off, they’ll never grow up let alone get shut together, So hard to deal with ����

  • in my country alot of people addict to kratom or we call ketum and some mix with coke and cough friend uncle grow ketum good when you use with responbility but when you abused it going to be a big problem if you take for long term..your body going to hurt bad if you dont drink it…be carefull using this thing…my state famous for this thing..7/10 guy in my state drink this because it cheap..some drink ketum(kratom) and then smoke meth to boost the high..kratom can make you addict long term do i know this because im using kratom n alot of my friend using this…w pick fresh leaf 1kg of leaf you can get up to 6 to 6.5Liter…

  • You can die from drinking to much coffee or energy drinks as long as you use it responsibly then it shoudnt be a problem somstupid

  • There a lots of kratoms in Malaysia especially near the northern region. Malaysian goverment also banned kratom because they graduate from the US school…LoL

  • You controlled your opioid addictions by taking an plant that has opioid effects, congratulations you should all pat yourself on the back ���������� idiots

  • I ODed at home four days ago. I live in a house alone. Waking up whole body numb from lack of oxygen really made me think twice. Going on day three and just tried some kratom. Feeling really good actually. 10 years of my life to heroin. Hopefully the next 10 will be to myself.

  • 44 people died in 6 years? Holyshit that is a lot. And we have 44 people OD a day in my city. I’ll tell you what Kratom does to me it keeps me from using heroin. 18 months clean. 18 months ago you definitely didn’t want to run across me on the Baltimore streets. Just saying.

  • I’ve been snorting brown heroin since January and am on my second attempt at getting clean for my 25th birthday this week. Red Bali kratom was very useful during my first attempt, which lasted 6-7 days before stupidly buying another oz. Stupid me.
    Double brewing it through a standard coffee filter with some sugar & lemon juice makes it taste decent enough.
    The apathy, appetite loss, depression and laying in bed all day is definitely there. Day 2!

  • I’m on chemotherapy and have fibromyalgia. I’m a recovering addict and kratom keeps me from risking my sobriety and needing the harder drugs.

  • According to our friends at the FDA“If it can be grown naturally by Mother Nature we do NOT recommend that you take it. Mother Nature cannot produce anything that has any real medical value. We recommend that consumers only use medicines that are produced by leading pharmaceutical companies that can afford to pay the FDA the proper fees”

  • Ridiculous! So what is the alternative!? Opioids �� or cook your liver with ibuprofen or Tylenol??!!! Drug companies want to continue to rule the world �� and I for one am sick of it! They don’t want to protect the consumer they want to control them/us��

  • big pharma put pressure on FDA by using scare tactics about kratom so it could be banned. big pharma did this cuz they know it works. they want to be able to regulate it in order to make a profit.

  • Withdrawal symptoms hurts alot… Start skaking. Stomach pain, fell lazy, muscle painimg,depression feling cold, vomatimg, if v doesn’t do another dosh

  • I used Kratom for shin splints, believe me, it works… it’s just it’s not dangerous enough to be a controlled substance and not pricey enough to be profitable… thanks Big Pharmhole…

  • Meet me in malaysia….i show you the fresh kratom leaves, for addict recovery malaysia indonesia thailand loves kratom.

    This quality the best only at malaysia….

  • It’s illegal now in the United States. Also, it was never strong enough for me. Are you joking? Just get on Methadone or Suboxone before you end up in the ground. Wake up Mr. Green.

  • lying corrupt Dea and FDA they are big pharma puppets Kratom is a life saver people don’t let this Juden run fake media tell you nothing

  • Thanks for the info, was thinking about trying it for suboxone withdrawals but i defiantly do not want to replace one addiction for another.

  • Dude, Thank you so much for posting this video. I picked up a nasty little habit a couple years ago and now it’s time for me to drop it. I watched your vid and if you can do it so can I. I’ve never had to do any kind of opiate withdrawal as unfortunately, I had access to as much as I wanted. But I’ve seen friends have to quit and they were f ing miserable. I’m stopping but hopefully, with Kratom, I can miss all of that misery. Thank you and you are an inspiration for me. Hopefully, this Kratom will work as today is my first day. I will keep you updated in a week or so.

  • Kratom is a life saver and it helped my dad quit drugs and not even think about pills anymore, I take it recreationally but there are risks of addiction of kratom as well, so stay safe and be careful

  • Speaking as somebody who has practiced as a nurse for years, I can honestly say that I’ve seen miracles with this plant. Nobody freak out but I can honestly say that information regarding kratom is suppressed within our industry. It’s a cost effective solution to pain management which is bad for the pharmaceutical industry as a whole because analgesics (pain medication) are a highly profitable partition of this industry. There have purposefully been virtually no studies upon kratom as research would lead to published “literature” (as we call it) which would lead to further studies. The best defense the industry has right now is misinformation which is why this drug has been purposefully shrouded in mystery over the past few decades. It’s a commonly used tactic which is pointing to it or any other sparsely researched agent and saying “we don’t know yet, we can’t promote it, and if possible, we will make it illicit until we know” which of course will be never because the studies are purposefully suppressed. Just thought the public had a right to know. No evil corporations or malevolent masterminds pulling the strings, just people within an industry who are financially incentivized to push more expensive solutions therefore earning larger commissions. The more you know! ������

  • As a person that was hurt to blacks are heroin and Xanax I can’t say kratom save my life even when I relapse I ran back to kratom the very next day an prevented full-blown addiction I really save my life

  • They just keep making us pay them billions upon billions of dollars to get the same drug from them instead of a few bucks from the corner store straight taxing the drug game let me tell it

  • Kratom is far more gentle and safer than prescription opioids, very effective at pain management, and far far easier to get off of if you become addicted. EVERYONE who has used it absolutely knows this. It is a wonderful natural substance. It’s far better to allow people the FREEDOM to manage their own pain at little monetary cost to them rather than force them into a controlled criminal healthcare system that rapes them of their paycheck at every opportunity. The FDA provides for the health and wellbeing of the pharmaceutical industry first and far most.

