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Report: Industry Hid Decades-Old Study Showing Sugar’s Unhealthy Effects. TUESDAY, Nov. 21, 2017 Big Sugar seems to have copied the Big Tobacco playbook, a new report contends.

More than four decades ago, a study in rats funded by the sugar industry found evidence linking the sweetener to heart disease and bladder cancer, the paper trail investigation reports. Big Sugar seems to have copied the Big Tobacco playbook, a new report contends. More than four decades ago, a study in rats funded by the sugar industry found evidence linking the sweetener to.

TUESDAY, Nov. 21, 2017 (HealthDay News) Big Sugar seems to have copied the Big Tobacco playbook, a new report contends. More than four decades ago, a study in rats funded by the sugar industry found evidence linking the sweetener to heart disease and bladder cancer, the paper trail investigation reports.

TUESDAY, Nov. 21, 2017 (HealthDay News) Big Sugar seems to have copied the Big Tobacco playbook, a new report contends. More than four decades ago, a study in rats funded by the sugar industry found evidence linking the sweetener to heart disease and bladder cancer, the paper trail investigation reports.

TUESDAY, Nov. 21, 2017 (HealthDay News)—Big Sugar seems to have copied the Big Tobacco playbook, a new report contends. More than four decades ago, a study in rats funded by the sugar industry found evidence linking the sweetener to heart disease and bladder cancer, the paper trail investigation reports.

TUESDAY, Nov. 21, 2017 (HealthDay News) Big Sugar seems to have copied the Big Tobacco playbook, a new report contends. More than four decades ago, a study in rats funded by the sugar industry found evidence linking the sweetener to heart disease and bladder cancer, the paper trail investigation reports. Report: Industry Hid Decades-Old Study Showing Sugar’s Unhealthy Effects TUESDAY, Nov. 21, 2017 (HealthDay News) — Big Sugar seems to have copied the Big Tobacco playbook, a new report contends.

More than four decades ago, a study in rats funded by the sugar industry found evidence linking the sweetener to heart disease and bladder cancer, the paper trail investigation. Sugar industry hid decades-old study on health risks, report says. which were showing these adverse effects of sugar and said, ‘I need a few more weeks to finish the study. More than four decades ago, a study in rats funded by the sugar industry found evidence linking the sweetener to heart disease and bladder cancer, the paper trail investigation reports.

TUESDAY, Nov. 21, 2017 (HealthDay News) Big Sugar seems to have copied the Big Tobacco playbook, a new report contends. More than four decades ago, a study in rats funded by the sugar industry.

List of related literature:

As scientific evidence first began to link sugar with increased risk of heart disease in the 1950s, the Sugar Research Foundation reached out to nutrition scientists as part of their efforts to counter “negative attitudes toward sugar.”

“The Triumph of Doubt: Dark Money and the Science of Deception” by David Michaels
from The Triumph of Doubt: Dark Money and the Science of Deception
by David Michaels
Oxford University Press, 2020

Sugar “in moderation,” increased whole grain consumption, lots of lowfat foods—disastrous dietary advice, followed by drugs that come to our “rescue,” handily explaining why the diabetes drug industry is growing at unprecedented rates along with booming executive salaries.

“Undoctored: Why Health Care Has Failed You and How You Can Become Smarter Than Your Doctor” by William Davis
from Undoctored: Why Health Care Has Failed You and How You Can Become Smarter Than Your Doctor
by William Davis
Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale, 2017

But documents show that when the research suggested that sugar might cause both heart problems and cancer—a result they found terrifying—the industry buried the data and never published their results.

“Food Fix: How to Save Our Health, Our Economy, Our Communities, and Our Planet-One Bite at a Time” by Dr. Mark Hyman
from Food Fix: How to Save Our Health, Our Economy, Our Communities, and Our Planet-One Bite at a Time
by Dr. Mark Hyman
Little, Brown, 2020

The accompanying articles explained a major CDC study—the biggest of its kind—had concluded consuming added sugar clearly increases the risk of death from heart disease.

“Cancer-Free!: Are You Sure?” by Jenny Hrbacek
from Cancer-Free!: Are You Sure?
by Jenny Hrbacek
Charisma House, 2018

However, sugar availa­bility still accounts for over a quarter of the varia­tion in dental caries levels.

“Human Nutrition E-Book” by Catherine Geissler, Hilary Powers
from Human Nutrition E-Book
by Catherine Geissler, Hilary Powers
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2010

Increased consumption of saccharin and a report showing another sweetener to be carcinogenic prompted further studies to be carried out.

“Introduction to Toxicology, Third Edition” by John Timbrell
from Introduction to Toxicology, Third Edition
by John Timbrell
Taylor & Francis, 2001

In 2009, the pediatric endocrinologist Robert Lustig released a YouTube video titled “Sugar: The Bitter Truth,” in which he stated that sugar is a leading cause of obesity, a toxin that upsets both endocrine and metabolic function in the body, and the cause of chronic diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

“The Oxford Companion to Sugar and Sweets” by Darra Goldstein, Sidney Mintz
from The Oxford Companion to Sugar and Sweets
by Darra Goldstein, Sidney Mintz
Oxford University Press, 2015

Study Finds Sugar Industry Manipulated Research—The sugar industry influenced scientists in the 1960s to minimize the possible link between added dietary sugars and heart disease, according to a report in the Sept. 12 issue of JAMA Internal Medicine.

“The World Almanac and Book of Facts 2017” by Sarah Janssen
from The World Almanac and Book of Facts 2017
by Sarah Janssen
World Almanac, 2016

In fact, people have been writing about the harmful effects of sugar since the early 1950s.

“Potatoes Not Prozac: How To Control Depression, Food Cravings And Weight Gain” by Kathleen Desmaisons
from Potatoes Not Prozac: How To Control Depression, Food Cravings And Weight Gain
by Kathleen Desmaisons
Simon & Schuster UK, 2012

A September 2016 article in the New York Times exposed the sugar industry’s efforts to purposely shift the blame for heart disease and other chronic illnesses away from sugar to fat by funding biased studies since 1965.

