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July 3, 2018 Those at-home DNA tests are an imperfect science (HealthDay)—If you’re considering at-home DNA testing, there are some things you need to know, California State University. Those At-Home DNA Tests Are an Imperfect Science Privacy & Trust Info TUESDAY, July 3, 2018 (HealthDay News) If you’re considering at-home DNA testing, there are some things you need. Those At-Home DNA Tests Are an Imperfect Science TUESDAY, July 3, 2018 If you’re considering at-home DNA testing, there are some things you need to know, California State. At-home DNA tests capture only 500,000 to 1 million locations of your genome, providing only a “snapshot” of sections where mutations are known to occur, he explained in a university. At-home DNA tests capture only 500,000 to 1 million locations of your genome, providing only a “snapshot” of sections where mutations are known to occur, he explained.

Those At-Home DNA Tests Are an Imperfect Science Piedmont HealthCare TUESDAY, July 3, 2018 (HealthDay News) — If you’re considering at-home DNA testing, there are some things you. An imperfect science Home DNA kits are not a perfect science – a recent study showed 40% of results are likely to be false positives – and it’s important to remember that DIY. Those At-Home DNA Tests Are an Imperfect Science: IndustrialPharmacy. 1. Studies by researchers at the University of Nevada, Yale, and Claremont McKenna College found that jurors rated DNA evidence 95 percent accurate and between 90 and 94 percent persuasive, depending.

Studies by researchers at the University of Nevada, Yale, and Claremont McKenna College found that jurors rated DNA evidence 95 percent accurate and between 90 and 94.

List of related literature:

DNA tests are much more accurate than this.

“The Wiley Blackwell Companion to the Sociology of Families” by Judith Treas, Jacqueline Scott, Martin Richards
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These individual SNP tests are inexpensive compared to other types of DNA tests such as the Geno 2.0 test.

“Genetic Genealogy: The Basics and Beyond” by Emily D. Aulicino
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DNA probe tests are expensive, because of their complexity, and this will restrict their use if an immunoassay can be used to achieve the same clinical objective.

“The Immunoassay Handbook” by David Wild
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These standards are important for laboratory validation and maintaining high quality results as DNA testing becomes more prevalent.

“Forensic DNA Typing: Biology, Technology, and Genetics of STR Markers” by John M. Butler
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The Mother data (normally identified as sample NA12878) has been extensively studied as part of a benchmarking project carried out by a team at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), called Genome in a Bottle (GiaB).

“Genomics in the Cloud: Using Docker, GATK, and WDL in Terra” by Geraldine A. Van der Auwera, Brian D. O'Connor
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Testing can be carried out by both sequencing the DNA and comparing it to the human genome, which is costly and time consuming.

“Arias' Practical Guide to High-Risk Pregnancy and Delivery: A South Asian Perspective” by Fernando Arias, Amarnath G Bhide, Arulkumaran S, Kaizad Damania, Shirish N Daftary
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DNA testing can also be used to determine if an individual is or is not the father of a child with up to 99.9% accuracy in forensic anthropology.

“Encyclopedia of Anthropology” by H. James Birx, Sage Publications, Thomson Gale (Firm), Sage eReference (Online service)
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Thus, in order for DNA analyses to be useful, investigators must have some idea of the identity of the individual so appropriate comparative samples (e.g., siblings, parents, children) can be obtained and tested.

“Hard Evidence: Case Studies in Forensic Anthropology” by Dawnie Wolfe Steadman
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Such small samples have obvious advantages for prenatal and forensic diagnoses, but great care must be taken to avoid contamination with cells or DNA from the laboratory.

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Second, as a preliminary test, serology is fast, efficient, and inexpensive, thereby saving much time and effort by identifying biological fluid stains and avoiding needless DNA analysis of non-biological materials.

“Fundamentals of Forensic Science” by Max M. Houck, Jay A. Siegel
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  • Question with covid 19 going around all the tests for it are saliva q tip type test what’s the odds that government just got a huge boost in there dna info bank

  • I did a DNA test on myselfrom 23&me, & when the results came back they were scary. Apparently I have the apoe4 gene which predisposes me to get alzheimers, plus 2 genetic markers for age related macular degeneration. Very scared now.

  • Lmfao �� I’m glad I know I’m 100% native American because I speak my languages lol dna test a fraud forsure. As an Apache all the pretendian make me laugh my Navajo girl thinks the same ������������������

  • Notice how the ancestry tests would rather have millions and millions of people believe that they were lied to, rather than admit they are not accurate? I went from 65% German to 5% German after they changed their “calculation”. So before, when everyone was complaining about results, ancestry says your parents lied. Then they change it, and they say, well we refined it. Horseshit.

    All of my ancestors are from Germany. My father’s last name is German, my grandfather’s last name is German, my mother’s maiden name is German. Yet, my test shows I’m mostly English. But before it said I was mostly German. Then it changed to show less and less. The English in my family is on one side of my paternal line. I am quite sure these tests are a bunch of BS. Yet, I can’t take it again because they already have my sample in the database.

