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Early Warning signs for children with Mental Illness

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Top 3 Most common Psychological disorders explained

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Difficulty perceiving reality (delusions or hallucinations, in which a person experiences and senses things that don’t exist in objective reality) Inability to perceive changes in one’s own feelings, behavior or personality (”lack of insight” or anosognosia) Overuse of substances like alcohol or drugs. Some possible early warning signs of mental illness that you might notice in yourself or a loved one include: a marked change in one’s sense of self, a feeling a change in who you are, that manifests through displayed emotions and psychosomatic troubles; often, people seek help for one or more. Categories include emotional, mental, and behavioral signs and symptoms. Anxiety and fear. Appetite changes.

Arguing frequently. Becoming obsessed with something trivial. Being uncaring, aggressive, or pushy.

Difficulty concentrating. Drinking or using drugs more than usual. Eating too much or too little. The outward signs of a mental illness are often behavioral.A person may be extremely quiet or withdrawn.

Conversely, they may burst into tears, have great anxiety or have outbursts of anger. Even after treatment has started, someindividuals with. When symptoms of mental illness begin during adolescence, young men tend to have problems with acting out, anger, high-risk behaviors and committing suicide. This contrasts with young women, who frequently struggle with insecurity, eating disorders and depression.

A mental illness, or mental health disorder, is defined as patterns or changes in thinking, feeling or behaving that cause distress or disrupt a person’s ability to function. Mental health disorders in children are generally defined as delays or disruptions in developing age-appropriate thinking, behaviors, social skills or regulation of emotions. Changes in mood and emotion. Unexplained or uncharacteristic changes or fluctuations in mood are another primary sign of many mental illnesses. This might be displayed as a depressed mood, feelings of euphoria, excessive energy, lack of emotion, or feelings of apathy.

Alternatively, a person might experience excessive guilt, fear, shame, or anger. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety disorders are the most common type of mental illness. People with these conditions have severe fear or anxiety, which relates.

Children’s symptoms vary depending on the type of mental illness, but some of the general symptoms include: Changes in school performance, such as poor grades despite good efforts Abuse of drugs. Signs of Mental Illness by Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson, M.D., is one of the most important books you will ever read.

In it you will learn how to use astrology to predict the potential of depression, anxiety, addictive disorder, schizophrenia, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder from a.

List of related literature:

A temporary mental state or chronic mental disorder characterized by feelings of sadness, loneliness, despair, low self-esteem, and self-reproach; accompanying signs include psychomotor retardation or less frequently agitation, withdrawal from social contact, and vegetative states such as loss of appetite and insomnia.

“Llewellyn's Complete Book of Ayurveda: A Comprehensive Resource for the Understanding & Practice of Traditional Indian Medicine” by Hans H. Rhyner
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by Hans H. Rhyner
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Psychotic symptoms may be evidence of an underlying chronic mental illness (such as schizophrenia) or may be symptoms of another psychiatric disorder such as severe depression, mania, anxiety, or a neurological disorder such as dementia.

“Handbook of Religion and Health” by Harold Koenig, Dana King, Verna B. Carson
from Handbook of Religion and Health
by Harold Koenig, Dana King, Verna B. Carson
Oxford University Press, 2012

The signs of the disorder are disordered thinking, disorganized speech, hallucinations, delusions and disorganized motor behavior such as catatonia, withdrawal or blunting of emotional expression (Jenkins and Barratt, 2004).

“Cross-Cultural Psychology: Research and Applications” by John W. Berry, Ype H. Poortinga, Seger M. Breugelmans, Athanasios Chasiotis, David L. Sam
from Cross-Cultural Psychology: Research and Applications
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The most common types of severe mental illness are schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, bipolar disorder, and major depression, but other disorders may also be severe and persistent, such as posttraumatic stress disorder, obsessive–compulsive disorder, other anxiety disorders, and personality disorders.

“Integrated Treatment for Dual Disorders: A Guide to Effective Practice” by Kim Tornvall Mueser
from Integrated Treatment for Dual Disorders: A Guide to Effective Practice
by Kim Tornvall Mueser
Guilford Publications, 2003

A severe mental disorder that most frequently begins in late adolescence or early adulthood and is characterized by delusions (fixed, false ideas), hallucinations (either auditory or visual), and behavior that is deemed socially inappropriate (e.g., going without clothes, lack of attention to personal hygiene).

“Encyclopedia of Medical Anthropology: Health and Illness in the World's Cultures Topics Volume 1; Cultures -” by Carol R. Ember, Melvin Ember
from Encyclopedia of Medical Anthropology: Health and Illness in the World’s Cultures Topics Volume 1; Cultures –
by Carol R. Ember, Melvin Ember
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Characteristic symptoms of schizophrenia include delusions, hallucinations, thought abnormalities, disorganized speech, grossly disorganized or catatonic behavior, and negative symptoms such as affective flattening, social withdrawal, alogia, and avolition.

