Importation of Prescription Medications Soothing Salve or Irritating Lotion


Hooked | The dangers of prescription drugs | Sunday Night

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U.S. plans to allow prescription drug imports from Canada

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Trump admin could allow prescription drug imports from Canada

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Prescription for Addiction

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President Donald Trump signs executive orders aimed at lowering drug prices

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Will Maine lead the way in importing prescription drugs?

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Trump open to importing low-cost prescription drugs

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Importation of Prescription Drugs—Soothing Salve or Irritating Lotion? Importation of prescription drugs to lower costs is being proposed by the Trump Administration using demonstration projects and other pathways. Importation of prescription drugs to lower costs is being proposed by the Trump Administration using demonstration projects and other pathways. Safety concerns and monitoring have yet to be addressed, but it could be human experimentation without informed.

Information on Importation of Drugs Prepared by the Division of Import Operations and Policy, FDA. The United States Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic. Commentary: Importing Prescription Drugs Won’t Solve Cost Issues More In 2005, the Food and Drug Administration found that close to 85% of “Canadian” drugs actually came from 27 other countries.

In the fall of 2013, Maine began a public health experiment. Maine was the first state to pass a prescription drug importation law (LD 17. Importing Prescription Drugs. Published: February, 2004. The lure of cheaper prescription drugs is driving many Americans to Canada or other countries.

By either a bus trip north or Internet and mail-order pharmacies, an estimated one million Americans are finding ways to reduce their medical costs. Prices for prescription drugs in Canada can. With the high prices of some prescription drugs in the U.S. compared to other countries, it can be tempting to want to import the same, lower-priced drug from Canada, Mexico or overseas.

It’s important to note that each instance of possessing an illegally imported prescription drug can result in a federal misdemeanor conviction punishable by up. Independent studies by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Task Force on Drug Importation and the U.S. Department of Commerce have concluded that importing prescription drugs from foreign countries poses safety risks to American consumers and does not result in overall net cost savings.; According to the HHS study, consumer savings from importing prescription.

Prescription Drug Re-Importation Question and Answer Sheet What is drug re-importation? Drug re-importation refers to the practice of importing back to the United States prescription drugs that were originally manufactured in the U.S. and exported for sale in another country. Most ofte. Personal importation is defined by the U.S.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as the act of bringing a prescription drug into the U.S. from another country for personal use. Re-importation is the practice of purchasing a drug overseas that was manufactured in the U.S. and bringing it back into the U.S. Both practices are against the law. .

List of related literature:

Antipruritic medications, such as diphenhydramine (Benadryl) or hydroxyzine (Atarax), may be prescribed for severe itching, especially if it disturbs the child’s rest.

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For severe itching, antipruritic medication such as diphenhydramine (Benadryl) or hydroxyzine (Atarax) may be required, especially when the child has trouble sleeping because of itching.

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Antipruritic medications such as diphenhydramine (Benadryl) or hydroxyzine (Atarax) may be prescribed for severe itching, especially if it disrupts the child’s sleep.

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Although topical phenothiazine antihistamine preparations, such as promethazine hydrochloride (Phenergan) cream, are no longer used in the United States, such topical antihistamine preparations are still widely used in Europe.

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For decades American companies have been exporting over-the-counter remedies like Excedrin, Ex-Lax, Maalox, Sinex, Sominex, Drixoral, Comtrex, and Blistex to Japan.

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Administration of 30–50 mg of diphenhydramine hydrochloride (Benadryl®, Belix®, or Banophen® in the USA, Restamine® in Japan) three times a day or 25–50 mg of hydroxyzine pamoate (Atarax-P®) before sleep for more than moderate AD patient is good to restrain involuntary scratching of their skin.

“Allergy and Asthma: Practical Diagnosis and Management” by Massoud Mahmoudi
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Chamomile preparations (e.g., tinctures, fluid extracts, dry extracts, etc.) being subject to sale by pharmacists only may carry all indications of the monography of Commission E; they are available by prescription and as a rule until April 2004 they were also reimbursed by the health insurance companies.

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Leave medicines in their original, labeled containers which should make Customs processing easier.

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Pramoxine­containing products (PrameGel, Prax, Pramosone) also may reduce itching, but topical antihistamines (diphenhydramine/doxepin) should be avoided because they can be potent sensitizers.

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The external use of salves and creams containing hemp oil may therefore help maintain the barrier function of the skin, relieve skin itching, and aid in the recovery of atopic eczema patients.

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  • Trump has been in office for over 3 years and nothing has been done on healthcare except to make it worse and more expensive. This is another Trump feint, it is as likely as the Trump health care plan that doesn’t even exist and never existed.