  • I knew those test were wrong. I just got my results recently. So as I’m looking at my results I see that I have no German in there. My great grandfather was German-American and his parents came from Munich Germany to Chicago Illinois. My last name is Mueller which is a German surname. Back to my results. As I’m looking I see no German is there but instead I see French as my higher European ancestry. I’m just confused because no one in my family has French ancestry in them.

  • consumers are just fucking stupid for giving away their most sacred data, their dna. for what, for some ‘ancestry’ bullshit, who gives a fuck. stupid consumers.

  • Parents who lied to their children are the ones disrupting the families, not the DNA tests. I thought parents should be honest with their children when it comes to adoption, surrogacy, sperm donation etc. Where’s the trust?

  • It’s a gamble to see when and how race is real. It’s about to be other people who just happened to use that service, does the surnames of the people.

  • I seen another study done on the DNA and those DNA test are only 50 percent accurate anyhow. So it’s practically kind of waste of money. It’s like wasting your money to jump on another bandwagon because it’s popular despite its accuracy.

  • I had one DNA test done with 23 and me. I was totally shocked. So I went to Yale New Haven Lab and had a DNA test done. We have breast cancer prevalent in our family. I didn’t have the gene. I was so happy. But both tests told me that. They both picked up on Chinese and Melanesia. I used to visit the Cherokee Reservation near Luray, Virginia. I knew that I was Native American but not 42%. I never knew about Germany either. You have to be ready when you do these tests. The results can destroy families. Secrets. There are five of us. We are all full brothers and sisters. The Chinese, German and Melanesia came from my mother. On my paternal side they are African American, Native American, Irish, English. My brother and sisters Native American % is not as high as mine. Be careful of what you wish for. I asked my parents were there any secrets to tell and they told me no. They were surprised by some of the ancestry that was found.

  • One result says: Middle-East, the other result says: North-African.
    Those results are not the same since the Berber genetic profile is not the same as the semite genetic profile.
    If you want to know more:
    It seems north-africans are not arabs but arabized people. So genetically talking north-africans ≠ middle-easterns.
    ( If you want to talk also about arab invasion, you could as well talk about the phoenicians, the sub-saharans, the byzantines, the ottomans, the vandals, the french and so on…)

  • Bullshit no one really knows where they come from. These companies are just charging money to cover their shit and sending u wrong DNA tests.

  • Hey video stop with the whole run around just to say cheaters getting caught is awful. We now see ehere your morals are wsj. Hope you get cancelled like Gillette.

  • The at-home DNA test craze is putting us all at risk…
    The at-home cellphones craze is putting us all at risk…
    The at-home smart electronics craze is putting us all at risk…
    The civil documents is putting us all at risk…
    The credit/debit cards craze is putting us all at risk…

    Everything will be exploited, but some technological advantage shouldn’t be ignored because this.

  • So you’re saying that my DNA might solve crimes? Well I already knew that ��
    My DNA also might used by law enforcement if they decide to go undercover and have these companies pose as a customer, everybody already knew that cops were already doing this so what’s the point of this video? When I clicked I was expecting to hear how companies are selling our DNA to Facebook for advertising about what type of shoes we like as a family ������

  • once you join myheritage with dna download or fresh join kit you can use debit/credit card with no funds on it registered to join free two weeks Unlimited amount of times.

  • Could a grandfather, the father of a female who had a child, determine if he is the grandfather of said grand child? What if the daughter is missing and deceased? Was he actually the father of the deceased female? Maybe these tests are accurate for other reasons. Please help me explain why these test can determine ancestry, but one generation can not determine grand parentage.

  • I swear to God people are on another level of stupid, like complaining about DNA companies, being shady is one thing, but complaining about them, exposing the truth is not something to complain about. Like, I don’t know why a group of cheaters decided to band together to make this video because they don’t want to be outed but too bad honey




  • Why is it that u put a male as the criminal and the woman as the victim woman aren’t always victims and the can be crazy to a lot of people say o it was just a poor woman that couldn’t hurt a fly well ur wrong because woman can still kill people

  • so basically, if you think you don’t wanna do this test, you might as well because people in your family are going to want to do it and your DNA is already in there so you might as well figure out what your ancestry is.

  • In my opinion, you should never ever provide DNA. The labs conducting these ‘tests’ are gathering data, and certainly collecting information. A chemical ‘clip’ test will always be carried out, which splits the sample. I would be fairly sure that half of the sample that is sent from every curious person is separated off, stored, and deeply analysed, with the ‘true’ results made available to interested establishment and security parties. In this way, they can find out a range of details about you, and your immediate ancestors, because the test result detail that they have developed far exceeds the shallow and token profile they return to each curious person.

  • If the information is on voluntary, public databases I think it should be searchable by authorities. There are many other types of public databases that are, so why not this?