“Principles of Behavioral and Cognitive Neurology” by M.-Marsel Mesulam
from Principles of Behavioral and Cognitive Neurology
by M.-Marsel Mesulam
Oxford University Press, 2000

Schizophrenia: Symptoms include delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech, grossly disorganized or catatonic behavior, and negative symptoms such as flat affect, poverty of speech (brief, empty replies), and inability to initiate or persist in goal-directed behavior.

“Parent Management Training: Treatment for Oppositional, Aggressive, and Antisocial Behavior in Children and Adolescents” by Alan E Kazdin
from Parent Management Training: Treatment for Oppositional, Aggressive, and Antisocial Behavior in Children and Adolescents
by Alan E Kazdin
Oxford University Press, 2005

Schizophrenia Schizophrenia consists of symptoms such as delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech, behavior that is grossly disorganized or abnormal (e.g., purposeless agitation), and symptoms such as lack of emotion or motivation.

“The Broken Mirror: Understanding and Treating Body Dysmorphic Disorder” by Katharine A. Phillips
from The Broken Mirror: Understanding and Treating Body Dysmorphic Disorder
by Katharine A. Phillips
Oxford University Press, 2005

There are few ‘signs’ in the medical sense (apart from the motor abnormalities of catatonic schizophrenia or the physical manifestations of anorexia nervosa), with most diagnostic information coming from the history and observations of the patient’s appearance and behaviour.

“Shorter Oxford Textbook of Psychiatry” by Paul J. Harrison, Philip Cowen, Tom Burns, Mina Fazel
from Shorter Oxford Textbook of Psychiatry
by Paul J. Harrison, Philip Cowen, et. al.
Oxford University Press, 2017

In contrast, “serious and persistent mental illness” is defined as “a sub-population of patients with SmI (approximately 2.6% of all adults) who generally have diagnoses of schizophrenia, severe depression or bipolar disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders and panic

“Encyclopedia of Nursing Research” by Joyce J. Fitzpatrick, PhD, MBA, RN, FAAN, Meredith Kazer, PhD, APRN, A/GNP-BC, Joyce J. Fitzpatrick, PhD, RN, FAAN
from Encyclopedia of Nursing Research
by Joyce J. Fitzpatrick, PhD, MBA, RN, FAAN, Meredith Kazer, PhD, APRN, A/GNP-BC, Joyce J. Fitzpatrick, PhD, RN, FAAN
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  • Hello how are u
    I need help with my condition,, someone please diagnose me!!!!!

    Initially I had a mild phobia for being unaware of things and also had an obsession for becoming super smart.I would pass my free time by trying to think of two things at once i.e. I would be listening to teacher in class at the same time I want to remember what I did yesterday,but don’t get me wrong I wasn’t multitasking I was trying to do those two things at exactly the same time. I would do this at most once a day in class. This habit continued until one fateful day I was doing it and then a spontaneous mental sensation(SMS) struck me. I was trying to do 2 think of two things at exactly the same time like as if I had two brains at that moment.

    So after that fateful moment, whenever I would try to think of anything e.g. I’m concentrating on a math number, a spontaneous mental sensation would strike my brain and disorganize my concentration.

    The spontaneous mental sensation strikes the part of the brain that is responsible for the action you want to do i.e. if I’m trying to do a math number,the front part of my brain is affected and thus I can’t do the number or if I’m trying to remember something that remembering part is affected.

    And whenever the SMS strikes me I feel as if i have two conscience that want to do two different that is actually me and the one that is acts because of that SMS.

    I think maybe the brain was trying to evolve in order for me to be aware of two things at once but didn’t end up the way I had hoped.

    For the spontaneous mental sensation to arise,an excuse must first trigger it. e.g. When I’m going to attempt a math number,I think what is the use of doing it if in the end I may get a wrong answer(This is the excuse).But when I was normal, it was normal for me to think of a negative outcome when I’m going to attempt something,only now it comes with a spontaneous mental sensation.

    And what triggers the SMS even more is the severity with which I want to use a particular brain action i.e. the more I want to use a brain action the more the SMS is triggered and viceversa.

    The spontaneous mental sensation is comprised of fear.But not the if I touch fire, I’ll get burned kind of fear.When I try to concentrate on something that SMS comes with fear that compels my brain to disrupt my concentration. And that disrupting of concentration is like a reflex action of the brain because of that fear. The SMS is like a coded message which my brain interprets to disrupt my concentration.

    The SMS is like a mental process of its own which occurs alongside me trying to concentrate. But the brain can’t think of two things at the same time thus making it hard as hell to concentrate.(it feels like ripping my head in two parts when I’m trying to concentrate)

    And that SMS cannot just arise but needs to be triggered by something. That something is an excuse thought for the SMS to erupt i.e. when I’m trying to do Math, but I think I may end up getting the wrong answer and so what will be the point in doing that number. That would be a normal thought but in my case,it triggers the SMS.

