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What are the Symptoms of Colon Cancer?

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Tips on spotting colon cancer

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Colon Cancer in Women

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Constipation, diarrhea, an inability to go, or distinct change in the size/shape/color of your stool could be a colon cancer symptom. More females than males are actually diagnosed with colon. Abdominal pain Abdominal pain, bloating, and nausea are also potential signs of colon cancer in women. These symptoms can occur after you eat and can be so uncomfortable that they cause a reduction in food intake (and eventual weight loss).

6. Signs of colon cancer in women mostly manifest as abnormalities in bowel movement. Adults, especially women, must pay close attention to changes in their bowel habits, such as: – change in stool consistency – frequent diarrhea and or constipation. Common symptoms of colon cancer to be aware of and watch out for include: Blood in your stool or bleeding from your rectum — Any amount or color of bleeding can be an early sign, so make sure you see a health care professional.

Colon blockage: Colon cancer can cause a blockage of the colon or grow through the colon wall and cause a hole in the bowel. Either of. Tell your doctor if your poop habits change for more than a few days or you have other symptoms like: Diarrhea Constipation Thin, dark, or bloody poop Belly pain or cramps Weakness and tiredness Unexplained weight loss. There are other conditions that can cause the same signs and symptoms as colon cancer.

Some of these conditions are very common. Bleeding in the stool can be caused by inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn’s disease. Ulcerative colitis (UC).

Premenopausal women might be tempted to dismiss the early warning signs of colon cancer, such as abdominal bloating and discomfort, as little more than menstrual issues. Although it is easy to distinguish between some colorectal and gynecological symptoms, such as bleeding (rectal vs. vaginal), the differences are not always clear. When you feel pain such as cramps, bloating and gas; or if your bowel movements are accompanied by pain, these can be a result of colon cancer or some other health problems. Symptoms of colon cancer in women are usually confused with other health issues.

And most of these symptoms are usually a result of a chain reaction another symptom. Symptoms of Colon cancer in women Some of the symptoms of colon cancer are listed below: There may be rectal bleeding or the stool may be mixed with blood. There may also be rectal pain in rare cases of advanced colon cancer.

List of related literature:

Abdominal distention, tympany, diminished bowel sounds, or rebound tenderness are ominous signs of fulminant colitis or toxic megacolon.

“Textbook of Gastroenterology” by Tadataka Yamada, David H. Alpers, Anthony N. Kalloo, Neil Kaplowitz, Chung Owyang, Don W. Powell
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The incidence of gastrointestinal cancer increases with age and therefore you must be alert to symptoms such as nausea, weight loss, anorexia, haematemesis, malena, and changes in the frequency and consistency of the stool.

“Watson's Clinical Nursing and Related Sciences E-Book” by Mike Walsh, Alison Crumbie, Anna Walsh, Angela McKeane
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Other symptoms may include pelvic pain in women, constipation alternating with diarrhea, increased flatus, fever, sudden onset of painless rectal bleeding, and anemia in the presence of chronic blood loss.

“Pathology for the Physical Therapist Assistant E-Book” by Catherine C. Goodman, Kenda S. Fuller
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Apatient with any of these malignant tumours may experience a variety of signs and symptoms, including leucorrhoea, irregular vaginal bleeding, vaginal discharge, abdominal pain and pressure, bowel and bladder dysfunction, and vulvar itching and burning.

“Lewis's Medical-Surgical Nursing: Assessment and Management of Clinical Problems” by Diane Brown, Helen Edwards, Lesley Seaton, Thomas Buckley
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A 47-year-old woman is evaluated 2 years after the diagnosis of serous epithelial ovarian carcinoma because of a 3-month history of unpredictable bowel function, intermittent nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, expanding abdominal girth, and weight loss.

“Rush University Medical Center Review of Surgery: Expert Consult Online and Print” by Jose M. Velasco, MD, FACS, FCCS
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Ovarian Cancer Ovarian cancer may present with many symptoms, including abdominal and or pelvic pain as well as abdominal distension or ‘bloating’, early satiety, and loss of appetite.

“Physical Assessment for Nurses and Healthcare Professionals” by Carol Lynn Cox
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Women may overlook the vague possible signs of ovarian cancer, such as bloating, change in bowel habits, backache, urinary changes, abnormal bleeding, weight loss, and fatigue.