  • This will lead to a social system based on your genetic wellness that is you will be discriminated directly because of your genetic risks.

  • Okay, let’s see you go out and get the DNA from a decent sample size that dates back a couple hundred years. The sample size is small because few people have a “pure” heritage. Or basically regional change for 7-10 generations for any ancestor. If you are lacking a family tree that goes back that far, your out, one relative 7 gens back that was a foreigner, your out. It isn’t easy getting a sample in general let alone a large one, but they are the most accurate given the circumstances.

  • Look down at them feet or go to the foot chart lineage to your roots and you’ll see why what I’m sharing with you makes sense your feet tells your true roots DNA wise not man made theories nor a nation that sounds dumb that’s just where your ancestors lived in the world in the past as a citizen like any nation today

  • While DNA might help caught perpetrators, privacy is being butchered daily with your apps on your phone collecting pseudo-anonymous data (your digital fingerprint) and your services, like Google and Facebook, collecting everything else and merging.

  • Which company is the best choice if I had enough money I would do AncisteryDNA, 23&Me, MyHeratage, and others to compare and contrast.

  • This is nothing short of BS for the weak minded. Believe it or not all they are doing is collecting your DNA for research of whatever you can think of and sending you back a load of crap as to where your distant relatives might have come from.
    Think about it, what better way to get your most Valuable and Most Secure Information than getting it from you own DNA.
    I can only imagine what they are truly looking for and how they are documenting it for a perverse use.
    But seeing how most people these days just don’t give a rip, they will just keep giving their DNA like sheep being lead to the slaughter house.

  • Hey, people, what about cheating Dads? There’s plenty of them, too. A lot of these DNA test takers are looking for their real Dads. Shame on those Dads.

  • Myheritage is the worst test I’ve ever taken, well and myfamilytree. Both don’t have enough samples, cluster ethnicities too much and either skip any unidentified DNA or puts in a group of unidentified. Unidentified is much better. I’d say ancestry picks ups Jewish DNA better and 23 and me is better at something but I forgot what. I wanna do one more test some time. I hope my comment helps those who are trying to get DNA tested.

  • All the men in the comments saying all babies should get a DNA test so you know you’re the father, what should happen to the baby? Will the biological dad be forced to co-parent? Should the child be given for adoption? Should the DNA test be done in-utero during the abortion window?

  • I’m not so sure you are right here. If you follow the sub reddits where people post their results, lots of people try out different tests and compare the results. They very rarely show major differences and the vast majority confirm what people already know. A few have found out that their biological relatives where not who they thought and then found those. This would be impossible. if the tests were as unreliable as you state. It is true that they only a small part of the DNA, but they pick that part based on years of research and full genome scannings. Just because it is complicated and takes skill and experience that does not mean the results are shady. That is simply an argument from ignorance.

  • Psh with a little effort I was able to track my dad’s side of the family back to the 1500’s. Started with my recently deceased great grandfather’s death and birth certificates. Used the birth to find his parents, then theirs and so on and so on. Some collaborating with my family that still lives in Germany lead me to a relative named Balthazar and his wife. At my local library I found a series of boat logs called “Germans To America” and within one of the volumes was a ship called the Emerald which arrived carrying Balt, his wife Katherine and their kids on July 22, 1840. I traced Balt’s records in Germany. No one important in my family. We were just a bunch of blacksmiths.

  • Humans will be humans…but Home DNA Tests do NOT disrupt Family Dynamics…..
    Lies, family secrets, pride, shame, selfishness, greed, prejudice and hate…THAT is what Disrupts Family Dynamics….And I stand by my comment…

  • Can self sub stain reaction like the sun use to make light created on earth if so how much energy can we harvest on a full scale production.

  • By the time the tubes arrive at the laboratory, there would be so many germs in it that the test results would show the ancestry of the germs instead!

  • This is our first big collaboration with Vox! Check their video out as well, and let us know what you think:

  • 23 and Me, gave GSKGlaxoSmithKline access to the DNA samples of Five Million of their customers in 2018/9 for a sum of 300 Million USD. Now rewatch this vid.

  • I don’t see a problem with the police using any DNA databases to find criminals. The example they used to find the murder was a good thing.

  • I took a DNA test from DNA Consultants back in 2007 (way before 23andMe, and My Heritage came into the DNA game), and it says that I am mostly Filipino descent from my mom (which is true), but that I also have matches of Japanese, Chinese, and Cambodian ancestry from her. When I took DNA tests from 23andMe, Ancestry, and My Heritage they just say that I’m mostly Filipino descent from my Asian side. Even though my mom is primarily Filipino descent, she is one of those Filipinos who looks of East Asian descent. Her eyes, her face, etc. She even told me she had a great grandfather who came from China in the 1800’s. So when DNA Consultants says I have Japanese, Chinese, Cambodian, AND FILIPINO ANCESTRY FROM MY MOM, I believe them over 23andME and Plus DNA Consultants admitted that they don’t know how much and how long ago I have those ethnicities, for they don’t give out percentages on DNA ethnicity. Where as 23andMe and Ancestry does, but I have heard assigning percentages to DNA ethnicities from these DNA tests can be very very inaccurate. That is why I don’t trust DNA companies like 23andME,, and

  • DNA information should be regulated internationally by a un body thats protects the dna from misuse by any country. It should be used to identify criminals that too at 100% accuracy and not for any other purposes. There should also be laws in countries which prevent misuse of dna from any private company.