    This mental illness also manifests physically i.e. when I’m suspended upside down, I feel as if blood is not circulating properly through my whole brain. I feel blockages in some places. And those places are the parts affected which I cant use because of the SMS. It’s like the SMS is blocking the parts I want to use from working.

    The mental illness further went into affecting mental activities that occur involuntarily e.g. seeing. This happens because it is also a concentrating type of process.Whenever I’m trying to focus my eye on something the SMS attacks the part of the brain responsible for seeing and therefore I cant see clearly. To be more precise, I cant comprehend the pictures I see as fast as a normal person.

    What I have just described to u were just initial stages of this disorder, Over time it has manifested in many ways I cannot describe clearly.

    I hope whatever doctor finds this helps me fix my situation.

  • Here is a frequent psychological pattern observed by anxious people,

    which is explained in the chapter “Exhaustion.” These people:

    Try out the relaxation method and keep focus -> Get good results -> Want to keep up these results -> However, receive disappointing results on the next attempt -> Become anxious -> Feel the need to go back -> Try to relax

    in order to get the good results back Here, the wrong steps are marked in red.

    Whether it’s good or bad, let go of the idea that you can continuously maintain those results. Stop resisting against uncertainties. Don’t think that the results are purely your responsibility.

  • i grew up a very caring and kind person but some situations changed me its left me depressed and i lost a meaning i life i do even know wether im happy or im just pretending i cant care for people like i used too and i feel like kindness is a weakness

  • Major depression with psychosis
    Bipolar PTSD almost committed suicide yesterday. In the hospital now.
    If you were take a look at my life you’d think I have it all together but I don’t.

  • I just think that every person’s mind while working all the time gives you a lot of thoughts and in different people it is expected differently. This way we have a lot of perspectives a lot of thoughts from a lot of people. But to remeber this types of thoughts we name them with different names. And they become mental illnesses and disorders. And let me tell you that everyone has their own thoughts, then this means that every one has at least a mental illness or disorder. And don’t tell you have to prison them for their thoughts. I think this is not the right way to handle people minds. We just need to talk more with each-other, to be more honest and most important take control of our minds. Make peace with our minds. Meditate. Read some books. Welcome other thoughts and ideas on your mind. I know it’s hard, but at least try!❤

  • Its funny how you can make a video on mental disabilities, but if you say “mental disabilities” in a comment on a post about anything else they automatically flag your comment and remove it

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  • I think I have a lot if not all symptoms of autism. But when I try to bring it up I get told to stop because it’s insensitive idk what to do

  • All of your saying stupid shit like “all of these are me” are a problem in the mental health community.. seriously I just saw a comment that said “this is so me lol” what tf is there to laugh out loud about?

  • angry boy swears at the lunch people up setting the calm. don’t upset the poor mental disorders eating. detox in cell therapy  lol meth head disorder cognitive retardation, from a chemical imbalance.

  • Mental illness is very important and one should be aware of his/her feelings…click the link know more

  • I came across this page BeEmtpyCup which spoke about mental health awareness very beautifully… I hope you will all like that too… Attaching the link below:)
    Don’t forget to subscribe for more amazing videos.

  • I fill so bad for people that has a mental disability why even atfer they turn 18 they have to be told to take a shower and brush thiere teath every night and if they go 3 days with out taking a shower people talk shower people freak out and say he has a mental disability dont wonna take a shower or brush hes teath the sate will take over him wtf I bet if he won 100 million DOLLARAS from a power ball ticket and get hes fishing lake people wouldn’t treat him any more hey can I have 20 bucks so I can go get some wings from the pizza place yeah sure thing buddie heres 20 bucks thinks you made my day man I love you yeah hes getting treated good now because he has 80 million DOLLARS in the bank and if he plays the lottery again and wins a 100 thousand dollars and he gets back 80 thousand DOLLARS hel be rich forever and ever

  • Why do people freak out as soon as they find out some one have a mental disability you better wacth out because he ain’t right in the head if they hear you say that they will wonna shoot you so they can say my life is so much better with out a bunch of a holes

  • 2:44 I don’t want to be that person that diagnose themselves but I honestly feel like I have depression because I’ve been feeling like all of these since December 2019, but I probably don’t have depression

    Sorry if this triggered you

  • !! Hello everyone. I want to raise awareness about mental health issues. I’ve made a video about it for a contest, in which if I win I get to participate of the Youth Leadership Forum in New York. Could you please help me by liking it and sharing so that others can view it too? I need the most likes to become a finalist. I think my video could help people out there so please give it a try.❤️ Thank you

  • This is a very good and explaining video, and it helps easily to know how autism works, great job!, and recommend this video to many people as you can! It’s very necessary at modern times.

  • My theory is that what we interpret as “mental retardation” is really hyper intelligence misunderstood. Case in point: Albert Einstein.