“Get Off Your Acid: 7 Steps in 7 Days to Lose Weight, Fight Inflammation, and Reclaim Your Health and Energy” by Dr. Daryl Gioffre
from Get Off Your Acid: 7 Steps in 7 Days to Lose Weight, Fight Inflammation, and Reclaim Your Health and Energy
by Dr. Daryl Gioffre
Hachette Books, 2018

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  • It amazes me how much the Western Culture pushes its beliefs & technology onto the whole world, especially small villages. However, these smaller civilizations and villages, are not plagued with all the nasty and deadly side effects of the Western lifestyle and live rather healthy long lives!.. Technology is NOT always a good thing, especially in the WRONG hands!…

  • My Dad had Alzheimers and if he had just a few grains of sugar he would go in to a rage, he was such a lovely calm man. He was a pastry chef and what sugar did to him was unbelievable. I do believe that sugar is more addictive than cocaine and Heroin, when we saw what it did to my Dad as a family we all got off sugar and getting off it was like Hell and I don’t say the word Hell lightly but it was. If you care about Yr mind body and soul please get off sugar and stay off it. Good luck, I promise you life will be so much better with out sugar

  • white sugar is sooooo bad for kids brains it teaches their little brains to develop by relying on this type of stimuli and internalized reward system. This is major root for the errors is critical thinking and cognitive function in developing brains. Also may lead to an addictive pattern of thought being unlocked at a young age.

  • You were wrong to bring Brexit into this. You are American and have no understanding of the EU model. Maybe the UK wishes to be a FREE country.

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  • I can go about 10 days no sugar.. I don’t eat processed foods.. but the craving for sugar doesn’t go away.. I have to keep telling myself No sugar lol sugar is definitely addictive! Horrible really

  • What is really disturbing about this to me is I also add sugar to my milk to pour my sugary cereal into. I am so surprised that I am diabetic.

  • PLEASE be aware. Mycobacterium bovii and Mycobacterium tuberculosis are VERY closely genetically related. In fact, it takes gene sequencing to be confidant of differentiation. If either is inhaled or ingested the symptoms are essentially the same for either. However, bovine is much more commonly ingested and causes scrofula (the “King’s disease” that is treated by “the touch of a king”) among other systemic illnesses.

  • Okay, I’m not going to get any love for this: heavy metals in your food? They might have been better inspired to try it on animals first. Not advocating for animal testing here but if you won’t eat random stuff from wild plants why would you do the same with processed chemicals??

  • Wow, no wonder a lot of ghost from Victorian era are still wondering. They be like drink milk, sleep and die. They never knew what killed them

  • When I stopped eating sugar, I had withdrawal symptoms like a drug addict would. Shivers, headaches, sweats, fatigue, body aches…it was bad.

  • should be a lot more public information with government help.. for a start it would unload the pressure off the health system…. it would more than pay for itself!

  • absolutely right; it is a habit. I used a product called Candida Stop which helps s.o. resist; also read Le Mal du Sucre a book published quite a long time ago; explains how beet sugar had been used as a cheap filler for canned foods. I use a little pure maple syrup or honey at times but no more white sugar. I find many middle aged or elderly people now have diabetes. Is there a link?

  • Healthy meals don’t have to be expensive. Family packs of chicken breasts, cabbage, onions, beans, carrots, frozen mixed veggies, canned low sodium veggies, oats, brown rice, whole grain pasta, turkey, all very affordable. These kind of meals are much cheaper than frozen pizza, frozen casseroles, etc.

  • People always say “coffee isn’t healthy”, I’ll only agree on that if you add “too much”. And then I’ll add a joke “Coffee without sugar is healthier than sugar without coffee” ��

  • It’s as clear as the light of day, sugar is killing us. My bad, Greed are killing us all. Greed by Manufacturing Giants and greed by spokespersons of these company.

  • Does anyone know her credentials? I actually don’t care all that much about it, but I’m curious; I know some people w/advanced degrees (PhD’s, MD’s) who are not logical thinkers at all & others who did not go to college yet are much “smarter” in comparison. I saw somewhere that Pam has a PhD, but when I did a quick scan of her web site, nowhere does not say in what area did she earn her doctorate, or what was the degree-granting institution. I saw elsewhere that she has an ND, a doctorate in naturopathy
    I’m curious to know where she studied. As an integrative medicine practitioner myself, for a while I was getting lots or snail mail & email spam from these diploma mill-type places that would give u an ND in 18 months if you paid >$15,000 & took some online classes. After no direct (or supervised) patient care you could then open a business & call yourself a “doctor”. In fact I know someone who did this, unfortunately. Anyway, I’ll bet Pam did not take that route, because some people I respect (like Peter Breggin, MD) seem to like/respect her…

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  • This is a problem with parents in developed country, they are scared to make their children unhappy. YOU buy the food, YOU cook it, YOU choose it, don’t let your kids any choice. If you give them choice, they are bound to become cocky.

  • Sugar is natural product. The body can easily ” read” the sugar. The problem is when the sugar is added with many other ingredients and the body cannot identify the food.

  • So did I miss it, how do you prevent this disease,, may be it is my memory or may be it is her memory, as she forgot to say what causes and what prevents it

  • Many of those adverse health effects are linked to processed white sugar. There are better sweeteners out there, as long you don’t fall for aspartame cos that thing could very well be even worse than white sugar.

  • does anyone here can tell me.. wheat has been listed a cause for diabetes.. but if we look out its glyceimic index its low.. how the hell it could be a cause for it?

  • Look here’s the deal folks; Sugar is bad for you if you eat it all the time. I do keto which basically eliminates sugar and processed foods BUT if I want to go get a Cinnabon knowing full well its not good for me, I want to be able to do that. There is no excuse for ignorance on this topic in 2020 and people’s waistline and health is their own fault not the food industry.

  • The answer is simple, “profit”. They dont care about ur health because nobody care about them as well to earn money the early good days thats why they do what they do now for the people, they dont care about ur health, same race or skin or religion, all they care is money. All of these lead down to lifestyle, meaning good expensive stuffs, meaning money.

  • So, chemistry set. A problem, no it’s natural selection. The Darwin test, I recall my chemistry teacher was credited with blowing up his parents house. I recall firing up a magnesium pencil sharpener over the Bunsen burner in lab class. Magnificent

  • Even Mrs. Tanaka knows she is lying through her teeth…. round and round and round she goes… she doesn’t even know what she is saying.

