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Anxiety may impact your sex drive Anxiety can cause lowered libido. When you’re anxious, you have higher levels of cortisol (your body’s main stress hormone). High levels of cortisol can suppress the sex hormones that impact desire. You may have been in the mood earlier in the day.

Most of the issues anxiety can cause in the bedroom can be worked through, especially with the help of a therapist. But first you have to recognize just how the emotions it brings on are sapping. Studies show that anxiety and depression impact the sex lives of women.

While depression can reduce sexual desire, anxiety may inhibit pleasure. We’re all familiar with the term “in the mood,” but do we actually know what it means? After a stressful day, people are less likely to desire sex or be receptive to their partner’s advances.

How anxiety might impact your sex drive The most ubiquitous effect of anxiety on your sex life is a lowered libido, or desire to have sex, according to Abby Altman, a New York-based psychiatrist. Higher levels of cortisol are associated with anxiety and stress emotions, and high cortisol can suppress sex hormones that impact desire. There is no such thing as a “normal” libido, but anxiety can have a major impact on your happiness, including your sex drive, which can be frustrating. Certain types of. How to Tell if It’s Porn or Anxiety That’s Ruining Your Sex Life.

Counselors and Therapists recently released a statement rejecting the notion of sex/porn addiction.). Well, yeah, except when it isn’t! Sex can get stressful, anxiety provoking, and negative when it seems to go badly. Worry about how sex is going makes it difficult for it to go well, since negative thoughts are a distraction and a buzz kill. My anxiety is ruining my health and my sex life.

My anxiety is ruining my health and my sex life. ( self.Anxiety) submitted 5 years ago by Captainlunchbox. I am so afraid of elevating my hear rate. I’m afraid of losing control of it. I’m afraid that it will get so high that it will make me go into cardiac arrest. Anxiety can ruin your life if you let it — so don’t.

Sex IRL Entertainment Your limbs are useless and your thoughts are racing. Your insides churn like they do when you’re nervous. 1 point · 41 minutes ago It has impacted my sex life in the past, yes. Now that I’ve been with my partner for a few years, it’s easier for me to relax and more of a stress reliever than anything.

But there are definitely bad days where I have to tell him my anxiety is bad and I can’t even think about being intimate.

List of related literature:

You can learn to enjoy sex without anxiety.

“The Married Guy's Guide to Great Sex” by Clifford L. Penner, Joyce J. Penner
from The Married Guy’s Guide to Great Sex
by Clifford L. Penner, Joyce J. Penner
Focus on the Family, 2017

Depression and anxiety are not uncommon and often are a significant factor, when coupled with age and other health issues, leading to erectile dysfunction in men, and of a variety of sexual function issues in women, including dyspareunia, decreased desire, and difficulty with arousal and orgasm [56–63].

“The Textbook of Clinical Sexual Medicine” by Waguih William IsHak
from The Textbook of Clinical Sexual Medicine
by Waguih William IsHak
Springer International Publishing, 2017

Stress and anxiety can also interfere with your sexual functioning, so you may lose both your desire and your ability to function.

“Mastery of Your Anxiety and Worry: Workbook: Workbook” by Anxiety Disorders Behavioral Research Program University of California Michelle G. Craske Department of Psychology and Director, Los Angeles, David H. Barlow Professor of Psychology and Director of the Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders Boston University
from Mastery of Your Anxiety and Worry: Workbook: Workbook
by Anxiety Disorders Behavioral Research Program University of California Michelle G. Craske Department of Psychology and Director, Los Angeles, David H. Barlow Professor of Psychology and Director of the Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders Boston University
Oxford University Press, USA, 2006

Of course, anxieties pertinent to having sex are not synonymous with heterosexual (social) interaction anxieties.

“Shyness & Love: Causes, Consequences, and Treatment” by Brian G. Gilmartin
from Shyness & Love: Causes, Consequences, and Treatment
by Brian G. Gilmartin
UPA, 2012

Yet it is unclear if anxiety plays a causal role in vaginismus, or whether the experience of the vaginal spasms contributes to increases in overall anxiety (Weijmar et al., 2005).

“Psychopathology: History, Diagnosis, and Empirical Foundations” by W. Edward Craighead, David J. Miklowitz, Linda W. Craighead
from Psychopathology: History, Diagnosis, and Empirical Foundations
by W. Edward Craighead, David J. Miklowitz, Linda W. Craighead
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Physical ill health and emotional anxiety do nothing to improve your sex life.

“Heal Your Body, Cure Your Mind: Leaky Gut, Adrenal Fatigue, Liver Detox, Mental Health, Anxiety, Depression, Disease & Trauma. Mindfulness, Holistic Therapies, Diet, Nutrition & Food” by Dr. Ameet Aggarwal ND
from Heal Your Body, Cure Your Mind: Leaky Gut, Adrenal Fatigue, Liver Detox, Mental Health, Anxiety, Depression, Disease & Trauma. Mindfulness, Holistic Therapies, Diet, Nutrition & Food
by Dr. Ameet Aggarwal ND
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2017

Generally, attachment anxiety is associated with greater overall motivation to have sex and with less loss of sexual passion for rela­tionship partners over time.

“Encyclopedia of Human Relationships: Vol. 1-” by Harry T. Reis, Susan Sprecher
from Encyclopedia of Human Relationships: Vol. 1-
by Harry T. Reis, Susan Sprecher
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Laumann et al.” found that anxiety about sexual performance decreased with age, and Richters et al.” found that while anxiety during sex remained constant with age, worrying about attractiveness decreased.

“Women's Sexual Function and Dysfunction: Study, Diagnosis and Treatment” by Irwin Goldstein, Cindy M. Meston, Susan Davis, Abdulmaged Traish
from Women’s Sexual Function and Dysfunction: Study, Diagnosis and Treatment
by Irwin Goldstein, Cindy M. Meston, et. al.
Taylor & Francis, 2005

Lack of sex is experienced in terms of mounting sexual pressure, which has more to do with anxiety than with arousal.

“Relational Concepts in Psychoanalysis” by Stephen A. MITCHELL
from Relational Concepts in Psychoanalysis
by Stephen A. MITCHELL
Harvard University Press, 2009

So long as you are driven to intercourse primarily and compulsively by self-assertive motives and not by spontaneous sexual urges toward a person, your anxiety will probably be even more acutely sensed and your difficulties greater than usual with another woman.

“The Potent Self: A Study of Spontaneity and Compulsion” by Moshe Feldenkrais
from The Potent Self: A Study of Spontaneity and Compulsion
by Moshe Feldenkrais
Frog, 2002

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  • Low sexual desire can be a blessing because that means one will engage in less orgasms which means one won’t be spiking dopamine as much so that person does not develop dopamine desensitization/lower dopamine receptor density. For example, people who masturbate too much develop mental health issues.

    I think this is one reason why women are rising above men in society, women’s naturally lower sex drive allows them to focus on more productive matters, while men are wasting their time and vigor by fapping.

    Look into the benefits of nofap.

  • Hi from the UK, thanks for this great video. Bupropion is not licensed in the UK for treating depression, only as an anti-smoking drug. It took me 15 years before a Psychiatrist eventually prescribed bupropion for me. It is fantastic!! However, I have just learned that it is no longer available in the UK. I have no idea what to do?!