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  • siddh Yog se jivan badlo, dhyan aur mantra SE,cancer, mental disease, drug, alcohol addiction,all types of disease totally cure ��% aap sabhi logo se mera nivedan hAi dhayan se guru ji ki har ek vani ko sune

  • Hi,My father passed away on 25th april 2020 so here is my story.After his death for first few days i was shocked that why wasnt i feeling that sad eventhough he was the person i loved more than anyone else.I was still crying but tears were not coming naturally. So after 2 weeks of his passing i got really sick which i now came to know was typhoid. I have recovered from it now but i still dont feel 100% well. On muslim holiday of eid i told my mother i may have depression as this was my first eid without my dad i started feeling extra sad. She told me to cry as much as possible and i suddenly broke down so hard. I was always trying to avoid crying infront of any one. I would cry when i would be alone. I also hate it when someone cries infront of me for my father as it reminds me of him. I also have some educational issues. So my symptoms are i get scared of little things even lizards,My hearing ability has increased many folds. If i tray or a plate falls in the kitchen i get scared. My smelling ability has increased massively as there were many flowers on a table near me and it got unbearable as the smelling ability has increased too much. Lastly when ever i rub my hand over my head it feels like blood circulation is happening and brings a abnormal cooling affect in my head. I dont feel like leaving my room. I keep myself busy with games. Please help me. Their are 2 main causes of my stress i believe 1 is the study problem and 2nd is my fathers passing

  • I’m still looking for an answer.. what kind of mental disorder if I had this feelings of my movements gets to fast than normal movements so I tried to make it slow but it turns like a slowmo and it’s freaking me out and I’m getting scared of it. Im worried of things running in my mind..sometimes I get annoyed and get irritate easily. I don’t even understand my self..

  • Electroshock or better known as ECT being used for many conditions, and at leading facilities. No FDA testing of device associated or procedure to prove either safety or effectiveness. There is a current national product liability suit around the untested devices. California courts have proved brain injuries at a minimum from this. There are also medical malpractice firms interviewing as consent is fallible. Patients are showing damages on MRI, SPECT, EEG, VNG, neuro/cognitive testing etc. Used also on our children, Veterans, and women in pregnancy. This is purely electrical trauma, and this mechanism of trauma can evolve years out to include CTE, ALS, and ongoing cardiac issues as all systems impacted. There is a significant increase in suicide following this procedure. See ectjustice and Life After ECT. Please contact the DK law group in CA if you have had ECT and may be interested in potentially joining the current national product liability suit.

  • guys if u hvv any psychological issue consult her i really feel well after experiencing therapies they offered me

  • I have a friend he gets obssesed with people and than he start to make stories in his head and live and have a wierd enjoyment feeling after he does that can someone tell me what s this i have searched i found nothing.

  • I think I might have aspergers, but i’m not sure. I can’t tell if it is that or bi-polar. I have some of the social problems that autistic people would have sometimes, but I can still hang out with people and make connections. I am pretty smart, I currently have a 3.9 and im in my senior year of mechanical engineering. The main problem im having right now is no real direction in life. Also, I have never really been in a relationship for over a month, and Ive never had sex. Do i sound like I’m Autistic? I dont want to be, but if i am i am.

  • Schizophrenia is NOT a personality disorder. It’s a psychotic disorder on the spectrum of schizophrenia-related disorders which affects the way one perceives reality, psychosis being one of the central manifestations. Symptoms include but are not limited to positive/psychotic symptoms (hallucinations that can occur in all senses, delusions, disorganization of thought) and negative symptoms (social + anticipatory anhedonia, avolition, alogia, constricted/inappropriate affect), however, symptoms vary drastically among the population. One generally does not have the same combination of symptoms as another, and many common disorders share some defining symptoms, which makes it fairly difficult to diagnose and treat.

  • I suffer from social anxiety it’s really bad i can’t do anything and if people want me to go with them somewhere I have to give it everything I got to go ��

  • I have this friend that keeps “having her friend” which is I believe just of her imagination, and she kept telling me that “her freind” is not her imagination. Should she meet a doctor?

  • i’m in Pakistan and my grammar may not be the bestest (that was on purpose) but i l didn’t quite understand what you said regarding less than ideal hell such as Pakistan (and other countries). and why Pakistan in particular?

  • How do you expect anyone to believe an uneducated person..4264 million. Really. Not 4,264 billion. Why would it be in USD. If it can be estimate in USD, then this much was nearly spent. Stop cooking up this shit for YouTube viewers.

  • Having some qualities as an autist doesn’t mean that you aren’t sick. Actually that statement is quite ignorant and… autistic. Stephen Hawking was a genius but he still was sick as fuck. Being good at something doesn’t mean that you are not sick and I find this bullshit profoundly unethical. “Why should this autistic child be treated? He is not sick, he is special!” just WTF.

  • The only reason I’m watching this is to determine whether I really am not okay or just a manipulative person trying to get others attention. Both my parents agree that I am. I don’t know what to do.