  • Fructose and Glucose are not the same. You are just lying when you tell people cane sugar is the same as high fructose corn syrup…

  • This is my Twitter by the way:
    Dedicated to exposing the lies from Big Food and Big Pharma, especially about “Vegetable” Oils. They need to be punished like Big Tobacco.

  • Has anyone tried Mofedest Miracle? (do a search on google) We’ve noticed numerous amazing things about this popular manifesting and law of attraction course that designed by popular motivator.

  • Dr. Sievenpaper at 22:42. You forgot to mention he openly states his research is funded massively by Coca Cola. You tend to be loyal to the one source of income when it’s your only one.

  • Opinion:
    Throwing out condiments b/c they have sugar in them is the wrong move. Use the condiments to help you eat better food. And every meal, use only as much as you absolutely need and eventually you will stop using it. Look for condiments with less sugar even.

  • This is very interesting. Obviously we all would love to eat healthier but the reality is that healthier food is so expensive its not funny. I can afford to eat healthy, and I cook my food 95% of the time but I am aware that for a lot of people the choice really is about quantity vs quality. A lot more people can’t even afford basic food let alone choose what to eat. Still this needs to be taught even in schools. We need to start somewhere.

  • Not on YT, had to rent it but That Sugar Film is a hands on Aussie doco lol, the doctors who weighed him called him crazy.. but he got his answers

  • In today’s times we are no different. How is it that a McDonald’s hamburger can look the same as the day you purchase a happy meal 12 years prior.

  • Here is a simple way from affective neuroscience to increase dopamine (arousal) and opioid (pleasure) in the brain, and to increase productivity and self-motivation.

    Hypothesis and proof below.

    HYPOTHESIS: Dopamine release will stimulate endogenous opioid systems when the latter are in a non-suppressed state.
    EXPLANATION AND ‘PROOF’: Activity that involves continuous positive act/outcome discrepancy or novelty (productive or meaningful behavior) while the covert musculature is inactive (a resting state) will result in heightened feeling of pleasure and arousal, or ‘eudaemonia’, ‘flow’, or ‘peak’ experience. This derives from the observation that neuro-muscular tension (or stress) inhibits endogenous opioid (pleasure) release, while relaxation accentuates it, the latter permitting opioid systems to be further stimulated by increased dopamine release (arousal) elicited by meaningful behavior.
    The reason this explanation does not appear evident from general observation is that its counterpart as ‘flow’ or ‘peak’ experience is described through literary metaphor and not scientific language and obscures the independent and dependent measures that accurately describe it. The virtue of this explanation is that it is easily testable by anyone. Just get into a relaxed state (mindfulness protocols are the best way to do this) and then exclusively pursue or anticipate pursuing productive activity for periods of a half hour or so, and voila, you will have a flow or eudaemonic experience. It is that simple.

    I offer a more detailed explanation in pp. 47-52, and pp 82-86 of my open source book on the neuroscience of resting states, ‘The Book of Rest’, linked below.

    This above book is based on the research of the distinguished neuroscientist Kent Berridge of the University of Michigan, a preeminent researcher and authority on dopamine, addiction, and motivation, who was kind to vet the work for accuracy and endorse the finished manuscript. Berridge’s Site and his article from ‘Scientific American’ magazine on the neuroscience of happiness.

    Meditation and Rest
    from the International Journal of Stress Management, by this author

  • Through my wife influence I no longer take sugar but still crave for sugary soda drinks. But I am plodding on in my quest to cut my ingest of sugar.

  • Best holistic health promoting talk I have come across. Thank you! Any tips on how the 4Cs can be implemented for a teenager already addicted to smartphones, processed foods and stays up all night data consuming?

  • This was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING information. You just provided A BUNCH of pieces of the puzzle that I felt like I was missing to sort myself out. Thank you so much for your work & speaking the truth Dr. Lustig!

  • how can one draw the conclusion between suicidal tendencies and diet? There are so many other factors that are part of that equation. where’s the data?

  • So I have a suggestion, instead of forcing students in the public system to study subjects like gender studies or other soft sciences, how about courses on nutrition?

  • Hurr durr chemistry set dangerous. Like no shit it’s a chemistry set. Polyurethane is flammable and gives of gasses when burned? Stop fucking smoking near them. We still use polyurethane foam today with zero issue

  • If you enjoyed this then make sure you check out our latest podcast featuring Robert Lustig and Steve Bennett talking all things health:

  • The increase in sugar consumption just refers to the sugar industry and corn syrup industry. It does not address the many forms of sugar, which go by 61 different names. And this also does include refined flours (wheat, corn flour, corn starch, other refined flours) which break down in the mouth (enzymes in saliva) into sugar. I don’t know if they will show a graph with the increase in white flour products or not, as I stopped the video temporarily to write this.

  • This is great information but what are we supposed to do about it? Are we expected to skip cake and ice cream at birthday parties? This seems to be very difficult socially. How are we supposed to explain to our kids that they can’t go trick or treating for Halloween? It seems to be only issue with some people as there are plenty of healthy people that are eating sugar. If you get sick from sugar, can you just stop using it to get healthy again?

  • Stick to health, stay away from Brexit. I mean, an American talking about a country staying part of an oppressive regime that has taxation without representation. Hello McFly!

  • Banks are “ahead of any trends / propaganda” my arse! They’ll perpetuate them, until they run off with your money and take a bailout. (Aside from that, and the political commentary I agree with the presentation.)

  • might have been interesting but, as Lustig floridly exhibits Trump/Brexit derangement syndrome in the first few seconds, I certainly wont be taking advice on a healthy brain from him

  • Impacts of feeding peroxidized oils on growth and oxidative status in swine and poultry:

  • Funny how he’s saying this in the UK, when Recently UK doctors have been putting type 2 diabetes, and no alcoholic fatty liver disease patients into remission by modifying their diet and there have been more studies to the point that mainstream diabetes organizations are recommending it. They are also seeing a lowering of triglycerides and increasing HDL the good cholesterol so it also decreases heart disease risk. They have done this by their patients cutting out as much sugar and starches/ carbs as possible in their diet. And it has led to them losing weight significantly as well.