“Medical Terminology 9 (Us Ed)” by BARBARA JANSON. COHEN, Shirley a Jones
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Age History of inflammatory or familial colon disease Personal history of breast, ovarian, or endometrial cancer Change in bowel habits with or without blood in stool Weight loss, pain, and abdominal fullness (late signs) • Assess for: 1.

“Clinical Companion for Medical-Surgical Nursing E-Book: Patient-Centered Collaborative Care” by Donna D. Ignatavicius, M. Linda Workman, Chris Winkelman
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These include intermittent abdominal crampy pain, rectal or pelvic pain, cyclical rectal bleeding, tenesmus, constipation (especially with menses), decreased stool caliber, bloating, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and even bleeding from an umbilical nodule during menses (17).

“Principles and Practice of Surgery for the Colon, Rectum, and Anus” by Philip H. Gordon, Santhat Nivatvongs
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Symptoms of ovarian cancer are nonspecific and may include increased abdominal girth, pelvic pressure, bloating, back pain, constipation, abdominal pain, urinary urgency, indigestion, flatulence, increased waist size, leg pain, and pelvic pain.

“Brunner & Suddarth's Textbook of Medical-surgical Nursing” by Lillian Sholtis Brunner, Suzanne C. O'Connell Smeltzer, Brenda G. Bare, Janice L. Hinkle, Kerry H. Cheever
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  • My insurance does NOT cover it. The cost to me for a colonoscopy would be $10,000.
    My health insurance alone costs me $10,000 a year!!!
    That’s $20,000!!!

  • The only reason im alive right now after metastasised lung cancer is eating 6 spicy thai peppers daily for several weeks. Hospitals are death factory’s in regard to certain diseases and the quicker you realise this the safer you will be in the long run. Once a Cancer metastasised you only have a 2 percent survival rate. My Brush with near death from cancer happened back in 2007.

  • . When I see this post I remember Dr. Osemuahu. He really made me believe in him so much. by healing me months ago with his herbal treatment from Cancer. I really appreciate you very much and he is able to cure you from any sickness and he also cured my cousin from Ischemic heart disease thanks to him…if you have any diseases let me know so I can link you up with him..

  • God measures our life like a breath or a flower that blooms in the morning and withers in the evening he even compares our life to a mist so death is normal no 1 can escape from it but we should concern ourselves with where we go after death cause there is life after death eternal life or eternal suffering.

  • Get tested. The sleep medication alone makes it worth your time. Also might save your life as well. I just had my 1st. It’s not as bad as I thought it would be. You feel nothing, go to sleep, wake up 20 mins. later with zero knowledge that you’ve had a scope up your poop shoot and can go about your day. It’s worth it.

  • They need to alert this so much more than it is. You are never too young because I had symptoms. I’m 32 and had one. If I had waited until I was 50 I’d probably be dead.

  • I dont have any of these stmotoms but i have been constipated for 3 months till now and it is not going away, is it serious please anyone inform me about that.

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  • What are other symptoms of this because as a woman I should not be farting as much as I am doing right now every time I turn around I am blowing someone away,,severe constipation one time and severe diarrhea the next,, I can’t afford to see a doctor,, I probably have something,, I also think I might have cervical cancer to,, my insurance is so crappy that they say most of the time too bad so sad crawl into the woods and die,

  • I get abdominal bloating after meal and my under eyes red circle appear and numbness. I feel very uncomfortable with it. Especially when I overeating my whole face getting red and if I keep overeating I go to toilet two to three times a week. I’ve seen my gp but they has no idea the symptoms. But I believe I got colon cancer… When I drink a lot I feel it in my stomach… Any idea or clue please remind me of it thank you… Notice.. There is no blood in my stool at all. But when I was 5 I remember that I had kind of gut infection and I had too many parasites in my stool.

  • I know this is weird but I don’t eat breakfast, I only eat lunch and dinner.

    but everytime I poop it’s not many or too much like what I’ve eaten yesterday. This is weird but anyone could Identify!/Answer what’s wrong?