  • Sorry for your lost but kratom work for me. It help me to kick the pain meds that the government don’t seem to have a cure for. ��

  • Kratom helped me so much to get through the withdrawal but me being the addict I am I only used it to avoid getting sick and continued using heroin. For me I had to go miles and miles away to a rehab because the craving was just to overwhelming for me especially when they’re we’re literally 3 dealers just walking distance from my house. Kratom is a blessing though and more power for the people using it successfully to get off of any opiates. Oh and does anyone know how this guy is doing nowadays?

  • Safer than Advil!!!! And cigarettes!!! And alcohol!!! And most definitely safer than any pharmaceutical ever made!!!!! It’s like coffee/tea and my dr says it’s super safe and helpful

  • I can tell you st8 away this vid is made with the backup of companies who dont want people to realise the benefits of Kratom, WHY lose BILLIONS and I mean Billions if EVER Kratom was legalised, the amount of money pharmaceuticals would lose from the loss of Suboxone etc…

  • Hey man. I hope kratom is keep you strong FAM. I was on my way of taking that shit I was about to start smoking the pills and that would have let to much worst. I went cold turkey off the tabs for a year and the I discovered kratom. I didn’t want to take muscle relaxers for my back and kick the habit right back up instead I went to kratom I make sure my stuff is is lab tested and evrtuthing

  • Kratom is the way to go if you want to get clean from opiates.

    I’ve watched almost all my friends go down the opiate path, including myself. Thankfully I have strong willpower and never got addicted like some of my friends did. I just took a few pain pills every now and then.
    Thankfully all of my friends except for one and his girlfriend are all clean now thanks to Kratom.
    It took some of them a while to finally give it a shot but once they really put the effort to stop the opiates they were able to achieve it so much faster than I thought they could.
    What’s even better is most of them were also able to not get dependent on kratom once they quit. A few still take kratom but I actually have my friends back now so it’s much better than when they were on opiates

  • Dude he should just take it in gelatin capsule form. Kratom is one of the most foul things I’ve ever tasted. Can’t think of anything worse lmao

  • I took Kratom to help me taper off of my benzodiazepine Dependence. The benzos were prescribed to me by my psychiatrist since I was a teenager. At 1st Kratom was a godsend and I was able to taper or to a lower dose of my benzos. Eventually Kratom became its own monster and I’ve been on and off trying to get off of it for 3 years and it has led to severe depression and many other issues. I’ve never messed with opiates or anything like an opiate prior to taking Kratom nd there have been times where I didn’t have any Kratom and I had to take something opiate like to keep me from withdrawing so that I could keep working.

  • Free Kratom! Free Kratom for Black Friday at Clean Kratom Wellness Portland and Clean Kratom Denver… hit us up on Facebook!
    Ask for Paul

  • do u want kratom?? i have many many tree’s in my backyard.. i hate kratom.. now i want to try salvia.. but in my country,, i dont know where to find salvia.. dude, someone, pls help me..

  • My vitamins are not regulated either,but I take them,kratom has worked great with minimal use and got me off subs,do not bash it,there is kratom of America

  • Got green mayloia in basket on net people say now red Bali I’m confused man I’m on day 17 off subutex 16mg cold Turkey I don’t want to replace 1 with another is this man chatting bubbles he explains withdrawals as uncomfortable “tool” lost all interest soon as man says that so I ask the real people who know any advice????

  • This dude is a chump. These doctors would rather get you hooked on methadone instead of endorsing a safe, efficient, and inexpensive treatment for opioid withdrawals.

  • So he is putting down kratom as a substitution for other opiates, yet he does realize-suboxone and methadone-the two most common detox drugs are worse than the typical short acting opiate one is trying to get off of? What a dummy-of course its a substitution for withdrawal-this is why you use it to taper down with. It is way less severe than having withdrawals from other opiates probably because of its self regulating properties of antagonist and agonist of opiate receptors.

  • I’m not saying I agree with regulation, but i do feel it’s somthing we need to have research with, and at get a general idea of dosage. Perhaps a dosage chart made by the organization with proof and research.

  • He knows.. he’s the “ expert with a medical degree “ lol
    How can you say that about Kratom??
    Name me 1 person who has died from Kratom..
    Kratom is not regulated.. that’s why they don’t want it.. bottom line

  • Can someone please enlighten me I’m a hard user of herion about a gram a day to get by does kratom actually help?? And how much do I even take someone hit me up asap

  • Absolutely false in my case… Kratom withdrawal was so mild compared to opiates…. The difference is night and day… I have heard some people have terrible withdrawals from it but I personally don’t see how.