  • Yes, as soon as I go back on sugar again even my brian works worse, use the wrong words sometimes too, forget things. I put sugar behind much of what I call ODDD obesity, depression, dementia and diabetes. Cut it out of you can.

  • The lack of people watching this after a month is evidence of how fucked we are…..I wish he would add a super hot girl with big bouncing tits walking around in the back ground in a sexy dress……..go to steel from the marketing experts if you are gonna learn to educate our doomed public.

  • Fructose enters the glycolysis pathway and is turned into pyruvate. It’s a matter of how processed it is. Fruit’s fructose will be absorbed slowly enough to not trigger hepatic denovo lipogenesis, and I think he’s a dick for not mentioning this. I’m not advocating for soda. Just eat unprocessed food and you’ll be fine. High fat Atkins will just give you a heart attack just like it did to Atkins.

  • One thing to push back on, he says that people on low-income can only afford processed foods; check the nutrition and cost of dried legumes and rice. It is clearly the cheapest and a good “back-bone” for any diet. Processed foods are very expensive relative to the two I mentioned. But, of course, the processed foods have the perfect amounts of salt, sugar, and seasoning so they taste amazing (Lay’s BBQ chips anyone? lol),

  • For those butthurt folks bitching about his political remarks… politics are life, as they effect every corner, ESPECIALLY health. Don’t like it? Tough tit, it doesn’t discredit his 100% true (and researched/proven) information.

  • Dr. Abram Hoffer: Vitamin B3 (Niacin) for Mental Health… › watch
    Apr 23, 2019 Abram Hoffer, MD, PhD (1917-2009), a founder of Orthomolecular Medicine, (with Double Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Linus Pauling)

  • Your delivery is terrible as part and parcel of the pharmacological system for a number of years, the tone ought to be different. Also, the error of scientism comes up a lot. Further, your handling of the term ‘carbohydrate’ is bound to mislead. The greatest revelation that has gradually unfolded in the past 30 years is the value and ethical ramifications of plant nutrition vis-à-vis the toxicity and resultant suffering of meat, fish and dairy.

  • This is a wonderful presentation! I see people screaming about politics in the comments, but I must have missed that in the video. I guess I was just too focused on learning. shrugs

  • Too bad you are politically ignorant and so wrong. I wish you could just talk about nutrition and science. Once again, the people you like politically are of no interest to us people who actually have to work everyday to care for our families. Thanks. Just realized you are a resident of San Francisco, a beautiful city being destroyed exactly by the kind of politicians you seem to promote and admire. Think about that.

  • Something happened to my brain four years ago, and now I have basically permanent sleep maintenance insomnia. It has drastically reduced my quality of life, and CBTI hasn’t even been able to dent it. 6 hours of sleep is a good night for me. And all I keep hearing is how critical sleep is to health. I’m kinda boned.

  • Stopped watching after stupid political joke which, regardless of how much truth is in it, discredited this person as a scientist. Not worth my time.

  • Dr. Lustig, I appreciate your intellect and courage. I can only imagine the difficulties you’ve experienced in treating your young patients and their families. The numbers you presented are heart breaking.

  • He is definitively right.. but there is one danger!!

    I went on a strictly no-carb diet and it worked: HbA1c went down from many years of 10.0 (which is astronomically high) in 6 months to 4.7 (which is really healthy low) without insulin or any drugs (like metformin). Just simply no-carb plus exercise plus reduction of social and emotional stress,

    So the diabetes has been defeated but I developed a severe Macular Degeneration (AMD)!

    The reason (I found out): retina cellls live only on glucose, they cannnot live on fat (just like cancer cells, some immune cells and red blood cells)! So the reitina needs a bit of glucose.

    Therefore I recently changed my diet: I still do not eat “industrial” sugar and “processed” (gronnded/powdered) starch, but I do eat a few (!!!) sugar in “natural” form together with it’s fiber: bananas, apricots, apples (all organic and not many) and the AMD symptoms go away slowly (very slowly).

    Sugar (if it is naturally and constricted!) is not the enemy: processed food is the enemy!!!

    Thank You for Your work, Dr. Lustig!

  • Paul Erlich??? Seriously??? He has caused so much damage much like Keyes he is the cancer of the climate alarmists. I’m sure if people met Keyes they too would talk about that ‘gentleman’ as being sharp as a tack etc. Also so much unrelated lefty politics, i.e. propaganda (just as you talked about in this lecture) really dilutes the message. Liked the statistical representations though.

  • The compelling expert witness. I wonder what type of expert witness the processed food and beverage industry would call to the stand.

  • Does Mrs. Beeton go to jail? she’s a murderer. Writing a book and publishing it without proper investigation to what she’s saying is absolutely ridiculous.

  • I ordered similar earrings on Amazon still waiting. I had a friend, too, as a teenager, who died, camping outdoors, from carbon monoxide emanating from the lamp in their tent…she and her boyfriend, fell asleep without turning it off.

  • Yes it is true sugar is toxic.
    2020 Singapore will ad ban high sugary drinks and will put “not healthy” label on medium to high sugary content drink may be like cigarette label.

  • Is there anything America does that doesn’t destroy everything except profits for the ultra-rich? All the crap you guys peddle the world over is garbage, plain and simple.

  • The public have been experimented on for 30 years, by false food ‘prophets’ and now they want to continue it with their new ‘plant based grain heavy’ diet (which btw is sponsored by cocacola which should tell you all you need to know). It seems much more ‘common sense’ to go back to the foods we KNOW worked well for most people meat, fat and veg, with restricted carbs like bread and very rare items like pies/buns etc. People in the 1950s in the US ate bread, and cakes, but they didn’t snack, they ate home cooked meals, and ‘fast food’ was a rare treat. Almost all of them were a healthy weight with low rates of chronic disease (unless they smoked, which was common back then at least among men, which nullified their good food choices. Non smokers lived long healthy lives).

  • Dear Robert…..I can’t thank you enough for educating us on what is really going on with our food….I have INSTANTLY started a REAL FOOD diet and it’s great….you should be given a medal! If you were living in the UK I would see to it that you got a knighthood!

    Can I ask if real bread using the whole grain with the fibre can still be equated in the “food with fibre” stance? I know that eating 100% rye bread as I do will increase my insulin, so does this have an adverse effect on the liver?