  • Please help. I am getting more and more intolerant to foods. First alcohol, then fish, then milk, wheat, rice, citrus fruits, strawberries, grapefruit, fried food, tea, coffee. It is happening so fast. I feel drowsy every evening for four hours and it’s ruining my life. I tried living off just vegetables, meat and nuts but I can’t do it. And someone suggested I had colon cancer. No GP will take me seriously.

  • Good day,, it is possible if you have hemorrhoids it can also a reason for the body weight loss? Because i have blood in my stool and i really dont know this cause of hemorrhoids or rectal cancer, some symptoms that you mentioned i experienced already,, may i know also how long it last the symptoms of rectal cancer,, thank you so much,,

  • I am 16 and i bleed lot during peeing.Its almost 2years. I have consult but with medicine it cures only for week and again start bleeding what might be symptom

  • I’m having a lot of stress beacause I have all the symptoms I went to the emergency but told me I was constipated now I’m stressed and I couldn’t sleep beacause of this my stool narrow a litlle bit I’m scared and I’m constipated symptoms of blotead feelings

  • I’m 16 and I have constipation and the left lower side of my abdomen feels full. Afew daya ago I had no symptoms, nada at all. My poo is bloodless this is stressss

  • I’ve had rectal pain now for an ongoing 8 months and it is now constant. I also bleed when I have bowel movements but not a lot. I’m worried that my doctor won’t order me a colonoscopy but I am vehement that my concerns are valid even though I’m only 30.

  • I didn`t expect something but the nasal polyps treatment “Vοzαnzο Tvο” (Google it) has only done its job for four days, however my polyps already have shrunk entirely! I am pissed my medical doctor did not discuss this treatment solution with me. Thank you and I will stick to your advice about prevention since I sure don`t want it back again. I can not delay until I`m totally polyps-free!.

  • When I started using this nasal polyps treatment method “Vοzαnzο Tvο” (Google it), I started resting better and tasting better as well. Within just 3 weeks only, the polyps were shrunk and they never returned. It has saved my well being!.

  • If you’re from the hood and live check to check and get cancer, You.Are.Doomed. All these survivors stories have one thing in common, they are well off or have higher end income.

  • Just took my home FIT test. One strong line on C but had a faint line on T as well. So now I’m scared to death. I have a second test to take but I’m sure I’m gonna be positive. I’ve been having some other symptoms that are concerning. But no visual blood in stool. And I’ve had my gallbladder out last year and was told that it could change my bowel habits. I dunno. I’m scared but I just have to get it all done. Colonoscopy coming up I suppose. ����‍♂️����

  • I have had pain for about 6 weeks now and also changes in bowel habits. I have today had both stool and blood samples taken. To be honest, I so scared just now. I wish there was someone to talk to.

  • I had colon cancer at a very young age, I was twelve when I had my surgery now I’m 21 I’ve been living a normal life ever since thank God for our amazing Doctor’s and nurses�� I’m so bless to have them in my life

  • I was supposed to get a colonscopy last week but now I can’t because of corona virus shutting elective surgeries down! Don’t know when I can next get one now:(

  • I just did a home fit test for colon cancer due to blood in stool. Everyone should do a stool test annually. I also suggest drinking a tea of warm fresh lemon juice, thyme, garlic and optional turmeric powder daily. You can sweeten with stevia or honey. This can be used to prevent colon cancer. Eliminate red meat consumption and try beyond meat ground crumple instead. Eat lots of fish or take an omega 3 supplement. Replace sugar foods with fruit and avoid processed foods.

  • Before I start seeing this video on colon cancer do you know they’re not as States Veterans Administration is doing a study of over in 1 million veterans on colon cancer for the next 10 years the program’s been started five years ago and said he’s being collected on that larger population might want to toss to check with the Veterans Administration Ann Arbor Michigan on the results of what the study has been showing is might be able to help the American Cancer Society work on the problem of this cancer just wanted to share this information with you and hopefully that will help you expedite the this problem. Thank you for your time and your message and have a nice day

  • There is another test you can now do that finds large polyps or any cancer in the bowel. It is cheap and quick. It is called the M2-PK test (tests for M2 Pyruvate Kinase a metabolite of their function). It is a common test in Europe, and available in Australia through one lab. Costs about $130AUD and it checks for blood as well. I bought a box from Schebo Biotech in Germany, sent here to Australia, of the HOME M2-PK. Home/Office Test kits for M2-PK cost around $60 per test…but once a year you do it yourself is cheap.