  • Why would I believe in a clinic that said Muhammad Ali was fit for fight despite a 1 min video showed he couldn’t even talk. Kratom saved my life. I’m 49. Been a heavy user of both amphetamine and opioids for about 25 years. Moved to Thailand 8-9 years ago and took fresh kratom. Never touched speed, heroin or anything but weed after. Just because they don’t understand the Agony of withdrawal doesn’t make it not real. Kratom helps

  • This guy is clueless and frankly shouldn’t be speaking like he understands. He has literally no idea what he is talking about. Kratom saves people and they move one. The real demon is Suboxone and methadone keeping people hooked and reliant on terrible drugs because it was FDA approved. The absolute worst withdraw comes from both of those drugs. Get a new job doctor, don’t tell me how to jump in Ice water and fire when u haven’t done it and just “read” about ��. Uncomfortable, give me a break, it’s worse than anything in the world.

  • Ridiculous Propaganda!! This is big pharma wanting you to stay hooked on Pharma Opiates. The money is in medicine. Kratom has helped Millions of people.

  • Uncomfortable: jeez this jacket was pinching into my side while sitting in that chair and it was very uncomfortable.

    Actual oxy withdrawal: Legs…Hello?, Feelings, where did you happen to go. I’m just going to lay here with two electric poles for legs and I’m gonna watch the apocalypse go by, but wait…. It’s sunny out

  • I was taking so much oxycodone that I almost moved up to heroin. I tried to quit but the withdrawals were so bad that it just made it impossible to stop. I found kratom, thank god. It saved me. It almost completely eliminated my withdrawals, making them bearable. I’m 3yrs clean now & still to this day I take kratom, I mix it with Kava now too, you wouldnt believe how close it feels to taking strong opioids, but without the withdrawals. I couldn’t recommend it enough.

  • No doctor currently living in our solar system who hasn’t withdrawn from opiates, understands this process. Thos would explain why doctors were misinformed and caused the opiate epidemic we are currently experiencing. They did it by not tapering patients off their medication and just saying See Ya Later. Then the patient goes to street opiates because they are sick or a methadone clinic. Or they die. If a doctor could feel the years long suicidal depression and physical pain they would understand what’s actually happening.

  • They get “irritable they can get very uncomfortable.” I want him to be put into a withdrawal simulation and see how “uncomfortable” he feels lol i bet it’s goes from that to painful realll quick.

  • I’ve been taking kratom for 3 years and I quit last week and had no withdrawal. I feel more “uncomfortable” when I don’t have my one cup of coffee per day. Funny thought because kratom plant comes from the family of the coffee plant. It is not an opiate

  • Have been withdraweling for a month. Four days b4 my knee replacement I ran out of my blue 30mg hydrocodones and went through acute wd even though i was taking regular norcos. Managed to buck up and get my replacement, had the left knee done 3 mos prior, and now I’m down to 5 a day, of just weak pain killers. 2 at 7am 1 1/2 at 4pm and 1 1 /2 at 8pm to help me sleep. Don’t ever get on these the light buzz they give you isn’t worth the hell and I took them way too long! Next week I’ll go to 4 then 3 etc. The worst is mid afternoon cuz I go so long between 7-4 but if i didnt I couldnt take as much pm and I need my sleep. Fk these things!

  • I need some advice PLEASE. Im trying to kick suboxone right now. But I only been taking tiny pieces. But this us day 2 and the withdrawal is not bad bad but no motivation, I cant eat, Im cranky, Just want to lay in bed all day. Any help guys? Days later, Im good now Kratom works miracles omg why didnt I take this serious Years ago

  • The FDA is an organ of the pharmaceutical companies. Left to it’s own devices, the FDA wouldn’t know Kratom from an English muffin. I had to use opiates for bulging discs in my lower spine. The pain was horribly debilitating. After many years of this, I had had enough. I bought some Kratom from a local vendor, and never took the pain meds again. At the dosage I was taking, I wasn’t getting “high”, I wasn’t in pain, and I had no withdrawal from the opiate based pain med. It was less expensive than my prescription. More people have died from alcohol abuse than Kratom, by a long shot. There is a vast difference between public servants and public shepherds. I don’t need the government to govern me, I am quite capable of governing myself. The government doesn’t RULE, it SERVES!!!!

  • A doctor needs to experience withdraw to understand it. Instead, professional medicine pushes substances that are just as addictive, but lucrative to the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Ok but how good does it work for fentanyl? And the stuff at the local bodega seems to be over priced I see 8g for 12-15$ From a reputable company from what I hear but isn’t that only about one 6hr dose? That seems to be alot of dosing allday.

  • that’s true that when your withdrawing and take a opiod like methadone or kratom it definetly helps withdraw but it doesn’t even come close to the high of heroin or morphine, and high tolerance addicts still feel sick when they use kratom or suboxone they just want the real stuff more

  • Disclaimer:
    Please Beleive at you’re OWN risk.

    Please do you’re OWN research.
    Not take advice from People that take ������ from Big Pharma.


  • It’s absurd that they still haven’t realised the war on drugs doesn’t work. Where they decriminalise drugs they’ve reported less users and less overdoses. They can also use some of these drugs for medical needs now with more regulation than when it was fully illegal. It also means they don’t waste as much money prosecuting people for stupid things like weed. The view on drugs completely needs changing.