  • These ProlargentSize supplements are wonderful! The ingredients include Ginseng. My hubby hasn’t been getting and maintaining erections like he did back in the 20’s and I must say not only does he have more energy than before, its like hes a new man! He has way more stamina and libido before! I’m so glad he did. I have a smile on my face every time I go to bed:)

  • What she’s saying it’s the truth! I have suffered from hocd for a long time: avoidance only creates more intrusive toughts! ERPT CBT mindfulness and meditation are the only way also expose, expose expose as distressing as it may be, the goal is not tu cure OCD it’s habituation. OCD doesn’t have a cure.

  • I feel so shitty because I’m scared of outing myself as having ocd because I’m scared that someone will call me a potential danger(again).

  • This was so helpful for me! I have been dealing with these intrusive thoughts and i’ve been worried it’s gonna mess things up with my boyfriend. But now that I know this is normal I feel some release. Thank you:)

  • I think my hocd came from bad bullying experiences when I was younger like teasing that I was gay cause I acted like a tomboy or I didn’t play with dolls. Girls even steered away from me cause I was being “too friendly” and I just wanted to be FRIENDS. (People are so petty) My hocd started two years ago when the thought “what if they were right? what if what people think I am gay is true and I’m just in denial.” But the more I payed attention to these thoughts and reassured myself by going through situations in my head. I began to lose touch with myself and confusing my true self to people what thought I was. I have been hurting and began to lose joy of liking men because ” I’m not supposed to” I don’t like women but my hocd tells “yeah you do your just in denial” and feel like crying cause I don’t want these thoughts and I don’t want to like women, I don’t enjoy it. Hocd is the hardest thing to deal with cause you feel like a stranger to your own mind and body (since the intrusive thoughts in your head cover up your true feelings, and you don’t know which thought to trust) and I question “where did the old me go?”.

    (This is MY experience and your’s is allowed to be different)

    I have been always afraid to type this out since I feel someone will come along and say “hocd dosen’t exist, just come clean that your gay already!” and mocking me. The nice thing is that comments are so reassuring and sweet. I hope that this comment touched you in some way and reassures you that your not alone. That others people’s thoughts and your thoughts are not a reflection of who you are in reality! I repeat the YOU that exists RIGHT NOW on this earth ISN’T the same person you see in your head. “What’s if” yous’ and “what if” feelings are not part of the real you! Cause then they wouldn’t be what ifs’ would they?! You have the power to let these intrusive thoughts consume you! I plead you! Don’t give in! Don’t give in to the fake you! Don’t try to fight back either! The intrusive thoughts is like quick sand! If you struggle and be distressed by them, you will be falling quicker. However if you take a breath and recognize your in this state, then you will be more focused in saving yourself. So I ask of you, to just STAND. KEEP STANDING! All of us are right beside you! We are all fighting our own mind! So LOOK UP!


    I am really confused as I thought Hocd thoughts weren’t true but then listening to Jan on here she mentioned that Hocd people can realise they are Gay

    Listen from 10 mins until 14 mins. She has two Hocd sufferers who came out as Gay. I thought people that diagnosed with ocd are not these thoughts but then jan said she has helped Hocd sufferers realise they are Gay

  • Last year I had to go to see a psychologist for my anxiety because it got really, really bad to the point where I was throwing up multiple times a day. After I finished my sessions, I noticed i started to get really annoying gay thoughts I’ve always been 100% straight fyi, i just know girls r for me. (Also, during my sessions my psychologist talked about asking out girls in one session cuz ive always had a bit of social anxiety, this for some reason started to make me question myself which I knew right away I hated). But ever since these thoughts started and i tried using what i learned in therapy, it feels like the sexual thoughts and even these odd feelings (idk how to explain them) keep getting worse and worse. It’s gotten to the point where my mind is trying to convince me I never liked girls and i was lying to myself all along (I should not engage with this but its feels so hard bc my desire for girls doesnt feel like it’s there anymore). But whenever I get those annoying thoughts/feeling for guys, I just know I feel fucking awful. This started to really escalate cuz I was watching a lot of porn (only girls) and now that desire for girls feels like it’s gone and it is so painful…. I just want my damn life back, I’m tired of feeling “gay” and ik I am, but I’ve always had that anxious mind so something feels uncertain for what I really like now.. but it’s so fucking stupid bc idk how I wouldn’t like girls, they’re the only ppl I’ve ever had crushes on.. this is so damn annoying, I really dont think I should be questioning this in my 20s, it seems like something that should happen in your teens

  • Can you imagine the exposure assignments? Ok, I want you to intentionally think of…until it doesn’t bother you anymore. And don’t do your compulsion!

  • I think i just have very little to no sex drive these days because i hate women. They have just all been complete dicks to me throughout my life. And im not even gay. Im pretty much nothing anymore.�� Thanks women ��

  • I am so glad to have hit middle age. After many failed relationships and a divorce, I’m repulsed by the thought of physical intimacy and finally the hormones are dying off to the point it’s no longer a desire for me. I’m mgtow and look forward to sleeping alone for the remainder of my life.

  • Thank you so much these thoughts have recently came into my mind and I don’t want them and I’m glad there’s other people that r going through this too and I feel a lot better now.

  • LOL this is me all the way omg! Like this fucking bothers me that it takes me a long time to orgasm that I’ve gotten to the point t where I lie about me having one so they won’t feel bad. Like this is so hard for me and I feel like I’ve tried the tips I’ve seen online but still the same problem! I’m going to try these tips.

  • I would like to try zoloft + wellbutrin for dysthymia, I will ask the psychiatrist to start with that.. but I don’t want to have an imbalance of serotonine like when I was only on Zoloft.. so which is the ratio zol/well to not experience sexual side effects for example and in general have a balance between them? I hope it will work

  • Yeah, right blame everything on Patriarchy. Are you clinical psychologist,really?Read more about MGTOW.
    Women ot wanting sex because of body image?Maybe it is a time to improve diet.

  • To someone out there who has this, I need you to know that you’re not your thoughts. You’re a Good person, you have a Good Heart, you’re worthy of living, you’re worthy of Love, you’re worthy of happiness, and you’re gonna be okay. This disorder, I had it all my life, almost all topics, scrupulosity, germs, sexual OCD, false memory etc. and I know, I know it hurts so much, and that it can be literally exhausting waking up in the morning, like those thoughts/images hit you as soon as u open ur eyes, I know every single day is so draining. I know the deep pain of losing yourself bc you don’t know who you are and, you fear who you are. I been there, I know the sleepless nights, the pillows soaked in tears, the worthlessness that you feel. I want u to know that Today, I am Saved from OCD’s hold on me, only by the Grace of Jesus Christ (and I know what ur saying) “another person forcing their faith down my throat” I was atheist before I was set free, I felt that exact same way. But I came to a point where I was too down, I needed something, he was my only hope, so I tried, i cried out to God, I prayed, I doubted at first but let me tell you, he moved in my life, he set me free first hand, his word renewed my mind and changed me, gave me the peace I was searching for. I can live today barely remembering those times and the pain I felt, I am Set Free by Jesus!!! Seek him and ye shall find, his Arms are open towards you!! He showed me his True love, peace, his faithfulness, his Goodness and him being right next to me ����

  • So how do I fix these problems you see one of the things depressing me is my lack of sex life but I’m so depressed when a girl actually likes me I can’t preform it’s like a vicious cycle n then I start questioning myself my asbergers and a.d.h.d. make it hard to shut my mind off n focus on the task at hand n I kinda would like some advice

  • Has anyone tried Erectodom Secrets? (search on google) I’ve noticed many awesome things about this popular erectile dysfunction natural treatment.