  • Give birth like a British royal for the cost of an American birth. According to CNBC, in the United Kingdom, it costs about “$2,300 on average for a vaginal delivery or planned C-section … or $3,400 for a more complicated procedure.”Jul 19, 2018

    Insider › Health › Travel

    What it costs to give birth around the world Insider

  • I blame the doctors for prescribing oxycodone. It should only be prescribed for a very short time. Did Matt shop around at different doctors?

  • AN AUTHORITARIAN TAKE OVER IS HAPPENING NOW! Rethuglicans are facilitating C19 so as to cancel the vote. If there is a vote-ALL RETHUGLICANS OUT!

  • A lot of folks in Hollywood might be disturbed now when Trump try stop THE import of fentanyl from China maybe thats THE reason Wall street sent low?

  • lord, Canada has to remember we grew to where we are now from not depending on anyone. This is only going to make us suffer more, things are tough enough on us Canadians as is!! Our leaders do NOT listen to us!!!

  • “ImMigranTs aRe TaKINg AdvAntaGe oF ouR WelFArE SyStEm!” Look at the hordes of Americans pouring into Canada and Mexico for cheaper medications/etc.

  • How safe were the drugs from China? All that blood pressure and heart medication that was recalled; that no one has heard about since the initial recall announcement. How many people’s health are you going to compromise while big pharmacy and the government line their pockets?


  • And This Doctor hopes this will effect the patient, oh yea, heaven forbid it hurts his investments and kickbacks from BIG PHARMA. Somebody lock this Satanist up now!

  • Lol. Trump is trying to help the situation, so now dems will be forced Into a corner.

    Judging by the comments, it seems liberals don’t even want to attempt this

  • Trump his an opportunist that is for is base, canada Are monitor with drugs suppliers.
    IF Trump was a smart president he would Négociate with those BIG PHarma

  • If Canada mass produces all this stuff it should be cheaper and help their industry…. The Na-sayers are usually lobbyists or brainwashed by them….. But if Trump locks in a good deal the Canadians will have to up their production for sure, which means more jobs!!!
    But the lobbists here in the States will fight tooth and nail to avoid that from happening so we will have to see if Trump can pull this off against all odds…..

  • Donald Trump lied about help first responders on “7-11”..
    I’m sure he is also lying about prescription drugs as well..
    The POS is incapable of telling the truth about anything..
    Vote the lying criminal out in 2020!

  • Translation, “It’s election time, and the money had better flow in the right direction” On edit to add, “Safety” and “Drugs” should never be used in the same sentence…. and yes, why are they paying so much for insulin when cannabis or hemp extracts drive almost all systems of the body towards homeostasis?

  • Best way to lower cost on prescription medicine is eliminate the need for it. Outlaw all GMO products. Outlaw aspartame and put Donald Rumsfeld in prison for his criminal way of getting it legalized. Outlaw High Fructose anything. GET THE CHEMICALS OUT OF OUR FOOD and you will see the need for medication drop drastically.


  • 32 countries have universal healthcare but we just can’t seem to figure it out, mainly because of people like this who simply spew their opinions and fears.

    So they’re fine with just letting the people die who can’t afford it.

    the progressives are not ok with it

  • I mean; all fine and well for a temporary fix, but they are surrendering to the fact that the domestic system is broken beyond repair.

  • Pourquoi soudainement Donald Trump veut importer du Canada? Je pensais qu’il a toujours dit d’acheter uniquement l’Amérique. Donald Trump est un hypocrite!!!

  • Like damn.. I have been addicted to oxy for 6 years and I used to do over 200 mg a day, now I’m down to 20 mg trying to quit, but 28 x 200?! One could get painkillers by just licking a drop of his blood. So sorry that it spiraled out of controll for you. I’m still so happy that I opened up about my problem to my family early on. They supported me so much. So glad you opened up as well my friend. Get well soon❤️��

  • The UK we have National Insurance contribution. It’s 2% of my monthly wages, the employer matches that. We also have private insurance too that you can buy. The private hospitals and government hospitals are run by the Care Quality Comission, they make sure everything in both Private and Government Health care has high standards.
    The purchasing power of the NHS means we can buy massive amount of prescription drugs from all over the world including UK based companies and USA too. A prescription is $10 per item or £8.
    The Conservative party and all our political parties have always protected the NHS that is 70 years old.
    I can see my doctor for free, If I need an ambulance its free. Universal free health care is good for the economy, people are treated they return to work. The USA fears Universal health care that is free becasue insurance companies run scare stories about it. UK, France, Germany, Japan, Canada. Four of the G7 members with Free healthcare. And the USA dithers to do it properly.

  • This dude thinks the American market is the free market he’s got to be crazy as a loon he needs haldol The American drug companies rip off America there’s no reason why should be $37 in Mexico and $300 here what kind of stupid is he

  • I’m there now I’ve suffered with chronic pain for years. My doc still prescribes me a codeine based painkiller. And I’ve been on them for years I go through terrible withdrawal symptoms if I don’t take them on time it make me feel like a junkie with out her fix of heroine or crack. It’s soul destroying.