  • blood type tests also are good for your general racial background. so is your dental records, the shape of your teeth, the upper and lower jaw shape, colors of your gums. in the older days cranial size was considered a determiner in race. no one is pure 100%. there are mixed cultures, backgrounds, etc. scientifically, caucasoid includes indians from india. alpine is southern germans, austrians, swiss. nordic is the northern european blond, reddish blond, blue eyed, tall. gaulic is spain. france, meditteranean, italy, albanian, portugual. slavic is polish, russian, most of the independendent countries of the former soviet union, czechloslovak, slovak, serbian, croatian. romania is mixed roma (orginally from india) and slavic. greeks and turks are southern mixture of meditteranean, gaulic, semetic. most middle easterners are semetic regardless of their religion. moors, who lived in spain, were mixed of semetic and gaulic ancestry and some may have african blood as well. so you see there are many different racial types in the world. one of the national geographic articles was about this very subject a few months ago.

  • and yet other source says otherwise Consumer protection groups are warning residents across Western Australia
    that packages containing DNA testing kits are part of an international mail scam. and this i believe it’s all a scam

  • Sally’s mother cheated on her father, and her father cheated on the wife; but lets not blame the parents for disrupting the family. Why? Because we all know it is normal for parents to constantly cheat on each other creating enormous amounts of fragmented families.

    Also, if you are a sperm donor, then don’t get a DNA test if you don’t want your DNA to be public. Oh wait, this video is for cheaters with no morals. On second thought, why don’t you try taking shots of bleach. I heard that masks your DNA just enough that people cannot figure you out.

  • Cool, cool. So the FBI now has their DNA on file and the companies have full ownership of their genome which allows them to clone them. Cool, cool.

  • How come when we look underwater without goggles our vision looks blurry and weird but when cameras are underwater they look fine.

  • I know nothing is really private anymore, but I wouldn’t do this and I also don’t use social media because it is pointless anyway.

  • All of that data.. we know what companies do with data. Not worth finding out my exact family history. I am who I am and nothing changes that fact.

  • Honestly, I’d be more concerned about donating blood and plasma than sending in a spit sample for DNA testing. Actually, the DNA testing disclosures actually advises people who have been recipients of blood transfusions that their DNA test may not be accurate. Bottom line, unless you are criminal, you should have nothing to worry about.����

  • Personally I find disturbing that some private companies have these databases; but I consider in a more positive than negative way if they are controlled by the state and strictly regulated, like for solving crimes

  • That’s why I don’t do an ancestry dna tests as they are not always accurate. They are just estimates and some people don’t get it. Sometimes your results don’t match with your parents which is wired and doesn’t make sense at all. You belong to the same parents.

  • I took three to five(lost count!). All wrong! Watch my video series on YouTube about genetic dna testing. Unreal. They are making so much money. I do not know how many people have factual results. I just know mine were wrong. I am sure there are others(high percentage of test takers would not surprise me)with inaccurate results.

  • right on about the “inaccuracy” as there are 23 pairs of #chromosomes and not all are tested in a #dnatest..I love the data results of the “twins”, which they had different percentage results despite having the same parents

  • For anyone who is considering these DNA tests, once you do it, they own your DNA forever. So the one thing that you own is not yours anymore. It is in the fine print, so don’t do it! Also, accuracy only increases if and only if enough people related to your recent ancestors have done it also.

  • I hate people who doubt this it’s accurate get over it I’ve seen someone from Spain get majority that region and A Cameroonian tribe get 97% Cameroon people just can’t accept science is advancing

  • 23 and me is a waste of money. You get Wikipedia-quality information about your ethnic group. Nothing remotely personal. It’s a scam.

  • The worst part about it, is that by using ancestry databases, you outright give them the right to sell your DNA to science, and owe you nothing of what they earn on it.

  • I guess every time a laboratory does a new DNA test the company gets new DNA samples that can be used to grow their database. Which means every year that passes these DNA tests become more accurate. Am I wrong? The database would be 115 people plus all the new samples they add with new customers. More years=more data= more accuracy

  • I stopped at “twins may not share the same DNA”. Uh… yes they do. Basically there was ONE egg and ONE sperm making ONE new DNA. Then when the egg splits into several cells, but somehow instead of staying whole, it splits into TWO embryos (or more) that will then evolve into different foetus.
    So yes they have the same DNA they’re basically clones. You should have paid more attention in school.