  • I used to have big libido and desire but then some problems happened about it and now I have low desire even in masterbating I can’t deal with my body and make it free and enjoy it, and I have scare a little

  • Please make a video on haldol and if sexual function will return after coming off of it For a women. How to detox it from my body

  • I can honestly say from experience that talking to your partner about sex preferences really helps to make things better. We’re adults doing adult things. We can at least have an adult conversation about it.

  • I don’t know whyyyy…. The 4:27 break it up part got to me so hard, but it did… And I couldn’t stop laughing lol…. But great video anyway shan

  • I love your channel I am 37 year old mom of 7 kids and sex is very important to me I love I play with myself alot and watch porn to get me going with my partner I’m really into foreplay but my partner is not satisfying me anymore he’s boring now I told him about bringing sex toys into the room he said no he said his penis should be enough

  • What if your wife just doesnt care about your sexual needs? There you sit alone and rejected except for occasional mercy sex. Awesome!

  • I actually enjoy the lack of sex drive. It’s weirdly liberating since my hormones normally kick in like a big shot of nitrous oxide. This takes the edge way off.

  • Help
    I have anxiety and i tried masterbation and after I hated my self for doing it and I started thinking I was bisexual even though I’ve never dated anyone and I’ve only ever likes boys I don’t want to be bi but now I’m horny sometimes and I don’t want to be I feel anxious and I keep on having sexual dreams and I hate it it makes me anxious

  • I’m starting Zoloft and this is one of my biggest concerns. I am SO ready to be a functioning human again, but the thought of losing my libido and not having the desire I currently have for my partner makes me deeply sad. Sex is not the pinnacle of our relationship but we’re both very physical in our displays of affection. I could tolerate delayed response or dulled physical sensation, but losing my drive entirely is a very scary thought.

  • I have made a blog where I talk about my experiences with HOCD and ROCD and encourage others to share their stories with me It would mean the world if you would read my story and even contact me if you need someone to talk to, if requested, i can share your story on my blog and we can create awareness together:)

  • Hai, dr I have been taking antidepressants (escitoloproram)for five years. Due to antidepressants I lost my libido and sexual drive. Please give me suggestions to increase my libodo

  • If you are a doctor and if you prescribe a pharmaceutical (e.g. escitalopram) to a patient without first checking their ability to metabolise it (by testing their CYP450 genes & allelels), then it is possible that you may inadvertently being giving your patient a compound which is a poison to their system. For example, if their CYP450 genes are CYP2C19 *1/*17 which is ultrarapid, and CYP2D6 *4/*10 which is near null, then upon their first pill your patient will have a massive surge of the psychoactive toxic metabolite (desmethylcitalopram) which their body is unable to remove, and so they will be trapped with a psychoactive compound imprisoned in their blood, and they will experience poisoning symptoms straight after the first pill. Your patient will experience an ‘adverse reaction’ which is actually a poisoning… and the symptoms of that poisoning may well include psychosis and akathisia PLEASE DO NOT make the mistake of misdiagnosing a poisoning as a “mental illness”.
    Solution? consider Plasmapharesis to clean the blood and remove the compound and its toxic metabolites.

  • Make a movie about antipsychotics and erectile dysfunction.
    Abilify causes erectile dysfunction,
    could it be treated with Cialis / Viagra?

  • It’s crazy that I heard your name being said on The Friend Zone podcast….and then I ran across your page by accident…I got hype when I saw your name

  • Mostly SSRIs, SNRIs and finasteride cause PSSD. Unfortunately, these are still the most commonly prescribed drugs against depressions and other psychological conditions (not finasteride ofc). In my opinion it is generally not the best idea to immediately manipulate the Serotonine Metabolism since it’s much more sensitive compared to the ones of Norepinephrine and Dopamine. NDRI are a realistic alternative to cure depressions which have feelings of emptiness, loss of power/motivation as the main symptoms. Usually psychiatrist don’t tend to prescribe them because of the risk that a higher dopamine level could have on on the psyche, but I think that for a person without psychotic tendencies, there is no real risk in this regard.

    In the end a doctor should always be aware that an irreversible and permanent erectile dysfunction damages the life of a male patient in a tremendous way and will most likely lead to major depression and potentially to suicide since there is no cure for PSSD

  • As a dude I’m in what seems to be an uncommon situation. I always take forever. I’ve only been with one woman so idk if it’s jus because she doesn’t do it for me or what. Then when I start to take a while I feel bad cuz I think she starts thinking something is wrong with her cuz I take so long to nut. And after a while I hit this kinda weird stage where I don’t wanna jus stop (even tho I know I’m nowhere close to cumming) cuz I don’t wanna embarrass either myself or her. But at the same time it’s hard to keep going cuz it’s feels amazing, but I know I ain’t cumming no time soon

  • I’ve had gay thoughts and it was so annoying when it came to my head and it was so frustrating to have it in my head for such a long time but I know that I’m straight for a fact and I still have a crush on this girl for 4 years and I used to be afraid around her and now I’m used to being around her but does this mean I’ve lost feelings for her? or does this mean I’m no longer attracted to her or even women? I tend to overthink a lot but this is what mainly goes through my head on a daily basis

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  • I am definitely that girl that finishes under 5 mins and just lays there waiting for my partner to finish �� it’s definitely important to communicate

  • For some people it’s was gone forever many years later of coming off Ssri they are still suffering from this side effects. Then you have the “solutions” that will create other problems. We don’t need that we need otherways to treat depression issue that are not medications

  • Thanks Dr. Tracey.I am on a low dose of lexapro and it has really screwed up my sex drive. Hard to climax and my erections are not as firm as I would like them to be.

  • Thanks Dr T, I’ve contacted my consultant about my AD. I think I tried Wellbutrin before I think, and if I remember, it gave me weird dreams… but hey that’s better then ED etc. ��

  • I a taking Escitalaporam 5mg since last three days.
    I sleep all the day, I yawn a lot.
    No sexual desire at all.
    My doc didnt tell me about any side effects, she keeps telling that my body will adust with the meds within few days.
    I am worried.

  • I did handpractice tomuch and can’t control my self
    I am addicted 6year and I control my self not more than 30 days
    Know a days I did handpractice daily or 2 times in a days
    Plz Plz plz plz plz plz plz plz
    Help me

  • I dont understand this, i dont feel i have this issue with pssd, im on venlafaxine and my sex drive seems to be functioning normal. If you have erectily dysfunction u Can use the nofap teqnique for men

  • I’m in a sexless marriage. I have MS and you would think it’s me but it’s my wife’s anxiety over my health. She also has a poor body image which came after our two girls. It’s hard on me as this has made her distant from me.

  • Basically you take one pill and it kills your sex drive but then take another one to get it up? Gtfoh. How about you quit all meds?

  • Its too bad they cant just say “if you want sex less than once every two weeks, you have low sexual desire” or some other frequence.