  • i overdosed on kratom a few times.. all i got was nauseous and dizzy.. and I didnt stop breathing..soooo he is wrong about that.. my withdrawal symptoms were hot I weened myself off little by little and i still havent when I feel a little sluggish I take about 2 teaspoons and that gets me going pretty good.. sometimes the house gets cleaned.. lol..

  • Caption “Does kratom work for opiate withdrawals” sits there and just talks crap about people taking kratom… smh.. click bait at its finest

  • Kratom saved my ass a couple years back when I didn’t have the money for dope. a solid dose of Kratom and a couple hits of weed (I rarely smoke pot, it effects me terribly now) and id be at 90% and able to go to work. 

    ill never forget working on a golf course in October, waking up at 4am in the fall cold and drizzly rain in full withdrawals from fentadope. if it weren’t for Kratom, I would have never been able to hold the job for as long as I could, and I might have ended up killing myself, who knows. I assure you, no sleep in the cold and rain while in severe withdrawals having to perform a heavy labor job. it is the closest thing to hell on earth that I’ve experienced. that and really really awful precipitated withdrawals, taking a full dose of subs after only 12 hours since last use. I swear to god, the next 48 hours psychedelically miserable. I was basically out of my body while losing 15lbs through sweat and no food for a week.

    honestly I hate when “medical professionals” talk about Kratom because you KNOW they will try and make a dime out of it. either legally regulate it, or find some sort of patent so they can sell it themselves. anyone going to detox or whtvr, do not tell your doctors about Kratom. keep it an inside secret for all us dopefiends who go through hell every day. 

    they say “I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy…” (withdrawals) but I think that’s silly. Precipitated withdrawals or regular dopesick is 100% exactly what I would wish on my worst enemy. either ppl that say that have no idea what an enemy is, or they are better humans than I will ever be.

    stay safe, my fiends.

  • This is bullshit fda just wants our money and any deaths associated with kratom all these people have had other drugs in their body it was not thekratom that hurt them

  • if you take Kratom for 3-5 days it will help massively to get through the acute phase of Herion withdrawal and you won’t have any withdrawal symptoms from the Kratom because of short use period.
    Keep in mind you will still go through pain but it will make a huge difference…
    I’m just speaking from my experience.

  • I wish I would have just put the pills down because I could go a couple days without pills but with suboxone I can’t go one dayI just recently over took my medication so I didn’t have any at the end of the month and I would not wish on my worst enemy how I was feeling for those 2 days I did not have any Suboxone it is way worse than coming off of hydrocodone and I’ve been on Suboxone for almost eight years with no end in sight my recommendation for someone who is seeking out to get on Suboxone don’t f**** do it just stop taking the pills go through a little withdrawal and be done with itbecause the withdrawal from Suboxone is ten times worse than coming off of oxy’s or Roxy or hydrocodone whatever opiate you are taking I got really bad to where I was shooting heroin and the withdrawals from that don’t even touch the withdrawals from Suboxone it’s a different type of withdrawal I get a fever and I get the flu can’t stop yawning my eyes won’t stop watering and I feel like I beaten with a baseball bat so I couldn’t get out of bed I actually ended up losing my job because I overtook my medicine and didn’t have any at the end of the month because if I don’t have Suboxone I might as well be dead I don’t get out of bed for me when I was on heroin I could at least get out of bed cuz I had to chase it down I could still function and go to work if I didn’t have it but not with suboxone completely different type of withdrawal most people body are different some people can go a couple days without havingany Suboxone and be fine I’ve seen some of my friends do it but I don’t know how they do I think it might be because I have been on it for 8 years the friends I do have that take it haven’t been on it that long. But the moral to this long-ass message is just stop taking the pills or heroin don’t trade one addiction for another worst decision I ever made in my life I wish they had a shot that would get rid of the Suboxone like a cleansing or something cuz I’m so ready to be done with suboxone controls my life worse than any drug ever has

  • This is what happens when the only thing you do is to study and the you pretend to know what it really means to go through withdrawal symptoms. It doesn’t affect everyone in the same way to begin with.. and for the second is in fact all in the mind so the more you think about the withdrawals the harsher it gets…. but you have a very good memory i like that ��

  • Nobody starts with heroin. Drs prescribe FDA APPROVED OPIODS That start with you pos. That had commercials on in the 90s that oxycotin was safe. You SIR ARE NOT QUALIFIED to talk about it. You are a pimp for big pharma and getting people addicted. YOU R THE PROBLEM

  • Wow, imagine that. The FDA basically admitting they’re lying on purpose. Kratom is a tree, opium is the Poppy Flower. Kratom is in the same of coffee. It’s clear biology and they are saying it’s a plant that it is known to NOT be.

  • Day 3. I wish this dude could feel EXACTLY what I’m going through for FIVE SECONDS. That’s it. One electrocution-like zap of the restless limbs. The whole perspective would change.

  • Total lie, kratom does NOT cause respiritory depression, they have studies out now saying it does not affect your breathing. This guy says there’s no research but is comfortable saying in an interview he knows how it works in the body. Hmm he isn’t ok with kratom but they sure do shove around that methadone and suboxone that has way worse withdrawal than the actual opioid pills.