  • I’m 100% white and it told me I’m 64% African and 32% Middle Eastern. Someone shared the information and Trump kicked me out. Lol.

  • The DNA tests create massive databases which help significantly with scientific research. In a way, by doing a test, you’re helping with scientific research.

  • That’s really important to know. However it doesn’t discourage me from eventually getting my DNA tested, I’ll just know a little more about what my DNA actually says about me.

  • My wife’s grandma found out her sister has a different father. Unfortunately, the great grandmother has long since passed so we will never know the story, lol.

  • huh. so my dna could be used without my knowledge, by someone unknown to me, to track down someone related but unknown to me, for reasons unknown to me, who never even got dna tested.

    yeah, that’s not extremely invasive or creepy af.

  • Doing family research to find pictures of your ancestors and looking out for traits that you have is a cheaper and smarter way of doing this.

  • Not that you actually do these tests at home, you just take some of the tissues/samples and then send it off to “the labs”. I had seen at least two places that do this for around $100…just wondering how accurate this actually is…and how in depth it really takes into consideration…

  • I was exactly half Native American and Spanish like nothing else and to me the test was alright I didn’t take it as serious.
    My mom had the same results like no change smh disappointed. Hispanic people with the same mix and not a change, nope. Looked like a copy and paste situation


  • Well made video, but the privacy concern is not too comprehensible, at least for consumer databases. Third parties are voluntarily and publicly posting information that suggests links to suspects of interest. Sounds like Facebook or the old time white pages. If my third cousin is a rapist, he can come to the reunion in 20 years.

  • They could fix this problem by just giving a precomputed random code, then you can check your DNA results online without giving them any information. CopyRighted

  • My mom found both of her birth parents through one of these tests… and it’s been the best thing that’s happened to all of our families. Her parents were ecstatic to find her, and my mom felt the same. I was so excited to have new grandparents, and I have loved seeing how some of my grandmothers mannerisms have been passed down to both me and my mother. I would never change the experience we had, and for us, it only improved our family dynamic.

  • If data is out there, it will be abused. There’s no stopping data collection. Google tracks my every move. All my trips to McDonald’s. Psychiatry offices. What movies I’ve seen. Political meetings attended. Then they invite me to review these. Big corporations analyze this and hey presto! I’m screened out of job consideration. And so are my children. In glad I’m 67. All you young folks with your sexting, or secretly recorded sex tapes, or inadvisable FB postings: do you really think there will be no consequences? It’s mindblowing: all our indiscretions, major and minor, will follow us forever and beyond.

  • Sorry but no two let alone three people have perfectly identical dna. There is always a slight variation. So using them to check the accuracy of various companies is an invalid approach unless you have all three test with all three companies then see which set of test results is the most consistent and that is the one you want. Ancestry dot com has the biggest data base so they have the ability to give the most detailed results.

  • Soooo dna testing is bad because they find criminal’s and expose adultry??? I don’t see a problem with this. Can someone explain why this is so bad, I honestly want to know.

  • My aunt got some freakishly accurate results from a dna test in her mitochondrial dna. She found someone else who’d done a dna test with something in common. Their mother’s mothers were both from the same obscure village in Slovenia. That sounds like some pretty accurate testing to me. She apparently also had a particularly high percentage of neanderthal dna, which I find fascinating.

  • It would be great if someone extremist hates Arabs trying the test and then finds out that he is 10% Africans, 50% Europeans, and 40% Arabs. i will be delighted to see this
    فضولك رائع يا صديقي شكرا لترجمتي

  • Don’t ya just love how they give vague breakdowns of their percentages?! But wow, it’s soo accurate and believable! Nothing to see here. �� ������

  • Does anyone know which of the three tests is most accurate in determining Native American ancestry? I realize they do not know the precise tribes but the percentage is most important to me.

  • If that wasn’t about the biggest crock of sh #t. Why didn’t the Ancestry places just mail the results to the individuals so they can read the results themselves. I’ve watched plenty ty of twins read their results and always the results are different. Oh no, not this one with triplets. Com’on man

  • There’s only a few companies that actually do the actual testing. All of the dna test kit companies just send their samples there to be tested. There won’t be a difference because of this between brands. Same with urinalysis ect

  • You can try this own.. check this below DNA test kits.
    AncestryDNA Test Kit:
    MyHeritage Test Kit:
    DNA Direct Paternity Test Kit:
    tellmeGen DNA Test Kit:

  • So… These are “HOME DNA KITS”..that you have to send “far AWAY from HOME to a LAB” for testing??? So NOT a “HOME KIT” at all.

  • Why can’t ppl upload it freely for the government but, not for the public unless you can get past a government firewall and other security shii?

  • I still don’t see the “risk”. People would honestly rather let criminals run free because they are scared of a small chance that they would be falsely identified as a relative of a criminal? And maybe America should focus on fixing their healthcare system if they don’t want insurance companies to have data to be able to price their products effectively.