  • some time ago huey Lewis and the News a band had hit with ” I Want a New Drug” my ins. dosent cover Ketamine my Dr. said very expensive I replied so my lifes worth every bit of 50 cents –

  • I went from a very horny boi to just a horny boi on Lexapro. At least holding my wifes hand in public doesn’t give me a boner anymore.

  • Would you consider having less ambiguous titles? I know you do a lot of twitter polls and stuff to decide on titles, and I often respond to those, and I totally understand if you’re keeping titles more ambiguous in order to cast a super wide net and get more viewers. However, when I’m scrolling through my yt feed, I just want to know what the video is actually about from the title, and when the title doesn’t actually tell me what the vid is about, I’ll often just overlook your content assuming it’s not a video topic I’m interested in. I still love and will continue to support your content of course, but just something to consider.

  • Here is a helpful advice. Realize that you aren’t your thoughts. You didn’t choose what kind of thoughts you have. So let them be whatever. Separate yourself from them. Meditation is the key to many great revelations about yourself.

  • I had a very strong sexual appetite all my life until I started taking anti depressants. It changed me to the better mentally. However.. it made me fat and my body changed to a really ugly appearance after I was in a great shape due to an never ending appetite for food. Plus, it totally killed my sexual libido to the point where my gf questions whether I desire her in a sexual way or I’m just saying that I do so she won’t get upset. My dr never mentioned any of this to me prior to taking meds. Now I just dont know what to do:(

  • I’m 33 years old and I still have this sexual obsession ocd and its very painful its my brain suffering and thinking to much I cant stand sometimes like my life is getting harder and harder I am getting old I wish magical miracles was real and existed

  • Brah i talk to my bf about this & he feel some type of way if he finish fast but i don’t mind & when I tell him this he think I’m lying or I’m going to find somebody else that’s going to last longer

  • I was doing a bit of self help again trying to understand things and came across this podcast from dr Weiner

    she explains about hocd and then after 10 minutes she explains a man she has was a client with Hocd asked himself if I am Gay and what If I am then went out and kissed a man then went with a man, then feared been straight afterwards so was this man gay or did he go out and test himself and realise he wasn’t I am so confused

  • I only took 6 pils for six days and now I can’t orgasm I’m off them for 4 days will my orgasm come since I quit please someone answer:( I hope the effect is not permanent

  • So I haven’t watched 12seconds in But I can only say this because I know you like and won’t be disrespected by this…But I Soooooooo want Jared n his new Justin Timberlake curls. Uuhhhh after I saw him open up emotionally I just Adore him!!! “You don’t have to pull away from me when you’re upset” I fell in Luuvvvv!!! ������Im from Oakland so Emotional intelligence in a man makes me ice my cake.You’re so lucky!!

  • I used to masturbate once or twice daily sometimes 3 or 4 times a day. I used to have great sexual imaginations. After i got into spirituality it has considerably reduced to once or twice a week n i dont get sexual desires easily. Is that loss in my libido??

  • THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY OF COMPLETELY GETTING RID OF HOCD. I KNOW THIS WILL BE VERY LONG BUT PLEASE PLEASE TAKE YOUR TIME TO READ THE WHOLE THING. TRUST ME THIS WILL COMPLETELY CHANGE YOUR LIFE. I suffered from HOCD for about 2 and a half months last year and it was the worst time in my life. I wanted to kill myself, i remember writing in a book that if this was not gone in 3 months i would kill myself.i think what triggered it was the fact that i was a porn addict for 3 years and i ended up watching stuff that was against my sexuality because i ended up being desensitized to everything else i also had done so stupid experimenting with my friend when i was 9 years old so that started coming back to me.

    I watched all these videos on youtube on HOCD but none of them helped. My uncle started begging me to go to church with him 2 months in the battle with HOCD and because he was so persistent i went to church with him for the first time in 7 years without having any faith in JESUS healing me from this. I went to church for 2 Sundays and that grew my interest in God. One day while i was watching a youtube video of this Christian show called Sid Roth its Supernatural there was an evangelist who asked the people who were watching from home like me to touch the screen as he was about to pray, as a sign of faith in God so i @t he was praying i felt this feeling in my brain, it was as if something was being rearranged in there, it was a powerful feeling. At that time i didn’t know that it was Jesus healing me from HOCD since the whole problem is in our brains. In the next couple of days i started noticing that those HOCD thoughts weren’t affecting me anymore, it was like there was a forcefield around my brain, the thoughts were bouncing of my brain instead of penetrating through my brain, they were no longer making me anxious at all, its like i had this strong assurance coming from GOD that i was straight. Even when i saw dudes that are good looking, i no longer had this crippling anxiety that i used to have. I just felt this amazing peace and assurance that i am straight, the anxiety was completely gone. Now my brain doesn’t even think of trying to bring those thoughts anymore cause it knows that i am straight and it has no doubts at all about my sexuality.

    Now i am the happiest dude alive and i am better than ever, better than before i even got HOCD. I’m like any other dude without HOCD. I have surrendered my life to Jesus and i have accepted him as my Lord and Savior. All it takes is humbling yourself and going to God with faith and he’ll heal you. Go to a church near you and tell the Pastor that you want to give your life to GOD and he’ll lead you. God loves you and he wants to heal you. Just have faith in him. Just try him once and i promise you, he won’t fail you. All it took from me was a simple act of faith and now i am completely free. There is nothing JESUS cannot do.

  • Years ago, I appeared on the Dr. Phil Show to try and share my experience with exhibitionism and the consequences of that compulsive sexual behavior and I also wanted to let people know how I managed to overcome the obsessive thoughts and the behavior itself. Of course Phil was more interested in creating the conflict that he needed to achieve good ratings for the television show, but I still do try and let people know that it is absolutely possible to overcome sexual compulsive behavior. If I was able to do it, anyone [email protected]

  • Hey Dr,I have a question: does these medications SSRIs and SNRIs can cause a men low testosterone levels? Because when I started to take those medications for OCD and panic attacks I did a couple of blood work and my testosterone levels were low..can you explain if there’s a connection to the hormones?

  • As a young adult it was kind of embarrassing that I orgasm soooo fast lol. I can joke about it now but at first I was embarrassed. I usually hear that females take longer to climax, so I thought it was so weird that I would climax literally in 5 minutes. I don’t know if it was because I’m younger and less experienced or what lmao

  • So fun fact I was watching mean girls and in the beginning of the scene where Lindsay Lohan was entering the school. Shan Boody bump into Lindsay Lohan.�� I just had to say something because I keep rewinding it back to that scene like ten times to make sure that it was shan Boody and it was������

  • I am taking lithium carbonate. Amisulpride 50mg and desvenlafaxine 50 mg. I feel less sex drive. Is it because of the medication? Please reply

  • Its like im thinking about my crush (which is a girl) and my mind tries to bully that thought to turn it into something gay which i cant stand and want to erase it from my mind but it keeps on trying harder to bully my positive thought about my crush. I fear, have anxiety and feel depressed when the negative unwanted thoughts happen. I even start counting to relieve the unwanted thoughts.

  • What is Erectodom Secrets? Does it work? I hear a lot of people solve their erectile dysfunction problem with this popular erectile dysfunction treatment.

  • The only thing I wish this video discussed more is how to politely explain to your partner that you would enjoy more from them? For example, if you love to be an active participant but feel that you aren’t receiving the same effort from him/her to please you in return.