  • I’ve been sober for a year for the first time after 20 years of pain pill addiction because of kratom. It has less harsh effects on my liver and kidneys based on pains I used to get in those areas when taking too many pain pills. It is addictive in the same way as opiates tho, but it’s great to not have to break the law every day or deal with the black market or doctors who are just as bad as dealers in sucking every last dollar they can just acting as middlemen.

  • Mayo clinic are the ones who put me on opioids in the first place try having withdrawals while suffering from crohn’s it’s not uncomfortable its hell on earth.

  • This plant has the potential to help so many people. I just ordered my first shipment to have something for my chronic pain besides opioids

  • He makes mostly valid points, however as a chronic pain patient since childhood, opioid addict, and long time kratom user, I disagree with his statement. Although effects differ from one to another, after using over 15g a day for pain management for over 3 years, I stopped and anxiously awaited withdrawal symptoms that honestly never came. I no longer use kratom as I found the gastrointestinal effects to be too much for myself, at a high dose, for a prolonged period, it got in the way of my eating. I have found that mindfulness exercises, dietary changes as well as physical therapy and regular exercise helps on a more sustainable and affordable level. That’s my personal experience. This is a substance that has saved lives. And in a time when opioid overdose is one of the leading causes of death, I think it is an atrocity to outlaw it and force people to choose potentially life threatening pharmaceutical opioids, or other drugs which may have undesired or under researched side effects, such as gabapentin, for example which I have also taken. In 2020, we need to open our minds and our hearts. Research and find a compromise. Let’s develop a solution to help the most with the least. Kratom helps people live and not die.

  • It should be illegal to put out misinformation like this. All of this was a lie, it’s all about money and not public health. I once had a 120mg a day hydro habit and quit with relative ease compared to going cold turkey. It works.

  • The reason why a guy like this is speaking on this is because big pharma already bought the rights to the kratoms ingredient/ healing properties but they need dea and FDA or whatever to make it a controlled substance. Once that happens only they can profit from it and all of a sudden, they will be saying this is the answer/cure to the opiate crisis! It’s a joke

  • People think Kratom is a miracle plant, but it’s just a plant producing an opioid. The opioid is called Mitragynin and work like any other opioid does. That means it also creates physical dependence and thus typical opioid withdrawal symptoms upon taking the drug away.

    I’m glad it exists, so people have at leas tone legal valid option. We shouldn’t ban opioids in the first place imo.

  • More people die from taking Tylenol. By taking kratom I no longer take opiates. And no kratom is NOT an opiate. It binds to the opiate receptors but is not an opiate.

  • A little uncomfortable? Try puking, shitting, shaking, sweating, insomnia, and every part of your body hurting, combined with a complete mental breakdown. Dude completely down played one of the worst things you can experience.

  • every part of this guys statements are just plain wrong kratom never made me withdraw and i took it for a long time do not believe this guy, take it from everyone else that takes kratom or has taken it that its a miracle plant, no stronger then coffee and it will save your life!

  • All your talk about unregulated and don’t know what you’re getting and how bad it is to come off of that, you should be ashamed you should give your license up right now. Kratom hasn’t killed anybody like 15,000 people a year by opioids. I used Kratom to get off of a 20 year habit was up to 90 mg a day of Percocet. You might have a doctors degree but you’re full of BS. That’s right tell people don’t take a plant that hasn’t killed anyone in 1000 years because they they should stay with the opioids you are a real piece of work and shame on you double shame on you. The whole idea here is there’s not enough enough money in the plant like there is in the pills so the deal is that the pill is OK. Just be sure you don’t let them get on something that won’t kill them like the Kratom because you’d rather have them dead for big Pharma! People that aren’t educated enough to know that Kratom has never killed anyone might believe your BS stop it now you are hurting many by implying it’s better to not try a safer alternative. And before you even say there’s been any deaths every one of them had another drug in their system nobody died from kratum alone so just stop it that’s been proven up and down all the way up your ass and back out so just shut the F up.! PS: i’m off of kratom too I tried hundreds of times to get off the opioids and kratom was the easiest to get off you dumb ass don’t talk about something you know nothing about. I really mean it you need to be ashamed of yourself at least try to learn about it don’t just go with what people that never have had opioid problems tell you. Every bit of your propaganda and the like is from people that have never had opioid addiction to the extent that you need alternatives like that. Use your brain don’t tell people to keep staking something that proves you can die instead of gamble with something that’s never killed anybody because the risk is worse OMG! Why don’t you also tell them to never play the lottery if it’s offered for free and you don’t have to pay to try it Jesus Christ!.. then you said Kratom causes worst issues that is the biggest lie in the world you are a absolute ball face liar nobody died from kratom alone thousands tens of thousands millions have died from opioid alone fact! I’d be shocked if you could find one person just one that died with nothing but kratom in their system but look these people in the face and tell him you can say that about opioids I mean it you should be ashamed! Let me take a gamble here I’m gonna guess your institution offers drug treatment to get off of the drugs, wouldn’t it be a mazing if that was factual? I’ll beat a 20 year opioid habit with $20 worth of that oh so dangerous kratom! Show me 100 people that say Kratom is it as bad as opioid to get off of and I’ll show you 1 million more dead opioid addict’s!

  • Don’t listen to this. I know from experience you can work out the right amount to offset the withdrawals and do a 10% taper per week…. worked for many folk beyond just me. This guy should try to reach out to understand kratom…. and wash his dank hair, sheesh

  • My brother sell this by a KILOS minimum, i thought its some kind of basic tea replacement, but after watching this, daaayuuuuum, my brother is Heisenberg LOL, he have the whole farm, and TONS (literally) of kratom.