  • If you know anything about history if you are African-American and your ancestors where slaves or if your white with Irish ancestors you could have DNA from the other group. Starting in the 1600’s English colonists forced the two groups the bread in hopes in creating a better slave. so as you look in a crowd of people just remember that that white with Irish Heritage or that African-American could be related to you. Learning your history is as important as your DNA.

  • This is only works in America, i think. I know my family can trace back to both sides 500 or 600 years. My family been in the same town same street for 250 years.

  • I’m happy for them.

    Not so happy for me. I tested my DNA through Ancestry DNA. The first results from almost 3 years ago were great, quite accurate when compared to my family tree. However, an update came along later on. Instead of being 85% Scandinavian, 11% Irish/Welsh/Scottish, 3% English, 1% Iberian (the same as my family tree indicates and what I know to be true about my ancestors) I became 46% Swedish and 54% Norwegian. Nothing of my European heritage. I emailed AncestryDNA and asked about this discrepancy. They said this adjustment was made up of new information they had acquired through research of some such thing. They had the audacity to say that perhaps some members of my family were the results of an affair or perhaps that what is written down in my family tree is in error somehow. Perhaps one or two, but this is ridiculous. In the DNA matches with other people, I somehow acquired a 1st or 2nd cousin. I knew he wasn’t a 1st cousin. I was definitely sure he was not a 2nd cousin. I contacted him and asked if he had any Scandinavian roots or family from the British Isles. No, he did not.

    I am very angry and ticked off at AncestryDNA. This has been an absolutely expensive waste of my time and money.

  • I’m on 23andme, AncestryDNA and MyheritageDNA but it’s not because I wanted to know my ethnicity or health. I found my biological father through them.

  • For the guys watching this, make sure you know how to pull out or wear a condom. You can’t hide from something like this. Trust me. They started the human connectome project right after sequencing the human genome. You will pay for your child support. lol

  • just like a psychic reading 800 Iine, take it like a grain of salt, heck the newspapers are such lies today, good luck with that also mostly all African ancestry….are all from the same places….what a joke I ke 10 ouynof 10 same places!

  • When you do one of these tests they will know if your organs could fit some wealthy person… now it is not so hard finding you… you give the info yourself to the “company”… and soon you will be one of the many, many people that ends up missing each year… and some rich person or important politician will have a new kidney or heart….

  • the most phoney 123 and me
    lie ahhh sir
    whoever will trust something,based on what you say and not what we ve seen?
    where are the proofs,,lie ahh
    my 3 dna test done by 123 and me/my heritage and family tree dna.were different
    so..i do not trust!

  • Do they actually not sequence the whole genome (or almost)? Some companies even represent the segments of the chromosomes tested and how they compare with their “model populations”, so I’m not sure if what you say about companies using just AIMs is correct, or at least for all of them. I would like this matter clarified more in depth and for each company, really, because I don’t think it’s fully correct.

    Anyway 100+ people are definitely a very good sample, especially considering they tend to be very much alike each other in homogeneous populations, and always presuming they made sure they are all locally rooted and not product of recent migrations, of course. The main problem, as far as I can tell, is that they do not compare with the real samples as such but rather with “distilled” components which are made to be “ideal populations” but that I call just “zombies” (because they are not truly alive). This method has been around for some time, I believe Greek blogger Dienekes pioneered it, and it has some pros but many cons in my experience. A major con is that those zombie pops. are clearly just approximate and, while they may work well enough for macro-populations (aka “races”), assuming you know what you’re doing, they just don’t work well enough for micro-populations, for example various European sub-regions. C’mon an Irish is not that different from an English, not even from a Russian or a Pole if you push it a bit: all those Northern Europeans are extremely (and quite surprisingly) similar to each other. Even Southern Europeans, who are more diverse, are not that different, not even West Asians are: in a global plot West Eurasians quickly clump together vs the rest, with only tiny differences.

    Ideally I would recommend for those who really want to know what is in their DNA to use those results (they usually provide a standard file, I can’t recall the extension right now) in their own home-made or community-made analyses, using real samples which are publicly available by the 1000 Genomes Project and other more recent similar studies and software (such as ADMIXTURE) which is also open source and open access. It has some learning curve attached but it’s not that hard, doing it in communities would soften the blow surely as those who are more learned can teach/help the rest easily.

    I would say that it’s important in these cases to use the optimal sampling strategy, so for instance, if you know that you’re mostly European by ancestry, you should use mostly European or West Eurasian samples and only a few from other regions for control. That way you’d get the least noise and the finer detail. Same for Afrodescendants, East Asians, etc. You can and you probably should anyhow run several analyses: first a global one, to get a rough idea of which are your “continental” origins and then regional ones to find out what is your (always approximate) genetic affinity (and not exactly direct ancestry, it’s not that easy) within those regions you’re most directly related to.