    I have googled this topic multiple times and am disappointed in the articles I have found. ��

  • Dear Dr. Tracey Marks

    Thank You very much for this video.

    Do You know anything or have experience with Maca Powder? I mean as an addition to fluoxetine.

  • #1 cause of unhappiness and loss of sex drive in women: FEMINISM. Stop trying to be men. You’re not men, and if you continue to keep trying to be men, you’ll continue to be unhappy.

  • How about PSSD??!! I am 2 years OFF treatment and the side effects seem to be PERMANENT. Why is this not on topic!! My ability to orgasm hasn’t been as before and weirdly I only have a little sensation back on the left side of my body when climax after 2 years of recovery from these antidepressants. Which I got prescribed NOT for depression…

  • Okay so after being turned on and now able to think clearly. Loved this video. I’m a giver and have a really hard time letting go. I want to be the girl he tells stories about for years to come. And truly, the homies know, I’m fire but generally it’s a show to make them feel makes it really hard for me to get off. I’m a lush, and this is when I have my best sex. When I’m not on I just think so Fuckin much!! I’ve found for me the only way I let go of this sober is when I have a very directional, sexually dominant partner who tells me what to do, where to lick, asks me if I like taking said instrument up my various hole because it gives me time to be responsive instead of offensive. And instead of showing out and tryna pornstar I can get to think less being the fantasy rather than tryna create the fantasy.

  • I like to think I’m relatively lucky. It’s pretty easy for my bf to make me come. But than again we have been together for a while so he just knows the areas of my body that he need to focus on. He on the other does take a while. So I try to alway been in the moment with him. I noticed that it’s easier for me to be in that moment when we talk to each other. I like sexy talk. ��

  • I stopped having sex with my boyfriend since I found out his 2 brother’s and uncles are severely autistic, so whenever he wants to have sex I get agitated or make excuses.

  • I stopped fluoxetine 2 years ago. I felt good since then but feeling the same symptoms again. What can I do Dr? I don’t want to start AD again. Am talking ashwagandha and saffron, it does help with my sleep patterns and less anxiety but am not my usual self

  • My OCD came from the fact that I’ve been experiencing ROCD (relationship OCD) for about 6 months. I’m just so afraid that I could leave my boyfriend because of something that I can’t help. I’m afraid that somehow I won’t be able to choose him in any case. Over time I started to feel less anxious, sometimes almost numb, even though the thoughts are all there, but everything is so hard anyway. For everyone who is getting through this, I really hope you’ll get better soon and I wish you all the best.��

  • My OCD makes me think what if I am attracted to any other man or what if I’ll cheat my boifrnd tho I love him so much but this makes me scared

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  • thank you endlessly for talking about a topic that is so rarely talked about. After 12! years of my OCD with intrusive toughts this is the first time I’ve heard that a person has the same thoughts as I do ( 4:16)

  • Thanks for the video! This is a topic that should be discussed a lot more in public. It would stop the feeling of guilt and shame, each OCD sufferer has.

  • I’m in ocd recovery and I have been doing quite well as I don’t have too much anxiety anymore but lately I’ve been worried because I have no anxiety because I have these thoughts and it feels like I “want” them because I’m not anxious if that makes sense. Urgggg OCD just goes around in circles

  • The new world order and their works

    They use demons/snakes or unclean spirits to torture you and you have to ignored the attack of the devil in order to join,
    Or they just Astro projected themselves to do these evil deeds. I was ones entering the music industry when these attacks started happening I thought I was going crazy but I just started to paying close attention to what was happening. I have been getting astral rape for 3 years now, since I don’t want to stop worshiping God in my mind, they want zero thoughts. this is what they want.
    They send electrical shocks to your penis and your face and they can guide your eyes to get to react to whatever, this is a form of witchcraft they us. They also flood your imagination with unpure thoughts and to try you to commit violence and think unclean thoughts, violence, sexual, taking advantage. Start paying close attention to your thoughts. your suppose to let them run by you. You might like me start to recognize something that is not you. When you find this out your going to get even more attacks, This is an attempt to try to get you to stop caring this in this new society they have no feelings and all secrets are in the open so don’t care, since themselves rape cheat trick people scam and kill.

    They are what I believe is the Illuminati/Satanist the occult and the freemason/ influencers/ apostate churches

    They are the new age movement and they control all aspect of the society and it’s mobility, they even infiltrated the government.

    They believe that you and I are Gods. They believe the Lucifer is the true god that fell from heaven. they are even in the church, that’s why they change a lot of the verses in the NV Bible to fit their agenda. We are in the age of apostasy. I recommend becoming a Pauline and accepting the Gosple or Paul since that the Gospel the Holy Spirit gave to Paul to preach to the gentiles. And we are save through the Blood of Jesus. That’s the only way to heaven. They push that their are multiple ways to heaven. they say they want you to stop thinking since they posse the ability of telepathy, they can read your mind, when you discover their true presences they even show themselves via Astro projection, you can check this your self by closing your eyes and waving your hand across your face, you can see your spirit, I recommend not joining, they are satinist and homosexual, this is their agenda, they believe everyone is gay/ Bi. They talk about vibes and it is what your penis vibrates too. I don’t know how the woman works since I am male. But they try to trick you by give you a fake vibe by some how shocking your private part. they are also are pedophiles and they believe and practice the Roman way, and in Rome they the occult practice pedophilia. That’s why if you really start to pay attention to the media they try to sexualize children, with the way they cut the scenes up you can notice when they are children in sene they would usually cut the point of interest aka ‘rule or third’. for example in one frame the point of interest maybe a guy face or a conversation happening and then the next frame that point of interest will be changed to the kid. so they subtly get you to look at a kid, remember this is a war on your subconscious. To try to make you accept their way, tv is a tool of mind control. They favorite thing to they might get you to vibe to is milk, ice cream. From what I gather in order to join is to not pay it any mind but I had to call them out on it. That’s when I started to reject them and now I have to tell everybody about it. I turn my back on my partner and friends since it seemed like they were new agers. Through my 3 year journey through This I have found out what they really are. They are satanist and they are waring against God. They are planing to destroy this world and start society with the evil eye which is Lucifer as the center.They are also able to have full control of the dream state which I believe is the heaven-less. The spiritual world. Don’t be fool.

  • This video has me fucked up. I never knew I had OCD until today. Specifically “pure O”. It’s not diagnosed, but I am pretty well certain.

    I have been having horrible intrusive thoughts for years, but especially when I’m trying to have sex with my partner. I had no idea why. I have never been assulted or abused so it made no sense to me. It’s been really tearing me apart inside and taking a toll on my relationship. Knowing that it isn’t just me makes me feel relieved. I was actually convincing myself that I was developing psychosis. Now I realize what I have actually been dealing with all along, and I know I can take steps to heal myself.

  • When I think about it, I don’t like it. It’s not something I see myself as, it’s not something that I am. I’m straight 100% however my mind makes me wanna think and feel otherwise, it’s horrible it gives me anxiety and is beginning to depress me, they’re slowly getting better however when they’re there in my head I feel stupid for feeling this way, I feel like if I accept these thoughts and cave in (exposure exercises) then I feel like I’m going to turn gay/bi when I’m not and it gives me major anxiety

  • Trauma causes us to hear and see terrible thoughts. It’s the brain’s reaction to danger. They don’t pop up because we want them. We may be surrounded by terrible thoughts/images, but deep inside we’re good. Don’t pay attention to it and it will pass. (I know its hard. Practice makes is easier.) 😉 fyi, gut brain inflammation/low serotonin are the culprits.