    Sorry for bad english tho

  • Doctors, drug companies, rehab facilities etc. are unanimous in their position that kratom is a threat to their bottom line. The same people promote and sell solutions that are known to be dangerous, including opioids themselves. Why wouldn’t we trust the industry that caused the crisis, and still profits from it, to provide the solution?

  • Does anyone else see the similarities to what was done to marijuana? They made videos full of lies like this. Big Pharma is afraid of the truth and is concerned that the public is waking up and seeing Big Pharma for what they are….liars. They definitely know more about Kratom and it’s goodness than they care to admit. One point I’d like to make is this guy saying that it was a bad thing to substitute one opiate for another to get off opiates, well isn’t that what Big Pharma does with Suboxone and did you know that the creators of Suboxone intended it’s use to be short, seven to twenty-one days. Suboxone’s withdrawals are longer and tougher than even heroin’s after extended use. Hypocrites.

  • Fellow addicts in the comments. I’ve been prescribed Suboxone for 7 years now. I started being prescribed 2 a day and I’m finally down to taking half a day. You think Kratom will give me that extra push to completely get off of it? Maybe I’ll try taking a quarter sub at night, and Kratom during the day? It’s not easy, but I’d be willing to try it if someone with the same experience I have, has had good results. I don’t want to take any advice elsewhere.

  • Kratom is literally saving lives (by the thousands) while the “approved” pharmaceuticals for pain and anxiety (opiates and benzos) are killing by the thousands…per day. Kratom is a plant. It’s mild. It’s 100% safe in moderation. We’ve seen this dog and pony show before. Reefer Madness fear mongering by the FDA through the media.

  • Do we blame alcohol and call for prohibition whenever an alcoholic kills themselves? I’m not advocating that kratom is 100% safe and doesn’t have potential for abuse, but to attribute this young mans suicide to only kratom and nothing else is quite a stretch. How about you guys cover every one of the thousands of people who die every year due to overdose of prescription opioids instead of inciting fear against something that’s significantly safer.

  • Malaysia is among the world’s largest producer of kratom and the world’s largest number of growers, 1 kg for leaves for sale RM 30 (USA $ 7.00 Dollar)

    Welcome to Kratom life ����

  • Kratom can’t stop your breathing. There is no case known in wich a person died from Kratom. There was deaths that involves Kratom but it was mixed with substances like Heroin, Oxycodone or other drugs like
    benzodiazepine and all of those drugs can cause death by there own and mixed the chances are even higher! So it is complete bs that Kratom can be overdosed. A Kratom overdose involes dizzynes,
    nausea or vomiting, extrem sweating and you feel terrible but you don’t die. Even the withdrawal from Kratom is not as hard as from other opioids and the withdrawal from Kratom is not dangerous, it is like a light version of the “normal” withdrawals

  • Uncomfortable……More like living f-ing hell!! Honestly, I wish that there was away for all physicians that treat opioid addiction to have to experience what withdrawals feel like on say, day 2 or 3. I guarantee that their vocabulary when describing withdrawal would DRASTICALLY change. And their empathy towards their patients would exponentially improve.

  • Just like marijuana, they know it has plenty of good n legitimate uses, but because of idiot people and politicians that don’t know shit, heylet’s ban it, especially if it’s cheaper and people can grow it themselves. Sure, they want to pump u full of prescription garbage, then turn around and severely limit the same thing. Plus, no kickbacks from big pharma if u can do it at home!! Hilarious how a judge will toss u in jail for a roach, then head to Chambers and �� fire up a bowl, chop a few lines to get it up for the hooker he’s meeting soon as he leaves. All you “law enforcement officials” are 1000x more corrupt than the people you lock up!! Fuck all you bastards!!!!��������������

  • It is safer than Pharmaceuticals..
    I’m dealing with a lot of pain and I used to take hydrocodone.
    For the past 2 months all I take is kratom no more 10/325 #12 a day.
    So I would like to ask the good doctor Which medicine would he like me to use Kratom or Hydrocodone.????
    Oh yeah I forgot Jeff s Sessions recommended aspirin and tough it out.

  • White and Green kratom are awesome. I don’t ever consider buying hydros anymore because kratom is that good, plus it’s dirt cheap

  • “I do think I can use it (kratom) as a tool to get clean”
    WATCH NEXT the librarian who has become a first responder to opioid overdoses

  • He didnt jump off a bridge bc of kratom.
    Thats like someone saying they died from a heart attack bc they ate at toco bell that same day.
    Scape goat… i get it gotta blame someone. DAM YOU KRATOM LOL. REALLY?��

  • CBS, I pray that God will bless you to investigate why a millionaire who makes his money off of sick and dying people who use man made patented opiates, anxiolytics and antidepressants is telling everyone to stay away from a plant that cannot be patented, and is a safe, natural alternative to his drugs. Kratom is a plant that GSK tried to use in order to make a pain killing drug while Dr. Gottlieb worked for them.
    GlaxoSmithKline, who was recently caught bribing politicians in China….

    The FDA is primarily interested in protecting the income of pharmaceutical companies, not in helping us be healthy.