    The results will be in the line, using again the Irish vs. English example, of getting some 20% blue, 15% green, 10% yellow and 50% red, with minor “noise” of other colors maybe. So you may see that Irish (out of the blue, IDK their “real” composition right now) are 70% red, 10% green, etc. and English are instead 40% red, 30% blue, 20% green plus whatever, you can see that you’re somewhat in between but not exactly if you are one or the other or something else also related (say Dutch or French or whatever). It is never as simple as commercial companies put it but you can still learn a lot if you do your homework once you have your genetic data file.

  • Interesting furthermore I wonder how could these different DNA companies test discern which Scandinavian country did one’s ancestors came from? I think the Norwegian, Swedish and Danish ethnic groups might have different ancestors due to their geographic locations. For instance the Saami live in Central and Northern Norway and Sweden. The Germans and Frisians live in Southern Denmark.

  • Ancestry DNA was the most accurate according to what I knew about my family. It also assigned me to the correct communities: East Central Louisiana Acadians and Louisiana Creole’s and African Americans. There are also many other cool tools on that site. 23 and me was confusing and very vague. Heritage DNA didn’t make sense about my family and compared to Ancestry DNA. If you’re going to choose one, I recommend AncestryDNA.

  • I think if I was a criminal I would be worried but as a law abiding citizen I am not to concerned. My phone is literally attached to my hip tracking when and where I have been. Lets not forget about all the innocent people who have been exonerated because of DNA testing.

  • So if ur a serial killer and live in the US dont do home dna test and make sure ur relatives cant testify in court thanks for the tip Prof!

  • The Police actually used online DNA databases to track down the Golden State Killer by finding a partial with a relative of his. Then they just had to look at the family tree.

  • They actually aren’t suppose to be the same. I hate how he says that. Everyones dna is different, even identical twins. My mom and her twin took a dna test and got allmost same results. But not exact.

  • The math simply doesn’t hold up. Even if the triplets are not exact duplicates, they have billions of strands of DNA, so if 99.6% of their DNA is identical, the odds are they would need to run thousands of tests to find just one result that differs from the others. They got significantly different results on all three tests. If those results were honest they achieved odds more unlikely than one person winning the powerball lottery three times in a row. 
    CBC Marketplace sent the DNA of twins to 5 different companies. A much better and unbiased study than a Today show advertorial.

  • “Disrupt family Dynamics”=Him…. I was racist most of my life, now I’m finding out I’m 30% African!
    Me…… Oh I’m sorry, you didn’t know??!!! That’s where life started!
    (Fyi) we are all related/connected….one God(Jehovah) first human parents…(Adam&Eve)……… Africa

  • My grandma took 23 and me and found out her dad is someone else and she is half Jewish. Total shock to us. And upsetting to her mom who is still alive and almost went to her grave with that secret

  • Okay, now I feel like getting a bunch of test kits, swabbing locker rooms, and submitting fake profiles just to fuck up the system.

  • Imo DNA tests are a “it’s on you” thing. As in its on you whether you want to take one of these tests. So if you want to then go on with it

  • i’m so glad someone made a video about DNA tests. my mom was adopted and she took a DNA test after meeing her supposed biological father so they took a DNA test to confirm it. They matched, and since then my mom has started obsessively researching our family history, sometimes spending up to 9 hours a day doing research. it has ripped my family apart and my dad is thinking about getting a divorce.

  • didnt we all come from monkeys which came from rats which came from fish which came bacteria so basically i could go to a different country go to a random person and be like your my brother

  • I read a Reddit post where a couple (not married thankfully) did a DNA test together and realised they are half-siblings. Turns out their mothers used the same sperm donor.

  • Don’t give up that DNA! Your data could be hacked, leaked or breached. Third party sharing is common practice among companies. The more people have access to your DNA, the more vulnerable it is to being hacked. As companies amass more data, they will become increasingly attractive to criminals and vulnerable to cyber theft. Why pay to build a database that we’ve never needed before, while loosing your identity, while others profit off your curiosity. Follow the money. There are reasons your DNA profile is highly desired. They should be paying you to test.

    What is your DNA worth? Mine is valued at $750, 000 USD because of my old age. The younger you are, the more valuable it is.

  • I took a test from Ancestry which was god awful. Somehow, it completely overlooked my NW African ancestors, my Middle Eastern ancestors, and my eastern European ancestors, and I was suddenly 100% western and northwestern European, which is absolutely bananas. Now, my European ancestors are the most recent, so maybe that has something to do with it, but still. It’s a load of crap. I uploaded my genetic data to GEDmatch and ran it through their models. Those models showed a closer representation of the tales of my family history, but it was remarkable how much those results varied based upon which model I ran them through.