  • My mental health was falling apart last year and this year i feel like quarantine made it worse… i feel like im stuck in my life rn and its terrible + i dont have the ability to ask for help like i have no one to talk to about how i feel and i cant go to a psychologist ( i would love to if i could )
    But rn my world is falling apart and i cant help it

  • “sleeping/eating patterns may have changed” > I haven’t slept “normally” since mom died this February… I always was a night owl but was asleep by sunrise, but now most times I’m not even crawling into bed until almost 9am and I frequently sleep in until mid-evening. I also haven’t eaten “normally” in almost the same, although I honestly think most of THAT is Covid related… I don’t even leave the house but a couple of times a week at most and I’ve been eating a lot of “crap food”… I am trying to clean up my diet though, but like I said kinda hard right now XD

    “unstable moods” > I’ve been having “mini breakdowns” on and off since February, and while they were starting to get under control they’re starting back up since my close friend and lover of 15 years died this week…

    “disconnection” > my response to extreme emotional stress is isolation, but it isn’t so much a thing of “not wanting to be around anyone” it’s more about not wanting to deal with things like “empathy” at a time that I want to just… “be”… like with mom, my older brother came down from Seattle and he frequently escaped to my house to get away from the “I’m sorry for your loss” stuff. I don’t go full recluse, though, and I still engage with friends and whatnot. I’m just glad they realize me wanting to play video games with them isn’t “avoidance” so much as I just want to do something normal in an abnormal circumstance. That said, when my depression does kick in (not sure if it’s chronic depression or bipolar) one trademark is that I start isolating myself from everyone except the very closest people (physically, I mean… like 2 friends of mine, or my dad, both live on opposite sides of me…I can’t “isolate” myself from them)

    “you feel down most of the time” > to a point… sometimes I feel like I could take on the world, and I go bananas with energy and motivation… other times, while I do tend towards OPTIMISM… on a personal level I sometimes feel as though I’m just a nexus for the negative energy around me…thinking that perhaps at least on a metaphysical level if I’m absorbing it at least nobody else is… I do tend to be self deprecating and I do tend to have a bit of an inferiority complex.

    “difficulty completing tasks” > if I slip into a depressed state I lose the ability to concentrate on the tasks I have yet to finish…can’t focus and can’t find the motivation to move to finish those tasks. Like right now I’ve put everything on hold although I know I have work that needs to be done… I just can’t bring myself to focus on anything other than my late friend’s life partner…

  • 3

    I stopped talking to my girlfriend, I was never in the mood and I had no reason to ignore her, my actions came around and she befriended my ex friend and told her a bunch of stuff I said. I am being told by everyone I am in the wrong but I didn’t mean to hurt her; I’m just not going through the best time right now, I kept my feelings to myself because of previous reactions from me opening up, but now I actually have nobody to go to and I’m totally lost

  • I feel like it’s hard to study, to finish stuff, even though it’s my last year and I have to study really hard or whatever… when I tell other people they just get mad and say “study” to me like if I was a button that they can “click”… those words make nothing to me… they are only making me feel bad, anxious and negative… my best friend says I have changed alot…
    My sleep patterns had changed ALOT… It’s not that I can’t sleep… it’s I don’t want to sleep… sometimes I sleep really early like 10 pm… other times I sleep like 3 or 2 am….

    I just wanted to put my thoughts here… dunno why…

  • Despite me emphasising every single factor in this video and many others for YEARS, I am still just trying to manage each day, it is harder by the day I know I’m at the back end of this as been this way since at least 2002, it is 2020 now, I am 43 yrs old & I know I’ll never be ok ever again, I also know I will not get help TIL something bad happens, I am absolutely struggling to cope with simplest tasks, have done years I MESS UP EVERYTHING, MY MIND IS MUDDLED and this year has been by far my very worst yet, here isn’t any help out there even when you spelling this stuff out to the ‘ professional people, It is a living nightmare & NOBODY LISTENS PROPERLY.

  • 5 signs your mental health is falling apart

    1. Your sleeping and/or eating pattern has changed.
    2. You have unstable moods.
    3. You feel disconnected from everything.
    4. You feel down most of the time.
    5. You have difficulty concentrating.

  • If you don’t have much time:

    1. Your sleeping and/or eating pattern has changed
    2. You have unstable moods
    3. You feel disconnected from everything
    4. You feel down most of the time
    5. You have difficulty concentrating

  • I know my mental health is in shambles but I feel like I don’t deserve help since I haven’t done anything to be this burnt out. So my anxiety demon has just moved in and is gonna stay here permanently

  • I had a dream where I had this boyfriend like boy best friend. Not an actual boyfriend tho. Just a boy best friend that cares like a good boy friend. The guy made me happy in my dream and helped me when I was upset over anything. I hope I can meet them someday.