    Regards Terry Flores

  • That chemestry set manual is like “we know this is a hella bad idea, but it’s kinda funny, so you do you, maybe you will be saved, maybe not, but that’s the fun and makes for some good jokes along the way”

    Edit: And obviously America turned it up to 11 and went full again.

  • After watching about 7 of these videos I came to the conclusion that I now hate people in the Victorian/Edwardian Era because they were so stupid. Granted, they didn’t know what we know now. But that doesn’t excuse them from being so stupid lol. I love these videos anyways haha. Keep em coming! ��

  • So THESE idiots are probably why Cystic Fibrosis is so prevalent today. The defective CFTR gene confers resistance to some childhood diarrhea diseases including ones caused by tuberculosis. This would have resulted in infants carrying the defective gene surviving at a greater rate, thus selecting for the defective gene, thus increasing the presence of the defective gene in the population, thus increasing the incidences of Cystic Fibrosis. Assholes.

  • imagine us being portrayed in the future and the pictures of African,Indian,Mexican,Philippine slums being shown to people…..then people will say that how miserable we were

  • People don’t want 2 do the necessary work 2 get healthy Sum even enjoy being sicktelling u about all their diagnosises & the medication they “must” take

  • This is dumb. Why don’t we just exaggerate how each decade is more dangerous then the previous. People still die from the same things that they did in the 1950’s. They thought DIY was bad then….. please look at EVERY house built. There’s unsafe diy in every house. Even today.

  • I wonder what the future will think of our current food.. can you believe a person would drive through this building here and get greasy food as it was cheaper and more convenient.. well the future looks like the past doesn’t it?

  • I think America it’s not only what are you guys eating it’s the portion sizes my mum went over there and she came back saying that your portions are like three times bigger than ours in Australia Like even going to get an ice cream on an ice cream cone you guys have like three times more than we get served for the same price

  • Omg they’re doing all of this to our food now. Dont be so naive to think we’re so much better and what we’re doing to our food is safe. Its always a long time until we discover that its toxic to what we’re putting in food to preserve it

  • They talk about that aluminum based substance as toxic. Do you know they started putting it in our food too as a preservative? Yeah, fuckers are feeding us aluminum. That’s toxic to our body. No wonder theres so many autoimmune disorders and diseases nowadays

  • Victorian ear: Using the cheapest ingredients & charging the highest prices is called adulteration

    21th century: It’s called China. It might be cheap but they export poison in every material. don’t have me murdered Beijing ��������

  • Might have been plaster. But bread today contain 55 E numbers, 12 additives, 34 ingredients containing the letter X, and 156 we can’t pronounce. Oh, and anti-mould? Yeah, sounds natural.

  • It seems like flower isn’t known in the Victorian ages

    Baker’s:Oh flower? I’m sorry we don’t know her we only know chalk and allium

  • I’ve given up refined sugar and processed food awhile now. Sugar is definitely a drug. People really need to be more informed. Then again, I’m 59, and began a vegetarian diet in the mid-70s. I do eat fish now, occasionally, chicken. Never meat or anything processed.

  • We all want to pretend that period of time when companies and individual put profit above health and safety is behind us. But the reality is, companies are still poisoning people today, artificial sweeteners, high levels of sugar in everything, etc, and we eat it, we get sick, we even die, and the companies and individuals turn profits.

  • 45:50 In your lectures, you compare the metabolism of glucose, fructose, and ethanol. What about galactose and sugar alcohols? Are they benign or toxic?

  • It makes me so sad to think these poor children trusted they’re parents to give them food and their gov. but they failed and died instead..

  • Quite strange how these people thought themselves clever and better than other races while they were poisoning themselves with their own food.

  • There are low calorie, high fiber breads on the market in the USA now that contain wood flour. It may be labeled as “powdered cellulose” or some other term. The FDA has determined that it is not harmful.

  • Too few people are aware that natural intrinsic sugar in fruits are metabolised differently from refined and processed sugar such as high fructose corn syrup

  • Hey @wellsfargo tell them how you stole millions of dollars from Americans and opened 100s of thousands of fake accounts to boost your numbers…now you want to act like a saint because you feed a few families.

  • About 300 years from now, humans will be fascinated and will get extremely shocked on how people undergo botox, fillers on our lips, silicon on boobs, injecting glutathione, tanning lotions, and probably how we love poisoning ourselves with McDonald’s.

  • I thought that they were ahead of the world (as they had industries so early)

    Yes they were ahead……but only in the line of death

  • This show has to be named as” a thousand ways to create your own death “bcoz they have a bigggg collection of dumb ways to die in the Victorian period

  • I can only imagine how difficult it was to live at a period wherein none of these technological advancement and ethical standards we have now existed. But more so, still, we experience horrible consequences of such enhancement and advancement, akin to what our predecessors had gone through or even much worst! Because this is just how life works: too much of nothing is just as tough / too much of something is bad enough.

  • Thank you, Prof Lustig for that lecture. Id just like to add that the connection between low Serotonin and Depression has never been scientifically substantiated and has been discarded as early as the mid 80‘s. Getting this idea out of the collective consciousness and with it the psychiatric drugs would be a step towards reducing suicides.

  • Those who are saying “your brain needs sugar”, no, your brain needs carbohydrates which your body breaks up into sugar. Eating processed white sugar is not helping anyone or anything.


  • I keep seeing the Princess phone in these post war videos but it wasn’t introduced by Bell Teleohone until 1959. I remember when they came out, and since I was only born in the post war years 1949 it wouldn’t have been around for much of the time you’re talking about. I do remember, however, my older brother having a chemistry set.

  • You must have proper blood flow to the brain.
    Just like heart disease clogs arteries to your heart it also clogs blood flow to the brain.

  • Early Signs and Symptoms of Alzheimer’s��
    Memory loss that disrupts daily life.
    Challenges in planning or solving problems.
    Difficulty completing familiar tasks.
    Confusion with time or place.
    Trouble understanding visual images and spatial relationships.
    New problems with words in speaking or writing.

  • I still get mad at builders who place any outlets near sinks even though they use those so called safe plugs…yeah right…the ones that pop out and stop working all the time…yeah those.