  • I had all the symptoms since 6 years old. I changed my diet to omad and eat more fibers. Still alive at 51. But my mom just recently diagnosed with colorectal cancer at 68. She had no signs before like mine. Considering to get mine checked out.

  • My wife is going threw this right now. Stage 4 colon and liver. Setback this week with having to have a colostomy bag from her being sick. Emergency situation. She has to spend the week in the hospital and no chemo til she heals. Not easy mentally especially for her.

  • i refused a rectum removal, thats all the doctors wanted to doi said no way just cut it out and they did and now im cancer free and no colostomy bag, always question your doctor, never do what they suggest as its not their body

  • Thank you for sharing i been having bowel changing n alotbof stomach promblems going go get my colonscopy soon n so glad youre ok n praying still for no more cancer

  • In Nov 2017 my mother had a colonoscopy she was having abdominal discomfort but she was still “regular”, it came back fine suggestion maybe change your diet, less greasy foods. January 2017 she had xrays and ultra sound it came back fine, she went back in April family doc was going to send her to a specialist. She went on a River Rhine cruise in Europe in May when she returned 1 week later she was in the ER the pain was unbearable, she ended up having emergency surgery, results stage 4 cancer of the Small bowel and spread to liver and lungs. She did all the right things but the colonoscopy only goes through the large bowel and ends at the tip of the small bowel. My Grandmother died of cancer of the small bowel at 55 and suspected my Great Grandmother died of the same at 55 so my mother was aware and had check ups. Immediately after surgeon gave my mom the results I was told to go and get a colonoscopy right away since I was over 50….Now I get scoped through throat and stomach to small bowel and Colonoscopy every 5 years…..My mom unfortunately lost her battle in April 2017. It is said that colon cancer is often found to late and not enough people go for tested because they don’t want to do stool tests which is the first round of defense you can do that once a year with your physical starting at 40 yrs old

  • I had a friend who could have done our Govts free Bowel cancer check kit they send out every few years to the over 50s. I was always on her back to do it. Since we all did, to be safe. But she wouldn’t bother. Three years later she died of bowel cancer.

  • People please go get a colonoscopy
    I did and they found a pre-high grade cancerous polyp
    I had to go back in and get another colonoscopy three months later
    So please do your diligence and get one

  • Thanks for ur story. I’m 55 and have battled chronic and severe constipation since my 20’s. It’s gotten so bad that I’m now laxative dependent. My last colonoscopy found a precancerous polyp. It makes me angry that they just left it there, to possibly kill me. I suffer intense abdominal pain, bloating and gas every day. I know for a fact I will eventually get colon cancer. My GI doc recommends a repeat colonoscopy in 5 yrs. I feel in 5 years it will be too late. I’ve been a nurse for nearly 30 yrs, and I know what lies ahead…

  • So I’m having chest pain stomach pain. Neck pain and headaches and my breathing has changed to where i can’t breath well at times. Feeling contested. I feel very weak everyday constantly burping i feeling tingling on my hands and at times my blue veins in my hands come out. And my hand changes color I get dizzy a lot to the point where i have called 911 more than 6 times and been to urgent care more than 10 times 6 months dealing with this. Can anyone help or suggest any solution. I lost 27 pounds in 4 months. Just developed acid reflux. Done endoscopy and colonoscopy. Found two polyps removed it. Was diagnosed with h pylori. Finished my antibiotics And nothing changed for me

    All this started since March 2020

    I need serious help.
    My doctor can’t seem to find what’s wrong with me

  • Everyone knows that if you have been diagnosed with colon cancer in your family, you must have a colonoscopy every 5 years. Colon cancer is very slow in growing out, therefore it is 5 years sufficiently protected.
    I have it done every 5 years and every year a blood test to detect things like diabetes etc. You have to take steps yourself because the medical world will not do it for you. Always request a copy of the results of your blood test and check it yourself. I was diagnosed with diabetes late because my doctor was too light about the numbers. He did not find a colon scan necessary at my age, at the time, despite the fact that my mother had died of it. It is now common knowledge that if one of your parents has colon cancer, you will get it too, so have a test done.