  • 1. almost everything I eat makes me feel sick and I’m way more tired than usual. LikeI just want to sleep forever. whether I go to bed early or late, I don’t want to wake up. I really haven’t changed much of anything. But still, I can eat small things like jello. That won’t make me feel sick.
    2. I have plenty of those. I can be really happy one minute, and the next I could be reallly annoyed or sad. It is mainly because of my family. But even so, I shouldn’t be THAT annoyed.
    3. I just really want to be alone. Plus most of my friends don’t respond anyways so.. yeah. My online friends respond most of the time though! But I still isolate myself from like everyone. Except my friends online.
    4. I watch stuff to ignore my feelings sooo I really don’t know.
    5. Most of the time I do get distracted and then when my parents say something about it I say I forgot cause I did and they get mad at me for not paying attention.

  • Me watching this video knowing I have all the signs but can’t go to therapy bcs it costs a lot of money and I can’t tell my parents bcs they will say I’m fine and it’s a ‘teenage’ thing.

  • I’ve been unemployed for 9 months now and it’s just making my mental health deteriorate even more. No one’s hiring and if they are and I’m lucky enough to get an interview I never get called back. I just feel like a burden to everyone, this really sucks:(

  • me, watching this on my period: oh my god im so depressed �� its so true, i have mental illnes i need a doctor i hate everything i want to cry ��

    me when my period ends: oh wtf is this i am the happiest person in the whole earth i love my life wth is mental illnes

  • This is a really helpful video and I find it easy to understand unlike some others using long words an not understanding what they mean

  • The mentally ill already get thrown in prison like a mass murder for the great and horrible act of being mentally ill without even having a parking ticket meaning you either hide it or lose your rights under the constitution that also protects you from imprisonment without a trial and wild claims of being mentally ill have already been used successfully against political activists and against witnesses to criminals acts by people with the right connections.

  • What if I’m resting too much and giving myself more work because it just keeps piling up and my brain fog still doesn’t clear even though I’m resting a lot?

  • I’m fat, dumb, stupid, short, worthless piece of shit loser
    I have never amount anything in life nor I have talent
    Everybody dislike me they don’t like my personality cause I’m not outgoing nor talkative person
    I don’t deserve to live

  • I luckily only have two signs.. but working home is defenetly because of corona. I’m more isolated and my Daily rythm is not the same…
    I try to get up early and stuff like that anyways, but i just feel tired.

  • Thank you sooo much! This video helped me a lot on understanding about autism and i’m so glad i found this channel.
    But hey, can you make a video about anxiety disorder too? That would be great

  • Day iahb7habihqb ugi in quarantine:
    Me: eats once I’m full
    Me at night:damn I should’ve ate something

    My sister who literally gets 4 hours of sleep: looks normal with only acne and stuff
    Me that got 7-9 hours of sleep: bags and dark circles unde red eyes mad skinny

    Like my sister says she got the good genetics and I’m mad because I’m pretty >:( just I look half dead and half alive at the same time

  • As a person with ADD people often mistake my condition with ADHD. My ADD really took over my life and I couldn’t focus at all and I’ll be having maladaptive day dreams. I would fidget a lot. With ADD my whole life I have gotten really bad grades as well, when I got my medication it made my heart beat so fast and made me hyper. I don’t like it but it helps me focus at least

  • the reason why im watching this all kind of vids like this is to know if the person is depressed, and to talk and comfort a depressed person, and to make them happy…..

    Even tho i am depressed….but im….im fine…. (ππ) doncha worry bout me….

  • i’m so confused and too scared to bring it up with my therapist.

    i am diagnosed with anxiety and depression, i am very antisocial.

    i would probably never cry at a funeral or about someone else but would cry if someone yelled of bullied me.

    i seem to dissociate when really good things are happening to me.

    i used to sit with my eyes open and seem to leave my body and go into my mind to imagine something(good) for like 10-15mins, i think, i would have no idea what happened when i come out of it.

    i feel high self protection but not self esteem or love for myself.

    i have almost no memory of my childhood but i remember a little, i had a good one i think.

    i’ve had suic1de attempts and self harm if that means anything.

    i had a friend in 3-7th grade who always said things that lowered myself esteem and she sexually harassed me one time but i didn’t know because i was too you to think anything of it. it was an abusive friendship that i always went back to because there was no escaping her.

    there’s times my dad hasn’t been the best to me but i don’t think he’s a bad person or meant any of it.

    i lie a lot without actually wanting to about small things.

    lastly, i like dead things (not people or animals) and i like looking dead.

    please someone diagnose me:/ if i have anything

  • I’m still young so I need my dad’s permission to see someone and he thinks I am over reacting when I tell him I wanna talk to someone or he says soon soon

  • “according to a 2010 research….”
    It is 2020 now…
    And then in the later of the video “according to a 2007 research….” OH MAN! update your information please

  • Keep in mind this video is for you to be aware if you have symptoms or not and see a doctor. This is not something to self diagnose yourself with.

  • Dang….this video Called me out hard…..but I don’t feel like they are true…. I don’t know though…. it could be denial again….

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  • You can’t self diagnose yourself with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, OCD etc, if you have concerns then go to a doctor! I’ve been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and it isn’t fun at all!