  • This is an old vid and o still want to chime in to also say BS! I’ve been taking Kratom for almost 2 years now for pain, mood and motivation. You only hear bad about Kratom from those who don’t know about it or are not making money on it. There are thousands and thousands of reviews from the people that take and every one of them will call BS on these litigations. I recently had a 2 level ACDF surgery and again, if it weren’t for Kratom I would have had a very bad time! The meds they gave me did not do much for pain at all. At first I was not sure on what I could mix with Kratom so I skipped my meds on day 2 and took Kratom instead. Thank god! Relief at last!! I only take about 3 grams at a time on a bad day. I have not needed to up my dose in almost 2 years. My wife doesn’t take it often but sometimes at that time of the month she may take about 1.5 gram or less for cramps and or mood and her day turns right side up!!! Some people have higher tolerance and or have been taking opioids and may need a higher dose but for me. I have older friends that used to take meds for pain or for depression and anxiety that no longer take those chemicals any more! They would also all tell you their life’s have changed to the good.Anyone reading reviews or watching ignorant videos that are nothing but bad about Kratom you should spend the same amount of time researching the sources then judge for yourself! Or just try some!

  • Pharmaceutical company’s sounds like a Katt Williams skit……. “Side effects include six toes, hip displasia….. Innie outie belly button!”

  • Kratiom helped with my insomnia and depression smfh stfu he was obviously off antidepressants and possibly other unprescribed prescriptions and you can see that he was just by looking at his eyes probably was depressed because his mom cared more about others lives more then her son she didn’t know it till he was dead and now she wants to blame something

  • There is a plant from Africa that removes addiction from people and helps depression with one use. And that plant has been a schedule 1drug for over 40 years. They want you sick and dependent on their expensive deadly medications.

  • Fake news but Jesus Christ every single one of these fear mongering claims about Kratom are based on the same highly questionable reports. Check up on these autopsy reports and start digging for facts and maybe you’ll come to realize the FDA has an agenda themselves. Fear mongering is clearly step 1 of that agenda.

  • He had other drugs in his system too. He killed him self not Kratom. I do understand her pain as I lost my brother to suicide but I can’t blame the gun for his death. Mental health is a much bigger issue.

  • ,,at 14 years old I started researching library for a natural way to help my disease! out of my 37 years of reading hundreds of medical book at library! then when internet came out I did more research! FDA AND BIG PHARMA ALL YOU ARE ABOUT IS PROFIT! FDA AND BIG PHARMA YOU’LL DO ANYTHING TO MAKE SOMETHING THAT IS GOOD FOR YOUR BODY AND HEALTH LOOK BAD! THERE NO PROFIT IN HEALTHY PEOPLE! AND WALL STREET WOULD CRASH!


  • If I don’t yall advertising it people for sure try it now saying all this stuff about it people going to do it without talking about it how does people find out about easy when u put it on the news

  • I am detoxing 45 years of methadone pain medicine and survived
    the three other chemically dependent Pharmaceuticals mentioned in this video in horrific withdrawals: be prepared to feel like you are buried underground alive you have a pressure all over your body that feels like you want to explode because your skin is so uncomfortable you sweat and freeze at the same time all 6 senses are off. I have three major joint replacements and no teeth!..yes if one stays on these pharmaceutical opiates be prepared to regret your life when you get older. Sir you speak from Little experience I lived it and I’m here to tell the people, Kratom is safe. There may be a slight withdraw if you stay on kratom too long however it is the easier softest way. While detoxing create a new self. I benefit greatly from performing guided meditations on YouTube,breathing exercises, choice physical activity, forgiveness training for one lying to self and agreeing rumor or his story and lie,once an addict always an addict..WRONG… visualize self happily free from opiates….no longer will I allow this population control destroy my life! Rewire the brain and form a new you while detoxing so not to return to that prison lifestyle. Exercising a healthy state of mind and lifestyle and smile. Each time we accomplish something great we love ourselves more… Pharmaceuticals are not the way out my friends the way out is inside and through.

    Thank you.
    Judi Grace StoryCorps.
    Murders in Chicago.

    Google: Judi Grace StoryCorps.

  • Every single one of the deaths involved Loperamide (Imodium AD) ppl overdose on it to break the blood brain barrier and take effect in large doses. Cousin to meperidine (Demerol)

  • funny that at the end they say that the active ingredients in kratom are going to be used to make a medication that big Pharma will make money off of but in its natural form it’s bad

  • I love how you ppl are suppose to give the country the actual news but you talk about things you have absolutely not the first clue about. You all might as well do news stories on the female gossip around the news station.

  • Hate to say it. But she should have been a little more forceful if she was really concerned. This is propaganda. It grows from the earth

  • Perfect youthful bodies and to abuse by using drugs. Ugh. They should be working out and eating the healthiest foods for their bodies. Some of us are born with spinal problems. Chronic pain for the rest of our lives. Still trying to manage a healthy lifestyle but difficult since getting up is a struggle on its own. For something psychological like this young person probably has. I would just see a psychiatrist and do everything to improve the mind. Hope the kratom works for him.


  • The FDA lies. This video is all lies. There is only one single death that COULD be the result of kratom but even the medical examiner who did the autopsy couldn’t say for sure. All of the other deaths came from the people have an assortment of strong narcotics in their blood.
    Kratom is the future for opioid withdrawl, pain and stress relief.