  • i had as a kid also a chemistry kit like this, even got “dangerous” chemicals from our local chemisty (He called my mother to confirm I could have it)
    I have all my limbs, never blow up the house. But I learned a ton about chemestry and conducting experiments.
    I switched from chemistry to be come a physisist later on

  • There’s a medium.. I love chemistry now but it was self discovered. I found school chemistry quite boring. Yearned for something more advanced and I have

  • That DIY man should be prosecuted just for teaching people how to cover a Victorian door… that new door was horrendous, what the hell???

  • On a cold day 40 years ago I put my toddler in a brushed nylon pullover, fortunately I was sitting within reach, he walked past the kerosene heater and the sleeve burst into flame, I brushed my hand down the sleeve and put it out, bits of the furry surface stuck to my hand, lucky no burn to the child and only minor damage to me. Pullover placed in the bin.

  • are you going to mention that fire retardants are endocrine disruptors? Thats the danger of the post digital age home.

  • so that’s how the dumpster caught fire… so we had to get one to get rid of my nana”s couches… I tried to talk mom into us changing the fabric but she didn’t listen, cue us putting them in the dumpster, later on, my brother had a fire out back and I guess a few sparks landed in the dumpster and it ignited. my neighbour saw and booked it over with a fire extinguisher. now I know how that happened! note no one was hurt.

  • Seriously? Potassium permangenate and glycerol was something I was able to obtain in the late 80s. By then you couldn’t get a home chemistry set easily or affordably anymore but you could still put one together. There were plenty of good books about how you should handle chemicals and never mix them randomly etc. It would be much better to teach people how to be more responsible with chemicals at an early age so they had some clue what not to do as adults. Now we have people with such poor scientific knowledge they’ll believe any woo and shun vaccines, entertain the idea of a flat earth or moon landing conspiracy. I think we live in much more dangerous times now. We should have found a middle ground to make things safer, include instructions, restrict ages etc. instead of blanket banning anything that could be used to learn.

  • Been electrician for 16 years, seen lots of crazy shit made by diy people, they want to save money, few times we had to disconnect the house, from the grid because of firehazard, so to all diy’s call the electrician.

  • It sound crazy to let children or teens play with and exsploding chemistry set but we find it normal to let them play with exsploding fireworks each new year now a days

  • Slightly past the 39 minute mark, he makes a comment about Trump, letting us know he thinks Trump is a f*cking joke; a fact that had already been well established in the general population.

  • I have always said, SUGAR IS THE devils POTION, it fly`s under the radar and is KILLING people, and they the food industry knows it is, we all have to answer for what we have done.

  • Okay good video but WHAT THE HELL is with the giant black spot you place over the newspaper clippongs. It ruins the best part. Why would you do that? To make things seem older?

  • I do remember when I was a little girl, my Mum would only let us wear wool in the Winter, and when I asked why, she told me a story about a friend of her Mum’s who got horribly burned from the combination of synthetic clothes meeting heater in the 60s. And I didn’t quite get it, how you couldn’t “just get it off in time and put it out!” until my Dad sat me down and told me all about napalm. I think I was maybe 8.

  • Hahaha, yeah, luckily, chemistry sets are boring these days. Just slap more warnings onto everything. Because why would you learn to be careful if the nanny state can tell you what’s dangerous and what’s not.

  • Still haven’t changed in the 21st century. Today its genetic modification of food to make it seem legit. Some humans are addicted to just being bad.

  • My grandmother gave me a very old chemistry set!!!!! I was around 7-9 years. ���� it was so old there were no labels I could read. At one time I mixed two ingredients and it got really hot. Since there was no instruction I got bored and stopped playing with it. OMG!!!������

  • The chemistry set feels like something straight out of a Fallout game; a cash grab with little thought about consequences suffered by the consumer for the company’s negligence. Sounds like Vault tec couldve created it.

  • In Canada and possibly the US, children’s sleepwear was still flammable into the 1970s. I remember this being talked about and learning about an inflammable coating to chldren’s pyjamas. The dangers coming from all of the new post-war things are still affecting us today. I know that asbestos is in homes’ paint, floor tiles, insulation etc. etc.

    The thing with salmonella and poultry? My mother made us cut up the chicken into pieces, give the meat a brief wash in bleach and then rinsed well before going into the roaster of being fried. Then, while the chicken was roasting, we had to thoroughly bleach the sink and the utensils used, then having to wash our hands in a mild bleach solution. I can promise you that we never ever got sick after eating our chicken.

    I had to participate in the annual killing of chickens, cleaning them out, and processing to go to the freezer. The chickens were penned up. One of the adults (mother, aunt, grandmother, eldest child about 16-18 years old; younger children were 8-15 years old; 2 families with 10 children altogether) would catch a chicken and then chop it’s head off. Another adult would dowse the chicken in boiling water. The chicken was given to an older child to pull the feathers off. An adult would singe the hairs off of the chicken. An older child would examine the chicken for pin feathers to be pulled out. Then the younger children (ages 8-12 years old) got to clean out the insides. An older child examined the insides and finished the cleaning process. The body would get thoroughly washed, the giblets popped inside, and then the chicken was put in a plastic bag and frozen. This process was the same for the turkeys. The adult males killed the pigs and steers, then took the bodies to the butcher to be cut up. Sometimes sheep were also killed and butchered. We were all rural people and this is one of the ways the families got meat for the table. Of course, there was gathering the eggs daily, milking the cows, tending to large gardens and a whole lot more chores. I am a child of the 50s, lived in rural Alberta Canada as a child. I am sure that, sadly, the vast majority of people born in the 60s and later on into the 21st century have any idea of how meat, poultry, vegetables get to their tables. Makes me think about what my ancestors did every day to feed and clothe their children.

  • You know how a blue can of Lysol looks like a blue can of Niagara Starch? Lysol flames are invisible after your iron ignites it.

    Hey left out lead and asbestose.

  • Can somebody PLEAAASE do a compilation of dude chuckling as he talks about the horrifically stupid ways we used to kill ourselves with every-day house appliances? Something about him laughing as he simultaneously discusses something utterly macabre is highly amusing. Just a compilation of these historical experts excitedly about people dying could be youtube poop material right there.

  • Germany had this problem more than 100x worse in terms of runies, entire cities were flattened.
    All countries did these 1950s mistakes.