  • believe it or not I have all of the above and its very difficult to live sometimes.. but hopefully videos like this will help promote the education of mental health amoug us.

  • What should i do now man……am suffering from all these problems specially anxiety and oCD….. someone help or i am not feeling good about myself plz help me man…

  • I did I get here? I want to get rid of mental but my parents keep fighting and my dad goes out to drink his Soju and beer. I WANNA LIVE NORMAL!!!! I need tips to get rid of it pleaseee

  • All mental health problems are caused by severe calcium deficiency. This begins in the womb or in infancy. The human body can assimilate calcium only from fresh, natural, uncooked foods especially leafy greens and grasses, wheatgrass. Artificial supplements do not work. The best way to get the calcium from greens is through green smoothies.

    Brain chemical imbalances have never been proved.

    One of the reasons why mental health problems generally develop or manifest in late adolescence is because of the body’s need for tremendous amounts of calcium due to the sudden spurt in physical growth.

    Calcium is needed for proper neurotransmitter function.

    It is also important to minimise chronic cellular inflammation by avoiding white sugar, refined carbs and oils and fats that increase cellular inflammation.

    Cellular inflammation prevents the absorption of nutrients vitamins and minerals.

  • HELLO Friends, if Anyone having psychological issues or mental health problems, he/she can visit the website and book an appointment. Believe me any mental health issues related to yourself, your family members, your friends, relatives and of those whom you care will be surely solved. Please try and visit this website and read the contents and book an appointment once with the doctor. Thanks and regards. Namastay

  • I think that with Autism, it could be related to the X chromosome instead of the Y because it is seen in both boys and girls. However, because it is a 5x more likely hood that boys get it as opposed to girls, that leads me to believe that the X chromosome has a high reaction rate to the Y chromosome

  • I dont know whats up with me but I know I really need a diagnosis. Some friends get really concerned and worried about me sometimes, and how I react to some things and the tons of internal conflicts I have is maddening

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  • I like how some of these are based off of what’s socially/culturally acceptable in different places, like the 16th one. Makes sense that pedophilia isn’t a problem in Vatican.

    Anybody want to study psychology of class 11th and 12th in proper class room method can contact on

  • I always have a intrusive feeling in my Brain like I’m always tired and a lot of the time I feel out of it, foggy. As if I’m a person in a movie when there talking but in the back round. Why is this anybody????

  • I have Major Depressive Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder, Bipolar 1, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Insomnia, Psychosis, and Gender Dysphoria.

  • All mental health problems are caused by severe calcium deficiency. This begins in the womb or in infancy. The human body can assimilate calcium only from fresh, natural foods especially leafy greens and grasses, wheatgrass. Artificial supplements do not work. The best way to get the calcium from greens is through green smoothies.

    Brain chemical imbalances have never
    been proved.

    One of the reasons why mental health problems generally develop or manifest in late adolescence is because of the body’s need for tremendous amounts of calcium due to the sudden spurt in physical growth.

    Calcium is needed for proper neurotransmitter function.

    It is also important to minimise chronic cellular inflammation by avoiding white sugar, refined carbs and oils and fats that increase cellular inflammation.

    Cellular inflammation prevents the absorption of nutrients vitamins and minerals.

  • By the way not everything is a brain disorder…i knew people with high IQ that still were physically weak and slim but still out of shape..

  • I think I am suffering from depressive disorder bipolar and related disorder and also schizophrenia spectrum and other psychotic disorders ������

  • #6 not a damn thing you can do about it besides taking meds that turn you into a vegetable which makes everyone happy except you.

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  • Is there a disorder where I’m paralyzed and my heart becomes 100x louder and ears stop working. If I freak out it hurts if I don’t I wake up.

  • I googled this cause around 1 hour ago i cut whole notebook in little pieces and throw it on the floor…I collected them like a whole hour, and started to watch this…But this is not a 1st time i had mental breakdown

  • i would kill people for my family and i would not feel guilty about it regardless if they are innocent or not, or if they have family or not. also, i find life meaningless. what’s the point of working hard or whatever if you would just die? i don’t care about legacy or if it’s for the benefits of the future generation. i want the earth to disappear. i want to disappear.

    do i have mental disorder or i just have a crooked outlook in life?

  • There’s over 1,000 discovered neurological medical conditions not relating to the brain…

    Also your claims are biased at a higher percentage women have more mental disorders not just being hormonal they even have a higher level of bad dopamine than men…explains their biased irrationality and their low value to being valueless..

  • I have schizophrenia but it’s not confirmed.I also have mental and behavioral problems,I’m pretty sure that’s confirmed by people who’ve seen me before πvπ

  • Is there any disorders that when someone gets picked on a lot gets angry and don’t want to socialize with ppl most of the time even though you have friends etc

  • What about the people I meet with over 20 incurable diagnosis changes?.. So the majority aren’t telepath victims? I shall pray in my head for them, as the major religions suggests.