  • doctors and nurses wont look for cancer unless u are about to die! they look for other things especially if u are young not over 40!

  • Lost my dad 7 years ago because he wouldn’t get checked out i miss him everyday so please get checked lifes short so make the best of it gpd bless

  • God gives me healing when I simply pray a prayer of blessings for Benny Hinn’s ministry or when I donate to it. I give $25 or $50 or more or I just pray for the ministry, which ever God wants me to do whenever me or my family need healing. I give my prayer requests online or the call center. Its a wonderful, powerful christian teaching and healing ministry. Check it out online!!!
    CBN’s 700 Club is a good christian ministry to give to also. I have experienced miraculously quick and sudden healing with both ministries. God bless!!!!

  • Where exactly in the video did they list the symptoms? All I heard was “get a colonoscopy” and people listing nebulous symptoms in the comments.

  • Stay well. I have the same problems. Have had 2 colonoscopies over 10 years ago and were normal. Must go again now! Thank you for sharing your story.

  • Thank GOD social media live forums of today. We can discuss informative issues globally, we were unable to 10 years ago. Praise the LORD for Youtube. Thanks for sharing your stories. Prayers up, for eveyone!!!!!!

  • my thoughts and prays to you,for sure that it was a really tough situation,,,nice that you are free of cancer,,,well regarding my story i should say that my father is 65 years old,without any history in the family three months ago without any sign and symptoms he just did a follow up colonoscopy bcz he did it also 10 years ago and they found a polyp which had turned into adenocarcinoma and it was a big shock,he was completely well,anyway he went under surgery with left partial colectomy,and the pathologists later told that it was a low stage and does not need any more therapy,so he went home and finished his recovery period,but two weeks ago he did an abdominal ct scan and they found two small nodules in his liver and we were really shocked bcz the pathology report after the colorectal surgery said there very low stage was no lymph node involvement,no vascular involvement and even margins of tumor free of tumor cells without any invasion to muscular layer of colon, and even the abdominal ct scan was normal before the surgery and just in 3 months after surgery some lesions appiered in liver according to the newer ct scan,really not understandable,again without any sign and symptoms,so he did a new virtual colonoscopy once again and also endoscopy,it was normal without the recurrence of primary tumor,anyway according to the oncologist comment,he started the chemotherapy since last week,the oncologist told that he needs 4 times chemotherapy and then they will do again ct scan and then second surgery for partial hepatectomy,i am really sad these days,i am completely non functional but i give always positive energy to familly,but inside myself i feel very sad.well the good news is the lesions are in good place of liver which are resectable,i appreciate if any body gives me some advices or comments for this issue,many thanks, i really feel stressed and depressed these days,,,anybody has any comments or the same experience in his family?what is the prognosis in this level?,

  • I have all the symptoms, my doc thought it was just hemorrhoids, after six months my doc finally says it might be something else because of severe pains, bleeding, mucos discharge with bowel movements, decrease appetite, weight loss, mega gas all day all night, I just got an MRI done on my pelvis area, I’m hoping for the best.

  • Another sign to look for in your stools, is something that is fleshy looking, like the color of skin film, its weird to describe it, but its like the color of a jelly fish skin. And than you have this great feeling when you go, and than it kept showing up, my Dr told me I was very lucky, if I would have waited any longer, any one of the 4 polyps removed could have turned cancerous within 6 months.

  • I had my first colonoscopy at 42 and they found pre cancerous polyps, than later on a diverticulitis with blood, another colonoscopy 3 years later, was fine, my last one 2 years ago, found rare polyps in my stomach, non cancer, I’ve had 4 of them now and I am 52, still have issues. My grandfather had colon cancer and survived, my grandmother had stomach/esophageal cancer, for 5 years she complained about stomach pain and they kept telling her, just ulcers, stress, etc, she was a smoker too, by the time they found a dr who scoped her, she was at stage 4 and gone in 4 months.