  • Hidden Killers of the 1970s:

    Exhaust fumes from leaded gasoline (finally banned in the 1970s) had been causing widespread brain damage in people ever since it had been added to gasoline to improve fuel efficiency, starting in 1921. It even killed the people who worked in the plants that made leaded gasoline.

    Seatbelts weren’t mandatory in the 1970s.

    Kids played in the streets.

    Kids rode bikes and skateboards without helmets.

    Saccharine and Red Dye #2.

  • Why would anyone connect a Bunsen Burner to the household gas supply, when the chemistry set included a small paraffin burner (shown at 10:45)?

  • Man the point that they could rebuild their state was because of the wealth they stole from india for more than 200 years! If we ask for compensation then the whole europe would surrender! So yah…

  • Think I have seen all this wonderful mans lectures.
    He has saved my life
    When I fall off the wagon I watch one of his videos and they help motivate me again
    Wish I could see him live

  • Can we bring back the excessive colors? I want homes to be brightly colored with absolutely no care whatsoever if anything matches

  • There were no car seat belts or bicycle helmets. We played with mercury. We set off Cherry Bombs on the 4th of July. We got rifles as teenagers, The war on smokers had not been declared. Somehow so many of us lived to get old we are told Social Security is going to go bankrupt.

  • “I wash thoroughly with soap and water”
    That was not a thorough wash with soap and water. Life tip guys, don’t rinse the soap off your hands before you have lathered it all over the skin you wish to clean. That is the same as washing with just water.

  • Between the arsenic and the salmonella and the mercury and the asbestos and the carbon monoxide and the faulty electric appliances and the lead and all other hazards in the home that the human race has managed to survive this long at all.

  • Maybe the title here really ought to be “How Childen Used To Be Really Intelligent and Responsive With All Kinds of Complex Toys.” Because now, children are clearly too stupid to use chemistry sets, Clackers, 6th Finger, Rocket firing toys, or anything that required a lick of sense to use, which we used without incident. Do kids today (or their moron parents) know you can cut yourself on paper???? people even die from it, too.

  • Polyester has 3 things that are bad #1 it melts when you have a spark land on it or you putting in a dryer or cooking to close to the stove, fire pit.# 2 you sweat it doesn’t breath like Cotton,# 3 it stains, armpit stains, food stains oil stains.

  • It’s instructive to see the enumeration of hazards that our parents’ and grandparents’ generations lived with and survived (99.99% of the time anyway). It’s no wonder they turned out to be such badasses.

  • For crying out loud. This is yet another of ‘Absolute History’s” idea of actual history. I LOVE history. Sensationalist Britocentrist history, however,is NOT actual history. Do better, “Absolute History.”

  • Common sense was a thing. You are way to scared of chemistry and tecnologogy than needed. And experimentors in yhiers youth need a bit of a stung nce in a while. The KMnO4 and alcohol,glycerin in this case, was perfectly safe. and just makes it apparant many parameters of the setup matter, you got a wowsers reactions of the delayed visible reaction.
    That was the whole point of this reaction; dont make too many assumptioms, stuff does indeed follow a certain logic, but not as clear cut as we may wish it would be. A kid burning his fingers on a hot reactiom sputter will remberber for life, preventing much more harm then the bit of spots scorches and stains and sore eyes and lungs when doing kid stuff.
    “not neccesarily kids toys… well, in what world did you grow up in.. tis is exactlt kids toys, not so much materials to blow up the city block or house but enough to pack a punch and feel a real hurt and soil some paint. That way you quickly want to ware glasses and do experiments outside or in the shed with fumehood.
    Playing is guided experimenting and mostly having fun and disappointments and fear moment and pain moment all within reason.
    Learning working with wood and never get a blue fingernail; recipy for disaster later in life.
    Learning science and chemistry is all roses and happiness and jolly, recipy for disaster later in society.

    This is an example.

    The booklet was maybe sparse. But dont forget about the common knowledge back then and now, everybody knew glass easily breaks and borosilicate was way too expensive to include in these kits abundantly (we just survived hell, you in britain as well remberber?).
    So instead of 2 euros Pyrex (TM) nanosintered all annealed and calibrated glass test tubes, the more flimsy lesser grade tubes were included. Thermal expansion gradiants are nasty on glass.. the thinner the better in fact. Never did the experiment with holding a flame to a plastic bag filled with water? Do it, today. The thinner the bag, the worse the result and more mess.
    Counter intuitive yes, illogica, no.
    Would a cut in a kids finger of a glass and hot broken test tube learn to be carefull with glass and heat.. I would think so.
    And heating with a flame? Uhm, what is so wrong with that.

    The history of these kits are awesome, but you really have had not any experience doing experimental science as a kid and later on, this is misinformation coloured by your own ignorance and selecting some person is willing to go along with the vibe your setting up and doing cut and paste editing to make it sound super extremely nasty.

    please context.

    not many years before that, the war that britain is still calling the great war, is also called the war of the chemists.

    The second great war in your terms following logic here, was not fought with just inventing the most nasty chemistry stuff and aiming tat at the foe. It was fought with both more plain old tactics of “put mass in enemy at tat distance and speeds and we’ll be fine”
    It was also fought by a very interesting newer front; information gathering and planting information such that it did not get detected as anoumylous.

    It also stepwise accelerated computer tecnology ( a main person in this was Alan Turing, I feel bad that he hugely helped the allies and the word into a modern digital age, and was forced by the then UK officials to undergo torments and mental trauma for his sexual preference. That is sinistre.

    At the other side of the our still partying friends, the newly loos group of lands/states were beginning to feel the impacgt of ignoring this debacle, “even” the trade shipments were no longer safe right out of ports. Shame!
    Well, ok grudingly the giant got it act togethher and put some brains together and even interacted with the brains on your collections of islands, the manhatten project was one of them.

    In Nl ironically we sort of sold out, bend over, and let belgium suffer. But since we were seeing this happening as well this was not a great war for us either. Poppy-almost-opium field are a red flag….sincerey awesome sight, but not a molecule of morphine in them to kill the pains suffocating in the trenches.

    So back to giving context in a story….

    This was and still is chemistry also is able to do. Having no more chem kits in toystores is more harming to us as a group then even badly written manuals and,o god, some grams of materials that can go boom.