  • I have struggled with hocd and sometimes it returns back. The key thing is to avoid denial of your thoughts and accept them. Have you heard about cbt or exposure therapy? You have to expose yourself to things that trigger your hocd. For example watch movies that are related to homosexuality and accept them, tell yourself that there’s nothing wrong about it. You are heterosexual but what if? If you get these questions accept them, don’t try to escape because it makes your OCD worse creating infinite loops

  • People on other pure o videos that wrote they acted on it completely triggered me badly.. I thought it was impossible for an ocd sufferer to act on these thoughts.. what is going on? now whenever I look for relief… those comments of people saying they acted on it replay in my head and my anxiety goes nuts.. I can’t go out in public or do the things that I used to do because I constantly fear that I’m going to act on these thoughts and when I try to live with them and use my mechanisms.. the doubt from those YouTube comments kick in. someone please help me

  • Sometimes I think maybe it’s just the chemtrails. All this pollution they are spraying in the sky for the weather modification is making it so that I’m too tired to even dream of having sex. ✈️��������

  • Hi Dr, it was nice to watch your video, and it was quite enlightening. I took Zoloft for 4 months, and I did not know the adverse reaction going cold turkey, while I stopped cold turkey 4 weeks ago. Now I have developed ED, should I reinstate a small dose of Zoloft, or should I go on Wellbutrin or just doing nothing? your advice may save my life Thanks

  • If you have liver/digestive problems, should you take any of these meds? Do they interfere with digestion eventually? Is there data on long-term damage to the body?

  • HELP! My boyfriend and I are struggling when it comes to sex. Initiating is so awkward and once we get started it takes a while for me to reach my point. He however is good after a couple minutes. I try telling him how I like things but I think he takes it personal like he doesn’t know how to please me. Which leads to us not having sex at all or starting and just stopping because I don’t feel it anymore. What should I do??

  • I have had side effects from every antidepressant now I’m on Cymbalta. Wouldn’t that make you more depressed not being able to have sex or have any sex drive? It seems like it does to me

  • Hi �� I love your videos! The way you present the material really breaks it all down and makes it easy to understand. Wishing you love and happiness.

  • Literally everytime I think a woman is beautiful my mind just twists everything up, I had a best friend and I miss her but I get scary thoughts about that as well. I know what’s true and not but sometimes I even feel like I don’t even know what’s true..

    If anyone sees this please reply


  • how am i gonna explain this to my mum. im just going off thr meds ive been on them for 7 years and im tired. idk whats side affects and what isnt but im really twitchy all the time and my memory is terrible and i get hardly any pleasure and i am grateful that they saved my life i think. idek because i dont remember being off them

  • Could i talk with someone that has gone throught this? In my case it started as a homosexual ocd and at the start i thought i was bisexual or gay but then after 2 months of been worried about that i decided to not care that much about it and for some days the thought stopped i was normal again, but then one day the word pedophile came in my head i got worried about it but then i said to myself “don’t give it importance” and the next day i had forgotten that but then later that day i remembered that thought and i cried because of that, i’ve been worried since that day, but now i feel like i haven’t been sad enogh for this even knowing i have cried lot of times for this

  • I suffered from horrific pure OCD since I was a child. I was unexpectedly and effectively relieved of the condition the first time I took LSD. I have since had insights into the workings of pure O and techniques that others can hopefully use to manage pure OCD. If you are suffering please watch this video and feel free to contact me, my email is in the description. @ There is a part 2 and 3 with insights and techniques.

  • I everyday work from 7 in the morning, up to 4 afternoon. Then I go to campus from 6 to 9.30 in evening. I got home at around 10.5 or 10.10. sleep at 1 at dawn. At the weekend, I just wanna sleep, and be at home, playing games and when my wive want it, I have no idea I cannot arouse. It’s so shocking actually. I was ok, I mean sometimes she cum twice in one play. But recently I can’t make it. But one thing may be I’m still having a little bit angry of her jealousy and prejudice, to accused me liking othee woman. Though it’s totally not. I even almost not having conversation with that woman. That accusations towards me has deeply leave a bad memory that sometimes just cross back into my mind. Can someone help me what to do? Am I just tired of daily routine or it is because psychological matter?

  • Exercising regularly works best for many men. You need to workout for at least 3 days in a week. Don’t go for endurance exercises like running for long distances. Those will just stress you out and drain your energy. You need resistance training like push ups, pull ups, back lifts and or some gym weight training that stimulate testosterone production. Regular exercises also clean up your system and increase blood flow. Secondly, stay away from bad diet and junk food like sodas and fries.

  • I found that when I cum fast it’s because I had slow sex. Sounds weird but when my strokes are slow and paced, I feel it more. And if I was to go instant transmission in the sheets, my partner is hurt no matter if foreplay is a thing or not. What works for me but probably isn’t good is I’ll foreplay then get into positions that please her but keeps me interested. Like where i can still perform foreplay while sex. Letting women ride is a good one. But once it’s time, daddy slow strokes “she can’t take it” comes through.

  • As soon as I feel a little better, Nasty disgusting thoughts pop up and I cant tell if theyre me or not, when im in the middle of an anxiety attack all I can think of is how this will never end along with the thoughts that make me wanna throw up. I feel like im losing my sanity each day, I used to be such a happy guy before this happened idk how much longer I can do this

  • I have this but mine is the exact opposite way. Like, I’m a lesbian and I know for sure I am but my OCD always tackles it and goes “what if you’re actually attracted to men? what if you’re bi or straight?” And obviously there is nothing wrong with being either of those things but I’m just not attracted to men and my OCD will scare me into thinking I’ve been lying the entire time and I’m not actually gay. I wish this was talked about more because this is the only time I heard that someone talk about it in reverse (and even then the whole “being gay could be against your morales” thing left me very iffy for obvious reasons)

  • I never thought i could relate to a video so much in my life

    All through this summer i’ve been so afraid that i’m gay and even though i know deep down im not but i have this constant fear that i am a homosexual

    One of my worst symptoms was whenever i was around my friends (which are all heterosexuals) i would be so jealous and wish i was straight

    does anybody else ever feel this way??

  • I hate being alone
    My ocd is about love
    My family loves me and people in my town love me
    I see hope in my self
    I swear I hate being alone
    I can’t wait to get married
    I am only 23 years
    I am weird I know that but this is who I am

  • I’m a guy and was wondering how do you cure delayed ejaculation? I can’t ejaculate during normal sex with my girlfriend. I can only ejaculate when I masturbate. Sorry for the graphic nature of this question. It hurts my girlfriend’s feelings:(

  • Thank-you for being one of the few vids on this that at least proposes some possible solutions. I’ve tried >20 medications over 20 years. Only a few have actually worked to boost mood but most kill libido. Seems I can either have a bearable life as a robot or a good sex life.