  • “Finding out your family’s secrets can disrupt family dynamics and DNA makes it easy to find these skeletons”-There, now it’s correct. If your family is afraid of their secrets, you can still test and be discreet. I know FamilyTreeDNA, MyHeritage, and LivingDNA allow you to test and not be visible to matches, even without deleting your data from the website. You can even still upload your data to gedmatch and keep it private by setting it as a research kit. You want the experience while maintaining your privacy? You can have it. And since the police can only use the databases like your average at-home tester, they won’t see your hidden data. Emotional rollercoaster avoided.

  • I will add that markers can be altered due to natural changes (non-detrimental mutations) in genes. Such changes happen after time which is how diverse gene pools first existed as well as trends for resisting or being at risk to certain illnesses.

  • Crazy this is happening at the same time as threatening to replace our police forces and vaccinations are being ignored feel like I should have been paying more attention to those new world order people oh well see y’all into the Denver airport lol ��

  • The issue of privacy always seems to come up when a new technology or something like this is being used to catch people who have done really bad things… I mean I agree that I don’t want “big brother” watching over my shoulder, but I think as far as people who have committed felony level crimes, the more tools that a detective has to find and to further confirm that they have the right person the better.

  • We all are going to die one day, or the world go kabun one day…so in 1000 years I can be me again and insert all my memories from Facebook and my cell use….excellent.

  • Third one wasn’t right scandanavian DNA and English DNA are very similar you have to be careful about British DNA you see genuine British DNA is Welsh they are true Britons the English are modern British but don’t have accent British DNA they are Germanics in origin this is a general mistake

  • I’d argue that what makes a relative someone important to you is the relationship you’ve built together and the things you’ve done for each other, not whether you’re actually related or not. Having an extra step sibling doesn’t mean anything if they’re a complete stranger, and learning that your parent isn’t genetically your parent doesn’t erase all they did for you and the love they gave you.

    And.. helping the police solve crimes is a bad thing?

  • 23 and me says they won’t do that, today. Tomorrow they may change their mind. When they get new management. Court order or not…

  • I initially took the test to see if I was MTHFR ( not able to metabolize folic acid into folate).I was double positive. Then a year later, it was revealed at least 30% of humans were this way. And should be taking natural folate instead of fake folic acid.

  • I’ve viewed from 50-75 African Americans DNA results and they all are from the same places, how convenient! caching sombodys making mega bucks once again from Black people!

  • This is BS fear mongering. The genetic markers used to match people through DNA are not the same markers carrying medical information. Forensic DNA can identify killers and rapists and exonerate the innocent, so how is that a bad thing? And it is only used for violent crimes, not minor stuff. And by the way… you are leaving your fingerprints all over the place, too. Fingerprints can be used to identify you, but you don’t seem concerned about that. Oh, yeah, forensic DNA is also used to identify murder victims whose identities are not known to police, thus bringing closure to grieving families. I’m not seeing a down side.

  • These companies are selling dna samples to private government companies who are making diseases that target certain genetic groups (people of color) as a means for population control and or eugenics ����‍♂️

  • Sally has a pathetic Father… Never raise another man’s child. He should have kicked her to the curb so she could make friends with her fellow trash…
    Never sink to such low love levels that you raise about man’s child. Find a good woman and have children with her.

  • Maybe if you don’t want to be at risk of being put in prison for murder and rape you shouldn’t murder and rape anyone then you wouldn’t be at risk

  • Oh, so you had sex outside of the relationship and now you are sorry you got caught..

    How am I not surprised at the spin of the video..

  • Im glad i know im 100 percent native american but i should of never done the test because this government is so untrustworth….i live learn. Ill never put in a box forsure unlike the keyboard slaves aka haters trolls

  • There DNA isn t going to be the same. Cause sometimes one gets more on the moms DNA than the Dads vice versa. Who says they have the exact DNA

  • You could just make your DNA data privately owned IP. That would allow it to be used to benefit you but still limit the spread of that information(at least through legitimate means).

  • It won’t be long before your DNA data will be electronically encoded on your driver’s license. Combine that with the location data they will have on you thanks to your phone and car continuously sending information to the cloud all your secrets will be displayed on their laptop.

  • Sounds like theres a market for a DNA company that will fully respect their costumers anonymized data. Maybe one that will not even ask for your name.

  • So don’t it because it’ll help us develop medicine and put away murderers? Also companies like 23andMe can’t tell you you’re at risk for things like breast cancer. You’d have to go through a genetic counselor and they would educate you about the accuracy of your results and what certain markers mean if they’re not fully understood. Companies can tell you “fun” health facts like if you’re more likely to sneeze when you look at the sun or have curly hair but even with that information it’s clearly stated that it’s not 100% accurate. For example“you are 50% more likely to have curly hair”. As for discrimination companies do state they can’t share your health info with your employers or insurance companies. But again, that may be different with genetic testing through a hospital to screen for a disease

  • That’s why I use the National Geografic dna test. That one just gives you info about your origins…. not your health. And I trust a lot more Nat Geo that I would any of the mentioned companies.