  • If there are threats of shortages limit non Canadian scripts to a 30 day supply. Then again, if Americans are flocking out of the country for medicine the prices may go down in the states just to be competitive.

  • absolutely idiotic the US the US American system allows pharmaceutical companies overpriced their citizens for medication like insulin asthma pumps life-saving medication change this policy change of policy that medication have to be over USA if your countries that bad you better say it put your status as emergency in the third third world country

  • I just started this video but I can tell where it is going. I was once too a high level athlete on track to become an Olympian and pro athlete. Horrible knee injury after horrible knee injury resulted in a horrible addiction to pain killers. By the grace of God I got clean and in 3 weeks (September 2nd) I will celebrate 6 years of sobriety. I was the last person to know that I was an addict. I nearly lost my family and unfortunately my mother died 18 months before I got clean. It kills me that she never got to see me sober but i know she is watching me from above. Now with my dad right by her side who passed away two years ago this October. Recovery is possible and you can repair the those relationships that you nearly destroy. Most of my friends had absolutely NO IDEA! I was the perfect image of a goody two shoes. I have to make a choice every day to stay sober and I will be an addict until the day I die. I will ALWAYS be an addict but, I will simply be an addict in recovery. And I thank God for my sobriety everyday. Because without it I wouldn’t be here without it.

  • Wow this has come full circle, anybody remember the buses to Canada 30yrs. Ago that the idea eventually of obamacare cane out of FULL CIRCLE, WOW.

  • Just don’t mess with my hydrocodone pills….i be in pain everyday and my doctor cut down my dosage to only 8 pills for the month and I pay 429 dollars for those 8 pills. Im in tears now because of my pain in my back and my neck and hip. Please God somebody help me please I can’t go on like this.

  • Im prescribed oxycontin for back pain (i had a motorcycle accident and crushed 5 vertabrae and ruptured 7 disc’s) and im extremely careful only to take them when the cannabis isnt enough. Im prescribed 120mg a day but on a repeat prescription but i dont get them every month and ive never had more than 5 prescriptions in a year. I wont take them for more than 4 days in a row and only when im in unbearable pain. I was very suprised i was prescribed them as im a ex heroin addict (well im an addict who hasnt used heroin since 1999) so have to be extra careful i dont get dependent or addicted.

  • For a person without chronic illness these medications were never meant to be used long-term meaning over three weeks and at dosages that have nothing to do with what is prescribed before the medication was simply put into the wrong hands it is not the doctors fault or the pharmacist fault. Accountability must be taken by the person choosing to take 20 or 50 a day when prescribed 1 to 2 this is crazy. Are we going to ban knives and forks next because some people decide to stab others with them? Just keep them out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have long term access.
    Imagine your grandmother who is a cancer patient with kidney failure having to suffer because doctor is no longer able to write prescriptions for certain medications because some jackasses wanted to be stupid with them frankly.

  • How about putting blame where the blame belongs. Dont take prescription drugs away. Arrest the Drs who prescribe way to much. They know better.

  • I lived in Austin. You could always go to Mexico and bring a certain amount of prescription drugs back. How come Canada is so Dangerous? Same companies.

  • TOMZ. Tomi international. Commercial grade disinfectant spray that kills Covid 19.
    Great company with BIG UPSIDE
    Earnings being reported soon
    Company has contracts in China,Israel &
    The United Kingdom.
    Nice PR this week on efficacy of their product. Big growth ahead

  • CNN: no coverage
    This video only 15k views!! A MONUMENTAL day for drastically lowering prescription drugs and NO COVERAGE! Noooo mainstream media isn’t biased at all. ��

  • Canada is our brothers they have strict pharmaceutical standards just as good as the US. If we can bring cheaper cost drugs why not. The US pharmaceutical will eventually level off with their greedy practices when the demand os reduced. Shame on US pharmaceutical companies charging drugs prices through the roof that it is used to treat the old n ths sick patient, many can’t afford.

  • WTF Congress how can you let President Trump do this stuff you have the power to stopping you have powers and you need to start using them this is an atrocity this doesn’t happen in America this should never have even been thought of don’t even think about it Trump how do you still doing it and judges have ruled on this in the car and he threw another hundred back into the prisons children okay babies and it’s in squalid conditions pictures of horrible this is a disgrace this is a crime against God and Humanity

    Horrifying Neglect”: COVID-19 Deaths in ICE Custody Spark New Calls for Mass Release of Prisoners

    STORYMAY 27, 2020

  • the CBC has been bought by Trudeau. They have and will continue to bury any story that reflects bad on Trudeau. STOP WATCHING Trudeaus CBC!!! watch this…

  • canada is the second most expensive place go to india which has several fda approved labs making a big chunk of the drugs sold by us drug companies the company that makes the tetracycline that i am on will sell directly for 30 dollars a month what medicare pays 1800 dollars a month for through an american reseller!