  • I’ve been on mine for 5 years now, can’t feel any pleasure at all. No success in all that time, it’s frustrating and upsetting when it comes to sex. It’s been awful, and has wrecked ever relationship that I have had in this time. I’ve tried talking to my dr, who says that it’s not worth my stability, (I take it as part of a cocktail for schizophrenia) and I’m honestly stuck. After 5 years I’m pretty sure it’s not going to resolve it’s self, and I’m on the edge of coming off it myself, against all advice, because it is really causing me a lot of hurt. Every time I bring it up with my general dr, I am made to feel dirty, and like some sex craving pervert, when in reality, I am in my 20s and can’t enjoy sex. I’m really lost for options now.

  • When I was on it it made it hard to orgasm, Even after a week.
    It didn’t really kill my sex drive, but rather tone it down. Granted my sex drive is crazy high!

  • this is really big problem, friend of mine 40 yrs old and his wife 37, he`s almost bagging her for sex, she lost interest in sex completely and he still with her jacking off on the floor by himself!!!! if its the other way round she will dump him like no tomorrow!

  • Wow. I hadn’t really thought of all this. There’s some really good info here.
    Thank you.
    P.S. Saw you with that Leafs jersey in another video. I’m loving that. Peace from Toronto…

  • im going to wait about 8 weeks and see if my body adjust. if not im going to take half the dose. then if not again im going to try something new. thanks.

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  • I had all types of ocd and I am just 14: religious ocd, sexual ocd (that’s just a side of my ocd and i developed it yesterday), cleaning, numbers, checking, touching, harming, commiting suicide etc.

  • I hear a lot of people talk about sexual compulsive behavior but most of you don’t have a clue how to stop it and many of you I have heard lie to people and tell them that they can’t do anything more than manage it, but that is not true. It can be completely eradicated and you can be completely free from it. I know that first hand.

  • The field of psychiatry needs to acknowledge the permanent sexual side effects of those meds. Y’all are in cahoots with the big pharmadriven by profits.

  • What is it when a man likes to see (and is turned on to) two women together but when he wants to have sex he only wants to have anal sex but doesn’t want to be with a man his turn on is seeing two women together but he does a lot of compulsive things like over shopping (buying the same thing 50times over) what is that called?

  • Hi. I watched this because I am looking for possibile ways to help my awesome wife regain her libido. She’s 60 and says sex is not on her radar anymore. It could be menopausal, but she also takes 40mg of an SSRI, so maybe its both.

  • 4:16 I literally have the same thoughts and I have them since I was 12, now I’m 21 and I can say I don’t suffer from OCD that bad anymore, but I still get those thoughts especially when I’m stressed out and my anxiety level is high again.
    It’s so hard to accept them, because they always come back even though you think you have overcome them and still make you feel bad when you are vulnerable.
    If you are reading this and you have OCD, just know that I know how it feels and it can get better. It will.
    Bad thoughts will come, you can’t control them, but they are just thoughts and you are not a bad person. Don’t listen to that sense of guilt, you haven’t done anything wrong, okay?
    It’s a tough battle, but we should keep going.

  • This is so helpful, Shannon! Time was a big thing in my last sexual encounter and I felt even more pressured because I have never had an orgasm. Part of that I think is that I’m way too self conscious about the way I look in certain positions, and also that I want my partner to feel like he did his job of making me feel good but I never actually get there. Any advice on that?

  • Around 3:09 3:50 is exactly me…I wish I seen this video a year ago instead of now. I’m in an even deeper hole than I was and I fear that I’ll never get out of it and that I’ve ruined my whole relationship…��

  • Wow, I’ve experienced all three of these. I told my therapist about the pedophilia one many years ago and that pretty much stopped it (not completely but largely). I’ve never talked about the others with anyone else before I think that might help.

  • OCD has helped keep me a virgin until the age of 39. It was one of a number of mental health factors, including addiction, that stole the last 20 years of my life. It was hell on earth. I’m slowly getting better, and I certainly haven’t given up on sex or relationships, but I would’ve liked to live my youth.

  • If ppl had lower libido,dey wld be less horny and can focus more on work and play,and actually go places….. rather than pandering to the alure of cheap thrills like sex,fast food….

  • I have the opposite problem of going too fast. So i just go until they get theirs. Then we are done. Ive settled for being a pleaser. My F.B. right now has asked me if she made me come. I said as long as she gets off im good. She kinda got down about it. I told her not to worry.

  • Kudos for the Video! Excuse me for the intrusion, I am interested in your opinion. Have you heard the talk about Xonayson Basketball Supremacy (should be on google have a look)? It is an awesome exclusive guide for boosting your time in bed and libido without the headache. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my coo-worker at very last got astronomical results with it.

  • Yea…I’ve experienced a guy being like that (we talked about it though). With me I just want to get at least some good feeling out of it. I don’t have to have a fully blown orgasm or for things to happen real fast.

  • I hate having high sexual desire! It’s destroying my life! I found that starving myself is the most effective way to lower your sex drive. I don’t recommend it, but if you’re out of options,then it does works.

  • Hello Doctor,

    I have been on Zoloft for sometime now but I stopped taking it for good. still being off it I still have ED. How long does it usually take for erections to go back to normal. is this side effect permanent?

  • Look, you can talk all this crap but just go to WALMART and look at all the women shopping there. They are so obese, they’ve never had real sex…….there’s too much lard…..and I mean their whole lives. They only thing they do is eat food, bitch at their fat miserable husbands if they haven’t already dumped them……and play “dolls” with their kids. The majority of people have no sex. They did a survey in Chicago and they asked a bunch of divorced women how many times they plan on having sex the rest of the year!! You know what the answer was? ZERO!!! You can get good looking women to take their clothes off for you….if you put enough tokens in the slot…..BUT…..REAL CHICS?? FORGET ABOUT IT…

  • Yo please help me I’ve liked girls all my life it all started when I said what if I’m gay noe I feel like I actually might be attracted to a guy I don’t know if it’s me or my brain tricking me

  • I was always embarrassed to talk about sex with my partner, especially when it’s a new relationship. But as I got older, I learned to just ask what they like. And tell them what I like. The more open you’re communication is, the better the sex. Also, foreplay (aka heating up the oven) should always be a priority, if you want your girl to cum. Also, don’t take it personal if she doesn’t cum. I’ve had women cum before me, and some a couple minutes after. I personally like it at the same time, but that’s not always possible.

    Tips on lasting longer: change positions, take it slow, grind kiss tease.

  • She’s well spoken, but I must disagree. The biggest social influence causing low or absent sexual desire in women is called “marriage.”

  • Just would like to ask you by feel free since last two days i Mentally feel that my desire of 100 percent to come down on 0 percent suddenly I have some friends issues for last 2 years but during this time I don’t have any kind of low sex feeling. I was on top. just would like to ask what is the cause I used much Mobile is it the cause. Please help me as I feel too worry about that i was fallen on zero

  • Step 1: Nature is true medicine.
    Step 2: gingko balboa, it takes your stress away and gives you back your sex life.
    Step 3: always I MEAN ALWAYS take a natural supplement from nature.

    Also, gingko Balboa has been used for thousands of years to cleanse your brain of free radicals that can drastically increase your cognitive abilities not to mention increased blood flow to the brain increasing oxygen levels to all parts of your body and yes, that also includes your sex life.
    Do your research on it, But this natural herb from china comes from the world’s oldest tree.
    You dont need to see a pharmacist to take back control of your life.

  • It’s called asexuality, someone with no sexual desire or relationship desire is more commonly known as an asexual aromantic person. I don’t think we need more people telling us that something is wrong with us or that we need medication to ‘cure’ ourselves. Live and let live.