    Tech and knowledgde is a double or even more edged swords made out materials that nowdays can have names that simply have a number, exponential growth is a thing.

    You are capable in your oldscool docu skills, but are paying not enough attention to actuals things works, instead of a soothing sounding bedside story.

    At the very least do your due research and visit several universities both in the UK and on the mainland and have them ream the script. Then adjust and suddenly its awesomely presented still (you do excelll at that, I wish I had the natural skillset for it) and also a coherent story that informs and does not misinform and steers young ppl away from going into science.

    when and if you do an docu on “radiation”, take the extra effort, it is worth it.
    also, please do not start by stating that there are three types of radiation by readioactive materials. Look deeper. Nuances count. This is level up from TV, you can do it.
    Its mostly those three types true. But what about neutrons? or muons, or just a huge fat photon that happens to unfold its guts into a spray of actuals array of all particles we now of? (the OMG particle ).

    I like the work, but it needs works. Would not have put words here if I thought you did not have talent.

    And the UI in u-tube is not great for really writing such a long comment that really needs grammer and spelling attention that Im aware of. Painfully.
    Such is life.

  • Appreciated your informative knowledge of sugar, today I will take steps to be cautious & will read with due diligence the labels. Thanks! & keep this information coming to the consumer.

  • “Ho! Reginald, I say, we should be selling chemicals to children, shouldn’t we?”
    “Why, no, Portley; chemicals are dangerous.”
    “BALDERDASH! Our chemistry sets will feature chemicals which are only dangerous when mixed together.”
    “Very well then, Portley. What will the children do with the chemicals then?”
    “Why, mix them together of course. Honestly, Reginald, sometimes I think you’re slightly dim.”

    That our race has not yet extinguished itself in a haze of sheer stupidity is one of the great enduring mysteries. That and how we don’t fall down more often.

  • I’m just thinking, that if this happened in the Victorian age knowing that things were altered and processed food. I wonder right now all the processed food that we have in this modern day age. Which causes cancer, so it’s a miracle, we’re still alive in this century let alone the Victorian Century

  • Dr. Faustus did not die in an explosion while performing an alchemechal Experiment in vain. Well actually He did but If He hadnt it in have served humanities Quest to understand the makeup of the universe.

  • I have come to love British pessimism. “The home was so exuberant it must have felt like living at the height of modernity!… little did they know just how dangerous is was…”

  • 25:55 another doctor spreading false information lol the wrong 8 glasses of water hypothesis that have ABSOLUTELY no scientific base! It’s a health nut new age thing that persist now with help of people like him.

  • Wow…..where to start with a comment….guess I will start here….I apologise for telling people it’s the tryptophan in Turkey that causes the heavy wave of drowsiness after eating Thanksgiving dinner instead of the stuffing, sweet potatoes, bread, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie with whipped cream…all raising our blood sugar to who knows how high and pumping that insulin, only to be repeated 3 hours later after our nap and maybe football on TV or a game of Scrabble……..Thank you for all the work you are doing….a reminder of how important looking at the bigger picture, not being a Parrott of information bites…questioning when education and how we feel and look just doesn’t add up…

  • Ancel Keys killed more humans than all the world wars combined! Even worst…. millions of homo sapiens dying slow painful deaths of diabesity!

  • I am not in any way connected to the food, supplement, or pharma industry. The work I do has 0 relation to food or the consumer goods resulting from eating poorly (like drugs).

  • Anarchy and decentralisation will make it very difficult for big food and big pharma. Who would they bribe? We don’t need rulers. We need leaders with high moral.

  • ” You’re looking at 20 teaspoons of sugar added. Of non-nutritional value.”

    What if that is his only meal? Caloric intake is inherently a value of nutrition.

  • Video at 24:11 randomly show guy taping up a box. haha What??? haha

    Thanks for the info, though. Prompts me to dig more into this.

    Thanks again.

  • Dr. Michael Greger’s Daily Dozen app certainly does work, but it’s only a reminder of what to eat each day for best nutrition, and handy for shopping too. It simply lets you track what Daily Dozen (it’s more than twelve) items you consume each day (it also tallies exercise, water, and necessary supplements. I like it, but I was already committed to and eating better for a few years before I used the app. There’s also information about each food group or item explaining more about serving sizes and best sources and similar.

  • WOW this is a very well-researched and scathing video at Big Food, and particularly the AHA. Huge kudos. Time and time again, we see that New-Fangled Industrial “Food” is basically experimenting on yourself. Excess refined sugar isn’t healthy, High-Fructose Corn Syrup isn’t healthy, but all of a sudden RBD “vegetable” oils that no one ate before the late 1800s is suddenly healthy? Oh, and let’s not forget that hydrogenated RBD oils are the most toxic fat you can eat….But RBD oils are very healthy! What the actual fuck? Makes no sense at all.

    The AHA’s Oslo Heart “Study” is genuinely retarded. I learned in Science 101 that when you’re trying to measure the effect of an independent variable (real vs fake fats) against a dependent variable (health outcomes, heart attacks, etc.), you ONLY change that one independent variable (type of fat in this case). By having the 2 different groups differ in ways more than just fat, they introduced way too many confounding variables (Was it the cod liver oil? the fish? who knows!). This is experimental sabotage, pure and simple. They did everything they could to try to say that fake fats are healthier.

    The AHA’s LA Veterans “Study” didn’t properly randomize the groups. The whole point of randomizing groups is to make the studied groups similar to each other overall*, so that any observed group differences can *legitimately be caused by the differing independent variable (like fat type): i.e it can be said that dietary fat type has some causal effect on the dependent variable (heart attacks), and that it’s NOT because the groups were notably different. I’m gonna say they lied about the randomization, because you can’t get that many more smokers in the sat. fat group with proper randomization.

    The AHA’s Medical Research Council study may have been sabotaged too, since the other ones were so ridiculously and poorly designed. I can’t seriously believe that PhD scientists would unknowingly make their experiments so flawed. Wonder if the AHA funded these 4 “studies” or other Big Food groups.

    Apparently anti-cholesterol dissenter Kilmer McCullly lost funding for his lab as well, and even his Harvard tenure!

  • But remember folks, grains are an ‘important’ source of vitamins, minerals and proteins….even though animal foods are a far better source of all those things…and without the sugar load.