  • Can I ask for 1 favour?
    Just 1…
    Too anyone reading this, can you comfort me? Can you tell me that I’m worth it? Can someone tell me I’m not alone… that I’m good enough
    I just need someone to talk to please ��

  • i need help i cant stop. picking up my poop not with my hands but with toilet paper covering my hand i need help im to scared to tell my mum i have also been going through depressing episodes in this month

  • I have gender dysphoria, sexual dysfunction(I’m asexual and Polyromatic), and most likely social anxiety(I have most of the symptoms)

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  • HIYA! I am a research student at the university of Lincoln in the UK. I am conducting my first piece of research and would love to get a representative sample! Here is a quick 5 minute survey looking into the effect work related stress has on men. If you could spare the time it would be much appreciated. All responses are anonymous. Thank you.

  • I have anxiety…�� And sometimes I would randomly chew on my finger..then I would chew on other things….��…I wish I never had it…anybody else has anxiety?(sorry if it’s late)

  • Hello. Please help with my condition if u have any idea.

    I feel like I am dead i dont belong to present day world. Its like am an alien among human. When i watch old videos of 90s early 2000 (2000-2008) i feel like that is the time my world in all aspects…

    I feel like i died in 2008 after 2008 i never felt i belong to this world.

    I dont understand new music
    I dont understand how people have turned…..i am a crazy? What is wrong with me?

  • i just don’t like it when I’m with too many people to hang out. it’s either, i feel left out or I fear of having the attention. i feel like i am slowly being separated from people. i don’t know the reason why

  • All mental health problems are caused by severe calcium deficiency. This begins in the womb or in infancy. The human body can assimilate calcium only from fresh, natural foods especially leafy greens and grasses, wheatgrass. Artificial supplements do not work. The best way to get the calcium from greens is through green smoothies.

    Brain chemical imbalances have never
    been proved.

    One of the reasons why mental health problems generally develop or manifest in late adolescence is because of the body’s need for tremendous amounts of calcium due to the sudden spurt in physical growth.

    Calcium is needed for proper neurotransmitter function.

    It is also important to minimise chronic cellular inflammation by avoiding white sugar, refined carbs and oils and fats that increase cellular inflammation.

    Cellular inflammation prevents the absorption of nutrients vitamins and minerals.

  • What used to be called mental retardation is now called, nuero developmental disability; Intellectual disabilities.

    Abnormal mental function as a result of poor/bad/incomplete/offsetted/normal mental/neuro development.

    Is mental retardation really a disability or a real result of.. Can non born babes choose their ‘disability’ if/when even unable to walk?

    A development. in function..

    How does development become dis ordered?

    The disorder probably results/occurs within the ‘care’ of the pregnant mother to her womb and substances within her womb, including the unborn babe.

  • hello there i have a serious mental disorder that affects my ability to control thoughts..and these are not normal thoughts they send impulses to the brain which makes me lose coordination in thinking.. i need help identifying this type of disorder

  • If you are a Pakistani or Indian, or any Urdu/Hindi speaking person, then it would be easier for you to understand how to check mental health through this video��
    Best of luck! Spread the word around to enhance awareness in society:)

  • pretty sure I struggle with a lot of them… I don’t want to mention it to my parents bc I’m worried they’ll just brush it off and say I’m being overdramatic and that I’m fine.

  • after watching just a few minutes i can tell you read alot,and love to draw,with that said you allso like attentionor else you wouldnt be doing this little side mission of yours,first and formost ive been called so may of these dissorders i dont even know which they call me today,i think its IED and scitzoeffective,yea i cant spell,anyway when i become dissabled back in 1997 my only diagnosis was depression,which went from that to major depression to manic depressive whic is bipollar keeping in mind they say bipollar has psychosis involved one way or the other same with scitzoeffective,however ive not once had any psycosis unless when they had me on busebar which caused me to hear stuff then when took off that med never heard it again,its mt thaught that doctors only treat you one way,whatever they have to do,to coontroll you,thats what they do,simple as that,now they,l be many running there mouth about which they no little or nothing about of which i do not care and will ignore,but if however you have any knowledge on the subject and would like me help me reach an understanding of my own self in doing so will help me get better,im aware mental health will never go away,butt the way i feel is a dissease is a dissese if its a cold you might take caaugh meds to help with that well i have taken many meds to help with depression and not one that they prescribe helps me not with depression anyway,now with my anger issues again all they try to do is sadate you to me this shouldnt be an option may aswell just shoot the patient and be done with it,now i have found some pain meds actually calm me yet tell your doctor that,you dont even get a chance to proove it, so its my oppinion they do not want to help with anything,i mean even go in a er with kedney stones and they still hessitate to give meds for it,my mom was on her death bed and thats the only reason they give her anything for pain,again prooven to me first you must be rich and allso they are hoarding it for the government for after the war there trying hard to get started,if you doubt any of what im saying come to north carolina youl see for yourself how they treat people

  • Even if that person feels good about it, gender dysphoria is still a disorder, just as addiction is (a junkie can feel very happy and yet he has a disorder).