  • Give the name you want, it targets what you absolutely hate, and tries to convince you that you are, and you know that, but you still fall for compulsions because you forget it’s just a thought.

  • I feel like women are treated like sex toys by guys it’s are choice to if we don’t want to we don’t I feel like we are being force to in the end it’s the women’s saying ����

  • I am 20 years old and still don’t have sex but I still watch all your videos and keep your advice in mind just in case I meet someone who peaks my interest.

  • Hi doc there are diffrent anti depressants like tradozone Remran maoi serzon what’s up with those why SSRI or snris come up why not willbutrin and adhd meds are dopamine enhancer why they kill libido

  • Thank you so much for this video, i through you where describing my life here. I learn alot about it. Thank u again. You are very smart woman anyway ��

  • Excellent Video! Apologies for the intrusion, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you heard about Rozardner Big Signals Reality (do a google search)? It is a good exclusive guide for learning how to last longer in bed without the normal expense. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my close friend Aubrey finally got excellent results with it.

  • Ay what up Shan? Just wanted to say I wouldn’t mind the time it takes to get to an orgasm. As long as it happens for me and my partner, I’m good. Cause it’d really suck if I got mine and she didn’t get hers.

    Just sayin’

  • i used to be obsessed with being quick. a had this one relationship where we’d work together and our boss would be like ‘okay 5 min break let’s go’ and we’d just look at each other like you up for this �� it got to the point where we’d literally time ourselves. that whole relationship turned into like the olympics of sex or something �� needless to say we’re both girls..

  • if the “finishing move” is verbal and that pulls you out of it… I need more explanation about what a “finishing Move” would be?

  • I wish I knew what caused this in men. There’s just so much more material on women, probably because our culture actually pressures women to have more sex than they want.

    I have zero sex drive, and I don’t get why.

  • I’ve got OCD. Let me say this, in particular with thoughts: when you have that intrusive thought just dismiss it instantly. Banish it instantly, no guilt! Say to yourself ‘normal people have the exact same thought as me, only they can automatically filter out the crazy, without thinking’. For me, having OCD, I have to ‘pop’ these thoughts out as quickly as they ‘pop’ in. It’s totally fine. We, with OCD just have to dismiss the thoughts manually. It’s like driving an automatic car, that changes gears without thought (‘normal’ folk) to driving a manual (us OCD guys) where you have to purposefully change gear. Simple as that (simple, not so simple… I totally get it).

    Just remember, you are normal. I promise. You are not nuts. It’s just unfiltered thoughts. Stay strong. X

  • Depression and stress are freaking me out I can’t satisfy my partner like I used to. I fear intimacy with my partner because I feel Everytime is just less and less satisfying for her. It’s leading into her feeling unwanted and unattractive. It’s making me isolate myself from anyone. I don’t know why I’m venting here but I’m so stressed out it feels like I’m on the brim of destruction, and that the world is ending. The lack of connection between us is pushing us further and further and each shot I get to fix things or find even ground I mess up. I’m a crossroad either I get help and fix myself or my partner leaves because it’s not fair to drag them down with me. I just don’t know what to do.

  • i’m 13 and today i realised that i think i have hocd. for 3 months i’ve thought i was questioning my sexuality because it all started when i thought “why am i not boy crazy like all my friends” then one thing led to another and i was having suicidal thoughts because i thought i was gay. i’ve watched all the videos on “how to tell if you’re bi/gay” and all the signs aren’t there until i play my mind into thinking they’re there. i don’t see myself with a girl it quite frankly freaks me out (no hate towards gays but i don’t think it’s for me) i was very straight until i started questioning i just wasn’t into boys my age yet (i’m now crushing really bad) and i always seek reassurance that i’m straight and i have times where i’m really straight then i think abt it again and i’m like what if and then my mind goes into a deep hole that i cant climb off. i’ve skipped events with my friends because i’m scared i’ll find them attractive (we’ve just came out of quarantine) i don’t think if quarantine ever happened i’d even be questioning. i’m just seeking help. am i suffering from hocd or am i just questioning my sexuality? btw i have a feeling deep down that i’m straight but i’m unsure:(

  • Girlll I’ve been watching you for years now and I love how open and genuine you are and have really educated me on my own body and other perspectives. And I know you say no dm’s but I need advice. So I’ve only ever really had one partner and it’s been the same partner for years since I lost my virginity to him. Things have always been good and he tries but also lacks in experience with others.. he can not make me reach climax at all! Like never! I’ve awkwardly brought it up multiple times but still nothing has changed. Idk what to do bc I can always make him finish but for me I’m always just along for the ride. What do I do?? I’ve also never masturbated bc that’s just not my thing so when he asks what I want him to do I never really know but I just want it to happen. Idk if it’s not knowing what I want/need or if he’s just whack lmao I need your advice lmao

  • will 5 mg escitalopam and 20 mg bupropion will help me deal with my sexual problem and anxiety? i am on escitalopam 20 mg since last 2 years

  • Hocd is been fucking sjth my head for a bout 4 months I liked women all my life (I still do ) but em thoughts are making me feel gay asf�� even thought I’m straight tf guys just laught at them thoughts there just fucking tjoufhts. BTW if you do get anxouise from these thoughts that means your not gay and plus you cant just turn gay if you were straight your whole life

  • I got an email from a subscriber asking can depression or anxiety affect your sex life?

    Do you have any questions you want answering in a video?

  • I stopped caring, I haven’t had sex in 2 years and I genuinely don’t have the drive to do anything about it.
    I’m just living life day by day depressed and not wanting to do anything. Nobody can help me, I am my own worst enemy.
    As a result, my body has adjusted to mental state and my libido has been low which works out for me as I don’t want to pursue anything.

  • Dr Tracy, I am fighting give resistant major depression, non of antidepressants work on me,, now taking estilopram 10mg and alp. My anxiety is severe. Working and general memory is too much poor. I am on life threatening situation. Plz help me.

  • OCD is not some wild, rampant disease of the mind, it’s the way in which you engage with uncertainty. If your first instinct is to react to an uncertainty by trying to control it, your brain recognises that you enjoy the relief that that control brings about. Your brain is actually being very logical. If you continually show it that you crave relief, it’s going to ramp up the level of uncertainty it throws at you. A big thing I’ve learned is that I dont need to control the stuff in my head, and that by trying to control it, I’m actually practicing OCD. You can have any thought, and any feeling, and still do whatever it is what you want to do. Specific themes are irrelevant, and as the video states, your brain will naturally latch on to what you care about most, I.e. “am I gay?” Or “am I straight?” The problem is not the theme your brain throws at you whether its sexuality, violence, cleaning or social anxiety doesnt matter, it’s how you deal with the uncertainty. Are you going to spend hours on end trying to control something that cant be controlled? How long have you tried it, and how long has it not worked? It’s likely made your mental health deteriorate further. For more on this check out Mark Freeman on YouTube. In improving my own mental health, he has been an invaluable source.

  • Hi sir,mghy 10 din se har waqt dull headache,CBC,Urine/stool analysis r nrmal,2 din pehly RBS 227 aai 2 mnth Phly RBS94 thi,aaj RBS 70 aai,sar bhari ho jata,kamzori,stretch n eyes,unbalance n walking