  • It’s been almost 2 years now since I was diagnosed with colon cancer stage 4.
    I just want to update it.
    Going through chemo therapies is very hard but It is something you have to do. They change my chemo medicine to a stronger one in early 208
    I lost all my hair within a few days after. My joints are painful, doctor said it was from the previous medication, down a few days after chemo, had my breaks in mid June, cancer are shrank,

  • How scary it is to first have a good biopsie to learn later by a specialist that no… can’t rely on normal medicine but need to push through for specialisme

  • I have HPV thanks to my second partner. I’ve had non cancerous cells scraped off of my cervix now, many times. Went through hell and back with treatments to remove my external and internal warts. I have TWO strains of HPV. All has been ok for many years. And then my dr finds a polyp. Scared me so bad. But thankfully I go to my annuals that it was caught. Wasn’t relevant to my HPV. GO TO THE DOCTOR IF U FEEL SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT. Catch it early.

  • i am at med school n now everytime i used to study new cases i found all the symtomn on me especially about colorectal cancer. damn

  • I have a question would appreciate any advice greatly. My mom had passed away 2 years ago to stage 4 colon cancer that spread to her liver. Like a year prior I had a colonoscopy done and they checked some polyps that I had and said they were non cancerous. But for the past few months I’ve been having issues like constant diarrhea, fatigue, nausea but not vomiting. Also alot of burping. Is these signs of colon cancer? But I haven’t lossed weight or dont think there’s been blood in my stool.

  • I really like this article on huffington news it covers nearly all data
    10 Warning Signs of Colon Cancer You Shouldn’t Ignore. Save yourself!

  • The chemo was the worst part of my mom’s cancer. She abused me because of the emotional trauma it put her through. To this day, four years later, she suffers from severe foot neuropathy and pain that can’t be cured. I just want her to be healthy again, but it will never happen. Please don’t do chemotherapy. Please

  • I’ve got all the symptoms, a lot of pain, liver counts all out, but the public health system in NZ is going to make me wait 4.5 months for a colonoscopy.

  • Another story of “Too Young” to have colon cancer don’t be fooled by those statements about being too young it can happen at any age

  • My mom is 45 years old and since last November 2016 she has been going through wierd symptoms extreme rectal bleeding bright red blood with alot of black black patches on it. it comes without bowl movemnets. and uaually comes every 2 months. at the same time she has pain in her left upper abdominal side. has bowl movemnet changes from diahrea to pencil thin poop. weve seen about 5 doctors, GI specialist and none know what she has. they have ran colonoscopy, endoscopy, pill camara test, cat scan blood test and nothing. no answer to why this is happening to her. she is in alot of depression because this continues happening but the doctors she has seen have no anser. apperently all test have come out clear. but the rectal bleeding is extreme. can someone help me. im very ANXIOUS HAVE BEEN REsearching everywere myself but its so difficult to know. 1 year and 4 months have past since this problem strted and nothing, no ansewr.

  • Constipation is an uncomfortable condition. If it lasts for weeks, it can be an indication that you have colon cancer. If you find yourself struggling
    to make a bowel movement for more than 2 weeks, you should definitely consult a physician.

  • He said start screenings at 45 50 meanwhile, my man Chadwick is out of here at 43 and was battling it for 4 years. Just 4 years.

  • My symptoms are on and off. Regardless what I eat I have painful cramps 2-3 bowls movements. the first starting normal ending up thin and pencil by 3rd or 4th bowel movement. No blood but lots of mucus…..Ibs? cancer?

  • I started having some concerning symptoms in December and one of the first things I found on Internet was this video, I got awareness and did everything in my power to find out what was going on, the first doctor I went told me I was to young for a colonoscopy I’m 30 years old, but I didn’t want to wait until it was to late so I looked for a second opinion and finally got a colonoscopy. I had a large precancerous polyp in my colon. Thank got they got it out on time. I’m really grateful for this video.

  • Am 57 and I’ve never had ‘gut’ issues. Still, today I performed an ‘at home’ first generation Pinnacle Labs FIT test. Took all of 5 mins. Result: total negative.
    Still, because I’m in my 50’s, I’m going to start getting a colonoscopy every year.
    PREVENTING cancer is Job #1.