  • Yet they want to outlaw this herb? How can anyone seriously say that the policies in place are for our own benefit when the so called “ drug” problem is one aided by sectors of society that undoubtably control the policy making? Do people think certain races or ethnicities are more prone to drugs? Its clear that drugs are used to both create revenue and to control populations.

  • I mean kratom definitely gives you a nice mellow feeling. I should say it gives me a nice mellow feeling. Not like I’m high but relaxed have good attention. But anybody that’s ever really done drugs, speed and opiates, I can no way say that this alkaloid is anywhere near that powerful. Nor does it make me anywhere near High. I supposed to somebody that had never really been high oh, you may think you are. And I just don’t see how anybody dies from taking kratom. You accidentally inhaled a bunch of the Kratom powder into your lungs… I did that one time it wasn’t pleasant LOL no way I believe that s***’s dangerous. I’m an addict so I’ve taken as much as my stomach can stand. LOL ain’t no way in hell anybody died from taking that unless they were allergic. That’s my humble non-professional antidotal opinion LOL

  • I’m sorry for this Mother’s loss but think of how many lives it has saved mine probably including one of them and I totally believe this is a smear campaign because they want money

  • Love the video my man!! I’m from Canada and have been taking Kratom for the best 2 years <3 for those looking for a legit vendor in Canada I use (I am not an ambassador for them just love their products!)

  • I distinctly recall when we were shown on TV a doctor speaking about opiates and how they used to think long term use could lead to addiction, but then they said they were mistaken. Long term opioid use does NOT lead to addictions…EVER?!?! How could a “doctor” say that…. So what happens? A shiiiiitload of people hooked on pain pills because their doctors said it was safe…there is a generation of addicts you just made + their children who likely saw nothing but addiction growing up and followed down a similar road. IT’S AN OPIOD APOCALYPSE AND UNTIL BIG PHARMA STOPS THIS BS PEOPLE WILL DIE……

    and big pharma will NEVER stop sadly…

  • I started to use kratom as an OTC pain medicine and to treat narcolepsy. I sometimes have bad narcolepsy. Adderall is so terrible, it’s a mind control device, it hinders proper sleep, and almost made me a tweaker in my childhood. Addiction can be anything junk food, hoarding, nicotine, ingesting nonfood non-drug items like plastic or soap, gambling, etc. Addiction to opioids will make life feel like you are locked in maximum security federal prison without actually being there.

  • Life threatening lmao I’ve been taking it for over a year because I didn’t want to use the deadly pills the doctors prescribed me… I am so sorry for your son lady but u need to see what other drugs ur son was on because I’ve never thought these things or acted like that with taking kratom,, so I am sorry I really don’t believe this crap & I say crap because that is what it is a bunch of bs! I’ve suffered a lot of pain due to a lot of different things and kratom has been very beneficial to me and lots of other people that’s using it.. peace!

  • I’m sorry for her loss but I promise it wasn’t kratom…. too many kids are raised nowadays thinking the world owes them something and I promise the world doesn’t owe any of us a damn thing.

  • Im pretty sure Kratom did not make him comment suicide… Im am very sorry for her loss but something else alot deeper then some Kratom made him due something that serious. People die all the time of OD on man made pills, but from Kratom or weed a natural plant? Come on people…

  • I just started use of Kratom and I can tell you its a life changing experience. I’ve tried anti depressants and they never work just makes it worst.

  • wow if this is fake how did that poor dude die or did he die. i was looking at some ppl called the crisis actors nd they prolly erywhere

  • Sucks your son killed himself and you blame it on a drug and not his mental state but the rest of us responsible adults use it for for many different reasons and for many struggling with opioid addiction and pain and depression it can be a good alternative so why take that way from everyone because your son was unable to get help

  • I’m sorry for your sons loss but your son killed him self lol not kratom…. that’s ignorant maybe he took kratom for depression and it helped him

  • I’m sorry for your loss lady, but kratom was not the only thing that killed him.. of course they don’t say that… I’ve been taking kratom for 2 years… I’m still alive!

  • This is why use are loosening watchers to ur shows it’s always one side to u people and that means political
    Sirously 30 people to the millions it’s help

  • Sorry for her loss but how many people have killed themselves because of anti-depressants? That’s even a side effect right on the website of these drugs.

  • Cultures in other countries have been drinking Kratom daily like we drink coffee in America, daily!
    Oh yeah and this report forgot to mention that a Kratom is part of the coffee tree family! I’m sure an honest unintentional oversight!
    Thanks a Washington Post!
    For non-fake news go to YouTube Channel Kratom 911
    Subscribe and like now!

  • Wow that’s some one died from kratom this is a fact.what what been better if got a script to some bemzos Prozac.and more.becouse there safe and harmless:-(

  • Taking Kratom over the hard stuff is replacing one addiction for another. Kratom withdrawals are just as bad as opiate withdrawals.

  • They don’t won’t you taken nothing that will cut their bank account they could care less who’s dying as long as their making money off you the opiates will always keep coming I say go to the heart of a jungle where herbs are pure and have the jungle people fix you a drink for purification you may throw up for days but your clean and over withdraws check it out

  • This is bullshit! Kratoms safer than any pharmaceutical ever made and cigarettes and alcohol and most foods!!! There is a sneaky reason the government wants kratom gone and it not because they’re worrying about us!! Lol