  • We went through this BS with the US wanting to import our lower cost drugs about 10 years ago and their lobbyists killed the idea quickly. There will never be a shortage because our “socialist govt.” controls the supply and demand and will limit exports if there appears to be a problem.

  • I was hooked on twice as much to 3x as much as him Xanax/Valium and codeine pills not panadine forte pure codeine and rikodeine 200mg.
    I went to far and stole things and got onto treatment been 3 years on program methadone and never relapsed. It started with jaw pain but with other treatments I fell the same as I did before the problem and 4 years off them and on the program for the addiction.
    They need more treatment centers there is just not that many and ones there is are all full.

  • Judge: US Must Free Migrant Children From Family Detention

    A federal judge has ordered the release of children held with their parents in U.S. immigration jails and denounced the Trump administration’s prolonged detention of families during the coronavirus pandemic.
    By Associated Press Wire Service Content • June 26, 2020, at 11:03 p.m.

  • Meanwhile society accepts alcohol, cigarettes and fast food. Some people actually use medication properly. Don’t make it harder to get because a few people get hooked. Are we making it harder to get the above addictive substances….no, no we aren’t!!!!

  • Third world country, put your status as this or change your policies to not allow the pharmaceutical they’re mostly base in the USA to Uber price the medication before trying to use Canadiens resources you will make Canadiens plan for free healthcare not possible!!!!

  • Pharmacy are drug dealers, selling every additive drugs they have to drug addicts. As long as they get their money, they dont care what happens, sickening!

  • Don’t be fool by his hypocritical act again.
    If he sincerely want to help the poor American, he should have done it years ago n not wait until the next election is at the door step. This is nothing but another one of his ploy to fool the voters. It is another one of his vote buying strategy

  • M Ruyssen

    1 seconde geleden

    I was a pharmacist. Your president did what patients desperately asked for. Our ministers in Belgium are to afraid of the powerful pharmaceutical lobby.

  • Holy crap taking 28 tablets at 40 mg each is an insane drug tolerance, that’s a death sentence he still looks like he’s on drugs his pupils are huge!

  • Just remember, November 3rd… (D) is for Democrat ����, (R) is for Russia ����!! #PUTINsGOP #TrumpPutin Register to vote �� BIDEN 2020��������������������������������

  • U.S. actually passed a law that prohibits Medicare (part D) from negotiating drug prices.This was a HUGE windfall to Big Pharma. Putting profits over people.

  • It’s amazing how many different ways consumers are screwed by big pharma and local pharmacies. This would never happen in any other developed nation.

  • Why no discussion about why so many people are on insulin? Always peddling access to more toxic prescription drugs instead of looking into correcting the causes of so many illnesses. Stop the gluttony, the greed, the toxic spraying on everything we consume. There have been reports of nothing but dirt put in some prescription drugs from China. Start out taking one prescription drug and end up on 20.

  • Pardon me but getting prescriptions elsewhere? What happened to Made in the USA, which we need since people need the (safe) work instead of outsourcing it.You just contradict yourself left and right in my view.

  • As religion has slowed down the social development of countries greed has slowed down America. If you want your nation to be great heath care, drugs and education should be free to all it’s citizens.

  • Does that include hydroxychloroquine and lysol? Too bad REPUBLICANS would never lower drug prices before. That’s good news Trump. Now all the people that got infected with Covid because of your carelessness can get cheap drugs as they die!

  • Legalized drug that the Dr writes out prescription for Nobody does anything about it, the law Enforcement go after weed smokers, which does not kill people

  • When you’re in pain you just want it gone. When you start taking them you build a resistance. Dr’s need to have an option like therapy, chiropractic, yoga, and other things besides just medications.

  • I am not a fan of big Pharma! They must be stopped for price gouging. Imported drugs are a crap shoot. Mexico has long been a dumping ground for big pharma of drugs that are outdated or otherwise unmarketable in the USA. A lot of drugs imported from China have been found to be adulterated and/or not to be what they claim to be. For the most part, European drugs are safe and as stated.

  • First: Will Medicare Part D cover the consumer cost buying from Canada? Second: I think the whole point is being missed. IE: Companies here will lower their prices to compete with Canada so all the “red tape” questions are moot points.

  • Avoid drugs from China, buy from canada. novolog and Lantus here in USA cost over 500 bucks here. how is it so much cheaper in canada?
    rotten corrupt

  • Something needs to be done here with this HUGE difference in prices!! Our POTUS TRUMP needs to put a cap on this asap!! Greed from Pharmaceutical industry!! 10% of what U.S. is offered?? We need to stop this now!!