    Lifestyle? Daily wheatgrass regimen, resveratrol, bentonite, L-glutamine, no bovine milk! switched to coconut/almond milk, little if any: alcohol, red meat, processed ‘foods’, junk food, soda, etc. Also: no extra sugar and no ‘afternoon or TV snacking’ on garbage. Moderate exercise, SPF 30 or higher during the summer.
    The semi-daily bentonite & daily wheatgrass are excellent sources of fiber and are detoxifiers.

  • hi my mother has h pylori berfore 3 months. now have sounds in her stomach like rumbling berfore 3 or 4 month with lose weight 15lb in the same period. i dont know these
    symptoms from bacteria or any thing else

  • Alyson’s story hits home for me. I ignored my symptoms for two years. I had rectal bleeding on and off during that time that morphed to changing stool diameters and consistency. One day I went to the bathroom and the result was pure blood. I finally decided to get a primary doctor and she referred me to a specialist for a colonoscopy. It turned out that I had two polyps and one of them was cancerous. Luckily he was able to remove them during the procedure and he told me more than once what a very lucky man I was. This was two months ago and I am 52 years old.

    If you have any symptoms PLEASE do not ignore them. Having a colonoscopy is nothing of which to be afraid. Listen to Alyson. Listen to me. It saved our lives!

  • Join the club! I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis at age 20. At 21 during one of my constant hospitalizations, my colon ruptured. It killed me, for 2 minutes. Luckily I was already in the OR when my heart stopped beating, they revived me, and spent 11 hours removing my entire colon and the stool that had leaked into my abdominal cavity. When the opened me up, they found colon cancer they didn’t know was there, so I had to die to save my life. Cancer was two small tumours, and was successfully removed….after that surgery I had my first Ileostomy (I’ve had 5 since then). From then until now (I’m now 48) I’ve had 8 different intestinal diversions (including the aforementioned ileostomies, J pouch, and two separate K Pouches), and just had my 23rd GI surgery one month ago. Up to this point, they’ve surgically removed my rectum, entire colon, and all but 5% of my small bowel. Secondary disease that are a direct result of the cancer and UC? Osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, DDD, GERD, chronic anxiety and depression, kidney stones every year (which are painful beyond description)etc. So I know how you feel. Living with almost no intestine ain’t easy because I’m so very limited as to what I can eat, I can’t drink at all, I’m on medication for life, and in time, it’s 100% certain I’ll need to go in permanent IV feeding, aka TPN. I can’t begin to describe the hell I’ve lived through. On 5 separate occasions, I was suppose to die, especially after my colon ruptured and they found the cancer. I was given only a 10% change of survival, this is when my stubborn streak is really beneficial! Yes, I’m literally gutless, but if anything, I’ve learned to appreciate the small things in life, and be so very thankful for the good days I have. This disease has destroyed my life in so many ways. I was never healthy enough to attend university, but I managed community collage in between surgeries and became a laboratory technician, and in time, an X-ray technician, but, 2 years ago, I was forced to retire very early and live the rest of my life on long term disability, which totally blows, but the reality is, I’m just to sick to continue. So here I sit, at 48, with more health issues then people twice my age, BUT, I’m still alive!! bear in mind, my case is exceptionally rare, so if you have a form of bowel disease, don’t panic, what I’ve been through happens to less then 0.5% of all GI patients, guess I have all the luck huh?? Anyways, I wish you all well, and remember me if you get sick, the human body is a remarkable machine, and can adapt to anything, even being gutless! So fear not…yes, no one likes surgery, but it’s a means to an end, and a very necessary one at that. I, at first, refused surgery because I was terrified and knew nothing about UC, and back then, there was no Internet to look up info and find support, I had to learn things the hard way, but I made it, and so will you! Just think of the hospital as a hotel that gives really early wake up calls, has shitty food, but gives all the free drugs you want!!! ��������������������

  • I have had all the symptoms of colon cancer for about two years now except weight loss…my doctors think I’m fine with ibs or just constipation but I feel that it could be cancer. The pain I have makes me cry and I am considered too young for colon cancer at 18. I’m glad I watched this cause I’m definitely getting checked out

  • Please check with your local chapters…American Cancer Society, they will be able to direct you to medical facilities who provide free colonoscopies to patient with no insurance or under insured.